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11 March 2020


Bill Tozer

On Any Given Sunday

The fake Buck Sexton reminds me of the big barrage we were once the recipient of here. It was in the aftermath of the hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico and wiped out her ports and docks. At first, the Puerto Rican authorities said 7 people died, then 11, the 28, etc. As the initial reports from Puerto Rica came in, Trump said only 7 died, not bad. Good news.
Oh, the unhinged (unglued) went nuts over than a week or two later. Trump is a racist, he don’t care about Puerto Rica because they are BROWN PEOPLE! And on and on it went. No place to dock a ship, no place to land a plane...until we got in there to repair and clear one runway.

As the death toll rose over the weeks, the TDSers were stuck on the orginal reports given to the Trump Administration by the Puerto Rican’s authorities on the ground. Then the big fight over the exact death toll. Oh my.

Newsflash: It is up to the local authorities to count their dead, to talk to the hospitals, to have local LE and authorities gather all the information they can. When the Oakland Earthquake hit, it was not up to the Federal Government to Report the death toll, but that is the job of the State and local authorities....the local coroners if you will, and the local and State civil servants to compile lists of missing persons. Same with the Paradise Fire.

So, yeah, Trump did say this (Wuhan virus) may pass in 15 days, given the information presented to him from the Chinese government and other media reports at the time. Not to mention all the experts from HHS, CDC, and infectious disease experts at the time. Yeah, it could pass in 15 days, yeah there were only 7 or 11 deaths reported from Puerto Rico at the time.....

The reason I bring this up is the situation is fluid and a wise person should change his views as new information is presented. We have gone from don’t panic, it may pass in 15 days to don’t panic in this National Emergency.

The other reason I bring up the Puerto Rico death toll is because the Lefties gathered together to yell at us on this site that Trump is a racist and does not care about about Brown People happened on a Sunday.

On any given Sunday.

They should find another hobby


"They should find another hobby"

Good Lord, why? You get all the fun of outrage with none of the responsibility. It's rather like running a business nonprofit while never running a business of any size.

Just to throw out a guess, there are a few things that are different now. We've gone to an administration where all uttered words are leaked, the Presidency as The Truman Show, plus you've got a guy who doesn't speaks purely in platitudes using prepared speeches.

I think it's healthy for the Republic to have more transparency to the sausage being made, but I'm afraid we'll simply slip back into the comfy blanket of an Obama style ooze.

"My fellow Americans, I make the pledge to do everything in my power to help 'insert_emergency_here'. We face a complex set of challenges and are closely monitoring 'insert_emergency_here'. The Depart of 'insert_department_name' will ensure that we have the resources we need at our disposal to respond quickly and effectively. I am getting regular updates on the situation from 'agencies or departments' and will give updates to the American people. With additional diversity and men in dresses, we can overcome 'general class of problems'. Thank you very much."

Bill Tozer


It think you said it best. Bottomline: When the sticky brown stuff hits the oscillating device, we are all on our own. I concur.

Those that live by the government die by the government. As mentioned previously, Lyawatha is the last person on Earth to want to turn their guns over to the ‘Great White Father in Washington’.

One would think that the Leftinistas and Statists would be jumping for joy. They have made no bones about they are waiting for all of us old dinosaurs to die off and quit blocking the progress to Utopia....a place they know exists, but only in their imaginations.
I thoroughly enjoyed Gregory’s tale of his shopping experience. Made me smile. I figure I only have a roll or two or TP left as well, but I have not bothered to look to verify. I figure the panic buying will pass and the stores will be well restocked this week. I will do shopping then. And good to know someone makes TP that is ‘septic friendly’. I never knew that. Learn something new everyday. I suppose Dougie can get by wearing a diaper....as he has for quite a spell. Cloth diapers are reusable. No TP necessary.
Just a random short link. Joe Biden has not received the memo.



Die off you dinosaurs, die off! Goodbye Mayberry RFD.


Well, the TROLL won't be so joyful when he/she/it
see's its 401k.
But look at the bright side TROLL,, you got that economic crash
you have been wanting.. You "immune" from that?

Bill Tozer

*I got an e-mail from PG&E telling me that while their office workers and chair warmers would be telecommuting, the men and women in the field would be ensuring that I have power and be in the field. Thank you.

