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20 April 2020


Bill Tozer

Might fit here. What’s it going to look like when the fat lady sings?

Viral Politics


As a side note, Stalin once joked that America is the only country that could afford communism.

Bill Tozer

re: all 4 topics under Ruminations.

The culture of corona
On smoke, mirrors & glimpses of truth.

“Perhaps the most disturbing thing about the crisis we face is the possibility that Lewis was being too generous when describing human nature. The political philosopher James Burnham, we recall, noted that most civilizations perish not from invasion or other external causes but from “suicide,” from spiritual torpor and existential enervation. We suspect that more deadly than what the coronavirus might do to us is what we might be doing to ourselves.”


Bill Tozer

re: “We are all in this together.”

Excellent piece by Porter Stansberry. The big lie: “What’s putting all of us in jeopardy is the idea that Washington D.C. knows best and we could follow directions – because “we’re all in this together.”

Bill Tozer

re: The Great Divide

As I hear more and more contemporary commentators say, “No mas! We are through dealing with the lying evil Left. The game of trying to reach out to them and play nice and act in good faith is over. These are bad people”, it always gives me pause. But, I am slowly reaching that point. There is not good faith on the Left.



“It’s just another day in Liberal Land. The hate flows freely, and it would be a Sisyphean task to keep track of it, let alone try to rebut it. The lesson, though, is clear. In the past, conservatives were much too willing to give liberals a pass with regard to motivation. Conservatives have generally thought that liberals are well-meaning, just ill-informed. There certainly are liberals in that category. But there are a great many liberals for whom that characterization is too kind. Many liberals are simply hateful people, and their ideology reflects that hate.”


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