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01 March 2020



OOHHHHhhhh... Fresh Step... The host is splurging on the good stuff.
I'm sure the Lefties find this perfectly acceptable.
"Sen. Doug Jones took a pricey European fundraising trip this winter where he stayed at two fancy hotels in London and Paris and paid for the luxe getaway with his campaign funds, records show."
You know,, just to collect checks from Proggycrats living overseas.

Don Bessee

Not feeling the love for mini mike -


George Rebane

re DonB 555pm - Bloomberg saved countless black lives with his 'stop & frisk' program. But the black community's understanding of their gain was corrupted by the remainder of the clown car. Then Bloomberg responded by trying to kiss their ass, the only part of the black community's corpus that Shortround was able to reach. Ye reap what ye have sown.


Sanders is sure showing his true colors.
Look who he pats on the back.
"Sanders’s 2020 presidential campaign website touts an endorsement from the radical group, Dream Defenders, and the group’s co-director, Phillip Agnew, is a top Sanders surrogate.
The group’s political arm, Dream Defenders PAC, has been holding twice-weekly phone banking events in support of Sanders.

Dream Defenders aims to abolish the use of prisons, according to the group’s website and public statements.

“Police and prisons have no place in ‘justice.’ Police and prisons aren’t just racist but they work to enforce the separations of rich and poor,” Dream Defenders’s website states."

No cops, no prisons. The only thing missing is abolish criminality.


One way to clean up crime.


re: GeorgeR@6:17PM.

While Bloomberg is (hopefully) learning the Second Lesson of Trump, that there's no point in apologizing in the current cultural climate, I'm mostly just struck by how f'ing rude people can be in a public venue. It's not a bar or fight club web forum, you've got a guy coming in to give a speech with permission of the organization. You don't have to clap, just let him do his thing.

A sign of the times I guess. Everyone is looking for a photo op, candidates and ill-mannered people alike.

Bill Tozer

Morning mediations

So, I got one more day to mail in my ballot. They sent it to me awhile back. It’s probably somewhere in the bottom of the stack of junk mail near the trash. I hope I did not throw it away. ‘No on everything’ when I get around to it. Plenty of hours between here and last post mark on Tuesday.

Remember Hillary doing her not healthy coughing fits in 2016? Maybe the origins of Coronavirus is not the Chinese, not the Russians, not some lab.......but HRC herself? It takes more than a bad virus to stop My Gal.


'Dream Defenders'. Huh. Never heard of 'em.

I see that Linda Sarsour is on their advisory board.
"Two American NGOs – Interfaith Peace-Builders and Dream Defenders – support and promote the mission of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a U.S.-designated terror organization. "

Soros money.

"The group filed IRS charitable "990" documents in 2013 and 2014 saying it has less than $50,000 in receipts for each year; there are no IRS filings for the years after 2014."
"Financial filings for Tides show at least $900,000 from other foundations earmarked for Dream Defenders from 2013 to 2016. "

So, basically a combination of radical open-borders, pro-Palestinian, let everybody out of jail, mo' money folks. Perfect Bernie voters. I expect it makes a very tidy living for someone.


Scenes. If THEY are for closing prisons, I'm for mandatory packing of a gun by EVERY law abiding citizen.
Someone commits a crime, they can be shot on site.


"Someone commits a crime, they can be shot on site."

Well, at least you can't be sent to jail for it.

Bill Tozer

"Someone commits a crime, they can be shot on site.“—-My blood brother.

Well, the Left does have a big problem property right, but it stops the behavior of repeat offenders. To the Left, the criminals are just misunderstood. They really really believe they can perfect mankind with all that potential good behind that rough exterior.

Don Bessee

This will be fun -


Scott O

scenes 8:28 - You have this all wrong. White conservative males will still be tried and incarcerated per usual. Social Justice!

DB 11:07 - Live streamed? I'd give a bag of Quatloos to watch.

Bill Tozer

It hard for me to even consider myself taking up sides with the Youth International Party back in the day, but not in Chicago and for a brief time. Recovering liberal, for sure. The YIPPIES do remind me of The Bernie Bros, OWS, and the usual bunch of anarchists, hooligans, and the Jacobins. Ah, the Chicago Seven, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Abbey Hoffman, Jerry Rubin. Time to take it to the streets in Milwaukee, WI. That should rile up the Cheeseheads

In 2020, I hope the Dems do a time warp again. Great visuals. Spread chaos, turmoil, and much tension. Every party has a pooper.

2 min, 20 sec.

