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02 February 2020



This keeps getting better and better.


Crooked Democrats doing their crooked thing.

"DNC members discuss rules change to stop Sanders at convention"

The behavior is so expected you can't even get upset.

Bill Tozer

“ I have my usual $100 bet with my east coast pal, so I'm gonna watch the Super Bowl. gjr]”

Will you be wearing red? :)


Say....this is a good idea.


I was thinking along the lines of the Democrats marching out like ducklings-with-righteous-indignation, but this wouldn't be a bad one either. Orange Man Bad isn't much of a philosophy, but if it's all ya got...

Bill Tozer

My, my. Reading the posts, it looks like the Good Old Boys are scared white that Bernie may get the nod. What does that tell you about what they think of their Good Old Boy Biden?

It is kinda unfair to let Bloomberg on the stage without earning the spot. It’s kinda of unfair to change the Superdelegate rule to hurt Bernie. It’s kind of unfair.....silly me, what was I thinking? We are talking about Democrats and the DNC here. They are the same bunch who shout for fairness the loudest and the least likely to embrace fairness themselves,lol.

Kerry reporting to duty? Hillary thinks it’s her turn and she knows she is The One who can easily beat Trump? Let’s do the time warp again.

Bill Tozer

@3:36 pm

Don’t you just love it the way the DK, the NYT, Wa Compost, and Huff-n-Puff Post and the lamestream tell the Dems what to do? Do this, do that, impeach the mo fro!

In 2018 the Dems wore white at the SOTUS. Wonder if they will wear black this time. Nancy will be there behind Trump telling them when to stand, when to clap, when to frown. I hope Trump repeats his line, “America will never become a socialist nation.”

scenes - feelin' the bern

Personally, I'm Feeling the Bern.


The perfect Blue Mob candidate. Free ice cream for everybody. He's my guy.


Some feel good for Emery and the geezers.
Yup,, impeachment worked.. Schiffty said so.

Whatever gets you through the day......


The Kansas City "Commander in" Chiefs May just have this.

Scott O

Bernie as top choice? Oh my - that's way too much democracy.
We should have just the right amount.
Mostly from the white boys at the top and then a commensurate amount from the chosen few at the bottom.
Where are the lefties that post here on this ?
Chewing on their own sodden stumps, I'd imagine.
Where - oh - where are the fearless champions of the down trodden?
Hiding under their little trundle beds.
Paul? Steven? Odd-law?
Every one of them.

Bill Tozer

Boy, are they ever consistent.


“It’s hard to go wrong betting that the left will engage in authoritarian tactics. The modern left is hostile to any right that stands in the way of its quest for power — be it the right to free speech, to free exercise of one’s religion, or to a vigorous legal defense.”


Boy, that Odlad really went off on the Dersch. Another one trying to trample of civil rights.

Scott O

Paul, Steven, Odd-law?
Still chewing on your own member?
Well - whatever gives you comfort.

Scott O

Gosh -where's our fearless lefties?
Well - throwing rocks at Trump.
If you have nothing to offer the volk - throw rocks.
Pretty sure that's how America became a great country.
Morons with no clue throwing rocks.


George.. Looky what I came across.
I thought they had all been destroyed. Yet two still exist.
The dredded K5 rail gun.



George Rebane

Thanks Walt; it should be at Ft Sill.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane

Don’t keep me in suspense. Are you heavier or lighter in the Benjamin Department after the game in Miami?


,,,Dear Leader does it again,,,lies lies and idiotic tweets,,,


Bill Tozer

VDH: Up Schiff’s Creek

Just as Schiff sought to take credit for taking out Trump, so too will he be blamed for only further empowering him.

Schiff’s errors in left-wing eyes were worse than crimes—they were blunders.