*Had to go to the County last Wednesday or Thursday. The people in the office where sitting there and all of a sudden I had a tickle in my throat and covered a small single soft cough. You should have seen their eyeballs widen, lol. I was the only non-chair warmer in the office (member of the unwashed public) and all eyes were on me. A county employee lady ran over while I was still standing at the counter and sprayed the counter top and all around me. I mentioned in a nice joking way that one sneeze or cough would evacuate the whole Rood Center. They had already heard that one. Upon leaving, I told the eyeballs fixated on me that there are certainly benefits for working outside and they all readily agreed. They are trapped, I am not. To make them feel better, I told them the benefits of working outside disappear in the winter time and they had the advantage.

All that to say Thank You to our cops, ambulance drivers, utility workers and nurses and docs and the guy who is out there right now plowing the roads. Thank you. The show must go on.
Short one from VDH:

Remembering Who Is Keeping Us Alive



"*I got an e-mail from PG&E telling me that while their office workers and chair warmers would be telecommuting, the men and women in the field would be ensuring that I have power and be in the field. Thank you."

It would funny if nearly everyone stayed home to school their kids or watch Netflix and the US experienced no drop in the production of useful goods and services.

The Bluff is Called.


Billt: "and nurses and docs"

Imagine the good times when Captain Trips burns through Hospitality House and they load up the buses for a mass trip to the ER. That should be a real spectacle.

Bill Tozer

@ 12:35 pm
But at least every client of HH has insurance! Free insurance, medicaid...er...California Health and Wellness.....er....Medi-Cal. Lucky them. :)


LIBS are catching it,, one by one. So who was the Chinese operative he was seeing?

Bill Tozer

I guess the real test locally will be the number of riders on the Gold Country Stage. People still have to go out to scheduled appointments, buy some food, get to the bank or whatever. Roll the dice? No other options? Public transportation might take a hit. Hit in our wallets, that is. More will be revealed.


But what about those who have now clue how to cook?
The town drunks? Now ain't they drinking the germ killer?

Now we need a gov. supplied cook and alcohol dispenser.
ALL free of course.


OH SHIT!!! Then I find THIS!!
"LOS ANGELES — California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sunday called for all bars, wineries, nightclubs and brewpubs to close in the nation’s most populous state and urged seniors and people with chronic conditions to isolate themselves at home in a bid to contain the spread of the coronavirus."

Yes,, that means you to Nevada City.

Don Bessee

So should we expect a run on the liquor stores @247?



I think I read somewhere that Australia was not allowing cruise ships to dock.

Another article.


Those boats are such Petri dishes you gotta wonder about the concept to begin with, but the problem of an ocean filled with Flying Dutchmen is not a thing I guessed would happen.

Are non-Californians under quarantine currently ordered to leave real-soon-now? If so, expect a large scale quarantine.

Bill Tozer

“So should we expect a run on the liquor stores @247?”

Funny thing. I was just wondering if there was a run on tin foil at the Bonanza Market and/or SPD on Zion Street.

Wonder how this will affect the Census workers going amidst the street people and finding crusty non-conformists who refuse to mail back the form.

Bill Tozer

2:47 pm

Alright. Is this the return of the drive thru liquor stores, and grab a jug of milk while passing through? I miss the ole Buy-n-Bye.

Wonder if this has the makings of the Return of the Drive-In movie theaters, aka, The Passion Pits per our Moral Betters. :)


...another decent youtube channel.


Don Bessee

What do you expect when you get 2 geezers on stage -

**Livewire*** Joe, Bern Coronavirus Debate

Sanders: ’Take on Healthcare Industry’

Whoops: Sanders Calls It ’Ebola,’ Biden Calls It ’Sars’

Biden Announces: Border Open for At Least First 100 Days

They Agree: Climate Change Still Biggest Threat

…Joe Uses Term ‘Undocumented Alien’…




A crisis too good to waste. Now I have a good excuse to bag that turkey up behind the house.
Gotta feed the family with everything gone from the shelves,,,, right?

Bill Tozer

Walt, it's OK just as long as you stay 6 to 12' away from any humans.

I call horseshit.

AOC spreads disinformation to push socialism amid coronavirus panic



Say, that's interesting.


"Israel has long been known for its use of technology to track the movements of Palestinian militants. Now, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to use similar technology to stop the movement of the coronavirus."

Not a bad idea. I can guarantee that something like that is going on in the US right now. If you track everyone, you can track down people they infect. I doubt it ever gets turned off.


Well,, there IS this app for your phone.