Don Bessee

Bernies blue mob aka the red guard eats its own lefty dems -

Chris Matthews, MSNBC’s ‘Hardball’ Veteran, to Depart



Posted by: Don Bessee | 02 March 2020 at 04:38 PM


Don Bessee

A little truth from a swamp creature -

When Donald Trump took office, there was a sense among career bureaucrats that the new president would be outmatched by the vast United States government. Seasoned officials would serve as “the adults” in the room, deflecting the new president’s worst ideas, waiting out his impulses, and protecting the State and Justice Departments from lasting harm. They were smarter than Trump was, and they would outlast him. Three years later, those “adults” are gone, and, as one former high-ranking government lawyer says, those who still think they can contain the president are “fooling themselves”—Trump is “light-years ahead of them.”



GO Biden! get those half billion women back to work.. "Weather they want to or not"
Keep that record player on at night.(to get the news)

A MOMENT OF CLARITY FOR EMILY FLAKE: “My ability to provide wry commentary about my own cervix is an asset useful only in a pre-collapsed society…. Once the shit hits the fan, I’ll need somewhere to run… Maybe these bad feelings are signals that it’s time to rethink my approach to other people, and maybe even to life itself, to become more open, more generous, more in tune with nature and less concerned with being a good tube of toothpaste and then making fun of myself for it….”

Plus, from the comments:“I would personally rather be with the people who work at any oil refinery in this country rather than, say, the entire faculty of Harvard University in the event of societal collapse. The refinery people will have the lights and heat on, water to drink, and food on the table while the Harvard people are forming a committee to debate personal pronoun usage.”

Well she's not wrong.....!


Biden calls Chris Wallace 'Chuck' right after dismissing questions about his mental capacity

C'mon...he's the GaffeMaster....he calls everybody "Chuck"!


Is anyone here surprised......?

Groundbreaking Study Reveals Second Type Of Schizophrenia

.......cough, cough......PunchyBot.......cough

Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes

Insight: “I urge you to beware the temptation … to ignore the facts of history and the aggressive impulses of any evil empire.” —Ronald Reagan

Upright: “Americans are in a sour mood about foreign interventions, and after 18 years in Afghanistan the desire to come home is understandable. But public frustration shouldn’t ignore the major U.S. accomplishments. Our forces have denied terrorists a safe haven and protected the homeland from another large-scale attack. We have killed the al Qaeda leadership, including Osama bin Laden. We have assisted a Kabul government that, while far from perfect, is free and democratic. We have brought basic education to millions of young Afghans who never had it. And we have trained and equipped Afghan security forces to defend themselves. No one should diminish the sacrifices that Americans have made with their lives and long deployments by dismissing these achievements.” —The Wall Street Journal

Political futures: “The Democrats and the United States need a Sanders candidacy, so the existing Democratic Party can be completely defeated and humiliated and most of its most obnoxious officeholders can be flung out of public life head-first; and so the country can administer to itself the emetic necessary to disgorge this socialist idiocy.” —Conrad Black

Friendly fire: “People want results. They’re not looking for revolution; they want results. They want a return to decency. They want to be able to get things done. And I have a record that is far superior on those two issues than Bernie’s.” —Joe Biden

For the record: “73-year-old Donald Trump, the oldest man ever elected president for the first time, is now the youngest man left in the presidential race. (Even his primary challenger Bill Weld is 74.)” —The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles

Belly laugh: “Future CNN headline: ‘As The Youngest Male Candidate In The Field, Does Donald Trump Have The Experience To Be President?’” —Matt Walsh

And last… “With Pete Buttigieg dropping out of the race, Donald Trump is now the youngest man running for president in 2020. I thought Democrats were supposed to be the party of the youth and the future? Yet a 73-year-old man is still running circles around all of them.” —TPUSA’s Charlie Kirk

And bonus:

Paul Emery


Trump has lost 9 points in Gregory favorite poll Rasmussen in 5 days. Total collapse!!!



She'll get over her ennui soon enough.

After all, she's one of those Blue State knowledge workers that, through their high skill writing-for-magazines work, combined with the centralization of the finance and media bidness, allow all those hard working urban dwellers to subsidize the Red State people.

There's gonna be a day when the whole US can support itself by dealing in financial instruments and writing software for surveillance-based marketing. Mix in some bureaucrats and you have a whole functioning economy.

Bill Tozer

Man, those Bernie Bros, Antifas and other assorted OWS Jacobins sure taught Chris Matthews a lesson. You can cream your jeans over the media made Kennedyesque Beto, but never say one bad word about Bernie and his Brownshirts. They will erase you. Nasty bunch.

