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21 April 2020



Posted by: Mary Wanna | 26 April 2020 at 03:45 PM

To the Merry Wankers, TLDR that article and you will understand .....why he is still President!


A wee video for Emery.
So that's your problem.. Drinking that Irish crap
We now know how you and Marty met.


Wow Marty(in drag) Biden was a Senator.(dumbass)
The accusations against Kavanaugh were pure Proggy political fiction.
Back to your opium bunker and spark up another.


Here ya' go Marty.

George Rebane

re Mary 345pm - Very good exhibit by this sackhead on the Right/Left differences. The Left has never been good at a number of cognitive skills (it's almost a requirement for membership) - they don't do well with nuances; to them it's either this or that, nothing in between. And they're not very good at figuring out why 'this is not like that'. They work best in environments with very few alternatives and preferably with no shades of gray.


Here Marty and Emery,, this is how the proggy press deal with
the Biden issue.

They don't.
Not a good move with EVERYONE at home with nothing to do but surf the net looking at news. Who covers what, and who covers up.

Mary Wanna

Maybe you Trumpists can help the poor old bastard out.



Posted by: Mary Wanna | 26 April 2020 at 05:15 PM

With what......?


Too embarrassed by Biden to talk about it? Marty?
Need a Dr. Phil intervention Or is just the usual Proggy coward that has you tighter than a steer's butt in fly season on the subject?

Bill Tozer

Oh no, not Punchy’s hero! Welcome to reality, Mr. Moore.its where the rubber meets the road.


Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore has produced a documentary called Planet of the Humans. The film (which I haven’t yet seen) is basically an attack on “green” energy, i.e., wind and solar. Moore comes at the issue from a far-left perspective:

.Michael Moore presents Planet of the Humans, a documentary that dares to say what no one else will this Earth Day — that we are losing the battle to stop climate change on planet earth because we are following leaders who have taken us down the wrong road — selling out the green movement to wealthy interests and corporate America. This film is the wake-up call to the reality we are afraid to face: that in the midst of a human-caused extinction event, the environmental movement’s answer is to push for techno-fixes and band-aids. It’s too little, too late.

Removed from the debate is the only thing that MIGHT save us: getting a grip on our out-of-control human presence and consumption. Why is this not THE issue? Because that would be bad for profits, bad for business. Have we environmentalists fallen for illusions, “green” illusions, that are anything but green, because we’re scared that this is the end—and we’ve pinned all our hopes on biomass, wind turbines, and electric cars?”

Despite his loony point of view, Moore is right about wind and solar: they are intermittent, unreliable, ridiculously expensive, and bad for the environment. That message was too much for the lavishly funded “green” establishment, which has responded by trying to shut Moore up and ban his film:


More on Moore, or is that moron Moore?

“So there! Have you noticed how dependent leftists and liberals are on arguments from authority these days? In their eyes, questioning alleged “authority” is a cardinal sin. Their fascist tendencies are shining through.

Actually, it is indisputable that wind and solar are “inefficient, useless and dependent on fossil fuels to work.” It is also true that we would be “better off just burning the fossil fuels in the first place” and not complicating the energy grid with unreliable, expensive wind and solar. If you want facts, rather than invocations of purported authority, this report is a great place to start.“

Bill Tozer

In other news....

Report: Newly Filed Court Documents Have ‘Exonerating Evidence’ for Michael Flynn

.The documents also allegedly show “evidence of malfeasance by the FBI” during its investigation of Flynn and will “reflect poorly” on the FBI. It is not clear when the documents may be unsealed and made available to the public.

According to the FBI official, FBI general counsel Dana Boente led the charge internally against DOJ’s disclosure of the new materials. Boente had personally signed off on one of the surveillance warrants against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page..”


Don Bessee

Emperor xi thinks the chi coms control the world already just as they are are hated by pretty much everyone -

BANGKOK (AP) — China’s ambassador reportedly is warning the Australian government its pursuit of a coronavirus inquiry could set off a boycott by Chinese consumers, who may no longer travel and study in Australia or buy major exports including beef and wine.

Ambassador Cheng Jingye told The Australian Financial Review in an interview published on Monday that Australia’s push for an inquiry was “dangerous” and predicted it would fail to gain traction.
“Resorting to suspicion, recrimination or division at such a critical time could only undermine global efforts to fight against this pandemic,” Cheng said.

Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt said an independent inquiry was in the interests of Australia and the world.

“We’ve seen 3 million people infected and over 200,000 lives lost so of course there has to be an independent review,” Hunt told Australian Broadcasting Corp.

“To have a major global, cataclysmic event and not to review it would seem very odd and very strange and so ultimately we have to take the steps that are in not just the interests of Australia, but in the interests of common humanity,” Hunt added.



Bill Tozer

Media Claims Calls To Poison Control Have Increased Due To Trump’s ‘Disinfectant’ Comments. That’s Not True


Mary Wanna

"Set My People Free!" (MAGA translation, End the Lockdown!)

The Gate of the Kingdom of God Has Been Opened! You are welcome to enter, by the path Trump has laid out.

“The pandemic is going to take a greater toll on the conservative electorate leading into this election — and that’s simply just a calculation of age,” Andrew Johnson, the lead author and a professor of management at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, said in an interview. “The virus is killing more older voters, and in many states that’s the key to a GOP victory.”


Mary Wanna

260,000 Words, Full of Self-Praise, From Trump on the Virus

"By far the most recurring utterances from Mr. Trump in the briefings are self-congratulations, roughly 600 of them, which are often predicated on exaggerations and falsehoods. He does credit others (more than 360 times) for their work, but he also blames others (more than 110 times) for inadequacies in the state and federal response."



Posted by: Mary Wanna | 27 April 2020 at 06:49 AM

By all means yes! The left is defined by their neuroses, their hypochondria, their questionable sexual practices and a preference for all types of drugs (both smoked and not).....! I don't like their odds once this thing gains steam again in the late summer, early fall!

You can bathe in bleach, and adjust your chakras all you want.....

She also notes that she adds “½ cup of Clorox to my bathwater to combat the radiation and metals in my system and oxygenate it,” and that she uses a “body charger,” a device that purportedly sends electrical frequencies throughout her body, to “oxygenate my blood and stimulate the healthy production of blood cells to fortify my immune system.”

She also notes that she rented a PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) machine from a health store in Water Mill, which purportedly use electromagnetic fields to stimulate self-healing. (One study found that while PEMF “may offer some benefit in the treatment of delayed union and non‐union of long bone fractures, it is inconclusive and insufficient to inform current practice.”) She goes on to say that “for COVID-19, [PEMF] increases the speed with which your lungs and whole body can recover” and that it is “good to use for any ailment, at any time”; though many PEMF devices are approved by the FDA for use as general wellness products, they are not approved as medical devices.

Let Fredo's wife show you the way.....ha ha hahahahahahahahahahahaha !



Mary Wanna

Fish: Cuomo's wife would fit right up in Nirvana Silly.

But she is not President. She is a wife of a talkshow host.

Let Trump show you the way.....ha ha hahahahahahahahahahahaha !

Mary Wanna

Walt rushes to Trump's defense of his "sarcastic" excuse.

But which is more inexcusable, his original BS or being so clueless as to use national Presidential press conferences to be "sarcastic?

Mary Wanna

Oh dear,

"The Supreme Court on Monday dismissed a major gun rights case from New York because the law in question has been rescinded, disappointing Second Amendment activists and several conservative justices, who said the court had been manipulated."



Posted by: Mary Wanna | 27 April 2020 at 07:44 AM

Let Trump show you the way.....ha ha hahahahahahahahahahahaha !

He already has......I'm looking forward to going back to work.


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 27 April 2020 at 07:48 AM

It's funny.....watching you constantly bleat about not having your preferred LEADER. How do you ever get through your stressful day?


Marty is "wake'n and bake'n" again. Ya' gotta lay off that stuff for a while. You're going to need one of those signature Trump brad ventilators for your COPD. (like surplus jeeps after WWII)


Check this news out. Pelosi gives Biden the nod.

Didn't she get the memo on "Fingers" Biden?

George Rebane

In the 'it's all invisible to the lamestream (and our liberal readers)', here's what Dr Brix had to say about the President musings about disinfectants.

The lamestream also ignored all the reports of such disinfectants already having been and currently being subjects of clinical studies. And for our local lefties, if it ain't on CNN, MSNBC, HuffPost, ..., then it doesn't exist or didn't happen.

