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20 May 2020


Bill Tozer

Having maybe read two Alan Riquelmy columns over the past few years does afford me the luxury of making an informed judgement on his journalism or world view. One column I stopped reading after three paragraphs, most times I don’t bother. With that disclaimer out of the way, is there a difference between journalism and an accurate record of facts?

This article brings up the distinction between ‘journalism’ and ‘historical accuracy.’ Might be on topic in a very broad sense....

‘1619 Project Creator Says Her Series Is ‘Journalism’ and ‘Not a History’


Keep those Pulitzer Prizes and accolades rolling in. BTW, I expect columns to be subjective because we were born with brains to use. Now, using journalism as a basis for mandated history lessons in government run public schools across the fruited plain is another matter.

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