Don Bessee

What's that smell???


Don Bessee

So was this a mini-stroke or an aide messing with the talking points for the day??

In a surprise moment at the end of his Dallas rally on the eve of Super Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden called former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke up to the stage -- and vowed to put O'Rourke, who has said the government should seize assault rifles from Americans, in charge of gun-control efforts.



LOL Emery!! Your worried about a poll?
How bout VOTE BUYING??
"Leading Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg have paid a combined $466,000 to superdelegates who are likely to support their benefactors in the event of a contested convention, Federal Election Commission records show."

Don Bessee

The money shot from the above -

Biden, taking the microphone after O'Rourke spoke, then announced, "I want to make something clear -- I'm gonna guarantee you, this is not the last you're seeing of this guy -- you're gonna take care of the gun problem with me, you're gonna be the one who leads this effort. I'm counting on you, I'm counting on you, we need you badly."

O'Rourke has previously said he would like to seize all Americans' AR-15 assault rifles, promising: "Hell, yes, we're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47," at a Democratic primary debate last year, shortly before his campaign collapsed.



The Proggy Press is now down one.

Don Bessee

In honor of the pony tail of ignorance, MARK THE TAPE! Global warming is such a bore. -


Don Bessee

Remember the swamp has lots of creatures not just americans the chi coms contribute their share too. Can you say spy? -

Washington (AFP) - The United States on Monday cut by nearly half the number of Chinese nationals allowed to work for Beijing's state-run media in the US, vowing reciprocity after a crackdown in China.
The move comes two weeks after China expelled three Wall Street Journal reporters, although the US said its decision was based on leveling numbers between the countries rather than retaliating over content.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said China had "imposed increasingly harsh surveillance, harassment and intimidation against American and other foreign journalists operating in China."

"We urge the Chinese government to immediately uphold its international commitments to respect freedom of expression, including for members of the press," Pompeo said in a statement.

A State Department official said that five media outlets, which last month were reclassified by the United States as foreign missions, would be allowed to employ a maximum 100 Chinese nationals as of March 13, down from around 160 now.

The United States is not explicitly expelling the other 60 staff members, who in theory can seek other employment, although most are expected to be obliged to leave the country.



Posted by: Paul Emery | 02 March 2020 at 07:20 PM spring approaches PNN (PunchyBot News Network) begins the rerun season.



I figure that all those beaches were quite a ways inland 12,000 years ago. I wonder what Pleistocene hunters made of all that sand.

Well, this is The Sandbox.

Dunno if anyone has been following Adventures in Immigration in Greece, but I had to LMFAO at this headline:


...and not a hair-challenged ponytail among 'em, although I think that Bernie could definitely pull off that look.

Bill Tozer

@ 7:43 am

It’s true! Bernie does comb his hair with a balloon. Talk about the perfect image of the Clown Car.

Today is Super Tuesday! Or, as Joe Biden recently told a crowd, it’s Super Thursday!!! Vote for the other Biden for US Senate!


lol. Just another scene from the apocalypse. I always love the apologies.

It seems to me that "I'm Sorry" should be the epitaph on Chris Matthew's gravestone.

It should occur to everyone someday that atoning just encourages The Mob, but it'll be too late at that point.

This is mostly about power after all, and everyone wants the Little Red Hen's bread.

Bill Tozer

From 8:13 am’s link:

“One Black Lives Matter representative said the group was "traumatized" by David Lacey aiming at them.”

Lol. What, they never seen a gun before?


Gotta love the LIBBY double standard.
On msnbc they can compare Trump to the Nazis until the cows come home but do it to Bernie and you get fired.

George Rebane

scenes 737am - Yep, been having a giggle over that myself. And then again it hits me, the UN's clutch of globalists have never believed in the sovereignty of nation-states. To them today's countries are still temporarily bounded regions that should be governed from on high. None of them should have control of passage over their borders. Our Democrats agree.


re: Joe Biden.

I'm not totally against the concept, but I'd say that Joe Biden's facelift went a bit overboard. He was always a good looking guy, which might explain his Dunning-Kruger in thinking he can still nuzzle up to younger women, but he looks as tight as a drum anymore...barely recognizable. You end up stretching the personality out of a face.

It's a perfect Trumpian insult to apply since, once you think about it, every time you see Biden speak it's all you're going to notice from now on.

In the 'what could possibly go wrong' department:


Posted by: scenes | 03 March 2020 at 08:43 AM

….but he looks as tight as a drum anymore...barely recognizable. You end up stretching the personality out of a face.

