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07 May 2020


Bill Tozer

“The main point that is lost in such leftwing opposition to prudent paths to loosen the lockdowns is both gratuitous, and definitely politically motivated to retain public policies that will maximally stifle the healing of our economy and the return to normalcy.” Dr. Rebane

The real problem, as I see it, is ‘return to normalcy’ cannot cohabitate with ‘fundamentally transforming America as we know it’. No co-exist in the cards.

Lifted from a link posted over at The Great Hunkering Down Diary. It’s not about Joe Biden, it’s all about the new normal which excludes return to normalcy.


PS. I couldn’t take it anymore in silence after the same clowns who went after Jo Ann Rebane went after Terry McLaughlin. I had to post something.


The most astounding thing to come out of this episode is the outright hostility toward the easiest way to get back to what passes for normal. If everyone just followed the guidelines to wear a mask and gloves in public places and observe the six foot rule, public places could be public again.
People are harassing customers and shooting clerks for simply following company policy. You'd think they were being asked to self-castrate.


Hey, RL, I arrived at a well known local retail business yesterday... I put on an N95 respirator on the way in but, lo and behold, not a single person was wearing any protective gear. None of the nearly 10 people I saw had any mask or gloves on. At all.

I took mine off when it interfered with communicating my needs, or in other words,
"Romanum venio, ieiuno Sabbato; hic sum, non ieiuno: sic etiam tu, ad quam forte ecclesiam veneris, eius morem serva, si cuiquam non vis esse scandalum nec quemquam tibi".


Perhaps RL will comment on the hostility he showed against 1) people who wear MAGA hats, 2) Folks in favor of practicing social Darwinism, 3) Folks identifying Bill Gates as the Devil (I'm not sure where that one came from) and 4) Folks who like Fox News.

Hey, you, Mr. Cartoonist... you're an asshole!

Your stated rationale was "I was even more perturbed when I read an account of a female Facebook friend who was harassed by a group of thugs at a gas station in Penn Valley, just for asking them to keep their distance. I mean, what the actual fuck?"

So, you automatically accepted the account by that female "Facebook friend" about the horrible beasts she had to deal with when they wouldn't do what she told them to do?

I suppose you didn't consider they'd have a different story to tell about the encounter?

Scott O

I think we're going to open up and go back to work no matter what the govt says. The gov here wants to wait until mid-May, but lots of establishments are already open and plenty of folks are going about business in a fairly normal manner. Some government folk are making a few noises since they can't be seen to be ignoring the blatant in-yer-face disobeying of orders. But other than one house wife that refused to leave a playground in a public park, I haven't heard of anyone in Idaho getting arrested. My wife went to get her hair done today. The shop has been open since the 1st. No one wears a mask or cares to.
My neighbor the fireman/EMT says they are now getting about one call a night to pick up a body. CV19?
No. People with serious symptoms who are afraid to go to the hospital (that are empty) and end up dying of heart attack, stroke, etc.
We can't fix our economy by printing money. We need to get back to work and produce the goods a society needs to be whole and healthy.

Scott O

crabb 3:54 - You're conveniently omitting the mask and distance NAZIs acting just as badly as the rubes you mentioned. It goes both ways.

Don Bessee

You got that right @510 -

I was 2nd in line at a store dutifully standing on my designated mark and this harpy comes up from behind and starts screeching SOCIAL DISTANCING with he hand out and way into my space and demanded I move yet the only way to accommodate her was to get in the space of the person in front of me in line!

I pointed that out that I was where I was supposed to be and she went away muttering expletive's.



Yeah, my wife got schooled on keeping her distance at Weiss Bros. a few weeks ago, even with all the protective gear. Lots of tension out there that could be avoided with a little common courtesy.
But hey, when gangs of thugs packing cannons get in your face, I'm not going to play nice either. Covering your asshole in public has been accepted in civil society for thousands of years, except for a few places like San Francisco and some tribes in the Amazon and the Yuba River.


