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26 February 2020



,,,Congrescritters act the same on the left and right sides of the aisle...don't forget about Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, Kevin McCarthy - - - all diehard blowhards!!!


Sure Dougy,, but "ours" actually make sense.
Hear your old bat of a Speaker?
" “too late” to halt the possible spread of China’s deadly coronavirus in the United States."

But I'm sure your believing her bullshit.

George Rebane

odlaw 1038am - how do you compare those you cited with the Dems' leadership in pursuing baseless inquisitions, and controlling/coercing the media to their bidding? If you have any, the details are of interest to all. And while you're at it, give us your assessment of that fine slate of progressive candidates you all have assembled for your constituents.


Posted by: George Rebane | 26 February 2020 at 11:24 AM

Wow!!! In denial much George???

As if '''Dems' leadership in pursuing baseless inquisitions''' is alone in wasting energy over baseless conspiracies and inquistions...is your mid-long term memory shot???


My pick was Bloomberg/Amy but Amy/Mayor Pete would work for me also. The rest of them I have no use for...waiting for Super Tuesday results. As I said before a Bernie ticket would result in a 3rd party candidate and re-elect Trump. Amy has been endorsed by NY Times, SF Chronicle, San Jose Mercury news among others...



Posted by: odlaw | 26 February 2020 at 12:32 PM

Amy has been endorsed by NY Times, SF Chronicle, San Jose Mercury news among others…

You say that like it's a good thing dugsKKKi!


coronavirus: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-02-26/coronavirus-isnt-here-yet-but-u-s-cities-are-already-pushing-back-against-housing-the-ill

None 'a them sick people in our city, damm it!

Evidently California is OK with millions of economic refugees from Mexico, and 150k homeless people pooping in the street, but nobody with the flu allowed.

It's funny how Alabama got off the hook. Maybe an unarmed rebellion against Orange Hitler isn't such a good idea.


Sounds like someone is having a real bad day……..

"Woman tests positive for coronavirus, dengue at same time!"



coronavirus: 4chan appears to have the best coverage (as usual). My apologies if they slipped in a rude picture or something.

14% of recovered in Guangdong tested positive again

CDC warns Americans: prepare for significant disruptions

Canada tells people to stock up for pandemic

Croatian tests positive, was in UCL football match in Italy

Patients infectious after recovery

Aerosolized, airborne transmission

r0 between 6.11 and 8.18, higher than expected

China industrial capacity estimated to be at 50-60%

China cremates observed and suspected patients immediately

China underreports number of infections and deaths


LOL Dougy,, Like the inquisitions against Trump had ANY fact behind them. Nice try.


Just throw out any odd number.. It's sounded good.
"CLAIM: Joe Biden claims he ‘saved millions of lives’ from Ebola.

VERDICT: FALSE. Biden’s claim to have “saved millions of lives” in America from Ebola is highly speculative. According to CDC statistics, the 2014-2016 Ebola epidemic in Africa included about 28,600 infections and caused 11,325 documented fatalities.

As I recall "O"and Co. dragged their collective feet for months before doing anything. Hell I don't think they even stopped air traffic from the infected arias.


,,,Ah HA!!!...Now I see where the Dear Trumper Patrol Wally and Fishy get their talking points...



,,,The good news is that Rush will be pushing up daisies soon...


,,,at least Scenes is not afraid to report the news that George will not read...

Coronavirus live updates: CDC warns Americans of 'significant disruption'


George Rebane

odlaw 1232pm - You sound like "in denial" is a rare affliction, and you're not aware of the fractions of Americans similarly afflicted. Could that be due to your self-censoring news sources?


re: odlaw@2:19PM

If not this time, some time in the future. Open borders, globalism, cheap airfare, overpopulation, places like China with peculiar diets and sketchy sanitary habits.

Lacking firewalls, one large country can bring down everyone else.

I do wonder if the CDC chief is planning on wearing a wire if she talks directly to the Prez. It's a family tradition.


",,,The good news is that Rush will be pushing up daisies soon..."

We could have a Rush vs. Ginsburg pool.



Dougy must get his hate from a failed hemorrhoid removal procedure that left him in Depends. That "free health care" has its drawbacks.
Speaking of life expectancy,, I will be here to piss on your grave. I'll stop by to water those fake flowers.


Yup,, it's a nasty strain of the fue. The "non worried about" current strain going around has killed plenty more people.
But Dougy won't bring that news up.

Where is our regular guest to China? Care to try the bat soup over there? Maybe the exotic monkey meat? The testing labs sell the "well tested" monkeys in the live meat markets.

George Rebane

odlaw 219pm - what news don't I read, and what evidence do you have of that?

Let me clue you in on something. I run the roost here, and I consider myself a pretty open-minded guy who reads everything. If you're going to continue making baseless accusations about me, and refuse to back them up with evidence, you'll be looking for another sack to put over your head to return to these pages.

Steven Frisch

The aspect of coronavirus that we are under reporting is the potential economic consequences of the pandemic.

Much of the reporting has been histrionic on the medical pandemic threat, although there is also a lot of responsible reporting. Globally we can probably control and ramp treatment. But to do that we are likely to need to essentially shut down a lot of global travel and commerce, which is not only effecting the global stock markets but also specific economies dependent upon travel.

