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21 April 2020



Here's an interesting article about SARS and pulse oximeters... hope y'all got one when I mentioned them here many weeks ago, as they've gotten as scarce as tp.



"Xenophobia", again...........

Yaaaa,,,,, protecting American jobs is rasist.


re: Walt@10:57

I was reading about that this morning and waiting for all the opinion-pieces-disguised-as-news to spring forth.

From your article:

"The move, he said, would protect the jobs of U.S. citizens.

The move came as many aspects of U.S. immigration have already been siphoned off.

All non-essential travel along the country’s northern and southern borders is banned, and all illegal entrants are being quickly turned back. The Trump administration has also suspended a plan to release thousands of H-2B visas in response to millions of Americans losing their jobs."

What in the heck is there to argue about that? No doubt the president of Intel and our local folks who favor foreign nationals over their fellow countrymen don't like the idea, but it sounds like a good plan plus good politics.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane open this edition of The Sandbox with, “ We will now witness the latest tsunami of lies from the demonic Dems as the country begins to loosen its C19 quarantine restrictions state by state, and region by region. The lamestream’s central theme will be the amplification of ‘profits before people’ that will be carried out by rightwing gun nuts and bible thumpers according to the dictates of Wall Street and its evil corporations.” gjr]

I have now accepted the conclusion that the media and the Lefties will only get worse, not better. Only get more gnats-ass petty, only to get more single minded simpletons, only to crave the hysteria porn more and more and push the envelop beyond our solar system.

Since it (they) will get only worse, I will boldly say these are the good old days and add that now it all seems so boring pointing it out.

Bill Tozer

Reminds me of Pelosi saying the Tea Party is AstroTurf, Astro Turf! back when she could string two sentences together.

CNN’s Zeleny On Auto Repeat: Michigan Protests ‘Not Organic,’ ‘Not Organic,’ ‘Not Organic’


If fact, Newsbusters is so delicious today you can literally pick a card for click bait reading or headline reading. I had no idea Col. Allen West is doing the research for Newsbusters.org. Worth a skim, but it’s all the same, the past, present, and future....all mixed into one big exhibit of lies and insanity.


Don Bessee

Fredos bullshit doesn't pass muster -

Only, like everything else about Cuomo, we learned this is all hypocrisy and bullshit.
On Easter Sunday, while still sick with the virus and therefore contagious, the New York Post reports Cuomo emerged from the basement of his Southampton home and, with his wife, kids, and a second woman, violated his quarantine, as well as New York’s stay-at-home and necessary travel orders (instituted by Cuomo’s own governor/brother Andrew) just so he could hang out at his property in East Hampton, a full half-hour away, where he’s reportedly building a home.

The only reason the Post found out about Cuomo’s quarantine violation is due to a cyclist who said he got into a confrontation with Cuomo that day:

The 65-year-old longtime resident said he was just out for a bike ride before Easter dinner when he spotted who he thought was Chris Cuomo on property he says the CNN anchor bought in East Hampton last year. The acreage is still being developed; a steel frame for its future house is all that’s up at the moment, David said.

David said Cuomo was with his wife, another woman and three kids who were playing around on the property.

The resident said he stopped and sat on his bike “well over a hundred feet” from the property.
“I just looked and said, ‘Is that Chris Cuomo? Isn’t he supposed to be quarantined?”




Those lie'n bastards never quit.

Just what did CNN and NBC think they were doing?
"Brain dead" Ya,, they sure are.

Don Bessee

Detroit ward politics takes advantage of the crisis -

“Great Lakes Community Engagement” has no discernible presence on the Internet. A request from Breitbart News to MDHHS for more information on the seemingly obscure organization was not immediately answered.
“Every Action VAN” is “trusted by” Planned Parenthood, SEIU, NARAL, and NextGen Climate, according to its website.

Related to that company is NGP VAN, which bills itself as “the leading political technology provider to Democratic & progressive campaigns & organizations.”

Livingston County Commissioner Wes Nakagiri was the first to discover the connection after he volunteered to perform contact tracing for the state.

According to Nakagiri’s website:
When performing contact tracing, volunteers are assigned to assist Public Health officials in reaching out to citizens who have come into contact with someone who has been diagnosed with the coronavirus. The volunteers make phone calls to convey important instructions to citizens who have a higher likelihood of contracting the coronavirus. Additionally, volunteers could ask personal questions such as: How is your health now? Do you have shortness of breath? Do you have abdominal pain? Can you tell me the names and ages of persons living in your household? What is your email address? The volunteers then log the results of these phone calls into a database ostensibly for use by medical professionals.

Nakagiri said the training documents tell volunteers to enter confidential medical information gained from contact tracing “into the NGP VAN database.”

“This enables NGP VAN to share this confidential information with both the MDHHS and Democrat candidates,” Nakagiri said.



Mary Wanna

So here we have a little video that totally lays out the cluelessness of Team Trump when I came to preparing for a pandemic.
Don't be afraid to open the link unless you are afraid of the truth.



Posted by: Mary Wanna | 21 April 2020 at 04:25 PM

........psssst...... still president "Mary".

