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14 April 2020



"Important in all this policy making is the ability to conduct immunity (antibody/antigen) testing on random samples from the state."

It seems to me that if testing is purely to plan and monitor policy, you could probably stand to spend the time/money on more accurate forms, which no doubt exist. It depends on the cost v. the sample size needed for a desired accuracy of course.

Given the lack of rigor in all of this (hey, it's an usual situation after all, everybody is winging it), I think that the main low-hanging fruit in study will be by comparing countries after the dust settles. They are ready-made experimental labs with quite different situations and results.

I was just poking through the demographics and CCP-flu stats for Sweden and Finland, arguably similar (by world standards) in some ways, although the inhabitants would disagree. One with little response one with quite a lot. Sweden of course has that blessing of Third World immigration (praise be to the globalist gods) and you can pick out the demographics of Finland by language spoken. 2:1 difference in population. Urbanization looks similar. A pair of good experiments.


Speaking of rigor, I've been enjoying the 'journalists' filling up traditional news magazines with a valiant effort to tie intersectionality with CCP-19. Ain't nothin' better than a newschild pounding out magazine pieces combining bits of opinion and fantasy to help explain the world. Bummer that they don't know anything of which they speak, but The Atlantic readers don't care in any case.

No doubt the problem of cold fusion could be cracked if we simply had less institutional racism in the ranks of physicists, but that'll have to wait for a different day.

I do feel left behind though. If I could sit in a room with a pencil and notebook and no research materials or deep thought, it would be nice to just hammer out a bunch of personal musings as fact for a major league publisher. I wonder what the rate per word is.

Don Bessee

Good point -



Bill Tozer

Big tricky decisions are on the horizon. When do we go back to work? When do we take the kids to a Little League game or blow a week’s pay at a fancy restaurant to impress a further ex-wife?

These decisions are wrought will peril on many levels; social, political, economic, stress/mental health, Q of L, and much more. I don’t have the answers as the situation is fluid. Tough decisions lie ahead with damned if you, darned if you don’t scenarios.

VDH (from the Greater Fresno area)
‘We Are Approaching COVID-19 Gut-Check Time’

“Nothing about this epidemic was ever static. But we are on the verge of learning a lot more about the virus that will result in as much disagreement as relief.”

Pat Buchanan, never shy about his opinions on bigger issues, asks provocative questions.

What Price Victory — in the Coronavirus War?


Bill Tozer

Buck Sexton
Those who shout down others with the cheap moral preening of “lockdown for as long as it takes!” are going to wake up pretty soon to a reality in which millions and millions of Americans without jobs or basic freedoms will just refuse to comply



I think this link to folks getting huffy over Laurence Tribe's remark fits here

I think what Tribe was actually saying was spot on... the virus is here, we have to live with it. Like every other virus on the planet. As a relatively high risk person (65 and a touch of hypertension, treated) I do appreciate the Left wanting to trash the economy to keep me isolated from life (I really, really do guys, thanks) but the benefits to me are costing everyone more than I value them.

There may never be a vaccine... we won't know until there's a candidate that gets tested and found to work.

So, please, let's let things fall where they may. I won't go searching for a sick person to get a dose of possible death, I promise, and stay the F home if you're ill with something that might be transmissible.

I listened to Terry McAteer give a 'lecture' on the 1918 Flu pandemic today, and it struck me as expected, a sloppy hour of slideware suitable for an AP American "History" class but masqerading as a college experience, via "OLLI" at Sierra College. I doubt the scare of 1918 fits 2020... as in 1918 they didn't know about viruses AT ALL and didn't know the basics of how not to get a respiratory virus or how they spread.

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