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18 February 2020


Bill Tozer

‘Why Richard Grenell As Director Of National Intelligence Is A Loss For The Deep State’

‘Richard Grenell has doggedly pursued the president’s agenda in the face of unrelenting defiance from the European Union’s most consequential power.’

“The level of hatred is commensurate with the merit of the pick. It is a feather in Grenell’s cap, and only further validates the wisdom of the president’s decision.“



Morn'n Emery,, got some NEWS fur ya'
Trump approval, 49% Dis. 48%
Yup, we need more Commie debates. The more they yap, the better Trump looks.

Bill Tozer

Well, if the Dems want to make this election all about women with dongs, be my guest. Once the Blue Mob destroys women’s sports and science, they can focus on the other 72 genders....and having men in your 13 year old daughter’s locker room.

You could see this coming a mile away.

‘Female Inmate Claims She Was Raped by Transgender Inmate Who Was Placed in Illinois Women’s Prison’


George Rebane

fish 425pm - I found this comment along with a bunch of identical ones in the spam folder. When TypePad goes nuts like that, please post another comment in the same stream to alert me so I can go and fish it out (pun intended).

Bill Tozer

Bernie’s greed will impoverish us all.

‘Bernie Sanders, Not Jeff Bezos, Is the Face of Greed’



fyi oral arguments 2 April at the 9th Circus in Pasadena over Duncan v. Becerra, the large cap magazine case, with "large" arbitrarily set at 11 or more round capacity.


Forgot the BEE is a dick about reposting.


Posted by: George Rebane | 21 February 2020 at 09:32 AM

,,,Fish comments in the trash??? Typepad algorithms are working!!!😜


The Commies in SAC are out to seize private (rental)property
if it's vacant for more than 90 days. Ain't that special?


Yet your garbage gets through Dougy..


Posted by: Walt | 21 February 2020 at 10:03 AM

Typepad is a lib App obviously

Bill Tozer

Silly time. Economy


The Libs are melting down because they will have jobs and have to go to work. Freak out time


This hot mess from Burnie will show up soon enough.
Who will play the card first? The DNC to torpedo Bern,
or the Repubs if by chance the Proggys fail??
"Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders once wrote a weird essay about women having gang rape fantasies, but he’s yet to face any scrutiny for it so far in his 2020 presidential campaign."


Gregory: "fyi oral arguments 2 April at the 9th Circus in Pasadena over Duncan v. Becerra, the large cap magazine case, with "large" arbitrarily set at 11 or more round capacity."

Arguably the stupidest gun control law ever conceived. Maximum hassle and rights restriction for gun owners, minimum real-world effect for criminals.

Of course, it is California. Home of the Bakersfield Bullet Train and other potential ways to spend money like so:


Although, like Der Governor sez: "10 million Californians—1 in 4—suffer from some type of behavioral health condition."

Perhaps a state law making those 25% wear pussy hats might be just the thing. Makes 'em easier to avoid.


"—1 in 4—suffer from some type of behavioral health condition."



I thought you were kidding.

"Corporations that own California properties could soon be fined for keeping homes vacant for more than three months under a proposed law to give tenants, nonprofits and cities more say over what happens to empty buildings."


(oddly, if I put in the real link, typepad makes the post disappear. I can't say I'm surprised)

Is it just me, or is California insanity increasing at a faster rate? I suppose you could argue that the nuts were always there it's just that they can now advance an agenda under cover of Trumphate. After all, if you don't get on board to most ridiculous progressive proposal, you are probably a Nazi.


Posted by: Walt | 21 February 2020 at 11:28 AM

,,, Judging my the MASSIVE crowd sizes!!! at Trump rallies... Deluded Trumper Syndrome DTS '''The DTs''' is a far more prevalent psychological syndrome similar to Stockholm Syndrome...


Walt@11:01 The Bernie Rape Short Story

That's been floating around for a while along with the video of singing nekkid (or somewhat nekkid) with Russkies. And getting kicked out of the commune for laziness.

Dunno if it'll leave a mark. Sanders is so much a representative of his own place and time and people in America, I doubt anyone will be surprised. It does make for a highly argumentative man though. It's hard to say what the Deep State would make of him.


Comma-man: ",, Judging by the MASSIVE crowd sizes!!!,,,,,,,"

Bummer, man.

I'll bet they're all comin' after ya. Jackboots twinkling in the sunlight, singin' Christian hymns, drivin' NASCAR cars.

The plans for Utopia on Earth will have to be put off 1-5 years I'm afraid.


Posted by: scenes | 21 February 2020 at 11:39 AM

Yes, they are really in to shining those Jackboots!!!


,,,Coming to a neighborhood near ScottO,,,



Posted by: odlaw | 21 February 2020 at 11:52 AM

Yes, they are really in to shining those Jackboots!!!

Ugh......that was weak! I’ll tell you the same thing I told jetsy.......I don’t care what you say!

Just don’t make me feel sorry for you!


