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18 May 2020



I heard Liasson on NPR... it was a sad moment. Russia Russia Russia... Boris & Natasha chasing Moose & Squirrel all over again.

Re DMT survey... far out!

Re Conspiracy Theory... it went beyond theory into practice.


re: Mara Liasson

Oh well. According to Paul, it's possible to be an insanely biased partisan in one venue and be the balanced voice of reason in another.

As the local professional news guy, I'm going to have to defer to him on that. Maybe the bicameral mind is a real thing.


If you search "obamagate" the Proggy Press has brought all guns to bear to downplay it.

Bill Tozer

Re: Two Faced Reporting.

It looks like Mara missed the part in Schiff’s files he held one year (44 since June, 2019 after they were declassified and ready to release as promised) .....that part when the Intel said their best assessment (stab at it) is Putin had favored Hillary. Yep, our Intel analysts said Putin wants Hillary with her stupid reset button and disarming Poland and no weapons to the Ukrainians.

Guess Mara hadn’t read that which she is reporting on

Mary Wanna

Obamagate is just birtherism by another name - a racist effort to delegitimize Obama and appeal to his white grievance-driven base.


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 18 May 2020 at 03:53 PM

Obamagate is just birtherism by another name - a racist effort to delegitimize Obama and appeal to his white grievance-driven base.

Note to geriatric care provider: Dosages of prescribed sedatives need to be increased! Patient outcome not promising under existing dosage schedule.....and a hat.....patient should wear his hat....the Greek one....that the fisherman wear!

Scott O

Mary Waaaah! 3:53 - "...a racist effort to delegitimize Obama and appeal to his white grievance-driven base."

Obama has a 'white grievance-driven' base?

And since Mary couldn't think of any facts to counter the investigation: RACIST!!!!
Just keep repeating that louder and louder and try to make the 't' silent. That's the cool lefty way to say it.

Don Bessee

Hey ya po' ol' fakenewsman can ya send us some of your vast stocks of popcorn accumulated over the last 4 years please. We have a use for it -




LOL "marty"( post op) Just about EVERYTHING of "O" has been erased. Trump has done a fine job of that.
Oh Yaaa... Biden says he will "REKILL" the XL pipeline.
Not a very well liked idea.


Let the perp walks BEGIN!!!! OBAMAGATE arrests about to start!
Subpoenas lead to indictments..

Scott O

re 'Obamagate' - Do a search on "Samantha Powers investigation".
First of all - why is the UN ambassador spying on American citizens?
Why does her memory go all fuzzy about who she 'unmasked" but she is ultra-clear she never, never, leaked or unmasked anyone she shouldn't unmask?
That answer, of course, depends upon who she later is told she shouldn't be caught unmasking.
And of course there is the matter of her unmasking people that SHE didn't unmask but some one else did in her name. She hasn't a clue.
I used to work for a govt agency and I had access to privileged info and I had a password and an assigned computer and no way could I just skate by saying - "well, it wasn't me. it must be some one else using my identity.". Utter bull shit.
But of course, since she's white - this is just racist.

Bill Tozer

It’s too late for most, but there is still time for some in the media to come to the light.

‘Media Must Report Truth Of Anti-Trump Spy Operation Before It’s Too Late For Them’

As facts about the Obama administration's spying and leaking are spilling out, media have a brief window of opportunity to salvage some credibility


Teine Rebane Kenney

Meanwhile, this alert reader just got a text from a member of her father's 20-something fan base asking, "Has your dad done DMT ?!? "

Bill Tozer

re: Obamagate
Just as expected, the Enemy of the People spent the weekend not looking into the rank corruption of Obama Administration that stinks to high heaven, but rather they focused on melting down because Trump said. “Obamagate”.

Reminds me how the Enemy of the People reacted the exact same way when Trump said they were “Spying” on Trump Towers. The got hung up and unglued because Trump said “spying”, instead of looking at their previously published reports that they were spying on Trump, lol.


Bill Tozer


“Evidence continues to grow that the corruption of the executive branch of the U.S. government by Barack Obama was comprehensive and perhaps unprecedented.”


Mary Wanna

Yes, Obama, Obama, Obama, anything to distract us. Another shiny object just like the morbidly obese commander-in-chief saying he is taking hydroxychloroquine.


Posted by: Tinky Winky | 18 May 2020 at 08:31 PM

Excellent......taking your cues from the cadaverous Speaker of the Whores.