George Rebane

Mary 425pm - very interesting little video. The main thing it lays out is the "cluelessness" of the Obama administration in ignoring years of similar warnings about the portent of a slew of potential pandemics, and not having anything in place (as reported in the video), to prepare the country and have something material to hand over to the incoming Trump administration. So with the new administration having a 1,001 things to get done and established, the whole lack of preparedness is laid at the feet of Trump for not being more ready than anyone else in the world. I address this kind of chickenshit reporting in discussing today's Boardman column and present some comparative data.

But you guys have nothing else in your latest narrative, so do continue hugging this story until it joins the other narratives you've tossed into the garbage can.

Don Bessee

More shenanigan's from the socialist dem gov in Michigan -

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's administration acknowledged Tuesday that normal protocols were bypassed when a no-bid contract for coronavirus contact tracing was awarded by the state to Great Lakes Community Engagement, which is operated well-known Democratic consultant Michael Kolehouse -- who has previously written that President Trump should "get Coronavirus ASAP" and that someone should "do the country a favor and cough on that man," Facebook posts reviewed by Fox News show.

Separately, the Washington Free Beacon reported earlier Tuesday that Michigan gave a contract to track the spread of coronavirus to Every Action VAN, a division of the Democratic data operation NGP VAN. The contract for Great Lakes Community Engagement, which would total $200,000 over eight weeks, was linked to NGP Van's operation.

“Nearly every major Democratic campaign in America is powered by NGP VAN's software, including the Obama campaign’s voter contact, volunteer, fundraising and compliance operations in all 50 states."



Mary Wanna

Stupid is as stupid does.

"Kentucky sees highest spike in coronavirus cases after lockdown protests"


Mary Wanna

George: and Obama didn't have 1,001 things to do?

But do hug the " what did Obama know and when did he know it" narrative so you can try to shift the blame. That is what Trump had been trying to do like forever.

George Rebane

Obama had eight years.

Don Bessee

Trollio narrative fail -



......still President “Mary”.

Posted by: Mary Wanna | 21 April 2020 at 05:16 PM

......still President “Mary”. ......still President “Mary”. ......still President “Mary”. ......still President “Mary”. ......still President “Mary”. ......still President “Mary”. ......still President “Mary”. ......still President “Mary”. ......still President “Mary”. ......still President “Mary”. ......still President “Mary”. ......still President “Mary”. ......still President “Mary”.


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 21 April 2020 at 05:16 PM

Desperate to protect the failed legacy of ........not still President!



Posted by: Mary Wanna | 21 April 2020 at 05:16 PM

Damn.....”Mary” you’ve been spending too much time near Punchy.....you’re starting to sound like him!

Bill Tozer

Ok boys and girls. What do want to watch? Previews of Escape from New York or 28 Days Later?

‘Bill De Blasio’s Social Distancing Tip Line ‘Flooded’ With Obscene Photos, Nasty Memes’

“The New York Post reports that New Yorkers and other assorted de Blasio critics “flood[ed] his new tip line with crank complaints including ‘d*ck pics’ and people flipping the bird.””


Boy, them New Yorkers need to learn a thing or two about playing nice.

Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes

Insight: “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” —Edward Bernays (1891-1995)

For the record: “The very same people who should be making the argument for more government are also the ones acknowledging how incompetent, inept, mistaken, and unreliable government has been and continues to be.” —Peter Heck

Upright: “The feds now collect about $6 billion a year in royalties. Canceling those payments would be a small price to pay to save an industry that employs several million workers. Under federal law, the president has the executive authority to take this action. America has become the world’s largest oil and gas producer — and the Russians and the Saudis want to end that supremacy. Trump can and should make sure they don’t succeed by slashing the taxes and royalties this critical industry pays until the coronavirus crisis is over.” —Stephen Moore

Braying jenny: “President Trump called this a war, and it is exactly that. So let’s act like it. In World War II, there weren’t people lining up at the Capitol to protest the fact that they had to drop everything they were doing and build planes or tanks or to ration food. They rolled up their sleeves, and they got to work.” —Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, apparently missing the irony that she’s demanding her state not get back to work

Political futures: “I’d take [Michelle Obama] in a heartbeat. She’s brilliant. She knows the way around. She is a really fine woman.” —Joe Biden on a running mate

And last… “Democrats are cheering economic devastation, rooting for the destruction of certain industries, and blocking small business relief bills because their politics requires decline, stagnation, and misery.” —Sean Davis

Bonus! “Scientists say study shows C-19 spread by farts. Stay away from tofu farting liberal women!”—-Biker Bill, farting post judge.


Oh my, a flutterblast by Biker Bill...Gotta love Monty Python.


Yeah, Mary @ 4:25- Obama had at least 1001 things he failed at in his eight years of trying.

One thing he didn't have was a rabid pack of sewer rats (the Media) nipping and scratching at him from the moment they got him nominated (with a billion $ of free coverage) until this very moment.

The other thing he didn't have was his predecessor's weaponizing the instruments of National Security to mount a coup d' etat against him that only failed for want of a Democrat politician willing to admit responsibility.

Comey was expected to take that role, but chickened out and tried to lateral it back to his old boss, Mueller who simply lacked the stones to own up to such obvious and constitutionally inexcusable treason.