Damn Scenes,, ya' thought I was making it up? I ain't Dougy....

On another note, the wannabes are burning cash to try and out Commie the others.
They ain't going to have a buck left to take on Trump.
Guess they will have to do plenty of knee work to special interests to get funding.(getting bought, and behold'n)
Short/round standing on a milk crate, is looking to buy the DNC convention.
Short/round, standing on that milk crate said he is giving all his money away. Maybe Dougy, Babs, & Emery can tell us how much the check was they got in the mail.

Bill Tozer

Yuck. Polls, polls.

NEW POLL: Satisfaction With U.S. at Highest It’s Ever Been Since 2005


Which leads into this; the man with the magic wand.

‘This Historic Poll Holds The Key To Donald Trump’s Second Term’

“Polls have always been a troublesome thing, but as landline-use decreases and publicly professed political correctness increases, they have become even more difficult.”


Guess who just read the polls? Glad you asked. She’s back with the same old song and dance. Second verse, same as the first. CYA time. She starts spreading and then gets so outraged over that which she hatched, lol.

‘Hillary Clinton Peddles Russia Collusion 2.0, Labels Trump ‘Putin’s Puppet’

2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton lashed out at Donald Trump Friday characterizing her former rival as “Putin’s Puppet” following new reports that Russia is attempting to interfere in the upcoming presidential election


It’s her turn!........ again and again.

George Rebane

Anyone know why it's a surprise that Russia will again seek to influence US elections? They've been doing it since Lenin's day, and so have we. How dense do you have to be to take such news as something extraordinary and significant? But no one wants to talk about any evidence for a measurable effect from such meddling - why? because there ain't none.

Don Bessee

The socialist dem clown car is running on fumes -

Trump Is Smiling: 5 of the 8 Democrats Running for the Nomination Need Money




Boris and Natasha have been chasing Moose and Squirrel around Frostbite Falls since I was a kid.

And with the not quite untimely death of Rocky's and Natasha's voice (June Foray was nearly 100), there will be no catching them.


Where is warmonger Emery?
Look what TRump is up to.
"The United States will sign a peace deal with the Taliban by the end of February, the State Department and Secretary Pompeo announced Friday afternoon.
The official peace deal is preceded by a reduction in violence, that went into effect just after midnight on Saturday, Kabul time."


What the "Fuc*"? The Ruskies were supposed to be helping Trump.
That's what you Proggycrats have been yapping all this time.
Now they are rooting for Burnie? So much for Trump being Putin's stooge. Wrong again Proggys.
"U.S. officials have warned Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) that Russia is attempting to boost his prospects of winning the White House in 2020"

“I don’t care, frankly, who Putin wants to be president,” Sanders said. “My message to Putin is clear: stay out of American elections, and as president I will make sure that you do.”
Sure Burnie... Whatever ya' say.

George Rebane

Most interesting - Pelosi made a big point yesterday in calling Trump "Putin's Puppet" as she maintained that Russia was backing Trump in 2020. Well, it turns out that our intelligence reported that Russia is actually backing Bernie AGAIN in 2020. I almost decided to hold my breath until Pelosi acknowledged her hysteria, but then changed my mind.

Don Bessee

Bernie bros aka the red guard getting an early start to the weekend -



Bill Tozer

Ah, the ole Zionist conspiracy.



Interesting that 3 out of 4 Squad members are under investigation for campaign finance violations.

Bill Tozer

California bringing the nation down, down, down.

‘Students and teachers said California didn't have a plan to teach kids to read. Now, the state has to pay $53 million’

“When it comes to literacy and basic education, California is bringing down the nation," the complaint said.
Currently 45 million Americans are functionally illiterate and cannot read above a fifth-grade level, according to the Literacy Project Foundation. Only 25% of students in California school systems are able to perform basic reading skills and about one-third of fourth-graders reach the proficient reading level.
The literacy proficiency of the students mentioned in the complaint varies, with most performing in the bottom 5% of their grade, and others reading several grades below their actual grade and failing state performance tests.
"On measures of literacy and basic education, in the 200 largest school districts in the country, California has 11 of the lowest performing 26 districts, including three among the lowest performing 10 districts," according to the complaint.“


Don Bessee

What no wailing from cnn, msnbc, nbc, abc, cbs?? Of course not, they are fakenews -



Bill Tozer

@ 5:48 PM
Is it just a coincidence that right after the Dems disastrous debate the Russian Collusion suddenly reappeared? The writer of the NYT piece is no other than Adam Goldman, the notorious Russian Collusion Hoaxer, lol.

Bernie looks like he is may run the table (so far), the Great White Hope MiniMike looks like he won’t be able to stop the Democrat Communists, the Dems are in disarray, and Pesto!, the Russians are back. The Russians are back, just in time to deflect attention from the Progressive Dumpster Fire.

Yep, Nancy and Hillary and CNN and the usual panicked Fakenews Cabal are putting it in overdrive to pump some oxygen into the Russian Collusion Delusion Witch-hunt...only to snare Bernie, lol.

