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18 February 2020



,,,Roger Stone will be sentenced Thursday despite his ongoing bid to overturn conviction,,,

Let's bet on how many years/months he gets...

Cross Town

George: I suppose you believe all of the indictments and convictions and plea bargains are all based on lies and distortions.. evidence aside. all of the grand juries and judges are biased.. because 'he who would be king' said so. Former deputy AG under George Bush II, Donald Ayer, had this to say about AG Barr, whom he has known for over 40 years:

“For whatever twisted reasons, he believes that the president should be above the law, and he has as his foil in pursuit of that goal a president who, uniquely in our history, actually aspires to that status....It is a banana republic where all are subject to the whims of a dictatorial president and his henchmen."

And all of this is baloney because why? Because you voted for a sick puppy who pulled your psychological strings and refuse to acknowledge your error in judgement, so you all just dig in with the 'fake news' 'witch hunt' 'deep state' bullcrap. In other words, you too think trump is above the law..but not ' crooked Hillary or Comey or McCabe or Obama or anyone who dares to criticize trump.

I suggest you see a documentary called "The Great Hack" on Netflix about Cambridge Analytica and their brainwashing of voters in key precincts in key states that delivered electoral votes to trump. It only took a few thousand votes across four states to pull it off. It is oblivious that much of the Cambridge propaganda drives this blog's political content and posts.


Posted by: Bertie Town | 18 February 2020 at 11:17 AM

It is oblivious that much of the Cambridge propaganda drives this blog's political content and posts.

Yes! It is oblivious…..very oblivious.

Cross Word

Don't forget-- goombahs don't let other goombahs rot in jail, especially if they lie, tamper with witnesses, and obstruct justice...that's just how the game is played in trumplandia.


Posted by: Roberta World | 18 February 2020 at 11:23 AM

...that's just how the game is played in trumplandia.

You should probably just get used to it Bertie.

Don Bessee

I won the that race and it was stolen and I am not going to run to be nr2 ever, what wait FIVE million you say. Mr Bloomberg I would be your nr2 anytime -


Cross Bow

What are the odds of the Capital Building getting torched before the 2020 elections if trumpler is down in the polls along with a declaration of martial law and suspension of the elections? Hey, when you are above the law anything goes, right?

bertie cross

"You should probably just get used to it Bertie." That is what the Jews were told as they boarded the boxcars.


Posted by: Clara Bow | 18 February 2020 at 11:42 AM

What are the odds of the Capital Building getting torched before the 2020 elections if trumpler is down in the polls along with a declaration of martial law and suspension of the elections?

Won't happen……in fact Jeb Bush just this very day called for the return of civility to politics.

Please clap…….


Posted by: bertie cross | 18 February 2020 at 11:46 AM

That is what the Jews were told as they boarded the boxcars.

Oooh Bertie…… really need to have your meds checked.

Holy Cross batman

Cross Word 11:23 -- trumpler just pardoned and commuted sentences for 9 more goombahs... a good way to signal your troops that they too are above the law as long as they keep their mouths shut.

George Rebane

Cross 117am - You continue to demonstrate your poor reading skills. Where has anyone in these comment streams brushed "evidence aside" to make a case or hold on to some belief? You and yours consider 'evidence' to be allegations, such the one you quote about AG Barr believing that the president is above the law. Nowhere has Barr made such a statement or evinced it through his actions, yet to you and yours anyone who loudly comports with your ideological narrative automatically is cited as 'evidence'. In spite of your hard work to the contrary, allegations have not yet become evidence anywhere else besides the lamestream media and the Democratic House. Lord help us if you guys are successful in getting our courts to accept allegations as evidence.


"What are the odds of the Capital Building getting torched before the 2020 elections if trumpler is down in the polls along with a declaration of martial law and suspension of the elections?"

Heck, I'll take that bet Ms. Harpy.

How about $1000 to the charity of you choice?


Posted by: Holy Cross Bertman | 18 February 2020 at 11:50 AM

Cross Word 11:23 -- trumpler just pardoned and commuted sentences for 9 more goombahs... a good way to signal your troops that they too are above the law as long as they keep their mouths shut.

Bertie it’s really bad when the voices start having conversations! See my 11:49.

Funny Trump issuing pardons now......Democrat Presidents pardon democrat scumbags when there are no more elections to be run!

Say what you want.....Trump clangs when he walks where Barry merely jingled.


With all these LIB "Crosses" it starting to look like a Klan meeting.(of one)


GeorgeR, now that my previous concept is blown out of the water, that the fix was in for Biden, I'm gonna go with a brokered convention with Michelle O (she with the beautiful arms) as the puppet.

In the long run, I'm guessing we'll see a modified version of Amazon Alexa as a (D) candidate, but in the meantime any old talking head will do.

There'll be plenty to laugh at in the meantime, so все хорошо.


Look what out SoJ brothers and sisters are up to up North.


,,,Trumplstiltskin is commuting Dems convicted of corruption,,,hoping for some more quid pro quo???


Posted by: odlaw | 18 February 2020 at 01:49 PM was dinner last had Mexican?

What’ll it be tonight.....Honduran?


What’ll it be tonight.....Honduran? No frozen fish sticks partially defrosted


hah, a nice example of how you can't trust any news source. I minor thing, but...