According to the country's hyper-haters, the president is not allowed to reflect, muse, consider, question, ... about any notions the Left considers politically incorrect or outside a person's primary area of expertise. All forays into other fields immediately bring up histrionics of 'appropriation' that has now been generalized by the nation's would-be thought controllers.





The hazards of reporting from home..
Sorry Mary, edited for your tender eyes.


Peat on the Isle of Ilay has a high concentration of iodine and so does its whisky... so drink your way to Wuhan SARS victory.

Lagavulin... it's not just for breakfast anymore.


re: Pelosi and her change of heart over travel bans while trying to sound consistent.

Some statements just don't age well.



I love this kind of story mostly because it exactly fits my preconceptions of large city politics.



Posted by: scenes | 27 April 2020 at 09:18 AM

Progressivism couldn't continue to exist without "Doublethink".


in non-CCP19 local news, I ran into this:

"In January, a startling number of about 380 homeless students (K-12) was reported to the United Way of Nevada County Food Insecurity Committee. "

"The number of individuals identified as being homeless in Nevada County increased from previous years, according to survey results from the annual point-in-time count. 404 individuals experiencing homelessness were counted across the county, from Grass Valley to the Town of Truckee."

Evidently there are only 24 homeless adults in Nevada County. Problem solved.

Bill Tozer

Buck Sexton
So many journos were clearly, grotesquely wrong about both Kavanaugh and General Flynn’s treatment-

And now that we see the truth of the schemes used to almost destroy both men, we should never forget the frauds in the press corps who abandoned all decency to ruin them


Facts mount against Joe "fingers".
Unlike Balsy-Ford, people remember "who, what and where and when."

Things that "contrary" Mary don't dare speak of. Joe didn't do it, as long as you don't speak a word about it..

Barry Pruett

U.S. Const., amend. XXII (ratified February 27, 1951)

Section 1. No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once. But this article shall not apply to any person holding the office of President when this article was proposed by the Congress, and shall not prevent any person who may be holding the office of President, or acting as President, during the term within which this article becomes operative from holding the office of President or acting as President during the remainder of such term.

When Biden steps down inside his first two years as a result of his clear lack of capacity, his VP can serve the remainder of his term plus two more. That's the democrats play to get 12 years possible instead of 8 years.


Barry. Don't get Mary's hopes up.

George Rebane

BarryP 1208am - Glad you concur. That is exactly the deal I think the DNC and Dem leadership has made with Bumblebrain.

Mary Wanna

You boys are sure spending a lot of time talking about Biden. Walt keeps giving us the latest updates on the kavanaughing of Biden. But your latest conspiracy theory about what's going on with Biden and that he'll step down to let the VP go forward sounds like what everyone already thinks about Pence.

Mary Wanna

BTW The term bumble brain has already been taken by Trump. You would know this if you have ever watched any of his daily briefings or press conferences.

Bill Tozer

Mark the tape!

““Mark my words,” Biden said, “I think he is gonna try to kick back the election somehow, come up with some rationale why it can’t be held.” Your words have been marked, Mr. Biden.“


Now Diddling Joe is sounding like the crackpot Roberta. Amazing.

Bill Tozer

Robert Mueller’s Case Against Michael Flynn Is About To Implode

New facts in the Michael Flynn case call into question the voluntariness of Flynn’s plea. Judge Sullivan should dismiss the charges to send a clear message: Outrageous prosecutorial coercion will not be tolerated.



Posted by: Mary Wanna | 27 April 2020 at 02:59 PM

....still Vice President "Mary".


LOL contrary Mary,, it's the DEMS finding the excuse not to have a convention. Your as facts deficient as Emery,( no real wonder why)
It's also your queen of the damned Pelosi that will look for ways to mess with the election.
Too damned bad she ain't going to get her vo... cheat by mail in place. Now what aid will she hold up, holding out for that?

Come on Marty,, come back with something tangible.

Mary Wanna

Truth from Mrs. Betty Bowers,



No reading necessary Marty, so it should be easy to understand.(well,, maybe)

What happened? "Innocent until proven guilty" sounds real good all of a sudden? More "evidence" here than there ever was against Kavanaugh.
And Google being complicit in destruction of evidence? (scrubbing it from Google play)
Good thing that tape and audio is in MANY places.


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 27 April 2020 at 03:52 PM

....nobody is interested what your mom has to say.....!

