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02 February 2020


Bill Tozer

Let’s roll. Barr



Bill. Here is a good one. "The paperwork is just TOO HARD"

Bill Tozer

Quotable Quotes from ‘Scarborough: I’m Getting ‘Panicked Calls’ From Dems About 2020’

“When the Democrats hit the panic button, the media are never far behind”

“So there is a lot that we are up against, which is why I was like, stop fussing about him, put him aside. He is in everybody’s brains.”

Jansing struggled with the advice: “But as you know, it’s much easier to say than to do.”


Well, well, well. Now Scarborough is getting a taste of his own hysterical bedwetters. Such Drama Queens, such faint of heart. Everybody knows the Dems will rally around whoever they choose to be unlucky enough to face Orange Man Bad in the general election and rally around that person was he marches them up to and inside the Gates of Hell. It’s what they do best.

What, me worry?

Don Bessee


According to supporting budget request documents, the agency plans to add these layers of defensive capability to its architecture and is taking steps to assess the Aegis Weapon System to determine if it can be upgraded to bolster homeland defense against ICBM threats, particularly the SM-3 Block IIA missiles used in the system. The MDA wants to spent $39.2 million in FY21 looking into this possibility.

Additionally, the agency would like to spend $56.6 million in FY21 to modernize the Aegis system and test the feasibility of operationalizing the Aegis Ashore Defense Test Complex in Hawaii. Funding also includes adding SM-3 to the Aegis Ashore arsenal to provide “an exo-atmospheric defense against short- to intermediate-range ballistic missile threats in the later stages of flight,” the budget documents describe. The Romania Aegis Ashore site has already been upgraded with the missile.

MDA is also requesting $273.6 million for THAAD development efforts to include funding for a THAAD homeland defense tier. Specifically, the agency is asking for $139 million in FY21 to start the development and demonstration of a new interceptor prototype for THAAD, which could support a tiered and layered approach to homeland defense.



Don Bessee

Now that's funny! -

“The campaign doesn’t have to do anything but step back and watch the Democrats demolish themselves,” said a GOP operative close to the Trump campaign. “This is like a dream scenario.”

“If you had asked me at the beginning of all of this which Democrats would be the weakest to run against from the moderate and the progressive lanes, the answers would have been Buttigieg and Bernie,” the operative added, pointing to the two candidates leading the Democratic field out of Iowa.



Bill Tozer

Don B @ 7:52 pm

“The campaign doesn’t have to do anything but step back and watch the Democrats demolish themselves.”

Bingo! Ding, ding, ding! We have ourselves a winner.

It don’t matter who the Dems pick to enter the Cage Match. In fact, we don’t have to do a darn thing but buy stock in popcorn manufacturers. Just sit back and watch the clown-car car wreck. Our help is not needed.

Moi has refrained from posting too many articles about Joe or Bernie or the rest of the wingnuts. If only you knew how many links I have NOT posted about them, as a group or individually....except when they really really screw the pooch. They are screwing the pooch and sodomizing the cow that gives them milk all by their lonesome, thankyou very much. It is soooo much easier this way. They certainly are doing swimmingly without our help. :) The entertainment is priceless.

Bill Tozer

Yep, it don’t matter who the Dems pick or who wins the primaries in South Carolina or wins Super Tuesday. The die is cast. An omen for their big convention approacheth. The Reckoning awaits them.


Don Bessee

BT@849 -

I have heard that the pony tail of ignorance is sitting on a very large stock of unused popcorn. I think you could get a massive discount that is if it was not old microwave popcorn!!


Bill Tozer

Oh boy. New words. Gotta stay up with the times or fall behind. So many words, so little time.

An Orwelexicon for Bias and Dysfunction in Psychology and Academia



re: BillT@9:41PM

Those are excellent, the responses had more worthwhile entries. I had seen 'Reductio ad Hitlerum' before but the rest were new to me.

I'm afraid that MSM isn't as good at phrase coining.

"Klobmentum could be happening in New Hampshire"

lol. KLOBMENTUM! The Road to the White House is driven by Klobmentum!