No doubt our local Blue Mob wasn't caterwauling about the Logan Act a few years back, but that's not the point. In that article she quotes:

"In 2017, Murphy demanded an investigation into then-National Security Adviser Mike Flynn because he had a phone call with a counterpart in Russia. “Any effort to undermine our nation’s foreign policy – even during a transition period – may be illegal and must be taken seriously,” Murphy said."

Googling up that quote I found:

Which of course has the same problem of "it's OK if we do it, bad if they do it" but a quote from that article:

"That General Flynn may have misled the vice president of the United States and others raises the most serious questions about his ability to continue serving as national security advisor," said Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts, a Senate Foreign Relations Committee member. "I hope federal law enforcement professionals investigate this matter immediately. Any effort to undermine our nation’s foreign policy – even during a transition period — may be illegal and must be taken seriously."

Markey and Murphy are different people so far as I can tell, perhaps they just sound alike. (internet wayback machine shows no changes since original article)

Don Bessee

The Bernie bros hate MSNBC as much as republicans whoda thunk? -

“You can feel the disdain they have for Bernie Sanders’s supporters,” Shakir explained. “It’s a condescending attitude: ‘Oh, they must not be that intelligent. They’re being deluded. They’re being conned. They’re all crazy Twitter bots.’ My view is that there’s a bit of detachment from MSNBC and the people who this campaign gets support from. It feels like they’re covering progressives from an elitist perspective.”

Shakir told Vanity Fair that Fox News has been "more fair than MSNBC."

"That’s saying something,” he elaborated. “Fox is often yelling about Bernie Sanders’s socialism, but they’re still giving our campaign the opportunity to make our case in a fair manner, unlike MSNBC, which has credibility with the left and is constantly undermining the Bernie Sanders campaign.”


Bill Tozer


“What are the odds of the Capital Building getting torched before the 2020 elections if trumpler is down in the polls along with a declaration of martial law and suspension of the elections?”

We heard the exact same thing last 4th of July. Where do these nut jobs come from? Martial law suspension of very afraid, oh panicked one, be very afraid. You’ will the first to be thrown on the burn pile. I have matches.
Daily today.

Insight: “Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.” —Aesop (c. 620–564 BC)

Braying jenny: “You can’t have an acquittal unless you have a trial, and you can’t have a trial unless you have witnesses and documents — so he can say he’s acquitted, and the headlines can say ‘acquitted,’ but he’s impeached forever: branded with that, and not vindicated.” —House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

The BIG Lie: “Eleven years ago … near the bottom of the worst recession in generations, I signed the Recovery Act, paving the way for more than a decade of economic growth and the longest streak of job creation in American history.” —Barack Obama

Political futures: “I would be honored to run for vice president with the nominee. … Of course I want to serve America. Of course I want to be a patriot and do this work, and so I’d say yes.” —failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams

Tone deaf: “[The Roger Stone issue] has been … the greatest abuse of power I have ever seen at the hands of this president who has no sense of decency or understanding of the Constitution, and [Attorney General William] Barr facilitating it is beyond my comprehension. No president, no president, no president has ever intimidated an attorney general into abusing power as much as this man has.” —Joe Biden, who knows a thing or two about abuse of power

Grand delusions: “Every single solitary person that [Trump is] firing now testified under oath that … I did my job perfectly … I was honorable. Everything I did was by the numbers. And that prosecutor we fired should have been fired, period. And there was no investigation going on in Burisma.” —Joe Biden

Alpha jackass: “Legalize all the DACA students. These DACA students are more American than most Americans are.” —Joe Biden

Non compos mentis: “There’s a Yale study just out that shows that our current system, if we move to Medicare for All, we would save 68,000 lives a year. That makes the private insurance in America the eighth leading cause of death in the country.” —former Bernie Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver

Parroting American Democrat talking points: “In some countries, the laws do not allow for the existence of democracy in the true sense of the word, including the United States itself! In the U.S., which is supposedly the center of democracy … their [Electoral College system] has been shaped in a way that a person who has won fewer popular votes than another becomes the president! … Is this democracy? Is this rule of the popular vote? This is not how it works in our country.” —Iran Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

And last… “Barack Obama said it would take a ‘magic wand’ to create the type of economy [Donald Trump] has. Now he wants to take credit for 7 million new jobs, lowest ever black unemployment, and record wage growth? In the words of the 44th president himself — you didn’t build that, Barack.” —Charlie Kirk

Bill Tozer

Boy, I don’t know about you, but Bernie Standards, Joe Biden, and Short Stuff Mike Bloomberg sure seem like a. bunch of angry old white guys to me. And they are grumpy, too.


Posted by: fish | 18 February 2020 at 01:59 PM

,,,Another post revealing Oosik's predilection for drama, superstition and bizarre conspiracies.

Along with his fantasies of my video piracy and incontinence,,,I am now a cannibal!!!

Oosik must have also been convinced of HIllary's pizza parlor///white slavery ring!!!

... A perfect example of a typical Trumpist!!!

Don Bessee

Another reality check for the chi coms -

- A federal judge in Texas on Tuesday rejected Chinese telecommunications equipment maker Huawei Technologies' constitutional challenge to a U.S. law that restricted its ability to do business with federal agencies and their contractors.

