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11 April 2020


Don Bessee

PBS has serious TDS -




"The medical industry has never impressed me, quite the opposite."

My general theory is that once we figured out clean drinking water and sewage disposal, the rest of it is chipping away at the margin. At this point my main hope is for the large data people more than it is state of the art research, hopefully 'radiologist' disappears as a job title pretty soon. Even the futurists are an issue since looking like Aubrey de Grey at age 55 is nothing to shoot for.

Steven R Frisch


George Rebane

DonB 1212pm - that woman is truly a 24kt asshole and represents everything that's wrong and evil about the lamestream and progressives.

scenes 1245pm - yep, that about covers it. Until we really know how to beneficially mess with our double helix, nibbling at the margins is all that's going on. And when they allow the machines in to start all diagnosing and prescribing, then that will dramatically lower the casualty rate. And when we get them to start doing surgical procedures, then ... . And ... . The solution lies in trans-humans; we are but a brief stepping stone in the evolutionary schedule.

Bill Tozer

"The medical industry has never impressed me, quite the opposite."

They don't call it "practicing medicine" for nuthin'

George Rebane

StevenF 1256pm - Found your data link in the spam folder. Thanks for sharing it. Looking at it, I see that those data mavens are part of the group that doesn't understand the difference between data and information. Quoting, say, raw death numbers doesn't really say much as I've described above.

Bill Tozer

Hoarding my dollars like toilet paper. Might interest Scenes and the Good Doc. The velocity of money.



Dear Diary. Went outside and sniffed the air. Looked at the beauty and the tops of trees gently swaying in the light breeze. Just the top branches. Waited, sure enough the breeze picked up a slight bit. Nope, ain’t worth it. Burn Day or not, it’s not a burn day for me.. God gave us brains to use, and it’s a perfect day for other chores. :)

Steven R Frisch

Posted by: George Rebane | 11 April 2020 at 02:53 PM

A lot of data there George, some of the graphs do measure on a per capita basis and conform your observation that Italy is roughly 5 times more per capita than the US.


Steve, there is indeed a lot of data there. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of 'hockey sticks' there too, and that's certain notice to the wise to don their skeptic hats. Scary, but not necessarily informative (or even true- or I should say accurate).



Multiply the China infections and deaths by 15 to 50 before making national comparisons.

The virus isn't named C19 George, it's literally SARS-CoV-2. If the WHO wasn't trying to obfuscate the disease's origin, it would have just called it SARS-2, or SARS-2019.

Don Bessee

These are the entitled assholes who will screw it up for everyone -




Another prime example of why to ridicule anyone who says socialized medicine is the way to go. "Be more like Sweden" they say.
"A document from the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm has revealed that Wuhan coronavirus patients over 80 and those over 60 with multiple organ failure will not be given priority for intensive care."

"The concept of “biological age”, which can be assessed as either higher or lower than a patient’s chronological age, is also mentioned in the document as a potential guideline."

"Along with patients over the age of 80, those 60 to 70 who have multiple organ failures will also be moved out of intensive care. The document states that any patients in those categories that experience organ failure while in an ICU could also be taken out of intensive care, as well, Aftonbladet reports."

If that's the case, then elected politicians, no matter their
ranking in the elitist tree, must be held to the same standard.

George Rebane

Gregory 433pm - On this blog much used things are labeled with minimum literal strings that also minimize delimiters. On RR "literally SARS-CoV-2" is C19 - live with it.

Bob Hobert

Thanks, Walt. I readily picked up on the part where I have only 6 more years to live. In Sweden, if there's a crowd at the hospital and I need to get in.

Don Bessee

Chi com sars incubated in Wuhan is the fact of the matter and should be labeled as such.

The State Department has halted refugee resettlement in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, though a handful of “emergency” refugees have been resettled over the last week.

Refugee contractors have a vested interest in making sure as many refugees are resettled across the U.S. as possible because their annual federally-funded budgets are contingent on the number of refugees they resettle.