What is the definition of insanity? Something akin to the definition of Leftinistas. They will do it different this time....it just was not tried right the last time.

Don Bessee

The DNC will screw the Bernie bros and they will stay home and on the flip side you have WINNING -

President Donald Trump has a 49 percent approval rating, according to the latest Gallup poll, with satisfaction with “the way things are going in the U.S.” at its highest since 2005.

President Trump’s 49 percent approval rating remains the same as the previous Gallup poll, though up 5 percent from early January.

Interestingly, 43 percent of independents now support the president — the highest its been during Trump’s entire presidency.

“The latest survey finds a further increase in national satisfaction, with 45% now satisfied, the highest since February 2005,” Gallup reported.




Nothing to see here, move along.



Don Bessee

Well of course he did -

Twitter Inc. on Friday said it had begun suspending 70 accounts that posted identical messages in support of Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg in a pattern that violates the social-media company’s rules.

A Twitter spokesman said in a statement that it had taken “enforcement action on a group of accounts for violating our rules against platform manipulation and spam.”
The Los Angeles Times first reported the enforcement action.

The campaign has reportedly hired hundreds of employees to pump out campaign messages on social media platforms. In accounts reviewed by the L.A. Times, the organizers used identical texts, links and hashtags. Many of the accounts had been created in the last two months, after Bloomberg entered the presidential race on Nov. 24.

The Bloomberg campaign had no immediate comment on the enforcement action.
Twitter said it had determined that the posts were in violation of its “Platform Manipulation and Spam Policy.”




re: DonB

"What no wailing from cnn, msnbc, nbc, abc, cbs?? Of course not, they are fakenews -



Hang on, isn't something wrong here? Standard procedure is to get some FISA warrants, plant bugs, put informants into the Bernie campaign. I'd say that someone is getting lazy.



Don Bessee

@847 Where are John Macine and Comey and Richard steele when you need them.


Don Bessee

Looks like gavin is in bed with the chi coms and is selling out the pension fund. 2019 massive investments in the worst chi com economy eva!? -

The CEO of California’s public pension fund said Representative Jim Banks (R., Ind.) had made “baseless accusations” about the fund’s chief investment officer being involved in Chinese espionage — but did not deny that Yu Ben Meng had been recruited to the “Thousand Talents Program.”

Marcie Frost, the head of California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS), also admitted that her organization — the largest public pension fund in the country with “approximately $400 billion in global assets — had increased its Chinese investments in 2019 after shifts in “well-established indexes.”

“CalPERS rebalanced its portfolio in light of these changes accordingly, resulting in the removal of 143 stocks and the addition of 198 stocks. Nearly half of the companies added were Chinese companies because the MSCI and FTSE indices changed to include China A-Shares,” she wrote in a Thursday letter to Banks.

Banks told National Review that Frost’s comments “failed to answer two fundamental questions raised in my letter to Governor Newsom,” which he sent last week over concerns about Meng’s history.

Meng emigrated to the U.S. from China to study at the University of California, Davis. He initially worked for CalPERS in 2008, before returning in January 2019 as CIO. From 2015 to 2018, Meng worked as deputy CIO with China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE), which oversees China’s U.S. Treasury security holdings.

In his letter to Newsom, Banks highlighted a 2017 Chinese article which mentioned Meng’s role in Beijing’s Thousand Talents Program, which provides under-the-table funding to U.S. citizens in exchange for valuable information.

“First question: Is Mr. Meng a member of the Thousand Talents Program, something the FBI called a ‘non-traditional espionage program?’” Banks said Friday after Frost’s response. “Second question: Since Meng came back as Chief Investment Officer of CalPERS, has CalPERS invested in companies that are affiliated with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army?”

The Indiana Republican added that he wanted to hear from Meng over comments he gave to “the Chinese communist rag People’s Daily.”

In the 2017 article, Meng mentions that his “roots were in China,” and says that “in human life, if there is an opportunity to serve the motherland, such responsibility and honor cannot be compared to anything.”



Bill Tozer



Don Bessee

Another example of why holding the senate is a strategic issue -

Justice Sotomayor calls out the US Supreme Court in a sharp dissent
Washington DC1 hour ago

By Ephrat Livni
Senior reporter, law & politics, DC.
Yesterday, the US Supreme Court granted the federal government’s emergency request to stay an injunction in an Illinois case about the “public charge” rule in immigration. The order came with no explanation from most—not those in favor or opposed—just a vote count and a a damning dissent (pdf) from justice Sonia Sotomayor.
The five conservatives on the bench approved the government’s request and the four progressives voted no. Sotomayor accused her colleagues in the majority of undermining fairness and process by continually granting the Trump administration’s allegedly urgent demands.

