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05 March 2020


The Estonian Fox

If the Dems have another debate, I want to see Tulsi take on the 2 old white guys. She's the last woman standing (and Samoan, and Buddhist).

George Rebane

EestiR 1057am - Do you really think the DNC is going let Tulsi anywhere near the next debate stage? If so, expand on your thoughts.

Bill Tozer

Elizabeth drops out of another race...the Native American race

Bob H

Once upon us
Now she's gone
Sans siren song.

Bill Tozer

Becoming President was just not in Warren’s DNA.

Well-hung Chad



Peter Van Zant

Her name is Elizabeth Warren...a little respect and decorum is needed these days.


Posted by: Peter Van Zant | 07 March 2020 at 08:48 AM

I’m sure former President Bushitler would agree......!

George Rebane

re PeterVZ 848am - We note that the woman showed less respect to her university and students with her gratuitous ethnic heritage claims. And then the pandering of her progressive policy plans showed even less respect than that for the American electorate.


"Her name is Elizabeth Warren...a little respect and decorum is needed these days."


ow! oh god, my sides.

Todd Juvinall

And just who would Pochontas have that nine year old ttransgender poick for Education Secretary?


Vanzant? Well well... Mr. NH2020 himself. Tell us again why you got voted out of office?

Bill Tozer

“Her name is Elizabeth Warren...a little respect and decorum is needed these days”

Well, tell that to the misogynist Democrat Party who rejected the lying fake Indian Spreading Bull across the board. Rejected in her home state, rejected in her native state, and rejected by her party.

George Rebane

BillT 1025am - Point well made Mr Tozer. The woman has been most forcefully rejected by her own party since she threatened to take it into a political netherland. She has has been cast into the DNC's caste of untouchables into which they would dearly like to also consign comrade Bernie.


"Her name is Elizabeth Warren...a little respect and decorum is needed these days."

Absolutely correct. A little respect and decorum is needed these days.

I have in mind the norms shredded by Mme. Pelosi at the SOTU address. Sen. Warren has no outsized claim to virtue.


Then there's Schumer's latest threats against Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.


re: Gregory.

There's probably a book yet to be written of political insults.

I was poking around a few of those, and ran into Horace Greeley referring to one Lewis Cass as “that pot-bellied, mutton-headed, cucumber-soled Cass.”


It appears Van Zant has run away. Par for the course.

George Rebane

re Gregory 107pm - that may be why they're often call 'drive-by debaters' - make a statement you cannot defend, and then disappear.


re: GeorgeR@2:08PM

Virtue signalling is it's own reward.


Apparently Punchy’s entreaties have had some impact........

Police Quarantine California Neighborhood After Coronavirus Death

I wonder if the president has been informed?



Posted by: scenes | 07 March 2020 at 12:54 PM

: : : LIKE A ROTTEN MACKEREL IN THE MOONLIGHT - "John Randolph, the eccentric Virginian aristocrat, invented this phrase in the 1820s and used it against at least two of his congressional colleagues. Henry Clay, he complained, was so corrupt that, 'like a rotten mackerel in the moonlight, he both shines and stinks.'


Dropout Derby II Electric Boogaloo.

Unless Dementia Joe keels over, he's looking like a shoo-in.

But...who'll be the Numero Two?

Team Blue is going to run this like a Chinese restaurant menu, one from each column, and the White Male slot is filled up. Probably gotta be female, probably gotta be a POC, double bonus points for a connection with Saint Obama.

Vice President Michelle. You'll lock in the Bernie Bros, lock in the black hivemind, she can read a deep-state written teleprompter as well as anybody.

Change my mind.

Bill Tozer


“So the debate will be between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. How many times has the DNC changed the debate rules over the course of the campaign? Several, and always, it seems, to Tulsi Gabbard’s disadvantage. Why is the Democratic Party so anxious to prevent viewers from seeing Gabbard? Why, when cries of “sexism” are widely being raised, does the DNC go out of its way to bar the last remaining woman from the stage?

It’s an interesting question. I suspect the answer is that the DNC knows how weak both Sanders and Biden are, and fears that Tulsi could make them both look bad. She is not only effective in debate, she is 40 years younger than Biden and Sanders–a fact that might uncomfortably highlight one of their fundamental weaknesses. And, of course, she is a woman. But whether that matters is, it seems, entirely discretionary with the DNC.”