Don Bessee

Does anyone think the fakenewsmen sharing national security information with the chi coms is in our interest? The pentagon told the folks in the fields to not share mission readiness. We can absolutely flush the fleet if needed in spite of the chi com sars and the socialist dems.



Bill Tozer

Might be off topic, but does indeed have a C-19 tie in. Maybe better put under ‘VDH nails it,’ but also under the Great Hunkering down in the here and now. Here it goes

It’s no surprise to anyone with two brain cells left that the lamestream is struggling for relevancy and to be taken as the final word to be listened to. They must tell us what to think, how to think it, and why you are a bad person if you don’t submit your mind to their biased group think.

But, the fight for relevancy carries over to the Climate Emergency Crisis Doomsday scenario as well. Tons of jokes about how refreshing it is not to hear from Greta as the issue of the very survival of the planet is pushed aside....for now. Greta thinks she can shame China into a cease and desist cutting down forests and bamboo to save the planet, not realizing China makes toilet paper from bamboo as well. Oh, the Eco-nazis are against toilet paper, lol. Explains the TP holding and fights over the last roll on the shelf.

****But, but, but THE REAL STORY is the progressive Little Piglet David Hogg worshipping nutcases are seizing the moment while we are quarantined at home to ram through emergency bans on guns and ammo via Governors. Not everywhere, basically just the Blue Wet Dream wack job states.

So.....alongs comes Alyssa Milano
(The actress) “took to Twitter Thursday to share with fans just how much gun purchases have increased compared to this time last year, tweeting, “Americans bought over 2 million firearms in March of 2020, over a million more than this time last year. We have to keep each other safe by social distancing and washing our hands and not bringing dangerous firearms into our homes. #StopTheCoronavirusGunSurge #NoRA.”

Within the attached PSA, the actress says that while she understands that uncertain times can often lead to panic, she doesn’t believe “stockpiling weapons” is the way to cope and could have “dire consequences for our own personal safety and those around us.”

“The weapons that people are buying today could end up being used in household, schools, churches, bars and on our streets in the future,” she went on. “We all have to look out for each other, so please, please, please share this video to stop the coronavirus gun surge. We can’t lose anymore lives to guns during this pandemic or after it’s over.”

James Woods was having. none of that nonsense.

‘James Woods dismisses Alyssa Milano’s anti-gun PSA: ‘Buy more ammo!’


James Woods is my kind of guy. Look what he told the biggest gun grabber of them all, Ms. Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action a few years ago:


Steven R Frisch

Posted by: L | 11 April 2020 at 04:24 PM

"Unfortunately, there are also a lot of 'hockey sticks' there too, and that's certain notice to the wise to don their skeptic hats."

We should always don our skeptics hat; but once the data proves the case we should act on the best possible data.

I hope those who fancy themselves statisticians and systems analysts here will weigh in with the obvious comment about "L"'s statement: that the efficacy of a graph is dependent upon the underlying data not whether or not the appears to resemble another graph you were once encouraged to question.

If the projection of the data looks like a hockey stick because of what it is measuring then it is a hockey stick.

Steven R Frisch


Multiply the China infections and deaths by 15 to 50 before making national comparisons.

The virus isn't named C19 George, it's literally SARS-CoV-2. If the WHO wasn't trying to obfuscate the disease's origin, it would have just called it SARS-2, or SARS-2019."

I am providing a source, I will leave it up to you to interpret it in whatever completely bizarre, conspiratorial, illogical, addle, nasty, snarky, twisted, shoot the messenger, fashion you are habitually prone to.


Of course it was a DEM.
"A federal judge granted a restraining order against a Kentucky mayor who promised to record the license plates of Easter church goers, calling the order “unconstitutional.”

U.S. District Court Judge Justin Walker granted the temporary restraining order (TRO) preventing Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer from blocking Easter drive-in-services at On Fire Church, the non-profit public interest law firm First Liberty Institute announced in a Saturday"


Steve @ 9:00. Yeah, well the problem is we're only seeing a small snapshot in time. A year from now the hockey sticks in each graph will be looking like bell curves of differing slopes and amplitudes and perhaps then will be useful for analysis. Now, not so much, they're merely alarming which is always the stock in trade of your side's attempt to convince the non-gullible that things are 'worse than we thought." Remember the danger of crying "Wolf!"