I've seen this a couple of times in people who have had severe strokes or have lapsed into dementia……all the life (personality as you put it) just seems to seep out of them! Worry and character lines soften and the face grows placid and the expression vacant. Biden isn't quite there yet and you're right the "look" can be approximated by cosmetic surgery but he is well down that road!

I can't imagine why anyone his age with his financial status can be bothered to give a crap at this point in their life!


HE’S LOSING IT, EXHIBIT #1,000,006: Biden Tries to Quote Declaration of Independence: ‘You Know, the Thing…’

…..evidence continues to roll in!

The Estonian Fox

scenes @ 8:13 AM
I congratulate Mr. Lacey on his restraint. Well done. Unknown people ON YOUR PORCH, in the dark, before sun-up, and the trespassers are offended? I doubt if they would try that in Texas, or many other states.

"Cell phone video shows David Lacey wielding the weapon while threatening to shoot the protesters if they did not leave the property."


……Punchy Streisand…?

STREISAND: We can't go on like this. It's too dangerous…

Every morning I wake up, holding breath while I turn on phone to see news…


I really hope the field is laid with one perjury trap after another.

They can't nail her to the cross for her actual crimes, since the statute of limitations has run out.(how convenient)

But maybe 8-12 years for every lie under oath she spews.

George Rebane

Re fairness - your kind attention is drawn to the 3mar20 update of 'Fair, Just, and Legal, Oh My!' in our continuing efforts to cast our arguments in terms of crisp, clear, and concise semantics.

Bill Tozer


Just heard Donna Brazil say the Republican party can "go to hell" for saying the dems are going to rig the race against Bernie, that's pretty rich coming from someone who helped hillary rig it the first time !!!

Donna dropped two pegs in my book with her tirade after responding to a straight forward non-nasty remark by
Ronna McDaniel.

Republicans, stay out of our damn business! Ok, fine. But it’s true, lol.
Found link that supports my claim. Maybe Donna Brazile dropped three pegs in my gracious standings.

Bertie Cross

In the "kiss my ass if you want a job" category: A new question has been added to the questionnaire that all federal appointees must answer in order to secure a job. The new questionnaire, distributed by the White House's Presidential Personnel Office to all federal departments on Monday emphasizes loyalty to the President as part of the hiring process. The new question is:

"Which of President Trump's campaign messages most appeals to you and why?"

Sieg Heil you goombahs or no fat government job for you so you can funnel taxpayer money into your personal accounts like the Don....


Bertie 'Goombah' Cross @ 3:01PM

Holy Smokes, you're right! A different set I ran into.

"Suggested Interview Questions
Can you tell me your name and where you grew up?

Is there any important biographical information we should know before the interview?

What do you remember about your life in 2016?
[Potential Follow-Up: Where did you live in 2016?]

What did you think about politics at that time?

How did you first hear about Donald Trump?

What do you remember about the 2016 presidential campaign?
[Potential Follow-Up: How were you involved in politics that year? Were you involved in President Trump's campaign?]

Why did that stick with you?
[Potential Follow-Up: What in your life prior to that election made you feel that way about politics?]

What did it feel like to take part in that election?
[Potential Follow-Up: Did you ever vote before 2016?]

Can you tell me what you remember about Inauguration Day in January of 2017? Where were you? Who were you with? How did you feel that day?

How did Donald Trump impact your life?
[Potential Follow-Up: Why was that important for you?]

How did Donald Trump's presidency impact your community?


Posted by: Bertie Cross | 03 March 2020 at 03:01 PM

Sieg Heil you goombahs or no fat government job for you so you can funnel taxpayer money into your personal accounts like the Don....

I've always wondered why the Nazi imagery got lefty women so….uhh…."worked up"…..if you take my meaning? I mean I know you hate the guy….that's fine…..but why the Nazi stuff?

"I have often been called a Nazi, and, although it is unfair, I don’t let it bother me. I don’t let it bother me for one simple reason. No one has ever had a fantasy about being tied to a bed and sexually ravished by someone dressed as a liberal".

P. J. O’Rourke


So Babs,, What position you hiring for? I'll take it.
Now remember, employee/employer "loyalty" is out the window.
I'm sure your competitors would LOVE to hear from me.

Bill Tozer

Fish and Scenes
Oh, the confused one always gets this way at tax time.

Make sure it’s a big fat check you send to the Treasury, Bertie. Time to pay your fair share. I have to repair a small tear on a passenger seat on my Gulfstream. and they want an arm and a leg to replace the cushion. Plus the pool boys in the basement are demanding food twice a day! It ain’t easy, so please, cut a check with lots of zeros on it and help a brother out.

