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04 February 2020


Don Bessee

Welcome to the election botox -

Trump celebrates, Pelosi fumes as Facebook and Twitter refuse to take down altered video



The campaign begins.

Bill Tozer

Well, we all knew that, Bernie. Nancy said as much well before the 2018 mid-terms. If there any pro-life Dems out there, their options are getting slim.

1/8 of a point here, another 1/8 of a point there and slow and steady wins the race. Not to be amiss, special shout out to our far far lefty friends. We wouldn’t be in this position without ya.

“Bernie Sanders Excommunicates Pro-Life Democrats: Being Pro-Choice Is ‘Absolutely Essential’

Bill Tozer

They're off!

Don Bessee

They're depressed -



,,,Amy is moving up...she could be a good pick even for Conservos...

Bill Tozer

Amy is indeed moving up.....or standing still as others around her falter. It’s hers to lose now. Her turn to be grilled.


Bill Tozer

They’re Off!

It’s national leader Biden out of the starting gate...the race is on!

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