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02 February 2020



,,,Trumpski does read...Mein Kampf



More butthurt... Love it.

Bill Tozer

It’s all Kavanaugh now.

Oh Odlaj
Hitler drank water. Trump drinks water. Aha! You made the connection. Well done. Opps, strike that. Trump drinks Diet Cokes.







odliD 904am

... and you just look at repurposed pictures.

Barry Pruett

Got my ballot yesterday. Let the shit show begin. 😂


I never watch political debates, it's just an entertainment show masquerading as news, but ran into this:


lol, that gives me hope for the Republic.


re: BillT


lmao. Now that's funny.

Bill Tozer

@ 9:28 am

Thanks Scenes for that video. I must be slipping. I did not even know there was a Dem Debate last night until late afternoon when somebody said, “Whose bright idea was it to schedule the debate on a Friday night?” I thought it was Oscar night. In fact, last night I could not bring myself to read one article on the Granite State Debate. Come to think of it, that video was the first I saw of it. Thanks again!

The Dem Debate. Normally I would post this under ‘They’re Off!’, but I feel this is on thread, thus app-pro-pro.




And here is the whole lot of those pics.. They always bury a gun picture last. Odd.



Posted by: odlaw | 08 February 2020 at 09:04 AM

,,,Trumpski does read...Mein Kampf

Rookie mistake dugsKKKi......if you're going to play the Hitler card .....again....at least call him "Trumpler" like RR's transsexual in residence Roberta Cross does!


Posted by: scenes | 08 February 2020 at 09:31 AM

lmao. Now that's funny.

Unfortunately no-one younger than 45 gets the reference!


Why does every single democrat nominee seem to go so joyfully off the rails.....

VIDEO: Bloomberg Says The Midwest Isn’t Intelligent Enough To Understand Trans Rights.

Hmmm....maybe not! Probably smart enough though to tell white lefty billionaire with #metoo problems to pound sand though!


Bill Tozer

What did Trump do during the Dem Debate and when did he do it?



No real dog in the Kobe Bryants memory v Gayle King but the post raises yet another hypocritical action by Twitter Soy Tech Boy Jack Dorsey!

Snoop Dogg Threatens "Funky Dog Head Bitch" Gayle King On Instagram: "Back Off Before We Come Get You"

My guess is that even with all of Jacks money and private security staff Angry Calvin makes Jacks heart go pitter patter!!


Todd Juvinall

Open Secrets has some interesting contributors to people opposing our Congressmen. Denney has a bunch of churces and locally AJA and Telestream.

George Rebane

ToddJ 1224pm - I'm interested in what you're reporting, but can't parse your language. Could you give us another more expanded version of it? Thanks.


re: GeorgeR@12:39

opensecrets.com district 1 of California race shows the various contributors.

I'm seeing $3370 from AJA and $2945 from Telestream (weren't they bought by some sort of investment firm? maybe this merely show contributions by employees?)

In a 1M$+ campaign, while it might show the political kinks of a business owner, it's probably not such a big deal.

Contributions by church (seem to me) merely show the split between denominations. Those that still believe in Christian doctrine go (R), those that eventually lose any pretense of that tend (D). Just an observation, not a judgement.

Todd Juvinall

GeorgeR "open secrets" is website that lists all the candidates for office.

Todd Juvinall



A great video for America lovers. (but will make LIBS soil themselves) PLENTY of firepower in civilian private ownership.

Don Bessee

The botox must have gotten to her for her not to have thought about the videos that were going to raise funds for the re-election campaign. LOL! -




Good Lord, Trump has earned my vote 10x over for this one.




No doubt the Blue Mob will equate classical architecture to Hitler. Belittling their heritage is standard operating procedure after all.

I thought that judge appointments would be the longest lasting policy, but any new buildings will be around for 100+ years. There is nothing the Orange Man can't do.


Hey Roberta.......


Don't leave me hangin.....!


re: moi@1:48PM

Expect Albert Speer's name to come up as the Mob waves their Tyrannosaur arms about Nazis and whatnot.

Good gawd what a tiresome bunch of people.

Don Bessee

The fear is palpable in the socialist dem clown car -

While Democrats see Trump as a corrosive figure and a threat to the nation, they also see the president and his well-funded campaign tailoring a reelection bid around the strong economy and visceral appeals to his ardent supporters.

