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05 May 2020


Mary Wanna

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I love Mayo!


Mary is waiting for the Dos-xx and the hints of Ebola special blend.

Mary Wanna

We have another whistleblower.

Prepare the impeachment docs.


Mary Wanna

Oh dear, another Nunes Fail.



re: Ms. [email protected]:36

lol. So the Prez has 100 advisors, some say 'coronavirus is the end of the world', some (like Fauci in late Feb) say 'no problem'. Some are in-between. Some decisions get made, some get put off, some should have been made. Local Blue Mob shouts 'Orange Man Bad!'. Local Blue Mob grabs their somewhat manly parts and yell 'ORANGE MAN BAD!'. No one cares. Blue Mob cries 'cuz no one believes them that Orange Hitler killed millions of people. Silence reigns again for a couple of hours.

Yah, that sounds like quite the bombshell. Maybe you should start by impeaching Lincoln for keeping McClellan in command too long. Get back to us on the exciting results.

Bill Tozer

One woman’s opinion.

‘The Failed Experiment of Social Distancing’

“The history of science, sadly, is littered with bad experiments gone horribly wrong. The Great Social Distancing Experiment of 2020, when it is over, will very likely be toward the top of that list.”



re: [email protected]:00PM

Jeez louise man, you're starting to drive me towards the conclusion that no one knows what they are talking about one way or the other. My trust in authority is being joggled.

About the only conclusion you can draw from The Year of the Plague is that depending on the government to say yer ass is a fool's game.


Mary must be dating Dougy. Or maybe "heshe" his Depends changer.


Walt: "Mary must be dating Dougy. Or maybe "heshe" his Depends changer."

Dunno. These people are hard to tell apart. It's obvious that they constantly check political clickbait, find Orange Man Bad stories, see if they can rile the Nazis.

It's not only boring but probably could be done by a fairly simple script.

Kind of a sad thing really, if your online personality could be reduced to a few hundred lines of software.


oops: "depending on the government to say yer ass" is obviously "depending on the government to save yer ass"

Now, if typepad just allowed editing.

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 11:05 am

Did you know that Ebola was never categorized by the exalted WHO as an Pandemic? Or even an epidemic. The WHO categorized Ebola as a “situation”.

More fun facts from the Encyclopedia of Worthless Information.
Dr. Rebane has twice kicked around the idea of closing the Sandbox. It’s up to him...shut down or open? 3 of the 4 first comments by a delusional and deranged (and always wrong) madman in this Sandbox gives credence to the pro shut down position.


" gives credence to the pro shut down position."

I'd be fine with that, but it implies more time spent in curating than the good doctor would probably be willing to put in. Lacking a sandbox, all the threads become a sandbox. It isn't like inventing a 'Paul's Polls' category would keep him ensconced in there with the -3% of the day. "YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS NEWS ABOUT TRUMP MANN!!!"

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 11:05 am

Another fun fact: Did you know that they do not celebrate Cinco de Mayo in France? I bet it is because of the Colonialist nature of the oppression white European racist imperialism.

[VA State Attorney General] Herring’s office responded with this imbecilic statement:

“Donald Trump and Bill Barr should focus on saving lives and ramping up testing, not teaming up with conservative activists to undermine effective public health measures that are slowing the spread of covid-19 and saving lives in Virginia and around the country.”

It’s not the job of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights division to “ramp up testing” for the Wuhan coronavirus. The Civil Rights Division’s job is to protect against unlawful discrimination, including unlawful discrimination against the right to freedom of religious worship.

It’s not surprising that Herring, who once got his kicks mocking African-Americans, fails to understand the role of the Civil Rights Division. Nor is it unsurprising that he has little regard for the rights of modern America’s most unfashionable minority group — people who take religion very seriously.

Instead of taking the mindless way out — attacking President Trump and incanting the words “saving lives” — Herring should explain how anyone’s life is endangered by a religious service for sixteen people in a sanctuary that holds 225.

When he’s finished trying to explain that, Herring should tell us why a meeting of sixteen lawyers in a conference room — an event Virginia permits — doesn’t put lives at the same or greater risk.


Talk about clueless and two-faced.

Don Bessee

Sounds like he knows the trollish set! LOL



Bill Tozer

Scenes @1:08 pm

“Jeez louise man, you're starting to drive me towards the conclusion that no one knows what they are talking about one way or the other. My trust in authority is being joggled.”

Funny, I went to bed last night thinking about our trust of authority....our trust in our institutions. Must have been triggered by an buried excellent article eviscerating FBI Director Wray from few days ago. Nothing has changed. The priority of the institution is first and foremost to protect and perpetuate the institution. I woke up this morning reading a headline (seemingly out of the Blue) that the FBI released a statement defending and praising Wray.

Now, let’s cut to the chase. I literally asked myself, “What does loss of trust mean to ME, mean for our country?” What does loss of faith and trust to do the right thing or even do something with competency mean for the institutions themselves?” But, what does that mean for me and my worldview? Yes, all people make mistakes and sometimes frequently wrong, so I am not asking the trust factor questions with perfection or super duper consistent standards in mind. If we cannot trust our FBI, our top cops, who can we trust?