Remind me again, who are the law breakers here?


Nor, for that matter, did the sainted O have a hostile mob of the other party clamoring to impeach him from before he took office, and actually attempting to do so for no remotely plausible reason after attaining a House majority in 2018.

Apparently the American people have no more important business than getting rid of 'Orange Man Bad', our duly elected President.

Don't wonder why I despise leftists; if it's not obvious, you're not awake. The unacted- upon mess ahead is the best these can suggest. Fill in your own noun.

Bill Tozer

Don't Get Fooled by Fake Photos of Coronavirus Lockdown Protests


Fake flyers of fake protests. Who would dumb enough to fall for that?

Mary Wanna

L: is this what you are referring to? The truth come out from your boys in the Senate.


Mary Wanna

L: maybe it hasn't occurred to you yet but Trump is his own worst enemy. He has been giving reporters (and comedians) plenty of fodder for the last 5 years.
And if you're trying to say that Obama had zero detractors for the eight years he was in office I think that Brooklyn bridge is still for sale.

Mary Wanna

L: how many lies, inaccurate statements, and just absolute nonsense has Trump spewed so far?

Mary Wanna

L: how about Dr snake oil salesman Trump's magic bullet chloroquine? New study says it's BS.


Mary Wanna

Aw, isn't that cute, all the kittens are chasing the laser pointer of immigration lockdown distraction. But we all know that many flights from many countries are restricted, it takes 60 days to get a green card, and it does not affect farm or healthcare workers.



Posted by: Mary Wanna | 22 April 2020 at 06:51 AM

Posted by: Mary Wanna | 22 April 2020 at 06:54 AM

Posted by: Mary Wanna | 22 April 2020 at 06:57 AM

Posted by: Mary Wanna | 22 April 2020 at 07:00 AM

…..and after all that….still president "Mary".


re: Fish@7:37AM

I admit I was hoping that M. Wanna should concatenate hisher posts, they'd be easier to ignore.

campaign ad for the day.


George Rebane

re Mary 651am - here's another illustrated case of immutable ignorance. This liberal still can't parse 'attempt to help' and 'actually helped'. No one here or in other conservetarian strongholds has ever claimed that Russia did not attempt to help Trump. The strong claim from the Right has been and continues to be that there is no evidence whatsoever that Russia actually had an impact on the 2016 election, and actually helped Trump get elected. The pinheads on the Left have no idea how differentiate such deep concepts, and therefore continue circling that ramshackle thought pattern indefinitely. There is no helping them, and no help on the way.

Bill Tozer

‘Senate Intel Committee Still Running Interference For Russia Collusion Nonsense’

The report is yet another reminder of how the committee helped Democrats and other critics of President Donald Trump perpetuate the now-debunked theory that Trump was a secret Russian agent

‘Even The Manipulated Senate Intel Report Can’t Hide FBI Spies And Lies’

A close reading of the report—or at least those portions of the report that could be read—cements the reality that the FBI intentionally snowed the FISA court to spy on Donald Trump


Bill Tozer

Washington Post Opinion Writer: ‘Trump Restricts Immigration Because His Base Is Racist’

“Jennifer Rubin, a left-wing Washington Post opinion writer who masquerades as a “conservative” in her Twitter bio, charged Monday that President Donald Trump only signed new restrictions on immigration because the president’s base is racist”


WashPost Assigns Trump '3 Pinocchios' -- and Then Shows He Told the Truth on the WHO


Bill Tozer

Shiftty Shift and his not so disguised power grab. We have three branches of government for a reason.

EXCLUSIVE: Grenell rejects Schiff's bid to control national intelligence

Speaking of the three branches of government.......

‘Three Lefty Supreme Court Justices Affirm Originalism In Unanimous Jury Ruling’

With three conservatives and three liberals signing on to the originalist ruling in Ramos v. Louisiana, we see more evidence that the 'living Constitution' school of thought is in decline




"There is no helping them, and no help on the way."

Ain't that the truth. It's funny to consider the trivial aid from Russia and to compare it to the really large amount of election fiddling that has come from places like Israel, China, and the UK. To be fair, this works both ways. The Russians are probably somewhat miffed that we mess so much with the elections there and in the old East Bloc.

The 'no helping them' part is fairly obvious. I'm perfectly happy to have disagreements about public healthcare policy, mass immigration, tariffs, but that somehow got bound up in an absolutely crazy overstatement of Donald Trump as Hitler. It's difficult to take someone seriously when politics becomes simply accusing someone of all the worst things you can think of...and then to actually believe it. You can imagine how Lincoln felt.

Bill Tozer


What to do during a quarantine?



And more



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 22 April 2020 at 09:53 AM


What to do during a quarantine?

Yeah.....i'm pretty sure that that is my dog from about 6 years ago! He is a dead ringer for our oldest (save the stilts....which despite all my efforts I can't get him to use)!

....now for something lighter!

Cocaine Mitch.....bringing the PAIN!



Mary, my remarks of yesterday evening stand. Your propaganda piece by Politico cited in your 6:51 is more than amply refuted by the two Federalist pieces appended by Mr. Tozer in his 9;08. Mollie Hemingway's piece is particularly illuminating.