Even more critically, controlling the virus will interfere in a huge way in global supply chains, as it already has for Apple and other tech producers who are heavily invested in Hubei province. That impact on supply chains is already spreading to South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia and now Europe.

What the Trump administration is not responding to (and does not seem to even be cognizant of) is that this is exactly the type of economic Black Swan event that one cannot anticipate, and its precisely why economists counsel that we retain capacity to use debt, quantitative easing, deficit spending, and tax cuts to counter. The theory is that we should retain capacity in our economy to use these tools to stimulate growth should a Black Swan event occur.

We are not quite there yet, but Trump has already used all of these tools to continue to top up the economy in advance of the 2020 election; if this is a Black Swan, the cupboard is bare. That is one of the most irresponsible things a President could possibly do.

Steven Frisch

BTW, if one looks at Obama economics he did use debt and easing to prop the economy up in response to the Great Recession, but within 3 years they went back to reducing debt and refilling the cupboard.

If one reads the histories of the Great Recession much of that was planned (and led to criticism from some within the Democratic Party) and some was not (like sequestration which capped budgets), but Obama’s team did not strongly fight against sequestration because they knew that even if not their preferred method (they preferred readjusting tax rates) sequestration met the same goal.


Posted by: scenes | 26 February 2020 at 02:45 PM

I do wonder if the CDC chief is planning on wearing a wire if she talks directly to the Prez. It's a family tradition.



Posted by: George Rebane | 26 February 2020 at 03:26 PM

odlaw 219pm - what news don't I read, and what evidence do you have of that?

He hasn't any.

dugsKKKi remains upset that after a couple of years of mindless yammering he hasn't badgered anyone into agreeing with him.

Accusing you of "not reading" his vitally important information soothes his tortured soul.

Scott O

Frisch 4:35, 4:38 - Yeah, building up the American economy is probably just the most irresponsible thing a president could possibly ever do. And a strong economy is certainly no way to get ready for an unexpected emergency.
"...the cupboard is bare."
Oh, I'm sure a few trillion more won't hurt.
Since you (Frisch) would criticize Trump no matter what he did or does, your comments are just blather.
Further - "The aspect of coronavirus that we are under reporting is the potential economic consequences of the pandemic."
Who the hell is 'we'?
That's old news, dude.
Just because the Truckee Tattler hasn't reported it, doesn't mean that most of us are not aware of the financial consequences of everyone in China hiding in their house.


Yup, here is your answer.
"Globalist ideologues, bureaucrats, and elected Democrats have said the United States’ response to protecting American citizens from the coronavirus should be to keep America’s borders open to the world."

I'm sure Dougy will agree.


Just wondering what Truckee Steve thinks about the musings over the 300 meters separating the "wet" seafood market (a euphemism for a market where the customer buys a live animal that is killed and butchered while-u-wait) said to be the origin of the virus du jour from one of possibly only two facilities for research into biological warfare agents in all of China?


SteveF: "What the Trump administration is not responding to (and does not seem to even be cognizant of) is that this is exactly the type of economic Black Swan event that one cannot anticipate, and its precisely why economists counsel that we retain capacity to use debt, quantitative easing, deficit spending, and tax cuts to counter. The theory is that we should retain capacity in our economy to use these tools to stimulate growth should a Black Swan event occur."

Two problems.

1) The spigot has been on to varying degrees for some time. Dunno how much effect spinning the tap a few more turns would have. If you know just how much is needed, I suggest quitting the grant money gig and getting a trading seat. You are just guessing of course what is going on behind the scenes, but a little outrage never hurt anyone.

2) I can't say that interrupted supply chains can be fixed by writing checks, at least in the short run.

Perhaps this country could stand to decouple itself a bit from Asian sourcing. It would be nice to live somewhere that could make it's own shoes.

That's one beautiful thing about globalization combined with a lack of concern about monopoly. You just end up with one giant factory producing a given product, or at least a precursor item. It all costs a bit less and is brittle as all get-out.

These are all interesting things to muse about but honestly I'd take Steve more seriously if he had ever worked somewhere that actually made anything.


re: Walt@6:00

lol. Great article. A quote:

"Ultimately some pandemic responses will require opening borders, not closing them. At some point the expectation that any area will escape effects of COVID-19 must be abandoned: The disease must be seen as everyone’s problem."

wow...I wonder if James Hamblin (the author) has ever heard of a phenomenon called 'bugchasing'. (hint. You don't wanna know.)

Scott O

"The disease must be seen as everyone’s problem."
Cancer, AIDS, and heart disease is everyone's problem but I don't think increasing my odds of personally suffering from one of those maladies is going to make the world a better place.
So we open the flood gates and let all the sick people into our country and then we blame Trump for the result.
What a plan.


Here ya' go LIBS something to jump for joy for!
"The nation's first coronavirus case of unknown origin has been confirmed in Northern California, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Wednesday."

A quarantine escapee? An unwashed cargo container from China?

It could be in Nevada City or Truckee by Monday.


"The disease must be seen as everyone’s problem."

... but is it if it's from a Chinese military facility?


G.. if you ask the Chinese, they will blame the bat soup.


The bat soup videos are apparently of Chinese tourists in Micronesia, not Wuhan.



,,,Well George...what will you say about how Trump responded in 2014 regarding the Ebola outbreak??? Just give him a pass, as usual???