Bill Tozer

Ah,let them in. We here in CA welcome our new residents. It’s our Frisco Values.

Two Convicted Sex Offenders Arrested Crossing Border into California



Well, she DID commit a felony on live national TV.
"Trump then did an impression of the House Speaker uttering a series of grunting noises - "wah, wah, ho, ha!" - as the crowd chanted "Lock Her Up!" "

Like she said. "no one is above the law"

Bill Tozer

The War Between The States has begun. Don’t mess with Texas.

Texas sues California over law banning state-sponsored travel




Why is CA so whacked out? There's a lot to like in that article.

"California lawmakers passed the travel ban in 2016 after North Carolina enacted a law that required people to use gender-specific bathrooms according to their sex at birth. " (theee most important policy item in the Blue Mob, and I can see why)

"In one instance, students from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo couldn’t travel to a Houston conference of minority architects. " (not only ridiculous, but what is a 'minority architect' and why does it matter?)

"The 2017 Texas foster care law “continues to hurt children who sleep in office buildings and die in the state’s care because there are not enough foster parents when a child could otherwise be adopted by loving LGBTQ parents,” he said." (nothing better for a kid than to be handed over to crazy transsexual people).

The funny thing is that if you poured through state statutes, you could find something in all the 49 states + DC that would violate somebody's sense of morality. Considering how interstate commerce has been tweaked out of shape to provide legal fig leaves for other things, you'd think this would be a no-brainer in terms of a court case.


They reneweth my faith…….

Hundreds of Gun Rights Supporters Spoil Bloomberg Campaign’s Arlington, VA Gun Control Rally

I suppose I could live with the little rodent as president if one of his handlers would just get him the message that gun control is such a non-starter. Of course he's already on tape identifying the real cause of urban crime and the "goodthinkful" are scorching him on the twitter machine this morning!

It was a fun campaign while it lasted!



'80s Movie Night Gets Awkward As Bernie Sanders Keeps Rooting For All The Villains

WASHINGTON, D.C.—“No! Stop him! The capitalist is getting away!” shouted Bernie Sanders during Rambo: First Blood Part II when the titular character fled his Soviet captors. While an '80s-themed movie night seemed like a fun idea, it had turned awkward after the invitation of presidential candidate Sanders, who started cheering on the villains in all the movies…..



This will make every Repub pack heat.. Permit of not.

"The Hunt" is back on.

Bill Tozer

That dirty low down no-good yellowed-bellied bushwacking cocaine snorting Moscow Mitch, born with a rolled up hundred dollar bill in his nose.

“Less than half-an-hour after TV networks cut away from the Senate to dive into the ramifications of the body acquitting Trump, McConnell filed cloture on the nomination of Judge Andrew Brasher to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, a procedural step that moved the controversial nominee one step closer to confirmation. The Senate took the next step to confirming Brasher with a 46-41 cloture vote Monday, then confirmed him 52-43 on Tuesday.

Progressive groups, which have opposed many Trump nominees, cried foul over the move.

"Last Wednesday, a narrow majority of the Senate voted to cover up the president's actions. Immediately after the vote to betray our democracy, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell turned right back to nominations," said Lena Zwarensteyn, the Fair Courts campaign director for The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. "McConnell is staying the course on shielding the president's actions from checks and balances and stacking the courts with nominees who have records of hostility to civil and human rights, particularly voting rights."


Somebody sent a couple more kilos of that uncut white powdered sugar for his donuts.

Bill Tozer


Non compos mentis I: “‘The tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots’ [is] a great line. Well, guess what? The fact is if you’re going to take on the government you need an F-15 with Hellfire missiles. There is no way an AK-47 is going to take care of you if you’re worried about the government knocking down your door. And so, it’s bizarre. We never said you could own any weapon at all from the beginning. You can’t own a machine gun. You can’t own a bazooka. You can’t own an M1 tank, no matter how much money you have. … I now have over 58% of the NRA members acknowledging you can’t own an assault weapon.” —Joe Biden

Non compos mentis II: “We should eliminate and transition away from the use of plastics.” —Joe Biden

And last… “AG Bill Barr is announcing sweeping new crackdowns on sanctuary policies. This is huge. America should be a sanctuary for American citizens, not illegal aliens.” —Charlie Kirk


Bill Tozer

Mountain Messenger makes NYT



"High capacity" ammo(?) is now banned.
" the bill gives the state government the authority to confiscate certain types of ammunition that are considered “high capacity.” "
That would be any cal. these days.