George Rebane

StevenF 900am - Apparently you are talking about me since I do have ample credentials in those fields. But what you don't seem to recognize is what I illustrated voluminously in the Epidyne scenarios.

The initial part of all processes that at first grow exponentially and then terminate in a bell-curve fashion, at first they all look like unending hockey sticks to the uninitiated. L points that out in his 1027am.

And for some odd and now escaped reason, I was hoping to hear from you on the deaths data-to-information presentation in the above update to my commentary. Silly me.

Bill Tozer

Great homemade fire making story, Dr. Rebane. Warms the cockles of me hearth. Kinda neat that hearth and heart where once synonymous, if not the same word. Old English with Danish Throne influence, not old Irish. Two of the seven old Irish languages where never translated anything near accurately, including the Danish version in the mix. Cnut the Great and all that stuff.
Ok, I won’t be a nag and try to win a stupid argument.....The inner pyro in me can spend hours looking at dancing flames and the flickering glows of delight.

All my outside burn piles that burn god without a whiff of smoke are started with one match, no accelerants, save two Safeway Suitcases (paper bags). A source of pride. There is a system to my madness which parallels your campfire method. First kindling, then
dry brush branches, then oak sticks oak limbs, then when all the brush and smaller stuff is gone, the progressively larger stuff goes on. When the slightly green oak catches and burns, you got one hot fire, yet small. Stand too close and you will get sunburned and you can’t touch your pants legs. Then, the nighcap of rolling a big old log laying on the ground for years on top and you got yourself a two-day slow burn. Clean and barely a 3 gallon bucket of white ash. Love going out in the middle of the night just to sit and look at it for the longest time. It’s spell binding. Fire can be your friend or your enemy. I choose to embrace my friend.

Now, for a campfire song!
Dear Diary. I have met more heights in the last week than I have since a 20 acre fire over the hill 4 years ago. Out walking, neighbors hopping on tractors fixing the Rocky road, kids on their dirt bikes buzzing around, and Dad’s working on old quads getting the old machines going again.

The most urgent matter for some wives is which neighbor has eggs for sell. Nobody wants to drive to Brunswick. Still haven’t made it past PV, myself. :).

Don Bessee

Screw the TP somebody get granny some silver bullets -

Stuck at home and unable to venture out to replenish her supplies, Veronesi was pictured standing at her window with a dry erase board in one hand that read “I NEED MORE BEER!!”

In her other hand was a can of Coors Light.



Don Bessee

More tru dat on the chi coms -




GR 812pm

On a standard QWERTY layout keyboard, SARS is easier and faster to type than C19, and it has the bonus of not hiding the link to China, even without Wuhan (the 2019 eruption) or Guangdong (the 2003 outbreak) of basically the same damn virus family.

SF 906am
"I will leave it up to you to interpret it in whatever completely bizarre, conspiratorial, illogical, addle, nasty, snarky, twisted, shoot the messenger, fashion you are habitually prone to."

What a snarky little boy you are!

China campaigned for the current WHO leader and they got what they paid for. In the case of the naming of the virus du jour, they got a name that was scrubbed of any reference to place or the genisis of the virus:
"From a risk communications perspective, using the name SARS can have unintended consequences in terms of creating unnecessary fear for some populations, especially in Asia which was worst affected by the SARS outbreak in 2003.

For that reason and others, WHO has begun referring to the virus as “the virus responsible for COVID-19” or “the COVID-19 virus” when communicating with the public. Neither of these designations are intended as replacements for the official name of the virus as agreed by the ICTV."

Doubleplusgood doublespeak.

In good Oldspeak, it's the Wuhan SARS.


We should double down and simply call it the Xirus.