“Claiming one emergency after another, the Government has recently sought stays in an unprecedented number of cases, demanding immediate attention and consuming limited Court resources in each. And with each successive application, of course, its cries of urgency ring increasingly hollow,” Sotomayor writes.
But the disingenuous alarm isn’t what bothers her most. “Perhaps most troublingly, the Court’s recent behavior on stay applications has benefited one litigant over all others,” she notes.
That litigant is the federal government under president Donald Trump. Though she didn’t name the president in her dissent, the justice is clearly unimpressed with the Trump administration’s exceptional neediness, and even less taken with her colleagues’ willingness to be its supreme enforcers.
It’s not the first time Sotomayor has complained about the administration’s reliance on emergency action, and she’s not alone in seeing a disturbing practice emerging.
An active shadow docket
University of Texas law professor Stephen Vladeck wrote in the Harvard Law Review last year about the high court’s unusually active “shadow docket.” The federal government now turns to the justices for emergency relief, circumventing the usual appellate process, more than ever before. It doesn’t wait for lower courts to decide matters but goes straight to the top, claiming extraordinary needs—often with little supporting evidence—and has created this alternate docket, a shadow caseload the high court continually considers prematurely.

During the first 30 months of the Trump administration, the government sought emergency or extraordinary relief from the Supreme Court with “unprecedented frequency,” Vladeck argues. It applied for at least 20 emergency stays, filed petitions for review before judgment in nine cases, and sought writs of mandamus against three judges. That’s a stark contrast to the past 16 years, during which the government sought only eight stays total, four reviews before judgment, and no mandamus writs.
Vladeck, like Sotomayor, partly blames the court for the uptick in action. “[T]he Justices have largely acquiesced in the [government’s] newfound aggressiveness,” the professor writes. He argues that the justices mostly now seem to go with the government’s contention that it suffers irreparable harm from lower court rulings without attempting to measure actual likely damage. That’s precisely Sotomayor’s complaint in the latest case.
The professor, unlike the justice, however, also puts the people at fault. He says the public’s indifference to the additional activity is problematic. The emergency requests are granted and denied with great consequences, little notice, and “no public opprobrium.”
Ultimately, all of this extraordinary action on behalf of the government by the highest court in the land undermines a central premise of the American legal system—that all litigants come as equals and can expect the same process, and consideration, whoever they may be. It’s merely an ideal, of course, but even concepts can erode. Sotomayor believes that is what’s happening now.

She condemns colleagues on the bench who are more susceptible to continual calls from the government about irreparable harm warranting emergency relief than they are to cries for help from prisoners being put to death. “This Court often permits executions—where the risk of irreparable harm is the loss of life,” the justice writes.
Yet here, where the government didn’t prove any harm would come from waiting for a lower court’s decision, and there’s less than a week to wait, the high court stepped in to answer the administration’s pleas for extraordinary relief.
The public charge rule fights
Yesterday’s order stems from an Illinois court, which halted application of the updated “public charge” rule in that state pending litigation. The government’s new reading of this longstanding rule requires officials to consider an immigrant’s self-sufficiency and the likelihood they will become a burden by assessing reliance on any and all government benefits. Previously only monetary assistance was a mitigating factor.

The updated rule was challenged in courts around the country. A New York matter yielded a nationwide injunction barring its application while that case was pending. But two federal appeals courts declined to block it. The Trump administration thus challenged the New York court’s expansive stay in an emergency request to the high court, and the justices in a 5-4 vote granted it last month.
That means the new public charge rule goes into effect everywhere but Illinois in the coming week, just as the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals considers the Illinois injunction specifically. Sotomayor doesn’t see why the new grant was warranted under the circumstances. ”The Government’s only claimed hardship is that it must enforce an existing interpretation of an immigration rule in one State—just as it has done for the past 20 years—while an updated version of the rule takes effect in the remaining 49. The Government has not quantified or explained any burdens that would arise from this state of the world,” she writes.

Sotomayor believes the emergency stays waste valuable time and resources on matters that are still being fleshed out in lower tribunals, eroding the whole appellate process. “[T]he Court—in this case, the New York cases, and many others—has been all too quick to grant the Government’s reflexive requests. But make no mistake: Such a shift in the Court’s own behavior comes at a cost,” the justice warns.



Don Bessee

Bernies red guard at play again -

Bloomberg campaign office in Utah vandalized, one day after pointing finger at Bernie supporters for similar incident



Bill Tozer

Well, well, well. After three runs for the Presidency, Slow Joe finally picked up his first delegates. Got six of them. The Comeback Kid.

Bill Tozer

Trump congratulates Sanders on Nevada caucuses: 'Don’t let them take it away from you’

Boy, I loved Trump’s second tweet. Funny man.


Don Bessee

I love the socialists are finding their voice with comrade Bernie on the march it should be worth 10% independents and a few percentage points from some key minority groups who love God. -



Bill Tozer


I haven’t seen them this let down since Trump won in 2016. Meltdown! ‘WFT are the voters thinking? WTF are the Latinos thinking? Do they even think?????’’ Big painful sorrowful dejected sigh.



and the wailings and lamentations were heard across the newsrooms.


