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21 May 2020



They might try doing that with their right wing guests as well.

George Rebane

rlcrabb 234pm - "But I am asking all so-called journalists to have the guts, then and there, to call out the obvious lies and baseless opinions of their guests, be they from the Right or Left."

Now why would you think that I'd leave out the righties? I do think you have me stereotyped.


I'm betting Crabby 234pm is a hit and run posting, a tactic said to date from from his high school days.

Crabbman's blog is as monochromatic as Pelline's nowadays.



Todd Juvinall

Crabb is a hypocrite like all the lefty types. I cannot recall many if any of his going after a lefty or their policies with the vigor he chews on the right.


Btw GR... the best interviewer of all time was the late Tim Russert of the once great Meet the Depressed... and Russert, when greeting Limbaugh on the show, said Depressed with an honest smile on his face.

I am convinced Russert matched Chuck Todd's politics but that Tim is spinning in his grave every Sunday with Todd's ugly brand of onair partisanship.

George Rebane

Gregory 652pm - Agreed.


94% of Fox News viewers are Republicans. The purpose of a network is to make money. You don't bite the hand that feeds you. therefore: Fox News was never fair and balanced and never will be. Like all for-profit news entities, it will tailor its presentations to please its viewers.. ie. tell them what they want to hear, amplify the good, leave out the bad for their side and the opposite for the "enemies." Such is the current state of affairs.


Really, Bertie?



Posted by: Somebody really interested in making sure his side gets all the viewers | 22 May 2020 at 09:56 AM

Fox News was never fair and balanced and never will be.

Waaaaaaaah.....why aren't they paying attention our propaganda.......RACHEL MADDOW is awfully expensive to keep around if the hot polloi isn't glued to their screens on the channels we occupy!

George Rebane

bertie 956am - Your citation is patently false as also corroborated here by Gregory's 1111am. I would check on your source for such information, and refile them under 'suspect'. And perhaps you didn't understand the thrust of my commentary. I wasn't criticizing them for being too rightwing, as you seem to have gleaned.


GR 1123am

Bertie didn't cite anything... it was an unsupported claim. I dug out a WaPo story that mostly cited research by Pew... solid leftist street cred.

C'mon Bertie, give us a link!


Come on Bert. CNN and the like, ratings and viewership are in the crapper. Those people didn't stop watching the news.
Now just where do you think they went?
FOX got the right thinking people a LONG time ago.
Only the cold blue LIB still goes to CNN and PMSNBC.

Todd Juvinall

Here ius the actual YOUTUBE of the presser Trump did on the virus and disinfectant. The left and fake news don't tell you he asked it as a question after the first guy discussed different ways to kill the virus. This is the kind of fake news they do to try and make people think Trump is a loon. This shows they are the ones that make things up. I am debating a loon on the Union.


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