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09 May 2020


Bill Tozer

Where or where is our Death Bumps? On the news, that’s where.

Nate Silver Almost Explains How Liberal Media Lies
MAY 8, 2020

“So Silver says, as any honest person would have to that reporting breathlessly on increases in coronavirus cases without reporting the corresponding increase in total testing is misleading. He further stipulates that this bad practice is quite commonplace in the news media. So far so good.

But when he comes to the goal, or the intention of the media in their misleading, his answer is curious. He claims that these journalists want to craft a narrative that makes them “sound smart.” But why would intentionally misleading the public regarding the coronavirus sound smart?.........”

“In reality, the Trump administration has been working on testing since before China announced its first death in January. It has been significantly ramped up owing to public private partnerships and the FDA just Thursday approved at home test kits. But even if one does believe that we are in some kind of testing crisis how would it behoove the president politically to produce fewer tests? To combat criticism that he isn’t making enough tests available he makes fewer tests available? Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Throughout Trump’s presidency the news media, often more so even than Democrats has been his principle and primary adversary. It is very much a two-way street. In these tweets Silver lays open the progressive media playbook for all to see. First, decide on and coordinate the bad stuff smart people think about Trump; then selectively choose only the facts that support that “narrative.” After that congratulate yourself for the accuracy of your selectively chosen facts, and then invent a completely unsubstantiated allegation against the president.

This playbook was used for Russian collusion, it was used for impeachment and it is in use right now during the pandemic.”


Steven Frisch

Just curious George, if everything is fine out there and all the hoi palloi should go back to work, why are you and Joanne still hunkered down? Are there not Republican Women Federated, Tea Party and State of Jefferson meetings to go to? Are you missing meeting with your friends at the shooting range to hone your self defense skills?


Golly, Stevie, could you quote a sentence or two of GR's that maps to "everything is fine out there"?

Thanks and a hat tip to "Sue Denim". The original code used to scare the world has not been released but is said to be a single 15,000 line file in bad C hacked over a ten year period by prof. Ferguson.

George Rebane

StevenF 658am - Echoing Greg's 801am, I note again that you continue to have problems understanding most of the stuff in these pages, most certainly what I write. It is remarkable how uniformly the cadres of the Left interpret the world in coarse black/white terms - it's either this or that with nothing in between. For them the Land of Nuance is terra incognita.


False Dichotomies R Us could be the SBC's altar(sic) ego.

I did spend a lovely afternoon yesterday playing hooky from La Casa de Gregorio... we traveled to within spitting distance of Frisch's Folly... at the Truckee River park to visit/picnic with stepson J and his wife B and grandkids R and S. They live in the outskirts of Reno.

The park was sparsely attended but people were out and about. None were wearing masks. Knowing they'd recently struck out on a shopping expedition to find toilet paper, we brought them the 12 pack (not labeled safe for septic systems,bad for us, inconsequential to them) we'd purchased a few days ago at the Auburn Smart & Final. Squeals of delight from B were heard when it was handed to her...

Was the trip absolutely safe? No, but everything I did that day starting with getting out of bed was not absolutely safe.

Todd Juvinall

Steve is hunkered down in his rental in Glenshire, quivering and nervous as he knows he has most of the virus precursors for infection and demise. Too bad, so sad.


re: Gregory@8:01AM

Thanks for that, it's a great find. That sort of thing is exactly what I had in mind when considering simulations vs. epidemiology curves, but it's obviously a non-trivial problem.

That's the beauty of closed-source software, it can generate any old number and people might just believe it. I'm surprised that this guy's model simply didn't just say '42'.

Bill Tozer

Dear Diary,

Went out to work around the house and I heard the most glorious sounds coming from the range. Oh, I never realized how much I missed my Sunday Morning serenade. Soft, gentle sounds that makes weeding not so bad.
It’s like anything, you don’t miss it til it’s gone. Like going to bed and hearing the sound of a distant train. Lullaby songs. You miss it when it’s gone, leaves a hole for the rest of your life.

Thank you all at the range this Sunday Morning. Just too quiet around here and I knew something a’miss. My Sunday morning sounds where gone....that was what was a’miss. Now, life is back to normal. Thank you. Gotta go run outside and listen. Warms the cockles of me hearth.


re: simulations amateur hour (h/t Gregory)

Reddit speaks:


Bill Tozer

“European virus”

This sounds like what someone on the CCP payroll would say


Bill Tozer

‘Judge Stops Illinois Governor From Extending State Lockdown’

The judge’s temporary restraining order sets the stage in Illinois and perhaps nationally for a legal battle over public health experts’ far-reaching demands for public confinement


Bill Tozer

2 min ‘short film’ video for those who are thinking about going ‘out there.’ Run For Your Lives


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