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08 April 2020



So your pro voter fraud Bloody Mary,, Got it. Thanks.

Wisconsin is a dirty politics state. So no surprise there.


CNN whines like a little girl.

Replaying the headlines of the proggy press to show their bias,, in now "propaganda"?

Paul Emery

Looks like taxpayer dollars are goiong to support Bible Thumpers disguised as public servants

“I’ve been unabashed in my role as Secretary of State to talk about the fact that I swore an oath to the Constitution, but that my first calling is to my Savior,” Pompeo told the conservative Christian pastors. “And I’ve made that something that I tell world leaders, whether I’m with President Sisi in Egypt or whomever, whatever faith they may be of or of no faith.”



So someone of faith holding public office is offencive to Emery now?


But Emery. Gov. gives billions to the church of AGW.
You don't seem to mind that one damned bit.
AGW is nothing more that a religion, with less facts than the Holy Bible.


LIB news in the hot seat for lack of reporting on "fingers" Biden.
"CNN missing in action on Biden assault accuser Tara Reade's story"

"It has been nearly three weeks since former congressional staffer Tara Reade spoke out about her 1993 sexual assault accusation against former Vice President Joe Biden, but it wasn't until Easter Sunday that it began receiving any attention from the mainstream media.

And if you only watch CNN, you still haven't heard about it.

For 18 days, as the coronavirus outbreak dominated the news cycle, Reade's claim was not covered by the biggest media outlets following her March 25 interview with progressive podcast host Katie Halper. CNN, MSNBC and the three broadcast networks did not offer any on-air coverage or articles on their websites about the alleged assault. The New York Times and The Washington Post, two papers that dedicated extensive reporting to sex assault allegations made against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2018, were also mum on the matter."

Emery... Have Mary read you the rest of the story.

Paul Emery


Would you offer the same privilege to an American Muslim who would be in the same position as Bible Mike?

George Rebane

PaulE 737am - You and your progressive brethren must have a unique and special definition of ‘evangelize’, could you please share that with us, and then we can talk about Pompeo. Thanks.

Paul Emery


Here's a definition we can start with:

"To evangelize is to share religious beliefs, especially Christian ones, with other people. ... The word evangelize comes from the Church Latin evangelizare, "to spread or preach the Gospel," with the Greek root euangelizesthai, or "bring good news."

I have no problem with someone doing that George but not on my dime.


Emery Wanna. Muslims do it all the time.
Look no further than the one who married her Brother.
Your Muslim pals demanded and got special rooms in public office buildings for their prayer 4 times a day. But no chapple for Christians in the same buildings.

You really want to go here? Ready to lose another argument?
We can always go back the your "no voter fraud".. Mary got her ass handed to her.. She disappeared... then you show up with a new subject.... Funny how that happens.

Paul Emery


This poll has Biden up by 9 in what used to solid Republican Arizona


Bill Tozer

New buzz phrase going around yesterday that caught my attention....all over the Lamestream. “On the tax payers dime.”


Run Emery RUN!! Live in fantasyland. Enjoy..
Maybe you should see Biden's last ransom video.
In the meantime, look what your Christian haters were up to.

"Kentucky Christians who attended drive-in services on Easter — despite warnings from the governor to stay home over the coronavirus pandemic — were met by police presence and nails dumped in the road".

"Democratic Kentucky Andy Beshear had announced that the state would enforce a stay-at-home measure by recording the license plates of any person attending Easter services."

You should REALLY like this part.
"Photos posted by a the Courier Journal show police officers putting notices on cars, nails on the road, and a man holding signs that read “Tyrant Beshear” and “Without KSP Beshear is just a guy with bad ideas.” "

Now don't forget that this was deemed UNCONSTITUTIONAL.


Bill.. Your within earshot of the gun range,, has it been active? My big dog wants to go out and bark.


"This poll has Biden up by 9 in what used to (be) solid Republican Arizona"

Amazing! I can't imagine why voting habits are changing there.


I have to admit that your plan worked. Brilliantly done. Do more of this and a Green Libertarian victory is certain. Seriously.

billt and the taxpayer's dime. It's too much for these guys to think of their own material, even a crack newsman.

"preach the gospel to foreign leaders while on the taxpayers’ dime."

George Rebane

Walt 913am - The Sportsmens club is closed until further notice the range is closed to the public and all shooting events have been cancelled. Range open to members only (I'm a member and RSO). You should hear some nice sounds echoing across the land tomorrow.

PaulE 842am - don't know what it means to "share religious beliefs". But if it means telling someone you are about to engage with that you have a certain belief system, then that is not evangelizing but simply facilitating future understanding of any discourse about to take place. That kind of sharing is definitely and strongly recommended by all negotiation and dispute resolution teachings - e.g. the Harvard Negotiation Project. When Pompeo is out there on my dime, I want him to be productive. It seems that to you progressives, any mention or display of the Christian religion is immediately 'evangelizing' - a burden you guys don't put on the display and practice of other religions.