Bill Tozer

Oh my, my. One man’s opinion. Mike Bloomberg

Steve Bannon lays out a shocking scenario of the real reason behind Bloomberg’s investment of $2 billion in politics

Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/02/steve_bannon_lays_out_a_shocking_scenario_of_the_real_reason_behind_bloombergs_investment_of_2_billion_in_politics.html#ixzz6CuOa6hXr


Posted by: odlaw | 03 February 2020 at 08:04 AM

,,,Dear Leader does it again,,,lies lies and idiotic tweets,,,

I'm surprised that you are still wasting time here dug….Trump isn't going to be removed. At least not by the Cadre of Morons from the house currently prosecuting him! You really need to be expending maximum effort winnowing the pack of democrat mediocrities currently running down to merely one really towering super mediocrity!!

Pro tip……this time it shouldn't be a nominee that half the country despises utterly!

…..Bon chance mon ami!

Don Bessee

For all the smoke and mirrors back in the real world -




Bill Tozer

Yep. But, let’s not take off our armor off before the battle has begun.
Oh, sorry about the 49ers. I would have been happy either way, But, we are in The Reckoning. 50 years of eating dust? And you call yourself ‘chiefs’. No mas. That Trump is amazing. Like the White Sox (or was that the Cubbies?) 109 years, 109 stitches on a hardball.
The Heartland Strikes Back


They are big. We are small. All we got is one mere mortal and his Twitter machine and pen. Not to be confused with Obama’s phone and pen.

They have learned nothing from 2016.


The temporary swing away from the shampeachment (no doubt they'll find some new thing to 'vestigate) made me think about the Democratic primaries.

It really is a parade of political dwarves (no offense to Mr. Bloomberg), but I was considering the behind-the-scenes work going on at KAOS headquarters.

What are the odds that the DNC rams Biden into the slot (of course), but..., the VP job is offered to Ms. Clinton. She knows where the bodies are buried, is insanely ambitious (more so than usual for what is basically an ambitious profession), can bring in money and organization, and is sort of a member of a protected class. If successful, they'd have to double up the Secret Service guard for Biden, but it's a clawback into a seat of power.


BillT on [email protected]:27

That also makes a certain amount of sense. The Democratic party is a dollymop waiting to be bought this time around but it's rare that the john isn't simply an organization looking for a change in tax code or labor law. It's hard to dissuade a rich guy on a mission doing it purely for the fun of being a power broker.

I have to root for the situation that's the most fun, and I have to admit that a brokered convention, with an elderly jewish east coast communist as a clear front runner, sounds like drama aplenty. Elderly party apparatchiks vs young messianic extremists, what's not to like?

George Rebane

Rush Limbaugh announces he has advanced lung cancer.

Bill Tozer

Everything Hillary has been forced to give up has claw marks all over it.
Did you check out @ 8:27. Such possibilities. Wonder if Hillary will pop of a big cake waving her majorette baton and tipping her gold top hat smack dab in the middle of a brokered convention. Here’s Hillary.

It’s possible. Her name pops up at the most odd of moments. She is an Attention Whore for sure. Like Tracey Abrams, “I’m waiting, I’m waiting, don’t forget about me. Yoo-hoo! I am over here.” Or like Kerry waiting for the phone to ring and although this is a heavy decision, “The answer is Yes, Yes, Yes!” All ready to report to duty. :)

Possible. Waiting for it to turn probable. The drama, the drama. :)


One of the above links led me to refusefacism.org

I like their spirit.

"We are horrified and angered at the shocking damage already done to lives here and around the world by the Trump/Pence regime. We recognize that they are poised to do far worse, including threatening WAR, even nuclear war. Through an unrelenting barrage of daily outrages and twitter outbursts, the Trump/Pence regime is radically remaking society – step by step hammering into place a vicious American fascism. This is not insult or exaggeration, it is what they are doing."

I mean, NUCLEAR WAR, that is what they are fighting against. Who can blame them?

By the bye, I ran into a job description for a place called Champlain College. Someone here might be interested in the gig.