I have been fully aware that Trump's big mouth is his worst enemy since the moment he stepped off the escalator with his first remarks about immigrants; a lot of his most offensive remarks are, in fact, perfectly true but better left unsaid given the childish understanding of the American voter. So your 6:54 was unnecessary, at best.

@ 6:57, more of the same problem, Trump needs better judgment about what he says and lets his emotions interfere with common sense.

About 7:00, we'll see when the dust settles and not before whether HCQ and zinc works or not; the evidence (such as it is) is indecisive at present.

Finally, as to the underlying question of who supports Trump and why, I'll ask again, for probably the 10th time: for exactly What reasons do you imagine the Russians would have preferred Trump over HRC who had been nothing but accommodating of their activities during her (and her boss's) administration, from the reset to uranium 1 to inviting the Ruskies back into the Middle East after a hiatus of nearly forty years. Until you can come up with a reason the Russians would prefer a man who promised to wreck their nice oil business by flooding the market with affordable petro, your claim of Russian support for Orange Man remains incomprehensible.

So, after so many requests, give it a try: Why on Earth would the Russians prefer any Republican over any Democrat? You're a genius, surely this can't be a difficult question...


Imagine that.. State imposed "DNR's" Now there is some "socialized" medicine for the Emerys and Martys.

CPR is a thing of the past.

Does that also apply to Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Bill Tozer

Fish @ 10:05 am
I will always love the dear sweet Doxies growing up. Always. Mitzi and Greta, but especially the sweetest thing both sides of paradise, Miss Mitzi. First love is the deepest.
Happen to notice the Union poll about whatz your favorite thing to do during the Great Hunkering Down. Number one was gardening, the selection that I chose. However, there needs the obligatory disclaimers and explanations:

While folks call it “gardening”, I call it weed eating, moving, pulling weeds, limbing, and a heck of a lot of work. Call it gardening if you want. :)


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 22 April 2020 at 11:18 AM

While folks call it “gardening”, I call it weed eating, moving, pulling weeds, limbing, and a heck of a lot of work. Call it gardening if you want. :)

Uh huh.....pulling the recurrent thistle from the "lawn" that resulted from Uncle Jerry's water restrictions a few years ago!

Bill Tozer


I chatted with a local lady who works on our hospital’s surgical support team...practicing 12 feet of distancing, of course! She is taking time off, they are furloughing her fellow workers. No workie for them. No biopsies to check for cancer or malignant things, scheduled surgeries cancelled. The only way you can get in is to break an arm first, the. Tell them about the other stuff going on.

Our health care system is taking a hit for people who have sickness beside the World Wide Pandemic. Know someone who had pneumonia...the doc told her to take two aspirins and call back in ten days, lol.

To overcome the financial difficulties our healthcare providers are experiencing due to lack of offering a full service menu, many hospitals have discovered a trick. If the patient dies of influenza or cardiac arrest AND dies, the hospital doctors put it down as COVID-19 and they get up to $39,000 per death. I bet when this is all said and done, we will see a drop in all sorts of ailments related to organ failure in 2020, roflmao. Maybe even blunt force trauma. He died with COVID-19, not because of it. Granny the alcoholic falls down the stairs, breaks a hip, and lies there until somebody discovers the body. She did not die of alcoholism, she did not die from internal bleeding...she died of COVID-19 because she had it in her system, not because of it.

Finally, talked to very elderly fine chap. He was trying to move a big rock with leverage tools (big steel bars) and got a hernia. Opps. His surgery has been cancelled. Not important enough....for them. He is limping along and disagrees with what is deemed “elective surgery.”


Sometimes democrats can be funny.....

His own aides panic when he goes off script, to such a degree that David Axelrod once quipped that Biden was being kept in "the candidate protection program".



We do live in amazing times.

"ENCINITAS, Calif. – Twenty-two (22) people were issued citations near a beach in Encintas by the San Diego Sheriff;s Department after reports that people were sitting in their car watching the sunset.

According to the Times of San Diego, the citations were issued due to the violation of San Diego County’s stay-at-home order.

“Everyone is required to stay home, except to get food, care for a relative or friend, get necessary health care or go to an essential job,” the department tweeted Saturday morning. “Complacency is the enemy. Take social distancing more seriously to stop coronavirus.”

The violations carry fines of up to $1,000 or six months in jail or both."



Well Bill,, not "all" elective procedures have been put on hold.
The abortion clinics are still snuffing more lives then the virus.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 22 April 2020 at 11:43 AM

...the doc told her to take two aspirins and call back in ten days, lol.

Yes.....excellent training for the Socialized Health Care local idiots want to saddle us with!


It seems to me that it's too easy to assume that the Blue Mob is simply a CCCP-USA in waiting. At least the Russians were never this silly.

"This is because you can’t ensure the rule of law when you permit people to wander the streets stoned out of their minds, or sprawled across park benches in a heroin stupor, or drinking and carousing all night long, urinating and defecating everywhere, and then permit them to receive free food and bedding in a shelter two blocks from the beach with no curfew and no restrictions on behavior. But that’s what they did in Venice Beach."


Mary Wanna

In the White House the mighty White House the liar tweets tonight,


Bill Tozer

Man, it smells like somebody just took a shit in here.