Don Bessee

Its going to be interesting how mike splains this one -



Don Bessee

Its got to be hard fighting to be the sacrificial socialist dem -

The survey, taken February 6-9, 2020, among 827 registered voters, showed that the majority, 66 percent, believe that Trump will “definitely” or “probably” be reelected in November, whereas 28 percent say he will “definitely” or “probably” lose.




I suspected this was closer to the truth……

MSNBC Reports Republican Voter Registration Tent Deliberately Rammed Unsuspecting Van In Florida

"This is what Trump's dangerous rhetoric does -- it radicalizes even inanimate objects like E-Z UPs," said a solemn MSNBC reporter on the scene. "Now, vans can't even take a pleasant Saturday drive through a shopping center without getting assaulted by a Trump voter registration tent."

"It's truly terrifying."


Don Bessee

He got juiced -



Bill Tozer

The flamboyant Roger Stone.

“According to a separate report on serial abuses committed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) during its investigation of Trump, the DOJ inspector general found that the government knew long before Mueller was even appointed that there was no evidence of any collusion.”....

“DOJ has not announced whether it will seek legal or ethical sanctions against any of the attorneys who allegedly lied to DOJ about their rogue sentencing scheme against Roger Stone. In a filing submitted late Tuesday evening, DOJ said the original sentencing memorandum did not reflect the position of the U.S. government and that a nearly decade-long sentence for a non-violent first-time criminal would be inappropriate.“


Is it just me or does anyone else see a pattern here?


"Is it just me or does anyone else see a pattern here?"


Just more lawfare with a bit of pushback. I'm afraid that Roger Stone is just a soccer ball in the Great Game.

At this point compromise is just a waste of time.

Don Bessee

Related to the two above. DRIAN THAT SWAMP! Can not wait for the Durham indictments. The judge in the Flynn case has indefinitely postponed his sentencing -

The president’s move to withdraw Liu’s nomination comes just hours after four Justice Department lawyers quit following a move by senior leaders at the department to overrule the prosecutors' judgment by seeking a lesser sentence for long-time Trump ally Roger Stone after he was found guilty of lying to Congress.

Liu is a former U.S. Attorney for Washington, D.C., who before her nomination oversaw the prosecutions of Stone and former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn over charges of false statements to the FBI.



How many can we put Dougy down for? Bobby? ,Kenny?
I'm sure you would love the new neighbors.
Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, is touting a new visa program to flood small American towns with legal immigrants to grow the regions’ populations — a boon to corporate investors, housing developers, and big business.


"How many can we put Dougy down for? Bobby? ,Kenny?"

Come on, you know they just love them trees too much to go live with a bit of vibrant diversity.

In the meantime, Bernie keeps on keepin' on.


Bill Tozer

Nothing new under the Crescent Moon

‘If you’re on the side of the oppressor, or you’re defending the oppressor, or you’re actually trying to humanize the oppressor, then that’s a problem’“


As a minority, she cries out for fairness and Protection. And when she is in charge, there will be no minority rights.

Bill Tozer

I kind of feel a bit sad for old arm flinging Bernie. The kids and old hippies see him as their Maximilien Robespierre and Bernie himself does not condone violence. He is but a tool, a face for the public, a true believer. Sad? Because what Bernie does not see in the throngs of cheering faces is the Jacobins waiting behind him.

The blade of the guillotine awaits him.


Tough night for the sure bets.

Trump wins again.

Bill Tozer

Montage: violence


Steven Frisch

Posted by: Walt | 11 February 2020 at 07:49 PM

Walt, I am wondering who you think filled all those expanding western towns in the 19th century? It certainly was not blue bloods from Boston or Riverside Drive...it was immigrants my friend.