Posted by: Marpy Wanklet| 18 May 2020 at 08:31 PM

Jeez dug.....take your meds.....you’re frantic like a teenaged girl defending her boyfriend!


Speaking of "morbidly obese",,, We know what you look like.
(not so)Man moo moo by Omar?

Scott O

Mary Obama 8:31
"Obama, Obama, Obama"
Amazing he/she could spell it correctly 3 times in a row!
Is this supposed to be a reasoned argument?
What if I wrote - "tree, tree, tree"
Would that mean there were no actual trees?
Inquiring minds want to know.
Don't worry - I'm not distracted.
I have this fantastical conservative ability to observe and reflect on multiple ideas all at once.
Hundreds, even.
You should try it - no, wait - probably Mary shouldn't try it.
Better have a lie down.

Bill Tozer

Re: May 18 update

Oregon Salon Owner: State Sent Child Protective Services After Me Because I Opened My Business


Bill Tozer

Took a few hours, but evidence shows Obama ordered the unmasking of Flynn through this AG Lynch after the FBI had the transcript the call. The call was in Dec, 2016, Comey testified that they had a record of the call in late Dec, 2016, no unmasking requests of Flynn the day before , the day after the call, not until weeks later on Jan 4, 2017....the day before the infamous CYA meeting on Jan 5.

It will take too long at the present moment to lay it out. Just have to wait for it to catch up, per normal. Let’s just say there is an exception buried in the small print covering unmasking requests rules. The President can order it, by-passing everything. By passing criminal warrants, FISA Courts, and the rules...through his Attorney General Lynch.

Anyway, good morning on this beautiful morning!

Bill Tozer

Simple overview. Obamagate:

How The FBI Used ‘News Hooks’ To Advance The Trump-Russia Probe


None of this could have been done without a duped and compliant media. Which begs the question: Was the media duped like Punchy, or did they knowingly publish fake news? Did the media willingly run the Trump-Russian hoax knowing it was a unverified political hit job to be part of a coup? Probably. It worked so well for them in the past.

Mary Wanna

Tucker Carlson asks a toilet salesman who was appointed AG if Democrats are going to fire everyone and put unqualified people in charge of government agencies https://t.co/C4kRjrmSA7


Oh.. There is Mary.. Trump still having his way with you we see. Just look at Trump's face.. Stop clinching.


Posted by: Messy Wanna | 19 May 2020 at 09:22 AM

Tucker Carlson asks a toilet salesman who was appointed AG if Democrats are going to fire everyone and put unqualified people in charge of government agencies

....and what was Ag Lynch's reply?

George Rebane

What label do we make stick on a person? Hitler was once a paper-hanger; Stalin a Russian Orthodox seminarian; Mao a peasant; Obama a Sec8 dope-smoking community activist; Bush2 a drunkard playboy; Carnegie a telegrapher; Ford a farmer, Wrights bicyle repairmen; Rebane a stoop-labor farm worker; ...

Todd Juvinall

Mary Wanna | 19 May 2020 at 09:22 AM
So you think your outdoor poop center (a hole in a sitting board) gives you some sort of leg up? Seems toilets are a very important commodity as well as a moneymaker. You could take a lesson from success. And please get off the welfare rolls.


Posted by: George Rebane | 19 May 2020 at 09:53 AM

When you're a world renowned intellectual.....Greek Fishermans cap and all, for realz.....like Douglas Keachie you're given license to look down on others!

Mary Wanna

Re: Obama - Why did the successor to the toilet salesman just say that there is no there-there regarding Obama's supposed and imaginary crimes?

Mary Wanna

Walt: That's sort of queer of you to be constantly imagining Trump raping somebody anally.

The reality is that the hydroxychloroquine suppositories really makes Trump constipated.


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 19 May 2020 at 10:09 AM

C'mon dugsKKKi......crime.....it's the Chicago way! Especially if you're a half bright community organizer who's after a fundamental transformation of the country!

Mary Wanna

AG Barr says he does not want to get used as a political pawn by Trump so he is not going to harass Obama like you all would like him to.

Mary Wanna

I'm deeply sorry that you cannot seem to get any traction with all your bizarre conspiracies,



Never knew any "dude" named Mary. So you must be a woman.
As you have claimed, Trump has his way with women.
Deal with it.


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 19 May 2020 at 10:30 AM

AG Barr says he does not want to get used as a political pawn by Trump so he is not going to harass Obama like you all would like him to.