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 22 April 2020 at 02:53 PM

.....I guess there's really no need to remind you.

Don Bessee

The reckoning is coming soon -




Stale weed there Waaannnaaaa?


Mayor Cucksworth needs your help!

De Blasio Announces System For Reporting Social Distancing Violations: Knowledgeable Actors Reporting Edict Noncompliance (KAREN)

Won't you be K.A.R.E.N. too......


Don Bessee

Jimboys at Brunswick folded.


DAMN!!! Some of the best tacos El Norte of de border.


"O"'s puppet string puller speaks.

Don Bessee

More bad news for the tds set -

Fundraising numbers put the former vice president and the Democratic Party $187 million behind President Trump and the Republican Party's stockpile at the end of first fundraising quarter of the year. That means Biden would have to raise at least $1 million every day until the election to match Trump's haul at the end of March — not to mention whatever Trump raises during that time too, The New York Times reports.



Paul Emery

Wow George things are not looking good for Trump in another swing state, Michigan, joining Arizona in supporting Biden by 8 points.


Don Bessee

Fredo is the poster boy for liberal elitism =

What if Chris Cuomo was a coronavirus super spreader?
Isn’t that a fair question…?

I think it is, but no one’s asking it. No one in the elite media is doing anything other than super-spreading the bald-faced lie Fredo first left his basement on Monday. I mean, look at this shit.

And how do we know for a fact Fredo left his basement and violated his quarantine while knowing he was contagious with the Chinese virus?

Because Fredo told us he did. It’s all laid out right here. On the day after Easter, during a bizarre meltdown on his SiriusXM radio show, Fredo confirmed an Easter Day confrontation with a guy on a bike.

The guy on the bike told the New York Post things got so ugly with the mentally unbalanced Fredo, he filed a police report. So there’s a police report memorializing Fredo being out and about while he knew he was infectious with a deadly disease that has already killed some 45,000 Americans.
And this confrontation most assuredly did not occur in Cuomo’s basement, the place where Cuomo assured us he would never leave for fear of infecting his wife, children, or anyone else.
Oh, and did I mention Chris Cuomo’s wife eventually tested positive for the coronavirus?

Yeah, she did.

Sadly, Cuomo’s 14-year-old son just tested positive, which is heartbreaking news. That kid’s in for a very rough time.

So not only was potential super-spreader Cuomo not in his basement on Easter Day, not only was he outside his home while he knew he was contagious… Potential super-spreader Chris Cuomo wasn’t even at home.

Nope, on Easter Day, the infectious Cuomo took a 30 minute drive — with his wife, kids, and another woman — from his Southampton home to property he’s developing in East Hampton.
Does anyone know of any other infected American who was out gallivanting while he knew he was contagious with the coronavirus?

Does anyone know of any other infected New Yorker who was out gallivanting in New York, in a state that just so happens to be the most tragic hot spot in all the world?
I know of no one who has done or would do such a thing… Other than Chris Cuomo, other than New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s little brother.

This is monstrous behavior on Chris Cuomo’s part, and the fact the rest of the establishment media are allowing him to not only get away with it (as they demonize everyday protesters), but allowing CNN to stage fake news events around it, tells you just how corrupt and lost the media truly are.
And here’s the other thing…

This is the only quarantine violation of Cuomo’s that we know of. This was the time the potential super-spreader was caught.

How many other times did Cuomo run around somewhere while knowing he was infected? Where did he go? Who did he come in contact with?



Don Bessee

The green new world order eh -




Don. I would like to see Emery explain how the gree scam can get built WITHOUT oil.

Paul Emery

Also George Trump is behind Biden in another swing state, Florida. How do these polls match up with your opinion that Biden is DOA as the Democratic Candidate for Pres?


Bill Tozer


“After holding out for 12 days, the Democrats gave in today and agreed to fund the Paycheck Protection Program to the tune of another $320 billion. The bill includes additional $60 billion for “Economic Injury Disaster” Loans, plus $75 billion to go to hospitals and health care providers. And on top of that, $25 billion for COVID testing and research and development.”


But, but, but can’t they losers use the money for fighting the Plague on the GND and electric cars and give everybody a job???

Newsflash. Government does not create jobs or anything. If those 20 million now unemployed want jobs, tell your governor to let you have your job back. You know, the job you had before Governors closed up your shop, your business, your livelihood.

We had the best economy in the world and minuscule unemployment. No need to create new jobs....just get out of the way and give folks their old job back. .
My, is Bongino fired up. Can’t blame him.

“Just found out that a friend of mine I knew from the neighborhood hung himself after being let go from his job. But yes, you stupid bastards telling us all to “shut it all down or people will die,” keep lecturing us from your faux high-ground. Pardon my language but FUCK YOU.”

Rand Paul is back and fired up, too.



Yaa,,, Emery,, the same ones that said Trump would NEVER win.
How'd that work out fur ya'? Oh yes,, he was supposed to "step down" too.
The impeachment was going to run him out of office. Yup,, your batting .oooo

But dirty F.B.I people will be getting arrested pretty soon.
You know,, with all that LIE'N to the courts.