Bill Tozer

I am old enough to remember the Punchy types from coast to coast believed Balsy Ford BEFORE they even knew what the charges were, ROFLMAO.

I also remember the day when Lindsey Graham said his best buddy and dearly departed John McCain would be infuriated by the Kangaroo Circus against Bret Kavanaugh. Graham, when he finally went off and was questioned about it, said he could only imagine what John would say and it would make my words seem tame in comparison.

I also remember the day when the Women in Red barged up to the normally collected Orin Hatch shrieking in his face and the good Senator told them, “Ah, shut up.” And their reply still warms the cockles of me heart: “How dare you talk to a woman that way!!”
Oh my. Them are strong words coming from the editors of the National Review.

The Hypocrisy on Tara Reade Is a National Disgrace
April 27, 2020 3:06 PM


Dimwit: “I believe her.”
Biker Bill: “Ah, stuff it clown.”

How dare you talk to a half-wit that way!

Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes, like polls, are snapshots in time.

Upright: “It seems indisputable that the lockdowns have slowed the spread of the disease, but at an enormous economic cost. We are going to have to show some flexibility and be willing to adopt a patchwork approach to opening up around the country. We can’t be beholden to public officials and commentators who, to paraphrase H.L. Mencken, have the haunting fear that someone, somewhere may be rollerblading.” —Rich Lowry

For the record: “If Liberia was able to safely hold an in-person election amidst an Ebola outbreak, there is no reason we cannot do so here in the United States in the wake of this pandemic.” —Ken Blackwell

Village idiot: “China did a lot of things right at the beginning. Like any country where a virus first shows up, they can look back and see where they missed some things.” —Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates, whose company “has had a presence in China for more than 20 years.”

Friendly fire: “New information has emerged supporting #TaraReade’s account of being sexually assaulted by #JoeBiden. … Credible rape accusations are disqualifying or we have NO moral standards.” —former Hillary Clinton adviser Peter Daou

A blind squirrel finds a nut: “I accepted the credibility of the complaint in the article. I didn’t want to challenge the person that made the complaint and wrote the article. I thought it was very credible and certainly within the person’s rights to write that article, of course. That was highly justified.” —Chris Matthews

Never let a crisis go to waste: “The governors are impatient. … They should be impatient. Their impatience will help us get an even bigger number.” —Nancy Pelosi on the next bailout for states

Observations: “Bailing out the Illinois state pension system is the worst idea from a week in which we were discussing the health benefits of mainlining Lysol.” —Kevin Williamson

Braying jenny: “There were Americans coming back or green-card holders coming back, but there were tens of thousands. So, if you’re going to shut the door because you have an evaluation of an epidemic, then shut the door.” —Nancy Pelosi’s unconstitutional tirade against Trump’s China travel ban (Moreover, as Rep. Dan Crenshaw reminds us, “Pelosi promoted [the] ‘No Ban Act’ legislation that same day — which would limit presidential power to restrict travel.”)

Dezinformatsiya: “If there is a good thing about this economic crisis, it has been the clean air and views we haven’t seen for a long time.” —NBC’s Chuck Todd

And last… “We don’t have a choice. We have to move forward and get people back to some sense of normalcy.” —Dan Crenshaw
For Scenes: More on the Blue Mob spreading the death TO sweet grandmothers and granddads. Put the Grim Reaper smack dab in middle of where our most vulnerable and helpless live, sleep, and eat.

‘New York refused to send nursing home’s COVID-19 patients to nearly empty USNS Comfort’



re: BillT@5:50PM

I admit that the optics aren't particularly good.


Oh well, in our modern political climate, it's obvious that Cuomo is a grandma murderer.

Robert Cross

So tell me why anyone here should give a shit about Biden's alleged sex gaff in light of the 39 women who have accused trumpy of the same thing?


Posted by: Roberta Cross | 27 April 2020 at 07:12 PM

So tell me why anyone here should give a shit about Biden's alleged sex gaff in light of the 39 women who have accused trumpy of the same thing?

We don't really......just wanted to see if leftys, so often in a state of high moral dudgeon would put aside their "principles" when it was one of their own!

Magic 8-Ball says......"Signs point to yes".


Babs,, how come you didn't make a baseless accusation of your own against Trump? No one else had any proof or evidence either. You could have been the even 40.