In a 57-page decision, U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant ruled in favor of the United States, concluding that Congress acted within its powers by including the restriction in the National Defense Authorization Act, which also targeted Chinese company ZTE Corp <000063.SZ>.

The Commerce Department is proposing tightening what is known as the foreign direct product rule, which limits the ability of foreign countries to use American technology for military or national-security purposes. The new rules would require factories across the globe to obtain licenses in order to make chips for Huawei using American equipment, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The new restrictions are intended to restrict the world’s second-largest economy’s imports of U.S. semiconductor technology, one of China’s largest American imports. An additional new rule would curb the ability of American companies to supply equipment to Huawei from their overseas


Don Bessee

Mini mike is getting deep into revisionist history but hey he's talking to democrats so they wont notice -

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is featuring Barack Obama in his campaign ads despite years of criticizing and distancing himself from the former Democratic president.

Bloomberg has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on ads promoting his candidacy, including one spot in which Obama praises him. On Tuesday, Bloomberg released another ad, titled “Difference,” pairing the two as “a great president and an effective mayor” involved with “leadership that makes a difference."


Bill Tozer

Well, that is the same thing Tulsi said about CNN and Marianne Williamson said about both CNN and MSNBC. Got to go on Fox to get a fair shake.

Sanders Campaign Manager Slams MSNBC, Says Fox News Is ‘More Fair’

Boy, they sure a grumpy today.

Don Bessee

@233 bt



,,,If you want to add an extra $71 billion to the economy, start taxing churches,,,

Don Bessee

Since when does tax add to the economy and who is going to fill the charitable gaps that would result and why not all 501's?


Don Bessee

It cuts both ways -

A Black student has gone viral for defending a multicultural center at the University of Virginia (UVA) as a safe space for people of color. On Feb. 12, conservative youth group Young America’s Foundation (YAF) shared a 37-second video on Twitter . The clip begins with the student trying to get the attention of her peers before educating them about the building that they’re in. "If y’all didn’t know, this is an MSC (multicultural student center), and frankly, there’s just too many white people in here". "And this is a space for people of color, so let’s be really cognizant of the space that you’re taking up ..." The clip then ends with applause. in response, YAF tweeted, “Leftists at the University of Virginia are dictating who is and who isn’t allowed in the new Multicultural Student Center". YAF went on to tweet, "This kind of racist intolerance is NOT multicultural”. YAF’s post has since received more than 17,000 comments, many of which fiercely defend the student. In the wake of the incident, UVA president Jim Ryan issued a statement, claiming that the center is meant to foster an inclusive environment. "To be clear, the MSC is for all students.


Don Bessee

Comrade Bernie the kool aid guzzling dolt -

Sanders was amazed at the open “self-criticism” of his Soviet hosts, who admitted that the USSR was 10 or 15 years behind America in medical technology. This seems quite candid, if you didn’t know a thing about the Soviet Union. In reality, it was a perfect example of the sophisticated way in which the Soviets to the very end played a canny game of public relations.

Yes, health care was provided by the state. Sanders admired this, but that’s because he did not understand the reality of Soviet medical care. Perhaps he should have looked at it more closely.
A year after Sanders got home, I was part of a U.S.-Soviet cultural exchange group, which included an American doctor, and we carefully finagled a tour of a hospital. (My ability to do some translating helped me make the case for tagging along.) Strictly speaking, we were not supposed to be there, and so we donned white doctor jackets so we could move about the facility quietly with just a few of the Soviet physicians.

What we saw was grisly. Patients draining their wounds into open jars of pus. Post-operative infections worse than the problem that required surgery. Reusable metal hypodermics, dirty bedclothes, untended patients wandering about dimly lit hallways.

I saw an operating theater with windows — to the outside. As I looked at the trees and grass while standing next to the surgical table, I asked: “Do you open these? Ever?” When it gets hot, the Soviet doctors replied, nodding.

The American doctor was polite and professional, but at one point he leaned over to me and whispered that this was where American medicine was ... in 1890.



Posted by: Don Bessee | 18 February 2020 at 03:46 PM

,,,Sure thing,,,that is why the pastors fly around in private jets...

,,,Bessie...poster boy for suckers everywhere!!!

Don Bessee

Haters gonna hate.

Very interesting -

A combined 67 percent say they have reservations or are "very uncomfortable" with a candidate being a socialist.

Fifty-seven percent have reservations/are very uncomfortable with someone who had a heart attack in the last year.

Fifty-three percent have reservations/are very uncomfortable with someone who's older than 75.

Forty-one percent have reservations/are very uncomfortable with someone who self-funds their campaign with hundreds of millions of dollars.



Posted by: Don Bessee | 18 February 2020 at 04:28 PM

Forty-one percent have reservations/are very uncomfortable with someone who self-funds their campaign with hundreds of millions of dollars.

Funny...41% represents Trump's base size but they were all for Trump self-funding...

Don Bessee

Talk about no comprehension at all, that's almost as bad as the pony tail of ignorance, they are talking about socialist dems! LOL


Don Bessee

Its great that my airmen brothers have this now but I have to ask what took so long? -

The GAU-5A is a modified M4 carbine designed to keep aircrews alive in emergencies.
The weapon was rebuilt to fit in the storage compartments of ejection seats.

