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05 February 2020



crazy cross channel: "scenes --What does your statement have to do with anything.. You can't refute the facts so you just blow hot air out your ass because that is all you've got as a rebuttal for the truth. Are you a moron?"

What truth? That Obama runs the economy? That Trump runs the economy? I'm willing for Trump to take credit just like I'm willing for Obama (or Bush or Clinton) to take credit. Really, the best they can do is not get in the way.

You probably need another religion, the world is a complicated place.

The best a President can do is to stand back and beat down the worst of capitalistic instincts, perhaps some combination of antitrust and contract law. People who think you can top-down manage an economy are the same folks who killed untold millions of Russians, Chinese, and German citizens.

Begone to your horrid little den.


Scenes 1:03 -- it is not about this economy or that economy. The truth I am referring to It is about what a sleazy liar Donald trump is. Trump said, "We're producing jobs like you have never seen before in this country,"
That statement is false and total bullshit because job creation was better under Obama's last few years. How do you not understand this?


Go blow it out your a** Sideshow Bob. You say Trump hasn't done it? Prove it. For get what your boy "O" said?(yaa sure as hell did) "Those jobs just ain't coming back"-B.O.
Trump has that magic wand "O" said didn't exist.

Awwwww shit MORE jobs made.. I'm sure "O" did it.


Posted by: rcroass | 08 February 2020 at 02:50 PM

How do you not understand this?

Bertie.....just wanted to wish you the best of luck in your upcoming election.......


Let's make this simple for SpongeBob.
(written in crayon)"That statement is false and total bullshit because job creation was better under Obama's last few years."

Says just WHO? , Biden?(the last time he tried to take credit, he got laughed off the stage)

Bill Tozer

“Oh Lord, may the scales fall off The Circle of Jerks’ eyes so they may see things they way I do.”

Frustrating ain’t it, Bobbie. I feel your pain. Ok, I lied. Sue me.

Let us know, Bobbie, if there is anything we can do for you. Notice the Royal We. We are here for you in your hour of despair. Want us to send ya a limo to get you to stress management classes? Pick up a bag of groceries for you and drop them off in case you are having a mega TDS headache and just can’t manage to go out and face the world today?

Cheer up. You are only paranoid until proven right.

‘CNN's Rye: Trump's 'Pro-Life' Judges 'Want to Kill Off Everyone Else'


‘David Brooks January Flashback: 'Joe Biden Is Stronger Than You Think'


How can so many be so wrong? 63 million Clinton voters can’t be wrong! Everyone I know hates Trump’s guts. Nobody can stand him!!

Bigger and better women than you have tried and failed, Bobbie. We deplorables are a lost cause. At least you gave it the ole college try. Look, you are in good company. The NYT, a very trusted source.

‘New York Times Chronicles Leftist Demoralization Over Failed Trump Supporter Conversions’


Don Bessee

Here are some inconvenient facts for troll chow -




Where did Sideshow Bob go? He has facts to produce.
That's what you get when getting fed with a slingshot by FAKE news. Those stale peanuts leave a nasty mark.

Walker Cross

Milt 3:01 -- just wanted to wish you the best of luck in your upcoming election. --I didn't think it could happen, but, you are actually more stupid than I thought.


Posted by: Walker Cross | 10 February 2020 at 01:44 PM

Oh Roberta….your words….they carry such sting!



So it's Walk'n t' the Cross now?
let me know when your ready for me to start bang'n in the nails.


Still wait'n for "your facts" that this is "O"'s economy and record job growth.
Get down off that Cross now Bobby, with your nuts nailed to it.

George Rebane

A gentle reminder - this is not a Sandbox.


It's all good George. Babs stated a few days ago that this Economy was the result of "O"'s work. NOT Trump's.
So,, I'm just "squeezing" Lil' Bob for "his facts"(subject appropriate) on HIS claim. NOPE,, not going to let Sideshow slither back under that rock till the stink blows off. I'm just applying a new dose.

Ken Jones


Facts speak louder than your insults.