Scott O

Boobie Cross 7:28 - "So tell me why anyone here should give a shit about Biden's alleged sex gaff in light of the 39 women who have accused trumpy of the same thing?"
You GO, Boobie!
Love to hear this from you lefties.
39 women have accused Trump of pushing them up against the wall and fingering them?
So - what's your morality here, Booby?
Men are allowed a freebie sex assault if we can point to some one else who has more accusations against them?
You lefties are not only morally bankrupt, you're blindingly inept in your feeble attempts at hypocrisy.

Bill Tozer

Bobbie cross your heart bra @ 7:28 in the pm.w

39 women have accused Trump of being ungentleman like? Oh my. Best tell our local news director. His more recent post (before the promise to stay away) was 28 women have accused Trump without collaboration of any sort. I wish you manginas would get your stories straight. Punchy is old and senile, what’s your excuse?

Heck, Trump can put his hands anywhere on me for a cool quarter million dollars.

The difference between between Trump’s accusers and Biden’s accuser is that Biden’s accuser told many people and there appears to be a growing amount of that collaborating evidence. Besides, I believe her and that’s all that matters.

Don Bessee

Hey peons being the commissar of New York has its advantages and keep yo ass in yo shithole until I tell you otherwise comrade -




"Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez said in December 2017 that any candidate or elected official “who has engaged in sexual misconduct” should “step aside.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, now stands accused of sexual assault by his former Senate staffer, Tara Reade."

But since it Biden,,, well,, this is different.
He 's one of use.. And we don't accuse one of our own.
He's damned near a Clinton.
He says he had sushi that day, so that's why his fingers smelled like fish... That's good enough for us.

George Rebane

re RobertC 712pm - Exhibit A: the Left has different mores, values, ethics, logic, history, ... - the confirmations just go on and on.

Bill Tozer

I could be mistaken, but it appears that Roberta is trying to deflect from Biden and stick it on Trump. Isn’t M or Wiggly Bunbun always accusing us of trying to change the subject and draw attention to something else? Nah.

You point one finger at someone/something and you got three fingers pointing back.

Mary Wanna

How about a group pic of all you woke Ryghtys wearing your pussy hats?

Bill Tozer

I, for one, give little credence to the story that Trump called his best buddy Fat Kim and told him to inject himself with Lysol to kill any Coronavirus he may have in his body.

Mary Wanna

The Daily Trump Quote Show,

March 6, President Trump, on a visit to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, asserted that coronavirus tests are available to "anybody." "Anybody that wants a test can get a test," he said. "That's what the bottom line is."

And he added, "Anybody right now and yesterday, anybody that needs a test gets a test. They're there. They have the tests and the tests are beautiful. Anybody that needs a test gets a test. If there's a doctor that wants to test, if there's somebody coming off a ship like the big monster ship that's out there right now, which you know again, that's a big decision. Do I wanna bring all of those people on? People would like me to do that. I don't like the idea of doing it."

He went on to make what seemed to be an unexpected comparison to his controversial communication with the president of Ukraine: "The tests are all perfect, like the letter — was perfect. The transcription was perfect. This was not as perfect as that, but it'll be good."


Bill Tozer

Buck Sexton
If #BlaseyFord was a “hero” for speaking “her truth,” why isn’t #TaraReade a hero for speaking hers, especially since hers might actually be true?
Dems ‘Kill Grandma’ agenda spreads to more states. Only a lazy and compliant media in CA like the Bee and SF Chronicle would keep it under wraps.

‘Three Hardest-Hit, Democrat-Run States Force Nursing Homes To Accept Recovering COVID Patients, Face Backlash’


Bill Tozer

From the Twitter world

Pat Sajak
I hope you understand how difficult this situation is for celebrities. Instead of being pampered and flattered by everyone, we are forced to sit in our homes just like regular people. Please don’t forget about us. Any kind words of support would be appreciated. #AdoptACelebrity


R. Cross: "Biden's alleged sex gaff"

'gaff'. Huh. That's what they call it. lol. So much for #metoo


"I was wearing a shirt and a skirt but I wasn’t wearing stockings. It was kind of a hot day. And I was wearing heels and I remember my legs had been hurting from the marble of the Capitol, walking on it. So I remember that kind of stuff. I remember it was kind of an unusually warm day. And I remember he just had me up against the wall and the wall was cold. It happened all at once. The gym bag, I don’t know where it went. I handed it to him. It was gone and then his hands were on me and underneath my clothes. And then he went down my skirt, but then up inside it and he penetrated me with his fingers. And he was kissing me at the same time and he was saying something to me. "

That sweet talkin' Uncle Joe.

