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18 April 2020


Larry Wirth

Killing all birds with one stone, name it not for the people, but for their dictator whose decisions have made all of it possible: the Xirus.

Bob Hobert

Larry 11:22 Great name. Descriptive, for certain.

George Rebane

Xirus, Xirus, Xirus, Xirus, ... Hmmm, with two extra characters it has a certain j'accuse ring to it.


Xirus is all snark and no truth... I doubt Xi had any idea the SARS du jour was coming down the road feeling bad until it did.

It is a SARS virus, not a flu, and if it had been called SARS out of the box by WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Ph.D. (Community Health, not medicine, not virology) there would not have been the same lack of enthusiasm for stopping it early in places like NYC or Milan.

Don Bessee

Snark has its place in life.

Of course comrade deblasio would want his own stasi -



Gregory @ 1:57 And I doubt Obama had any idea that Comey would pardon Hillary and move on to plot a coup with Clapper, Brennan and McCabe. But of course it couldn't happen without his ok, expressed or implicit. Likewise Xi, the buck does stop somewhere.

My dictionary has no noun 'snark', but snarky is defined as 'testy or irritable; short.'
Fair enough, perhaps the Chi Coms will wake up to a loss of face, since loss of live has never, and doesn't, inform their decision making.

Your second paragraph is meaningless given that comrade Ghebreyesus takes orders from Xi and not any medical ethics he might once have endorsed. Xi or one of his close henchmen ordered him to lie about it, knowing full well what they had unleashed. Had the Chinese been halfway truthful, there would have been no 'lack of enthusiasm for stopping it early' in NYC or Milan, either, whatever they chose to call it.

When you consider the decision to quarantine Hubei from the rest of China, but not the rest of the world, you could even make a case that it was a deliberate test run of a new geopolitical weapon. So far, we are only sure that that misdeed was motivated by a fear of 'loss of face' being greater than the fear of (others) death. Grow up Gregory, these folks make Bolsheviks look like moderate progressives.

Don Bessee

When the tv shows run out you are going to see real problems in some homes. -



L 416pm

Ghebreyesus gave the disease the name COVID-19. He is, for now, the head of the World Health Organization and they've given themselves the power to give names to diseases.

I am not bound by their decision to call it COVID-19. I call it Wuhan SARS. SARS for short.

Hubei wasn't in quarantine; some cities within Hubei, including Wuhan, were.

I have no love for the Communist Party of China, that have killed uncounted millions of their own people over the years... grow up yourself, "L".


L 416pm

"When you consider the decision to quarantine Hubei from the rest of China, but not the rest of the world, you could even make a case that it was a deliberate test run of a new geopolitical weapon."

What a naive statement you have made, whoever you are. No matter what you think the CPC is capable of, starting a test of a "new geopolitical weapon" by unleashing it in their own heartland while running interference trying to hide the evidence is incredibly dumb. World class brainless.

I suspect the reality is they kept hoping their people would not lose faith in the ability of their party elites to keep a lid on things. So far, the revolts are few and far between.


OK Doc, I give up! What two characters need adding for completion? Puzzling all day over that one and nothing springs to mind...

No hard feelings, Gregory, just my frustration over what seems to be needless nitpicking over what the stupid Chi Com curse should be called. Even SARS doesn't distinguish it from the previous curse of the same name brought to us courtesy of the same miscreants. So Xirus seemed appropriate to distinguish both problem and likely cause of its widespread dissemination. Xi Jinping can't declare himself god-emperor of Xian and escape responsibility for actions of his government. Who does he think he is, Trump?

Don Bessee

IF the virus dies in sunlight how does this help?? -


Don Bessee

The botox queen says let them eat 12 dollar pints of ice cream sitting in front of the most expensive zub zero. #tonedeaf -

I served with three Democratic speakers of the House: Tip O’Neill, Jim Wright and Tom Foley. It would be unthinkable for one of them to be as tone-deaf as Pelosi. There she was, in front of her two Wolf Sub-Zero refrigerator-freezers. Frankly, my wife Callista knew what a Wolf Sub-Zero refrigerator was, but I sure did not. I Googled it.

Wolf’s own description is: “Find the best luxury refrigerators for your needs with Sub-Zero full-size stainless steel or custom panel refrigerators, freezers and undercounter refrigerators.” They range in price up to $20,000-plus.