Anyway, you nailed it with “My trust in authority is being joggled”

You cann’t even trust experts.....like the ones ho fought us Common Core and Project 1619.


Enough with the "Fergusons" already.......Neil, Niall, Missouri.........ugh!

LOCKDOWNS FOR THEE BUT NOT FOR ME: Exclusive: Government scientist Neil Ferguson resigns after breaking lockdown rules to meet his married lover: Prof Ferguson allowed the woman to visit him at home during the lockdown while lecturing the public on the need for strict social distancing.

But read the whole thing as it gets worse. The "money" quote......

“Ms Staats, a left-wing campaigner, made a second visit on April 8 despite telling friends she suspected that her husband, an academic in his 30s, had symptoms of coronavirus.”



Posted by: Walt | 05 May 2020 at 01:10 PM

Or maybe "heshe" his Depends changer."



“Ms Staats, a left-wing campaigner, made a second visit on April 8 despite telling friends she suspected that her husband, an academic in his 30s, had symptoms of coronavirus.”

Perhaps he told her that those suspicious sores were a symptom of COVID.

billt: "“What does loss of trust mean to ME, mean for our country?”"

It might be simply that there are long term cycles in trust relationships. It's the sort of thing that the West has excelled in and allows things like banking and long distance trade.

I wonder when the country actually might have been a nation. Perhaps some time after American Civil War 1.0, you can see it in the styles in the early 20th century. Patriotism without irony. No doubt the lack of immigration (near zero in the 1930's) allowed everyone to settle down and construct social glue.

Something appears to have happened in the 1960's, maybe partly due to the newly artificial schism between young and old. I expect that extending high school for 4-8 more years rather than beginning adult life at 16 or so might have had something to do with it. Fast forward and ya got yer La Razans and yer feminists and yer pentecostals and yer mass immigration and yer Blue Mob and yer NRA. It'll probably take a war or the Yellowstone Caldera to produce a nation again. In the meantime, we can pretend that voting will paper over it all.


Musta dropped that shell real close to the TROLL hole.
Notta peep since! Used Depends scattered from Hell to breakfast.


WOW.. GVPD has a high tech Drone. That's the new police dog?
The only thing ya' need to feed it are Duracells, and no crap in the back of the car to hose out.

Don Bessee

Walt @ 355 - That was a gift from the Law Enforcement and Fire Protection Council of Nevada County.


Bill Tozer

@1:10 pm

Maybe they hooked on Tinder, each expecting the other to show up with a toned vibrant body, virile, and big fat wallets. With great looks and stamina to boot and know how to buff the polish off a trailer hitch.


Best let sleeping dogs lie as they are busy at the moment.


Cool.. They still didn't catch the guy they are hunting for.

Bill Tozer

How come this comes at no surprise.

Resurfaced Video Shows Biden Claiming Justice Kavanaugh Had No Presumption Of Innocence For Sexual Assault Claims


Vote for Biden or the other Biden?


re: My earlier post about England’s “Man of Science......

Zero Hedge had a much cruder description of his transgression. Frankly I wish I had thought of it!

Scientist Whose Doomsday Models Sparked Global Lockdown Resigns After Breaking Quarantine To Bang Married Lover

I’m not usually partial to blonds but she might....might...have been worth making one a laughingstock, scuttling a career and risking a potentially fatal disease for. Might.....!


Scott O

scenes 3:03 - "It'll probably take a war or the Yellowstone Caldera to produce a nation again."
Then my money's on a natural disaster.
China has been - maybe not at outright war - but pretty darn close for decades against us.
The American Left continue to make excuses for the ChiComs and take their side.

Bill Tozer


The Chi com propaganda sounds exactly like our flamers here and the news sources they read and spout with ease. Oh, I can see why many call the media and the Leftinistas one and the same. I do.

Shame on you, shame. You are a bad Christian. Bad. Hypocrites! You bring disgrace to Christians. Here, let me quote from Hezekiah 6:23-24, lol. Priceless.

‘Chinese State-Run Paper Calls Pompeo ‘Degenerate Politician,’ ‘Brought Shame’ To Evangelical Christians’


Do not bring dishonor to the State. It a big criminal offense.

Scott O

BT 4:58 - C,mon, man - there's no hypocrisy here. It's only Republicans whose names start with 'K' are not to have a presumption of innocence.
Biden is a Dem and his name starts with 'B'.
You lyin', pony faced, dog soldier!

Bill Tozer

Bad American people, bad.


Don Bessee

Commie teaching constitution at Harvard says -



Bill Tozer

Another no-brainer.

Prominent Journalist On Tara Reade: ‘I Don’t Want Justice’ Or ‘Investigation’. Just Beat Trump.


Don Bessee

You knew this was coming -

Trump Administration ‘Turbocharging’ Withdrawal of Supply Chains from China



Bill Tozer

Let my people go. If it saves just one life, do it. Lift the police state.