One thing that works out in this moral dilemma is that you got yerself a rapist Presidential candidate, but he can't remember that he did it. It's one step over Bill Clinton I guess.

Juanita Broaddrick speaks:

"Broaddrick: “Then he tries to kiss me again. And the second time he tries to kiss me he starts biting my lip (she cries). Just a minute... He starts to, um, bite on my top lip and I tried to pull away from him. (crying) And then he forces me down on the bed. And I just was very frightened, and I tried to get away from him and I told him ‘No,’ that I didn’t want this to happen (crying) but he wouldn’t listen to me.”

Myers: “Did you resist, did you tell him to stop?”

Broaddrick: “Yes, I told him ‘Please don’t.’ He was such a different person at that moment, he was just a vicious awful person.”"

Scott O

Mary Waaaah! 6:54 - "How about a group pic of all you woke Ryghtys wearing your pussy hats? "
You lefties now have the cow-dung of rank hypocrisy all over your face.
Us 'ryghtys' were never asleep.
The key bit of evidence is available if Biden wants to make it available.
For some reason he doesn't.
Wonder what that reason is?

Scott O

scenes 7:59 - "'gaff'. Huh. That's what they call it."
"a handled hook for holding or lifting heavy fish..."
See what a male lefty thinks of women?

Bill Tozer

Dem bosses have cancelled NY primary in NY. Another slap at Bernie. Guess we will never know what the Democrat voters in NY think of Biden.


In LIB speak, "economic intercorse",, especially from a politician,, mean pillage and rape .


"See what a male lefty thinks of women?"

Given the evidence of the last decade or so, all of this selectively enforced outrage over rumors is just another arrow in the political quiver. One womyn's protest about a President who paid off a consensual porn star doesn't seem to extend to an outright rape by another President. Go figure.

Maybe the pandemic will have one slightly good side effect, some sort of return to hard reality. Blue Mob insanity, which appears to have an epicenter in post-secondary education, might be replaced with worrying about getting by. I can only hope that mass layoffs begin in university pussyhat departments, it's the kind of thing that would give me hope going forward. This country just doesn't have time for crazy people.



Joe Biden: Under my administration, we could have those other countries up agin' the wall in no time. You know they want it. I got hairy legs, that turn blonde in the sun.


Mary is our "nervous as a hooker in church" where is comes to speaking about "fingers" Biden.
Someone going to pull your Proggy papers if talk about it?
You get the memo from the LIB central committee?
" Joe's finger rape will NOT be discussed in any way, shape or form. When confronted, ignore the questioner, Change the subject, deflect to how a Repub may have done it.
Failure to heed this "advice" will result in your immediate ostracizing from team LIB."

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 8:21 am

Economic intercourse? What about all those pigs (and chickens) being slaughtered because of the shut down at meat processing plants. Many are small farmers who just lost the family farm they inherited. Think they will ever come back? Think some politician can just snap his/her fingers and our complex distribution system come back on-line? Tyson Foods sends out the warning.


“The scene reminds me of Leonard Read’s famous essay “I, Pencil” that describes the complex unplanned order that coordinates the production of the simple lead pencil. Turns out it is not simple at all—nor is it planned by any central process. The lesson of this brilliant short essay is very timely when you have so many of the usual idiots demanding that Trump can fix everything if he just uses the Defense Production Act more vigorously. I don’t think our political class in Washington or the state capitols have the slightest idea of how they have disrupted the workings of our economy beyond the mere measure of the (huge) number of people filing for unemployment, which they think can be fixed simply by printing more money and sending out checks.

The good folks at CEI produced this six-minute video of “I, Pencil” a few years ago, and it makes for salutary viewing just now as our government contemplates “plans” for “re-opening” the economy. Give it a look, and contemplate the effects the shutdown is having on the millions of daily decisions made by producers and consumers alike. Maybe our political class just needs to just get the hell out of the way.”


Hogs get fat, pigs gets slaughtered.

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