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29 March 2020



Just for fun.


Yeah, I know. ZeroHedge. Good footage though. 4chan for boomers.


Dr. Fauci speaks:




interesting if true.

Weekly deaths in the US down by 7,000 - 10,000 for the week ending March 7 2020!


Study: Coronavirus Lockdown Likely Saved 77,000 Lives In China Just By Reducing Pollution



Nirvana County case count is up to 17.

Bill Tozer

This should make someone who been called ‘non-essential’ feel more essential. Yes, I am relevant!

‘Sugar-Daddy Democrats Insert $75 Million Into 'Stimulus' for Their PBS-NPR Buddies’

“Whenever Democrats prepare to "stimulate" the economy through legislation, it's always important to check the fine print to see how their keeping their propaganda organs in fighting shape.”



Nirvana County case count is up to 18
4 in western county

Bill Tozer

Four in Western Nevada County? That means Steve has been busy spreading the R2-D2 virus in the eastern county.


"That means Steve has been busy spreading the R2-D2 virus in the eastern county"

Just a mind virus I imagine. Perhaps the right answer is to rebrand his organization as one providing actionable project consultation to encourage diversity and holistic results in the pandemic space.

No doubt his plan for the end of the world is to start a cult and head into the hills with his staff of vice presidents and managers. They can repopulate the world from pre-built Business Council shelters. Somewhere in Russia there's a non-profit with the same idea. We will meet again.


aaah, now here you go. Phase 2 of the Shit Gets Real department begins.


It's probably best to view the supply chain as similar to freeway traffic. It probably could be modeled as a set of end-to-end springs. Beaucoup opportunities for interruptions at all levels. We're far from it I think, but I wonder at what point a feedback loop results in outright collapse of some chain.


Ever the liar :

Last Thursday in an interview with Sean Hannity, president trumpler, in reference to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and following a tirade against Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (all Democrats) stated, "some of the equipment that governors are requesting they don't actually need." Always the stable genius expert on everything he added, "I have a feeling that a lot of the numbers that are being said in some areas are just bigger than they are going to be. I don't believe you need 40,000 or 30,000 ventilators."

When asked about those statements on Sunday, trump said, "I didn't say that."

At a briefing on Friday trumpy said, in reference to those same Governors, "I want them to be appreciative. If they don't treat you right, I don't call." When asked about those statements he responded, "But I didn't say that" a phrase he repeated twice while interrupting the reporter.

How can people believe a word he says as his lie count approaches 17,000? How is it that the US, with one fourth the population as China, now has more covid-19 cases? Simple, because the stable genius who knows everything about everything mislead and LIED to the American people about the severity of the problem in a feeble effort to prop up a falling stock market and protect his investments.

🐟 roe, roe rowing mah boat

Posted by: bertie | 30 March 2020 at 10:00 AM

Yes Bertie......clearly he has earned a second term.


re: bertie@10:00AM

Thank you for your input. We'll take it under advisement.

Picked up from the supplychain reddit group.


Bill Tozer


NBC Worries Pandemic ‘Threatens’ Biden’s Campaign ‘Momentum’

Joy Reid Worried: Trump Might Use Virus as Guise to 'Reign as Monarch'
and not so funny:

Soros-Funded Priorities USA Action Anti-Trump Ad Leads All Virus TV Ads for Week with 1,074 Airings



Bertie (Rx) @ 10:00: I'm not proud to admit it, but I'm beginning to take some real pleasure in your miserable, psychotic fixation on the President. Dimmer than most Dims, you've obviously allowed your TDS to complete dominate your waking hours, an outcome you thoroughly deserve. Being confined to the barracks can only be making it worse. Goody!

Probably a good thing nitwits like yourself aren't allowed to by handguns or the national suicide rate would be at a record high.

George Rebane

It continues to amaze me that some people still believe the stats coming out of China. According to my lights, the only verifiable fact about the C19 virus is that it started in Wuhan sometime last Nov or Dec. The rest of the reports coming out of CCP-sanctioned media are definitely various shades of bullshit. To cite such stats with those of other countries is a step or two below sophomoric or cynical, depending on your agenda (or if you're bright enough to have one).

Don Bessee

The chi coms are a problem on so many levels -

WASHINGTON — In late November 2018, just over a year before the first coronavirus case was identified in Wuhan, China, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents at Detroit Metro Airport stopped a Chinese biologist with three vials labeled “Antibodies” in his luggage.

The biologist told the agents that a colleague in China had asked him to deliver the vials to a researcher at a U.S. institute. After examining the vials, however, customs agents came to an alarming conclusion.