It's a funny situation. Fer sure there's an opposition research book a foot thick on Sanders in both parties. Team Blue can't really use it since they want to retain the Bernie Bros, Team Red is locked and loaded.

Waiter, free popcorn for everybody.

Bill Tozet

CA: It aint a housing problem. Good video.



,,, Trumpskkki heads to India...but '''it's not like they share a border with India'''
Maybe they will take him on a field trip with some kids to see the border



a repost, but funny nevertheless.

The Age of Bernie is upon us.


Bill Tozer

Welcome home video


Todd Juvinall

Well, it feels good to be here! Last week I ended up in the ER and after numerous tests, I had developed blood clots in my lungs. They told me if I had not come in then I was a dead man. After a night in the hospital and blood thinners, they released me to my home. It was a weird feeling like I was suffocating. Anyway, I am alive and grateful for the care I received from those professionals and of course from my gal. She is a blessing and I am glad we are together. They said my condition could be hereditary so I informed my kids. If you start getting short of breath, have a CAT scan to make sure you don't have clots. You could die, have a stroke or a heart attack. I am so blessed to have caught this before any of those things..

Bill Tozer

Welcome back Todd! Glad you had it checked out. Shortness of breath, eh? Sounds like the Dems since the Nevada Caucus last night. :)

Bill Tozer

Trumps heads to India


George Rebane

ToddJ 1053am - Gott sei Dank!

Bill Tozer

Shades of Malcolm X

“I do find it fascinating that racist, liberal whites seem to love them some Bernie Sanders. (They) consistently and always have a problem with any person of color who doesn’t want to follow the orthodoxy of their lord and savior, Bernie Sanders. The man cares nothing for intersectionality. I don’t care how many people from the island of misfit black girls you throw out there to defend you on a regular basis, it doesn’t mean your campaign is serious.” – Jason Johnson, MSNBC contributor

Beware the White Liberal Supremacists


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 23 February 2020 at 10:53 AM

Can’t kick off yet Todd.....the next 3 or 4 years are going to be way too much fun to miss!


ToddJ@ 10:53AM

I glad that worked out OK. It's probably not such a bad thing to be reminded that everybody has a sell-by date, be useful in the meantime.

in other news:


You know, they really are crazy.


At this point, they might as well just shut down The Onion.

"MSNBC's Chris Matthews is facing calls to resign after he compared Bernie Sanders' victory in the Nevada caucus to the Nazi invasion of France. Sanders won the Nevada Democratic caucuses with 47 percent of the vote, the Associated Press reported."



Blast from the past.

"Google CEO Sundar Pichai Says That Russians Spent $4700 Dollars On 2016 Election"

lol. Ow!, my sides! Them pesky Ruskies! It's good to hear that Putin is careful with his money.


It’s the reason he’s a “two termer”.......



One last one. No surprise here.


"Philip Haney, a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whistleblower who was an outspoken critic of the administration of former President Barack Obama, was found dead Friday, about 40 miles east of Sacramento, Calif., local authorities said."

He fell on my knife ten times officer!


re: fish@12:53

LMFAO. Don't ever fight with GEOTUS on his home turf, but you can't blame the Wee Man for trying.


Look who's cross that judges are siding with the Right.
But there was no problem when HER side of "justice" was siding with LIBS, and LIB ideals.


Glad to hear your still on the right side of the grass Todd.


Oh Bernie Bros.......Schlicter......tried to warn you.....wouldn’t listen!

Schlichter Rages: You Bernie Suckers Are Going To Get Fooled Again

If you are dumb enough to slobber over a socialist then you’re already inclined toward being a hapless mark, so it should be no surprise that you Bernie dorks are about to get screwed over again by the Democratic Party.

Here’s how it’s going to go: Because you are stupid – you support a socialist, so you are presumptively stupid – you think that if you work really hard and win the votes the establishment creeps who own the Democratic Party are going to let you have a say. But, like last time, you won’t get a say. You’ll work real hard – maybe if you worked really hard at actual jobs you wouldn’t be half-wit socialists – and you’ll win the votes, and all your dreams will die as you end up with the nomination going to a malignant midget multi-zillionaire.

I don’t know exactly how they are going to do it – more convenient caucus kerfuffles, super-delegates, shenanigans at the convention – but there is no way your masters will ever let you win. Like I said, you’re socialists, and therefore stupid, so you will get cheated and you will end up having to vote for the Verne Troyer of American big-money politics.

And, like the obedient saps you are, you’ll do it.

Now, at this point, you probably have some complaints about this column. By complaining, you can temporarily distract from the indisputable fact that your own foolishness has put you in the position of being crushingly humiliated by the Democratic elite once again. Let me briefly address your whiny protests.

Yes, I say “socialist” like it’s a bad thing. This is because it’s a very bad thing. Like, to the tune of 100 million corpses bad thing. I’ve actually lived in the ruins of socialism and you, well, you had a man-bunned sociology TA tell you it was swell. And you believed him because you are a dupe. Be glad that I am assuming that you are stupid instead of the only other reason one would ever cavort with these blood-stained goblins: that you are evil.