Posted by: scenes | 07 March 2020 at 03:04 PM

He would always know that Sugar Frosted Barry O's is working things behind the scenes.....and that he would be little more than a spokespuppet for the new controllers of Blue Mob™ to trot out and keep Nevada City Senior Citizens calm. Maybe he, as I speculated in another post, just wants to cross the finish line first for once and to bask in the adulation on election night.....smiling, pointing and mugging for the camera as confetti wafts down from the rafters!

Actual governing.....he has to know that he's out of that game at this point!

jetsy posted something over at his catbox about a Biden/Klobuchar ticket! At least that wouldn't terrify the normies.....desperately rubbing their crucifixes praying that Biden continues on another day and that sullen Chicagoan doesn't assume the office.


Posted by: scenes | 07 March 2020 at 03:04 PM

Change my mind.

See.......the "tingles"......progressive old men still get them! Especially for such sturdy and serious pols like Minnesota sportswriter Jim Klobuchars daughter Amy!

depelton says:

March 7, 2020 at 4:51 pm

I gotta admit, though, that having a competent and honest woman like Klobuchar on the ticket would give it some excitement for a lot of progressives like me.


Bill Tozer

Fish @ 4:58 pm

While I refuse to dirty myself by opening that link, the Biden-Amy was floated a couple months ago (at least) by our sock puppet who changes his internet name much more frequently than his underwear. Forget the name Ozzi used at the time. Punchy even made a brief reference to the Biden-Amy ticket and the whack jobs leaving ignorant remarks on the Union’s comments have longed talked of a Biden-Warren ticket (with Kamala as AG) to have Warren jump into the seat behind the Oval Office desk when Ole Joe stumps his toe kicking the bucket. The sooner, the better, one-termer at most.

But, a Biden-Amy ticket would peal off moderate R’s and Blue Collar clingers....and they can show the world they are not really who they are! And get this: In 2008, Biden and Obama were rated #1 and #3 the most liberal Senators on the Hill.

Now, they are busy rebranding ole Sleepy Joe as a moderate....with Beto in charge of his gun policy. Probably put Julián Castro in charge of immigration policy.

The moderate candidates of the Joe-Amy ticket, ROFLMFUEO. Man, those rascally Dems sure can tell some whoppers.

It does appear the “Dems” are not ready for Bernie's sudden Socialist America, but the incremental march to socialism. The far far far Leftinistas just do not have the votes yet. Used to be 20% or so of the voters. Once briefly spiked to 24%. Now, it’s probably 35-40 of the Dem Party.

Hey folks, the Dems are the moderates and we are the Extremists. In the end of times, good will be called evil and evil will be called good.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 07 March 2020 at 05:41 PM

Now, they are busy rebranding ole Sleepy Joe as a moderate....with Beto in charge of his gun policy. Probably put Julián Castro in charge of immigration policy.

That’s the beauty of Vacant Joe....you can put him into any crazy political pose you want!


Posted by: fish | 07 March 2020 at 05:51 PM

That’s the beauty of Vacant Joe....you can put him into any crazy political pose you want!

Like .....GI Joe!

Bill Tozer


Did you know that the original box the GI Joe doll came in is worth more than original GIJoe. He had a good run until Ken came along.
Looks like some of our educated white suburban feminists are taking Warren’s implosion rather hard. Too small of a constituency.
Ever see a pic of the Huff-n-Puff editorial board? All, save a token, are all white 25-30 something females with glasses and that preppy white look. Warren got creamed by the younger SJWs in the Bernie lane and she had no Plan B lane. She actually considered herself the perfect bridge between the party’s two factions, lol. It’s true. Found out she ain’t the one, despite having a plan for that. She said a bridge is impossible between the two and she was wrong to think it was possible. Translation: she ran a crappy campaign. She is not a good candidate.

But, the grievers are grieving Warren’s collapse. It reminded me a lot of Harris, who launched on MLK Day with the crowd of 20,000 and the media absolutely worshipping her. Hit #1 briefly. Before she dropped out, Harris was polling 5th in CA and was not getting the black vote. At least Harris did not stick around to be humiliated in her home state like Lizzy. Both Harris’s meteoritic rise and crash to Earth and Lieawatha’s slower solo plane crash were awesome. “Yeah, that was awesome.”

Poor Peter and Steve. They have to work around a bunch of Warren lubbing female types and I am certain that Peter earlier was just standing up for his co-workers. They are in grief right now, so BE NICE, fellas. Man, poor Peter and Steve. All that estrogen can’t be pleasant to be around. As a male, Peter thought he had to do something to fix the problem. He told us off. Silly man, all your Warren lubbers and swooners just wanted you to listen to them....not fix it, you Macho Man, you.


re: Klobuchar vs. Michelle.