“Inspection of the writing on the vials and the stated recipient led inspection personnel to believe the materials contained within the vials may be viable Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) materials,” says an unclassified FBI tactical intelligence report obtained by Yahoo News.

The report, written by the Chemical and Biological Intelligence Unit of the FBI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate (WMDD), does not give the name of the Chinese scientist carrying the suspected SARS and MERS samples, or the intended recipient in the U.S. But the FBI concluded that the incident, and two other cases cited in the report, were part of an alarming pattern.

“The Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate assesses foreign scientific researchers who transport undeclared and undocumented biological materials into the United States in their personal carry-on and/or checked luggage almost certainly present a US biosecurity risk,” reads the report. “The WMDD makes this assessment with high confidence based on liaison reporting with direct access.”

The report, which came out more than two months before the World Health Organization learned of a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan that turned out to be COVID-19, appears to be part of a larger FBI concern about China’s involvement with scientific research in the U.S. While the report refers broadly to foreign researchers, all three cases cited involve Chinese nationals.

In the case of the suspected SARS and MERS vials, the intelligence report cites another classified document that is marked “FISA,” meaning it contains information collected under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Another case cited in the report appeared to involve flu strains, and a third was suspected E. coli.



Don Bessee

To Dr R's point -

Wuhan Residents Dismiss Official Coronavirus Death Toll: ‘The Incinerators Have Been Working Around the Clock’



bertie loves fish sticks

you guys never respond to the facts.. but, always shoot the messenger if you don't like the truth..just like your stupid idol and mentor dj trumpler, liar-in-chief... How can you have a clue about what is really going on in the world if you buy into trump's BS hook line and sinker? Don't you think it is about time to put aside the political groupthink and recognize that this is an issue that goes beyond red or blue? While you label people who disagree with trumpster as TDS, trump critics label you as just plain stupid.

In other news, California got 17 gov't issued ventilators that were broken. Could this be on purpose, after all CA is not trump country?

Bill Tozer

Shoot the messager? Now, now. We are going to shoot ya, Bertha. No, we have other plans for you. And the town crier went up and down the midnight fog yelling out, “Murder, murder.”
To compliment Scenes’s 9:59 am on the now closed ‘Dear Diary;The Great Hunkering Down’ and to dovetail with Dr. Rebane’s 11:29 am....f a week old, but what the hay.

The Comprehensive Timeline of China’s COVID-19 Lies


Scott O

Bertie-baby 10:00 - Dude. Only 17,000? I'm pretty sure you missed a few thousand back in May 2019. Better go back and check. You need to keep an accurate record.
I'm not sure why you're paying any attention to what this (or any POTUS) says about something like a pandemic. The news was pretty clear from the get-go that it was spreading fast in many countries. Why wouldn't it do the same here? At least Trump tried to shut the door on folks bringing it here. That's the complete opposite of the other 'more enlightened' countries and look what happened to them.
Bertie needs to stop listening to Sean and the Orange Monster. Put on some Mantovani or the Hollyridge Strings. Just chill.


Posted by: bertie loves fish sticks | 30 March 2020 at 12:12 PM

you guys never respond to the facts.. but, always shoot the messenger if you don't like the truth.

Hmmm Bertie haz a sad.

Scott O

blfs 12:12 "you guys never respond to the facts.. but, always shoot the messenger if you don't like the truth..."
Sure about that?
When you start a post with obvious BS, it kinda' makes me think the rest of it is BS.
Just sayin'.
"...if you buy into trump's BS hook line and sinker?"
I don't know - I don't buy into what anyone says like that nor does anyone else here for that matter.
"How can you have a clue about what is really going on in the world..."
By reading every word that you and Bertie write.
I feel so enlightened already!!

Bill Tozer


Point of personal order. Point of personal order.

“you guys” is reprehensible and anti a whole bunch of stuff. Anti-trans, sexists, misogynist, male privilege, and I haven’t even begun. Point of personal order: Next time instead of saying “you guys”, try using jazz hands. And please stop wearing that intrusive fu-fu juice. Some of us are sensitive to aromatic perfumes and soaps, especially when it smells like caca-dodo.

George Rebane

Do people like 'Bertie' even understand data tables like the one I posted in 'Junk Journalism ...' (the kind Bertie consumes)? There the comparative stats of how the US performs relative to other developed countries are shown, apparently the ken of Bertie and his ilk. And his kind scream that Trump was somehow late in responding to C19. Well if so, how come we dumb laggards in a big a well-traveled country are doing so well after all those others who are smarter than we, have better healthcare systems, and got an early start?? All this is beyond the Blue Mob which has only one item on their agenda list.