I'll defer to Barr as to whether or not it's worth pursuing a criminal complaint of former "President Chair Warmer"! I know you're nursing a powerful interracial man crush.......but you're going to need to buck up a bit.

Who knows where this will eventually land. It's entirely possible that you'll need to bear your "White Guilt"™ just a little longer!

It's OK dugsKKKi....the other progressives are dealing with it too.


"O' is the first affirmative action President, who bragged about leading from behind.

Being President was all about HIM. "look at me!"
He weaponized the FED gov. and used it as a political tool.
From the IRS, the EPA, and the DOJ on up.

George Rebane

re Mary 1030am - Now where did Barr say anything like that? Another beautiful illustration of the Left's command of language arts.

Mary Wanna

Sorry George, I was paraphrasing,

But the story is the same. A bunch of right-wing conspiracy believers trying to hijack the news cycle and couldn't do it with Biden barisma have now decided to focus on Obama, as if Trump was running against Obama, what a joke.



George 10:46-- Barr may not have said those exact words..but..Barr said something similar in that he did say the DOJ would not be used for partisan political purposes to which your absurd "Obamagate" squawking qualifies.. here: https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2020/05/18/bill-barr-obama-biden-trump-ip-vpx-new.cnn/video/playlists/this-week-in-politics/

Picking language nits and turning them into partisan attacks seems to be your speciality.


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 19 May 2020 at 11:25 AM

Posted by: Bertie | 19 May 2020 at 11:31 AM

Way to much whining about that guy you ladies are fighting over.

Mary Wanna

Fish: _______________

There is nothing there you say?

Yes, those are quotes of all your snappy retorts and what they add up to.


it will be well into a 2nd trump term before any charges could be filed against the big O... there'd have to be real charges a'gin small fry to get them to testify against him.

One election at a time.


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 19 May 2020 at 12:06 PM

Oh dugsKKKi.......why so serious?

George Rebane

For the uninitiated, it turns out that Trump is indeed running against Obama to the same extent that Biden is attempting to run as Obama2 (everyone, including the DNC, knows that Bumblebrain is an empty suit). And therefore there is no pivot whatsoever here by Team Trump, only the confused perception by the Left.


Watergate VS Obamagate.

Never minds "O"gate has been 100 times more damaging.
Must protect Libism at all costs.

Bill Tozer



Bill Tozer

Will Americans Submit to a Second Lockdown? I dunno. Probably the very fat people and old people will, for there own good.

“The protesters seem to be saying: We deplore the losses and know the risks, but we cannot live our lives behind closed doors in our homes until the elites tell us, as though we were children, when we may go out in the yard.”..........

“Prediction: If the people conclude they have done all they can do to mitigate the suffering from a virus they cannot eradicate, they will resist the imposition of another shutdown, and the establishment will have neither the will nor ability to push them back into their homes.

Ultimately, the people will decide when this shutdown ends, and when a plurality so concludes, the elites will be swept aside.“


Bill Tozer

Sidney Powell minced no words in her appeal straight to the DC Circuit to have them tell Judge Sullivan to knock that crap off. Nay, she wants Sullivan off the case.

Way too many pearls to post. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.



Drain the Swamp. Smoking them out.

Don Bessee

Ya totally @ 1003

Just like the way the swamp is dogging Pompeo on the Madison Dinners. Oh ya sure lets let the resistance control the state dept. power dinners wowing diplomats with high profile Americans to gender the atmosphere of the free exchange of ideas with people who wont fuck you by leaking

A SCOTUS justice, a couple of legislators, a high profile sports or entertainment mixed some media and the titans of tech and industry.

That is the way to roll in the midst of the swamp -

The records show that about 29 percent of the invitees came from the corporate world, while about a quarter of them hailed from the media or entertainment industries, with conservative media members heavily represented. About 30 percent work in politics or government, and just 14 percent were diplomats or foreign officials. Every single member of the House or the Senate who has been invited is a Republican.

"Invited guests have included many foreign diplomats, thought leaders, academics, government leaders at many levels, business leaders, Members of Congress and the media — each of whom has a stake in America and its leadership in the world," Ortagus said.

She added that Pompeo "has benefited greatly from these gatherings as he has gained knowledge listening to his guests from all across the political spectrum and all around the world."

"Foreign policy-focused social gatherings precisely like these are in the finest tradition of diplomatic and American hospitality and grace," Ortagus said. "The Secretary looks forward to continuing these Madison Dinners as they are an important component of the execution of his duties as Secretary of State."