'The Worldwide Lockdown May Be the Greatest Mistake in History'


Don Bessee



Don Bessee

Chough, cough, note to the pony tail of ignorance and his sock drawer. You think you would have learned from the last time he marked the tape. -

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Joe Biden's advantage over President Donald Trump in popular support has eroded in recent weeks as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee struggles for visibility with voters during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday.

The opinion poll conducted on Monday and Tuesday found that 43% of registered voters said they would support Biden in the Nov. 3 presidential election, while 41% said they would back Trump.

Biden led by 6 percentage points in a similar poll last week and by 8 points in a poll that ran April 15 to 21.




People will DIE with all the Dr.s the have making sure the notorious RBG stays breathing. LABS will be commandeered to find a cure to whatever infection she has.
Every LIB has started chain smoking in fear.

Paul Emery


Here you go with the list:

A deluge of women made their accusations public following the October 2016 release of the "Access Hollywood" tape, in which Trump was recorded boasting about grabbing women's genitals in 2005. Some others made their stories public months before the tape's release, and still others came forward in the months following.

Trump has broadly dismissed the allegations, which include ogling, harassment, groping, and rape, as "fabricated" and politically motivated accounts pushed by the media and his political opponents. He promised to sue all of his accusers during the 2016 election. In some cases, Trump and his lawyer have suggested that he didn't engage in alleged behavior with certain women because they weren't attractive enough for him to be interested in.

"Every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign," the Republican nominee said during a 2016 rally. "Total fabrication. The events never happened. Never. All of these liars will be sued after the election is over."

The president said these "false allegations" against him were made by "women who got paid a lot of money to make up stories about me." And then alleged that the "mainstream media" refused to report on evidence that the accusations were made up.


Paul Emery


My posts still don't come up. Any ideas?


Good spam filter?
That one got through,,, Emery...

Don Bessee

Perhaps they installed a TDS BS detector app @ 613. LOL


Don Bessee

Here is a TDS sufferer who screwed up ans told the world how bad his TDS is!



Bill Tozer

Did you try rebooting your computer?

Paul Emery

I know Walt.

I used a different computer Bill and it still wouldn't work. Only these very short notes get through.

Bill Tozer

Did you unplug your router from the wall and wait five minutes. Best to do with computer off for a half hour.

Bill Tozer

Business Insider has been blocked by Google for spreading fake news. Have you tried using Firefox or Go Duck Go?


Just noticed on the Nirvana County Coronavirus misinformation page...

The totals are
1 death (and we know that poor soul was ill besides the virus)
40 recoveries
0 active cases

That is all.

Don Bessee

They know who you are @ 716! LOL



punchy (various times)

So sorry you're having problems posting.

It appears your computer is fed up with your punchiness. Give it a rest for a few days (a real rest, no power, no porn) and then approach the keyboard with an offering of frankincense, myrrh and single malt scotch.

Bill Tozer

Have you tried using italics? Have you called the Governor’s hotline for tech support? Are you close to a 5-G tower or close to radio signals that might interfere with your signal? Have you turned your Ann Coulter doll upside down and searched for a jamming devise? Did you use the new banned phrase, “Circle of Jerks?”

Have you checked outside to see if there are any new Stink-Ass signs? Have your recently changed your password to your login? Did you try to post something from Business Insider?

Have you been placed in Facebook Jail recently. Have you checked your e-mail. Checking your e-mail is important. It may not help, but it can’t hurt. Have you called Bobbie?

Has your computer been tested for an airborne virus?

Bill Tozer

Has your devices been tested for an air borne virus? When is the last time your took your temperature? Have your scheduled an Exorcism yet?

Bill Tozer

Just did a test. Using the phrase “Circle of Jerks”, my post did not go through. Must be one of those hate speech triggers leading to censorship and internet jail.

Where your comments nice and lady like...or hateful? Mystery solved. Internet jail for you.


A poll update for Emery.. Trump is doing fine.
That's all ya' need to know.
Biden still has balls in wringer
Hear the news Emery? RBG on life support, and Adam Schiff claims to have seen Trump in the hospital hallway conspicuously hiding a pillow. Queen Nan swears to it. See saw it too.

Bill Tozer

Well, kiss my ass and pass the ammo.

‘Lockdown is over. Someone tell the government’

“Americans want to do whatever they feel like doing: what else are natural rights for?”

“The coronavirus shutdown is over by public demand. There are crowds of sunbathers in the parks of New York City and mobs on the steps of the statehouses. Pedestrian and road traffic are rising and businesses are defying orders by informally reopening. The people are speaking — the people who used to work on a hand-to-mouth economy, the people who cannot afford to stay indoors indefinitely, the people who cannot be bothered to stay in when the sun comes out.

These people are not all the people. They are not the doctors, who counsel caution. They are not the state governors, who are terrified of votes being washed away by a post-reopening second wave of casualties. They are not state employees, who can trust that their jobs will be waiting for them. They are not the service corps the digital economy, who were work-from-home losers until coronavirus made them winners. But they are numerous enough, and desperate or casual enough, to constitute a critical mass.“


In Blue Blue Chicago, the city put up fences around the parks and the good liberal voters of the Windy City done went out and tore those fences down, lol. I see a meeting of the minds, a common bond of the working man and women....a coalition of the aggrieved if you prefer.

Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes and maybe a meme on Cinco de Mayo. I heard Cinco de Mayo was about as crowded as St. Patrick’s Day........

Insight (and irony): “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names.” —Chinese proverb

Observations: “The Wuhan virus has introduced a new and unpredictable issue into the campaign: the administration’s response to the epidemic. This should be seen as Act III in the Democrats’ determined effort to take out Donald Trump. Act I was the [Russia-collusion] hoax. Act II was the Ukraine kerfuffle. Both failed, and it looked as though the Democrats had nothing left. But now, their press minions are launching daily attacks on the president related to the virus. Act III.” —John Hinderaker

Coincidence? “On January 3, [2017] Chuck Schumer … says this in response to a statement that President-elect Trump had said, where he said we were being spied on, Schumer says if you mess with the intel community, ‘They have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.’ The very next day, January 4 … Peter Strzok overrules the agents who say Michael Flynn did nothing wrong.” —Rep. Jim Jordan

Alpha jackass: “It is time for Samaritan’s Purse to leave NYC. This group, led by the notoriously bigoted, hate-spewing Franklin Graham, came at a time when our city couldn’t in good conscience turn away any offer of help. That time has passed. Their continued presence here is an affront to our values of inclusion, and is painful for all New Yorkers who care deeply about the LGBTQ community.” —New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson

Braying jenny: “A lot of our folks didn’t vote. It was almost like a slap in the face. … I understand the people who voted for Trump. The people who didn’t vote at all — the young people, the women — that’s when you think, ‘Man, people think this is a game.’ … It wasn’t just in [2016]. Every midterm. Every time Barack didn’t get the Congress he needed, that was because our folks didn’t show up. After all that work, they just couldn’t be bothered to vote at all. That’s my trauma.” —Michelle Obama

Non compos mentis: “We need to cancel rent and cancel mortgages for the duration of this crisis.” —Sen. Bernie Sanders

And last… “Per capita, the six countries most impacted by COVID-19 on planet earth are European nations with government-run healthcare systems. Another bragging point for socialism.” —Erick Erickson
Article: ‘Record gun sales for second month, over 7M this year’


@ 7:16 pm

Have you tried an nice warm enema? It may not help, but it sure can’t hurt.

George Rebane

PaulE and BillT - found a comment from each of you in the spam folder and posted them. Have no idea why Paul is having problems. The next one of yours that lands in the spam folder, I'll forward to Typepad and see what they can do. Keep me apprised.

Bill Tozer

Todd got your list yesterday, both of them. We all did. And got the same today. Have you refreshed your browser?
Dr. Rebane
Of all the simple things you have asked, l have yet to report stuff that ends up in the spam filter.I just don't consider it that important. Figure it was meant to be. I will start to respect your simple notifaction requests.

I told ya that Business Insider is now deemed fakenews and junk. "Circle of Jerks" is hate speech and anti-one of the 39 genders, as some don't have a dong needed to participate. The aggrieved feel schlonged. Just like the pussy hats. Unfair to women who weren't born with an innie.


Mr. Kunstler speaks:

"Spring is popping now with a ferocious energy that can only remind the sullenly sequestered masses that life is going on without them. Every living thing is busy making-and-doing out there, except the poor humans, idled without work or purpose. That won’t last long. People don’t submit automatically to zombification when some pissant bureaucrats issue them $1200 checks. They yearn to bust out like everything else on this living planet. And if they can’t do it in a good way, well….

The mega-machine we constructed to drive this society has sucked a valve and thrown a rod. The machine is broken, no matter how much more fuel the mechanics pump in. (One suspects somebody may have topped it off with Karo syrup.) Anyway, the machine got too big and too complex, with too many extraneous bells and whistles, and with way too much computerized cybernetic control built-in, so the mechanics barely noticed it was coming apart (they were too busy partying). That big machine is smoldering in a ditch for the moment. The dazed and bloodied passengers realize that the ride is over, and now they must march on to get somewhere, anywhere, away from this miserable ditch and the wreckage in it. The fine spring weather is their only consolation.

And so here we are at a fraught moment in the convergent crises of corona virus and the foundering economic system that it infected, with all its frightful pre-existing conditions. Of course, it isn’t capitalism, so-called, that is failing, but the perversions of capitalism, starting with the appendage of the troublesome term: ism. It isn’t a religion, or even a pseudo-religion like Zoroastrianism or communism. It’s simply the management system for surplus wealth. In a hyper-complex society, the management of wealth naturally grows hyper-complex, too, with lavish opportunities and temptations for chicanery, cheating, fraud, and swindling (the perversions of capital). It’s in the interest of the managers to cloak all that hyper-complex perversity in opaque language, to make it seem okay.



The Estonian Fox

Scott O @ 5:08PM-

"The American Left continue to make excuses for the ChiComs and take their side."

