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22 April 2020


Steven Frisch

"We on the Right have also proposed, pursued, and continue to pursue solutions, all with a common basis that calls for various forms of orderly separation between the two ideologically riven peoples that results in a physical and political division of two more culturally cohesive populations."

Yeah....well, there is no constitutional basis for creating "a physical and political division" of more culturally cohesive populations based on ideology, or the whole idea of a division of the country based on ideology.

George Rebane

Steven 239pm - More study of the Constitution reveals that it is NOT a document that defines the latitude of permissions to the people. It is a document that prescribes, proscribes, and limits the actions of government.

I hope you are not using this to sidestep the RFP. You would be an ideal spokesman for your side in this endeavor.

Scott O

This topic seems to be a continuum of 'A long-languished letter'.
One aspect of the great divide that is most glaring is the left's constant insistence that it is solely or mostly due to right wing 'divisive' speech or talking points.
It never existed until Rush got on the air. It never existed until Trump ran for POTUS.
Us conservatives were just happy as clams for decades and thought the left was just swell until someone told us to start hating... (fill in the blank).
The editorials, essays and comments by conservatives have warned of the coming schism since forever. It is now upon us and to blame a handful of individuals on the right as the cause is just nonsense. We conservatives can see the divide - the reasons for it and why it will tear our country apart. The left wants only to tell us if we could just rid ourselves of a handful of haters, all will be well.
Going that route, we would quickly find there would always be a 'handful' of haters to be rid of. And being rid of them would be easy in the brave new world.
Just ask what happened to the 'handful' of people in China that were trying to warn of the emerging epidemic of a new strain of virus.
Why - Emperor Xi would tell you those were just trouble makers upsetting the great peace of the united populace. Folks that were trying to be divisive and spreading hate.
The bottom line is that the rural conservatives are not trying to tell the urban leftys how to live. And we would please ask the left in their urban rat-maze squalor not to dictate to us.

Barry Pruett

This is exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. I am sorry that we didn’t connect yet.

Bill Tozer

If this isn’t a small taste of the Great Divide, then I don’t know what is.

WALSH: Harvard Anti-Homeschool Summit Set To Feature Speaker Who Believes ‘The State Confers Parenthood’

“Dwyer’s views may seem radical — and they are — but they are also shared, on some level, by everyone who opposes homeschooling. To claim that all children should be required to attend public school is to claim that the government has a right to our children. Our children are wards of the State, and our job is only to keep them alive on nights and weekends until they can be returned to where they rightfully belong. This is why all parents, whether they homeschool or not, should be advocates and defenders of the right to homeschool. Because if you don’t have the right as a parent to educate your own children, you don’t have rights as a parent at all.“

Harvard Mag Wants ‘Ban’ on Homeschooling, Especially in Christian Homes

“Another point reveals some animosity for Christian conservative parents -- whom the article states constitute the majority of homeschoolers -- saying that “these parents seek to remove their children from mainstream culture.” Harvard Mag wrote, “Bartholet notes that some of these parents are ‘extreme religious ideologues’ who question science and promote female subservience and white supremacy.” Oh, there it is. Harvard Mag thinks misogyny and racism are Christian values.

That, coupled with another of Bartholet’s complaints that the “absence” of regulation in homeschooling is a threat to “community values, social values, democratic values, ideas about nondiscrimination and tolerance of other people’s viewpoints,” reveal that these lefties are just afraid of Christian values or just general conservatism continuing to exist in society. And to think they’re appealing to democracy? It’s obvious they’re arguing for the destruction of free speech and want liberal groupthink.“


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