Invitations obtained by NBC News describe the dinners as an "intimate evening" in the spirit of James Madison, who as secretary of state "hosted dinners that gathered thinkers and leaders to share ideas on the future of America and the World."

"Through the Madison Dinner Series, Secretary Pompeo honors their wisdom in seeing the value of building relationships and sharing intellectual thought to enrich our country and to further our diplomatic goals," an official invitation reads.

Many of those invited are, indeed, global thought leaders whose perspectives could be valuable to America's top diplomat: foreign ministers from allied countries, senators and prominent historians. But others seem to have little connection to the world of diplomacy, such as country singer Reba McEntire, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu and NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.

At one of the final dinners before the pandemic, as President Donald Trump was edging away from a potential military confrontation with Iran in January, Pompeo and his wife hosted the Saudi ambassador to the U.S., Princess Reema bint Bandar; Raytheon CEO Thomas Kennedy; national security adviser Robert O'Brien; and Fox News host Brian Kilmeade, according to a seating list reviewed by NBC News.




re: BillT@10:03

I liked this line the best:

"...going to so far as to suggest that a criminal defendant who succumbs to a coerced and unfair plea bargain should be prosecuted for contempt."

Honestly, that's the best part of all this. The perfect icing for a giant cupcake of crap served up by The Resistance. That's the Blue Mob way, that the stakes are so high that any tactics are warranted. Maybe we'll even see Real Socialism at the end of the day.

Heck, maybe they're even right. It could be that whoever owns the government in a cycle or two will get to keep it forever given the surveillance system that the NSA/Google/FBI/Facebook/Microsoft/CIA is setting into place. Thousands of Cheneys and Clappers making sure that you behave yourself with a benevolent Obama on the telescreen looking over us all.

Bill Tozer

Oh my. Somebody better alert Denny and Cheryl over on the Union’s sandbox.

‘Tables turned on Mueller prosecutors: Ten actions ripe for scrutiny’


George Rebane

BillT 804am - Good summary link Mr Tozer. The Left is now getting frantic in its screams that the corruption in Flynn's prosecution is a "diversion" and a nothing-burger. Has anyone seen any of these panicked progressives present and substantive evidence to make their counter-case? Most certainly our local lefties don't have a clue about what such substantive evidence may even look like; they just echo MSNBC/CNN's naked allegations.


"The Left is now getting frantic in its screams that the corruption in Flynn's prosecution is a "diversion" and a nothing-burger."

I was thinking about that, although the opinions of The Mob are simply emotional and predictable (and uninformed). But....what exactly is driving that crazy Judge Sullivan at this point?

. Embarrassment at having the whole she-bang fade into smoke, especially after his own histrionics?
. Maybe he's simply a member of The Resistance and is just doing his part?
. Obama lackeys are still mad at Flynn from earlier and are bribing/convincing Sullivan?
. It's all just an attempt to not give Trump a victory before the election?
. It's all just an attempt to keep Flynn's mouth shut until after the election?

Dunno. Probably anybody who does know is either on board with the folks that are really in charge of the 'progressives' or they are residing in a shallow grave in Arkansas.

Bill Tozer

You can smell the fear emitting from Zerobama’s goons from here.


Mary Wanna

"The Left is now getting frantic in its screams that the corruption in Flynn's prosecution is a "diversion" and a nothing-burger."

Not getting frantic, but the rest is accurate

Bill Tozer

This is perhaps the best article I have read from Andrew McCarthy in awhile. A couple of days old. Thank our lucky stars that we have a man in William Barr that truly puts the rule of law ahead of politics. Win some, lose some, but Barr is on a mission to get friggin politics out of the Justice Department.

This article should please even our Lefty friends and foes. Why Obama and Biden with not be investigated at the present. I agree wholeheartedly, but it’s soooo fun to talk about Jail to the Ex-Chief and the red meat gets Mount Menopause erupting. Thar she blows! Whoa Nelly, that dam is busting! Rock & Roll and Rodeo are synonymous. Anyway, recommended.

‘Barr’s Remarks on Obama and Biden Make an Important Point’ww

It’s good to remember that Trump on the campaign trail late in the race said he was not going to investigate Hillary because he “did not want to hurt the Clintons.” A nice healing gesture on Trump’s part and he even made everyone stand up and applaud Rodman (literally) when the Clintons came to the Inaugural Dinner. There were some boos Trump hushed down. Trump told us to be magnanimous. My, my, look how Hillary reciprocated. Let that sink in.