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 9:13 am

Nope, haven’t heard anything yesterday or today. To be honest, it’s pretty far away, but I do hear the muffled sounds when they are going at it at the range. Last week I heard some big Mamba-Jambas going off that were sooo big they had to be coming from Beale. I searched the sky for some Heuys. Artillery practice I hoped, lol.

Walt. Is the thrift store your lovely bride volunteers at open? I need some nice long sleeve dress shirts. Lightweight, covers the arms, perfect for burning and brushing...and cheap. I be the best dressed brush hog out there.

Oh, better throw something out there.

Thanks a lot Trump. 50 bucks for a small box of deck screws. Thanks, Trump. A shipment of PPE came in and they were so old they had dry rot! Thanks, Trump. The masks came in and they were so old that the rubber was cracked and they did not seal around the face. Worthless. Thanks a lot, stupid Trump. I owe more in taxes this year. Thanks Trumpf.

‘Union That Promised 39 Million N95 Masks Was Scammed, FBI Says’


Thanks Trumpft....is all Trump’s fault. Is there nothing Orange Man Bad cannot do? Oh, never mind those holes in the haz mat suits the hospital ordered from Singapore. It’s all Trump’s fault.
Gotta dress the part. :)

Paul Emery

So George you would have no problem all things being equals for a Pompeo
level public servant to involve their religious persuasion in conversations as did Pompeo while on the job even if their religion was say Buddist, Moslem or Druid.

Bill Tozer

Boy, they are really nutting up out there. Thoughts of one’s own mortality does not sit well with the Lefties.

-UNHINGED Cuomo Blasts ‘Full of Sh**’ Trump, Admits: ‘I Don’t Like What I Do’

-WATCH: CNN Insists WH Video Using Media's Own Words Is Chinese 'Propaganda'

-Top NY Times Editor Admits Biden Campaign Edited Their Sex-Assault Allegation Story

-TONE DEAF: CNN Cheers Cleaner Air Caused By Corona Pandemic

-CNN UNHINGED: Trump and ‘Conservative Media’ ‘Created’ This ‘Mess’

-ABC Manipulates Video of Fauci Defending Trump, Insists He Killed People

-Meacham Sneers: White House Briefings Are Just Trump ‘Infomercials’

-Unhinged Trump-Hater Michael Rapaport Calls Melania a ‘Hooker’ on Twitter

Pick a card, any card.

Bill Tozer

I must admit I was wrong Easter eve and Easter morning. I was expecting Steve to come over and pop off his usual Christians are phony passed without one slur being hurled at Christians being phony (nice and loving for one day only, then back to being human). Not one. Odd.

I figure it was all bent up, and would be popping out soon, via another vehicle. I was not disappointed. Trump held Easter Service on taxpayer’s dime! Trump goes to prayer breakfast on tax payers dime!

“ Conan O’Brien, a comedian who’s floated on the edge of celebrity since being unceremoniously ousted from his spot on “The Tonight Show” by Jay Leno a decade ago, took a shot at returning to relevance on Sunday with a mean-spirited “joke” that aimed at two favorite targets of the Hollywood left: President Donald Trump and Christianity.”


Yep, the two favorite targets of the Left are Trump and Christianity.


Don't anyone tell Emery that Congress has opening prayers.
Hope Emery has a family plot somewhere. GOD forbid he gets buried in ground blessed by a man of GOD, or ANY cemetery with a cross in it.

George Rebane

PaulE 1003am - Absolutely; I am a student and longtime practitioner of what is known as 'principled negotiation'. That involves laying out the groundwork of the beliefs, principles, and interests of the participants before the negotiation/discussion starts. This allows all parties to contextualize (know where each is coming from) what is said subsequently. Capice?


So why do Emery's questions always begin by putting his words in others' mouths?

Bill Tozer

Yep, when you laying on a gurney being raced down down the hospital halls and someone keeps asking what religion/denomination you are.....well, you know you are in for a rough day. :)

Bill Tozer

L @ 10:51 am

Why, why, why o why?


Thanks George, I have an itchy trigger finger. Since bending the law is OK these days, I just might let my side of the valley know I'm home. There is an ugly tree up on the hill that I can "work on". Besides.. Gunfire usually keeps the lowlife away.

Bill Tozer

All the gunfire I hear ain’t coming from the range. A few random rounds fired at the old ugly tree does keep the low lives away...or at a minimum quiets them down. Barking dogs works too. Good combo. Lots of strangers around there lately. It is the busy season for our local “farmers” and trucks bringing soil are tearing up the road. A few gunshots at random does keep the seasonable help out there on their best behavior. :)

They drive too damned fast.

Paul Emery

Got it George. So while on the job as an employee of the government in your view it's ok to discuss your religious pratices ande inspiration while negotiating with a foreign entity. Thanks

George Rebane

PaulE 1151am - You again didn't (or chose not to) understand a word that I said, and instead did your usual gambit of putting erroneous words in someone's mouth before rushing off.

Don Bessee

Two words for the po' ol' fakenewsman - Jimmy Carter. LOL



Paul "Punchy" Emery has now surpassed little Doug Keach in the application of Brownian Logic.

Well done, Punch!

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