‘’’I am starting to think that there is something seriously wrong with President Obama's mental health. Why won't he stop the flights. Psycho!’’’ - - - Donald J Trump 2014



Bill Tozer

My thoughts on Da Virus....

I just can’t get all up in arms or panic just yet. In fact, I may be the one person on Earth that finds the story on little interest at this time. There are enough media types out there that have their eye brows up on the top of their foreheads doing the usual hyperventilating panic mode.

Look, the death rate of this new influenza virus is low. 10-15 % max, which is good thing so far. No one in the USA, a country of 330 million people and literally millions of square miles has died from Corona virus. Zero at this point in time in the US.

25,000 Americans die each year from the flu. A few years back, we had 67,000 folks die in one year from the flu, a peak. 67,000 is more than the soldiers killed in Nam.

So, is it a pandemic or a passing new virus? I dunno. Heard an interview from a journalist on the Love Boat docked and quarantined in Japan. She has tested positive for the virus, yet after two weeks she has shown no symptoms...not even a little sniffle from a cold.

Yesterday was a road trip day....I am getting to old for that crap. So, I listened to our President on the AM rafio. Detected no panic from him. He is in control. Will the coronavirus be like the Black Plague that wiped out 30% of the population or like other pandemics that wiped out 50% of the population, 70% in some areas? Or will it pass in a couple of years? I dunno.

Trump’s health experts told our President that 2.5 billion is needed. Fine. Chucky Schumer and Nancy are hollering we need 8.5 billion. Fine. Give the Dems what they want (not need) and throw 8.5 billion at it and like magic the problem is solved. So, stick with Chucky and the problem goes away just like that. Spare me. Yeah, tax the crap out of me and dump trillions to fight the oceans from rising (or humans being burnt like a deep fried Twinkie at the Iowa State Fair) and everything is solved, lol.

So, go ahead and hit the panic button for me. Whether it’s Russia, Russia, Russia or Trump will declare martial law and proclaim himself God-Emporer for life, or whatever “we are all going to die” unhinged scenario presented to us via the Crisis Junkies who are addicted to outrage. Right now, they say treat it like the flu. Wash hands, don’t go out as much if you feel sick, cover your mouth if a sneeze is coming on. Keep healthy, eat healthy, and never grow old. :)

Emergency? Could be, but it’s a slow moving train wreck.

Scott O

ad-lib 7:59 - The mortality rate and the intensity in treating Ebola is many times greater than CV.
More rock throwing from a TDS sufferer.
We can help each other and do what we can to minimize the spread of CV.
Or we can throw rocks.


,,,Trump - - a paranoid narcissist,,,thinks it is all about him...



Dougy is showing signs of having the virus. VERY delusional.



I'm with SteveF in believing that most of the uproar will be economic for now, I just don't have the childlike belief in the ability to solve it with the public purse. I think the main problem is that we are quickly building a more fragile world. JIT delivery, scary fragile supply and economic chains, crazy mood swings through the population via the web, a generally less resilient people, high debt levels, huge overpopulation in parts of the world, highly mobile 'immigrants' with a lack of will to stop them, the legalization of street crime. It's all just a build-up of potential energy for an exciting ride on the Wheel of Fortune.

I think all the hand waving about Black Swans misses the point. The problem isn't the rare events that cause havoc, but the small ones that unravel what is basically an unsustainable situation.

Heck, at this point you can't even count on the Federal Government to save anyone's bacon in a crisis. With the weaponization of all matters in attempts to bring down Trump, nothing he might do is good or acceptable. It's a world of mirror-image policy.

Bill Tozer

odriew @ 7:59 AM.

I heard the lib radio stations play those 2014 clips on my road trip, lol.

‘And what does Pence know?’ Pence of all people!! He did not handle the HIV crisis/emergency/panic back in the day!!” Chucky is screaming about Trump’s “dangerous incompetence.” And other choice phrases. Spare me. Trump is in control, we are coordinating with counties and the pandemic experts, got CDC on it, WHO is on the ground, and Pence is only helping the HHS coordinate with Homeland Security, Commence, airlines, the virus experts and the list that is too long to list. The poor guy in charge of Health and Human Service is already working from the darkest hour before dawn to burning the midnight oil working on health care plans, lowering prescription drug prices, etc. Plus overseeing the CDC and all the other 100’s of duties his job requires.

I agree with Trump. His first priority is the USA. He alone should solve the virus for the entire globe? Like, Trump is Presidential Dictator of the Whole Earth! Denounce China!

Reminds moi when Obama was new in office and there was the undersea oil well that blew its top in the Gulf. 24/7 disaster news, exploding heads, massive ecological and local economy destruction. Finally after days of it, Obama sighed and asked, “What do you want me to do? To drive into the water and swim down and plug the leak?” Like, with his thumb?, lol.
Feel free to politicize the newest latest superbug. I would not want to derive you of your latest strawberry sundae.
As Scott pointed out, the corona beer virus is not eating your flesh, exploding your innards like herbicides on roots, no Mad Cow, no flesh eating bacteria...until the next one.

New Attack: Outrage! The new coronavirus vaccine must to available for everyone..NOT JUST THE FILTHY RICH!!!
Talk about putting the cart before the horse. Already guilty. lol! It’s not just for the rich and Trump’s rich buddies and goons...it’s for everybody! Evil heartless Trump.
Great strawman to slay, odriew.