Said it before, guess it needs repetition: Presidents probably don't directly have that much to do with economic performance, it's the business community's perception of what the joker would like to do that makes the difference. Democrat presidents have made a habit of openly despising our capitalist system and, not surprisingly, many of our productive citizens think they should be taken seriously.

It wasn't Trump's election that triggered the present perception of prosperity, it was the defeat of a party openly hostile to all things traditionally American.

Talk like a Marxist, get treated as one. Dems can never learn- it's in their DNA to despise other people having a good time.

Trump hadn't even assumed office when the economic indicators turned sharply upwards. It's very likely that a Democrat victory this Fall would trigger another economic downturn- it's what they do.


That FAKE news? Debunked a long time ago.
BTW.. I lived through those "last few years" of "O".
Where the 🖕 were you?
Fracking was the cause of burning water too Ken,
The Dakota oil boom was everything "O" hated.Remember?

But feel free to utter your own words if you dare.
Not just throw out a BS hit piece and call it good.

Funny,, not ONE damned Commiecrat running against Trump is using "your" facts to challenge Trump. Care to explain?

That's the problem with you and yours. Facts ain't on your side.


Ken.. Bobby send you since he is too embarrassed
to answer with a lame link himself?

Paul Emery


Speaking of "facts" can you explain to me what "facts" Trump was referring to when he stated in todays rally in New Hampshire that “You do know who’s paying for the wall, don’t you?” said Trump. “Redemption from illegal aliens. The redemption money is paying for the wall.” (direct quote)

I'm sure you can give me some insight as to what he's referring to and what factual basis comes up with what Trump himself estimates is 16 billion expense.


Ken Jones

Walt: 10 February 2020 at 05:12 PM
I provided facts you whine and insult. When did Forbes become fake news? When they report news/facts that you disagree with.


So you took their bait Ken, good for you. Ahhh What one can do when screwing with numbers. And AGW is real too... Right?
Just "adjust" the figures till you spit out the predetermined outcome.
Yet, you,, yourself,, can't show anything. Point to a given line or paragraph of real fact. None of you do.

Many a hard question put to you and yours, and the crickets are sent in to answer.

Thanks for re-electing Trump come election day.


Here you go Kenny,
"Joe Biden is at it again — living in his own parallel universe. The same former vice president who says that his son, Hunter, was hired by the Ukrainian oil and gas company because of his expertise in energy policy is now claiming that President Trump has “squandered” the strong Obama economy he inherited.

Here is how Mr. Biden put it in a speech last week in Scranton, Pennsylvania: “Donald Trump inherited a strong economy from Barack and me.” Then he added: “Things were beginning to really move. And just like everything else he’s inherited, he’s in the midst of squandering it.”

What’s next? Jimmy Carter taking credit for the Reagan boom?

This is the continuing history rewrite of the left to explain the booming economy in the third year of Mr. Trump’s presidency. Today we are at or below record levels of unemployment, inflation and interest rates in half-a-century. Wages and salaries are rising at their fastest clip in at least two decades. There are an all-time high 7 million unfilled jobs in the United States.

The Washington Post is freaking out about the continued good news on the economy — and especially the latest data — that I reported on these pages two weeks ago that median household income is up by $5,003 since Mr. Trump became president. This was based on Census data, but The Post ranted last week that Donald Trump continues to “inflate his own numbers.” Nearly every assertion in the article was wrong or twisted — and Mr. Trump was right.
What is especially rich in the claims by The Washington Post and Joe Biden and others that Mr. Trump’s success is just a continuation of the Obama economy is that this time three years ago these same Trump haters promised that a Trump presidency would cause a “global financial calamity” and even a “second Great Depression.” The stock market would “never” recover from Mr. Trump’s election, Paul Krugman of The New York Times assured us.

Now, whoops, with the economy surging, all of a sudden, it is just Mr. Obama’s doing. The double standard here is so transparent that only someone suffering from TDS — Trump Derangement Syndrome — would miss it. If the economy were crashing today, the left would say that it’s all Mr. Trump’s fault. But with the economy doing quit well, Mr. Obama gets the credit. "

Paul Emery

How about the "boom" that Bush left Obama Walt. Who is taking credit for that debacle. What economy would you rather inherit Obama's or Bush's?