" All this is beyond the Blue Mob which has only one item on their agenda list."

Of course.

It's obvious how all this went down, just like it does for any serious national problem. The President responds too late, not being prescient. The opposition goes shopping for some domain expert that called the problem before the President did. That's followed by wailing about how the head of state didn't listen to Person X. The President's people go out and find 100 areas where someone else f***ed up. No one looks brilliant. A good time is had by all.


Facts? You and your Babs,, NEVER deal in facts.
Throw plenty of accusations with Jack H. Shit to back it up.
Just like your last post.
Pure tofu.

Bill Tozer

Maybe they will bring back that Yale talking head panelist babe, the expert head shrinker guru and claim for the umpteenth time that Trump is crazier than two rats in a sock. Funny how she let her license to practice medicine lapse. She was on the Enemy of the People gameshow network CNN almost as much as ‘Presidential Material’ Michael Avenatti.

Opps. That should have gone under the Junk Journalism post.


"That should have gone under the Junk Journalism post."

Hell man, if I'm doing the writing, it should all go under Junk Journalism.


Where did Babs run off to? He has some lie'n to splain!!
"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to investigate President Trump for his actions in the lead-up to the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., but in February, she dismissed the threat with a visit to San Francisco’s Chinatown."

That was when Trump was catching hell for trying to restrict travel.


The one good thing about this outbreak is, that is showing Trump was dead right about our dependance on outsourcing everything to the far East. Trump was right to try and bring as much manufacturing as possible back.
Who were the main compainers? The Left, a Lefty run corporations. "we want that cheap overseas labor! We want the less restrictive labor laws!"
Now we are in dire need of building that hight tech. stuff HERE.
So go ahead LIBS,,, Bitch about Trump. He's been right the whole time.


George 12:438. "how come we dumb laggards in a big a well-traveled country are doing so well"

If you are referring to the US, with more cases of the Covid-19 faster than a country with 4 times as many people China, as 'doing well' then I question your logic. With regard to your table..LOL

Have some more orange Kool-aide.

Don Bessee

@424 guess you missed this -

The newspaper says scientists have warned Johnson that China could have downplayed its number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus "by a factor of 15 to 40 times." China had reported just 81,439 at the time of writing.



Posted by: Don Bessee | 30 March 2020 at 04:13 PM


Posted by: Don Bessee | 30 March 2020 at 04:30 PM

But Don....the numbers that Bertie cited......they came from an approved MSM source.....Appproved! Do you know what "approved" means....well do you!?

......approved.....always approved!


LOL!! Today's TROLL likes to play 🙈🙉🙊🐵.
Yup tough to beat real facts with Proggy lip service.

George Rebane

re B 424pm - This dumb jokel is such a fan of communists that he eats up what the CCP publishes but doesn't believe the data put out by the CDC and OECD that I used to make the table in -
Believing those numbers to idiots like drinking "orange kool-aid". And these people we're supposed to call fellow Americans. In days gone by, such critters were more accurately labeled 'fellow travelers'.

Mary Wanna

Absolutely Deplorable,

The Bee cross-referenced Unacast’s location data with 14 different social, economic and health metrics for each California county. The metrics included median age, population density, poverty, income, political affiliation and data on the number of COVID-19 cases reported so far. The analysis excluded the state’s two least-populated counties, Alpine and Sierra.

There were several statistically significant correlations, but the strongest was related to income. People in counties with high median household incomes and low poverty tended to show higher reductions in average distance traveled than other counties.

All of the state’s 15 wealthiest counties — as measured by median family income — reduced their average distance traveled by at least 45 percent from late February to March 22. The same could be said of only one of the state’s 15 poorest counties — Lake County.

Education levels also correlated closely with reductions in travel. Counties where a large proportion of residents hold a bachelor’s degree tended to cut travel more than areas where relatively few residents had a degree.


Scott O

Mary, Mary 4:59 - If you would kindly read the whole article, you'd see the obvious reasons why.
There are rural areas that don't have big city germs and most folks in rural areas have jobs doing stuff by themselves or not in any close proximity to others.
Like farming and ranching so idiots like Mary can stuff their mouths with food.
And then have the stupidity and gall to call those hard working folks 'deplorable'.
You lefties have lost your damn minds.

Don Bessee

So what with the chi com sars owning the news cycle this is still going on at the edge of the eu -




Posted by: Michael Wanna | 30 March 2020 at 04:59 PM

Really Michael......is there a point to still more whining?

