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08 April 2020


Don Bessee

Hit savemart early this morning to hopefully get the coupon items. Got all of the coupons and spiral honey ham.

There several good indicators like the bread aisle and general shelf stocking, meats good, dairy, eggs good.

The best was the paper aisle, there were multiple choices of tp and towels from small to extra large multi packs.

The very best was the majority of folks didn't even buy paper products and it was fairly busy. Perhaps we hit the closet saturation point?



"It’s interesting that RR’s commenter cohort could care less for anything quantitative or technical, "

I found some time ago that nobody much cares about another's lifetime worth of professional knowledge, technical or otherwise. It's the human condition I'm afraid.

One of those things I run into
The untapped potential of virtual game worlds to shed light on real world epidemics



It’s interesting that RR’s commenter cohort could care less for anything quantitative or technical, but I take heart in all that through an extensive correspondence and telecons with STEM oriented friends and colleagues who are also squiggly savvy and share my criterion for what’s really required to understand the issues du jour.

Not really.....a blog is a horrible place to have those kinds of discussion. Had you restricted posts to those with some expertise in related fields then perhaps you would have had some success. But really...look at who has graced your establishment.....Emery1 & Emery2, JoKe, The DUI having, tax cheating Mr. Pretentious of the Wretchedly Misnamed Sierra Business Council, Pork Linkerson, Nevada City's Menopausal Avenger - Roberta Cross , Doug Keachie....the Man of a Thousand Sock Puppets? I don't exclude or excuse my own horrible behavior.....which I of course fully intend to persist in!

Doomed from the start George.


Sorry...a terrible omission on my part......Mr. War Boner himself Michael Anderson.

George Rebane

scenes 109pm - I don't think that it has anything to do with my "lifetime worth of professional knowledge". It's the points discovered/made/substantiated through the use of the professional knowledge, not the knowledge itself which is but a tool to forge the point.

None of our commenters have looked at the results and said, 'No shit, now that's an interesting find. I wonder what the result would be if we ... .' When numbers about a given issue are brought into play, it's glaze-over time. Nevertheless, I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining too much, most people, especially in our country, don't do numbers. My development of such numbers enjoys a small audience that prefers not to join into the vigorous right/left repartees that form the broader interest in RR. However, since it's my blog, I do use it also to archive and memorialize ideas, notions, experiences, and developments that need only be important to me and, perhaps, a closer circle of the interested and appreciative. It is what it is.

Bill Tozer

Thoughts from the Bunker

Dear Diary: Glad I am not the only one who confuses the days of the week lately. I thought today was Thursday till somebody said this morning something like, “Happy Good Friday”. No biggy. Humbling. I am not so high and mightily now as I was last week when I corrected someday who said “it’s going for start raining straight for two days starting tomorrow” and then I reminded by contemporary that tomorrow is Friday and the rains will start Saturday....

Real reason I am here: Are we going to keep shutting down the whole state each time there is one positive test or death from C-19?. It’s the Governors shutting intrastate movement. President does not have the authority to keep people from moving around in their own states. Anyway,

There were similar discussions (about a big shutdown) behind the curtains at top levels during the AIDS epidemic, unbeknownst to most folks. The idea of a big quarantine to prevent it from spreading and to PROTECT even single person, great and small. The idea was considered and shot down because it was directed at everyone instead of being directed at the most high risk and directing resources toward that population.

Despite what the Liberal Enemy of the People says, “Trump and Republicans want to kill your grandma”, we should protect grandma and the not venerable-not at risk should start getting back to work...with protections. One thing I know. We cannot do a big shutdown every time a new C-19 case is found.


Frisch has outdone hisself on another blog!

"What is remarkable about this story is that no matter how much evidence that Trump was incompetent in the face of this disaster the True Believers will stand by him even as they walk to the guillotine.

The True Believer simply believes, no matter the data, no matter the science, no matter the professional and expert opinion, no matter even the observational evidence in front of their own eyes, no matter what. The True Believer is not motivated by fact but by identity, group, association, belonging, authority and ultimately fear.

I admire the skeptic, the doubter and the iconoclast."

Steve just cannot see when his self parody has taken hold... that he is the true believer.