"Champlain College invites applications for a full-time faculty at the rank of Assistant Professor in Interdisciplinary Studies to begin August 2020. We specifically welcome candidates with interdisciplinary teaching expertise in one or more of the following areas: postcolonial studies, decoloniality, critical race theory, queer of color critique, ethnic studies, indigenous and/or settler colonialism studies, disability studies, feminist theories, gender and sexuality studies, transnational studies, or composition and rhetoric with a specialization in any of the above areas. As we strive to create the most intellectually diverse, equitable, and inclusive institution that we can, we especially encourage candidates from historically underrepresented groups to apply. . .

Additionally, submit a separate statement describing your experience with and/or vision for mentoring underrepresented students, as this could contribute to Champlain’s diversity, equity and inclusion goals."

Todd Juvinall

Rush Limbaugh just announced he has late-stage lung cancer.

Todd Juvinall

Oops I see Rebane has published it /


re: Rush Limbaugh.

It's always best to read the tributes from those closest to the patient or deceased.




Posted by: scenes | 03 February 2020 at 11:45 AM

What are the odds that the DNC rams Biden into the slot (of course), but..., the VP job is offered to Ms. Clinton. She knows where the bodies are buried, is insanely ambitious (more so than usual for what is basically an ambitious profession), can bring in money and organization, and is sort of a member of a protected class. If successful, they'd have to double up the Secret Service guard for Biden, but it's a clawback into a seat of power.

I understand that as a contingency the Secret Services establishing a pool of candidates for the position of Presidential Food Taster! Employment will be based around a series of short (8 - 10 weeks) renewable contracts. The candidate, if selected will serve until………?

Bill Tozer

Street Scenes, aka, pushback time


Don Bessee

With the Iowa caucuses 2 hours away here part of the hill the survivor of the socialist dem clown car will have to climb to beat the prez -
From Gallup Jan 2 -15th




Chris Cross

In a 'pre-acquital assault on Democracy' Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) said "The President's behavior was shameful and wrong. His personal interests do not take precedence over those of this great nation." Apparently Murkowski thinks shameful and wrong don't matter when it comes to partisan politics great nation or not. She probably got promised more oil field jobs because, after all, fossil fuel pollution that effects climate is a hoax and she, as you, will probably be dead when the shit really hits the fan, so sticking to the republican politically correct policy of denial is more expedient to getting re-elected.


Posted by: Chris Cross | 03 February 2020 at 05:58 PM

.......whimper........sniffle.......sob......sob again.....snuffle......

Bill Tozer

Lemonade stand opens

Don Bessee

The troll must be binge watching all the doom gloom the world is going to end movies over the last 50 years and old Al I invented the internet Gore diatribes. He was president right?

Did I see a tab in the new green deal on soylent greeen???

"will probably be dead when the shit really hits the fan,"


Bill Tozer


Energy Policy That Wins

“It’s obvious that fossil fuels and nuclear energy are not welcomed in the Democrat Party, as evidenced by the lineup of presidential candidates whose policies would stall the American economic engine, killing millions of jobs while massively increasing prices.

As Salena Zito and Brad Todd wrote in their book, The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics, those who are red-blooded and blue-collared are now the GOP — yes, it’s a Growing Opportunity Party. As the elections inch closer, expect effective reminders that Democrats view those who cling to their God and guns as “deplorable,” as well as disdain all who see the value in America being first in energy exploration and production. That might be called #Winning for conservatives.“



"will probably be dead when the shit really hits the fan,"

Well, it's always best to carry on about things you'll never see and can't prove. Any old theory holds up in those circumstances.

The shit always hits the fan, but it's only obvious after the fact. The world appears more brittle than it used to be, that pesky stack of technology combined with overpopulation for one thing, but I doubt I could guess correctly where the flaw really is.

With the possibilities of a nuclear exchange (see: Stanislav Petrov), bioweapons lab leaks, currency collapses, global warmingcooling causing the oceans to go up or down for the umpteenth time, near-earth objects, or the unguessed actual doom, it's hard to get too excited about the Trumpocalypse. Unless your primary interest in life is the invasion of the First World by the Third or men using the women's bathroom, it all sounds a bit overwrought to sweat the Rethuglicans.