You live in Quainty Town you should be safe.


How long before the brave progressives of Nevada City go full Cape Cod?

REMEMBER WHEN PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS A RACIST XENOPHOBE FOR SHUTTING DOWN FLIGHTS FROM CHINA? Cape Codders petition: ‘Close the bridges:’ Alarmed by influx of New Yorkers, other out-of-staters. “Cape Cod’s year-round residents, alarmed by an influx of out-of-state license plates amid the coronavirus outbreak, petitioning for the shutdown of the Bourne and Sagamore bridges — to keep out vacation homeowners and avoid overwhelming their small hospitals. A Change.org petition to close the bridges had nearly 5,000 signatures by Monday afternoon, calling for officials to only let in year-round residents, medical workers and trucks that deliver essential supplies.”

Can’t wait to see Punchy, “Mary” (Michael), and “Roughly Spherical Former Newsman” manning the barricades at the outskirts of town letting in food shipments and brown people who do lawn care and then hurriedly leave.

You know....the essentials!



LOL Mary Wanna get his ass handed to him in the facts dept.
What fries with that? Or KY???

Don Bessee

They really do want to panic the urban shithole dwellers talk about fakenews -




I see "Mary" still don't wanna discus Joe "wallbanger".
Seen his last hostage tape (uh) Mary? Real Presidential.
Right? So that screwball from N.Y. may slide in to UH,,, relieve Joe of the burden.

George Rebane

re fish 538pm - As a member of the county's Large Scale Emergency Planning Committee ten years ago, I asked the sheriff's representative at the table how many quad-fifties did the county have, stating that we needed at least three - two for the Bear River bridges, and one for the Yuba bridge. Most people around the table didn't understand what I was talking about, but all the veterans including the deputy sheriff knew exactly what I was describing. 'Head for the hills!' has been a millenniums-long dictum for flatlanders escaping disasters, diseases, and invasions. And here we have at most three days of food in the stores.


George. May I suggest four of those portable retractable bridges?
I'm sure there are a few in surplus.
Blow the bridge at the county line, and extend the bridge when the delivery trucks show up.


So.. The LIBS really scurry for cover when I show up.
Scared of a ditch digger? Or is it the fact a ditch can double as a grave? Well,, you do wind up as backfill every time you dare challenge. Getting buried with facts all the time can do that to a LIB.

Bill Tozer

Well, with all the driving around today giving out free hugs to totally surprised strangers, I plum forgot to post the Daily Quotes. Spreading the cheer to one and all.

Insight: “No one who lived through the Great Depression can ever look upon an unemployed person with anything but compassion. To me, there is no greater tragedy than a breadwinner willing to work, with a job skill but unable to find a market for that job skill.” —Ronald Reagan

Belly laugh of the week: “Don’t forget, I was there for the State of the Union Address and did greet the president at that time.” —Nancy Pelosi, who literally shredded the SOTU, on working with Donald Trump

Hyper hypocrisy: “His denial at the beginning was deadly. … His delay in getting equipment to where it’s needed is deadly. … As the president fiddles, people are dying.” —Nancy Pelosi, who delayed Congress’s aid package by several days while she injected it with a political wish list

Braying jenny: “He did promise ‘America First.’” —Hillary Clinton on U.S. cases of coronavirus

Braying jackass: “Who’s the s—thole country now?” —GQ correspondent Julia Ioffe

Alpha jackass: “If you quote the Trump admin you are an enemy of the people.” —Jennifer Rubin

Dezinformatsiya: “Do you think there is blood on the president’s hands considering the slow response?” —NBC’s Chuck Todd to Joe Biden, who decided, “I think that’s a little too harsh.”

And last… “The media has scared everyone by rerunning the worst case scenarios for the virus over and over and over again. I wonder what would happen if they started telling us about the worst case scenario for a full scale economic collapse.” —Matt Walsh

Bill Tozer

Feeling good. New Jersey Gov was stripped naked, put in the stocks in the public square, and donned with a dunce cap.

“Murphy found himself in the uncomfortable, and untenable, position of having to defend his armed protection detail while having closed down Garden State gun shops, making it impossible for average citizens to by even ammunition, much less a firearm.”

Not only that, he got the State Police (the ones who went along with him) to stop all background checks. After getting spanked by the Courts, Gov Murphy announced that gun background checks will resume at 8:00 am tomorrow morning. The Minutemen rode again. Next up is Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys.


What exactly about “shall not infringe” is so hard to understand?