Posted by: Steven Frisch | 12 February 2020 at 07:54 AM

Nobody was handing them EBT and Medicaid cards back then though.


Steven Frisch@7:54

In terms of foreign born immigrants in western states and territories, the number you are grasping for would be around 13.5%

Mostly Germans, Irish, Danes, English.


Pardon, that would be 13.5% nationally.

The state/territory can differ remarkably. New Mexico was under 7% or less throughout the 19th C. Oklahoma Terr. under 4% North Dakota 35% (Germans and Scandinavians?).

Of course, the third rail here is that there are immigrants and there are immigrants.


LOL Steve,, ask Sweden and England how that's worked out.

I will put Truckee down for 10,000. Gotta balance the LIB snob population out with a fresh batch of "gimmedats" from who know where.


I admit that it's a confusing thing to me.

In the simplest view, the US has had three big waves of immigration in the post-Columbian era. An initial invasion of folks who constructed the country, mostly English protestants and their slaves. A second surge of largely German people combined with a big group of Irish and Scandinavians and a scattering of folks from across Europe. A third surge which is right now (and the same size as surge two) and is majority Latin American.

The thing is that the second surge caused enough social problems that laws were passed to basically drop the immigration rate to near-zero for decades.

Normally you'd expect that to happen this time, but International Team Blue is a new thing in the world. Their solution to the problems with immigration, which is mostly from the Third World now, is simply more immigration. I suppose that overpowering the locals with all those new voters to feed is one way to make a place ever so moral, but I'd probably just move to Somalia, Guatemala, or Syria if I felt the need to live in that culture.


so, 1 & 2 in NH were the old socialist and the reddest of red diaper babies.

f'ing ducky.

Bill Tozer

Off thread and for no particular reason, I found this very short article intriguing. Maybe it struck on the impatience of the far left and the “listen to the children” mantra that drives me nuts. Everything is “hurry, hurry, hurry” like taking kids to an amusement park or beach when you just parked the car and they jump out and start running with excitement to get to the fun. Like 3 minutes would make a difference or something. They just cannot not control themselves.

Me thinks the Left is already getting impatient with the long Dem primary process. It’s like “Don’t make me choose, I just want to vote against Trump now! Like today!” Patience, little grasshoppers, Patience.

Cross Robert

Only in trumpler's Amerika-- someone wrote the N word on Nevada Union's African-American basketball coach's car during a game in Colfax. No wonder this area used to break the whitest in California.


Good money says some LIB larva did it Babs. You know,,
"one of your own".

Todd Juvinall

Cross Robert | 12 February 2020 at 09:05 AM
Sure you libs make those claims when one nut does something you claim we are all to blame. I bet is is setup by you. Where were you that night?


BTW Babs, It was my Granddaughters coach at Bear River. NOT NU.


"BTW Babs, It was my Granddaughters coach at Bear River. NOT NU."

Oh well, never let facts get in the way of a good rant.


OTOH, maybe it was the Nevada City Stink Ass Gang at work.

Bill Tozer

@ 9:17 am
Yes, it was a BR coaches car and the incident happened at the Colfax Falcon’s high school. Reports have been filed with the Placer County Sherriffs Office.

The local internet was full of the event by people there who were so disgusted and appalled a good day or two before it ever was published in the Union.

It’s true. The White Supremacist skin heads and the Bernie Bros sup from the same cup as evidenced by my 10:00 PM above. Like the old drug song, “You take Betty, I’ll take Sue, ain’t much difference between the two...”

Bill Tozer

About last night. Now we will treated with a couple weeks of analysis by the handicappers. Wisdom tells me not to count anyone out. Even Joe. Well, maybe the Cherokee. She has that unlikable factor working against her.

‘Sanders ekes one out, but the revolution has yet to arrive’

Oh my. Trump doing the bragging thing again. Highest vote count of any incumbent President in 4 decades.



Posted by: Cross Roberta | 12 February 2020 at 09:05 AM

Only in trumpler's Amerika-- someone wrote the N word on Nevada Union's African-American basketball coach's car during a game in Colfax. No wonder this area used to break the whitest in California.