Bush? BDS flaring up? Now just who had control of the House and Senate Emery? You know, the law makers and tax writers?
The very same the was selling out the American worker,, right?
Naa,, you always forget about the string pullers.

Damn those pesky facts. Care to try again?

Bill Tozer

BDS never sleeps, never rests.

TDS is Progressive and incurable, eh Kenny?


Here is some more Kenny,, news you and yours ans all Trump haters loath to hear.
"Bryan DeHenau runs a roofing business in Macomb County, Michigan, just outside Detroit. Around the time of the last presidential election, he had enough jobs to keep one crew busy, but some of the gigs were barely profitable. Today he can keep three crews busy during the spring and summer months, and he has been able to raise prices, regularly giving people estimates of $20,000 to totally redo a roof and finding that "they don't even bat an eye about it anymore."

"I'm driving a brand-new 2019 Ford F-250. I've got work coming out the ying-yang. I'm doing OK," DeHenau said. "Four years ago, I couldn't sleep at night. That's a pretty big turnaround."

Some of the biggest recent increases in consumer confidence have come from independent voters and less affluent households, according to Richard Curtin, director of the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers. His team always asks people to explain why they feel confident, and lately they are hearing near-record levels of people saying their income and wealth are rising.

No.. Proggys DON'T want that news in open air.
You and yours want folks beholden to government.. Controlled.
But you call Trump the Commie bastard.

Bill Tozer

Don’t tell Punchy that the deplorables chanted ‘Lock her up, Lock her up’ at Trumps rally in New Hampshire this fine evening when Trump mocked mumbling bumbling Nancy. We have our own facts, lol.

Actually, I got to cut those ghastly deplorables some slack. They have been standing out in the snow, wind, freezing rain for over 24 hours to hear the winner of the 2020 election speak. That must of been brutal to endure such a long wait in the harsh elements.

Imagine people standing out in the rain and ice rain and wind on hard concrete for 24 hours waiting to hear Pete or Sleepy Joe or Crazy Bernie, or ‘Wash My Comb’ Amy?

They have their own set of facts, we have ours. Biden drew 110 people today,. Wonder how that Native American lady did at her rally today? You know, the Cherokee with the high cheek bones. She has a lot of facts.
Speaking of tonight’s yet-to-be-fact checked packed to the rafters rally tonight, Trump mentioned the last night of the campaign in 2016. I remember it well and made me cry at the time. After Trump left NH that evening of election eve, his campaign had thrown together one last hastily planned event in Michigan. He arrived uncharacteristically late, exhausted. Landed on a field just after midnight to be greeted with 19,000 people standing in a field with no shelter and some had their boots frozen to the ground. There they stood waiting in a freezing night on a open field, 19,000 strong, waiting to to hear from Trump, to hear, “We are going to win.” Those are deplorables, people of tough stock. The though of 19,000 people standing in the freezing cold without shelter, without being bribed by Rock Stars or celebrities or a free concert. Just the forgotten ones standing in silence, waiting.

The media ridiculed Trump for even going to Michigan during the campaign. They laughed and laughed. No Republican can win Michigan. It’s a lost cause. Even the Dem and R experts and political gurus said it was impossible to win Michigan. It’s Hillary Country, lock, stock, and barrel.

They had their own set of facts, we knuckle dragging Dregs of Society have ours. Hat Tip to Creepy Joe for calling us Dregs of Society. Never change. .

Paul Emery

So Walt Bush had no responsibility in the crash of the economy when he was President. It was ALL the Dems fault. Is that your contention?

Bill Tozer

ROFLMAO. Defend the Omaha legacy at all costs! Take away anything good Trump has done AT ALL COSTS.

Yeah Walt, is that what you contend? Have you stopped drowning puppies yet? Yeah Walt, you said that Bush had no responsibility in the crash of the economy when he was POTUS and it’s all the Dems fault!! Defend the Strawman argument, Brother Walt. Oh my.