Anvil falls of Wile E Coyote’s head again. Guess they never get tired of losing.

Scott O

Idaho isn't perfect, but at least it recognises reality:
Notice the editorializing in the headline: 'anti-transgender'. How so?
I'm sure the mentally ill will find some judge somewhere willing to go along with their delusion.
This is bound to get interesting.

Mary Wanna

Medal of Honor Deplorable Limbaugh goes full batshit,

“I think it is imperative that we have somebody like Donald Trump, who is outside the establishment expert class, who has a history of solving problems, to actually lead the country through this,” Limbaugh said.

“How do we know they’re even health experts?” Limbaugh added, going full-blown tin foil hat. “Well, they wear white lab coats, and they have been at the job for a while, and they are at the CDC, and they are at the NIH. … But have there been any job assessments for them?”

Limbaugh said:

You know, we’ve talked about the deep state all these years since Trump was elected, the Trump-Russia collusion, the FBI — well the deep state extends very deeply. And the American people did not elect a bunch of health experts that we don’t know. We didn’t elect a president to defer to a bunch of health experts that we don’t know. And how do we know they’re even health experts? Well, they wear white lab coats, and they have been at the job for a while, and they are at the CDC, and they are at the NIH. Yeah, they have been there, and they are there, but have there been any job assessments for them? They are just assumed to be the best because they are in government. These are all kinds of things I have been questioning. And I have been watching people routinely accept whatever the authorities say.

Scott O

Thanks, Mary - please keep us up to date on his show.
I'm sure Rush appreciates you tuning in.


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 31 March 2020 at 07:56 AM

Were I you I might consider sparking up……for the "peace of mind".


"Medal of honor"? Rush will love that upgrade.
Mary wanna hit the bong again.

Bill Tozer

Me too. Yep, Mary Wannabee lost me on Medal of Order. Talk about getting off on the wrong hoof.


CHRIST!!! Can't turn on the news without that blowhard Cuomo
yapping about something of no real value. What does he think he is?,, President?

Mary Wanna

The submissions for the History of Trump are coming in,

Trump lacks certain qualities which the British traditionally esteem.
For instance, he has no class, no charm, no coolness, no credibility, no compassion, no wit, no warmth, no wisdom, no subtlety, no sensitivity, no self-awareness, no humility, no honour and no grace – all qualities, funnily enough, with which his predecessor Mr. Obama was generously blessed.
So for us, the stark contrast does rather throw Trump’s limitations into embarrassingly sharp relief.



Speaking of BLOWHARDS...The "take no responsibility president" had added more lies yesterday in reference to the initial problems with Covid-19 tests that he tried to blame on Obama : "We inherited a broken test....We took over a dead, barren system...That didn’t work, because when CDC first looked at their test, the biggest problem they had is, the test didn’t work. That wasn’t from us. That’s been there a long time. Now we have the best tests in the world."

FACTS: there was no test for COVID-19 because it the virus wasn't known during the Obama administration. The Centers for Disease Control designed a new test and validated it and deployed it and later found that it had multiple problems which have since been changed. China issued a genetic map of the virus on Jan. 7 to the world community and within 10 days Germany came up with a recipe for a test that was adopted by the WHO but not in the US. I guess big Pharma wouldn't get a cut of the proceeds.. Duh!

Scott O

Mary Waaaaah! 10:09 - Goodness!
There's no end of 'muricun writers that hate Trump.
You don't have to go overseas.
Remember - Buy American!
And shop local!
And don't worry about Obama - he's being ultra cool and graceful at his ocean-side spread.
I hear he's getting his trousers pressed even as I type this.
That should give you leftys a thrill up your leg!

Bill Tozer

I was wondering where Pig Wiggly came up with that “Tump fiddling” line a couple of days ago. Not an orginal thought in Jig Piggly’s head.


In wack job related news, Fredo got the Plague. What a meatball

Scott O

Bertie-baby 10:23 - Any more news from your ChiCom buddies?
Or is that it?

Mary Wanna

Trump Today: "But I haven't heard about testing being a problem."


George Rebane

Talk about commie kool-aid. Everyone around the world has now started questioning CCP data except, of course, our local liberals who are still too busy genuflecting to Beijing and citing it as gospel.

Bill Tozer

Yep, I was right. They couldn’t make it til April. Man, they will totally lose in before May, if that is possible.
Guess Daily Quotes will go here.....for old times sake.