I figure that there's an endorphin rush that comes with membership in the Blue Mob. Running around with torches is an addictive behavior. The guillotine is always hungry and The Mob is itchin' to use it.

Bill Tozer

Scenes—“Running around with torches is an addictive behavior. The guillotine is always hungry and The Mob is itchin' to use it.“

A to a hammer, everything looks like a nail. To a Jacobin, everything looks like a monarch and a guillotine.

All Hail The King! He’s a Monarch, He’s a King, he can do anything!

The Royal Montage



Lieawatha do something underhanded to maintain her "image"….cough ..1/1024th American Indian…... cough…cough….….that's unpossible?!

UNEXPECTEDLY: Elizabeth Warren Transferred Oil-and-Gas Investments to Her Children To Protect Her ‘Green’ Political Profile.


Bill Tozer

Virginia Senate blocks another Northam-backed gun bill



[email protected]:31


They said he'd come... From the North, a man of great strength... A conqueror. A man who would some day be king by his own hands. One who would crush the snakes of the earth.

Conan 15:11

Bill Tozer

Is it just me or have other noticed the resemblance between the Iowa caucuses tonight and the roll out of Obamacare?

Barry Pruett


Bill Tozer




Voting by smart phone worked out SWEET!
No results since the APP crashed.


Tomorrow should be a riot.
The DNC will accuse Russians hacked the Iowa election.


Seen elsewhere regarding last nights soirée in Iowa.....

”This is just election socialism and the redistribution of votes, don't think Sanders and his supporters can complain about it.


The snobby effete of Nevada City (their alter egos included) still can't understand why Trump won……

Iowa? Why? So every four years we hear about the importance of how mostly white people from the State of Iowa view a group of candidates for President of The United States. Yet this from “What is a Rethuglican” is really what the Midwest is like.

#5- You believe that your little Midwestern s***hole town is the “real America” even though your children can’t wait to escape, and towns like those have been steadily depopulating themselves for the last 35 years. 65% of the nation’s population lives within 50 miles of the 15 largest metro areas in the country (13 of which voted Democratic), and yet you’re convinced that the real America is a place most Americans actively shun. Iowa anyone? Who cares?

"Chip Wilder" is right (REVEREND!!! ….Obligatory Blazing Saddles reference))! right! The real America is syringe and feces littered streets, lines of tents as far as the eye can see! Democrat machine politics and endless graft. Assless chaps and Drag Queen Story Hour! Failing schools at 20K a year per Slack jawed, third generation junkies and welfare trolls busily crapping out the next generation!

…..and away from it all….on the streets of "Quaintytown USA" (Thanks Bill!) a veritable army of progressive enablers feeling oh so good about themselves for blessing it and allowing it all to happen!

Thanks "Chip" you're a Bud Light Real Man of Genius!

Bill Tozer

The Republican caucuses in Iowa went off without a hitch and the results were released last night on time.

Headline: Trump wins Iowa.

Bill Tozer

If only....if only...Tom Perez had waited a few hours, he could have elaborated on the Iowa fiasco.

Quotable quote: “Some of our major changes this year have to do with how states administer their caucuses — and they are all geared towards making our nominating process more transparent and accessible to more voters. You’ll see some of the changes relating to caucuses on display this week in Iowa.”


Wonder what Perez has in mind for an encore.


re: [email protected]:12

There is nothing that the Orange Man can't do!

Presaging Mini Mike.



re: [email protected]:58

Preach it brotha!

I guess that Mr. Chad also can't see the value of forcing people to do retail politics, instead desiring a pure world of massive media buys pushing jack-o-lantern candidate heads on telescreens into peoples' living rooms.

I did think of a compromise though. Iowa and New Hampshire both vote purple and so aren't a bad place for a job interview, but it does leave out the POC. Since there's really only one minority in the US, I'd suggest adding DC to the list of early events.