The newly christened (am I allowed to use that word, since neither the left nor the CCP believe in Him?) play-on-word for this betrayal of American ideals is "progapanda", specifically for the American left & the Chinese who espouse the same beliefs.

Scott O

EF 7:06 - The Chinese even have a term for American lefty useful idiots - baizuo. Useful that is, to the ChiComs but the term is derogatory.
The Chinese recognize this type of person as a traitor to their own country. Traitors might be useful but they are never respected.


How's that gun control working out for you on the left...........

"According to the FBI, there were 2,911,128 background checks conducted in April 2020. The closest any other April came to that figure was in 2019, when 2,334, 294 NICS checks were done.

Bill Tozer

Scenes. You wish is Trump’s commando. You are that important.

‘Trump Working to Cut China From Supply Chain’
The administration aims to create an alliance of countries that won't depend on Beijing.



"Scenes. You wish is Trump’s commando. You are that important."


I was hoping we could put together a Committee to Get Paul's Cut & Paste Back Online.

It might be as simple as 5G interference in NC.


Posted by: scenes | 06 May 2020 at 10:11 AM

I was hoping we could put together a Committee to Get Paul's Cut & Paste Back Online.

Just a "committee"?

I was thinking that no less than a "Blue Ribbon Committee" or dare I say perhaps even a "Task Force" should be employed to eliminate the gap between we mere mortals and Punchy's rhetorical magnificence.


Here is the VERY pretty Gavin for ya'..
" Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) on Tuesday warned that, while California will move into the next phase of reopening its economy this week, it is “not going back to normal” until there is a vaccine."

So when no vaccine can be produced,, he can blame Trump.

Still waiting on a vaccine for the common cold... Now how's that work'n???


re: [email protected]:30AM

We probably need to keep an eye on those all-important stats.

Rassmussen daily Emery Tracking Poll shows that 8% of Likely U.S. Readers approve of Paul’s post performance. OTOH, according to Gallup, Paul's Poll Approval Rating Slips to 11%

Much more of these, and the P.E. poll ratings will slip to -75% or more.


Posted by: scenes | 06 May 2020 at 12:15 PM

I'm sure Paul must look at these numbers with a fair degree of trepidation!

Don Bessee

Oh that's not going to turn out well -



George Rebane

DonB 1244pm - With Gates having pushed the greatest debacle in education (to date) with Common Core, involving his vision for the next round in the destruction of our school systems is a recipe for catastrophe. Over the years Gates has demonstrated that he is not a polymath, but just a good one-tune band.


Gotta love the New York way.
"In late March, Cuomo made a plea to the nation’s health care workers to “please come help us in New York right now. We need relief,”

" Now pay up your taxes to ME",,, Thanks for coming to our aid.
(in more ways than one)


"Over the years Gates has demonstrated that he is not a polymath, but just a good one-tune band."

or what Taleb refers to as an 'intellectual yet idiot'.

You'd think that after all those years of manipulating the system to get extremely rich via a semi-monopoly, he'd be better at dealing with the rest of the world.

The ability of NGOs,non-profits, and well-meaning government departments to soak up cash with little effect should be obvious to anyone with a whit of common sense, but he seems to lack that ability. I guess that's the advantage of running a space program if you're a billionaire, it has a tolerably small mission statement and you can actually measure successes.


The spam filter is working GREAT.. No TROLL droppings all day.

Poor Schiffy.. Caves to cough up the exculpatory documents he hid from us all this time. You know,, the ones that prove Trump and friends didn't do anything wrong.
"Rep. Adam Schiff said Wednesday he will soon release dozens of transcripts from the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation, ending a lengthy partisan standoff over publication of the documents.

A spokesman for Schiff made the announcement after the release of a letter from Richard Grenell in which the acting director of national intelligence said he would publish the 53 transcripts on his own if the California Democrat refused to do so."


I was joking when I brought the idea up when Frisco was putting street rats up in hotels... But NOOooo... Frisco when done did it! Drugs and booze room service.

Mary Wanna

Scott and E. Fox: You got it backwards. Trump was the one praising the ChiComs. But now there is a push to blame China for releasing a virus? Releasing the virus from what? A test tube? I haven't heard any evidence that the Covid 19 was man-made or engineered. So who cares if it came from a lab or from a bat or from a fish?
The only reason this little side show came up was just to knock Trump's incoherent blubberings off the front page.


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 06 May 2020 at 04:19 PM

Ahhh......we’re done looking for dicks pics this afternoon then? Good.....important to clear ones mind by doing something “else” for a while.

Don Bessee

What else would you expect from facebook?



George Rebane

Releasing the virus doesn't have involve any lab, only knowledge that you have a highly contagious virus and you do nothing to inhibit travel out of its source region. (As you are hoarding and buying up protective equipment on the world markets.)