Trump's robust political standing came into view this past week, as he claimed vindication from his acquittal in his Senate trial despite damaging House testimony about his conduct with Ukraine - and set off on a path of retribution by ousting some officials who were witnesses. At the same time, his Gallup approval rating ticked up to 49 percent, its highest point yet.

The developments have generated convulsions of angst among Democrats, who watched their first-in-the-nation Iowa presidential caucuses conclude in a chaotic fiasco and deliveran inconclusive result. Many in the party are now soundingthe alarm that denying Trump a second term could be far more difficult than they had calculated.



Don Bessee

Meanwhile back at the socialist dem circular firing squad -



George Rebane

ToddJ 113pm - My problem was with "churces" which I should have recognized as contributing 'churches' which @1256pm cleared up. Thanks.


Here ya' go Tesla lovers.

at at the bottom of the story,
Following his conversation with Tesla customer support, Alec decided to reach out and see what the company’s response would be if he requested that Autopilot and FSD be removed from a used Tesla vehicle he was interested in purchasing, Tesla told him that “…if it’s added and it’s a used car they just simply will not remove it.”


Hot news of the day:




The truth of the matter:


Good point:


Don Bessee

While we have the socialist dems who want to destroy the economy we also have the external communist's that are doing everything to deconstruct democracy using our own freedoms. Thanks comrades deblasio, warren and sanders -

China's Communist Party has infiltrated various levels of America's infrastructure and is working to destroy the values of the United States, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said during a speech Saturday, while also warning state governors to be wary of China's infiltration.

“We can’t ignore China’s actions and strategic intentions," he said while addressing the National Governors Association winter meeting. "The Chinese government has been methodical in the way it's analyzed our system... it's assessed our vulnerabilities and it's decided to exploit our freedoms, to gain an advantage over us at the federal level, the state level and the local level."

“Competition with China is happening. It’s happening in your state," Pompeo added. "In fact, I'd be surprised if most of you in the audience had not been lobbied by the Chinese Communist Party directly."

He said groups loyal to communist China are operating out in the open in Virginia, Minnesota, Florida and dozens of other states all around the country. Other Chinese groups, however, practice their nefarious actions in the shadows in an attempt to exercise influence over U.S. citizens and lawmakers.

Pompeo cited a letter from a diplomat at the Chinese Consul in New York to the speaker of an unnamed state legislature, advising that U.S. officials refrain from independent interaction with Taiwan.

“You add a diplomat from China, assigned here to the United States, a representative of the Chinese Communist Party, in New York City, sending a letter urging that an American elected official shouldn’t exercise his right to freedom of speech," he explained.


The secretary said this isn't an uncommon event and that Chinese officials based in the U.S. are actively seeking to sow seeds of chaos at the state and local level -- specifically in the realm of education on college campuses and K-12 classrooms.

“Maybe some of you have heard about the time when the Chinese consulate paid the UC San Diego students to protest the Dalai Lama," he continued. “It shows depth. It shows systemization. It shows intent.”

He added: “Chinese Communist party officials, too, are cultivating relationships with county school boards and local politicians -- Often through what are known as 'Sister City Programs' ... This competition is well underway."

Pompeo also spoke about China's campaign to recruit U.S. scientists and academics to share vital secrets, in exchange for monetary gain through their "Thousand Talents Plan," a campaign that has already targeted scientists and professors on campuses such as Virginia Tech and Harvard and triggered investigations by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

He also explained how Beijing pressures Chinese students in the U.S. to keep an eye on their fellow countrymen and report back to the government about their activities.

"China’s propaganda starts even earlier than college. China has targeted K-12 schools around the world," he said. "Do you know that we have no ability to establish similar programs in China? We should have reciprocity in all things. Today they have free reign in our system and we're completely shut out from theirs... Beijing knows that today’s kids are tomorrow’s leaders."

Pompeo then warned state governors about doing business with China and said it is common to indirectly finance communism without realizing it. He then extended the hand of the federal government and said the Trump administration is standing by, ready to help states with this growing problem.