A normal M4 carbine can break down into two major pieces, the lower receiver and upper receiver, but the resulting pieces still won’t fit into the ejection seat compartment. The Gunsmith Shop makes several modifications to an existing M4 to create a GAU-5A. First, it replaces the standard 14.5-inch barrel with a 12.5-inch barrel to create an overall shorter length. Next, it installed a Cry Havoc Tactical Quick Release Barrel (QRB) kit, which allows the barrel and handguard to be removed. The pistol grip also folds backward. Finally the bulky front sight post is removed and replaced with front and rear fold-down sights.

If a pilot bails out over hostile territory, he or she simply removes the weapon case from the back of the ejection seat, folds the pistol grip forward, fits the barrel on the rifle, pops up the sights, and inserts a loaded magazine. The entire process takes 30 seconds.

The U.S. Air Force has issued so-called “bailout” weapons for decades for use by aircrew in the event of a crash behind enemy lines or in a remote region. Even in a non-shooting war, it could take days for search and rescue units to locate a downed pilot, and a bailout weapon provides not only a source of security but also a means to bagging small game. Ejection seats only provide so much in military rations and eventually a pilot might be forced to scavenge for food.



"Funny...41% represents Trump's base size but they were all for Trump self-funding..."

He didn't spend hundreds of millions of dollars.

George Rebane

For the record, I assert that the only people who are concerned about Short Round's spending are our leftwingers. On the other side of the aisle, we don't give a crap whether a politician can fund his own campaign. The upside is that the sumbich is not going to be bought for chotskies like almost every other politician is. However, having your own cash doesn't mean that you're also not going to pander the voters, that's still necessary to get their votes - look at Short Round doing the moonwalk on 'stop and frisk'.

Paul Emery

Well Trump pardoned a regular rogues gallery and crooks today. Not a single over charged marijuana user in the lot, just scammers and thieves and guess what, they are all white guys.

"Trump announces a blitz of pardons and commutations

Those helped include former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, ex-New York police commissioner Bernie Kerik and financier Michael Milken.

President Donald Trump announced a host of pardons and commutations on Tuesday, ranging from Rod Blagojevich, the former Illinois governor jailed on corruption charges, to Bernie Kerik, the former New York police commissioner.

"Yes, we have commuted the sentence of Rod Blagojevich. He served eight years in jail, a long time," Trump told reporters before boarding Air Force One en route to Los Angeles.

Don Bessee

Short round, I like that!

The pony tail of ignorance has not yet read the analysis of why guys like Eddie DeBartolo who is loved in his city and state got some presidential largess.


While the socialist dems have for years bitched about what was really just a normal Russian disinformation shit disturbing that got a shot of steroids from those weeping in their pink pussy had like Page, and her boy toy and the rest of the swamp.

This is going on as before in the real world party parrots who used to suck up to the USSR -

But Cabrera, a short and stocky Mexican citizen, was charged Tuesday with being an “unregistered foreign agent” for Russia. He is accused of spying on at least one U.S. informant in South Florida, though court filings provided only sketchy details of the allegations.

In a brief hearing, Cabrera, 35, did reveal that he had bank accounts and jobs in different parts of the world. He told a magistrate judge that he was making $7,500 a month as a researcher at the National University of Singapore and another $5,000 a month from a part-time job with an Israeli company in Germany, along with holding about $100,000 in bank accounts in Mexico, Singapore and the United States.

“None of my family knows I’m here,” Cabrera said, explaining to Magistrate Judge Chris McAliley that it would be difficult to gain access to his money outside the United States to pay for a defense attorney. She assigned a temporary public defender to represent Cabrera, who faces pretrial detention because prosecutor Michael Thakur said he is a flight risk.
Cabrera was arrested Monday by FBI agents after he was stopped the previous day at Miami International Airport by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers who inspected his cellphone before his scheduled departure for Mexico on Sunday.

According to a criminal affidavit, Cabrera arrived with his Mexican wife last Thursday, rented a Chrysler sedan and drove directly to a Miami-area condominium complex.

The affidavit says Cabrera visited the complex to spy on a resident at the “direction” of an agent with the Russian Intelligence Service, which operates under President Vladimir Putin. It turned out that the resident was an informant for the FBI’s counterintelligence division who provides information on Russian spying activities in South Florida. Before he was asked to leave the complex, Cabrera’s wife took a photo of the federal informant’s car and license plate.

Cabrera, who was visiting Miami on a business and tourism visa, told FBI agents during questioning Monday that he had met with the Russian intelligence agent in Russia several times over the past year and that he instructed him to rent a unit at the condo complex in Miami to do surveillance on the FBI informant. His cellphone showed that there had been interaction between Cabrera and his Russian handler, according to the affidavit.


Paul Emery


And why did Blago deserve to be pardoned?

Don Bessee

Its so cute when the pony tail of ignorance can not manifest a conversation or debate and just spews a talking point and then stomps his little feet and holds his breath. You need to let go of the why, why, why and TELL ME NOW!

Its bad for your health.



"And why did Blago deserve to be pardoned?"

He wasn't pardoned. He had his sentence commuted after 8 years in a federal prison.

For God's sake, do you check anything out first?