Gangs of thugs packing cannons getting in your face? Really, RL?


Think about it RL,, it's the usual busy body LIB "getting" in your face about social distancing. It's what they do.
Just like everything else in this world. "They" are the experts at telling one how to live.
Just like it's mostly LIB gov.s and mayors keeping everyone from making a buck... Then then a LIB judge decides to throw a woman in jail for not apologising. Yet sets real criminals free.

Bill Tozer

Crabb, neither you or your wife should ever be allowed in public again for the rest of your lives. Consider your it patriotic duty. Its about time you sacrificed for your country and stepped up to the plate. Its for your own good. Old people should have their doors welded shut to save them from themselves, like in China.
Why make everyone else around suffer and have go through economic uncertainty and upheavel (if not complete insolentcy and destitution) just to protect you and your wife? How selfish! Its all about you and what YOU want, eh? Everyone has to rearrange their whole lives to suit you.

Instead of trying to rearrange the whole world to fit you, why not rearrange yourself to fit the world? I know, everyone in the parade is marching out of step except you.
Please, stay inside for the duration and quit ruining it for everyone else. And if you do try to sneak outside, wear a paperbag over your head instead of a mask in case some normal non-high risk folks reconize you and snitch you out to the authorities.

Besides, old people shed their skin at double the rate and smell. Don't trust anyone over 30! Stick it to the man and you, Earl, are Da Man. A grumpy old man. An angry old white man.

Bill Tozer

WALSH: If You Want To Stay Home, Stay Home. Let The Rest Of Us Get Back To Our Lives.


Bill Tozer

@ 5:47 pm

If you stay home, you will not run into any rude people or Social Justice Distancing Warriors. -Don't go outside. Murder Hornets await thee.

Bill Tozer

Buck sez

The most vulnerable places for covid-19 spread are nursing homes, but New York has been shockingly and horrifically inept at protecting them

If you think these political leaders know what they are doing or feel any accountability for bad decisions, you aren’t paying attention
So we've gone from "flatten the curve to save hospital capacity" to "stay inside indefinitely until we say it's totally safe to come out" to "actually no matter what we tell you the virus will be out there and people will continue to be infected"

other than that great plan guys



Haha! You guys are such humanitarians. Have you watched this yet? It pretty much validates your criticism of environmentalism, and also highlights the future your kids can look forward to... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zk11vI-7czE


Oh... a youtube vid..... BFD.
Yaa, RL,, got nothing better to do that watch boobtube videos.

Is it Mikey Moore's? You know,, the electric plug to the car is attached to the coal fired power plant?
Maybe the suckers that pay for huge wind turbines that NEVER pay for themselves before needing to be replaced?

Your sniffing those ink pens again.


Planet of the Humans. I should watch it although it's probably better to just do a back o' the envelope on the science project of the day that Green Libertarians are pushing (and we know what the 'Green' is all about).

I did like this wikipedia quote about the movie:

"Environmental journalist Brian Kahn in Earther wrote that the filmmaker's choice to have "mostly white experts who are mostly men" argue in favor of population control gives the film "a bit more than a whiff of eugenics and ecofascism."

So there you have it. Sure hate to have less people in the world. Just imagine the uproar if they had brought up the most important chart in the world.



Scenes, everyone!

I went out of my way to watch Planet of the Humans a few days ago after hearing a story that Bill McKibben was absolutely pissed off at how he was portrayed!

In fact, all of the climate nazis got raked over the coals, bigly.

It's the only Michael Moore movie ever made that I am happy to recommend!

Bill Tozer

After all these years of filmmaking, Moore gets a wild hair up his bumbum and decides to tell the truth for once. Naughty, naughty, bad big boy. Michael Moore has been demonized by the Eco-facists, the movie theaters suddenly cancelled the dates for premiering his flick, he lost his distributor and is peddling the film reels himself, and no he finds himself as a Stink-Ass traitor. And he couldn’t get coffee at his local coffee joint. And right in the middle of the Wuhan Bat Virus with theaters everywhere shuttered down for the storm. Put it on Youtube.