I'm just not seeing Klobuchar bringing in enough oomph (or melanin).

Aah, now. Michelle O. That would get the crowd going. It's a way to get Barack back in a position of power...followed by the Supreme Court nomination. I can also imagine a Hillary cabinet position, probably not State, maybe Defense.

It would require a flip on the Senate in addition to the Presidency, but what an amazing opportunity for payback, a giant FU to the deplorables after all the mean things Orange Hitler said. Bathrooms by gender? High stock market? Border enforcement? Retribution time, baby.

A bit of revenge porn for the Left, but they are in no mood for compromise or any of that 'bring America together' sort of guff. OTOH, there's no point in Team Red compromising at this point as the tiger is well and truly being ridden.

Bill Tozer

Darn Scenes, I can’t like the meme of Bloomberg sitting next to Michelle and the caption read, “Mini-Mike and Big Mike. Actually it was a funnier pic than caption. :).

They can always run that guy who looks like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (Tim Kaine) again for a standby or stand-in running mate. He sure packed the crowds in last time.....shades of Biden, lol.


" I can’t like the meme of Bloomberg sitting next to Michelle"

a variation.


If he just moved over to his left a bit, he'd be a dead ringer for Charlie McCarthy.

Bill Tozer

NPR Turns to Angry Feminists as Warren Dropped Out -- But Wait, Neither Endorsed Her!


Here is the sweet woman in question in her own words:


Ladies, please. Control yourselves!


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 08 March 2020 at 11:07 AM

Ladies, please. Control yourselves!

Ooooh......feminist “Danger Hair”!

Bill Tozer

In regards to Peter Van’s brief drive by comment.....

It has dawned on me that the majority of the Democrat Party members are.....drumroll please....female! Thus, it was not the Democrat Party that rejected Elizabeth Warren to become the next nominee for POTUS, it was more precisely the Democrat voters (mostly female) that told Pocahontas to talk to the hand.
Here is another consideration I did not catch. It was right there hidden in front of my nose this whole time, ie, the New Face of the Democrat Party.

Warren’s Campaign Was Doomed the Moment Ocasio-Cortez Endorsed Sanders

“The most striking disparity for Warren concerns not gender but ideology. While progressives might not be the majority in America, they do constitute a critical mass of the Democratic Party. In New Hampshire, Sanders outpolled Warren among liberal voters by 20 points (33 to 13 percent) and nearly 30 points by very liberal voters (48 to 19 percent). In Iowa, liberal voters preferred Sanders over Warren by nearly 10 points (38 to 29 percent), while very liberal voters preferred him over Warren by nearly 15 points (44 to 31 percent). In Nevada, somewhat liberal voters preferred Sanders over Warren by nearly a two-to-one margin (31 to 16 percent), while very liberal voters preferred him over Warren by more than a three-to-one margin (52 to 17 percent). Somewhat liberal voters in South Carolina preferred Sanders over Warren by more than a two-to-one margin (25 to 11 percent), while very liberal voters preferred him over Warren by nearly a two-to-one margin (30 to 16 percent).

These results are worth mentioning because none of the aforementioned postmortems of Warren’s failed presidential bid made any mention of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s decision to endorse Bernie Sanders. To ignore AOC’s endorsement of Sanders over Warren is to ignore the Democratic Party’s evolution from a liberal to a democratic-socialist political party and her influence on that evolution.

Warren had been leading in the national polls. After AOC’s endorsement, Warren led in only one more national poll, and by mid December her numbers would never again be better than Bernie’s. As Lissandra Villa put it in Time, “For many in Iowa, Ocasio-Cortez’s endorsement of Sanders reads as a kind of shorthand: Sanders is the candidate true liberals can trust.” As it turned out, this was the case for true liberals in multiple states.”


Ah, the ole Trust Factor. Hillary did miserably with the Trust Factor in voters’ minds as well. Her trust factor was below the % of people who believes in Big Foot in 2016, nine percent (Big Foot) to 7% percent believe Hillary is trustworthy.


re: BillT@9:02AM

If nothing else, I figure that the possibility of Bernie winning is what is driving the run on toilet paper.

Bill Tozer

“Her name is Elizabeth Warren...a little respect and decorum is needed these days”



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