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29 March 2020



Miss Mary: "Trump's denial and fear of his precious popularity will result in thousands of deaths,

The CDC issued its first warning on Jan 8"


From the NYT:


The Flu Season May Yet Turn Ugly, C.D.C. Warns
Almost as many people are falling ill as did two years ago, in what was a particularly severe flu season. But this season’s virus is unusual, and it’s too early to tell how dangerous.

By Donald G. McNeil Jr.
Jan. 8, 2020, 9:30 a.m. ET

The United States may be headed into a bad flu season, according to figures recently released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As of the last week of December, “widespread” flu activity was reported by health departments in 46 states. More ominously, a second measure — the percentage of patients with flu symptoms visiting medical clinics — shot up almost to the peak reached at the height of the 2017-18 flu season, which was the most severe in a decade.

About 61,000 Americans died of flu that season, the C.D.C. said. (The original estimate of 79,000 was revised downward last year; the agency said the number changed as more death certificate information became available.)

This year’s flu vaccine may not be particularly effective against the strain of the virus now widespread in the United States, experts said. But even so, it’s worth getting the shot: people who are vaccinated fare better if struck by the flu than those who are not.

It is still too early to know how severe this season will be, said Lynnette Brammer, leader of the agency’s domestic influenza surveillance team.

Although many people are coming down with flu, the two chief indicators of severity — hospitalizations and deaths — are not yet elevated, she noted.

Deaths from pneumonia and flu are actually lower than normal at this time. But reports of hospitalization and death normally lag other indicators by at least two weeks.

The current season did begin unusually early. By late November, the flu had hit hard in the Deep South, from Texas to Georgia. The virus then broke out in California and the Rocky Mountain states, but was not widespread in the Northeast until recently.

That pattern echoes what happened in Australia, where winter runs from June through August. Flu came unusually early to the Southern Hemisphere in 2019. In seasons when Australia has a bad flu season, the Northern Hemisphere sometimes does, too.

In another important way, however, the United States is not following Australia’s lead. The A(H3N2) strain of influenza was dominant there last year, while most American cases this season have been caused by a very different strain, called B Victoria. (B strains are named for the cities where they were first isolated.)

B strain flus do not normally arrive until late in the season. But when they do, “they often impact children more than adults and older adults,” Ms. Brammer said.

The C.D.C. tracks the deaths of children individually, rather than making estimates, as is done for adults. Those over 65 are usually the group hardest hit by flu. Thus far this season, 27 children have died of flu — in 2017-18, 187 died — but pediatric deaths don’t normally start peaking until mid-January.

On the rise now is the A(H1N1)pdm09 strain, which is a descendant of the pandemic “swine flu” that first appeared in 2009 and then morphed into a seasonal flu.

H1N1 strains are usually the first to appear. They usually cause fewer hospitalizations and deaths per capita than B strains or A(H3N2).

Thus far, based on limited testing data, this season’s flu shot does not look like a good match for the B Victoria flu and may not be very effective, the C.D.C. said. But the shot does still appear to be well matched for the A(H1N1)pdm09 strain.

C.D.C. flu data relies on reports from doctors’ offices, clinics and hospital emergency rooms about how many patients come in with flu symptoms.

An even faster measurement of flu’s spread comes from Kinsa Health, which collects daily readings of fevers from up to two million users around the country who own its thermometers. The devices connect to smartphones and instantly upload readings to the company’s app.

[Like the Science Times page on Facebook. | Sign up for the Science Times newsletter.]

Kinsa readings indicate that flulike activity peaked on Dec. 24 at a level just below the 2017-18 level — confirming what the C.D.C. found — and has since dropped by almost a third, said Nita Nehru, a company spokeswoman.

But even this week’s lower figure “is much higher than is typical of this time of year,” she added. It may bounce up again soon, now that students have returned to school from holiday vacations.

The company assumes that fevers lasting three or more days indicate flu rather than a common cold, said Inder Singh, the company’s founder.

The C.D.C. has not endorsed Kinsa’s methods, but the data does show flu patterns at least a week or two ahead of reports from medical clinics.

Thus far, almost none of the hundreds of samples tested by the C.D.C. have been resistant to Tamiflu or any other common antiflu drug. Those medications do not cure the flu; they only reduce the severity of an infection, and only if they are taken early.


lol dude. Do you just make up stuff as you go along or do have some sort of crazy political website on speed dial?


also for Miss Mary, please for the love of God read this one.