Well,,,, YAAAAAA!!! Emery,, Libs have fucked up everything they touch. BIG Government is your answer to everything.
Giving Panama away was such a great idea.(since you love living in the past)

Hear the news? Trump is setting up Nancy for a BIG assed fight with his budget. PLENTY of cuts you Proggys will hate.
Hummmm.. Now just why would he do that in an election year?
Government shutdown? to get his way?

Oh.. Damn Emery,, Trump has his money for the wall. That's gotta piss you off.

Paul Emery


You're a smart guy. Can you tell me what "“Redemption from illegal aliens." means and how that's going to raise the 12 billion bucks Trump says he heeds to build the wall?


Need proof Emery? Gavin and the Commiecrats sure gave it to you hard and dry, They "F"ed you out of your gig work. So I guess your just going to say Thank You, and ask for more.

Well,, you get what you vote for.... Enjoy.


Wall good Illegals bad.

Todd Juvinall

Uh Oh, the cry baby Ken Jones is here to spread his hate like he does on the Union Comments. He is usually insulting every conservative and only his "facts" are true.

Bill Tozer

Same set of facts..

Well, of course they are downplaying, duh. It’s who they are and their spin on good news. I don’t even know why this is an article. Like saying the sun came up today in the East. Things may be good, but not the best thing since sliced bread.

ABC Desperately Tries to Downplay Trump Victories, Record-High Approval

“After noting that those Trump supporters had spent “all night out in that cold, rain and snow,” Karl suggested it was likely the highest point of his presidency. “We may be seeing the high-water mark of the Trump presidency. You mentioned the impeachment trial is over, the Russia investigation is over, the economy is strong, and the Democrats seem to be in disarray,” Karl said.

But that positive tone didn’t last long, as Karl immediately dismissed it as Trump’s ceiling. “But if this is the high-water mark for the Trump presidency it's only so high. The Gallup poll, his approval rating is 49 percent, its highest ever. But that’s still less than half the country,” he argued.

It was the first time an ABC News morning or evening newscast had acknowledged the existence of the poll since it was released a week ago (Tuesday, February 4). Both ABC and NBC omitted it from their evening newscasts that night.

Trump will have a tough battle for re-election no matter who the Democrats nominate. And trust me, his campaign knows it,” Karl declared in a bitter tone.

Of course, the 2020 campaign wouldn’t be a cakewalk. But it’s worth noting that, when President Trump was elected, Gallup found his unfavorability rating was at 61 percent with a favorability at 35 percent. A far cry from his current approval numbers.“


Yeah, so there. It’s a far cry from the invention of the wheel. They sure told us.

Bill Tozer

Economic optimism verse economic rot.
Trump’s economic growth sure does not look, taste, or smell like the Obama Recovery. Remember when Obama appointed VP Biden to lead his Recovery Victory Tour in the Spring of 2010? I am still waiting. It does not feel the same, but what do I know? Those green sprouts are sure a slow growing variety of desert plants. Very slow growing.

It would behoove our friends on the glum side of the street to read Dr. Rebane’s [7feb20 update] ‘Trump’s SOTUS was all lies declare the Dems led by Team Nancy’, so we can save all the typing.

“You are wrong.” Ah contraire, You are wrong!” “Negatory, it’s Obama’s Recovery!” “Whatever”.

Quote and a link:

Trump Derangement Syndrome: “After all of President Trump’s mistruths at the State of the Union, the January jobs report shows the rot at the heart of the Trump economy.” —House Speaker Nancy Pelosi”
‘Stellar Jobs Report Feeds Economic Optimism’
Americans are more hopeful for their personal finances than ever, and for good reason.




Dunno if it's going to be Peak Trump in terms of support, but I'll tell you one thing that's going to occur more and more to the deplorables.

The potential for Revenge Tour 2020.

Regardless of how mundane Trump policies might have been over the last three years, the Blue Mob is obviously crazy mad. Accent on 'crazy'. They're rarin' to go with severe overshoot on Leftiness combined with the need to make the evil people hurt.

The Republicans are riding the tiger, a crazy tiger, and can't afford to drop any reins of power.