LIBS LIE Emery, This will make for some real good campaign ads.

You know,, when Biden was "O"'s right hand man,, standing on his left hand side....

Paul Emery

"President strongly backs hydroxychloroquine at White House briefing, says U.S. has stockpiled 29 million pills, despite lack of scientific evidence that it works against COVID-19 "

Trump quote:

"What do you have to lose? Take it. I really think they should take it," Trump said of an untested drug treatment for Covid-19. "Hydroxychloroquine - try it."

That's our President. Results are rolling in and show the drug is dangerous.



Posted by: Paul Emery | 22 April 2020 at 08:04 PM

Well Punch with numbers like these there’s certainly no need to present yourself here for further daily ridicule. It seems like the polls indicate that Vice President Wax Dummy is a shoe-in.

It’s all good.....

BIDEN 2020 -”He looks so lifelike”

Paul Emery

Biden is not a shoe in fish by any means but not DOA as our host contends.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 22 April 2020 at 08:20 PM

Well then don’t take it Punch......


Posted by: Paul Emery | 22 April 2020 at 08:35 PM

But, but, but.......! Polls.........

Bill Tozer

Getting closer to the stink...er...the stank. No wonder Punchy could not vote for Zerobama the second time nor Hillary Rodclam.

Ex-FBI Officials Confirm in New Report: They Included Dossier in Russian Interference Report Because of Obama Order

Sara A. Carter is a damned good reporter. They are few and far between.

Sara Carter: Senior FBI Officials Knew Steele Dossier was Bogus All Along



Pooor Emery. Posting a two week old story?
Yet the drug is working. But don't let the facts get in the way of your hate.

Bill Tozer

‘Nets Pounce on Bogus Claim Doctor Fired for Opposing Drug Trump Pushed’

“Meanwhile, Politico reporter Dan Diamond did actual research into Dr. Bright and what he found debunked the allegations. According to his reporting, Bright had praised the HHS’s acquisition of large quantities of the drug, and suggested it was a boon to the department:

Three people with knowledge of HHS' recent acquisition of tens of millions of doses of those drugs said that Bright had supported those acquisitions in internal communications, with one official saying that Bright praised the move as a win for the health department as part of an email exchange that was first reported by Reuters last week, although Bright's message was not publicly reported.
In addition, Diamond took to Twitter to share photographic evidence that Bright was being looked at for removal as early as last year. In the tweet, Diamond showed a timestamped text message exchange from January 2 proving people understood Bright was on the way out because of his “incompetence and insubordination.”

Definitely, not the narrative the networks wanted to go with against Trump.”



Emery.. Geezer Biden still has this to answer to.

Your getting awfully quiet on the facts Emery.

You think "finger bang'n" Joe is going to get this swept under the rug?
You can bet it will come up in election ads. Just to remind the voters of his predatory nature.

Bill Tozer

Good read. Recommended for all sock puppets that took the bait hook, line, and stinker. Andrew C. McCarthy....another writer with brains to use.

‘More Media Misdirection on Trump-Russia’

“The most useless committee on Capitol Hill has answered a question no one was asking.
The headline is an attention-grabber, particularly the subhead. The New York Times breathlessly reports that a Republican-led Senate panel has issued a report that “undercuts claims by President Trump and his allies that Obama-era officials sought to undermine his candidacy by investigating Russia’s 2016 election meddling.”

Naturally, you’re thinking: “That’s it. All Trump’s diatribes about a ‘hoax’ have been the usual claptrap. Even the GOP admits that the Obama administration had good reasons to investigate whether Trump’s campaign was colluding

Except . . . that’s not what the Times story actually says. Carefully parsed, it’s not even what the headline says.”.........

“So now, the committee that does nothing has released a report about nothing new, which the Times promptly serves up as a bombshell that purportedly undercuts Trump contentions about the Obama administration’s Russia investigation . . . even though the committee report does not actually address the president’s main contention: that Obama intelligence and law-enforcement officials tried to frame Trump for conspiring in Russia’s election meddling.

Par for the course.“


Being a shit for brains Leftinista means never having to say you were wrong....and forget about ever saying “I’m sorry. I blew it big time.” Never happened.

Lest you forget...remember that Trump has no friends.

George Rebane

PaulE 804pm - Are you doing your usual substituting convenient words for other people - where did I claim that Biden was "DOA" for becoming the Dem candidate? My claim is that the Dem leadership, including the DNC, is not happy with Bumblebrain and would like to replace him if politically feasible. And don't ask stupid questions of which Dem leader said that; none of them did publicly. But the leaks from Dem leaders have been reported and make it clear that they would like someone more suitable.

And I don't think that according to your lights things will ever be "looking good for Trump". This will again go on until election eve.