Insight: “The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.” —Friedrich August von Hayek (1899-1992)

For the record: “Many of same people who incessantly and cynically warned of the coming Fourth Reich are now blaming the administration for not acting like a dictatorship. It’s difficult to keep up.” —David Harsanyi

Observations: “The epidemic has put in stark relief the pettiness and absurdity of much what has transpired in our national life since Trump won the presidency. This crisis is the unmistakable punctuation mark on that post-2016 era and the beginning of something new. How Trump performs now — finally without Mueller or impeachment, artifacts of another time, dogging him — will determine how it’s remembered.” —Rich Lowry

Amazing, isn’t it? “So you and I can get tossed IN to jail for leaving our house the wrong way but criminals can be let OUT of jail for no apparent reason.” —Allie Beth Stuckey

False dichotomy, part I: “What the COVID crisis exposes is that we can do things differently. We must not go back to the status quo. We cannot do that. What I would like to see … is putting the likely impact on health equity at the heart of all policymaking. That would lead to better environmental policy, it would lead to better social policy, it would lead to better healthcare policy and better political policies.” —WHO commission chairman Michael Marmot

False dichotomy, part II: “Things that needed to have been done but weren’t to prevent the pandemic are similar to the things needed to address the climate and ecological crisis.” —Extinction Rebellion cofounder Dr. Gail Bradbrook

Dezinformatsiya: “America’s response to the coronavirus is the worst in the world, which is shocking and has a lot to do with a leader who is completely unfit, temperamentally and intellectually, for the job.” —New York Times columnist Paul Krugman

Village idiot: “Please stop covering Trump’s briefing/rallies. Please. Please.” —actress Jane Lynch

And last… “It’s a sign of our society’s great brokenness when churches are labeled ‘non-essential’ while abortion businesses continue to operate as ‘essential.’” —Lila Rose


"Everyone around the world has now started questioning CCP data"

Who is everyone George? Where is the proof and citations you demand from your detractors but not yourself? Methinks you are just making this up along with your red scare blog buddies.. Come on.. the term "chi-com" is straight from the Korean War. In case you all don't know it, this is 2020 not 1953. If China is such a big enemy than why do most of our manufactured goods come from there? Are you afraid that your toaster that was made in China is spying on you?

Bottom line is that anyone who believes a word trumps says is suspect.

Bill Tozer

Somebody is demanding attention today. Somebody feels non-essential. I’m sorry, ain’t our job to cure TDS.

Scott O

bertie-baby - "Come on.. the term "chi-com" is straight from the Korean War."
OMG - oh, a thousand pardons!
Calling folks NAZIs is straight from WWII, but it hasn't stopped you leftys from using it every time some one disagrees with you.
Mainland China is run by commies, bertie. Has been since the late 1940s.

Bill Tozer

Kinda hard to do an investigation when the records have gone missing.

'It Wasn’t Just Trump, Inspector General Finds FBI Routinely Violates Procedures In FISA Warrant Applications'

Nevertheless, we believe that a deficiency in the FBI’s efforts to support the factual statements in FISA applications through its Woods Procedures undermines the FBI’s ability to achieve its ‘scrupulously accurate’ standard for FISA applications,” Horowitz wrote.

"The memo also stated that FBI officials told OIG investigators that corrective actions or training may take place at field offices based on the results of its reviews, yet Horowitz noted no such training exists at the FBI headquarters."



Bertie@11:12 "If China is such a big enemy than why do most of our manufactured goods come from there?"

30 years of multinationals moving jobs from the US to Asian sweatshops. Invention of the shipping container. Lack of environmental law in China. Bertie's need to buy cheap-ass dreck at Walmart. Globalist fifth column in the USA.

Now we're hitting phase 2, something of an emergency. Phase 3 will be China outright threatening the US via the bond market and withholding of single-sourced goods. Phase 3 has already begun per Chinese ruling party organs.

Sometimes I wonder what I'm a gonna do
But there ain't no cure for the TDS blues

George Rebane

bertie 1112am - you really are in a state of terminal information deficit. If you'd listen to someone besides CNN, MSNBC, NYT, ..., and try outlets like Reuters, Forbes, Nature, Barrons, USNews, WSJ, ..., and pay attention to world leaders starting with Boris Johnson who are dunning China on the fictional and unverifiable numbers they are putting out, then you wouldn't be embarrassing yourself like you continue to do day after day (but please keep it up, it confirms the assessment of you folks). Here's a typical headline from a non-lamestream outlet -

And BTW, point to a liberal blog that documents anywhere near to the extent that does RR and its non-socialist commenters.