“I want to urge vigilance on the local level too," he said. "It’s worth trusting but verifying. There are federal officials prepared to help you work your way through these challenges when they arise. Don’t make separate individual deals that undermine our national policy. I know none of you would do so intentionally. Let us help you."

“I hope you will all take on board what I've said today," Pompeo added. "Don’t lose sight of the competition from China that's already present in your state. Let's all rise to the occasion and protect our security, our economy, indeed all that we hold dear."




Beware Brother Bill. The spillover of nutjobs from the ridge
have migrated down your way.
3:24 p.m. — A man from Highway 20 and Mooney Flat Road reported a Middle Eastern person with carrier pigeons. He knows this “might sound strange,” but terrorists are trying to find new ways of infiltrating the country.

Just shoot those pigeons on the safe side. I have a good rotisserie recipe if you bag a few.

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 9:39 pm

There is enough nut jobs on Mooney Flat that drive TO the Ridge taking the back roads for the Ridge to worry about, not me.

So, they described me as ‘Middle Eastern’, eh? I prefer ‘Siberian’. :)

Bill Tozer

When Trump makes the election about him, Trump wins. When the media makes the news cycle about his latest tweet, Trump wins. And they thought impeachment and 24/7 carpet bombing would damage/weaken Trump entering the 2020 election? Wrong.
“The press is all out of bullets. So are Democrats. I knew this would happen. That was why I wrote in September, "Go ahead, media. Impeach my day."

“Democrats and the press have gone out of their way to not "normalize" this presidency, however they are the ones who look abnormal to the rest of us. Too late, they realize this.

He's a borg. Resistance is futile.”



re: BillT@7:28.

An opinion.

I like how the columnist describes the tactical problems of Team Blue. If nothing else, they simply have poor marketing skills. Ironic given the huge advantage in terms of both media ownership and dominance in entertainment.

The important thing that I think this writers miss is a huge underlying difference between Teams Red and Blue. The Trump voters appear to represent a bloc of the country with a lot in common, maybe not 100% an ethnic thing but a general philosophy. Let's call it traditional America. They finally got tired of being pushed around and they like their General just fine.

OTOH, Team Blue is a coalition. They're hard to describe as an overarching group. A bunch of highly motivated special interests each with their own kink. The La Razans normally wouldn't even speak to our local Blue Mobsters, it isn't like a monolithic voting group such as urban blacks cares a lick about climate change when compared to a San Francisco tech bro.

Maybe it's easiest just to see it all as a spoils systems. Team Red likes getting subsidized Medicare but otherwise desires just being left alone, Team Blue has cut a thousand deals within it's ranks as to how to cut up the carcass.


Here's one way to keep the cost of rent down.


George Rebane

DonB 852pm - Thanks for that important and good report Mr Bessee.


Will we hear the same shrieks of outrage from TEAM LEFTY after this incident that we heard after Charlottesville? No fatalities fortunately but there certainly could have been! Hardly a peep from MSM so far......

Trump Supporters Attacked After Van Plows Through GOP Voter Registration Tent In Florida; Suspect Arrested

Magic 8 Ball says........."Outlook not so good.



Oh Magic 8 Ball......is there nothing you don't know?

ABC, CBS Uninterested in Van Attack Against Trump Supporters Registering Voters


Bill Tozer

You go girl! Speak that truth.

“Tulsi Gabbard Defends Trump Firing Vindman Brothers, Sondland. Rips DNC, Bloomberg.“

“Ultimately, whether people like or not, there are consequences to elections,” Gabbard responded. “And the president has, within his purview, to make the decisions about who he’d like serving in his cabinet.”



Looks like Joe's dementia meds took way longer to kick in.
People are just showing up to see what goes wrong.

Inside the Rex Theatre it was almost impossible to find an actual Biden supporter. Most of those in attendance were not even from New Hampshire, and those who were said that they’d come not to lend their support so much as to survey their options
"Forty-five minutes after Joe Biden’s first campaign event was supposed to start on Saturday, his crowd had grown restless. The former vice president wasn’t at the Rex Theatre in downtown Manchester and those crammed inside were wondering just how much longer they’d have to suck in the heated air before they get to see him speak.

“We Want Joe!” the voices said, overpowering the soundtrack of classic rock and commercial motown that had been playing on blast to keep the crowd from completely dozing off.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe again shows his true self -

Perhaps the pressure is getting to him.