Posted by: scenes | 18 February 2020 at 07:05 PM

For God's sake, do you check anything out first?

Forget it’s Punchytown!


Posted by: George Rebane | 18 February 2020 at 05:34 PM

,,,Short Round has way more bang for the buck than ‘’’’’Dummy Round’’’’’ !!!


Posted by: odlaw | 18 February 2020 at 07:18 PM

Guatemalan tonight.......they always make you cranky and humorless. Maybe you should change seasonings?

Paul Emery


fair enough

And why did Blago deserve to be commuted? There are thousands who have served long terms for far lesser crimes.


A dummy round you say Dougy? He sure nuked your sorry ass,
Your Proggys can't even find dry powder or a good match to light it with to fire back at Trump with.
That ACME ammo you got? Sucks it has a no return policy, Wile E. Proggy.


Here is some fake news for ya' Emery, RUN WITH IT!

Bill Tozer



Posted by: Walt | 18 February 2020 at 08:34 PM

,,,Oh Wally...are you talking about ‘’’’Squib’’’’ Trump???

He don’t have the gas it takes to blow out a candle!!!

Don Bessee

Seems to be awfully comma deficient @ 903 LOL2

-Note to Trump: America Should Not Send B-52 Bombers To Israel

How stupid is this bullshit as if they could use them given their narrow width of land. So propaganda on something that is not real.



Keep believing that Dougy. It's obvious Trump has you filling Depends at a record rate.


,,,uh oh Wally,,, Trump administration says Trump is 1.5 million jobs behind Obama so far based on last three Obama years vs. Trump’s first 3 years!!!


,,,sure is quiet around here....

All of a sudden there is no talk from the big Tea Party Freedom Caucus about the state of our debt and deficit???

Buncha hypocrites???

‘’’Why Do My Fellow Republicans Make Excuses for Trump’s Deficits?
He is driving the country to financial ruin. And his own party is letting it happen.

By Mark Sanford
Mr. Sanford is a former candidate for the 2020 Republican presidential nomination.’’’

‘’’People have a tragic flaw: Sometimes we want others to do the thinking for us. And across the ages promoters and con men have been more than willing to oblige. They invite us to indulge in the fantasy that a newfound father figure will fix it all, though it never works out that way.

This is the premise of a prescient book from 1841, “Extraordinary Delusions and the Madness of Crowds,” by the Scottish journalist Charles MacKay, which documents in extensive detail the moments when entire societies have set aside their own good judgment under the spell of a charlatan.

We are in one of those moments today.

President Trump’s abandonment of fiscal responsibility will prove disastrous — whether we think about it or not. His State of the Union address underscored his own thinking; it was long on pander and did not address our country’s bleak financial state.

Yet amazingly, conservatives whom I have long respected somehow look the other way.’’’

- - - New York Times


re: Comma-man@7:27AM

I don't expect anyone to change the debt numbers downward much. With discretionary spending on something over a 1/4 of the total there's less wiggle room than you might expect. Plus, a state that is increasingly diverse has less and less reason to care about the whole. There's a reason that the formerly-monoethnic/monocultural Swedish could get away with a high level of .gov spending. A hivemind is a powerful thing, the magic of diversity squabbles over the carcass.

Here's a really small homework assignment. Debt vs gdp over time, look where the steep changes occur.

It does look to me like Saint Obama was on watch on the big increase, but I expect he just did as he was told. The most important man in the country is whoever programmed his teleprompter.

Bill Tozer

Looks like Trump has miles to go to catch up to Obama.

Bill Tozer

Mark Sanford? Oh yes, MSNBC is fawning all over the disgraced former governor who like to hike.

-From June 18 until June 24, 2009, Republican South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's whereabouts were unknown and there was media coverage of what was described as his disappearance. ... During the six days of absence, one of the excuses offered by Sanford's spokesperson was that Sanford was hiking the Appalachian Trail.

-Mark Sanford goes missing again....on Naked Hiking Day

-Last June, Sanford disappeared and then returned to the state to say he had been in Argentina visiting a woman he later called his "soulmate." Sanford and his wife, Jenny, divorced in March.

-Voters tell Mark Sanford to take a hike

-Nov 12, 2019 - Mark Sanford is dropping out of the 2020 Republican presidential primary race, ending his long-shot bid to defeat President Donald Trump.—Huff-n-Puff Farting Post

-When moi posted in the Drop Out Derby that Mark Sanford has dropped out of the race, Dr. Rebane asked who the hell is Mark Sanford?, lol

William Kristol is available for interviews as well. You should see who is bankrolling his new gig.

You take Mark, I’ll take Bill, ain’t much difference between the two.


re: BillT@7:59

I was scanning through Obama's giant list o' pardons and the like and ran into one that caught my eye.

Gen. James Cartwright, USMC who was on the JCS. From wikipedia:

"Cartwright was accused of providing classified information that was published in the book Confront and Conceal by David Sanger.[3] During the course of the investigation, Cartwright agreed to be interviewed by the FBI without a lawyer present.[4] He was indicted for lying to the FBI regarding the time and locations of meetings with Sanger.[4] Cartwright was never charged with leaking any classified information; Sanger maintains that Cartwright did not provide him with any classified material"

I can't say that I'm surprised. Something is seriously broken here.