Posted by: scenes | 01 April 2020 at 08:13 AM

lol dude. Do you just make up stuff as you go along or do have some sort of crazy political website on speed dial?

To ask the question is to answer it....

The existential thrill of being a progressive...a member of the vaunted "Resistance" in time of a pandemic...!

No wonder so many old hippies...males primarily it seems.... feel the "Tingles"!

George Rebane

Mr fish, you did it again. I had to close italics on your "Tingles". Please pay attention.

ScottO 815pm - As soon as we read about the Idaho quake Jo Ann and I thought of you guys. We both took comfort in that you both were Californians acclimated to some shaking now and then. Good to hear that the heirlooms didn't come tumbling down.

BTW, buildings can take a lot more vertical accelerations than lateral (horizontal). It's the longer lasting side-to-side that brings down structures, and that's why all modern tall structures have accelerator driven control systems that move huge masses placed on critical floors to counter the lateral motion of buildings during quakes and strong winds.


re: fish@8:28AM

In prior times (BT = Before Trump) these same folks would bang on your door to tell you about the JFK assassination or the incredible health value of blue-green algae and colloidal silver. It's just another thing to fixate on. In a few years there'll be DNA sequencing to spot the malady.

I have a funny feeling this is going to italicize. Please fix.


Sorry gentlemen.....I really have been trying to be better!

Somewhere......in your neck of the woods.....a rotund chap who fancies himself some sort of wordsmith is laughing at my html distress!

George Rebane

re bertie 1112am and gjr 1239pm - As predicted, the sackhead 'bertie' has disappeared. Pointing out his latest demonstration of profound ignorance of current events hopefully has given him pause. Just so that he doesn't feel too sanguine about his ill-advised performances in these comment streams, here is another prominent media outlet, Time magazine, doubting the C19 crap that the CCP puts out for fellow travelers and those mired in dumbth.


Bill Tozer

Things could be a lot worse. We could have a boy-toy leading our country.

“Turning off the ventilators to save the planet,” one user mocked

‘Justin Trudeau Gets Crushed Online After Suggesting Canadians Turn Off Lights, TV For ‘Earth Hour’ Amid Coronavirus Quarantine’

“That’s not Trudeau’s only issue, though. While a tasteless, ill-timed social media post is probably bad enough for most Canadians worried about whether their government is taking an active role in handling the growing pandemic, Trudeau is pairing his “Earth Hour” commitment to a massive, 50% carbon tax hike designed to punish businesses that consume too much carbon — and that tax is set to go into effect in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown.”



A daily find I thought I would share.



The April fool:

trump, "“Now, the virus that we’re talking about having to do ― you know, a lot of people think that goes away in April with the heat ― as the heat comes in. Typically, that will go away in April."

“Looks like by April, you know, in theory, when it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away.”

“I really believe they are going to have it under control fairly soon. You know in April, supposedly, it dies with the hotter weather. And that’s a beautiful date to look forward to.”

“We think and we hope, based on all signs that the problem goes away in April.”

“There’s a theory that, in April, when it gets warm ― historically, that has been able to kill the virus.

“I think it’s going to work out fine. I think when we get into April, in the warmer weather, that has a very negative effect on that and that type of a virus.”

“opened up and just raring to go by Easter,” which is on April 12.


Posted by: Berthune | 01 April 2020 at 09:19 AM

Mein Dackel hat dein Haustier Häschen getötet....


Just to hammer the point home a little bit.

"In January President Xi Jinping made a decision that would ultimately condemn the world: allowing 5 million people to leave the epicentre of the virus without being screened"



Trump quote: "“There’s a theory that, in April, when it gets warm — historically, that has been able to kill the virus. " ....Feb 14

Dr. Anthony Fauci headline: "Top disease official: Risk of coronavirus in USA is 'minuscule'; skip mask and wash hands" ....Feb 17

So your choice is either that Trump is an epidemiologist and should have known better than Fauci or that Fauci lied because of White House pressure.

Serious question. Are you this big a jackass in real life or is this just LARPing?


Here is your morning wake and bake Mary.


Dougy's back with a new dirty sock.

Bill Tozer

Bertha is a odd fellow, no doubt.


billy bob bertie

Media outlets are stopping broadcasting trump's daily press briefings "due to a pattern of false or misleading information provided that cannot be fact checked in real time,” --
In other words, the continuous stream of bull crap coming out of the side of trump's mouth in an effort to cover his ineptitude will no longer be routinely dispensed to the American public by responsible outlets.