On Sunday, Joe Biden snapped at a voter in New Hampshire, calling him a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier.”

The dust-up came after the voter asked Biden, “How do you explain the performance in Iowa and why should the voters believe that you can win a national election?"

"You ever been to a caucus?" Biden replied.

After the voter said she indeed had attended a caucus, Biden shot back: "No you haven’t. You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier."



Bill Tozer

@ 11:58 AM

“He broke me.” That’s a Nancy quote, but Joe is now saying it too. ;)

Don Bessee

No conversation other that the approved group think in the EU -

“The idea that young people are seriously committed to stopping climate change — we could call it Greta syndrome — permit me my doubts,” Borrell, a 72-year-old Spanish socialist, said in reference to Greta Thunberg, the teenage Swedish climate worrier. “It is fine to demonstrate against climate change so long as nobody asks you to pay for it.

“I wonder if the young people demonstrating on the streets of Berlin to call for measures against climate change are aware of the costs of those measures — and if they are willing to reduce their living standards to compensate Polish miners.”



scenes - lying dog-faced pony soldier

"lying dog-faced pony soldier."

lmfao. I really like that turn of phrase.


Posted by: Don Bessee | 09 February 2020 at 11:58 AM

GaffeMaster Joe and Snoop Dogg reading from the same Big Book of Progressive Insults"!

Who is the presidential candidate?




Who's the rap impresario?


dugsKKKi's lost weight......still in fine voice though!


Bill Tozer

"lying dog-faced pony soldier." That’s no malarkey. That was the bees knees, the knuckle sandwich special. Skirts, I tell ya.

Don Bessee

But they are entertaining in a nascar wreck kind of way -

Why it matters: In less than 200 hours, Democrats botched Iowa, watched Trump hit an all-time popularity high, debated ousting the DNC chair, and watched a socialist soar and an ideological civil war intensify.




You gotta love sore losers (yes,, that's you LIBS) They really help one savor WINNING. From Nancy losing it and going into a paper tearing rage, to little LIBshits yelling in the streets.

Almost better than fine BBQ.(almost)

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 2:43 pm

It’s the taste of Lib tears added to the sauce that gives it its fine flavor. Not too little, not too much, but just right. Goldilocks style. It’s going be a delightful Bar-B-Que season, pun intended.

Love how they are going mad, mad, mad from the older ones who know better to the little Miss Sunshines. The Day of Reckoning approacheth.

Bill Tozer

Don @ 2:16 pm

There must be fifty of those ‘Dems in Disarray, Dispirited, Having Doubts” articles going around right now, the lion’s share of the reporting coming from the Left, lol. Warms the Cockles of me hearth. Oh my. Popcorn time.


“Meanwhile, with all the drama Trump provided this week with the State of the Union conflict with Speaker Pelosi, the Senate impeachment acquittal, and the Prayer Breakfast bravado, it is significant that last night Saturday Night Live passed on any of these story lines in favor of a quickly-produced parody of the Democrats’ Friday night New Hampshire debate—and the Democrats don’t come out looking very good:

When you’ve lost Chris Matthews and Saturday Night Live. . .”

Update: “This is just breaking—did Joe Biden really call someone a “lying dog-faced pony solider” in New Hampshire today? Why yes—yes he did:

Though I’m thinking this may be the most intelligent thing Biden has ever said”


Rolling Stone: First half is pretty good. I might start calling the Bernie Bros the ‘Doobie Brothers.’

‘Yesterday’s Gone: Iowa Was Waterloo for Democrats’


Pssssssss.......I hear the air going out of their ball. Bummer. Enjoy their deflation now while it lasts. They will be coming back over here full of vim and vigor, piss and vinegar, and itching for a fight soon enough. Anger is the fastest way out of a depression.

Bill Tozer

‘The New Puritans; Today’s cultural scolds demand that artists pass ideological and behavioral purity tests.’