Oh no Roberta……Hate Hoaxes were as common when Obama was warming the chair in the Oval Office.

Bill Tozer

@ 9:28 AM

This is a good time to remind the reader that every hate crime that is reported to police goes in the books as a hate crime. The stats go by number of reported hate crimes, not the outcome of investigations or uncovered hoax. Thus, someone writing of social media says a Don Lemon type would be better suit for interior decorating than journalism can be reported as a hate crime (homophobia), even if was written by a fellow gay person.

Thus, the record books (stats) will show that the Jussie Smollett debacle will go down forever as a hate crime because that is how the reporting person called it.

I am not here to argue two wrongs make a right. Too childish. Ok, I am here to argue that two wrongs make a Lefty, but go ahead and blame the right.
Oh, first the Lefties decry the use of the broadbrush when it comes to Islamic immigrants from factions that embrace terrorism, while in the next breath paint what happened to the coach’s car in Placer County as fault of all white people...er...Trump’s bots and supporters.
Hey, doesn’t one of our regulars here live in Placer County?? Was it him? Was it, Wally? “Gee Beaver, that sounds kind of goofy.”
I have friends who live in Placer County and KVMR has (or had) this crazy total nutjob from LA who is/ was a volunteer DJ who lives in Placer County (Colfax area) and she is a Y-T! Bet it was her.

White people are the worse. I even have a couple of white friends, so I ain’t racist.

My FAVORITE hoax was the college co-ed walking down the hallway of her dorm and spots a shoelace on the floor near someone’s dorm room door. Thinking it must have been dropped by a fellow dorm mate, she picked up the shoelace and hung it on the door for the owner to see and claim. Well, it is in the record books as a hate crime. Someone hung a noose on a black co-ed’s door!!! Caused quite the ruckus, campus demonstrators, demands from the students, more required white shaming classes, etc. After an intense LE investigation, theyfound the culprit, the co-ed who thought someone dropped a shoelace and would be glad to find the lost item. Still it will always be in the stats as a hate crime....because that is how it was in it initially reported.

What a bunch of looney tunes Stink-Asses.

Todd Juvinall


George Rebane

Isn't it remarkable how one 'hate crime' from the apparent Right is seized upon and celebrated by the Left? While the Left's ongoing hate crimes against their opponents don't even get classified as such, and are never/seldom reported - racism against whites is not possible. That's why the MSM is lamestream.

Bill Tozer

Insight: “All socialism involves slavery. … That which fundamentally distinguishes the slave is that he labors under coercion to satisfy another’s desires. The relation admits of many gradations. Oppressive taxation is a form of slavery of the individual to the community as a whole. The essential question is — How much is he compelled to labor for other benefit than his own, and how much can he labor for his own benefit?” —Herbert Spencer (1820-1903)

For the record: “Elizabeth Warren [on Friday] said that banning semi-automatic firearms will work. A few minutes later, Warren says that banning abortion does not work because people can still get abortions on the black market.” —The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra

Observations: “Imagine if, 30 years after winning the Cold War, America elects a communist as president. What a tragic farce that would be. The kind of thing that will baffle historians for centuries to come.” —Matt Walsh

Political futures: “For a supposedly dominant frontrunner, Bernie is not dominating. Basically, Bernie is floating, and Biden clogged up the moderate line. The only question is whether anyone will be able to Roto-root this thing before Bernie floats to victory.” —Ben Shapiro

(My favorite) Some kind of “front-runner”: “Joe Biden has run for President three times. In 1988, 2008, and again in 2020. He is yet to win a single delegate in a Democrat nominating contest.” —Sean Davis

Friendly fire: “I, personally, am very, very concerned about some of the folks who are running. I think, you know, if we run under a democratic-socialist banner in 50 states, I think we lose the industrial Midwest. I think we lose 48 states. I think we lose working-class union voters who have negotiated their private healthcare and want to keep it, and they don’t want to be forced into a public healthcare system.” —Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan

Grand delusions: “I refuse to suggest any Democrat can lose. I think we could run Mickey Mouse against this president and have a shot.” —Joe Biden, who seems bent on losing the nomination by destroying his “electability” argument

Tone deaf: “When you hear all these pundits and experts, cable TV talkers talk[ing] about the race, tell them, ‘It ain’t over, man. We’re just getting started.’” —Joe Biden (He’ll need to start eventually to have any chance.)