“Step out of line and The Man comes and takes you away”....Et tu Jacobins??

That is who “they” are.


Just an article I ran into.

"Woodstock Occurred in the Middle of a Pandemic

In my lifetime, there was another deadly flu epidemic in the United States. The flu spread from Hong Kong to the United States, arriving December 1968 and peaking a year later. It ultimately killed 100,000 people in the U.S., mostly over the age of 65, and one million worldwide."



re: Planet of the Humans.

My comfy chair and I have been spending a little quality time reading outrage on reddit about the documentary. Boy howdy, a lot of those people are livid. The occasional voice of reason gets dogpiled to perdition as The Mob jumps on. A beautiful thing. If you're going to have a mosh pit, it might as well be full of crazy people.

Just because Moore narrated the best political ad in history, it needs a re-airing.


Steven Frisch

I just wanted to let you all know that I recently received and email from a cousin of a friend of my accountant and in that email was a link to a video that shows the connection between 5G and Sam Giancana.....https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/09/technology/plandemic-judy-mikovitz-coronavirus-disinformation.html?action=click&module=Top%20Stories&pgtype=Homepage


Posted by: Steven Frisch | 10 May 2020 at 06:26 AM

Wrong crowd Steve......5G paranoia is more a worm farming hippy Earth Mother thing isn't it? Your crowd.......

Sam Giancana........mob history on the recent reading list?

Steve Frisch

Sorry Fish, when the Constitutionalists show up with the antivaxxers with the Trumpsters, with the SOJ, with the militias with the 5G conspiracists all inspired by ludicrous propaganda to protest the same thing you are all in that orgy together. Sometimes the ridiculous right meets the ridiculous left on the same field and sees eye to eye.


Posted by: Steve Frisch | 10 May 2020 at 07:28 AM

So a representative cross section of the citizenry then.

Bill Tozer

Whether Governors make pronouncements about lockdowns or opening up, its making little difference to what a growing segment of the American population is doing. Sure, a storefront on Broad Street in Nevada City can’t throw open their doors willy-nulls because they stand out like a sore thumb, have a fixed location, and the authorizes would be all over them like white on Nevada City....not to mention being ratted out. However, all in all, people themselves are ‘opening it up’ and the politicians are leading from behind.

My idea may seem controversial, but it’s happening anyway without my input. Divide the population into two categories. Put all the over 65 folks and the grossly obese and others with preexisting conditions in one group. Everybody else in group two. The young and 40 somethings can let ‘er rip. The world is their oyster. The old, fat, diabetic, and those with compromised immunity systems should self-quarantine for a longer period and stay hunkered down...like moi is doing. I avoid crowded places, close human contact, and all that Jazz. The idea is to flatten the curve, not smash it flat. But, don’t punish everybody cause old people are higher risk.

Governor Newsome seems to be saying we need a couple more weeks of shut-down at least, then we will know more. Then we can talk about it. The people are saying, “Pound sand, you ain’t doing to shut down Huntington Beach or Newport Beach.” Pound salt, I will go to my cabin at the lake if I dam well please.” And If the wife and her friends want to meet in the backyard and do their exercise group thang (with social distancing) they can do as they damn well please. Heck, they can do it in the road for all I care.

Anyway, the people are leading and the politicians are trying to play Solomon and cut the baby in half to please whether the stay locked down crowd nor the let me out crowd. Call it civil disobedience. Flower Power.

‘How America Arrived at the Cruel New Normal’


Bill Tozer

Hit it Maestro. Shut down musak.



Bill Tozer


It is a small point, but every time you see a well-coiffed journalist or politician on television, you should ask: why is it that he can get a haircut, and I can’t? Nothing exposes the class divide like an “emergency.”


Don Bessee

@916 While I can keep the face and front ears clean I could use a flowbee for the back! LOL


Bill. Tozer

An Open Letter to the Tyrant of Michigan


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