Scott O

Mary Waaaah! 4:19 - "So who cares if it came from a lab or from a bat or from a fish?"
What matters is that it came from China - as have many other deadly viruses over the last few decades.
And the ChiComs did what they could to cover up and lie about what was going on to the detriment of the safety of the rest of the world.
If it did escape the lab - and there is much evidence that it did - then the Chinese govt is liable for damages to the rest of the world.
There's plenty of room on the 'front page' for many, many, different topics. I seriously doubt that a meteor strike wiping out half the earth would dislodge TDS from your brain for even a second.

Don Bessee

They are never going to be able to thread that needle -

Progressive Policy Institute’s (PPI) Dane Stangler admits in an op-ed for Real Clear Policy that President Trump’s immigration agenda to decrease foreign competition against America’s working and middle class is popular with voters.

Stangler, PPI’s Director of Policy Innovations, suggested in the op-ed that Democrats, including Joe Biden, are in a bind on the issue as the Chinese coronavirus crisis has led to overwhelming support among Americans for pauses to all immigration

Politically, the restrictions are fairly deft and put Democrats in a bind. What is former vice-president Joe Biden, the presumptive nominee, supposed to say? What are any Democratic candidates for Senate supposed to say? They can criticize the restrictions all they want but, so far, Trump’s immigration “pause” appears to have support.

Any calls by Democrats to reopen the borders will be fairly unpopular. They would be met with inflammatory social media activity.



Don Bessee

Take no shit girl!




Buy the guy out Marty
The show will really put Nevada City on the map.
Zoolander comes to N.C.

Don Bessee

Schiff for brains is busted and disgusted -

EXCLUSIVE: Transcripts of House Intelligence Committee interviews that have been cleared for release show top law enforcement and intelligence officials affirming they had no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election, senior administration and intelligence community officials told Fox News on Wednesday.

This would align with the results of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation — which found no evidence of illegal or criminal coordination between President Trump, the Trump campaign and Russia in 2016 — but the numerous transcribed interviews could raise further questions about committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s past statements saying that there was “direct evidence” of collusion.



Bill Tozer

Wow, what did I miss on this beautiful day? Come back and hit Fox o-line, not my usual place I start for news...rarely, if ever. My, my. It was all shit for brains lying evil repulsive Shiffilis all the time. Too many articles to post on Schiffilis, the sack of devil shit. Guess I will have to wait a couple days or so to see what the traitorous scum has been hiding. I can wait. Waited this long.
Did like how Intel forced his hand. “If you do not release the Senate Intel Committee papers, interviews, and docs that have be declassified and retracted, then we (WH) will release them with or without you.” Fuck Schifflipps.

In other news, the experts cannot make up their minds which mask is effective. Cotton is back. Oh, bother.

Well, I best post something. Ok, how about something about the ex-East German soldier, Angie.


Oh, bonus. This is about the new press secretary that shit for brains ‘always wrong’ Menopausal Mary called a liar and other things. He sure has a problem with strong women.

There is something about Kayleigh. You go girl! I thought Sarah Hucklebee’s shoes were hard to fill. There are, but this one is special. Go girl go, make Papa proud.



Bill Tozer

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Reminds Media How They Downplayed Coronavirus Outbreak

“I guess I would turn the question back on the media and ask similar questions,” McEnany responded. “Does Vox want to take back that they proclaimed that the coronavirus would not be a deadly pandemic? Does The Washington Post want to take back that they told Americans to get a grip, the flu is bigger than the coronavirus? Does The Washington Post likewise want to take back that our brains are causing us to exaggerate the threat of the coronavirus? Does The New York Times want to take back that fear of the virus maybe spreading faster of than the virus itself? Does NPR want to take back that the flu was a much bigger threat than the coronavirus? And finally once again The Washington Post, would they like to take back that the government should not respond aggressively to the coronavirus?”

“I’ll leave you with those questions and maybe you’ll have some answers in a few days,” McEnany concluded. “Thank you very much.”

Enemy of the People; quite the list of dumbfucks.

COVID-19 PANDEMIC: Examining The Early ‘Warnings’ Trump Allegedly ‘Ignored’


Bill Tozer

This comes as no surprise from our moral superiors. I can hear their preening and crowing and running around like the chickens they are with their heads cut off. Cluck, cluck, clucking, SQUACK, SQUACK, SQUAAACKING, SQUACK!

NYT OP-ED: Electing Biden ‘Is Worth’ Dismissing Accuser, ‘Weakening The Voices’ Of Victims. ‘Suck It Up.’.

‘Cuomo: Trump's Goal Is Not to Save Lives, But to Cheapen the Value of Life’

WATCH: MSNBC Commentator Anand Giridharadas Gets Triggered at ‘Freedom-Obsessed’ Americans

Cat Fight! First CNN attacked MSNBC for carrying Biden’s water, now they are going after ABC. Oh, CNN is nutting up and trying to stay relevant, lol.

‘CNN attack on ABC anchor David Muir's Trump interview draws criticism: 'What CNN wants is partisanship'


Bill Tozer

‘Bombshell report claims CBS coronavirus testing footage was staged’


Well, they became famous for staging exploding vehicles and doctoring the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Marin 911 call tapes.