But he’s a “democratic socialist,” you interject, because you are stupid. Would you feel fine with a “democratic Nazi?” Actually, you probably would, since Nazis are just a genre of socialist with white and black added to the color palette.

Then you’ll claim that the Box Boy won’t be the nominee, no, one of the other pouty posse will get it. Maybe Biden will. You totally want to vote for a guy who thinks his powder-diving, dancer-diddling loser son should totally be getting $83K a month. Man, if you got money like that you could move out of your parents’ place! Or maybe Audie Buttigieg – he seems plausible. No, I’m not laughing! And then there’s Big Chief Sanders Lite. Maybe she could get elected. Really, I’m not laughing. Okay, then Amy Klobuchar – no, I’m not laughing, I’m just scratching my head wondering why she is even still in. Face it. The only viable option besides Vermont Stalin is Scrooge McSuck.
And your next protest will be that Donald Trump is worse than Mini Mike. In fact, you’ll say, Trump is like Hitler combined with…well, Hitler is the only dictator you don’t like, so we’ll just stick with “He’s literally Hitler for real!” Again, you have been suckered. If you were actually raging against the machine rather than aspiring to be a call og in it, you would back him. Now, you may not like it, and you may be too dumb to see it, but Trump is the only disruptor of the establishment in this race. Short Stuff’s gnome-ination is designed to re-establish the establishment. And mark my words: you’ll help him do it.

Yeah, I bet Wall Street is quivering in its collective Guccis over the muffled pitter-patter of the tiny little footsteps of the approaching Bloomberg administration. Bloomberg is not just an eager supporter of the globalist vision but a leading advocate, the Dwarf King of Davos. Trump, not so much. But you’ve been told to hate Trump, and like obedient little ants, you hate him.
In fact, you hate Trump so much that you will vote for the polar opposite of your crusty commie hero even after your preference has been torn from your soft little hands yet again. If you wanted to burn down the system, Trump would be your man. But you don’t…not really. You just want some scraps, like getting out of your loans or making other people pay for your doctor and you’ll be happy. That’s why you’ll give your general election vote to the Stop ‘N Frisk Doughboy even as you assure yourself that the guy who got minority unemployment to record lows is the big, bad racist in this race.

You’ve been had. You’ll cry, but you’ll still go along with the scam as this all plays out.

Suddenly, the media will turn on the Bern in a coordinated attack. Oh wait, that’s happening. Then Frodo Moneybags will start buying off individuals and liberal groups. Oh wait, that’s happening too. Crusty has-been Sam Donaldson decided to show off his new blonde rug during his endorsement; so many more are coming. And I bet it’s not his cash but the power of Mikey’s ideas…okay, now I am laughing.

There will be more primary and caucus “surprises,” except the only people who will be surprised are you suckers. If it gets as far as the convention, your masters will adjourn to the un-smoke-filled rooms and decide for you who you will vote for. And you’ll whine and winge and ultimately obey like the good little suckers you are.

See, you bought into the idea that another four years of prosperity and peace under Donald Trump is much, much worse than reinstalling the party apparatus that has screwed you over in the last two cycles. You’ll ignore the economy, the lack of new wars, the trade rebalancing, and all the other stuff and instead focus on what your masters have commanded you to focus on: that Trump tweeted something mean. Oh, and Russians.

And here’s why you will let the Democrat puppetmasters succeed. It’s because you are stupid. Now, you could stop being stupid. You could refuse to play along. You could even insist Bernie run as a third-party candidate. I like that because it guarantees Trump II: Fossil-Fuel Generated Electric Boogaloo. But it would serve your interests too by forcing the party to recognize and respect you instead of assuming you’ll fall into line once again. But you won’t. You’re all talk and no revolution. Take off that Che t-shirt and put on one with Mini Mayor’s pouty little mug on it. He’s your man. You’re all Bloomberg Bros. Just give it time.

You’re saps, and you’ll take whatever you’re given and tell yourself you like it.


Don Bessee

Here is a little something to cause TDS eruptions on this fine day -

Nearly two-thirds of voters expect Trump to win reelection in November, poll finds
William Cummings, USA TODAY



Don Bessee

Hit us and your leader dies, nice simple equation that even jihadis can understand -

Dubai (AFP) - Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula on Sunday confirmed the death of its leader Qassim al-Rimi and appointed a successor, weeks after the US said it had "eliminated" the Islamist militant chief, SITE Intelligence group said.

The announcement came in an audio speech delivered by AQAP religious official Hamid bin Hamoud al-Tamimi, said the group which monitors jihadist networks worldwide.

"In his speech, Tamimi spoke at length about Rimi and his jihadi journey, and stated that Khalid bin Umar Batarfi is the new leader of AQAP," it said.

SITE said Batarfi has appeared in many AQAP videos over the past several years and appeared to have been Rimi's deputy and group spokesman.