Trump takes an eraser to "O"'s legacy again.
"President Donald Trump directed the Department of Interior to open up more federal lands for energy production and recreation, including in Utah where he downsized massive amounts of land put off limits by the Obama administration."

Yup,, some of that economy boosting done by "O",, that the Bobby and Kenny show were reporting on.


,,,I just love the title of this thread!!!

From Kelly Anne to George,,,the Trump Alternative Facts delusion virus is making its way through the at-risk Lemming population.


...and the beat goes on


"According to JSO investigators who tracked him down, Timm admitted to purposefully driving into the tent because “someone had to take a stand.”

Timm told investigators he saw the registration tent after he went to pick up food and cigarettes and a nearby Walmart, according to JSO.

He then showed investigators a video he recorded while driving towards the tent, according to JSO, but the video cut out before he hit the tent. According to the report, Timm said he was upset that the video ended before “the good part.”"


Mini Mike speaks.



I like this one better Dougy.
"Electile Dysfunction: Joe Biden Pulls Out Early from New Hampshire"

Bill Tozer

Around and round we go, where it stops nobody knows.

‪"The budget that Obama proposed shortly after taking office included projections of growth in GDP climbing to 4.6% this yr. Even after these early estimates proved incorrect, the administration continued to forecast high growth."‬
‪--@washingtonpost 8/15/12 ——The Sage of South Central, aka, the Elder Statesman.

‘Obama inconsistent on pace of economic recovery’


LIBS have a nasty habit of trying to rewrite history when things don't go their way.
From just which side the Klan was on(theirs) to who who actually fixed the economy(Trump..not "O")
Now don't forget, Obamacare was the cheapest care you could never afford to use.

Don Bessee

Bad news for crazy gretta's green new deal gangsters -

In 2019, climate change ended up in 17th place out of 18.

70% of people said strengthening the economy should be a top priority.
69% said reducing healthcare costs should be.
68% said the education system needs attention.
Those are very strong numbers, involving more than two-thirds of the population. What came next?
4. ‘Defending the country from future terrorist attacks’ – 67%
5. ‘Taking steps to make the Social Security system financially sound’ – 67%
6. ‘Taking steps to make the Medicare system financially sound’ – 67%
7. ‘Dealing with the problems of poor and needy people’ – 60%
8. ‘Protecting the environment’ – 56%
9. ‘Dealing with the issue of immigration’ – 51%
10. ‘Improving the job situation’ – 50%
11. ‘Reducing crime’ – 50%
12. ‘Dealing with drug addiction’ – 49%
13. ‘Reducing the budget deficit’ – 48%
14. ‘Addressing race relations in this country’ – 46%
15. ‘Strengthening the US military’ – 45%
16. ‘Improving the country’s roads, bridges and public transportation systems’ – 45%
17. ‘Dealing with global climate change’ – 44%
18. ‘Dealing with global trade issues’ –




Punchy apparently forgot the genesis of the financial meltdown at the end of Bush II's presidency... Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac's meltdown. Those Democratic Party sacred cows and New Deal remnants had done Congress' will and bought all the subprime paper they could, slicing and dicing those mortgages with properly backed paper so that when the market went bust, it was left with trainloads of securities whose true value was unknown.

It took time to undo the damage.


A gift for Paul, which includes some dissenting views. Less pithy than 'Bush Dun It!', but there you have it.


Perhaps some day we can achieve the Albanian ideal of Civil War caused by failure of pyramid schemes.


Scenes, thanks... it's nice to have a 662 page backup to my one sentence summary ;)

Where did punchy wander off to?

Bill Tozer

How Academic ‘Blacklists’ Impede Serious Work On Climate Science


George Rebane

BillT 736am - This may be the clearest sign yet that the 'science' that backs climate hysteria is politically manufactured, sustained, and distributed. Everyone in that insular community must needs sing in harmony from the same sheet.


Gregory: "Scenes, thanks... it's nice to have a 662 page backup to my one sentence summary ;)"

That document would be a hard slog, but the idea of Paul actually reading anything cracks me up.

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