China getting talking points and excuses from LIBS.
"Chinese state media continued their efforts this week to mitigate political damage from the coronavirus epidemic by claiming Western concerns about the spread of the disease, and complaints about China’s lack of transparency, are founded in “xenophobia” and “white supremacist racism” reminiscent of the “Yellow Peril” hysteria of the late 19th Century."

The very words most Proggycrats use.

Scott O

What was that great lefty slogan?
"Never let a crises go to waste."


Posted by: odlaw | 27 February 2020 at 07:59 AM

VIDEO: Two climb over border wall with makeshift ladder…

Mmmmmm…..fresh Honduran! You should drive down and retrieve these energetic lads dugsKKKi! Make them do yard work first though……it works out the "toxins".


George Rebane

The corona virus has its own characteristics both epidemiologically, logistically, and politically. It's interesting to see how those with no ability to make acceptable public policies are now engaged in the substitute enterprise of taking cheap shots at those who are handling a very complex situation. Mr Tozer at 802am has a workable perspective.


re: George@9:46AM

Maybe $3.73B is positively, exactly the right number.

I'm no fool, but since I wasn't at the meetings, I figure that any number I'm told is the right amount, Mr. Frisch's theories on monetary policy aside.

I just wanted to quote an article from upstream one more time:

"Ultimately some pandemic responses will require opening borders, not closing them. At some point the expectation that any area will escape effects of COVID-19 must be abandoned: The disease must be seen as everyone’s problem."

That so beautifully sums up the insanity of the modern Left that I have to admire it. There was a time when the lines were more reasonably drawn. Workin' man vs. business owner. Isolationism vs fighting wars. Is active monetary policy a good idea.

In the creation of the Blue Mob, something odd has happened. It isn't just mouthpieces like Ilhan Omar pretending to actually give a damn about the US, there's some kind of mass hysteria at work. By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.


The VERY pretty Gavin has sure hit the panic button.
"California Governor Gavin Newsom said in a press conference Thursday that at least 8,400 people are being monitored for new coronavirus in the state."

Now where are these mythical 8,400?
"Newsom declined comment when asked by reporters to name the community in Solano County where the woman is from. He urged people to take precautions while emphasizing that the risks to public health are low. He said there was no need to declare a public health emergency.

“Everybody in this country is rightfully anxious about this moment,” Newsom said. “I think they should know we are meeting this moment with the kind of urgency that is necessary and I don’t want to over extend the anxiety.”

Bill Tozer

Re: A coronavirus panic is being vigorously promoted today by the lamestream media in response to their Democrat congresscritter masters who are doing everything they can to somehow blame the whole thing on President Trump, and convince our light thinkers that his administration is doing not enough while leaving the whole country vulnerable to a killer pandemic. —Dr. George Rebane
A peek into a sick mind. Written by a Dem strategist:

‘There's no vaccine for this diseased and dangerous presidency’

“Trump’s response has been typical Trump: Lie or ignore the truth, mislead, obfuscate, appoint leaders inept at leading on the issue at hand and, of course, blame Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. He then declares that everything is under control when control is the last thing the administration has over an emergency outbreak of a disease against which no one is immune.

Perhaps now more Republicans will finally understand, for the sake of the public’s health, that getting rid of Donald Trump in November will be one of the best vaccines against a diseased and dangerous presidency.”


Well, keep doing what you’re doing and you keep getting what you are getting, sickos.


Want to hear the howl Bill? Have Trump quarantine Frisco.

Bill Tozer

The virus and Lizzy's solution. These people are stark raving crazy.



Dung started drinking early. Did Trump shutter the factories?
Just blame it on Trump. Right Dung?
Trump can use that magic wand he stole from "O" and mike it all go away.

OK Smartass up on San Juan Ridge,, just what's your grand plan that NO ONE has thought up? YOUR so much smarter, (HELL You taught at Berkeley!)
Your real good at bitching, Fork over your great solution Capt. Clueless.


Walt: "Want to hear the howl Bill? Have Trump quarantine Frisco."

It looks like coronavirus is perfectly designed to run through SF


possible Orange Man responses:

1. Everything is fine, we have the best people looking at it.
2. Panic! Everybody stay indoors.

response by the Blue Mob to either 1 or 2. Spittle flyin' rage. Best to wear a mask when engaging in TDS.


Posted by: scenes | 28 February 2020 at 08:47 AM

It looks like coronavirus is perfectly designed to run through SF

Cleanse it with fire.......!

Bill Tozer


You should have not read the news, put listen to it unfiltered straight from the horse’s mouth as humble moi did. I listened to all the officials after Trump’s presser take and answer questions, from the CDC to HHS to the experts. They all explained the timelines to get the vaccine to the general public. Ten month expedited process here for testing and control groups, one year there for something else. 18 months would be a breakneck speed. It’s going to take two years to have a vaccine ready to go. You just can’t dump a vaccine in every doctors office without testing for side effects and serious unintended consequences. Israel has been touting they have come up with a possible vaccine in development.

Imagine Iran and the Muslim World getting their vaccine from Israel, lol.

But, we are pulling out all the stops to more quickly....quickly in relative terms.