Posted by: billy bob bertie | 01 April 2020 at 09:53 AM

Mädchen ... halte dein Temperament!

Scott O

billy-boob 9:53 - "Media outlets are stopping broadcasting trump's daily press briefings "due to a pattern of false or misleading information provided that cannot be fact checked in real time,” --"
Hilarious - those would be the same 'media' outlets that have been putting out false info for years.
Maybe they don't like competition?
Or just maybe the are saying that because they want to stop providing what Trump is really saying so they can fabricate more BS about him.

Mary Wanna

The Fish Troll is lapsing into his native tongue,

Central Valley Trumpists are going to have to pay for their stupidity,



Posted by: Mary Wanna | 01 April 2020 at 10:10 AM

A dugsKKKi le gusta masturbarse.


"Central Valley Trumpists are going to have to pay for their stupidity,"

Oh well, you can't expect Mexican nationals to give up fiestas and three day birthday parties making the neighbors' lives miserable.

It'll be interesting seeing how California's remarkably low ICU bed per capita count plays out.


LOL! Dougy re-puking what BK CNN says. Days old news toothless ridge rat.

Bill Tozer

Billy Bob Thorton @ 9:53 am


“will no longer be routinely dispensed to the American public by responsible outlets.”

Responsible outlets? I can’t stop laughing. Russia, Russia, Russia, 17 Intel Agencies agree, Michael Cohen flew to Prague, Trump is going to declare martial law on July 4, Trump removed the bust of MLK from the Oval Office, ad infinitum. Oh my, I am left speechless.

Nothing like quoting a story three days old that has been thoroughly discussed in the media. At least you could bring day old bread to the table at least once!

Of course “responsible outlets” want to squelch Trump’s Daily briefings. The ratings are through the roof., duh, and the responsible outlets are very very unhappy about that. Vive la résistance!


“The press’s attempt to blame the Wuhan flu on President Trump is insane, but not surprising. Glenn Reynolds sums up succinctly what is going on:

There was a sea change with Katrina, where they realized that if they all agreed on a narrative, even if it was false, and all stuck to it despite all criticism, they could swing an election. Since then, they’ve doubled down repeatedly, and every time you think they’ve bottomed out, they go lower. That they do this without concern for any collateral damage they might be doing to their audience or to the nation is particularly reprehensible. It’s no surprise that some call them enemies of the people.”

Don’t watch Fox News! Listen to us, people. Don’t watch Fox News! Trigger warning, danger!

“Fox News had 13 of the 15 most-watched shows on cable news, including the top five.

“Hannity” averaged 4.2 million viewers and finished the quarter as the most-watched cable news program, followed by “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” which averaged 4 million viewers. “The Five, “The Ingraham Angle” and “Special Report with Bret Baier” rounded out the top five, with MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” finishing sixth.

The most-watched show on CNN was “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” which finished No. 22 overall behind 14 Fox News and seven MSNBC programs.
Is this an April Fools joke???

‘CNN’s Baldwin to Biden: ‘Does’ It ‘Worry You’ That You Can’t Campaign, Touch People Now?’



Here you go Dougy,, fawn over the words of a washed up, out of work actor.

No one cares what a "got nothing better to do" has been has to say.

Scott O

Mary Waaaah 10:10 - "Central Valley Trumpists are going to have to pay for their stupidity..."
Mary really is losing it. The article has nothing about Trump voters. Poor Mary just sees MAGA-folk everywhere in her fevered brain...
Oh - look out, Mary - there's one right behind you!

Mary Wanna

This one's for Scenes, Trump is the Exterminator,



Posted by: Mary Wanna | 01 April 2020 at 02:16 PM

Nun, genießen Sie noch 5 Jahre Mr. Exterminator!

Ja...is gut!


re: Ms. Wanna@2:16PM on a fishing expedition with yet another Washington Post 'leak'. No direct quotes, just a game of 'telephone' by people trying to get clicks.

So should Trump believe the 17 intelligence agencies? or the epidemiologists at WHO, NIH, etc.? I've got a pile of quotes from those guys pulling the emergency cord in March. No point in inundating George's blog more than I do.

lol. No doubt someone will find Doctor X who warned everybody in December. WHY DIDN'T TRUMP LISTEN TO DOCTOR X??? THAT BASTARD!!!

