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10 May 2020


Bill Tozer

Re: May 5, 2020.

How can you stimilate an economy when you shut it down?
While COVID-19 Kills The Elderly, The Panic Is Killing Kids

You can't go onto the beach, but you can ride a bus to get there.
re: Dr.F's testimony: judging by Twitter, it seems people are more interested in what books Dr. Fauci has on the bookshelf behind him than what he had to say.

George Rebane

BillT 150pm - Reposting part of my comment to PaulE on 'Testing ...'

Fauci's statements have not provided any more information to any thinker who has been tracking C19 - they are nothing but a string of platitudes the reliability of each varies over the days. Read your citation again and tell us what new thing you learned from the WaPo article. I didn't learn anything that was not obvious a couple of months ago.

What I'd like to hear from Fauci or any of the national experts is what exact process of testing (infection or immunity) they would recommend to provide results that would support what kind of response policy. About real information like that, there has been absolutely NOTHING. If Fauci knows of one, he should spill the beans. If there is no such testing scheme known or being planned, then he should spill the beans. If he knows nothing about that, then he should continue slinging pabulum as he's doing now. But what he should really do is get hold of someone who could design such testing processes - I bet there are thousands of such people in America, I am one of them, give me a call.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane.

No way would they ever call you. But, just for fun, imagine the popping heads reading a nice front page article about a local man from Nevada City who designed a testing processes that was sorely needed. :)


Bill Tozer

Boy, this is going to make the open guitar case/and tip jar types jealous in CA. Hookups tonight

Wisconsin Bars Flooded With Patrons Hours After State Supreme Court Strikes Down Stay-At-Home Order


Bartender, keep it coming.

Bill Tozer

Fauci vs. Trump — Who’s Right?



“Not only is Ms Fussel an ideological idiot, she also has no concept of arithmetic, numbers, and the length of a year.

Not only is Ms Fussel an ideological idiot she’s male. For whatever that’s worth these days.....

”She tells us that If you spent $1 million per day, every day since Jesus walked on earth, you would still not have (spent) $1 billion.” Absolutely amazing.....

Amazing indeed......I had no idea the Christ had been here as recently as the last decade.....

Oh well, Slappy, Crappy,......Nory......just another day in the life of Quainty Town for stale leftovers from the 60’s.

George Rebane

BillT 649am - together now, can everyone say multi-attribute utility? That’s what Trump and politicians have to contend with; but Fauci is a one-tune band, endlessly repeating his single-attribute utility advice in the form of tautologies focused on near-term mortality reduction. What I have come to realize is that there is nothing that Dr Fauci has said (from the WH or on talk shows). during this entire pandemic that has provided anyone any new information. Platitudes and tautologies that any lay person read up on the spread of contagious diseases could just as easily have pontificated from the podium.


>Platitudes and tautologies that any lay person read up on the spread of contagious diseases could just as easily have pontificated from the podium.

...and they could have read up on the subject 100 years ago.

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