Bill Tozer

re: Dr’s Rebane’s quiet lament. The good doc does possess the envious good characteristic of ‘longsuffering’ with others.

Don’t feel bad. I posted the VHD’s Corina Meltdowns on Scattershots or somewhere and only Scenes remarked, briefly. I noticed your ‘Victor Hansen Davis nails it’ was empty and clean as a whistle so I started posting Junk Journalism stuff to draw attention to the piece and 2) say again VDH Nailed It.

Scenes highlighted just one line in his response. It bears repeating. “It is difficult to find one thing Pelosi has said or done that has not made the country worse off since the virus officially hit our shores in late January.”

Oh yah. Forgot. The Sockpuppet’s occasional attacks on FRESNO is a not so veiled slam on VDH. Started the day maybe a couple years ago when I praised VDH and Dixon (remember him?) jumped in a bad mouthed the small down VDH lives in, in typical arrogant Lib fashion. That’s what Fresno is all about. Isn’t Fresno bigger than Frisco or something? Anyway, the same sock puppet still hates any conservative....even hates Fresno.p cause VDH lives in the foothills in a small town (90% Latino) outside of Fresno. Those sockpuppets sure are a racist bunch.

Don Bessee

Another little ray of light -

The Defense Department is considering whether to relocate at least one of the two Navy hospital ships deployed to support the COVID-19 pandemic response, as it works with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Department of Health and Human Services to determine the next potential novel coronavirus hot spots.



Bill Tozer

Don @ 7:06 pm
St. John’s U in NY is rolling up it’s field tent staffed with medical personel and equipment....not needed. LA does not need more ventilators. Mayo Clinic backing off sending more volunteer doctors and health care personell into the field. MASH units not needed.

Good to see the junior senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, all recovered from C-19 with his white medical jacket on and stethoscope around his neck volunteering to help the sticky and needy. :).

Bill Tozer

@ 6:44 PM

We all have our blind spots. Some are huge and jaw dropping, other not so much. But, we all have them. If I were to use the broad brush, I would point out that Lefties in general seem to possess the utter lack of self awareness. The more Left one is, the truer the broadbrush paints.

Dear Diary. Still have not driven to GV. Self-exile seems to come naturally. :)

Bill Tozer

Dear Diary. It’s not safe to leave and go outside. The police will get ya. Bad boys, bad boys, whattcha going to do when we come for you?

Is it just me, or have others noticed that some of the Lib Governors have gone power mad with their powers? And the snitches are having a field day. Some of the most draconian tactics imaginable are being unleashed on the public by Dem controlled Governors and those failed policy mayors.

-Rhode Island is directing its cops to go out and knock on doors if they suspect a out of stater (license plates is dead giveaway) might be inside and needs to prove their travel was “essential”.
-In Connecticut, Someone called the authorities because she saw people playing on the golf course and standing too close to each other. One friggin complaint and the whole golf course has been closed. I ain’t a golfer, but come on. Close the golf course indefinitely over one wack job complaining?
-Dozens of stories like this: You will comply...no ifs, ands, or butts about it.

VIRAL VIDEO: Man Without Face Mask Dragged Off Of Bus By Police


The only silver lining I found was the Czech police/patrol ticketed some sunbathers in their birthday suits for not wearing masks. Clothing is optional, masks and gloves are not and must be worn at all times. The silver lining? It made be laugh. Saw the pics of the cops (about four) cite them. They got up close. It’s true. They weren’t masks.

Bill Tozer

Yes, People Are Dying. But It’s Still Okay to Worry About Your Job

“Getting trolled from the Right is all in a day’s work for Marcotte. But following her publication of this thread, members of her own tribe rose to shout her down, calling her: twisted, disturbed, crazy, narcissistic, sociopathic, entitled, privileged, murderous, stupid, ageist, moronic, callous, reckless, selfish, repulsive, ghoulish, and disgusting. It did not take long for Godwin’s Law to take effect.”


Bill Tozer

Meme: the Great Hunkering Down, con’t


Bill Tozer




Surprise of the day



Mask News o' the Day

Chair of the Coronavirus Congressional Task Force

Houston Mayor

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