Of course, the whole point of this is to win an upcoming election, not to actually solve a problem. The Blue Mob will happily climb to the White House on a hill of bones. That's why I love them so much.


Uh, "Marty" in drag,, I already busted you on that yesterday.
It's not my fault you refused to read it.. Again.. You really never tire of being wrong. Nothing has changed since yesterday.

Bill Tozer

My my. Who would think they would ever see this day? Turn about is fair play. The world has gone mad, I tell you. Thank you for the nice return, Mr. Trump. The forgotten man is forgotten no more.

‘Millionaires Don’t Need a New Tax Break’: Grassley Blasts Pelosi’s Attempt to Eliminate SALT Deduction Cap


While we are in a National Emergency that we don’t how it will end, with millions losing their jobs and in fear and despair, the only thing on Nancy’s mind is helping her millionaire buddies. Hall of Shame for the Botox Queen of the Damned

Bill Tozer

Well, now we have proof. Liquor stores are ‘essential’, CA schools are not. Another way to hide the truth of their dismal failures. How low can they go?

UC System Suspends College Admissions Requirements, No Minimum Grades, No SAT Scores


And to think David Hogg was rejected by UCLA and UC Irvine. He should have waited.


The tweekers and junkys are also in deep trouble.

The virus is kinda like a forced rehab OR,Expect more brazin break-ins and robberies.


Come on "Mary",, we know cabin fever is hard to handle,, but really?
2:46 p.m. — A caller from Rough and Ready Highway and Stagecoach Way reported a man yelling at a neighbor in the street. The man had been on the roof all day, wearing a winter coat and a Speedo. He had also torn down a fence earlier. He then left.


Posted by: Walt | 01 April 2020 at 06:48 PM

The man had been on the roof all day, wearing a winter coat and a Speedo. He had also torn down a fence earlier. He then left.

Walt......you have the most delightful crazy people!!


Fish... We gotta have some fun somehow.....
I remember when some old bat called the cops because she happen to see him piss off his deck at 6:00 in the morning.

Mary Wanna

Swamp swine feeding at the Trump trough,


Mary Wanna

More absurdity from Trump, the war on drugs, in the middle of a crisis,



Posted by: Mary Wanna | 02 April 2020 at 07:11 AM

Toto, ich habe das Gefühl, wir sind nicht mehr in Kansas!



Evidently it's some famous local tweaker who has been making the neighbors lives really difficult in a number of ways. He appears to be in jail looking at the website (Joseph Winkler), but no doubt won't spend much time there.


Luckily, in sunny California, there's a subclass of people who can get away with practically anything. There's a catch and release policy at the jail. The whole business (that you already know about) of <$1000 thefts becoming a non-crime. Homeless people are allowed to camp most anywhere and do anything they like, their discards treated as legally protected holy relics. Scads of people on the street with 50+ arrests. When you live in a society that has such a large percentage of enablers, you can expect these kind of things.

Our misbehaving brethren really do live in a different world than the taxpayers who can get a hefty ticket for not fastening their seat belts. Your property tax? Make sure you pay it on time even in the Age of the Plague, as some county official pointed out on the radio.


Scenes. I'm always hearing that guy's name on the radio.
He's a real pain for the cops AND Rough&Ready.


And speaking of drugs "marty"(in drag),, hows your stash holding up? Still wake'n and bake'n we see.


Posted by: Walt | 02 April 2020 at 08:30 AM

And speaking of drugs "marty"(in drag),, hows your stash holding up? Still wake'n and bake'n we see.

I don't know about Mary but the big 150 cup pouch of Dunkin Donuts coffee I bought a month ago is starting to get a little low......starting to get the shakes a little!


Walt....what do you think about my post plague gift to myself?

Sig Sauer, P220 Legion, Semi-automatic Pistol, Single Action Only, Full Size, 10mm, 4.4" Barrel, Alloy Frame, Leg Gray Coated Side, G10 Grips,3 8 Round Magazine, P-SAIT Trigger, X-Ray Day/Night Sights

First handgun I've purchased in nearly ten years! I'm only doing it because it sends a certain cohort to their fainting couches....

I was thinking about that Glock clone that I posted the link to a while back.....but the seller/manufacturer were less than useless so I'm taking my business elsewhere.


Even in the Plague Year, the business of gubmint must go on.


Thank goodness they don't wanna steal yer guns!