Bill Tozer

Joe Biden is Da Man to handle SARS 2.0 #19? “Clean up the mess Biden made”

‘Top Adviser to Joe Biden Admitted Obama and Biden Botched the H1N1 Response’

“In the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, Joe Biden has tried to present himself as the candidate best equipped to manage a crisis, but, as history has shown, he is perhaps the worst.

You only need to go back 11 years to see how the Obama-Biden administration handled the H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic to see that. Biden himself was responsible for sending mixed messages, particularly during an appearance on the “Today” show on NBC when he said he’d tell his family not to fly on planes or ride the subway.

“I wouldn’t go anywhere in confined places right now,” Biden explained. “It’s not that it’s going to Mexico, it’s that you are in a confined aircraft. When one person sneezes, it goes everywhere through the aircraft.” As Politico noted, the Obama administration was forced to “clean up the mess Biden made” because he’d contradicted Obama’s reassurances that there was no need to panic. Biden was actually probably right, though. According to the CDC, the H1N1 virus would go on to infect nearly 61 million Americans, and Ron Klain, who was Biden’s chief of staff at the time and is currently advising his campaign, says it was mere luck that H1N1 wasn’t more deadly.

Did Obama Botch the Response to the H1N1 Outbreak? Here’s What the Media Isn’t Telling You

“It is purely a fortuity that this isn’t one of the great mass casualty events in American history,” Klain said of H1N1 in 2019. “It had nothing to do with us doing anything right. It just had to do with luck. If anyone thinks that this can’t happen again, they don’t have to go back to 1918, they just have to go back to 2009, 2010, and imagine a virus with a different lethality, and you can just do the math on that.”


Other recent articles found on PJ Media:

-Biden Has Become an Albatross for the Democrats (VDH)

-Forget Trump: Biden Is Less Popular Than Hillary Clinton Was at This Point in 2016

-A Quarter of Democrats Want to Replace Joe Biden Over Tara Reade Accusations

-Here It Comes: Libs Move to Remove Gropey Joe


Bill Tozer

I best leave y’all on a high note, busy day tomorrow

“Great. We are finally allowed to go out and there stands Murder Hornets watching and waiting for us, licking their chops. Never ask, “what else could go wrong? (This is the lone exception to the ‘never say never’ rule.”)—Murphy

Political futures: “[Americans have] been conditioned for a few decades to expect every issue to be settled by a Team Red pundit and a Team Blue pundit going at it like a pair of Rock ‘Em Sock 'Em Robots.” —Jim Geraghty

Friendly fire: “How many Pulitzer prizes have gone to essays that have had to subsequently publicly correct one of their core claims? Or been challenged by every major historian in the field, right and center and left?” —leftist columnist Andrew Sullivan on The New York Times winning a Pulitzer for its historically revisionist 1619 Project

The BIG Lie: “[The 1619 Project’s] fresh political perspective, provocativeness of the argument, and engaging writing is what we are [sic] awarded. … The piece provoked useful public debate and conversation about an important matter — the very identity of our nation. This is what we want commentary to do.” —Pulitzer Prizes Administrator Dana Canedy

Never let a crisis go to waste: “I truly think that, if we do this right, we have an incredible opportunity to not just dig out of this crisis but to fundamentally transform the country.” —Joe Biden

If not for double standards… “I am proud to support Joe Biden for president. I believe him when he says it didn’t happen. … But I’m not going to answer this question again.” —Nancy “Kavanaugh Should Withdraw” Pelosi

Braying jackass: “I want a coronation of Joe Biden. Would he make a great president? Unlikely. … Would he make a better president than the present occupant? Absolutely. I don’t want justice, whatever that may be. I want a win, the removal of Donald Trump from office, and Mr. Biden is our best chance.” —Martin Tolchin, a 40-year veteran of The New York Times who helped found Politico and The Hill

Demo-gogues: “I think what they’re clearly trying to do is deflect attention away from the administration’s terrible mishandling of this virus and all of the false narrative that the president was putting out early on about this going away on its own, being no worse than the flu, that we’re going to contain it down to zero. And so, they’ve chosen to go after China.” —Rep. Adam Schiff, setting up his coronavirus inquisition to take down Trump

Non compos mentis: “A lot of these [nursing homes] are for-profit organizations. I think there’s going to be a lot of questions about whether they put their residents first or whether they put profit first.” —Mayor Bill de Blasio (“This has nothing to do with 'for-profit organizations.’ New York FORCED nursing homes to take coronavirus patients. That happened right after De Blasio encouraged New Yorkers to go to the movies during a pandemic.” —Matt Walsh)

And last… “Another way of looking at this is that Betsy DeVos is changing the Title IX rules from the ones that Joe Biden liked before he was accused of sexual assault to the ones that Joe Biden demands now that he has been accused of sexual assault.” —Charles C.W. Cooke


Biden must like terrorists.

Those suicide vests ain't cheap, and there has to be funds to pay the families of the suckers that put them on.

