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29 May 2020


Bill Tozer

Preliminary Autopsy Results For George Floyd Show No Signs of Strangulation


Bill Tozer



Bill Tozer

Obama stands by the term 'thugs,' White House says

“Some critics ascribe racial connotations to the word "thug" -- Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake walked back the term earlier this week -- but Obama doesn't agree, officials said.

The vast majority of the protesters of a recent police killing acted in a law-abiding way, Earnest said.

"At the same time, we saw a small minority of individuals engaged in other activity that was not responsible that is clearly a crime," Earnest said.

He added: "And when you're looting up a convenience store or you're throwing a cinder block at a police officer, you're engaging in thuggish behavior and that's why the President used that word."


Scott O

BT 8:54 - "Obama stands by the term 'thugs,' White House says"
But that was Obama saying 'thugs'.
When Trump says it - that's different!
Because - dog whistle!
Logic, reason and facts have long flown the coop.
The left is in full derangement mode.
They are happy to burn down the American economy and our cities to boot if it gets rid of the Orange Monster.


As said before, they would burn down civilization itself if they could rule over the ruins.


Gotta love how the LIB city government takes control.
Imposes a curfew, then won't enforce it. As soon as the street vermin show up, they retreat. That's showing them who's boss.

Bill Tozer

A Tale of Two Protests: Minnesota Rioters Vs. Anti-Lockdown Protesters



Put the blame where due.
ANTIFA... Now where have we heard of them before?

Bill Tozer

Brother Walt,

I actually watched the MN Governor’s presser last night. It was most enlightening. Went to sleep with a pod cast playing on the phone and woke up to catch his late night presser going on. Learned a lot. The thugs laughed at the curfew, nobody took it seriously and they were so outnumbered, the LE and National Guard had to withdraw for their own safety. Found this part interesting....to the max.


“It is apparent from the overnight press conference that intelligence has revealed the presence of out of state terrorists making credible threats against critical infrastructure. Shots are being fired at Guard soldiers. On top of the economic devastation wrought by Governor Walz’s statewide shutdown orders, we now have incredible physical damage to businesses and buildings throughout the Twin Cities.

Governor Walz has been weighed in the balance and found wanting. We need a leader with the savvy and fortitude to win the war in which we are engaged.”


Just as I expected. The radicals and hate America crowd is so organized they can be ready to role anywhere on a short notice. Remember Trump’s temporary 6 month “Muslim Ban” for new vetting policies to be crafted? Hell, within 1-2 hours the Leftinistas had crowds with signs race to airports to demonstrate. Trump was just settling into the Oval Office.

Remember the Kavanaugh screechers? Handmaidens? They had “community organizers” from all 50 states there. And that lady who cornered Flake in the elevator to get him to delay the vote? Come to find out she has never been sexually assaulted in her life and gets paid six figures a year. They gave her a bunch of prestigious awards. Should have face her an Oscar.

Bottomline: Glen Beck was right in 2009. Their goal is to burn it down, overfill and bust the safety net, destroy the economy, and take the fighting to the streets. Then, out of the ashes, a new transformed ‘America’ arises. The Judeo-Christian Western Civilization tradition America haters are organized and out to destroy. Demolition Derby. The combination of events from COVID-19, Nancy’s budget, and the other current events just needed a spark to implement the Revolution. George Floyd provided the match, and the Leftinistas provided the gasoline. Now, flood the zone.

Bonus for you, Walt.



Bill Tozer

RE: Fauci the Fickle – 28may20 edition. “Fauci changes tune, now says second COVID-19 wave may never happen — and mask-wearing is symbolic.” (more here) How’s that tune go?

Masks are becoming the virtue signaling symbol of showing people you care. Sure, now ‘experts’ say that wearing a mask and breathing in your own carbon dioxide and bad exhaust (exhale) is bad for you. Some now say masks do more damage than good, other researchers say it doesn’t do any good.

From a very narrow POV: Finally made it to the Grocery Outlet in Burger Basin after all these weeks. Put on my new in the package N-95 face mask I recently found hidden and forgotten about in a box at home. Everybody was wearing a mask at the Outlet. Boy, my mask was hot and uncomfortable...especially considering the heat wave. But, I wore it.

Then, yesterday it went to the DG in Penn Valley. As I was putting on my mask in the parking lot, I noticed it was dirty and full of dog hair (I was driving the dog car where I had the mask between the seats). A nice lady noticed me shaking off the mask and came up to me and gave me a face mask. She said she made a bunch, and here is one for you, if you would like it. She wasn’t wearing a mask, which I thought kinda odd. Anyway, I put on the mask and it was lighter and cooler than the N-95 face mask.

I went I side the Dollar General a d nobody was wearing a mask. Nobody, not even the employees. I was the only one wearing a mask. Taking to a guy behind me, I told him that the only readon I am wearing a face mask is to virtue signal to the world how great I am,. I even pulled down the mask and shouted out, “Look at me? I am superior to all of you!” Those within hearing distance broke out laughing.
First time I saw no masks anywhere and i notice the social distancing tape on the floor had been removed and replaced with a small sign reminding folks to stay 6’ apart.

Then to the gas station and nobody, but nobody, was wearing a mask. Then to some other place in PV and not one mask seen. Then it hit me. The reason the lady gave me (a stranger) a mask was because they were like Pet Rocks after that Christmas fad one year. Discounted to free. She was trying to get rid of them, ROFLMAO.

So now that face masks are the ‘nose in the air’ virtue signaling tool, I see they do have a purpose. An old PSA came to mind. If you change the words from “Show the world you care by the belt you wear” to “Show the world you care by the mask you wear” it fits perfectly.

As Dr. Rebane asked above, “How’s that tune go?”.....well it goes like this.

“Mask up for safety, mask up. Mask up for safety, always mask up. Show the world you care by the mask you wear, mask up for safety, always mask up”




Consider this a warning. Trump is about to declare ANTIFA a terrorist organization.
Lefties will need to keep their basement dwellers in check.

Bill Tozer

Funny how governments always react the same way: CYA time. Shoot the messenger, dismiss it out of hand. Reminds me when France and other Western nations (like Sweden) said they do not have No Go Zones concerning the Muslim enclaves in their cities. Well, they had them alright, as documented by the LE there. Just because the governments did no officially call them No Go Zones, did not mean they did not exist and they implemented no go zone polities in practice. It the narrative don’t fit, you must dismiss.

Anyway, cut the commentary and let’s get to the point.


Germany’s federal government and mainstream media are engaged in damage control after a report that challenges the established Corona narrative leaked from the interior ministry.

“If you start analyzing papers like that, then pretty soon you’ll be inviting the guys with the tin foil hats to parliamentary hearings.”

This is the reaction of governments pretty much everywhere when their blunders are exposed.


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