If I pop out the other end of our troubles, I'm trying to decide on my own new Hunkergun. Maybe something odd, like a Five-seveN or a stainless Browning BLR takedown in .223

I've also had this fascination lately with sporter versions of Saiga rifles. A sporter Saiga 12 might be what all the cool kids own.


Posted by: scenes | 02 April 2020 at 08:58 AM

Yes....now that "Tippy" Johnson has solved Guams problems he has decided to be the latest sacrificial lamb for gun control.

Good for him!


Now that is one nice weapon. 10mm,, DAMN!! You can't go wrong with Sig.
Now find a place to let it bark.
But get yourself some "snap caps" to work on your dry fire.
I'm of the old school of not dry firing a weapon without a dummy round. (I broke a hammer doing that a long time back.)


Only in trump's America -- After receiving threats, Dr. Anthony Fauci now has to have personal security at all times even at his home. The threats are the result of right wing blowhards like Lou Dobbs, the American Thinker, Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, and Bill Mitchell, host of the far-right online talk show “YourVoice America” trying to discredit Fauci for contradicting trump's statements on the virus. Some have accused him of being part of trumps' non-existent 'deep state' that is out to get him. One anti-Fauci tweet last Sunday read: “Dr. Fauci is in love w/ crooked @HillaryClinton. More reasons not to trust him.” Over 70 twitter accounts with the hashtag "#anti-fauci" have emerged in recent weeks. What a sad state of affairs.


Now now Dougy,, we know how crazy LIBS get. They are the major
mass shooters, and twist off so readily.

Bill Tozer

Guns. I, too, have been thinking about getting a new firearm. In an age of potential civil unrest (due to a potential economic collapse) and people becoming quite ‘undisciplined and doing the Lord of the Flies chant,, the Gun owner is the first and last defense to protect family, property, and self. First and last defense.

Which brings up an interesting question. If jails are throwing open their doors to let criminals out (to protect inmates from catching the Chi-Com Poo, they why are they threatening to arrest folks for taking a Sunday drive? Where are going to put the arrested?

I have been in a situation (similar to The Great Hunkering) where LE or emergency services could not make it in for days, where stores were closed, where people got cabin fever, where food supplies were running low....and after 2-3 days, it was crazy police blotter time. People resort to the Law of the Jungle when authority is removed in rather short order. I have been thinking about that experience everyday lately....


Posted by: bertie | 02 April 2020 at 09:23 AM



Posted by: Walt | 02 April 2020 at 09:23 AM

Not positive about 10mm....! Might go .45!

Easier to source!


Posted by: fishy | 02 April 2020 at 09:54 AM ---



Posted by: bertie | 02 April 2020 at 10:10 AM

It’s a lovely gesture but you’re simply not my type Bertie. But don’t you give up hope....somebody out there for you I’m sure!

George Rebane

bertie 923am - Welcome back bertie. I hope you are wizened a bit on your faux pas about the reliability of published C19 data - well, maybe not. But your parroting leftwing attacks characterizing the whole Right as now vilifying Dr Fauci continues to show your lack of understanding about what's really going on in the country. Snark über alles.


Fish. Never really cared for 9MM.
.45 or 10mm is the way to go. So no matter where you hit the POS that dares come in uninvited, they are going down.
I kinda wish I got a Sig when I was gun shopping. I bought a Kimber instead. "Kim" is not a bad weapon by any means. The Sig had a longer barrel.

Bill Tozer

Oh boy. More than one gun dealer/gun shop is putting the word out to friggin Crazy Californians in other states to QUIT calling them. Here two more dealers go off since the first one I posted. The dealers are getting pissed at Californians, roflmao. They want it and they want it NOW! Don’t work that way.

No, you cannot order a gun on-line from another state, despite what David Hogg, Don Rogers, and the Lamestream media has been spouting. “Stop calling us, you friggin crazy Californians!” There are laws they have to follow. They can sent a firearm to a licensed dealer, but then you and the supplier have to follow at local, state, and applicable laws, including background checks,

In a way, it’s the perfect example of how the public has been fed misinformation.


Don Bessee

Cant a communist dictator get a break or why you should ram a ship that's designed to sail in iceberg waters -



Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe pandering for the jihadi mutha mullah vote? -

Biden calls for Iran sanctions relief during coronavirus pandemic




guns indeed

a three judge panel from the 9th circus reviewed duncan v. becerra this morning

Intesting arguments... I think Judge Benitez did a good job originally, I'm going to expect the panel will reinstate his order allowing magazines larger than 10.