Trump is a stupid liar! Spare me.


BillT: "A peek into a sick mind. Written by a Dem strategist:"

You really can't blame them. They're not only suffering from the same sort of ballooned up fear that kids get when sharing ghost stories, but those websites depend on outrage and craziness to get them clicks.

MSM is all Alex Jones at this point.

It would be fun to read thehill.com if it were written with Deranged Obama Syndrome.



Posted by: odlaw | 28 February 2020 at 08:19 AM

Keep blaming who you are blaming and you keep getting what you deserve, bozos

.....winning? Cuz I'm still not tired of winning.


Whatdya think O great ridge rat who knows it all,, tanks and Calif. compliant AR15s on the Golden Gate and Bay bridges?
A new DMZ zone from San Jose to the coast? Just seal off the place. That would be a good enough response from Trump,, Right?
Anyone with a slight fever will be tossed to the other side of the wire.(or euthanized on the spot) Should that be the Trump plan to make you and your LIBS happy Dougy?


".....winning? Cuz I'm still not tired of winning."

It's a great timeline to be alive.



DAMN IT SCENES!!!!,,(scenes | 28 February 2020 at 08:54 AM) you owe me a new keyboard. (coffee damage)
You're getting the bill to get my stitches fixed. (they were almost healed)


How can you expect anything but victory.........


.....4 more years.....4 more years.....4 more years.....4 more years.....4 more years.....4 more years.....4 more years!


Posted by: scenes | 28 February 2020 at 09:05 AM

There is no loaded like champagne loaded!

Brad Cross

"those with no ability to make acceptable public policies " meaning the trumpeter administration that is full of very loyal and unqualified 'acting' officials that don't require congressional approval....which doesn't matter anyway as the trump ignores such things as qualifications.


Posted by: Brad Cross | 28 February 2020 at 09:50 AM

Well shit girl......should have nominated someone who could have vanquished the "Tangerine Tornado"!

Sounds like a catastrophic fuck up on the part of progressive democrats.

/we will now wait while another tantrum is publicly had.

Bill Tozer

‘Trump ignores such things as qualifications!!! ‘
And since when did 13 year old girls telling ghost stories at the slumber party worry about qualifications?
It’s chaos, it’s carnage, it’s dangerous incompetence! Man the battle stations, girlies. The sky is falling as Orange Man Nero fiddles with his rich friends as the House is burning!


White House Names AIDS Expert Debbie Birx To Help Lead Coronavirus Response


Keep doing what you doing, diaper head, and you will keep getting what you are getting. How does it feel to be buff naked e posed before the readers with your ass flapping in the wind?


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 28 February 2020 at 10:05 AM

How does it feel to be buff naked e posed before the readers with your ass flapping in the wind?

I imagine that's a condition that "it" is well acquainted with.


‘Trump ignores such things as qualifications!!! ‘
And since when did 13 year old girls telling ghost stories at the slumber party worry about qualifications?
AAAHHhhhhhh Yesssss...... St. Greta.
The "expert" on AGW.
Speaking of "experts",, where did Dougy,,uh,, Capt. Clueless slither off to? Still no facts about Trump's racism, nor just exactly what Trump should be doing about the bug.

I'm waiting for the engineered antivirus that attacks the LIB gene. (a proven fact) The nation would be a far better place. And those afflicted with that gene, would feel SO much better.


Found a picture of Dad from 1918 when the Spanish flu came through. All they has were cotton face masks. And you think we have problems now?
"The 1918 influenza pandemic was the most severe pandemic in recent history. It was caused by an H1N1 virus with genes of avian origin. Although there is not universal consensus regarding where the virus originated, it spread worldwide during 1918-1919. In the United States, it was first identified in military personnel in spring 1918. It is estimated that about 500 million people or one-third of the world’s population became infected with this virus. The number of deaths was estimated to be at least 50 million worldwide with about 675,000 occurring in the United States."

Bill Tozer


We have two scenarios going on:

First, we have the health experts advising us of the usual. Get enough sleep (especially between 9pm-midnight for the immune system), eat meat based proteins, take vitamin K, and if feel I’ll or not firing on all cylinders, take time off, stay indoors and don’t venture out. Self isolation is what the experts call the ‘Bug In Method’.

Second, we have the ‘Bug Out Method’, which needs no further explanation judging solely by our Lefty commenters here and those infecting our trusted Fakenews media outlets.


Good job 9TH,,, this is one hell of a time to decide to lift the ban.


Walt: "I'm waiting for the engineered antivirus that attacks the LIB gene."

It's called adulthood.


re: Walt@11:39AM

Of course. If a policy interferes with an Open Borders imperative, fight it.

A concept I always liked (was it in Hungary?) was to put detainment facilities on the other side of the border barrier. They'd need to kick the Trumpwall a 1/2 mile or so inland to do that, but it's an elegant notion.

Paul Emery


Here are some reassuring words from our President. It's a version of "What me worry?" (a quote from Alfred E Neuman)

"It's going to disappear. One day it's like a miracle, it will disappear," Trump told attendees at an African American History Month reception in the White House Cabinet Room. The World Health Organization says the virus has "pandemic potential" and medical experts have warned it will spread in the US.



re: Paul 'Crack Newsdesk' Emery: Here are some reassuring words from our President.

more from the article.