President Donald Trump announced Rimi's death earlier this month, saying he had been killed in a US "counterterrorism operation in Yemen".

That announcement came shortly after AQAP claimed responsibility for the December 6 mass shooting at a US naval base in Florida, in which a Saudi air force officer killed three American sailors.




Hopefully everyone keeps their dogs away from Bumswick Basin.


Don Bessee

Speaking of making the TDS sets heads explode -

The famous 1980 Miracle on Ice hockey team, which defeated the Soviets on its way to a surprise gold medal at the Lake Placid Olympics, is under fire after appearing at a rally for President Donald Trump.

Many members of the team were in Las Vegas over the weekend to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their shocking upset of the Soviet Union and attended a campaign rally Trump was holding the night before the Nevada Democratic caucus. But they didn’t just attend — they appeared on stage, with every present team member wearing a red “Keep America Great” hat.




from the LA Times:
"In few places has the effect been felt more powerfully than in the sprawling 9th Circuit, which covers California and eight other states. Because of Trump’s success in filling vacancies, the San Francisco-based circuit, long dominated by Democratic appointees, has suddenly shifted to the right, with an even more pronounced tilt expected in the years ahead."

They aren't necessarily right wingers... that's just scare words from the Left to describe judges who use the text of the Constitution and of statutes to guide them, rather than the voices in their heads.

Bill Tozer

Russia 2.0: Schiffilis

‘O’Brien: House Russia Report Has No Intelligence Behind It’

“There was no intelligence behind it to support the reports that were leaked out of the House,” stated O’Brien. “I haven’t seen any intelligence that would back up what I’m reading in the paper.”

He added the administration is learning about these claims secondhand.

“It’s just hard to comment on that because, again, I wasn’t there,” he said. “These were leaks coming from a House Intel Committee hearing.”


Don Bessee

@342 That's why the historic gain in the senate mid-term changes everything for a generation! Cue the pony tail of ignorance! LOL


Bill Tozer

It must be those high cheekbones that make her say those things she says.

“In the debates, Warren’s position was never that she wouldn’t take super PAC money if other candidates agreed not to. Her position was that she was morally superior to the other candidates because they weren’t rejecting super PAC money and she was.

Now, she is accepting it too.

Warren even had to change her campaign website. According to the Post, it stated in capital letters, “REJECTS SUPER PACs.”

Warren has quickly become a no-hoper in this race. It looks like she will exit the way she entered — with an extremely troubled relationship with the truth.

Raise your hand if you’re surprised.”


Don Bessee

More on the above -

When President Trump ticks off his accomplishments since taking office, he frequently mentions his aggressive makeover of a key sector of the federal judiciary — the circuit courts of appeal, where he has appointed 51 judges to lifetime jobs in three years.

In few places has the effect been felt more powerfully than in the sprawling 9th Circuit, which covers California and eight other states. Because of Trump’s success in filling vacancies, the San Francisco-based circuit, long dominated by Democratic appointees, has suddenly shifted to the right, with an even more pronounced tilt expected in the years ahead.

Trump has now named 10 judges to the 9th Circuit — more than one-third of its active judges — compared with seven appointed by President Obama over eight years.

“Ten new people at once sends a shock wave through the system,” a 9th Circuit judge said.

But the court also has judges on “senior status” who continue to sit on panels that decide cases. Senior status rank gives judges more flexibility but allows them to continue to work, even full time.

Of the senior judges who will be deciding cases on “merits” panels — reading briefs and issuing rulings — 10 are Republicans and only three are Democratic appointees, Smith said.

“You will see a sea change in the 9th Circuit on day-to-day decisions,” Smith predicted.
The biggest change will come in controversial cases that test the constitutionality of laws and the legal ability of presidents to establish contentious new rules. The 9th Circuit is weighing challenges to Trump on a wide array of issues, from immigration to reproductive rights, and the rightward tilt is likely to make it easier for the president to prevail.






They really are crazy you know.

Bill Tozer

Michael Godwin’s column: Deep State snakes, vagrants @ Penn Station, and Trump could chew up and spit out both Bloomberg and Sanders.


Don’t see Bloomberg and Bernie on the same ticket. :)

Don Bessee

Never bernies seems to be a cure for TDS -

At the top of that list of MSNBC hitmen is Chris Matthews. On February 7, in one of his typically purple perorations, Matthews compared Sanders to Fidel Castro, adding that if Castro had somehow managed to bring communism to America, “There would have been executions in Central Park”—and among the executed would have been Matthews himself.

On the afternoon of February 22, as Sanders was winning a big victory in the Nevada caucuses, Matthews was back at it; he compared Sanders’ win to the German penetration of France’s Maginot Line in World War Two. Back then, of course, the supreme commander of the German Wehrmacht was Adolf Hitler, so in effect, Matthews was equating Sanders to Hitler.

We might pause to ask of Matthews: Which is it? Is Sanders a communist like Castro? Or a Nazi like Hitler? Perhaps the nice thing about being a top-dog host at MSNBC is that one is never called to account for such rhetorical excesses—at least not on MSNBC air. (Off air, the commentary on Matthews has been brutal.)

