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28 May 2020



I'd rather live in a capitalist economy than a socialist economy, but when capitalism seems determined to wring every last penny from every resource on the planet with little regard for the consequences,what will your grandchildren inherit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bshz1reMTVY&fbclid=IwAR12ZBAjvuvZZczcR6wst9hWy6mcdaf6kdSVdpZhGC2u2j7jYu0h9WhSCHk


Crabbie... I hate to break it to you, but that was a MOVIE. F-i-c-t-i-o-n. Not Galaxy-Questish historical documents.

Thank you for worrying about the children and grandchildren of others, but we got it.


I guess you haven't noticed, bubba, but we're living in a badly written sci-fi novel.

George Rebane

rlcrabb 349pm - Bless you my son. And I would counsel that it takes a whole lot less to temper capitalism, than the effort needed to even slow down rapacious socialism. One wants to maintain a vibrant and prosperous customer base that creates wealth to float ALL boats; the other wants only to increase the concentration of power and control for the controllers who seek more power. For them, their 'customer base' is easy to keep compliant and contained under the government gun.

Before capitalism caught on, the only way to amass wealth was to take it from those who harvested or dug it out of the ground. The king dependent only on his destitute peasants was soon overrun by the king with stolen wealth who could hire more troops, and who then created more destitution in order to concentrate what little wealth was available from the conquered. Socialism has shown itself to be exactly like that in the modern era, adding the fraudulent claim of a moral imperative to equally divide ever smaller amounts of extracted wealth. The guiding shibboleth of the socialist worker - 'They pretend to pay us, we pretend to work.'


I guess you haven't noticed, Crabby, but we're really NOT living in a badly written sci-fi novel.

Scott O

crabb - "...when capitalism seems determined to wring every last penny from every resource on the planet..."
There's your problem, crabb.
'capitalism' is a system of wealth creation, accretion and transfer. It has no more ability to plan or direct anything than your kitchen table.
Humans (some of them) can certainly abuse our natural resources and those directing the non-capitalistic ones have been the worst offenders. A thriving, free market capitalistic society is the best defense against rapacious and greedy destruction of the environment.
Claiming that we live in a badly written sci-fi novel is a lame and ignorant excuse for those unwilling to face reality.

Scott O

BTW - I wish the author of the article in the Union would speak for himself. I don't 'hate' people I disagree with on political matters. There is no point in expending energy in that way.

Don Bessee

But they do @1031.


Bill Tozer

Saw this video and thought of Ms. Hart standing as the peacemaker in the middle between the two sides. Funny, but true. :)


Bill Tozer


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