Quotable Quote: “With the rise of social media and ‘woke’ activism, membership in the School of Resentment has swelled immeasurably.”
“Commit yourself to around-the-clock content on every aspect of pop culture, and you will hit on the social-justice and moral-outrage angles eventually. Add to this a stable of writers trained to think in terms of power relations, racial oppression, and the victimhood hierarchy, and it becomes impossible not to weigh in, as the Times did in 2017, on, say, the “whitewashing debate” surrounding the casting of a white instead of an Asian actor to play the white Marvel superhero Iron Fist in Netflix’s eponymous series. The press, in other words, has an economic incentive to inform us of every cultural sin, and an audience exists that is eager to spread the word and shame the sinners.”


What scolds! Outraged Puritans, what could be worse? Alas.

Bill Tozer

Before venturing headlong into this week, I must pause, chuckle, and reveal my favorite reading from last week Now I can look ahead.

James Carville: “Mayor Pete has to demonstrate over the course of a campaign that he can excite and motivate arguably the most important constituents in the Democratic Party: African Americans. These voters are a hell of a lot more important than a bunch of 25-year-olds shouting everyone down on Twitter.”

So he’s not happy. Democrats won’t like Carville when he’s not happy. I wonder if Carville was watching last night, and if so whether there are any un-smashed TV screens left in his house this morning.”



Another article:

"I keep talking about how in the West, we are swiftly moving into a culture that resembles communist totalitarianism — this, based on what people who grew up under communism tell me. It’s not about gulags or secret police; it’s about building a post-liberal culture defined by militant progressive ideology, and enforcing it by destroying, personally and professionally, those who dissent. Part of this is inculcating fear and self-loathing within the minds of people living in those cultures. You don’t need the secret police when you have taught people to police themselves according to your totalitarian principles.

Today the New Totalitarianism took a new scalp, in a way that ought to scare the hell out of all of us, on both the left and the right, who value free speech and inquiry. And it happened to someone born in a communist country."


It's funny how our local Blue Mob never ever has anything to say about these culture war goodies. I guess that waiting for Trump to have a bit of toilet paper stick to his shoe is a full time job.

George Rebane

People in the GDR policed themselves where one of three citizens reported to the Stasi. This is coming here.


,,,Mrs Doubtführer


Bill Tozer

“It's funny how our local Blue Mob never ever has anything to say about these culture war goodies. I guess that waiting for Trump to have a bit of toilet paper stick to his shoe is a full time job.
Posted by: scenes | 09 February 2020 at 06:00 PM”

Scenes—now you are sounding like Dr. Rebane! Where have all the flowers gone?

Silence is golden, duct tape is silver.


Damn Dougy,, Really having to go to the bargain basement
these days.
You get that from your pal Himmler? How's he doing BTW?
He keeping those jackboots nice and shiney?

Bill Tozer

Link @ 5:27 pm

“The New Puritans show no sign of tempering their fanaticism or of submitting to reasoned argument the arcane dogmas and flagellatory demands of social justice. Packer is a committed liberal who “regretted [pulling my daughter out of] the public-school system,” whose family is obsessed with Hamilton—so much so that his daughter was “shocked and a little disappointed” to discover that the actual Founding Fathers were white—and whose children “sobbed inconsolably” when Trump was elected. Nonetheless, Packer admits to being confounded by the pseudo-religion of the authoritarian Left, a religion that skips over salvation and goes straight to inquisition. “At times the new progressivism, for all its up-to-the-minuteness, carries a whiff of the seventeenth century,” he writes, “with heresy hunts and denunciations of sin and displays of self-mortification. The atmosphere of mental constriction in progressive milieus, the self-censorship and fear of public shaming, the intolerance of dissent—these are qualities of an illiberal politics.”
How quickly a whiff becomes a stench.“

Ain’t that the truth.


OHHH LIBS!!!!!! Your Queen of the DAMNED may be in REAL deep shit.
That "copy" she ripped to shreds were not just "any" copy of the speech. It was the formal "original".
Explained here.

A criminal act.

Bill Tozer

No one is above the law

Bill Tozer

Rood Center, Gov. Center,
Solar Panels Blown Off Parking Structure onto the Ground. $$$


I can't wait to see the HAZMAT disposal bill we have to fork out on that Bill.
I'm sure the resident in depth reporter Emery will keep us well informed.


moi: wondering why the Blue Mob goes radio silent when any discussion about crazy SJW behavior comes up.
comma-man: "Scenes—now you are sounding like Dr. Rebane! Where have all the flowers gone?"