But seriously, if you really want to inform yourself, just google 'questioning data from China'. And ScottO gave you a bit of a tutorial on the history of China and their communist dictatorship that was established in 1949 - again something that your history probably omits. You've been taught that only the Left has the proper labels for everything on this globe, and all else is wrong. I expect crickets.


LOL! Mary's (or just a dude in drag) 10:09 must have come from the far reaches of the septic tank web.(beyond even the dark web) Must be one of those weird ones that licks that Mayor Muslim"s sandals.


Bertie is one of those who disliked Trump bringing jobs back from China. You know,, the ones his boy "O" would NEVER come back. He's hated Trump for it ever since

Don Bessee

Bernie bros defecting to Trump -

Poll: 15% of Sanders supporters will vote for Trump if Biden is nominee; 80% would back Biden




OK Lefties,, have the balls to say you will vote for the VERY pretty Gavin again? Especially after what the piece of shit just did?
"Newsom made the decision to more quickly commute felons’ sentences in the midst of the coronavirus, providing early release through parole to about 19 felons — some of whom killed children and one convict who murdered a pregnant woman."
Two of the felons are immigrants to the U.S., and Newsom’s purpose for commuting their sentences is to have them avoid deportation.

The 19 felons given commutations by Newsom include:

50-year-old Rodney McNeal convicted of stabbing his pregnant wife to death
75-year-old Suzanne Johnson convicted of assaulting a child to death
35-year-old Kristopher Blehm convicted for aiding in a murder
64-year-old Joann Parks convicted of killing her three children
67-year-old Rosemary Dyer convicted of murdering her husband
40-year-old Jason Bryant convicted for witnessing murder during a robbery
56-year-old Steven Bradley convicted of murdering a gas station worker
64-year-old Richard Flowers convicted of murdering a woman
61-year-old Samuel Eldredge convicted of shooting a person to death
49-year-old Ramon Rodriguez convicted of murdering a person for pay
56-year-old James Harris convicted of kidnapping and murdering two people
48-year-old Robert Glass convicted of murdering a burglary victim
45-year-old David Jassy convicted of murdering a man he was fighting with
68-year-old Shyrl Lamar convicted of witnessing the murder of two people
Tri Thai, an immigrant, convicted of assault, dissuading a witness, and burglary
Monsuru Tijani, an immigrant, convicted of issuing fake financial statements
Shannon Thomas-Bland convicted of drug crimes
Gabriel Garcia convicted of drug crimes
Brenda Ibanez convicted of robbery and using a fake ID to buy a vehicle

Most should have been executed for their crimes.

Will the proggys speak up? Naaaaaa.......


Posted by: bertie | 31 March 2020 at 11:12 AM

Run along darlin....Oprah's on.

Bill Tozer

This got go any number of Wuhan virus posts, but in keeping with the thread, I will put it here.


“But the most revealing finding is the bottom bar, showing that a majority of Democrats (61%) approve of the news media’s handling of the coronavirus story, as opposed to only 25 percent of Republicans. This is the largest institutional gap in the survey, and quite telling, isn’t it?“


38 second video at bottom of link warms the cockles of me weary heart.

Bill Tozer

Broken clock is right again.

170 Ventilators Shipped To California Didn’t Work, But Instead Of Blaming Trump, Governor Had Them Fixed

“Nearly two hundred ventilators sent to California from the federal government needed repairs, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) said on Saturday. Yet instead of taking the opportunity to bash Trump, Newsom said he sent the ventilators to be repaired and that they would be returned – working – on Monday.”



In the "saving trump's ass is more important than peoples's lives and the trump administration takes no responsibility for anything" category:

Moscow Mitch now says the administration's poor response to the pandemic was the fault of Democrats and their insistence on impeachment. "It came up while we were tied down on the impeachment trial. And I think it diverted the attention of the government because everything every day was all about impeachment.”

The first official case in America was recognized just as the hearings began. Good job pubbers. You are so adept at recognizing what is important or not. Protecting the orangeman or saving people's lives.


Posted by: bertie | 31 March 2020 at 03:51 PM

Ahhh....Oprah is over then.....I think Dr. Phil is on now. Why don’t you go watch that......we all know how much you enjoy your afternoon TV programs.

Be a dear and run along then......


Sure bertie,, rewrite history for yourself.. Enjoy.
Now don't forget all the grief Trump got for wanting to restrict incoming travel.. You know,, he was "xenophobic".
That's what you get for believing Libby fake news.
We know how short your memory is.


Damn bertie,, LIBS never take responsibility for anything.
A nice timeline. Now the rest of the story from "your" post.

