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02 March 2020


Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane. Now, now, be nice to Major Tulsi. She is the one and only candidate that the Dems wanted to keep off the debate stage at all costs. All of them. They tremble at her name. Imagine the damage she could have done with a couple more debate appearances! Nice take down of Kamala and she would have ate Biden and Warren up, and spit out the germs. Like Popeye the Sailor man. Eat up the worms and spit out the germs. :)

I was driving eastbound on 50 in Sac when I spied what look like a homeless bum on the overpass. He was holding up a big a sign in his rags. The sign said ‘Tulsi for President!”

But, to answer your question, “ And now if we can get Ms Gabbard off her surfboard to call her office, they can explain the situation to her. Does anyone think Tulsi still has hopes for a VP slot?

Hell NO! But I still like her spunk, despite her politics. I don’t think Williamson has a cha de for the VP slot either.

Warren??? Maybe, but there are some out there that have not grown fond of her. :). Like moi.

‘Goodbye, Liz’.


It is better to sleep under the stars alone and cold than inside the teepee with a contentious woman.


Klobmentum flowing to Biden.......!

Amy's no dummy!


Bill Tozer

I don’t mind any of the remaining Dems still in the race or who they pick for VP. Can the stand up to those who do not hate America? Can they stand up to a group of folks who have had enough, and enough means enough?

Check out this new Trump ad. Kinda long for an ad, but we are ready for Thunderdome. Two men enter, one man leaves. Man, no messing with Chicks on the Right.



Well….nobody saw this coming!

Joe Biden Drops Out of Race, Endorses Biden

(2020-03-02) — Following disappointing performances in early primaries and caucuses, former Vice President Joe Biden today suspended his campaign for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, and announced he’ll throw his support behind the winner of the South Carolina primary, the former Delaware Senator, Joe Biden.

“A man’s gotta know when he’s whipped,” Biden told a tearful crowd of supporters. “It’s time for me to skedaddle, and make way for that Biden fella — God love him.



Now isn't all that early voting great? How many LIBS have already voted for one who has thrown in the towel?
Sorry, no do overs.


Elizabeth Warren is no more.

The harridan vote must find a new champion.

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