Jumping the shark: “Let me say tonight that this victory here [in New Hampshire] is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump.” —Sen. Bernie Sanders

And last… “Did you know: The California homeless population grew by around 21,306 people in 2019. This is more than the national increase in 49 other states…COMBINED! Mike Bloomberg just said that California is a model for the rest of the nation. Is this what he was talking about?” —Charlie Kirk

Don Bessee

Patterns can often tell the story -

Here is the tally for previous New Hampshire primaries for incumbent presidents, who also won their re-election.

President Donald Trump in 2020: <123,629
President Barack Obama in 2012: 49,080
President George W. Bush in 2004: 52,962
President Bill Clinton in 1996: 76,797
President Ronald Reagan in 1984: 65,033




Here's a dreary interview of "Mayor Pete"'s dad on KPFA...


The subject is Gramsci.

My wife Teri and I chatted at home about what was important to us and our little boy grew up to be a scientist with a libertarian bent... I wonder what Master Buttigieg would say if asked to contrast his beliefs with those of his father and of Gramsci.

Bill Tozer

Stuck on trying to get the power back, by hook or by crook.

‘Va. House passes bill that would award electoral votes to popular vote winner’

“The people of the United States should choose the president of the United States, no matter where they live in each individual state,” Levine said when questioned during a committee hearing. “It gives every American equal weight under the law.””


Bill Tozer

GOP Congressman stunned to learn that not speaking English is a disability. 3 min.


Don Bessee

Now its open warfare in the socialist dem clown car. Pass the popcorn -




An interesting bit of political leverage to apply.


an aside from the article:
"Cuomo’s comments come after attorney general William Barr announced that the Trump administration would be conducting a “significant escalation” to its efforts against sanctuary cities for “unconstitutionally interfering” with federal immigration enforcement."

I remember, lo these many years ago, when Team Blue made an unholy fuss about how 'IMMIGRATION IS A FUNCTION OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!!!'.

lol. You know, they never meant it, not even for a second. Dying on the hill of mass Third World immigration and letting men use the women's restroom is a lonely place.

Bill Tozer

Guess I will bury this here instead of some long ago post on education. Story about Australia, but it could have written about England, Canada, Norway, the USA or anywhere in the progressive thought dominated world.........

‘Progressive Education Works—But Only for Those Who Need The System Least’

“In the latest OECD student-evaluation rankings, Australia performed dismally. Average benchmark PISA test results for the country’s 15-year-old students have declined more since 2003 than those for any other developed country except Finland. In mathematics proficiency, Australian students are now below the OECD average. And they are a full year behind in scientific and reading literacy compared with those who sat the test two decades ago.

Of course, PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) is not the only measure of progress. And outperforming other countries is not the goal of our education system. According to a 2008 declaration from the country’s Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs, the real goal is that “all young Australians become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens,” so as to produce a “democratic, equitable and just society…that is prosperous, cohesive and culturally diverse, and that values Australia’s Indigenous cultures as a key part of the nation’s history, present and future.”

But notice that these are social goals, not educational standards. Unsurprisingly, Australia has gradually been injecting politically progressive ideas into its teaching and learning methods, sometimes without regard for whether they actually help children read, write, perform math or know important facts. My experience as an educator in different parts of the country has given me an understanding of the main themes and techniques now being advanced.”



"cohesive and culturally diverse"

What exactly does that mean?

Meanwhile, in sunny California.


Bill Tozer

AOC Blames the Fact that Citizens Have Gun Rights For Execution of Two NYPD Officers


Don Bessee

The fix was always in -

Roger Stone jury foreperson's anti-Trump social media posts surface after she defends DOJ prosecutors



Bill Tozer

Illegal Alien Deported for Killing Four Children in Car Crash Arrested for Re-Entry



Still waiting for the shrieks of outrage from the Roberta's, dugsKKKi's, and PunchyBots's regarding this type of political violence……………..

