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08 March 2020



I'm aware of Sweden stepping back from the public spending precipice, but it would be interesting to compare the regulatory load in different countries. It's a harder thing to measure but would give more insight into the real degree of socialism in a country.

After all, you don't have to own a thing to control it.

As usual, the lesson I take from places like Scandinavia is that high-functioning monocultures produce the best outcomes. You could probably replace the Swedish government with a constitutional monarchy and expect largely the same result. It's only socialism/communism that seems guaranteed to fail, and perhaps it's not purely due to economics issues.

George Rebane

scenes 1228pm - "... you don't have to own a thing to control it." Actually, many of us have a more operational definition of ownership - you own something ONLY to the extent that you can dispose of it as you will.

Bill Tozer

“And even after the recent tax cut, America would still have to slightly reduce its corporate tax. Americans would need to reform Social Security from defined benefits to defined contributions and introduce private accounts. They would also need to adopt a comprehensive school voucher system where private schools get the same per‐​pupil funding as public ones.”

Oh my, that would never never fly here...especially that line, “They would also need to adopt a comprehensive school voucher system where private schools get the same per‐​pupil funding as public ones.”

That would destroy the Dem Power base in CA and the demonstrators would be in the hundreds of thousands. Unfair to teachers! Unfair to the unions! Not unfair to our kids, but screw them!

And Denmark has the land mass of Maryland.


Sweden stood as the world’s fourth wealthiest country nearly five decades ago. Its taxes were lower than most western countries, including the United States. The economy was deregulated, and public spending was hardly above 10 percent gross domestic product (GDP).

But Sweden was soon teetering on the brink of collapse from its experiment with socialism.

“Free markets and small government made Sweden rich,” said Swedish economist and Cato Institute fellow Johan Norberg. “The experiment with socialism crashed us.”

What it all boiled down to.....
“The problem with these policies is that they began to erode the foundations for a successful society,”


And importing a Muslim culture that hated them was such a good idea.

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