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27 February 2020


The Estonian Fox

Why do socialists think that capitalists are the greedy ones? Capitalists don't force anyone to buy their products. You are free to buy from anybody who makes the item you want to buy. If you think Jeff Bezos is too rich, don't buy stuff from Amazon. He won't be rich in a few years.

Did they consider that government might be the greedy one? If I don't want to buy what government is selling, many times I don't have a choice. There is no competition for our government.

Bill Tozer

@ 3:26 pm

And no penalty when they screw up.

Scott O

"Greed: a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (such as money) than is needed.
- motivated by naked ambition and greed"
OK - who gets to decide what is 'needed'? And needed for what?
Notice that greed is not a state of wealth, it is a motivation or desire.
I always include anyone who desires to have more than what they deserve or earn - anyone can be greedy.
I saw a quote just the other day from someone whose name I can't remember. "We don't need that many billionaires."
Won't some one just once, just once, immediately ask - "So, what is the correct amount?"

Bill Tozer

The American marxists believe our system is broken. Their solution is to expand the broken system.


I wouldn't fixate on the movement of wealth as a reason for controlling the government (Marxism is just one variety). Owning two private jets is nice but there's a low marginal value to the second one. Money is just a proxy.

It's really about power. There's something baked in the cake of humanity that enjoys being important, being the boss.

Whether it's your local planning commission or the Bernie Bros, there's a real joy in investing a small input (a Presidential campaign for example) to achieve a large output (redirecting the wealth of an entire country to your friends).

I think that viewing this all as an economics problem is a distinctly 20th C. viewpoint. The founding fathers (and their founding fathers) were more realistic.

George Rebane

scenes 1245pm - However, as far as voter sentiment and interest is concerned, the "movement of wealth" is their ONLY perception of beneficial government, to vote whether they want it moved by government fiat, or retained by those who earned it. Attesting the reality of that are both parties arguing their sides of wealth movement.

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