NO ENEMIES ON THE LEFT: Where was the media on this act of political violence? It doesn’t count when it’s committed by leftists.

The suspect allegedly said that he was motivated to ram the tent because of his distaste for Trump and because ’it’s like someone shitting on your grave’, whatever that means. He also took several videos of the incident, but told police that he did not capture the ‘good part’ where he drove at the volunteers.

Thankfully no one was hurt or killed, but this is just the latest example of a deranged Trump-loather targeting political opponents with violence. The most infamous example, of course, was the GOP baseball shooting carried out by a former Sen. Bernie Sanders volunteer in Alexandria, Va., which nearly killed then-House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. A GOP office in North Carolina was firebombed. Virginia GOP Rep. Tom Garrett required a police presence at a town hall event because of credible threats to his family and dog. Independent journalist Andy Ngo was beaten over the head while covering an Antifa rally in Portland. A Trump supporter got attacked with a crowbar in New Jersey because he wore a shirt featuring the president. The list goes on.

Yet none of these events leads to suggestions by establishment media outlets that the Democratic party or cable news anchors and pundits might . [sic — Ed] Instead, much ado has been made about Trump referring to the media as ‘fake news’ or the ‘enemy of the people,’ statements the media claims make them less safe.


Bill Tozer

@ 6:42 am

Oh Fish, in a couple weeks it will be as if it never happened. Like a bird flying across the sky, it leaves no trace..

‘The Media Couldn’t Be Less Interested in Van Attack Against Trumpers’

“It has been four days since a deranged leftist tried to kill six Trump supporters at a voter registration event in Duval Country, Florida on Saturday with a van. In that time frame, the story had only generated a measly one minute and four seconds of airtime between three brief mentions on liberal news outlets, NBC and CNN. That’s despite the fact that the attacker had admitted to authorities that his actions were motivated by his hatred of President Trump.”


Bill Tozer

Free Roger Stone. Free all political prisoners!


Bill Tozer

While Democrats are having a collective mental breakdown over Attorney General Barr- “He must Resign!”-

just remember you can always draw a direct line between lib hatred for a Trump administration official and that person’s effectiveness in thwarting anti-Trump lunacy




Sometimes a guy just wants to hear the "Oldies"!

Barry Pruett


Sac Bee mother corporation files bankruptcy...

Bill Tozer

Eating their own. Gone from hero to zero at the speed of light. Good article about living COTUS.

‘Ruth Bader Ginsburg Goes From Leftist Hero To Has-Been In One Interview’

Vox senior correspondent Ian Millhiser proclaimed that 'Justice Ginsburg’s feminist legacy teeters on a knife’s edge' because for once she adhered to the text of the law.

“Ruth Bader Ginsburg is about to lose her feminist card. Ironically, it’s for departing from her usual legal schtick to reinforce that what the law says matters, instead of giving authorities license to do whatever the heck they want.”.........

“Mencimer’s article catalogs a number of calls from the left then for Ginsburg to step down and secure their power over the Supreme Court for another generation. These appeared openly in the pages of the Los Angeles Times, National Journal, The New Republic, and Slate. Of course, Ginsburg either ignored or didn’t hear them.”

“But Ginsburg has already disappointed the left in her final act. And when she’s gone, don’t expect them to hide their rage. It sucks to be part of a revolution unless you somehow manage to be the last one holding the guillotine string.”


Boy, that guillotine metaphor is sure being overused lately. Well, if the shoe fits....



Sac Bee mother corporation files bankruptcy..."

You'd think they simply shrink the place over time as they move to websites and less money on classified ads. But...

"McClatchy’s qualified pension covers more than 24,500 current and future retirees — many retired blue-collar workers who manned printing presses or loaded newspapers onto delivery trucks — supported by fewer than 2,800 active employees."


Oh well. There's a surprise.

I wonder if anyone has calculated the incredible distortion of an economy that unions can cause.

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