Don Bessee

Another OUCH for the TDS set! Its kind of funny too -



Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes

Insight: “Dogma is the convictions of one man imposed authoritatively upon others.” —Felix Adler (1851-1933)

Upright: “The notion that Nature is ‘having her revenge’ or anything of the kind is absolutely pagan. Nature has always been both sustaining and incredibly dangerous. The norm for nearly all of human history was privation and vulnerability. Only technology allowed us to minimize this.” —Ben Shapiro

Observations: “It’s evident that some of people chiming in on the lockdown debate don’t have families to support and have never worked hard for anything. They honestly don’t understand why losing a job is so devastating. The ‘you’re putting money over people’ [crap] is their privilege talking.” —Matt Walsh

For the record: “No amount of bailout dollars will stimulate an economy that is being strangled by quarantine. It is not a lack of money that plagues us but a lack of commerce.” —Sen. Rand Paul

The BIG Lie: “Voter fraud is, by and large, a myth. The president of the United States, number one, voted by mail just recently, and so it worked for him. The concern he has is that it will actually work for every American.” —Stacey Abrams

Armchair quarterbacking: “Rather than execute a swift and aggressive effort to ramp up testing, Donald Trump is tweeting incendiary rhetoric about immigrants in the hopes that he can distract everyone from the core truth: he’s moved too slowly to contain this virus, and we are all paying the price for it.” —Joe Biden

Braying jackass: “Packed beaches should work nicely to thin the ranks of Trump/DeSantis/Gimenez supporters in #Florida who value money over health.” —Miami Herald columnist Fabiola Santiago

Alpha jackass, part I: “I get that people need to go back to work, I do. But the point of ‘stay-at-home’ is to get a lid on this, so we can get back to work. And then stay at work. I’m starting to think that these characters who support Trump might be suicidal. They seem to fight hardest for the things that will kill them.” —Jimmy Kimmel

Alpha jackass, part II: “They want guns. They want pollution. I figured it out: They want to die and they’re taking us down with them.” —Jimmy Kimmel

And last… “I keep hearing in the media about ‘non-essential businesses.’ Is the media ‘essential’? Why haven’t we had a media shutdown during this crisis?” —Dinesh D'Souza

Bill Tozer

Pop goes the wease. I hear a symphony.

‘Watch Joe Scarborough Suffer a Screaming Coronavirus Breakdown’

‘Mitchell Aghast as AG Barr Vows to Defend Constitutional Rights’

And now, the sound of silence.

‘ACLU Goes Missing In Civil Liberties’ Hour Of Need’

The coronavirus response has exposed the watchdog’s transformation from a protector of liberal values to a political hit machine



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 23 April 2020 at 07:57 AM

‘Watch Joe Scarborough Suffer a Screaming Coronavirus Breakdown’

"Karen" and "Jim" upset about ......??

Scarborough should have more sense.

Paul Emery


What about the 25 women that have accused Trump of sexual misconduct? You don't seem to remember them.

For your reading plesure here's the list



Another LIB "let them eat cake" moment.
"Just get a job as an essential worker"..Yup,, they are hiring for that on every street corner.

Bill Tozer


Barr stated:

“Well, they can be in tension, and there are potentials for collision. I think you know, when a governor acts, obviously states have very broad police powers. When a governor acts, especially when a governor does something that intrudes upon or infringes on a fundamental right or a Constitutional right, they’re bounded by that. And those situations are emerging around the country, to some extent. And I think we have to do a better job of making sure that the measures that are being adopted are properly targeted.

They also can run into the federal role under the Commerce Clause, the so-called Dormant Commerce Clause. We do have a national economy which is the responsibility of the federal government. So it is possible that governors will take measures that impair interstate commerce. And just where that line is drawn, you know, remains to be seen.

Barr’s response has been criticized by some on the left, but it ought not be controversial. It’s certainly possible that a state or local official might exercise his or her broad police powers in ways that infringe on a constitutional right, and Barr is right that this has happened. It happened in Mississippi, when the mayor of Greenville discriminated against religious rights.

It’s also possible that a state or local official will run afoul or the Commerce Clause. However, Barr told Hewitt that he has not yet seen any state infringement on national commerce that could trigger DOJ involvement.”.......

“ Ponnuru also observes that Barr’s statements were “elicited” by Hewitt, “more than they were volunteered.” Thus, they do not “bespeak any great eagerness to interfere in state policymaking.” Nor does anything Barr has done show such eagerness.

The newly-minted federalists on the left should relax. Unfortunately, they never do.“

Bill sez: I am starting to hear more about The Commerce Clause recently. You know, the clause beloved so much by the Obama crowd when government was trying to force everyone to buy a product simply because one is alive (health insurance-Obamacare). We are all familiar with the wretched ruling that a man growing his own wheat on his own land and eating it was in violation of the Commerce Clause.

Our Constitution is clear. The Commerce Clause was enshrined so that government must facilitate, ensure, and even promote vibrant economic activities. Now, suppose a state shuts down a factory that makes stuff sent to other states around the nation. Would that be a violation of the Commerce Clause????????

Just kicking around theories, not taking a stand either way.....at the moment. Yes, we can hold more than one thought in our heads at the same time!....unless one has been afflicted with BDS or TDS. :)
The Commerce Clause has historically been viewed as both a grant of congressional authority and as a restriction on the regulatory authority of the States.