Next thing you'd know, he'd complain about the word 'caucus'. C'est la guerre.

Bill Tozer

Fish @ 3:32 am
Iowa: Quite typical of our progressives. Nobody loses and everybody declares themselves a winner.

If everybody lost in some sense, tentatively speaking, maybe Bernie Sanders lost least and Joe Biden lost most. Anyone who did as well as he or she claims to have done — Pete Buttigieg or Elizabeth Warren — is somewhere on the spectrum as well. Then again, maybe Mike Bloomberg won outright by avoiding Iowa altogether.

For our Connoisseurs of schadenfreude:




[email protected]:25AM

Thanks for the DNC twitter. Of course, quick as a wink, the people pour in with their responses. I always LMAO at this one.


Bill Tozer

Quoteable quote

“I haven’t had this much fun watching Democrats melt down since election night four years ago.”



Well, all I can say at this point are two things:
A). Judging by our local sock puppets (and the nationwide outbreak of TDS), the left does not take delayed gratification very well.
B) At first I was puzzled by the delay in the Senate’s vote until 4:00 pm Wednesday. But Trump was just fine with it. Odd. Then it made sense. Trump said the SOTUS speech tonight and acquittal tomorrow would be “a one-two punch.”

Onward to Trump sucking all the air out of the House Nancy Built, the chosen venue of tonight’s speech. Trump pro when he enters enemy terroritory.


Boy oh boy are the Bernistas gonna be mad.

That 'Shadow' software company will get burnt to the ground of course.




,,,Remember way back when...Trumpskkki said it was very disrespectful to dishonor the anthem???

At least immigrant Melania and Baron? were respectul...

They cut the video just as the old geezer pulled his chair out to sit down and take a knee...


Don Bessee

That whole impeachment thing went as well as the dem Iowa caucuses and gave us this -


Thanks schiff for brains!


Bill Tozer

Did like Ilhan Omar’s tweet last night: “Democracy dies in darkness.” Ouch.


Insight: “Powers once assumed are never relinquished, just as bureaucracies, once created, never die.” —Charley Reese (1937-2013)

For the record I: “The party that wants to take over your healthcare and economy could not even kick off their presidential election season with competence. Perhaps whoever planned their impeachment charade planned the caucuses. What a waste of time.” —Erick Erickson

For the record II: “The party that thinks the Russians are stealing elections did a hell of a job running their election last night. Who needs the Russians when you have Team Clinton hacks building apps.” —Erick Erickson

Observations: “It’s completely unsurprising that the party that invented the collusion hoax, the whistleblower hoax, and the hoax impeachment ‘crimes,’ invented an election app that crashed on the day of the election.” —Dan Bongino

Belly laugh: “Have we tried unplugging Iowa and plugging it back in?” —Casey Mattox

Alpha jackass: “Ask yourself this simple question: Is the world a better place or a worse place with Rush Limbaugh in it?” —religious scholar Reza Aslan on Rush’s announcement of advanced lung cancer

Braying jackass: “I do not ask you to convict him because truth or right or decency matters nothing to him, but because we have proven our case and it matters to you. … You are decent. He is not who you are.” —Rep. Adam Schiff

Grand delusions: “If abuse of power is not impeachable … then a whole range of utterly unacceptable conduct in a president would now be beyond reach. Trump could offer Alaska to the Russians in exchange for support in the next election or decide to move to Mar-a-Lago permanently and let Jared Kushner run the country, delegating to him the decision whether to go to war. Because those things are not necessarily criminal, this argument would allow that he could not be impeached for such abuses of power.” —Adam Schiff

And last… “Donald Trump became the first president to win both the Democrat and Republican caucus.” —Charlie Kirk

Bonus: https://patriotpost.us/articles/68340-dems-iowa-caucus-comedy-2020-02-04?

Bill Tozer

Why not? NY says you need a permit to look at the sky.


Let’s see what the pooper scooper Snoops has to say.