Posted by: odlaw | 19 February 2020 at 07:27 AM

,,,sure is quiet around here....

All of a sudden there is no talk from the big Tea Party Freedom Caucus about the state of our debt and deficit???

Buncha hypocrites???

Never quiet around here dugsKKKi……side note….do you make the poor unfortunates who eventually wind up as protein work around the casa first or is it straight onto the grill?

Anyway…..scenes summed it up nicely……whatever chance this country had to wrestle its debt down passed in the late 90's…..matters certainly weren't helped by guys like you who I'm quite sure denigrated "The Tea Party" mercilessly. 2008/2009 rolls around and Obama decided to just bend over and let the banks have their way with him to the tune of 8 TRILLION TAX PAYER DOLLARS!

…..from the Chicago rumors I doubt this was the the horror for "Bathhouse Barry" that any other normal would feel in a similar situation!

President Trump’s abandonment of fiscal responsibility will prove disastrous — whether we think about it or not. His State of the Union address underscored his own thinking; it was long on pander and did not address our country’s bleak financial state.

Yet amazingly, conservatives whom I have long respected somehow look the other way.’’’

- - - New York Times

Such a progressive dugsKKKI……always looking for someone to save you from yourself! Had Darth Menopause prevailed, the spending profile would be similar……and I'm fairly certain that there wouldn't have been a peep out of you!

Buncha hypocrites indeed!


,,,I guess no more complaints will come from the Self Righteous Right Wingers regarding how much debt and deficit Bernie runs up during his administration since as Lil Oosik says the debt has been out of control since the the Bush years...cause that would be kind of hypocritical!!!

Bill Tozer

Two minutes of Buck on ‘Trump is a dictator and will declare martial law!’ lol.

Where do these nutjobs come from??

Paul Emery

Scenes writes:

Scenes writes:

"I don't expect anyone to change the debt numbers downward much."

So was Trump lying or ignorant when he promised to balance the budget in his first term?

"Shortly before his inauguration, he told Sean Hannity that he would “balance the budget very quickly … I think over a five-year period. And I don’t know, maybe I could even surprise you.”

Bill Tozer

There is a big difference between adding 1.2 trillion to the deficient and adding 30, 50, 90 trillion in debt, much of which are job killing economy wrenching proposals, not to mention out of the mainstream.

*Recommendation: Perhaps someone like Rand Paul would be more to your liking. He is a lone voice decrying government spending. Of course, he has that libertarian streak that the progressives find so abhorrent.


Posted by: odlaw | 19 February 2020 at 08:36 AM


Get over yourself dug…….you didn't care when O'Dummy was spending more money than any human in the history of the world spent to save banking institutions!!

You….only……..because ….it…isn't ….."your"…..guy!

…..I had no idea you were such a crony capitalist!


Posted by: Paul Emery | 19 February 2020 at 08:39 AM

So was Trump lying or ignorant when he promised to balance the budget in his first term?

Whaddya care Punchybot? He'll still be president in either case!

Bill Tozer

“So was Trump lying or ignorant when he promised to balance the budget in his first term?”

I dunno. The quotes the Punch Drunk One posted said 5 years. Trump has been Office 3 years. 5 years vs first term? Punchybot at work again.

But...but....but what about poor Germany who cannot afford to pay their fair share of their NATO obligations? What about the poor Kurds who Punchy donated money to those fine female fighters? Who is going to pay for their defense? What about the poor illegals who are only trying to make a better life for themselves and their family? Who is going to pay for their health care? What about poor NPR? Government has to subsidize them....and 18% of my salary!!!!

As we foun


Paul Emery: "So was Trump lying or ignorant when he promised to balance the budget in his first term?"

Probably ignorant. As I said, most of the budget is mandatory so Paul Emery can get things like highly subsidized health insurance.

I think it's just the nature of government, and the bigger the government the more extreme the results. Think of it as a kind of gaming problem. Elected official gain very little from cutting spending and can gain a lot by increasing it. Appointed officials gain nothing from cutting spending. I suppose you can avoid this by living in a high-functioning monoculture, but those are rare.

Eventually it'll all crash and burn just like it always does. In the meantime, the best thing we can do is to try to maintain and protect the underlying culture so that it lives through the interregnum. It's a bummer that the Blue Mob is on the other side of that equation, but that's why they are the enemies of civilization.


comma-man ",I guess no more complaints will come from the Self Righteous Right Wingers regarding how much debt and deficit Bernie runs up during his administration s"

Well, there's self-righteous-right-wingers and there's self-righteous-right-wingers. You'll run into different flavors here I expect.

Personally, I think a Tоварищ Bernie administration would be quite a riot to watch. It would give my declining years more interest. You could argue that from a long history view, it's better to crash and burn the country early rather than late.

Truth is, looking at the problems a force of nature like Trump has had with the Permanent Bureacracy, a gracile character like Sanders would either be co-opted, walled up in the cellar of the White House, or come down with a mysterious disease in a New York Minute. The war for control is touch and go at the minute and a character like Bernie simply isn't up to it, regardless of his independent-guy street cred.


,,,Scenes and two should get your stories straight...

Bill is going off the deep end with his bizarre claims...'''There is a big difference between adding 1.2 trillion to the deficient and adding 30, 50, 90 trillion in debt, much of which are job killing economy wrenching proposals, not to mention out of the mainstream.'''