In that case, chief blogger speaks heap big truth (as E. Warren would say).

Honestly, I just think it would be fun. There's a ton of stories about the insanity of the modern university and just general intersectional mayhem out there. I'd love to see someone give a shot to justifying all of this. Maybe I'll take on the task on a boring morning.

Bill Tozer

The next scandal is on the horizon. VDH

“Some of that skullduggery and more are currently the subjects of a criminal investigation by U.S. Attorney John Durham. The American public has been assaulted for four years by an array of fake scandals, fake bombshells, and fake televised analyses that camouflaged a systematic and terrible assault on our constitutional freedoms.

But soon the worm may turn. The real scandal is back on the horizon, and at last, we may learn that no one is above the law, and most certainly not a group of smug and mediocre apparatchiks who assumed they had the moral right to destroy a presidential candidate and later an elected president.

In sum, this real scandal, dormant for over four years, had been overshadowed by a series of progressive-government-media driven melodramas, aimed at both injuring the Trump presidency—and, in preemptive fashion, shielding a virtual coup to destroy an elected president.”


Bill Tozer

Not something you read about everyday.


“This may be part of what Nwaubani is getting at in her snarky concluding passage:

Perhaps. . .another reason Nigerians love Trump [is that] with all the outlandishness his presidency has unleashed, he has shown that America isn’t some ideal place where leaders and the media and the opposition always conduct themselves with decorum. He has exposed the “African” in all of you.”


Bill Tozer

FBI Director: Carter Page Surveillance Was Illegal



Here's something to think about



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 10 February 2020 at 07:38 AM

VDH joins Deven Nunes,,,Nunes’ cow and Kevin McCarthy of the tumbleweed district in the Trump Deluded Masses tent...

‘’’You can just grab em by the pussy Trump’’’
grabbed Magoo Mitch Lilly Livered Lindsey Graham by their pussies and got them to throw the Impeachment trial...

It is going to be fun watching all the ads against Agent Orange Rind...waiting for the famous 2016 quotes by Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney calling Trump a total Douchebag!!!



Speaking of China. Real speech begins at about 1:40



Selling your buttsore creme for 4th rates memes now?
Rough Times Dougy?

Bill Tozer

Settling All Family Business?
Coup participants the Vindman twins and Amb. Sondland got off easy.

“As described by the hysterical media, you would think that President Trump had “settled all family business” in the manner portrayed in The Godfather’s climactic scene when Michael Corleone has the heads of New York’s five Mafia families whacked.

But the truth is altogether to the contrary. In May of this year, Alexander Vindman will enroll in the Army War College. This is a highly sought and selective program and a singular opportunity to advance one’s military career. It is open only to the favored few who are being groomed for top leadership positions in the military.

Similarly, Yevgeny Vindman is set to work in the Office of General Counsel of the Army at the Pentagon. Neither this assignment nor the slot at the Army War College can be considered as punitive. Put another way, neither qualifies as the equivalent of being reduced in rank and placed in charge of the PX at Camp Frostbite, Alaska.

As for Sondland, he is a hotel magnate who was a big contributor to Trump’s 2016 campaign. Recalling him is not the equivalent of terminating the livelihood of a career State Department official. Sondland can go back to his day job of running his hotel empire. And, since the Obama regime is no longer in charge, he can do so without fear of the IRS auditing his company, OSHA inspecting his hotels, and ICE vetting his employees.

As retaliation goes, removing the Vindmans from the National Security Council and stripping Sondland of his ambassadorship is pretty weak stuff. Which raises the troubling question as to whether such pallid measures will be enough to deter others who may wish to emulate Sondland and the Vindman twins in any future coup attempt..


Bill Tozer

Keep an eye on Sen. Chuck Grassley. Another investigative report by Margot Cleveland.

‘Senators: IG FISA Abuse Report Misled Public About Crossfire Hurricane’

‘[C]ertain sections of the public version of the report are misleading because they are contradicted by relevant and probative classified information redacted in four footnotes.’


Bill Tozer

@ 9:06 am

Another excellent find, Mr. Scenes


That didn't take long.


Bill Tozer


Any bets on which month the next impeachment articles will be drawn up before the 2020 Elections?