I disagree with Walt... 9mm Luger is a fine cartridge... and the Browning P-35 is superior to the Browning M1911 mostly because of the staggered column 13 round standard magazine.

Don Bessee

@645 Twelve gauge OO magnum mixed with magnum hollow point slugs. That will send them right back out the door!



That aint fair Gregory,, 13 rounds ain't legal here.(yet)
Or did I miss somthing?
As for the Luger round, it's still 9mm.
The difference between 9mm and 9mm Luger is either nothing or the latter is part of the former. Depending on how you define it.


It's time some dirty cops go to jail.


Here he is again Scenes and Fish...


Walt, the law making 13 round magazines illegal in Kali had been on hold forever... the date for getting rid of them saw a stay. Then he blew up the restrictions and a week where they could be purchased in Kali came; it was put on hold, agin, and this review is the result.

the 3 judges may make it right. Or not. but in the meantime if you have a magazine legally purchased, you can keep it.


...and there is no cartridge named "9mm".


re: Gregory@8:39PM

Just like there's no .45, .223, and .308, but people know what you mean. That language, it be a fluid thing.


re: Walt@8:11PM

Watching the jail media log and the court cases now and again, the county (and state) appear to have been on a catch and release system for some time. They'll go after respectable people hammer and tongs for money owed on a seat belt ticket, but there's an entire class of people who can do as they like.

I wonder sometimes if we are heading into an interesting experiment where, especially for property crimes, there is neither policing or vigilantism. Dunno how the law-abiding public will evolve it's behavior.


"Walt, the law making 13 round magazines illegal in Kali had been on hold forever"

Thanks for keeping track on that, it's not a thing I run into on the web and forget to look up how that law is doing. It's one of those things that irritates me no end and is made worse by merely being an onlooker.

Stupidest rule ever, although I guess it's no worse than defining an 'assault weapon' as something with a bunch of meaningless features.

There's just so many things wrong with gun control measures dreamed up by these people, but at least they haven't restricted purchases of plastic knives (yet).


Morn'n Scenes, your right. if you don't have money to go after as "punishment" your not worth the government's efforts. Your a new cost. Just like the one the jail refused to lock up, that was in the police blotter yesterday.


WoW Gregory,, did Dougy do an impersonation again?


re: Walt@8:05

My genuine impression is, so far as 'mere' stuff is concerned, you are either supposed to just suck it up or use purely passive security systems. Maybe the idea is that we all live in bank vaults as you aren't allowed to protect yourself in any meaningful way that might hurt our new protected classes. Make sure and buy a really nice golden retriever and a Nerf gun.

This is nothing new but has been increasing over time. For one thing, California homeless love gives you a ready-made criminal class spread hither and yon.

Seriously, I can definitely see a business opportunity in installing higher end door locks, security window film, building good quality garages, some kind of invention for secure Amazon delivery.


Posted by: scenes | 03 April 2020 at 08:29 AM

Seriously, I can definitely see a business opportunity in installing higher end door locks, security window film, building good quality garages, some kind of invention for secure Amazon delivery.

Seriously, I can definitely see a business opportunity in the surreptitious disposal of the bodies of opportunist just released criminals trying their respective hands at home invasion.



Even the cops would find this tough to get through.


Posted by: Walt | 03 April 2020 at 08:39 AM

Crap.....reconsidering the subject of yesterdays gun purchase.....10mm....almost two grand!

Might need to downscale a bit!



Might need to close Italics!


Yes Fish,, quality firearms ain't cheap.
Lil' Kim ran me 1000, bucks.


re: Walt@8:39AM

I've seen those very things before. They always seem to be on doors with windows. Go figure.

George Rebane

Reading about all this gun buying and ammo labeling, I'm a bit surprised. I thought all of you gentlemen were already well armed and ready to defend your property lines. Buying guns now when even some progressives are starting to have 2A epiphanies seems to be the wrong time, unless you're out there to also stoke the economy. Watashi-wa wouldn't know where to put a new shootin' arn in Festung Rebane.


Posted by: George Rebane | 03 April 2020 at 09:50 AM

Can neither have too many guns nor too many motorcycles!

Plus there is still some empty space in the safe! Not a lot but some!


gr 950am

No new firearms here, and I have more ammo than I could expect to use against targets that are shooting back.