Bill forgot there is such a thing as Congress and they will have to work out the details of whatever The Bern wants...

We need to wait and see if The Bern even makes it to the Convention...


,,,here you go boys...this has been lost in the news with Trump always needy for attention from the press and Twitter Nation...


,,,Yo Bill...was this a Freudian slip...

The Constitution does not seem to be helping the people restrain the Trumpopotumus...


These two know they would die in office if they were elected.
They are just looking for a State funeral.

"Mike Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders' presidential campaigns sparred Wednesday over which 78-year-old is in better cardiac health."
Neither one really care how bad the screw up the nation, since either one would never live to see the damage done. They prefer to take the nation to the grave with them.


Posted by: odlaw | 19 February 2020 at 09:46 AM

UR funny when you start to lose arguments and begin to flail around wildly!

Enjoy some nice Salvadoran……that always brightens your mood!

Bill Tozer

“We need to wait and see if The Bern even makes it to the Convention.”

The Bernie Dude will make it to the Convention. What, he is going to drop out? Look who is heading in CA. Drew 17,000 in Tacoma.

The problem here as I see it is the Bernie & Co are too far left for the liberals, and now too far left for the Progressives. That leaves it just right for the Socialists. Oh, you can add the Democrat label to before or after the word Socialist, but it’s still Commie-light....for now.

The Dems are pulling out all the stops to stop Bernie. Biden is still in the race. Short Round is rising in CA. Best to hang on to that baby formula, young mothers. Short Round is coming after mothers and demand they lactate. Those boobs are not just for looking at. Chop, chop.


Fish.. "start to lose"?? It's lost before it begins.
That's what happens when he cooks a baby goat in it's mother's milk.

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 9:43 am
“Personally, I think a Tоварищ Bernie administration would be quite a riot to watch. It would give my declining years more interest. You could argue that from a long history view, it's better to crash and burn the country early rather than late.”

Oh, the popcorn will taste soooo good.

I present for your consideration a Short Round vs Trump battle royale. Imagine the trash talk produced by two New Yorkers. They are already going at it this morning on Twitter.


from comma-man's news o' the day:

"This is about the fascinating conspiracy theory that claims these most powerful families in the world own 99% of the wealth, leaving 1% for the rest of the world to fight over."

While I can't say that they have the right families or the right percentage, money does tend to pool in a few places. Of course, it isn't like these people all eat 1000 sammiches a day or hoard all the good stuff, the funds mostly are reloaned out as bonds or by buying stocks. It's funny how so many great minds think that Good Things Happen when you liberate that money to give to The People. It's a form of cargo cult where the evil rich people are hiding all the hamburgers.

What's worth thinking about is just *why* people get so rich and what to do about it if anything. Some business concepts are natural monopolies, which is why God invented antitrust law (or until they changed the point of it), but oddly a lot of it is due to .gov intervention in markets.

Generally, if your choices are one of two things:

1) Make business more competitive. A lot of wealth disparity (most?) is because of lack of competition and general fluidity in markets.
2) Allow rich people to get really rich. Confiscate a lot of the money. Give to your friends.

While Republicans don't seem to think much about #1, Democrats are fully behind #2. Any 'party' made out of squabbling identity groups (plus the smattering of self-hating WASPs of course) is bound to be about the green after all.

Bill Tozer

Barr is UnAmerican! And the beat goes on. BBDS.

‘The Left has worked itself into a panic over the attorney general.
Can the republic survive Attorney General William Barr?’

“That’s the question that has seized the media and center-left, which have worked themselves into a full-blown panic over an attorney general who is, inarguably, a serious legal figure and one of the adults in the room late in President Trump’s first term.“.....

“At the end of the day, they really don’t want Trump to have an attorney general, but that’s not going to happen. If they force Barr out — or more likely, Trump’s continued tweeting pushes him over the edge — they’ll miss him when he’s gone.”

Bill Tozer

India. What’s the big deal. The wall is only a half kilometer long.


Posted by: Walt | 19 February 2020 at 10:12 AM

Fish.. "start to lose"?? It's lost before it begins.

Now Walt….don't discourage the boy……you'd flail too if you'd staked your entire being on lefty politics.


Soros is up to his old dirty tricks again.
George is upset that only 95% of conservative content is blocked.
“George Soros: Mark Zuckerberg Should Not Be in Control of Facebook.” Soros discussed the social media giant Facebook and stated that he doesn’t believe the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg — who controls 53 percent of voting shares of Facebook — should be in charge of the platform."


Posted by: Walt | 19 February 2020 at 12:21 PM

Somebody should remind György that when he owns 50.01% he can make that call. Until then…...


Enjoy Lefties,, it's a battle of your Commie oligarchs looking to buy our election.
They have already bought their way into the DNC. When you plunk down big bucks, the rules get changed
DNC members discuss rules change to stop Sanders at convention
D.N.C. Rules Change for Nevada Debate Could Open Door for Bloomberg
Accuse DNC Chair of Changing Rules for Mike Bloomberg's Benefit

Sure LIBS, your side is on the up and up.
"Rules?,, WE don't need no STINK'N rules."