(After the man who made it possible)

Don Bessee

Too ironic -

Police in Lima on Sunday arrested a Chinese citizen for illegally conducting rapid COVID-19 tests on the public with newly-delivered kits stolen from Peru's health ministry.



Don Bessee

Sloppy cover up attempt by the chi coms -

The posts on the websites of Fudan University and the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) were erased from online caches -- in a possible bid to control the narrative surrounding the pandemic, The Guardian reported.

The Wuhan university appeared to have published and then deleted posts about academic research that China’s ministry of science and technology needed to approve before publication.
Similar apparent censorship turned up in the form of deleted posts originally published on April 9 by the school of information science and technology at Fudan University in Shanghai.

“They are seeking to transform it from a massive disaster to one where the government did everything right and gave the rest of the world time to prepare,” Kevin Carrico, a senior research fellow of Chinese studies at Monash University, told The Guardian.

“There is a desire to a degree to deny realities that are staring at us in the face … that this is a massive pandemic that originated in a place that the Chinese government really should have cleaned up after SARS,” he added.



Don Bessee

Looks like the party parrots and their trolls overarched again! -

Fact check: NYC is not planning to use trenches in local parks as burial grounds



Bill Tozer

Alexa, Check the kids homework for me. Alexa, homeschool the kids. Alexa...

Bill Tozer

Circling the barn again, but not sounding the alarm. My vote don’t matter in CA anyway. :)

California Governor Working to Give More Coronavirus Aid to Illegal Aliens



Another wacky piece by the Trumpers at The Atlantic
How China Deceived the WHO

U.S. senators are calling for investigations and the president is threatening to cut off funding. What happened?


Bill Tozer

Well done Deplorable.

‘Chinese Consulate Asks Wisconsin State Senator For Praise In Resolution. He Gives Them A Resolution They Won’t Forget.’

Oh my, Those rascally Deplorables have created their mischief again. Make them stop!

‘OOPS! CNN Gets Pranked with Question About 'Stage-4 TDS' Allowed on Screen’


Bill Tozer

Xi Jinping’s China did this

“The corrupt, criminal regime wasted 40 days blocking information while it crushed domestic dissent and ensured COVID-19 would become a global pandemic”



"China has imposed restrictions on the publication of academic research on the origins of the novel coronavirus, according to a central government directive and online notices published by two Chinese universities, that have since been removed from the web.

Under the new policy, all academic papers on Covid-19 will be subject to extra vetting before being submitted for publication. Studies on the origin of the virus will receive extra scrutiny and must be approved by central government officials, according to the now-deleted posts."


I expect that Trump is behind this somehow.


There's something for everybody in this article, even our local Blue Mob. Unfortunately, it's longer than some Huffpo clickbait, so they are welcome to read it in bits and pieces.


Bill Tozer

My my. A Governor (Missouri?) looked at the stats for Wuhan Virus deaths in his state and announced his shelter in place plans to flatten the curve. The projections called for 600,000 deaths, then 450,000 deaths, then 62,000 deaths. Unfortunately, the Gov in his press conference did not realize he was citing actual ICU admittances and actual deaths which where declining when he announced his March 23 shelter in place order, The lowering death rates (not the projections) were from March 21, two days before his emergency shelter-in-place to lower the actual deaths.

Let’s drop the friggin projections and start looking at the data.

Don Bessee

Lets keep perspective -




Bill Tozer

Dear Diary

The most worthless waste of money item to have given or received last Christmas was a 2020 planner.








Bill Tozer

Dear Diary.

The Feds put $1,200 in my bank account. I don’t need the money, have not worked in awhile since (BC—before Coronavirus) and WTF is my government doing giving away somebody’s hard earned tax payer’s money????

We have moved so far from “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.”

“My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.”

I got money from the US Treasury that I neither asked for, requested, (same thing), or sought. Too much asking what our country can do for me. No sacrifice on my end. I am being paid for toil which I did not do, for recompense for injury i have not received.. I might send it back.

But, then again, the Biker Trust did lose half a million in the stock market very recently. Good thing stocks are only 40% of the portfolio.

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