Now that I think about it, ever since Trump gave the high hard one to the Palestinians,, attacks on Isrial are way down.
Looks like Biden misses the carnage.

George Rebane

Administrivia: genitalia comments - I don't like them nor do I want see any more of them in these comment streams. Don't yet know how to handle them, but I will try different approaches to those who want to challenge me on this. So if your comments disappear or don't appear, it's no always Typepad's fault.

Bill Tozer

Funds Should Be Contingent Upon Reforms? Well, call that idea DOA. Dead as our resident flamer looks. Boom, boom, out goes the lights. Reforms? Surely you jest. Wishful thinking.

‘Conservatives Create New Bailout Model: Want Money? Fix Your University’
Any tax-funded bailouts for higher ed need to be contingent upon urgent structural reforms, and a new paper from the National Association of Scholars provides the blueprint.


Bill Tozer

Breaking: Dallas salon owner Shelley Luther ordered released from jail

“Dallas Judge Eric Moye stated that he would not sentence Luther to jail if she apologized, admitted she had been "selfish," and promised not to reopen her salon until permitted by executive order, but Luther refused these conditions.

“The Supreme Court of Texas has ordered Dallas salon owner Shelley Luther to be released from jail. Luther was charged with contempt of court for violating a restraining order which directed to stay at home when she refused to close down her salon during the coronavirus pandemic. According to the order, Luther is being released pending a hearing before the Texas Supreme Court on Monday”.........

"I have much respect for this court and laws," Luther told the judge on Tuesday. "I have never been in this position before and it's not some place that I want to be. But I have to disagree with you, sir, when you say that I'm selfish — because feeding my kids is not selfish."

A GoFundMe campaign was started for the salon and has raised over $500,000.


Bill Tozer

Related to the above post:

TX Lt Gov Dan Patrick To Pay $7K Fine Of Arrested Salon Owner, Offers To Serve Her Jail Sentence So She Can Work



To ride Bill's coat tails,

No surprise a LIB judge would throw her in jail for not apologizing for opening up shop,, while the same judge ordered the release of REAL criminals.

I get a feeling there is a recall in that judge's near future.

Mary Wanna

George: are you familiar with the use of double entendre? You neglected to delete FishTrolls 426pm. None of my posts were obscene. I only posted political cartoons by others.

The FishTroll has issues with the nether regions of others and has previously been obsessed the imagined incontinence of others. Now he has taken to trying to smear my posts with his fecal brand of humor.

As We all know, gun obessions have long been associated with male anatomy shortcomings.
And, of course, large pickup trucks have also been associated inversely with genitalia size.
We all know FishTroll is a gun lover. He may also own a large pickup.

Here are some examples from our Commander-in-Chief,

Republicans own the "childish space".

"Trump referred to Rubio's jibe with a crude sexual reference of his own. Holding his hands up for the audience to see, Trump said: "He referred to my hands – if they're small, something else must be small. I guarantee you, there's no problem. I guarantee you."

"As Donald Trump was insisting during a speech in Maine on Thursday that Mitt Romney would have "dropped to his knees" to win the real estate mogul's endorsement in 2012 , Austin Barbour tweeted this bit of praise of the former Massachusetts governor."

"Trump’s Sunday morning tweet, in full: “So funny to see little Adam Schitt (D-CA) talking about the fact that Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker was not approved by the Senate, but not mentioning the fact that Bob Mueller (who is highly conflicted) was not approved by the Senate!”


Oh noes......whatever will Punchy do now?

AP Exclusive: Justice Dept dropping Flynn’s criminal case



George: are you familiar with the use of double entendre? You neglected to delete FishTrolls 426pm. None of my posts were obscene. I only posted political cartoons by others.

The FishTroll has issues with the nether regions of others and has previously been obsessed the imagined incontinence of others. Now he has taken to trying to smear my posts with his fecal brand of humor.

.... thanks for revealing yourself as Douglas Keachie..... references to your feculent nature is because you are so consistently full of %$#*!

Try whining less!

Scott O

Mary Waaaah! 11:24 - "As We all know, gun obessions(sic) have long been associated with male anatomy shortcomings.
And, of course, large pickup trucks have also been associated inversely with genitalia size.
We all know FishTroll is a gun lover. He may also own a large pickup.
Yes, Mary - we ALL know you leftys have no rational arguments against lawful fire arm ownership and so constantly you resort to infantile ridicule involving male genitalia.
And we ALL know this is nothing more than what folks in the field of psychiatry call 'projection'.
It's interesting to see that you try to defend your humor by comparing it (wrongly in some cases) to a man you openly despise.

Scott O

fish 11:36 - "Oh noes......whatever will Punchy do now?"
Per usual - change the subject.
Ah, what a waste of all that popcorn.
Remember how excited the crack KVMR cub news reporter was about "flipper Flynn" and the impending doom of the evil orange Satan?
I wonder how many boxes of popcorn past their 'sell by' dates haves shown up in the donations bin at the local food bank?


....and here it comes!


Buh bye GaffeMaster don't let the door hit you in you venal corrupt ass on your way to irrelevance!

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