So, while voting to starve small businesses, Pelosi wanted America to see her in front of “the best luxury refrigerator.” She then went a step further and explained: “And we just restocked the ice cream for Easter Sunday because we were, shall we say, enjoying – I don't know what I would have done without ice cream."

It was perfectly “progressive Democrat” of Pelosi to want us to share her pain when she was causing pain to millions of small business owners, their employees, and families.

While many Americans were gathered around their Easter tables praying and wondering what they would do without income or a job, Pelosi was blocking small business support and wondering what she would have done without ice cream. By the way, you, too, can get the ice cream she was bragging about having delivered – five pints for $58 before tax.

The Marie Antoinette parallel is a little eerie. You may be pinching pennies and eating peanut butter and crackers, but her highness, the princess of San Francisco, is smothering her anxieties with $11.60-a-pint ice cream while making you go bankrupt.

What makes the Pelosi attitude so infuriating is the fact that the small business payroll protection plan has worked far better than anyone thought possible. The Small Business Administration, working with the nation’s banks, has gotten nearly $350 billion into the economy in 14 days.

Before the Trump administration, $30 billion in an entire year was a major SBA effort. Now, it had managed to loan $349 billion in two weeks.

Even a knowledgeable Democrat thought Pelosi was profoundly wrong. As Jim Saksa reported in Roll Call: “Karen G. Mills, who led the Small Business Administration during President Barack Obama’s first term, has a message for top Capitol Hill Democrats: Refill the so-called Paycheck Protection Program’s coffers now and ask questions later.

“The SBA program, established as part of the $2.3 trillion COVID-19 aid package to help battered small businesses, ran out of cash to make new loans on Thursday morning, barely two weeks after it began taking applications.

“'Congress has to act as soon as possible,’ Mills told CQ Roll Call in an interview Thursday, adding that she’s spoken recently with Democratic senators and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office. 'What I’m saying is: Number one, get the money replenished.’”

The Washington Free Beacon also captured the trap the Democrats were drifting into when it said we are entering “the Pelosi Recession.


George Rebane

L 601pm - 'C19' has three characters; 'Xirus' has five.


"L", it isn't a "stupid Chinese curse", it's a virus with a scientific name that starts with SARS.

It was christened (oops, bad cultural reference) COVID-2019 by the WHO, shortened to COVID-19. Accompanied by wagging fingers about how it is bad to reference an illness by the place where it was discovered, contrary to all of human history.

Like when syphilis was called the English Disease by the French and the French Disease by the Brits.

Calling a SARS a SARS is my attempt to right a wrong. No, it doesn't differentiate it from the first SARS (-1) but given no one has been infected with that SARS in 16 years I don't see that as anything but a bloody nitpick from you.


Gregory @ 5:44- I realized after I wrote it that "deliberate" was the wrong word in my 4th paragraph- correct would have been "opportunistic" test run- as in not letting a crisis go to waste- after all, the domestic damage was done, why not see how effective it could be by sending a few battalions of innocent civilians back from Lunar New Year celebrations as vectors? Which they unquestionably did- ask the Italians.

You, yourself, appear to acknowledge the Chi Coms are perfectly capable of doing such a thing based on past performance, so why not now- after all, what better cover than the fact that Wuhan itself was brought to its knees? Lemons and lemonade, ya know. I may be a lot of things, but naïve is not one of them...


gr 641pm

And SARS has four chars.


Why not now, "L"? There's a difference between fantasy and reality.


Now just why in hell were we borrowing money from china, just to turn around and FUND their biolab(s)?


further to your 5:44, the Chinese didn't "unleash it in their homeland while [covering it up]. To the contrary, whatever the motive, they tried to contain it in their homeland while unleashing it on the world.

Bill Tozet

L @ 6:01 pm @ Dr. Rebane @ 6:41 pm

I thought all day that the two missing characters were v and i, as in in Xivirus. For short, I may refer to SARS-2.0 as #19. Or, the Wu Flung Poo. Or.......

Exit stage left.


In CCP-19 news, this doesn't look good.

(Different articles, same basic story). True or old scientist with Biden's Disease? Dunno.

George Rebane

Well, let's chalk up one possible scenario that C19 was purposely made in the lab for unknown purposes (we can add bio-weapon to the list), but was not released intentionally.

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