Mary Wanna

Re: right-wing rag, the American Thinker, Atwater article,

Merced County is predominantly democratic with a democratic congressman. Atwater is opening it's 5th marijuana dispensary.

The town is hardly some conservative hotbed as George's referenced article would have us believe. At the end of the article it gives a hat tip to Breitbart. The Breitbart article is nowhere near as biased.

Bill Tozer

re: Dr. Susan Rice. Remember what she had to do for them after Benghazi?

Victor Davis Hanson suggests Susan Rice email showed she 'was not going to be a scapegoat again' for Obama

Back to McCarthy. The Rice Memo explained.

‘Andrew McCarthy: Rice tried to protect Obama, blame Comey for withholding intelligence from Flynn & Trump Team’

“Translation: If it came to pass that Russia information was withheld from President Trump, National Security Adviser Flynn and the incoming Trump team, blame Comey.

Of course, the palpable reason for concealing Russian intelligence from the new president and his national security team would be to obscure the fact that the Obama administration had monitored the Trump campaign and planned for the investigation to continue even after Trump took power.

That is not something an FBI director could have pulled off on his own. Counterintelligence investigations, after all, are done for the president.“


It’s all a distraction for the Ali Babba Terrorist stuff found on the Pensacola shooter’s phone!! Yawn.

Our boys (FBI) cracked Apple’s lock. Apple refused to unlock that phone, even after Barr called and Trump himself called and asked for help. No soup for you! FBI Terrorism Division has no need to call Apple for awhile. A wealth of information was on that phone, going back years, even after the shooter took the time to shoot the phone in the middle of the rampage. Blame Trump! It’s a distraction!! It was all routine stuff!!

Bill Tozer

re: Boardman's column

Dr. Rebane, I have a suggestion for your consideration. Why don’t we have a pool on the first Blue State to fold on lockdowns. Blue States Governors and Red States with Jacobin Governors. Who will be first to do the back flip off the diving board.

I read one writer say PA will be the first to throw in the towel. IMHO looks like Wicked Wanda Gretchen of Michigan has dug in her heels and she is daring the racist right wingers to make a move. ‘Good ahead, make my day, Tea Party Clingers.’ Malcontents. Rather evil person. And Cuomo is daring folks too, as well as De Blasio walking backwards out the door. Private gym time. Too hip gotta go. Chao. BTW, “We will pull any swimmers out of the water!” at the beach on Memorial Day weekend. (I would love to see them drop 60 swimmers out of the water, lol. Popcorn time.)
First the Mayor said the city beaches Will Not be open, then he said, “You better not go in the water!” Don’t you dare even think about it during this heat and beach weekend. Stay home, people. Take the subway for a couple hours in circles if you have just had to get out.

One place arrested a 70 year old couple for sitting on the beach. You can go to ther beach, but you gotta keep moving. No beach chairs or beach towels allowed,

Any thoughts? Don’t forget Illinois after that Gov (and Lt Gov?) got slapped around by the courts. Jersey? Nay. Mass? Nay. Virginia? No, not the home State of Thomas Jefferson. Too close to DC.

State Police In Democratic State: We Will Not Arrest, Jail Any Individual For Violating Lockdown Orders

Bill Tozer

@ 4:40 pm


Hey, that Governor of the Land of Lincoln looks morbidly obese. He should drink some of that stuff Trump takes to stay in shape. Massive amounts of Diet Cokes and a shot of some fish tank clearer. Cures what ails ya.

Bill Tozer


"Susan Rice’s Email Proves FBI Had No Legitimate Reason To Question Flynn"

The recently declassified paragraph in Susan Rice’s email confirms the FBI had no valid investigative purpose for questioning Flynn on January 24, 2017.


Bill Tozer

re: Obamagate, Fried Rice

Mystery solved. Susan Rice’s CYA e-mail containing 3-4 references to “by the book” has been revealed. The book is called Rules for Radicals.

Bill Tozer

By the book


Bill Tozer

Good read. Why Flynn was Obama’s #1 target.

‘How Russiagate Began With Obama’s Iran Deal Domestic Spying Campaign’
Michael Flynn posed a threat to the former president’s legacy and was made to pay for it

.Flynn had enemies at the very top of the intelligence bureaucracy. In 2014, he’d been fired as DIA head. Under oath in February of that year, he told the truth to a Senate committee—ISIS was not, as the president had said, a “JV team.” They were a serious threat to American citizens and interests and were getting stronger. Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Michael Vickers then summoned Flynn to the Pentagon and told him he was done.”