Feel free to stay REAL quiet.
Pelosi tweeted on January 15: “Tune in as House impeachment managers deliver the articles of impeachment against President Trump to the U.S. Senate.”

the CDC, the first patient to have been confirmed positive for coronavirus in the U.S. arrived to the country from Wuhan, China, on the same day, January 15.

On January 23, House impeachment managers made their opening arguments for removing the president to the Senate.

On January 29, Trump formed the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

On January 30, senators began asking two days of questions during the impeachment trial.

On January 31, Trump declared a ban on travel to the U.S. from China, which Democrats criticized as xenophobic.
So Trump ignored just what? Failed to act just when?

Now can you remind us just what your LIBS were doing all that time?
Yes TROLLburta,, your really got some damning facts on Trump.

So is it rice or beans for you tonight? Go with the beans.
You can run a hose from you know where to the intake of that Preus to see if the gov check is at the post office.

Bill Tozer

Is the Pandemic Killing Biden’s Bid?



No Bill, his own live (somewhat)videos are.

I have an idea!! Just maybe one of the caged Libbys here can
tell us just which LIB running for President they think would do a better job then Trump! And of cours,,, just how....(🤣😂😎)


You OK up there Scott? I hear you got a good Calif. style jolt.
Hope Grandma's prized dishes didn't get broken.

Don Bessee

Oh look, the rancid Russian dressing story gets better -




Don.. It was the old "it's OK,, no one will find out, who will question us if the info is good or not?"


Must be a tough night under that TROLL bridge.
Can't get a single anti Trump burp to stick.

Scott O

Walt 6:50 - We're fine. G'ma's china plates are still resting on edge in the china cabinet. The hanging lights over the kitchen counter were swaying but the motion was gentle. A back and forth motion, not any sharp jolts or up and down stuff.

Bill Tozer



Bill Tozer


Concealed Permit Holder Kills Alleged Attacker and Thwarts Mass Shooting


Once again and say it with me. The duration of a mass shooting is the time it takes for another gun to arrive on the scene.

Bill Tozer


Moreover, as the Attorney General explained, one of Title IX’s core purposes is to ensure that women have an “equal athletic opportunity” to participate in school athletic programs. This purpose is fulfilled by the establishment of separate athletic teams for men and women and by ensuring that those teams are on equal footing.

“Because of the physiological differences between men and women, the existence of women’s sports teams permits women to participate more fully in athletics than they otherwise could. Allowing biological men who identify as women to compete against biological women denies equal athletic opportunity to actual women.

By taking this stance in the Connecticut litigation, the Trump Justice Department once again demonstrates its seriousness in enforcing civil rights laws as written, not as distorted by political correctness and “woke” attitudes.”



Good to hear your fine Scott. I still bet it rattled your nerves.

Mary Wanna

Trump's denial and fear of his precious popularity will result in thousands of deaths,

The CDC issued its first warning on Jan 8

Trump held campaign rallies on Jan 9, Jan 14, Jan 28, Jan 30, Feb 10, Feb 19, Feb 20, Feb 21 & Feb 28

He golfed on Jan 18, Jan 19, Feb 1, Feb 15, Mar 7 & Mar 8

The first time he admitted the coronavirus might be a problem was Mar 13


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 01 April 2020 at 05:49 AM

Dieses Bier ist für meinen Meister.......

Mary Wanna

Loudmouth Trump is the Energizer Screwup,

Trump, Hannity, Limbaugh should be jailed.



Posted by: Mary Wanna | 01 April 2020 at 06:36 AM

Hey Ridley, das Machometer wirkt verrückt. Es ging einfach von der Waage auf mich.

Scott O

Good morning Walt. Nope - remember, I was born and raised in CA. I was in the woods once in Nevada County during an earthquake and it was interesting to hear one first before it was felt.

Mary 6:36 - Lock them up, lock them up, lock them up!


As always...the invaluable "Instapundit"!

From, not surprisingly, America’s Newspaper of Record.




...and who doesn't feel genuine appreciation for our "GaffeMaster" and his gaffetacular ways!

Biden Delivers Another Incoherent Assessment of Trump’s Response to the ‘Luhan’ Flu



I imagine most of the progressive regulars at RR's feel this way!

“Like a velveteen gravity blanket for my soul, the second I see this man’s perfectly weathered face and tousled curls, the moment his Pacino-like accent fills my living room with its mafia-like authority, my blood pressure drops, my breasts seem to perk up on their own, and a tingly feeling of optimism washes over my imprisoned body as I think to myself… I think we’re gonna be okay….!"

"Tingly"? Tell us more progressive America!


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