Matthews’ Mouth and the Establishment’s Mask

Though Matthews’ Bidenesque tendency to talk in non-sequiturs, even nonsense, is well known, there was something else he said on the 22nd that caught many ears. Matthews indicated that many Democrats might prefer to see Trump win a second term than see Sanders win a first term.

I’m wondering if Democratic moderates want Bernie Sanders to be President? Maybe that’s too exciting a question to raise. Do they want Bernie to take over the Democratic Party in perpetuity? Maybe they’d rather wait four years and put in a Democrat that they like.




re: BillT@5:23

I think I figured out something about the Deep State.


Better call in Reggie Bannister.


Dougy must be really really upset.
Twitter Is Suspending 70 Pro-Bloomberg Sock Puppet Accounts For Using Russian-Style Trolling



These people are involved of course.


"We’re in the business of saving democracy."

lol. That's a funny word for propaganda.

Bill Tozer

Buck on his Twitter machine


“There is no more obvious and pathetic sign of Democrats’ panic about the upcoming 2020 election than the convenient return of the “Russia is meddling in our elections!” hysteria

As crazy as it is predictable”

“The intel community is a vast bloated bureaucracy, full of aggressively mediocre functionaries-

IC leadership usually comes from this pool of unimpressive lifers, who almost always want more government and a bigger bureaucracy to rule.

And they overwhelmingly vote Democrat.”
And more....


Don Bessee

Well that should sure bring a ton of votes. LOL



Don Bessee

Its a long time to the election and comrade Bernie is going to run out of stuff to give away from other peoples pay checks. How is he going to do it when he will kill millions of well paying jobs and companies?? The world wonders. -

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders announced on CBS' "60 Minutes" Sunday a new plan to guarantee free child care and pre-kindergarten to all American children from infancy to age four.



Bill Tozer

More on Deep State and lying sacks of schiffs and lying sacks of msm.

Underground Huber


Don Bessee

I love it when he goes full OG communist tool -

Bernie Sanders defends Fidel Castro's socialist Cuba: 'Unfair to simply say everything is bad'

In a resurfaced speech given at the University of Vermont in 1986, Sanders praised the socialist policies implemented in Cuba by the Castro regime and criticized bipartisan efforts in the U.S. to tamp down on Castro's spread of communism.



Bill Tozer

Fruit of the glum lot poison tree

Four Pinocchios! WashPost, PolitiFact Join Mass Freakout Over Humorous Bloomberg Ad



Its official.. It's "socialist Democrat" from here on out.
Just another word for Communist. Just slightly more gentle and kinder.(for now) They still want to take most of what you work for to give it to some deadbeat, but they just won't drag you out into the street and shoot you if you don't do it willingly.(yet)
Even the deeep LIBs are starting to back Trump instead of the Bern.

Bill Tozer

“Gotta love how Democrats have lectured America for 3 years about the need to have a more presidential figure in the Oval Office who respects our cherished institutions-

And their top choice so far is a socialist who thinks we could learn some things from Castro and the Soviets”. Buck

Bill Tozer


“In 2020 if Sanders is the Democratic nominee, the NeverSanders movement will be far larger, far wealthier, far more influential—even as it is likely far quieter—than were the vociferous but anemic NeverTrumpers of 2016.”


Don Bessee

The dems are starting to pay attention to the old commie looking strong and singing the praises of castro. -

Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-Vt.) recent comments about the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro are brewing up a storm among Florida lawmakers, especially in the Democratic Party.

Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-Fla.) said the comments will likely "alienate" Florida voters, and Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D-Fla.) said his words were "unacceptable."




,,,when will Bay Boy begin the investigation into the incoming DNI since he worked for a corrupt oligarch???

Big difference between some politician's son not directly connected with government working for a company with a questionable past...

and the head of all the US intelligence services working for a corrupt oligsrch...

Not to mention he is clueless about the job!!!

The cricket chorus is deafening...

Just goes to prove the Bidengate brouhaha is total political BS!!!

Oh well...maybe you can get one of your Trumped up conspiracies to stick before he gets thrown out...


Just goes to prove the Bidengate brouhaha is total political BS!!!

You're right dugsKKKi……you should trumpet that far and wide……justice must be done!

Just go do it somewhere else so we don't have to listen to your constant whining……………..

Bill Tozer

Gentlemen, pleaseee.

Just because odlic commented in the wrong post, doesn’t mean we all are perfect.

Odlpus’s comment should be in Scattershots, under the subheading, “The mood of California’s disgruntled Democrats is correctly captured by our beloved liberal sockpuppets. It’s a wonder to behold....but just don’t tell him his facts are made up. He likes fantasy. The word Utopia comes from U meaning non and topia meaning place. Utopia means ‘non-place’, fyi, as evidenced by the belief that human perfection is attainable.

Ah, nevermind.

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