"Dormant" Commerce Clause

The “Dormant Commerce Clause" refers to the prohibition, implicit in the Commerce Clause, against states passing legislation that discriminates against or excessively burdens interstate commerce. Of particular importance here, is the prevention of protectionist state policies that favor state citizens or businesses at the expense of non-citizens conducting business within that state. In West Lynn Creamery Inc. v. Healy, 512 U.S. 186 (1994), the Supreme Court struck down a Massachusetts state tax on milk products, as the tax impeded interstate commercial activity by discriminating against non-Massachusetts“



I just can't vote for former Vice President Wax Dummy.....

UH-HUH: Biden Flip-Flops on Fracking, Now Says He Won’t Put 1.7 Million Workers Out of a Job.

....I consider him a danger to the country....and the planet!


Mary Wanna

Despite having doctors and scientists all around him, The Washington Post calculated that Trump speaks 61% of the time at White House coronavirus briefings.

It is all about Orange Clown's re election campaign and getting free facetime on the airwaves.

Wax Dummy vs. Orange Clown smackdown!


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 23 April 2020 at 12:17 PM

It is all about Orange Clown's re election campaign and getting free facetime on the airwaves.

Probably why he's .....still president!

Bill Tozer

Just wait till the Trump rallies open up. Watch out there....Whooa Nelly, the dam is bustin’.

When you have a big cannon, fire it. When you have a Bully Pulpit, use it! Just one little man and his Twitter Machine...and all the King’s horses and all the King’s men could not put ‘M’ together again.

Joe Biden? Who dat? Glad to see Joe would rather step in line that get left behind. Guess Joe is going the ole ‘leading from behind’ again.

“You know who wouldn’t stop the virus? Joe Biden, that’s who. We know Biden wouldn’t have done the travel ban in late January, because he told us every chance he got." —Robert Romano



"Guess Joe is going the ole ‘leading from behind’ again."

That's where the nice smelling head of hair is.

I liked the Heather M. article but didn't see the most obvious point. Guys like Gov. Cuomo are simply reflecting their voters desires, and their voters live in the major metro areas and/or are government employees and/or are POC. It isn't like he hates those folks in upstate New York, it's just that they don't matter as much. By the same token, Trump appears to favor the traditional American more, Obama liked cities and people who looked more like him, Bush favored oil executives who drank a lot of beer in college. To paraphrase T. O'Neill, all politics is tribal.

The citizens of Idaho and Wyoming can expect the same treatment from a Democratic President.

George Rebane

Of course the briefings are part and parcel of Trump's re-election campaign as I pointed out some time ago. And so is Gov Cuomo's daily briefing. And so would be Bumblebrain's regular commentaries on C19 if he had something more positive to add besides echoing Nancy's daily nits and snarks. But for him that's a bridge too far - can you imagine him extemporaneously on an open mic? Whoheee! Lord let it be.


"Of course the briefings are part and parcel of Trump's re-election campaign as I pointed out some time ago."

Well, hell yeah. Every public appearance is part of a re-election campaign. If Trump came out once a week the uproar about how HE'S OUT OF TOUCH, WE NEED MORE BRIEFINGS!!! would be deafening.

Everyone plays their roll. The MSM 'news' people have to ask purposefully insulting question to try to jab a result (sound familiar?), other MSM folks analyze every word and pause, the easily outraged are outraged, the dude abides.

Overquoted by moi, but like Mr. Spengler sez:

"The press today is an army with carefully organized weapons, the journalists its officers, the readers its soldiers. But, as in every army, the soldier obeys blindly, and the war aims and operating plans change without his knowledge. The reader neither knows nor is supposed to know the purposes for which he is used and the role he is to play. There is no more appalling caricature of freedom of thought. Formerly no one was allowed to think freely; now it is permitted, but no one is capable of it any more. Now people want to think only what they are supposed to want to think, and this they consider freedom."


LIBS will turn on their own for speaking facts.

Larry Wirth

Mary Guano @ 12:17. Ironic, ain't it? It was scads of media-provided"'free facetime on the airwaves" that got the orange clown elected in the first place.

Maybe it could work for the wax dummy the same way. The media should put him out there all day, every day to get his message out. I would even favor the Republican party picking up part of the tab so we can hear the real Joe as much as possible. What say you, bat shit- oops, I mean Mary?


Where is Emery? Your DEMS are showing their true stipes where hate is the name of the game.
Not Trump as you clowns like to say.
A little light on the virus of Liberalism.
"Jones received immediate backlash from within his own party after he announced his support for Trump, saying that the president had done great things for the black community. (RELATED: Georgia Democrat Becomes First To Endorse Trump, Credits His Work For Black Community)

“I’m a Georgia State Representative and lifelong Democrat. But in this election, I’ll be casting my vote for @realdonaldtrump,” Jones tweeted just last week, adding, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The Party left me.”


8:13 p.m. — A caller from the 800 block of Sutton Way reported a man stripping naked and rolling around on the ground. A report was taken.


Posted by: Larry Wirth | 23 April 2020 at 03:18 PM

Mary Guano....?

I bow to your "Mary" naming prowess!!

Mary Wanna

Lar: all the the neediness for free airtime that Trump exhibits is just part of his personality disorder, frail ego, and deed for attention.
The people yearn for even a wax dummy if only just to shut the orange clown up.


Embrace the suck Marty(in drag) just 5.5 more years to go.
Now give us more of that whiney kabuki dance. It's fun to watch.

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