Bill Tozer

Man, it’s as if Bertie thinks one is entitled to a government job. No wonder he supports the New Green Deal

Don Bessee

The kiss of death -


Bill Tozer


Insight: “I have no respect for the passion of equality, which seems to me merely idealizing envy — I don’t disparage envy, but I don’t accept it as legitimately my master.” —Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. (1841-1935)

Re: The Left: “It was a Democratic president who told Americans, during World War II no less, that ‘we have nothing to fear but fear itself.’ He is a liberal idol, in part for saying that. That is more or less exactly what Trump has been saying. Yet he’s an ‘existential threat’ to our country.” —columnist Dennis Prager

Observations: “Nike almost seems to be taking a page from the playbook of their foreign partners, the Chinese Communist Party. The company launched an all-out war against religious liberty in places like Tennessee, where the brand argued that letting adoption groups live by their beliefs was somehow bad for business. If it were up to the shoe giant, they’d kick men and women of faith right out of the public square. When it comes right down to it, Nike has a lot more in common with China’s dictatorial regime than anyone cared to admit.” —FRC President Tony Perkins

For the record: “[Hillary Clinton’s answers in deposition were] either incomplete, unhelpful or cursory at best. Simply put her responses left many more questions than answers.” —U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth ordering Clinton to be deposed again over her private email server

Friendly fire: “That was my authentic opinion then. It’s my authentic opinion now.” —Hillary Clinton reaffirming her “baloney” assessment of the Bernie Sanders campaign

Tone-deaf: “Let’s follow the rules. We had rules last time. We have rules this time. Everybody knew when they got into it.” —Hillary Clinton, whom the DNC colluded with in 2016

D'oh! “We hold these truths to be self-evident: all men and women created by — go — you know — you know, the thing.” —Joe Biden

Hot air: “The answer is that I spend an awful lot of time flying around the country, flying around the world working on climate change. We have closed an awful lot of coal-fired power plants, and worked to try and train coal miners to get other jobs.” —Michael Bloomberg after being confronted about his private-jet hypocrisy

And last… “Super Tuesday? More like ‘Pooper Tuesday’ because all the candidates stink!” —The Babylon Bee’s Frank J. Fleming

Bill Tozer

Memo to COLIN KAEPERNICK: China forces Uighurs to work in factories supplying Apple — and Nike

The show must go on. Break a leg.

Bill Tozer


“Leak Of Crossfire Hurricane Agent’s Identity To The NYT Suggests More To Come”
The leak of Stephen Somma’s identity to the pair of favored New York Times journalists looks like an attempt to preempt, and thereby soften, damaging information soon to come.
Sheryl Attkisson:

Was President Trump spied on as part of Carter Page wiretapping?


What…..he couldn't just buy it for that price?

Bloomberg spends $500 million, wins American Samoa…

Don Bessee

Will cali take the dem disgrace spot from Iowa? -

The secretary of state's website also was offline sporadically throughout the day. California is among 14 states holding presidential primary contests on Super Tuesday, and voters in the nation's most populous state also are weighing in on congressional races, legislative seats and a statewide school bond.
In Los Angeles County, which has more than a quarter of the state's 20 million registered voters and a new $300 million voting system, electronic pollbooks were operating slowly because so many voters were trying to use them at the same time, said Mike Sanchez, spokesman for the county Registrar-Recorder.

Delays were up to two hours in some locations.
Technicians have added more devices in some polling places to speed up lines, Sanchez said. There had been no indication of security breaches with the pollbooks, which are hooked up to the state's voter database, he said.

The county's new elections system is undergoing a trial by fire after the state certified it for use despite serious technical and security defects identified in testing. That includes the ability of an attacker to bypass seals, locks and sensors and boot from a USB port, which could allow election data to be modified. Testers also found the machines susceptible to paper jams at five times the acceptable rate.


Bill Tozer

Piling on, aka, kicking a dead mule with glee. Penalty; celebration in the end zone.
One minute video

‘The Thrill Is Gone: The Best of Chris Matthews’

Bill Tozer

Gabbard picks up a delegate in Maine, Bloomberg got four of them delegate babies! Exciting times. Oh, Lieawatha will not recover from this. 3rd in her home state of Mass. and 4th in her native state of Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 03 March 2020 at 06:54 PM

Oh, Lieawatha will not recover from this. 3rd in her home state of Mass. and 4th in her native state of Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma.


Bill Tozer

Correction. Mea Culpa and haste bandanas. I throw myself at your mercy.