Hmmm... how many 9mm Kurz do I need?

Bill Tozer

Donald J. Trump
Highly respected Justice Daniel Kelly is running for the Supreme Court in the Great State of Wisconsin. Justice Kelly has been doing a terrific job upholding the Rule of Law and defending your #2A. Tough on Crime, Loves our Military and our Vets. He has my Complete Endorsement!

One little man and his pen and paper letter to Chuckie the Clown

“No wonder AOC and others are thinking of running against you in the primary. If they did, they would likely win,” Trump wrote in a scathing letter.


" I have more ammo than I could expect to use against targets that are shooting back."

That's always been my take. Aside from serious target practice needs, it isn't like you'll get the opportunity to let 10k rounds let fly at bad people. Odds don't favor it, or you'll die of old age first.

I think the main point of a big ol' ammunition cache is because it angers the right people, which does have some value. Make sure to display pictures of it on DailyKos.


GeorgeR: "Buying guns now when even some progressives are starting to have 2A epiphanies seems to be the wrong time"

I think it's because I brought up the idea of buying a rifle with my Trumpbux. It's a highly amusing idea.

At this point, I would only think about something more exotic. Gyrojets cost too much to shoot, so I'm left with Saiga 12s and FiveseveNs.



Hang on. Maybe an Auto Mag. Get my Dirty Harry thang goin' on. Gnome sayin'?


Oh noes.....sucks to be a helpless progressive waif these days! Speaking of that.....Punchy......calling Punchy.....let us know you're still alive boy!! (Who am I kidding...we won't see him until a poll goes his way again and stiffens that wrinkly spine of his!)

“My son was a little upset about it.” (He preferred his bow and arrow.) “I’m old and I live alone, and we don’t know if there’s going to be civil unrest. The world is not the same.” She added, “It didn’t have to be this way.” Unlike many of the shop’s regulars, she was no fan of Trump: “He’s a divider all the way. First he said, ‘Five people have died, big deal.’ Now he’s saying, ‘I always knew it’d be dangerous.’ ” Talk turned to Portland. “It’s a ghost town,” a young woman said. Her name was Rosemary, and she was helping Bales out, since the restaurant where she waited tables had closed.

“I don’t like to go in cities anymore, anyway,” the customer said.

“But these rumors about them putting this country in full lockdown are inaccurate,” Rosemary said. “It’s a scare tactic. It’s not like all of a sudden we’re gonna wake up one day and everyone is sick and the whole world is ending.”



George Rebane

re scenes 1211pm - as I've mentioned before, when times get really tough (or come the revolution) ammo also becomes a proxy for money along with gold and silver coins/bars, and certain other readily usable commodities easily valued.

Bill Tozer

The return of Daily Quotes to the Sandbox

Insight: “A people who mean to be free must be prepared to meet danger in person, and not rely upon the fallacious protection of armies.” —Edmund Randolph (1753-1813)

Upright: “Washington is spending like never before in the national fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Deficit hawks are as hard to find as toilet paper — even in the supposedly debt-averse GOP. … Few experts would … counter the idea that the nation needs a big upgrade — though maybe not $2 trillion worth — to its roads and bridge, as well as better digital infrastructure. Just not now, OK?” —James Pethokoukis

Observations: “Governments right now are not deciding whether to do nothing or do something. Rather, they are confronting choices about which restrictions should be imposed, where they make sense, and how long they should be maintained. In this context, a simple binary choice between ‘intervention’ and ‘no intervention’ is highly misleading.” —Jacob Sullum

Economic ambiguity: “The Paycheck Protection Program pays businesses to maintain their labor demand, while Pandemic Unemployment Assistance pays workers to reduce their labor supply. How the two programs will interact is unclear.” —Samuel Hammond

For the record: “While most Americans under coronavirus lockdown are worrying about their jobs, their groceries, and their local doctors and nurses, congressional Democrats have other priorities. To wit, pin blame on the Trump Administration before the November election.” —The Wall Street Journal

Never let a crisis go to waste: “Absolutely we see this as an opportunity to reshape the way we do business and how we govern.” —Gov. Gavin Newsom

Epic lack of self-awareness: “Where there’s money there’s also frequently mischief. We want to make sure there are not exploiters out there.” —Inspector Clouseau Nancy Pelosi