"The President added that "from our shores, you know, it could get worse before it gets better. Could maybe go away. We'll see what happens. Nobody really knows.""

Well, yeah. There's a kind of standard function for disease (an epi curve?) that's hard to avoid. You get more and then less and then none. It's hard to predict ahead of time. No doubt it came up in his briefings.

Thanks for your input though. It's thought provoking.

Maybe the right answer is to have a bit of bat soup, travel to a swing state, and hope for the best.

George Rebane

PaulE 124pm - Not sure I could dig out any point from your comment (save the usual anti-Trump snark). Please expand.

Bill Tozer

No worries Punchy. The virus is most likely to infect someone who eats organic squash, looks like they got beat with the ugly stick, stays up past 9:00 PM, frequents local watering holes and public places, and is your exact age and heredity.

I find that quite reassuring!


NOW things have gone critical!

Don Bessee

Since the pony tail of ignorance is having a TDS eruption lets help him vent since he was fooled by the socialist dems again and again -

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled in the president’s favor 2-1, and also “told the judge presiding over the case [in the district court] to dismiss it outright,” Politico notes.




Emery does remember Trump got acquitted in the impeachment farce,,, right?
He only puts forth the sentences that he likes to try and make Trump look bad.. You would think he's looking to get hired by CNN.

Scott O

Here's a quote from one of Paul Emery's posts - "I don't think."
OK, there was more in the post but I thought I would follow Paul's highly intellectual example of taking a partial quote and leave out a lot other words that don't match the way I want to portray Paul to the public.
Does that work for you, Paul?
Grow up.
Everyone thought Roosevelt a genius for telling millions of folk who were broke and out of work that "we have nothing to fear, but fear itself."
If Trump tries to keep the pandemic in perspective and not let people give in to panic and fear, he's portrayed as not even seeing the problem.
I'd really like to see Paul and the other rock throwers here to come up with positive actions that would help contribute to containing the spread of CV.
Not holding my breath.

Don Bessee

Lets keep perspective people, not sure it will pernitrate the calcified craniums of the TDS set!!



Scott O

DB 6:08 - Oh, c'mon Don - that takes all the fun out of it!
We're trying to sell papers here and get the click meter humming.
The Dems and rock throwers have spent a lot of time trying to milk this to their advantage to blame Trump and you are just a party-pooper.

BTW, folks - you do realize that the 'filthy rich' are snapping up stock at bargain prices? So - be a pal and keep the panic stories coming. Soros and Buffett thank you.

Don Bessee

Scotto, as you were saying -



Don Bessee

Oh that's going to get a lot of comments -

Way more Americans report being better off financially this presidential election year than previous ones with an incumbent running, going back to 1992. That’s a bigger problem for the Democrats than Bernie Sanders.

This according to Gallup, which found 61% of us declaring so this year, compared to previous highs of 50%.

Here’s what else Gallup has found in recent surveys:

President Trump’s approval ratings rose to his highest in office, 49%, after his impeachment acquittal and State of the Union address.

The Republicans have good cause for that bounce in their step. For the Democrats, well, it’s hard to imagine how things could go worse.

Republicans, far from breaking with Trump, have only grown more supportive at 94% approval of his presidency.

The Republican Party’s image is improving, too, with the public thinking a little higher of the GOP than the Democratic Party, which has slipped.

Nearly two-thirds of the country now approves of the way Trump is handling the economy.
American confidence in the economy has risen to its highest in two decades.

Oddschecker.com, a betting site, this month put the president’s odds of re-election at 60%.
National polls still show any of the Democrats running for the highest office outpointing him, though Stanford economics professor and Hoover Institution fellow Michael J. Boskin in an essay for Project Syndicate points out these polls don’t account for the Electoral College, where Trump has the advantage. And remember he trailed by more at this point in 2016.

Basically, the professor repeats President Clinton’s long ago declaration: “It’s the economy, stupid.”

If so, four more years look more probable then ever. The Republicans have good cause for that bounce in their step. For the Democrats, well, it’s hard to imagine how things could go worse.
Impeachment wound up boosting the president, with the additional benefit of sullying his main then rival, Joe Biden, more than anything Ukraine could do.

As for the House Democrats’ master strategy of skipping that constitutional third branch of government — the courts — then demanding the Republican-led Senate call first-hand witnesses and gather primary documents … well, how to describe that?

Not chess, exactly. Checkers might reflect too much forethought. Tic-Tac-Toe? More like it, but brain death looks closest to the brilliance on display here.

A case bungled with most of the election year left for the still very much standing president to crow. A healthy majority of the public feeling more flush than ever. The Democrats going for the most socialist choice possible.

Oh, boy.

Still, it’s early yet, as pundits keep saying, and far better numbers for incumbent presidents have vanished in a blink before.

Boskin ties those erosions to economic downturns, especially in the case of President George H.W. Bush. His 91% job approval following the first Gulf War collapsed during only a mild recession, costing him re-election. The professor, an adviser to H.W., recalls reminding the president’s team that even Winston Churchill, hero in World War II, lost his election three months after the war in the teeth of economic woes.

The president and Republicans happily plunging the country deeper in debt to historic levels doesn’t faze conservative voters. After all, the Democratic field, especially the frontrunner, would only go further, while complaining the rich are getting a pass and the economy isn’t working for everyone.