Gabbard got one percent in Maine! She won her delegate in American Samoa, finishing second. She did much better than Tom Steyer and four a heck of a lot cheap. Tulsi looks to get 1.8 percent in the Cherokee Nation! You go girl!
Update: “SANDERS IS LOOKING GOOD IN UTAH: He’s out to a big lead. I don’t see anyone catching.

Bloomberg is in second place. Biden is a very distant third, with only 12 percent of the vote. Utah seems to be about a month behind the times as far as this race is concerned.”

Don Bessee

It ain't gonna be smooth for creepy grampa joe, he is not even safe from his own party -



Bloomers isn't spending enough money.


Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) confused his wife, former second lady Dr. Jill Biden, for his sister, Valerie, in his Super Tuesday speech in Los Angeles, California. The incident is one of several gaffes that the former vice president has made in recent weeks.

“It’s a good night and it seems to be getting even better,” Biden, 77, began in his remarks to a raucous crowd of supporters. “They don’t call it Super Tuesday for nothing.”

Biden then grabbed his wife’s hand and introduced her as his sister, saying “this is my little sister Valerie and I’m Jill’s husband.”

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe is noting if not consistent on one thing -

Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) confused his wife, former second lady Dr. Jill Biden, for his sister, Valerie, in his Super Tuesday speech in Los Angeles, California. The incident is one of several gaffes that the former vice president has made in recent weeks.

“It’s a good night and it seems to be getting even better,” Biden, 77, began in his remarks to a raucous crowd of supporters. “They don’t call it Super Tuesday for nothing.”
Biden then grabbed his wife’s hand and introduced her as his sister, saying “this is my little sister Valerie and I’m Jill’s husband.”


Bill Tozer

Upon reflection......Chris Matthews (again).

Seems like a simple case of changing of the guard. The Jacobins simply took down Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre, whose cause of death was execution by guillotine. Chris Matthews is person non-grata. But he was soooo liberal and spent his life fighting for you! Ingrates.

Exit question. Will the party of AOC (not the way liberal Democrats) be the new voice of the media?

Adios Charlie Rose, Chris Matthews, and that ‘Prairie Home Companion guy. Changing of the guard. The guillotine awaits.

Twitter suspending accounts of who liberal liberal journalists who dare to actually quote an exact and accurate Joe Biden bubbling gaffe. The battle is on! Take it to the streets!

Don Bessee

Interesting how many bonds and taxes are going down to defeat, Penn valley school looks like a loss. Saw a number of other similar county issues failed.

With 55 percent of the precincts reporting state prop 13 is going down 58% to 42% channel 40 just reported and Doug LaMalfa was called the winner. Doug was in fine spirits at the red light ball this last Saturday at the Alta Sierra Country Clubs Timbers dining room.


Bill Tozer

So, that’s what put a fire under Bertie Cross’s butt today @ 3:01 pm. Now the picture becomes clearer.

‘CNN Freaks About ‘Litmus Test’ for ‘King’ Trump Appointees’

Well, there is a method to his/her’s madness. Not an original thought in that noggin.

Don Bessee

From the Union just now -

Higgins’ parcel tax must receive 66.7% of the vote. Early results Tuesday showed 1,484 “yes” votes and 1,086 “no” votes, or 57.74% to 42.26%. The district came within 29 votes in 2013, with 65% of citizens voting “yes.” In 2015, a $141-per-parcel tax failed with 59% “yes” votes.

Penn Valley’s bond, meanwhile, would pass with a 55% yes vote. But early results showed 1,926 “no” votes to 1,071 “yes” votes, with 64.26% of the voters turning the measure down.


Don Bessee

The chi coms are not getting away with it any more -

LONDON (Reuters) - China’s Huawei Technologies, which for years has denied violating American trade sanctions on Iran, produced internal company records in 2010 that show it was directly involved in sending prohibited U.S. computer equipment to Iran’s largest mobile-phone operator.
Two Huawei packing lists, dated December 2010, included computer equipment made by Hewlett-Packard Co and destined for the Iranian carrier, internal Huawei documents reviewed by Reuters show.
Another Huawei document, dated two months later, stated: “Currently the equipment is delivered to Tehran, and waiting for the custom clearance.”

The packing lists and other internal documents, reported here for the first time, provide the strongest documentary evidence to date of Huawei’s involvement in alleged trade sanctions violations. They could bolster Washington’s multifaceted campaign to check the power of Huawei, the world's leading telecommunications-equipment maker.

The United States is trying to persuade allies to avoid using Huawei equipment in their next-generation mobile telecommunications systems, known as 5G. Separately, U.S. authorities are battling Huawei on a legal front.