Todd Juvinall

Oh my, Gallup has Trump down one! Paul Emery will be overdosing I bet.

Cross Hatch

thanks Milt you are a Brew 102 real troll of stupidity

Bill Tozer

London Officials Urge Early Release Reform After Stabbing Suspect Shown To Have History Of Terror-Related Offenses



,,,I like this quote...

"I used to think the Kansas City Chiefs played in Kansas," sportswriter J.A. Adande added. "But I was like 12 years old and not the president of the United States."


,,,Conservos bitch about the cost of the impeachment inquiry while Trumpskkki wastes millions...now add $3.4 million for Superbowl party ...

The hog is living high on the hog...

AJ Axelrod

What abut the $43 milion spent on the Ken Starr witch hunt that had nothing until they discovered, with witnesses and documents, the infamous blue dress? Pubbers are nothing if not hypocrites.


,,,Yes AJ,,, The Conservos like to accuse Demos of promising to impeach Trump since day one...

...But don't want to acknowledge the Whitewater Witch Hunt that began on Day One!!!

...and the Obama Witch Hunt that began on Day One!!!

...and the Hillary Witch Hunt that began on Day One!!!


Posted by: Cross Hatch | 04 February 2020 at 10:36 AM

Bertie haz sad……..


Posted by: AJ Axelrod | 04 February 2020 at 10:55 AM

Pubbers are nothing if not hypocrites.

Right you are A.J.!

P.J Punchyrod

Don Bessee

So now we know who was cackling in the background last night -

Shadow, Inc’s CEO Gerard Niemira worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, as did three other high-ranking company officers. Niemira’s LinkedIn profile shows that he worked for Hillary for America for a little more than a year in various capacities, including product director.

Niemira subsequently worked for ACRONYM before joining Shadow in 2019.

Shadow’s product manager Ahna Rao, chief technology officer Krista Davis, and chief operating officer James Hickey also worked on Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
Robby Mook distanced himself from the app

Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager, Robby Mook, has denied involvement in developing the software, saying on Twitter that he didn’t “have anything to do with building the Iowa caucus app.”



Bill Tozer

Sleepy Joe's firewall


Don Bessee

The plot thickens -



Don Bessee

Piling on, sure why not -



Bill Tozer

The Dems should take their own advice and learn to code.
Well, Mayor Pete got something right.

“Buttigieg says Iowa 'shocked the nation' in caucus night speech”

Bill Tozer

Grooming Gangs and Indifferent Police: What Have We Learned After Rotherham?

“Similarly, Cockbain and Tufail write as if Andrew Norfolk and the Times—the journalist and newspaper that did the most to expose the various scandals—invented the “Asian grooming gang” phenomenon out of whole cloth. In fact, all the evidence suggests they were reporting on a real trend. In 2013, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) suggested that 75 percent of the offenders connected with “Group Offending Targeting Victim Vulnerability” were “Asian.” A 2018 study by Dr Kish Bhatti-Sinclair of the University of Chichester and Professor Charles Sutcliffe of the University of Reading argued that 83 percent of defendants in cases of “Group Localised Child Sexual Exploitation” were of Muslim origin.”


Don Bessee


LIVE: The Iowa caucus results are indefinitely delayed amid widespread chaos and breakdowns in the reporting process




,,,another actual professional who thinks Trumskkki is a buffoon...






Let's all pile on



Sen. Paul, patriot, speaks up



Posted by: odlaw | 04 February 2020 at 12:19 PM

First rate work in Iowa last night dugsKKKi. I had no idea you would throw yourself into the fray so vigorously though!

Looks like Trumps acquittal has really motivated you!


Ahhh…..looks like the dems have last night figured out!

MSNBC’s Zerlina Maxwell Explains Iowa Caucus Chaos: ‘Systemic Racism.’

Thanks……uh ……Zerlina.