Flynn’s warnings that extremists were regrouping and on the rise were inconvenient to an administration that didn’t want to hear any bad news,” says former DIA analyst Oubai Shahbandar. “Flynn’s prophetic warnings would play out exactly as he’d warned shortly after he was fired.”

“Flynn’s firing appeared to be an end to one of the most remarkable careers in recent American intelligence history. He made his name during the Bush administration’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, where soldiers in the field desperately needed intelligence, often collected by other combat units. But there was a clog in the pipeline—the Beltway’s intelligence bureaucracy, which had a stranglehold over the distribution of intelligence.

Flynn described the problem in a 2010 article titled “Fixing Intel: A Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan,” co-written with current Deputy National Security Adviser Matt Pottinger. “Moving up through levels of hierarchy,” they wrote, “is normally a journey into greater degrees of cluelessness.” Their solution was to cut Washington out of the process: Americans in uniform in Iraq and Afghanistan needed that information to accomplish their mission.

“What made Flynn revolutionary is that he got people out in the field,” says Shahbandar, who served in Iraq under Flynn in 2007-08 and in Afghanistan in 2010-11. “It wasn’t just enough to have intelligence, you needed to understand where it was coming from and what it meant. For instance, if you thought that insurgents were going to take over a village, the first people who would know what was going would be the villagers. So Flynn made sure we knew the environment, the culture, the people.”

Influential senior officers like Gens. David Petraeus and Stanley McChrystal credited Flynn for collecting the intelligence that helped defeat al-Qaida in Iraq in 2007. In 2012, he was named DIA chief. The next year he secured access for a team of DIA analysts to scour through the documents that had been captured during the 2011 operation to kill Osama bin Laden.”


Bill Tozer

re: Reopening the country is yet one more polarizing experience for America


“There might have been a time when the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic would have united Americans, or at least not exacerbated our divisions. Americans might have been able to agree that China should be strongly condemned for its deadly misconduct in providing false information about the scope of the pandemic and how the virus spreads. Barring entry to the U.S. of people from the pandemic’s epicenter might not have been controversial, never mind been deemed racist by some.

We might have been able to agree that a sensible response to the pandemic requires balancing health and economic considerations and that, with limited information, the optimal policies for getting the balance right are not obvious. Maybe we could even have agreed not to point fingers until the dust settled some.

After all, even in the highly divisive year that followed the disputed election of 2000, Americans were able to unite to some degree during the first few months after 9/11.”


For the record, I do feel sorry for those stuck in mini-apartments in NYC and sleep pods in LA. Change places, you ask? Are you on drugs?

Bill Tozer

re: Obamagate with the emphasis on Obama.



Bill Tozer

re: C19 testing continues as a source of abundant heat and no light


I frankly have no idea what to make of this story. I assume the Oxford/Astrazenaca team is looking for volunteers in the U.K., and the U.S. is a little behind the U.K. with regard to the virus’s time line. But still, if new COVID cases are so rare that it is hard to test vaccines, it is long past time to end the absurd shutdowns that have blighted hundreds of millions of lives.

“A final observation: why are new cases becoming rare, when countries like the U.K. and the U.S. haven’t had anywhere near enough coronavirus infections to approach herd immunity (at least, as far as we know)? Why do viruses die out? Epidemics follow a bell curve; they disappear long before they infect everyone in a population. Why? Am I the only one who feels like epidemiologists know less than I had always assumed?“


Bill Tozer

Flynn. Andrew McCarthy

‘Flynn Was Not Masked because the FBI Framed Him as a Clandestine Agent of Russia’


Bill Tozer

FBI Offered To Pay Christopher Steele ‘Significantly’ To Dig Up Dirt On Flynn


Bill Tozer

re: Covering anything beyond the C19 news is now a "diversion"

‘The Media's 'Distraction' Deception‘


Bill Tozer

CBS Claims Trump’s Twitter Feud Just a Distraction from Virus Death Toll


George Rebane

re BillT 855am - There many concurrent things happening in our country and the world. Don't we all notice that the lamestream calls everything a "distraction" that does not support its narrative du jour? This illustrates why so many of our liberal commentators are so poorly informed about the number and complexity of ongoing events. They always react as if they had first heard it here.

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