Really? Fully six of 10 Americans are feeling pretty good about their finances right now. More than ever. Even with the crazy income gap, housing prices soaring, stagnant wages, the digital age disrupting everything and ever faster, all the usual bleak facts.

Beginning to lift tariffs with China seems particularly well timed for the election year. The coronavirus looks like a hiccup that will pass soon enough, and we can still expect a sequential relaxing in the trade tensions as the year ticks toward November to bring further good news for the economy, and Trump’s campaign.

All-important swing voters unmoved by efforts to fund useless walls, outlaw abortion or appoint the right sort of judges seem similarly blind to environmental recklessness, rising nationalism, that swamp swelling instead of draining, deepening divisiveness, politicization of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies into something more recognizable as ministries of propaganda, a gleaming authoritarian edge to the democratic republic.

If it’s truly about the question Ronald Reagan famously asked in the 1980 campaign — the one Gallup just polled — the Democrats might as well pray for pandemic. Looks like their best chance.

Don Rogers is the publisher of The Union, Lake Wildwood Independent, and Sierra Sun. He can be reached at drogers@theunion.com or 530-477-4299.



Bill Tozer

Let’s see what the Leftistas are up to. Oh my, they have stooped to using Alinsky’s playbook to blame the other guy for that which they themselves are doing.

-MSNBC Accuses ‘Conservative Media’ of Trying to ‘Politicize’ Coronavirus

-Stelter Whines Fox News Is ‘Reprehensible’ for Calling Out Media's Politicized Virus Reporting

-NY Times Mocks Pence, 'No Training or Expertise,' vs. Obama's Confident Ebola Czar

-CNN's Avlon Cites Pence's Climate Skepticism Against Him on Coronavirus

-MSNBC on Coronavirus Response: At Least 'We Trusted Richard Nixon'

-CNNers Fume at Fox, Don Jr.'s 'Appalling' ‘Dangerous’ Claims They Are Politicizing Coronavirus

-Insane Podcast Host Tweets About Spreading Coronavirus to Trump Supporters

-STUDY: Trump-Bashing Takes up Majority of CNN’s Coronavirus Coverage

-CNN's Avlon Mocks Pence: 'Prayer Didn't Work'

-Chuck Todd Taunts Trump On Coronavirus: 'Reap What You Sow'

-NY Times Lead Story: Lying Trump Has Already Squandered Credibility on Coronavirus

-Playing Politics With Coronavirus: ABC, NBC Try to Stoke Fears of Trump's Response

-AP 'Fact Checks' Biden and Bloomberg for Claiming Disease-Control 'Cuts' by Trump

-‘Pray’ the Plague Away: Rosie O’Donnell & Co. Mock Trump’s Disease Response

-Nets Skip Corrupt Ex-Democratic Mayor of Baltimore Sentenced to Prison (ok, that was a bonus)



Don Bessee

In the real world the re-election is energizing dems and engaging non-voters SWEET! -

Her digital ticket request was just a drop in the campaign data collection bucket. According to a tweet by Brad Parscale, the Trump campaign manager who publicly shares data after each rally, the Wildwood event had 158,632 requested tickets. Of the 73,482 voters identified by the campaign as seeking tickets, 10% did not vote in 2016 and more than a quarter had at one point been registered as Democrats. That last figure has campaign officials convinced that Trump is attracting people who are disillusioned with the current slate of presidential candidates, so the campaign cross-references the data it collects from rallies with voter information collected by the Republican National Committee.

“When someone signs up to go to a rally, we can match them up to our big voter file,” said Tim Murtaugh, the campaign’s communications director. “From that we can tell if they’ve voted recently, if they’re a Republican or Democrat, did they move from a different state. When we can identify someone as a supporter, that improves all of our modeling and voter scoring.”
Republican strategists say those numbers reveal that the Trump campaign is focusing not just on drawing in believers, but also on making sure they turn out to vote in November.

“People can be vocal Republicans online and in person but never vote,” Eric Wilson, a Republican digital strategist, said in an interview. “Voters are not necessarily rational actors, and that’s why it’s critical for the campaign to build a one-to-one relationship with them.”



Bill Tozer

If life gives you Corona virus, find someone with lime disease and have a party!

Bill Tozer

Headline reads ‘Coronavirus incites irrational fears among beer consumers’

“Pat discussed why some people are avoiding Corona Beer. Then, Chinese restaurants are struggling as a result of the Coronavirus scare. Finally, China introduces legislation that would impose a ban on the consumption of dogs.

But, will they ban people from eating snakes and other critters uncooked (raw, live) or the meat sitting on the counter at the market @ 72 degrees, raw, for hours. That’s where so many other ‘bad cans of chili’ diseases come from...and bad water. I, personally, would never eat a rat unless it was thoroughly cooked and presented on a stick. Rat on a Stick, I draw the line on armadillos. I dunno. A Mojave Desert tribe ate lizards, much to the disgust of the nearest other desert tribe. What’s good for goose is good for the gander. In return, the lizard eaters where appalled and disgusted that the other tribe ate fish. Fish, yuck! Unclean. Bad medicine. Knuckle draggers. Barbarians. Not yet human.

Bat soup is fine IF they cook the bat first.