Posted by: odlaw | 04 February 2020 at 12:19 PM

,,,another actual professional who thinks Trumskkki is a buffoon…

Oh Comma Man there are many "professionals" who think the president is a buffoon. Professionals like Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, Michael Moore (or Little Jeffy as I like to call him), Paul Krugman…the biggest shill who ever won a prize from a Swedish central bank, the ladies at the Bunny Ranch, Luther the crack dealer working on International Blvd. in Oakland, etc….all luminaries in their respective fields!

You're starting to sound a little bit like Punchybot! Never go full Punchybot!

Todd Juvinall

The DNC is the same bunch running our DMV!

Don Bessee



Bill Tozer

@ 12:30 pm
New ICIG Michael Atkinson is under the suspicious glaze right now, one of the six involved that Senator Paul was referencing with his hands.. The six with ties to the NSA, Brennan, each other, ties to that law firm for whistleblowers. A tight circle. Odd the whistleblower’s buddy and co-worker was hired by Schiff two days before the Ukrainian call dropped. And there is always the another NSA staffer/friend of the Whistleblower got offered a Schiff job.

Now, every time you hear someone (like me) claim the House Dems called 17 witnesses.....just stop right there. There was another witness called, gave his deposition in a secure setting and was questioned by the D and a R select Congressmen.

The R old congressman asked the witness some questions. If you go to the secure room to read the testimony, all the questions asked are there. You can’t see any of the answers the R asked cause it’s all been redacted by Schiff or locked down under super dude super classified rating.

That witness (#18) that the Dems want us to forget about and most certainly never speak his name again is one Michael Atkinson. Interesting background.

Bill Tozer

Re: piling on

Where’s Michael Bloomberg? Spotted. Found!


Fish @ 12:56 pm

You forgot Corn Pop on your list of intelligent people.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 04 February 2020 at 01:13 PM

You forgot Corn Pop on your list of intelligent people…….


You are 100% correct…..I did forget the inimitable Mr. Pop!

…..the embarrassment…..burns…..like the sun!

Todd Juvinall

:listening to the outraged Democrat Senators about "fair trial" and the rest make me want to puke.


,,,Most professionals are just waiting out Trumpskkki's time in office...SharpieGate...Never Forget!!!


Don Bessee

Its going to be a long 5 years @133!



Posted by: odlaw | 04 February 2020 at 01:33 PM

Ok….have a nice day!

Bill Tozer

Many of us thought we would go to bed after seeing news that a socialist just won in Iowa-

but instead we woke up to a reminder that the Democratic Party specializes in screwing things up and wasting your money

Making the case for vouchers...



GeorgeR original post: "Go for it, I have my usual $100 bet with my east coast pal, so I'm gonna watch the Super Bowl. "

Well, at least San Francisco doesn't have to go find a clean street for a parade.

Oh noes!!!

Cartoon short.

Robert Cross

that's right Todd, a fair impeachment trial would make you puke. Lucky for you the American people didn't get to see one.

In other news from the "Trumplican government in action" dept. According to the Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, Moscow Mitch McConnell buried over 400 bills passed by the House in 2019, “This is shocking. In NETWORK’s 47 year history, we have never seen a Senate take absolutely no votes on issues of economic justice that could be scored on our Catholic Social Justice Voting Record. The Republican-led Senate has brought new meaning to the idea of a do-nothing Congress."

Of course they have done a lot for all the millionaires and billionaires which really says it all doesn't it.

Bill Tozer

If you think the Dems are petty now, just wait till after Trump’s speech tonight, A good body blow to the ribs followed by the Acquittal Party tomorrow night’s straight on body blow that lifts them off their feet and knocks their air out, with cracked ribs. Hurt to breathe, eh? The left wing media (usual suspects) will be going nuts.

Well, you got to hand it to Comma-Man and the less frequent Punch for hanging in their and getting the slew kicked out of him. Hang in there. Got ‘em where you want them now! They are right in you sights! Vive les Resistance!

“Welcome to my parlor,” said the spider to the fly. “But, most people don’t trip and stumble into my parlor or waltz right in, “ the spider added.

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