Braying jackass: “I hope when the time for accountability comes, we can all remember that it didn’t have to be like this. Other countries responded to this pandemic with competence and they avoided the worst. Now, we’re bracing for an unimaginable tragedy and as we speak, the president is leaving besieged states and hospitals to fend for themselves, putting lives at risk.” —Seth Meyers

And last… “The question isn’t whether government has power. Government is power. The question is how and when to apply that power. And what we’ve seen is that government sucks at everything, even the most basic things it is supposed to do well.” —Ben Shapiro


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 03 April 2020 at 12:35 PM

Never let a crisis go to waste: “Absolutely we see this as an opportunity to reshape the way we do business and how we govern.” —Gov. Gavin Newsom

Yes....he'll almost certainly fuck this up.....but I'm still willing to see if pretty, pretty Gavin can thread the needle!


Ponder this Proggys,, if you believe gov. should be paying for abortions,(some perceived right) then the gov. should be paying for my 2ND Amend. "needs"(and actual right). If I'm running low on ammo, it should be provided. If the gun is worn out, it should be replaced by the gov.
Try and "un"justify that.


" as I've mentioned before, when times get really tough (or come the revolution) ammo also becomes a proxy for money along with gold and silver coins/bars, and certain other readily usable commodities easily valued."

Load up on cigarettes and liquor.

Given the US inability to produce most manufactured goods, I figure the most important person in town is going to be the machinist.

Bill Tozer

Let the record show that the Founding Fathers never ceded the right to bear arms to the government.

The General Welfare Clause does not supersede the rights not granted to government (textualist).



Seriously, somebody should do an in-depth study of the economies of places like Russia or Yugoslavia during their collapses. What actually had value? What is the smart move?

If you weren't there, I expect that your guesses are wrong.


“The question isn’t whether government has power. Government is power. The question is how and when to apply that power. And what we’ve seen is that government sucks at everything, even the most basic things it is supposed to do well.”

lol. Well, there is that isn't there.

You need large organizations to get certain things done, but they don't have your interests at heart.


No collapses with Yugoslavia's devolving into its constituent countries. Not Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Inagadadavida, or Republika Macedonia.

Asked just now of a full blooded Serb born in Indiana, who has close ties with the old country.


... and not Montenegro.


re: Gregory@1:38

I'll have to put them in touch with an ex-coworker who made a living selling cigarettes in the middle of that. Lotsa interesting stories, not all good.


So, taking George's point about the value of ammunition, and a pilfered paragraph:

"Inflation was nothing new to Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia had suffered double-digit inflation in every year save one between 1969 and 1986. Inflation rose to even higher levels after 1985, moving from 87% in 1985 to 162% in 1987 and to 2719% in 1989. When the United Nations imposed sanctions on Yugoslavia in 1992, the country quickly collapsed into hyperinflation. Prices increased 17,200% in 1992, and an incredible 3 quadrillion percent in 1993. Inflation was 1788% in December 1993 and 4139% in January 1994, though one wonders how the government arrived at such exact figures. The hyperinflation finally ended in March 1994, and by 1995, the annual inflation rate was a more “normal” 122%."

Where do you park assets? Precious metals? Probably none to be had. People were probably tripping over ammunition. Johnnie Walker? Real estate? Beanie babies?

It's an interesting thought problem and I have a feeling that people who are sure of their answer are likely to be wrong.

Bill Tozer

Parking assets? No advice. But, for the Emergency kit.....

Well, I am of the belief if the dollar collapses, a good thing in the survival kit is silver....just regular silver coins pre-1964, 90% silver. Half dollars, silver dollars. Easy to exchange with anyone for goods and smaller denominations that break down or add up to almost exact amounts in exchange for goods and services. Not a lot of folks can/will take a gold bar and give you change back in gold on the spot. Just sayin.

Helpful hint of the day: If the grocery stores run out of TP, grab a head of lettuce. Cheap, organic, cool and refreshing, and off to garden mulch pile to enrich the soil afterwards. It’s what the preppers are calling “The tip of the iceberg.”


"Parking assets? No advice. But, for the Emergency kit....."

Dunno about junk silver. It's a good story, but I've never heard of it being tested.

I think that the normal model for emergencies is to have assets in another place. Thus you get metal storage in Singapore and house buying by Chinese in Vancouver. Switzerland uber alles. It's a trickier matter in a worldwide sitch. For normal folks, just a bit of food, beer, and place to send the sewage is probably sufficient, as it should be for anyone.

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