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01 March 2020


Don Bessee




George Rebane

DonB 838pm - Wouldn't bet against it. Anybody heard from Gabbard?

The Estonian Fox

From your own SF Chronicle:
"Tulsi Gabbard’s decision to spend Saturday afternoon surfing off Linda Mar beach in Pacifica was exactly what Democratic legislators hoped for in 2017 when they voted to move California’s presidential primary from June to March 3.
The stop at Linda Mar beach, with the temperature in the 60s, had to be an improvement over her last political surfing stop on New Year’s Day in New Hampshire.

Accompanied by people carrying campaign signs, Gabbard hit the waves of the frigid Atlantic Ocean, likely making her the first presidential candidate to ever surf in New Hampshire."

If you guys rush down there to see her, bring scuba gear. She may be underwater by the time you get there.

Bill Tozer

The exit of Mayor Pete:



re: DonB@8:38 Oh well, so much for Klobmentum.

My first thought is how far the heckler's veto has come in the US. The Left just loves to holler at people on stage.

Second thought is how naive the first thought is. You know darned well that some other campaign organized a Klobmob. Once you get beyond the nicely behaved small towns of Iowa and New Hampshire, there's no point in anything but media buys and large tightly-controlled rallies. If people start acting up, you swiftly move them outside and keep their coats.

Even Bernie will have to bring in friendly Blackwater/Academi folks to fend off embarrassing mic grabs organized by the other candidates. After all, it takes a some time for the groups making up the Blue Mob to figure out who the temporary kingpin is.

George Rebane

scenes 819am - correctamundo!


You have to admit…..there's a certain logic to it!

Pete Buttigieg Reveals He Quit Race To Form Boy Band


Don Bessee

Yup -



Bill Tozer

Pete was the most skillful politician of the bunch. How else could a Mayor of the 4th largest city in Indiana rise to the ranks of the Fab Four and win Iowa, or was that New Hampshire? Anyway, the place South Bend has like a 25% property rate which is worse than the nat’l average, the blacks in his own town were protesting him, and yet he came off as the reasonable sweet smelling one. Oh my. His biggest campaign riff was calling Trump supporters “bad bad Not Real Christians, but phonies,” shaming us all for being moral derelicts. Shame, shame, shame on you Trumpsters. Or, “YOU ARE A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES!!!”

Not the way most folks express their mid-western etiquette. Raining down hellfire and brimstone on our heads, put in a nice way, lol. Just like Minnesota Nice.

Ah, ain’t nothing we (atheists and agnostics included) have not heard from Steven and the real Robert Cross for years on end here (before TDS!)m oh and Punchy too....and more recently the sock puppet who could pose all by himself for the group picture of the family reunion—he has that many names. Problem is, whether it goes, it takes it with him or her. My I digress. To each his own. See ya in 2024, Mayor Pete.

Don Bessee

Sure enough -




re: DonB@10:54AM

Oh well. I'm sure that there was a small pay-off involved to get her to quit. That Klobmentum was unstoppable.

Maybe President Bernie will open up a new cabinet post. Secretary of Real Estate Ladies.

George Rebane

Gentlemen - in case you missed it, Klobuchar's dropout was posted hours ago here -


…….and he's gone!!!!

Bloomberg drops out of presidential race, endorses Biden

And all across this great nation you can hear the wails of anguish from newspaper, TV and billboard advertising sales executives…….


Bill Tozer

Donald J. Trump
Mini Mike Bloomberg will now FIRE Tim O’Brien, and all of the fools and truly dumb people who got him into this MESS. This has been the worst, and most embarrassing, experience of his life...and now on to Sleepy Joe!

Donald J. Trump
Mini Mike Bloomberg just “quit” the race for President. I could have told him long ago that he didn’t have what it takes, and he would have saved himself a billion dollars, the real cost. Now he will pour money into Sleepy Joe’s campaign, hoping to save face. It won’t work!


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 04 March 2020 at 08:03 AM

and he would have saved himself a billion dollars, the real cost

Think of all the good he couldn't have done with that money……like giving it to fish!


Just heard on the radio concerning Biden.



I gave up on Biden too soon, my original guess that the (D) nomenklatura would be unstoppable in appointing a candidate appears to have been correct.

Gotta feel bad for Warren. The only people who like her are people who are like her. I'm afraid that the harridan vote is not enough to carry the field.

To his credit Bloomberg is on the short list of people who took a primary. Maybe he could become King of American Somoa.

The safe bet appears to have been the correct bet I bet. The Deep State's half-bright puppet Biden in alliance with the surveillance industrial complex, MSM, big city political machines, and The Mob vs Orange Man, His Twitter Machine, and the Deplorable Army. A contest for the ages.

Before the main event cranks up, our main opportunity for fun will be the Bernie Bros cutting up rough. The chance for an espresso-fueled frenzy still exists but I expect that Biden will given them a few pretty things while sniffing their hair.

George Rebane

Shortround's exit will not affect our Dropout Derby since he entered late through a side door and was not included in the original 26 contenders.



As Sean Davis tweets, “If only Bloomberg had hired Russians to buy $100,000 in barely literate Facebook ads, instead of spending $700 MILLION, he’d be president now. That’s what the media have told us for 3+ years.”


lol. Sweet. Jill Biden (assuming that Uncle Joe could remember her name) pushing a crazy vegan off the stage.


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