Who is running a fever?

Bill Tozer

Dang. I knew it, I just knew. So that is how it’s spreading.

BREAKING NEWS: ‘CODVI-19 Found In Unopened Packages Of Toilet Paper’
Manufactures ordered shut down by Gov’t, millions affected


This is a kind thing to do.


Meanwhile, from McGees Annex facebook group an hour ago (and no doubt 10,000 other bars):

"We are open! Can’t shut us down that easy!!! Cheers"

Bill Tozer

Bummer, man.

COVID-19 shares name with Arizona company

Meet the Other “Covid”


Bill Tozer

“Meanwhile, from McGees Annex facebook group an hour ago (and no doubt 10,000 other bars):

"We are open! Can’t shut us down that easy!!! Cheers"”




Posted by: Bill Tozer | 15 March 2020 at 11:24 PM

Meet the Other “Covid”

Bummer…… wish those delicious "Ayds" weight loss candies were still available!



re: Local bars

Perhaps I'm overreacting, Italian newspapers will do that to you, we'll see in a week or two.

The thing you hit with bars is:

* 25 year olds who go out to drink absolutely don't care if they pass around a bug that will kill their grandparents. The fact that drinking temporarily lowers your immune system (and good sense) helps of course.
* Bar owners would rather see the town burn down than lose a single night's worth of revenue. They are rather single minded that way.

If things shutdown for a while, it'll have to be done by the local government.


Bill Tozer

Always a silver lining. Gives me that attitude of gratitude.

Imagine going to blow up a shopping mall or street faire and nobody was there? Safety First.

‘ISIS Travel Warning: Terrorists Should Stay Out of Europe During Coronavirus Outbreak’

“ISIS, the radical Islamic terrorist group, has issued travel advice to its supporters, telling would-be terrorists to avoid travelling to Europe during the coronavirus outbreak.”

• Two social science predictions: There’s going to be a mini-baby boom nine months from now. That would be good news. Second: we may see a small bump in the divorce rate, too, as enforced time together may cause some married couples on the bubble to throw it in.
• Overheard at a bar:

“Girl, if this Coronavirus doesn’t take you out… can I?”

Yup, that’s plenty good reason to close down bars and taverns.

Bill Tozer

Shame on her. She should be home, she shouldn’t be here. She should be across the ocean. How dare she!

‘COVID-19 a ‘boomer remover’ — Why millennials are angry and done with older generation


Yep, I am now looking at them the same way they have been looking at us. Die Boomer, die and be done with it.
Yep, she shouldn’t be here. How dare she.


I don't know.... When your marooned on the porcelain island,,,
yaa,,, one could consider that an "emergency".

Don Bessee

Of course comrade deblasio would be calling for government takeovers -

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) called for the nationalization of certain parts of the supply chain, and stated that “we’re getting close to a reality where the government has to ensure that the food supply, that it is not only available, but that it’s equitably distributed.”




another thought on bars.

As they play out Masque of the Red Death in NC (although there's some chance there's a shutdown tomorrow), the folks with good habits will clear out first.

What you'll see is an increasing bias towards people who are more likely to pick up Captain Trips. Homeless people using the restroom, young bearded guys who don't give a f, local miscreants.

Here's a thought, will there be a push against facial hair? I need to look through the literature but it wouldn't surprise me if beard/mustache = higher chance of illness, after all it's kind of a big moisture trap near your inlet ports that people tend to touch all the time. Hirsute ladies are excepted since people tend to steer clear of them.


DonB: "New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) called for the nationalization of certain parts of the supply chain, "

Well, that's just g.d. stupid. Even the aid agencies figured out that it's easier to chum out cash to the needy and then the goods will always find a way there. Give old widow ladies a chunk o' cash and people will fight to supply them with toilet paper and Spam(tm).

The only case for that is one where there's no profit motive. Letting stuff sit in a warehouse for a day perhaps as the cardboard de-viruses.


..and awaaay we go...



plus some other stuff I can't talk about.


Posted by: scenes | 16 March 2020 at 12:39 PM

Well, that's just g.d. stupid.

Forget it scenes….it's De Blasio.


Socialized medicine and open borders at work.


Wow. Check this out.

"In the six Bay Area counties, non-essential gatherings of any size are now banned, along with non-essential travel “on foot, bicycle, scooter, automobile or public transit.”"