Meanwhile, all eyes are focused on The Granite State.



I am going to miss the corrupt bastard when he finally gets the message……!

Thank Goodness: Joe Biden Believes in ‘Rational’ Gun Policy – Like Not Having ’50 Clips in a Weapon’


Bill Tozer

Oh my, that will get to Trump where it hurts, ROFLMAO. We are sooo wounded.

‘California bill would ban stays at Trump hotels for state employees’

“If passed, Low’s proposed measure wouldn’t be the first time California has put restrictions on travel by state employees.

In 2017, Attorney General Xavier Becerra added Texas, Alabama, South Dakota and Kentucky to the list of places where state employee travel is restricted after lawmakers passed legislation the previous year banning non-essential travel to states with laws the state claims discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. North Carolina, Kansas, Mississippi and Tennessee are already on the list.”


Don Bessee

Winning - Drain that Swamp -




Bill Tozer

............ sleuths have been unable to find a direct film source for Joe Biden’s inexplicable recall of “lying dog-faced pony soldier,” but I think for Joe’s next rhetorical trick, maybe he’ll let loose with “sallywagin’ hornswogglin’ cracker coaker” from Blazing Saddles, which was duly pronounced “authentic frontier gibberish.”

In fact, this scene looks like pretty faithful rendition of Biden’s increasingly senile campaign (just 1:48 long):


Now who can argue with that? Joe does indeed express a courage little seen in this day and age.


That’s no malarkey.

Don Bessee

While the wokester stars wallowed in wokeness nobody paid attention. When will the studios realize how much money they are missing out on in box office receipts. The more PC the move the worse the box office. -



Bill Tozer

Amy Wax: “Woke” Lawyering and the Rule of Law Don’t Mix“

“As already noted, the wokeness cult dictates that important issues that were previously debatable are placed above legitimate dispute, and made unquestioned and unquestionable items of faith. This means that law students today are increasingly schooled and encouraged to regard certain ideas or arguments — those considered at odds with the woke paradigm of victimhood, identity politics, and oppression — as not only evil, but as inflicting unbearable distress and upset, and grievous psychological, emotional, and dignitary harm, on victims and on those who are forced to think about, consider, or make them. Woke warriors have taken to asserting that arguments and facts that contradict progressive cult precepts and understandings traumatize and cripple them, threatening their emotional well-being, and fatally compromising their ability to function as people and professionals. It is the law schools’ job and sacred duty to create “safe spaces” designed to protect students from these dire effects. This can only be done by banishing untoward ideas.”...

“Would someone like Maureen Mahoney, from either side of the aisle, take on such a role today? Or would he or she demur, invoking mental distress and psychological trauma, the need for a safe space, and the imperative of protecting victims, and herself, from the other side’s evil and intolerable position? Such a reaction is hardly far-fetched in today’s legal world. And even those who do not profess such intolerance and vulnerability, and who still believe in the old-fashioned principle of everyone’s entitlement to their best defense, are unlikely to risk sticking their necks out on behalf of a politically unpopular position. Witness the reaction to Harvard Dean Ronald Sullivan’s decision to take on the representation of alleged sexual harasser and rapist Harvey Weinstein. After many students criticized and attacked him for his role, Sullivan lost his job as the co-master of Mather House at Harvard College. Although some legal scholars and commentators came to his defense, many others did not. In contrast, I never recall hearing any lawyer or legal academic — right, left, or center — publicly fault or criticize Maureen Mahoney for defending Michigan Law School ‘s affirmative action program. This shows how times have changed, and not for the better.

In light of these developments, one wonders how the rule of law, which is integral to our rights and our democracy, can long survive. In an atmosphere dominated by woke progressivism and the voracious demands of political correctness, and peopled with gods, devils, sacred objects, despised blasphemers, and above all approved and unapproved positions, the very principles of fair procedure and fair representation are under attack. Our precious system, fragile in the best of times, grows weaker by the day. Let’s hope the cultish forces can be stopped before it’s too late.”


Don Bessee

The botox queen is the twitchy face of the dems -

Nancy Pelosi looked like a malfunctioning Stepford wife as she sat behind President Trump during his State of the Union address last week. Her lower face twitched, she muttered to herself, shook her head, smiled inappropriately, gazed around, chewed her lip or remained glued to her seat during standing ovations in honor of special guests.