Paul Emery

So Bill admits he doesn't know if Trump lied or was ignorant about his pledge to balnance the budget within 5 years. What other options could there be? This is a slap in the face to whatever Tea Party types are still active who bought his bullshit campaign promise in the last campaign.


Walt: 'Sure LIBS, your side is on the up and up. "Rules?,, WE don't need no STINK'N rules."'

To be fair, the parties (or in the case of the 'Democrats' a coalition of mobs) can probably make it up as they go along.

$70B will buy you a lot of Democrats, maybe enough to win a primary. If nothing else, they should all expect a payoff at the end if the general election is successful. All of the mobs and mini-mobs that make up Team Blue each have their own kinks and should get something for their trouble.

NPC cartoon o' the day.


PaulE@1:32PM "What other options could there be?" Maybe he doesn't know.

Still confused what a pardon is? Maybe KVMR could use some of that sweet grant money to hire a fact checker.

George Rebane

Even the marginally numerate reader understands that when unemployment is at historical lows and above the economists' 'full employment level', that the creation of new jobs becomes much more difficult - it's the equivalent of 'diminishing returns' as capacity is achieved.

PaulE 132pm - you've been drizzling on for the last couple of years about Trump's 'lies', especially including his 'lie' about balancing the budget in his first year. If that standard of a politician's campaign promises related to his achievements were applied universally, what do you think EVERY politician's truth-telling record would be? You should really give all of us a break and toss out that old broken record - there must be something new you can bring to this party.

Bill Tozer

Oh Punchy, you are a quite the entertaining one.
Has Trump been in office for 5 years? I didn’t think so. However, when you think, assume, fear, or express your concerns, that is a whole different kettle of fish.

“I am concerned that Trump has no foreign policy experience and Putin will play him like a toy,” ad infinitum.


,,,'''LONDON (AP) — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange plans to claim during an extradition hearing that the Trump administration offered him a pardon if he agreed to say Russia was not involved in leaking Democratic National Committee emails during the 2016 U.S. election campaign, a lawyer for Assange said Wednesday.

Assange is being held at a British prison while fighting extradition to the United States on spying charges. His full court hearing is due to begin next week.

At a preliminary hearing held Wednesday in London, lawyer Edward Fitzgerald said that now-former Republican congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, visited Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in August 2017.

Fitzgerald said a statement from another Assange lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, recounted "Mr. Rohrabacher going to see Mr. Assange and saying, on instructions from the president, he was offering a pardon or some other way out, if Mr. Assange ... said Russia had nothing to do with the DNC leaks.”'


GR 157pm

Punchy doesn't think, he just punches what he thinks are soft spots.

If he thought about it, he might decide Trump was just naive about the difficulty of getting legislation passed when half of them are scheming about a palace coup.

At the time, he didn't have a clue that he'd be hounded from before day one.

Bill Tozer

There is an old saying that every candidate for President runs as a dove...until they sit behind the desk in the Oval Office. Things change as more information becomes available after the inauguration.

Do you realize how much of the budget is discretionary spending? Not much as ar as percentages go. The lion’s share is on automatic pilot.


,,,Trumpskiii's Military Renunion Porn SOU chapter is a fail!!!


A good read about Shorty,
"Short Person Syndrome is indeed real. To compensate for their height, or lack thereof, some short people — especially men — look to become authority figures to compensate: supervisors, hall monitors, security guards, soldiers, police officers, and politicians.

Billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg is five feet, seven inches tall, and is so self-conscious about his height, he claimed to be five foot ten on a driver’s license. Oh, and he also became a fascist authoritarian; a tiny tyrant determined to control everyone else’s life.

Someone with an authoritarian streak is frightening enough in your everyday walk of life — as a family member, neighbor, or heaven forbid, a boss. A Tiny Tyrant is frightening enough as a mayor — say, a mayor of New York City. But in that case you can at least move to another city.

Now imagine a Tiny Tyrant as president of the United States.

You want to leave the country?

Like all left-wing tyrants — Stalin, Hitler, Mao — Michael Bloomberg arrives bursting with good intentions.

He only wants to help, you see.

He only wants to make the world a better place, you see.

He knows what’s best for you, and understands you’re either too stupid to know what’s best for you or too undisciplined to do what’s best for you, so he’s gonna take care of you by creating laws –lotsa, lotsa, lotsa, lotsa laws…"

So we know who Emery is going to vote for.

Bill Tozer

George Rebane replies to the Punch Drunk One with “there must be something new you can bring to this party.”

Nah, he is still fighting the last Bush battles. Don Rumsfeld, Scotter Libby, and Dick Cheney! Anything and everything to not talk about tonight’s thriller in Vegas.

Ok, I will bring up the Leftinistas’ dilemma.

Bernie up 32-14 over Biden (and the rest of the field in CA and much more!

“Idle exit question: I wonder if Bloomberg has invested in popcorn futures?”


Posted by: Walt | 19 February 2020 at 02:27 PM

,,,BWAHAHAHA...and how much does Boss Hogg, I mean Trumpskiii, weigh???

Trump is like George Washington...he cannot tell a lie...



Dougy and the LIBS would rather see VETS come home in boxes and the family cry over them. How dare Trump show a live one coming home.

That's the family friendly kind of "porn" Dougy.

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