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03 May 2020


Bill Tozer

re: Know the denominator!

We have gone from a two week shut down to ‘restrictions cannot be lifted until there is a vaccine.’

We are just going to have to live with the SARS 2.0 19. When one tosses in the denominator, the death risk is low. What, 0.5% for most people.

What we should be focusing on is the obesity crisis our nation has suffered through for several years. National Security issue. Army can’t find enough fit young men and women. They are too fat. Major health crisis. High risk for death by virus. The pre-existing conditions of a compromised immune system are directly tied to diabetes....which is directly tied to gross obesity.
600,000 people die a year from obesity related diseases, including heart disease.

Use the denominator. Bring back Richard Simmons’ Fat Asylums. Have the Great American Meltdown every month, not just once a year. For Pete’s sake, open the fitness clubs and pass a Amendment making ownership of a stationary bike and treadmill a human right!!

I sure hope using the denominator does not lead to censorship. Opps, too late. Thank you, Donald Jr. for stepping in. When is too soon too soon? When is enough enough?


Donald Trump Jr.

Heard from my friend @RealCandaceO that she got banned from @Twitter for simply telling the people of #Michigan they should go to work.

If the Social Media Masters ban you for that w/o an explanation, imagine what they’ll do to try to influence the election given their politics!
8:47 AM - May 2, 2020



Given how politicized CCP-19 reporting is, anything to get Orange Hitler out of office after all, plus the huge money that is floating around for healthcare and economic stimulus, plus states fighting for a finite amount of funding, I'm not sure that you can trust the numerator.

The Estonian Fox

George, to quote from the German article that you referenced (Asymptomatic carriers not contagious, Feb 3, 2020):

The fact that the paper got it wrong doesn’t mean transmission from asymptomatic people doesn’t occur. Fauci, for one, still believes it does. "This evening I telephoned one of my colleagues in China who is a highly respected infectious diseases scientist and health official," he says. "He said that he is convinced that there is asymptomatic infection and that some asymptomatic people are transmitting infection."

I know, I know, the actual (i.e. real science) data will be in Friday’s mail. Meantime, belief systems are on hold, since they are not meeting in Churches on Sundays anymore.

And in the 3 months since that Feb. report, I don’t remember Fauci ever saying “My belief system was wrong.”

George Rebane

EestiR 320pm - Thanks for that clarification/amplification. Please continue to keep RR readers up to date with what you gather from your perch. Many thanks.

Bill Tozer

re: Limp dick "NC remains closed, fearful, and continues to shutter and threaten its businesses. Talk about rank ignorance and political CYA."

Its not just our ignorant county politicizing and going into full CYA mode peddling the boogie man under our collective beds. Gavin is doing it too!


Bill Tozer

Can’t bring myself to put this link under Scattershots after Squidward stunk it up like a rotting beached whale. So, here it goes in fresh water.



The Estonian Fox


A local psychologist has the saying "It's not about calming the waters, but learning to sail in stormy seas."

He must have read your bio about spending 10 days on the storm-tossed North Atlantic, and how well that worked out for you and your family. Imagine, actual events beating out the metaphor.

Now the government wants to pursue happiness for everyone. With the free money our politicians are giving away, I suspect that there will be far fewer open-ocean sailors, but many more occupants riding in the 1000-passenger ships, ships so extensive that they are “immune” to stormy seas. Just look how well that ended for the Titanic and the Andrea Doria.


"Asymptomatic [SARS] carriers are not contagious, shows a new German study, thereby debunking the Chinese claim to the contrary, and making moot more of the claims by the nation’s CCP-celebrating lockdown loonies. (more here) H/T to correspondent since the lamestream has a tendency to suppress such news."

No George, the new information does not extablish asymptomatic SARS2 carriers are not or cannot be contagious; it does establish the one person identified as an asymptomatic carrier did indeed have symptoms.

The original study was in too much of a rush to track the person down and ask them. They had returned to China but did answer the phone when called. They had fatigue, muscle aches and were taking Tylenol.

All of the "asymptomatic patients can spread the disease, everyone must be tested, everyone must wear masks" was from that one study... but it's anyone's guess as to whether or not another 'asymptomatic spreader' candidate will be found.

In other news, according to the State, there are no SARS patients hospitalized in Nevada County.

George Rebane

Gregory 252pm - 'Our hospital is empty of C19 patients, and western county has had no new cases since 17 April.'

Given the hundreds of thousands of asymptomatic C19s and the dearth of any symptomatic C19s being traced back to asymptomatic ones, the probability that an asymptomatic C19 contributes to R0 is somewhere between zero and nil.

Bill Tozer

The situation is fluid.

Whopping 373 workers at meatpacking plant test positive for COVID-19 — and they were all asymptomatic



'Our hospital is empty of [SARS] patients, and western county has had no new cases since 17 April.'

Where are the hundreds of thousands of asymptomatic persons with active SARS? Are they truly asymptomatic or are they just toughing it out? We don't know... and my point stands... the new info does not establish there cannot be transmission from a person who does not show any symptoms.

For example, I'd not suggest anyone lick a spoon used by a person who may be infected with SARS. But go ahead if you feel strongly about it.


toes 323pm

I'd be wary of folk working in a meat packing plant with lousy sick leave policies, quick to let folks go if they call in sick...

People who can't afford to be sick generally manage not to be "sick".

George Rebane

Gregory 328pm - if they're asymptomatic, then by definition they have C19, otherwise they would be asymptomatic of what?? I'm not sure of how you have defined 'inactive SARS', and the 'hundreds of thousands of asymptomatic persons' worldwide, starting in Wuhan, is pretty much an accepted notion in the ways C19 expresses itself, especially among the younger people. And as far as my inferential statement of the C19 asymptomatics' ability to transmit the disease when no one has evidence of it, that also stands until someone finally shows us a black swan.

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