The newly obtained documents involve a multi-million dollar telecommunications project in Iran that figures prominently in an ongoing criminal case Washington has brought against the Chinese company and its chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou. The daughter of Huawei’s founder, Meng has been fighting extradition from Canada to the United States since her arrest in Vancouver in December 2018. Huawei and Meng have denied the charges, which involve bank fraud, wire fraud and other allegations.

The documents, which aren’t cited in the criminal case, provide new details about Huawei’s role in providing an Iranian telecom carrier with numerous computer servers, switches and other equipment made by HP, as well as software made by other American companies at the time, including Microsoft Corp, Symantec Corp and Novell Inc.

A U.S. indictment alleges that Huawei and Meng participated in a fraudulent scheme to obtain prohibited U.S. goods and technology for Huawei’s Iran-based business, and move money out of Iran by deceiving Western banks. The indictment accuses Huawei and Meng of surreptitiously using an “unofficial subsidiary” in Iran called Skycom Tech Co Ltd to obtain the prohibited goods.



You know what I like about progressive democrats……that everyone has an equal chance of achieving power within their hierarchy.

Yeah…..its all so very "equal".


See… goes Joe with the crazy talk again……!

Biden promises 'revival of decency and honesty and character'…

Will our local proglodytes be as upset with the GaffeMaster playing fast and loose with the truth as Trump?

Magic 8 Ball says: "Outlook not so good"

"Here's a true story based loosely on fake events,'

'Me and Nelson Mandela were palling around South Africa green book style. We have one elephant between us, who do we run into but the Ebola monkey?,' he quips.

'Weird story longer, I wrestled that sucker to mercy. That's how I convinced Mandela whitey was okay."

Oh Joe….when you've lost SNL.

Barry Pruett

Nevada County takeaways...

1. More Republicans voted in the Republican presidential primary than democrats voted in theirs. More R enthusiasm in Nevada County?
2. Heidi Hall headed to a run off and a real campaign against Wilder though Hall had 49.6% will likely win in November.
3. Prop 13 went down badly.
4. LaMalfa and McClintock wiped the floor with their challengers.
5. Both Dahle's were once again successful.

Like Ice Cube, I have to say it was a good day.


Barry Pruett

Last week on CNN...Trmup's failure to deal with Coronavirus is causing stocks to tank.
Today on CNN...Dow surging on Biden's Super Tuesday election.
HAHAHA! Fake News.

Bill Tozer

Yep, it’s good to live in a Red District. Unfortunately, I live in a Blue State. With Creepy Joe off flatline status, we can breathe a tiny bit easier. It was not the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax, but Bernie that brings the real Red Scare.


Posted by: Barry Pruett | 04 March 2020 at 06:51 AM

4. LaMalfa and McClintock wiped the floor with their challengers.
5. Both Dahle's were once again successful.

What's up with that Barry…….we've been repeatedly assured that you guys are blue, blue, blue!

Barry Pruett

We are headed to a red district in a red state. Lol.

Bill Tozer

Oh, why why why does not he act more Romney or Jeb?

Donald J. Trump

Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, other than Mini Mike, was the loser of the night. She didn’t even come close to winning her home state of Massachusetts. Well, now she can just sit back with her husband and have a nice cold beer!
Donald J. Trump
The biggest loser tonight, by far, is Mini Mike Bloomberg. His “political” consultants took him for a ride. $700 million washed down the drain, and he got nothing for it but the nickname Mini Mike, and the complete destruction of his reputation. Way to go Mike!

Bill Tozer

And just like that, nobody is talking about Epstein anymore.


Morn'n Bill. Mikey got a little more out of it,, he gets to keep the box he was standing on.

Scott O

How does 'President' Biden sound now? Of course he has that extensive criminal record in South Africa to cover up, but in some communities it gives him street cred. Now - how does Biden move forward with the 'sane and sensible and decent' act while still hoping to attract the Bernie Bros next Nov? It is nice to see that the woke Demos are sticking with an elderly wealthy white male to lead them. I'm sure he'll have several opportunities to nominate females to lots of important roles like senator and all. They will have to line up and have Joe smell their hair.
Stay tuned!


Come debate time against Trump, Joementia may think he's debating Nixon. Time will tell.

Bill Tozer


I heard Creepy Joe was prepping to debate Reagan. I have been schooled again by Walt, my brother in arms. :)


Today's Daily Dose of Salt


good deal.

I like his little bright button eyes. Biden sort of reminds me of those wind-up monkeys with the cymbals.