It was a bizarre enough performance before she rose to her feet and dramatically ripped up her copy of the president’s speech in what will go down in history as the most unseemly display of partisanship in this partisan era.

That moment was when the myth of the “master political strategist” was busted, and we saw Pelosi, 79, for what she is. Pretending to be classy and prayerful when she is full of petty hatreds and is incapable of holding her party together, a woman who parades her Catholicism while advocating no-holds-barred abortions, feigning to pray for the president while deriding him as “sedated.”

As the leader of the Democrats, until they select a presidential candidate, Pelosi is everything that is wrong with the party.



Don Bessee

You ain't in South Bend any more, welcome to the real world -



Don Bessee

The congressional jihadi caucus only believes in their free speech -




Anyone here know of the Italian Marxist, Antonio Gramsci?

Anyone here read Gramsci? Who did the translation?


Bill Tozer

Pete Buttigieg High School Essay Praised ‘Profile In Courage’ Bernie Sanders


Bill Tozer

Obama-Produced Film Wins Oscar, Producer Quotes Communist Manifesto In Acceptance Speech. Obama Praises.

“Commentator Jordan Schachtel wrote: “The 100 million victims of communist regimes would like to have a word.””


Bill Tozer

‘Being Fired by Trump Does Not Make You a Holocaust Victim’

‘Get a grip: The president’s critics are not being rounded up and sent to death camps. They’re landing book deals and TV gigs.’

“Benjamin Wittes, one of the media’s favorite Donald Trump antagonists, took to Twitter this weekend to pen a transcendently nonsensical thread comparing the firing of a handful of bureaucrats to the rounding up of political undesirables in the lead-up to the Holocaust.

It’s wouldn’t be a huge deal, except that this kind of hysterical reaction has now been normalized in American discourse, illustrating that once-rational people have either lost all sense of history or are willing to belittle the past for short-term political gain. My bet is on the latter.”



😂🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2020/02/10/george-conway-5-days-after-impeachment-we-may-have-to-impeach-trump-again/
" Trump may need to be impeached a second time — in response to the firing of alleged NSC leaker Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. Conway’s op-ed in the Washington Post was published a mere five days after the U.S. Senate acquitted President Trump on two articles of impeachment."

Just how stupid do LIBS want to look?
What will the Queen of the DAMNED do for her next stunt?

Don Bessee

The feds are coming for you socialist sanctuary cities, DA's and states -

He concluded, "Today is a significant escalation in the federal government’s efforts to confront the resistance of 'sanctuary cities.' But by no means do the efforts outlined above signify the culmination of our fight to ensure the rule of law, to defend the Constitution, and to keep Americans safe. We will consider taking action against any jurisdiction that, or any politician who, unlawfully obstructs the federal enforcement of immigration law."

Barr's new sanctions come as the Trump administration has already announced other initiatives targeting illegal immigration in the wake of the president's State of the Union address last week.




,,,Trump 2020...No more bullshit...

Really??? That is a campaign promise???
Looks like he just broke another promise...


Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe is doing the slow crash and burn -




Ya Dougy, Trump has been pretty easy on you Proggys.
I can't wait to see him give you guys a real boning.
Hard and dry.
Trim the budget, by shutting down government a time or two, yup that would really twist you clowns off.

Don Bessee

The joys of socialist dems -


NYC cops ‘declaring war’ on Mayor de Blasio, union says, following ‘assassination attempts’ on officers





Posted by: Walt | 10 February 2020 at 03:59 PM

,,Oh Dear...Looks like Wally and Lemmings are taking another high hard one from Trumpski...

Restated jobs numbers don't look as good now...

Turns out Trumpski ain't doing any better than Obama did...




Slate? Really?? Have at it Dougy. You go with that.
About as reliable as the tits up NC scooper for factual info.


But Look who just won Frisco, Freeattle, and Portlandia.


Even the courts have found Jesus.

Looks like they are more likely to weld bars on the windows of the F.B.I. and chain the doors shut. The real criminals are inside.

Don Bessee

Its the economy stupid's -


Americans say they feel the current economy is the best since the late 1990s



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