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16 February 2020


Bill Tozer

Good read by VDH and quite on topic for Dr. Rebane’s post above.

Reaching Peak Progressivism


Bill Tozer

Progressive solutions

‘The Moral Crisis of Skid Row’

“The truth is that homelessness is not primarily a housing problem but a human one. Mayors, developers, and service providers want to cut ribbons in front of new residential towers, but the real challenge is not just to build new apartment units but to rebuild the human beings who live inside them. Unfortunately, this isn’t the kind of work that can be “scaled” like a product. Still, the builders have prevailed. Every few weeks, Mayor Garcetti and a rotating group of public officials announce new projects, shovel dirt, and cut ribbons. On Skid Row, a nonprofit developer is building two permanent supportive-housing projects, the Flor 401 Lofts and Six Four Nine Lofts, that will provide studio apartments to 153 homeless men and women, at a cost of $65 million. Though Skid Row is undoubtedly one of the most difficult places in America to achieve sobriety and reclaim a normal life, the city’s political class continues to centralize the problem.
This is the iron grip of homelessness, addiction, and mental illness in Los Angeles: you can’t arrest your way out, you can’t harm-reduce your way out, and you can’t build your way out. Beneath the optimistic rhetoric of the politicians lies growing anxiety that the crisis has moved beyond its control. “This is a FEMA-like, Red Cross–like disaster,” says Andy Bales, a critic of the Housing First model who has spent the last year calling for the National Guard to intervene and help prevent the outbreak of an epidemic. “We have actually left homelessness to grow exponentially to the point that it has put all of us in danger.”



Good article @ 9:13

It references this one.


"In 1999, the doyenne of downtown homeless agitators, Alice Callaghan, picketed the opening of a Skid Row drop-in center providing people with showers, a place to sit or lie down, and various services that would start them on the path to rehabilitation. Callaghan, an ex-nun and ordained Episcopal priest, likened the 24-hour facility to an “internment camp.” The problem? A drop-in center reinforces the idea that “anyone still on the street is on the street by choice and not because of a lack of options,” she told Mother Jones magazine in 2001. “The language of rehab and programs and community is the velvet glove on a puritanical and punitive fist,” she added.

The exertions of the homelessness industry long ago passed into the realm of the surreal. Estela Lopez, director of Skid Row’s business improvement district, the Central City East Association (CCEA), had to negotiate in a judge’s chambers the arcane question of whether feces in a plastic bag constitute “property.” Defending the property label were lawyers from the prestigious law firm Morrison & Foerster, who, along with the ACLU, had sued CCEA over its efforts to remove encampment detritus from the sidewalks in front of members’ businesses."


Posted by: scenes | 17 February 2020 at 09:27 AM

“The language of rehab and programs and community is the velvet glove on a puritanical and punitive fist,”

This is why these people....they of the "helpful" non-profit, the activisty social crusader......need to be ignored entirely as they almost always have ulterior motives.....whether it be raging grudge against the church or maintaining that sweet, sweet high sierra lifestyle!


Reopening the mine would give a great economic kick in the ass to the county.

The last time, the lying bastards opposing the mine swore up and down "high tech" employers would move in just as soon as "they" knew the mine was dead... It was all bullshit.

But Hey!! You have untold numbers of illegal pot grows to keep the place afloat.


Walt: " You have untold numbers of illegal pot grows to keep the place afloat."

Plus the large criminal infrastructure that that implies. The main thing changing hands here isn't marijuana, it's money.

No doubt the entire dope economy here is a handful of people growing the purest organic product in order to sell to cancer patients. lol.

The obvious answer is to either make it illegal as all get-out and turn the LEOs loose...or you make it legal as can be and suck the money out of the business. I expect that the dope biz would quickly move to North Carolina and be sold by the megaton by industrial farming.

There's too many people making a tidy living from having the right level of illegality.


Well Scenes,, taxing it has worked out SO well.

The dopes got what they wanted. It's "legal", and the tax free income still is rolling in.

Bill Tozer

Re: Update, Senator having secret meetings with Iran

Mollie Hemingway: Democrats' 'hypocrisy on display' after senator's secret meeting with Iran


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