IIRC in '18, Denney won against LaMalfa in Nevada County, 55/45, even as she was plastered district wide.

In the partial results so far, even just in County, she's far behind. 50/43.

So... Nevada County is now "red" (meaning blue) and Punchy will be moving to some other "progressive" stronghold?


toes 759am

Before the race, Bloomberg had a net worth of 0.06 trillion dollars.

Now, his net worth is 0.06 trillion dollars.

His couch has had his lost pocket change removed and spent.


Hey, folks, remember those discussions about possibly inflated person-days visiting the Yuba River, and certain people claiming lots of bus trips taking people to the "park"?

The bus company is for sale for $38k.


Gregory: "Punchy will be moving to some other "progressive" stronghold?"

Maybe. But he'll call it 'Progressive-Libertarian' or something.

It's certainly a more distinguished name than 'free shit for unaccomplished old guys'.

I was just thinking about Bloomberg, who'll die soon enough, and his fortune. I haven't yet figured out where the money came from but no doubt it was built from producing useful goods of some sort.

A quick look at his philanthropic efforts, which are probably tax dodges, mostly shows donations against things. Anti-coal, anti-snack, anti-tobacco, anti-fishing. Perhaps there's a word similar to nihilism that implies building an anti-anything philosophy. I've coined 'Emerianism' for anti-Trump, but that's a small part of a bigger space.

$60,000,000,000! A buncha money. A person could try to save Western Civilization or supercharge the search for extrasolar planets. I guess that small people have small plans.


So you can buy the bus.
I read that story. They sure seem to be hyping a losing business proposition.
Any bets that bus reeks of dope?


The headline said it all.. Not even going to bother with the paywall of the SACBEE.
"Home Depot rewards California woman who faithfully watered plastic plant for years"


IIRC Bloomberg wired up stock traders with "Bloomberg terminals" that were so bloody useful they all had to have them. They were only available for rent.


This war has yet to hit.
I'll be deleting my instant messenger apps.
GOD help us.

When you delete one,, two more will be there to take it's place.

Don Bessee

Cryin chuck stepped in it again -

Chief Justice Roberts issues rare rebuke to Schumer, calling comments on Kavanaugh and Gorsuch 'dangerous' and 'irresponsible'



Maybe the resident pro baby killers will pipe up?

Bill Tozer

Daily quotes

For the record: “As Trump’s job approval rating has improved, so has the image of the Republican Party. Now, 51% of Americans view the Republican Party favorably, up from 43% in September. It is the first time GOP favorability has exceeded 50% since 2005.” —Gallup

Nailed it: “If only [Michael] Bloomberg had hired Russians to buy $100,000 in barely literate Facebook ads, instead of spending $700 MILLION, he’d be president now. That’s what the media have told us for 3+ years.” —The Federalist’s Sean Davis

Belly laugh of the week: “Wow. I’m feeling pretty good… Despite very minimal campaigning on my part, I have managed to win only 12 fewer delegates than Bloomberg.” —The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh

Observations: “The momentum for Donald Trump might be the most underreported aspect of Super Tuesday.” —The Patriot Post’s Nate Jackson

Probably when hell freezes over: “I really don’t like the dementia jokes about Biden, because it’s sad. But … honestly? This isn’t a joke anymore. When do people in the media start having a serious conversation about Biden’s mental state?” —"Relatable" host Allie Beth Stuckey

Village idiot: “Yes, Mr. Trump, let’s make America great again. But first, get one thing straight: America was great — before you were elected. … He has demolished our standing in the world with his laughable boasts and breathtaking ignorance. He has put the security of this country, and our planet, in a precarious position by abandoning the Paris climate accord and the Iran nuclear deal. He’s a one-man weapon of mass destruction … so reckless that he almost started a war. … Trump can never live up to Obama’s legacy, so he’s trying to erase it. He inherited a growing economy and now claims credit for it, saying it’s the best in history … but that’s another lie.” —actress and singer Barbra Streisand

Braying jackass: “I want to talk to my Republicans. Stay the hell out of our race! Stay the hell out of our race! I get sick and tired of Republicans telling me and my colleagues about our process. … So, [RNC chairwoman] Ronna [McDaniel], go to hell!” —former DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile

Alpha jackass: “Democratic Denver City Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca faced conservative criticism Tuesday after sharing a meme on Twitter suggesting she stands in ‘solidarity’ with the idea of spreading coronavirus at President Trump’s campaign rallies.” —Fox News

And last… “Becoming President just wasn’t in Elizabeth Warren’s DNA.” —"Vs Media Podcast" host Stephen Miller

And Bonus!

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