Man, this pandemic thang is changing a lot of daily routines.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 29 February 2020 at 12:43 AM

Yes Bill.....I was so concerned that I switched to a safer beer as well!


Bill Tozer


“Did Trump actually say the corona virus is a hoax? Of course not. The claim is idiotic. If the president thought the virus is a hoax, why did he do a press conference on it last week, along with various medical personnel? And why did he ban travel to China at the beginning of the outbreak?

This is what Trump actually said in South Carolina, according to the New York Post:

President Trump jeered Democrats Friday night for criticizing his response to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, saying that it was a “new hoax” after a failed attempt to remove him from office over Ukraine.

“They tried to beat you on Russia, Russia, Russia — that didn’t work out too well,” Trump told a cheering crowd in South Carolina. “They tried the impeachment hoax. That was a perfect conversation.”

“And this is the new hoax,” Trump declared.
“Let’s get this right: A virus starts in China, makes its way into various countries all around the world, doesn’t spread widely at all in the United States because of the early actions that myself and my administration took against a lot of other wishes. And the Democrats’ single talking point and you see it is that it’s Donald Trump’s fault,” he said.

The hoax, obviously, is the Democrats’ unfounded criticism of the Trump administration. Never in American history have we seen such nakedly dishonest criticism of anyone in public life.“”


I dunno. Some will not find this link ‘not reassuring’. Ok, I will once again look for the Boogeyman under the child’s bed. And once again in the closet as well for the Putin Boogeyman.

Bill Tozer

Schumer’s deleted Tweet.


There, there. All better now.


George Rebane

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On a more general nature of conduct in RR’s comment streams. I run a weblog of my commentaries and observations on diverse topics. Readers are welcome to read and comment on them in the topic’s comment stream, or go on with their day. If my topic draws comments, then I want them to be gathered and discussed under that topic so as to construct a coherent corpus of thought. I do not run a community bulletin board. RR’s Sandbox feature allows its reader community to comment on and discuss topics that I have not recently covered. But once I do post a commentary on a topic, even if it has an existing discussion thread in the recent Sandbox, then please continue your topical comments under my posted commentary. You can indicate that shift in the Sandbox. However, if you’re too busy to pay attention to and/or read my posts, then be prepared for disappearing comments – as I said, I don’t run a community bulletin board for people who don’t give a crap about what I think or write - you're most welcome to vehemently disagree, but not to ignore. Everyone capice?

Bill Tozer

What exactly in the CDC or NIH budget did Trump (not Congress) actually “cut”? Please be specific and show your work--Buck

Bill Tozer

Re: The Coronavirus is being vigorously promoted. A couple of paragraphs.

The First Postmodern Pandemic
Column: The only predictable fallout of coronavirus? Partisanship.

“We were better off when the media focused on impeachment. Now that it is interested in coronavirus, a familiar pattern will set in. Data will be publicized without the slightest sense of proportion. The most outrageous scenarios will receive the most attention. Speculation will be paraded as fact. And every conceivable negative outcome, from infections to deaths to plunging stock values, from reasonable and warranted travel bans to unanticipated diplomatic and economic fallout, will be related back to the president in an effort to damage his reelection”

“Knowledge of the physical universe has grown exponentially since 1918. So have the means by which we are able to express discontent, fear, blame, and unreason. Which is why I do have one prediction about the weeks ahead: Our politics will remain nasty, polarized, overheated, and dispiriting. Even as Mother Nature reminds us who's really in charge.”


Bill Tozer

Paranoia: Bill Maher Predicts When Coronavirus Gets Bad, Trump Will 'Declare Martial Law'



The Left is purging Comrade Chris Matthews at MSNBC for being a counter-revolutionary and having impure thoughts.

Counterrevolutionaries......they are everywhere......and often where you last expect!


Bill Tozer

Might belong here under 27feb20 update; “But what should be most disturbing is that we have a political party that aims to make these already tendentiously fragile systems ever more interconnected, centrally controlled, dubiously funded, and therefore more brittle.“ Dr. Rebane

‘The Inability to Speak English Shouldn’t Qualify as ‘Disability’ for Social Security‘

“Unfortunately, misuse and abuse of the Disability Insurance program by people who can perform work has contributed to its excessive costs, impending insolvency, extreme wait times, and the program’s general failure to adequately meet the needs of individuals who truly cannot work.

A former judge who decided disability determination cases expressed those concerns to me when explaining how individuals would use the inability to communicate in English qualification as a way to receive benefits when, in fact, it seemed that they could work.

Oftentimes, this judge suspected that it was just a claim, but without any test and instead an implied assumption that using a translator validated the inability to communicate in English, the system provided little way for him to document whether such claims were credible.

“This was not an exceptional case claim but, in fact, a very frequent one in my hearing room,” the former administrative law judge explained.”




lol. Nice.

Assuming they can monetize it somehow, probably the only answer for media figures is to all have their own website and make sure that the servers and other bits of web infrastructure are overseas.

The great irony of our age would be for Russia to be the go-to place for US free speech. The Blue Mob might just see to it.


Poor Matthews.


The piranha tank needs a new victim.

Bill Tozer

Related to roots of our partisan divide.

The Two Middle Classes



Posted by: scenes | 01 March 2020 at 02:50 PM

Poor Matthews.

Yes! You'd have to have a heart of stone not to laugh……..

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