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23 May 2020


Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane

Glad the lovely bride got planting of the garden is done, with you being the I hired help.Good job. I got lucky. Had 6 volunteer tomatoes pop up in the weed pile and moved them to their new home. :)

Spitting wood? Sure, you may have overdone it, but a good Boy Scout is always prepared. What’s a extra couple of cords in the long run? Besides, if you pull your back out next year, you will be glad you did it. I have overdone it around here....had 5 burn piles in 5 different location, 2 of which were in new locations.

Finally broke my protocol Friday morning. For no particular reason, I shaved at 4:45 am. Haven’t shaved since the Lock Down began. Then I cleaned up, put on clean new clothes, and ventured off to the Grocery Outlet in GV. Much more masks seen than around my neck of the woods, but Grocery Outlet does has it share of elderly loyal customers, so that made since.

I suppose Fish has not made it to the Outlet in GV, so I can’t boast I was the last holdout. Thursday night I was restless go we went for a drive. I pulled into a parking lot of a connivence store and the place was packed. Younger crowd (younger that moi) and folks running in and out grabbing beer and such...NOT one mask seen. I stayed outside watching people run in and out and no masks. Makes sense. That crowd had a fourth decimal point chance of dying from The Airborne Plague.

After that, we drove to another connivence store and it was packed as busy as well. Saw one guy wear a mask. One. Never realized how busy Thursday nights are after 10:00 pm...or should I saw i forget how busy things get at night. Stayed outside and people watched and realized life goes on.

Days still run together. I woke up somber thinking today is Memorial Day. It’s tomorrow. Memorial Day is for the dead, Veterans Day is for those who came back alive.

All in all, you will be glad you overdid it with splitting firewood. And I am adjusting to the new spots I opened up. Thought I overdid it as well, but glad it’s done.

And, for the first time in many many years, I put my holdings in management. I had refused to pay those management fees, loads, etc. BTW, that was why I dumped Dodge and Cox...I did not like the fees, albeit considered low. No more flying solo. Let others spend the time and spend hours doing research. The Trust I am responsible for lost a half million when the lock downs started and it’s working it’s way back. Luckily, the old tried and true has proven true. Diversification is the key. :).

Teine Rebane Kenney

It's good to be close to you both. This would be extra hard without family nearby.

Michael R. Kesti

"Competition is the only cure for incompetence."

That may be the finest justification for capitalism ever.

George Rebane

MichaelK 1239pm - Agreed, thank you. To me that also explains why so much incompetence gravitates toward and is found in government bureaucracies.

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