"Everyone is to work from home, or stop working, unless they provide an essential service, which includes health care workers; police, fire and other emergency responders; and utility providers such as electricians, plumbers, and sanitation workers."

I'm glad I bought those cases of wine.

Bill Tozer

..and awaaay we go...@ 1:29pm

First thing that hit my mind was, “Is it Steve? He has been pretty quiet lately.” Probably not.

Second thing that hit my mind was the though of Steve going off to Wisconsin for 4 months to campaign for Anybody But Trump. Wonder if this Flung Flu Virus will put a crimp in those plans. Doing door to door canvassing. A stranger knocking on door while folks are hunkering in? What, sit in an office manning a phone bank with all those folks around spewing little bits of spittle into a receiver on headsets Steve might use..... Milwaukee is a real dump. Maybe he will get to work Madison. Green Bay might be a waste of time.

Bill Tozer

Wonder if the Bullet Train (126 miles) will hit its completion mark. Gotta get those track laid....don’t have to run passengers until 2026 or 2028.

I think a mass transit project to take me to Bakersfield will save the planet.

Oh never mind. We are in the middle of a pandemic being run by the the Biggest Existential Threat to America and The World....none other than one Donald J Trump. This virus is bigger than Trump.


"This virus is bigger than Trump."

and maybe more orange.

There's something to be said for having a germophobe running a pandemic shitshow. He'll hit this from a truly visceral level and probably start firing people the second they don't perform. There's bound to be a bunch of McClellans in the .gov health industrial complex. Giving the right people the boot is probably the most important skill of an executive, but it's hard to select for that ability.

Oh well, if the Chinese weren't eating weasel-pangolin kebab with a sprinkling of rhino horn, we wouldn't get as many chances to strengthen our immune systems.


Gotta love those anonymous sources.
"A report from a German newspaper claiming that President Donald Trump wanted to secure exclusive American access to a coronavirus vaccine has proven to be false, but only after the story was repeated and spread by mainstream media outlets including Reuters, The Guardian, and Business Insider."

Bill Tozer

It's getting really real out there.

Holed up in the US: Coronavirus shutdown threatens jobs M

"I’ve never seen it like this,” said Ed Turner, who owns Ed’s Public Safety in Stockbridge, Georgia. “This is self-preservation. This is panic. This is ‘I won’t be able to protect my family from the hordes and the walking dead.’”



ahem. Moi@12:36 today "(although there's some chance there's a shutdown tomorrow)"


Good for yubanet, by far the best local news source even if they're politically biased as all get-out. KNCO and KVMR should do a better job.

I see that KVMR was interviewing Pascale again in order to fill their news show. Too funny.

Tomorrow will be time to don a spacesuit and check out the local grocery stores, assuming there's not some freak snow storm. It should be interesting.

George Rebane

People will quit emptying the shelves when they see that the distribution system still functions and shelves are restocked.

Don Bessee

@945 - There will also be a financial limiting factor, folks who do not have a chest freezer and who do not normally keep significant amounts of long shelf life items will get stocked to their financial limits in most cases. I noticed at raleys that all of the prepared meats like pulled pork, Mexican meats, sirloin tips in gravy etc were wiped out while the cold meats and fresh meat had lots. Looks like those who do not cook or eat out got stocked up here.

As you note there are massive amounts of food in the system that will be on the shelf in the cycle. The stores doing away with 24 hour days to better restock will also have a positive impact.

Suppressing panic is job one right now.




"There will also be a financial limiting factor, folks who do not have a chest freezer and who do not normally keep significant amounts of long shelf life items will get stocked to their financial limits in most cases. "

Plus you get the shock ringing up and down the system of people filling up pantries. I don't doubt that parts of some supply chains are in a tizzy, not to mention Chinese-sourced stuff.

Hopefully folks who have a chest freezer don't lose the contents. PG&E don't giveth but they can sure taketh away. At least it's winter so your back porch makes a decent refrigerator for the folks without generators.

Don Bessee

Hi ya @1022 re chest freezers, a late model with very thick walls in the cold part of my garage only needed a thermal blanket as an add on and survived the wind events just fine. It was full and I didn't open it.

UH OH orange bad man takin care of us and infuriating the open borders crowd AGAIN! -

The report did not say if the government will curb the inflow of white-collar migrants — such as H-1B workers — to high-tech companies. The inflow likely helped spread the coronavirus through Washington state



Bill Tozer

Its a mad mad world out there among the homo sapiens.


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