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22 May 2020



Skip Pollard misquoted Trump!

April 23: President Trump says, “And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning, because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs?”

You see the correction? It was the addition of a question mark at the end, matching the beginning of the sentence, "Is there a way... ?"

He was asking a question, and while the person he was asking the question of was speechless, her demeanor definitely stated "No, Mr. President, there isn't."

But the Pollards of the counutry will continue to mischaracterize it as a command for the country to go mainline Lysol. It's their way of keeping the false narrative going.

Don Bessee

To expand on G's point @1255 and as I previously posted there was in fact a new treatment that used a fiber optic light to emit UV light inside the infected lung that was briefed to the virus team.

But we know that they will never let pesky facts get in the way of the talking points for lefties.


Don Bessee

Like good little TDS lap dogs -

Reporters at Andrew Cuomo’s daily press conference on Friday failed to ask the New York governor about a scathing Associated Press report, published just hours prior, that was highly critical of the way in which Cuomo had handled the state’s nursing home coronavirus crisis. It was the latest instance of what critics say is the mainstream press' unwillingness to ask the popular governor any tough questions about the decisions he has made during the pandemic, in which his state has seen by far the most reported cases and deaths in the United States.

According to the new report, more than 4,300 coronavirus-infected elderly patients were sent to "New York’s already vulnerable nursing homes" under Cuomo's directive, in order to free up hospital beds.



George Rebane

Gregory 1255pm - Who's your question addressed to? "Now what in hell does that perfectly good observation and question asked by the president have to do with the timeline of policy pronouncements ..."

DonB 124pm - Can you imagine an entire industry claiming to be staffed by professionals (with a code of ethics) has turned into a socialist propaganda institution? Will the remaining journalists in the land please raise their hands? Perhaps 'lamestream media' is too mild; maybe 'framestream media' or simply 'fakestream media' would be more accurate.


gr 223pm

I wasn't asking a question, George. I did restate a question asked by Trump, with the implied question mark added.

Here's another flavor of mindlessness... Sierra College is cancelling all in-person classes until Spring 2021, the Great Prophet Zarquon willing!

George Rebane

greg 242pm - Thanks. I noted the omission of the question mark in the quote from the newspaper, but failed to explicitly point it out as I should have.


"Dr Fauci’s words are to be taken as unquestioned gospel about the recent coronavirus disease and the nation’s response to the pandemic."

Except when they don't agree with 20:20 hindsight or fall afoul of a desired political objective (which somehow always involves The Great and Powerful Trump, go figure).

I'm trying to think back on a time when people were so crazy acting but can't cook up an example. Perhaps it's simply the internet and modern cable TV in it's perfected form, simply a world of memes. Trump mentions the whatchamacallitchloroquine stuff once and then mentions that he's giving it a shot since it isn't especially harmful and might do some good, the idiots explode for f'ing months.

A quote from The Federalist: "President Donald Trump was pilloried by the media for questioning whether New York would actually need 30,000 additional ventilators or 40,000 ventilators total as claimed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in late March. New models from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation show that New York already reached its peak projected ventilator usage on April 8, with a projected need of 5,008. The actual use may have been even lower."

What do the idiots remember? TRUMP DIDN'T GIVE NEW YORK VENTILATORS!!

It's a combination of 25 year olds pretending to be professional op-ed writers, reddit, 'influential' tweeters, all spewing a weird combination of out of context quotes, artificial accuracy (numbers!!!), and backseat driving. The end result is the Blue Mob that lob the occasional shell here. Heaven help us all.

George Rebane

scenes 310pm - and you can bet the ranch that the local lefties here will completely ignore their cynicism (idiocy?) and pretend that bit of factual history never happened, and simply continue telling people "TRUMP DIDN'T GIVE NEW YORK VENTILATORS!!" It's really the tens of millions out there who believe this shit that we should be scared of - too many of them vote.


The Social Analytics Lab at the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE) just released a comprehensive study of the cost of uncoordinated responses to COVID-19.



oh well, like Obama said in a speech in 2016, "In the end, it’s not about finding policies that work. It’s about forging consensus".


D, yesterday- It's a beautiful Sunday and the pool and barbecue beckon; can you give us a synopsis of the findings of the attached paper? I'm sure it's all very interesting and seems to be well done, but what does it mean? I could no doubt figure it out, but like I say, life is calling. Thanks.



"As government officials around the world begin to calculate the costs and benefits associated
with lifting social distancing policies, it is crucial we accurately estimate these policies’ effects.
Our findings indicate that any given government’s decision to lift a social distancing policy
will likely affect the behavioral and health outcomes of not only their own citizens, but also
the citizens of geographically and socially proximate communities. These results suggest
there are significant negative welfare repercussions from uncoordinated government social
distancing policies, which suffer from a coordination problem resembling the price of anarchy
(23). This implies that it is important for federal governing bodies (e.g., the United States
federal government, the European Union) to coordinate policy action, even in cases where final
policy decisions are in the hands of local governments. We hope our work inspires a greater
level of coordination between local government officials when determining policies related to
social distancing and future research into the indirect effects of these policies."

Bill Tozer

re: opening up

Levels of relaspes/ODs skyrocketing, liquor and pot sales up, a year's worth of calls to the suicide hotline in one month (N Cal) child abuse/domestic violence up....and now this:

500 Doctors Tell Trump To End COVID-19 Shutdown, Warn It Will Cause More Deaths


George Rebane

L & D - From D's citation it appears that MIT folks are applying what are known as 'network flooding algorithms' to epidemiology - a very proper thing to do. Network flooding is used to send the same message to all nodes in a network whose membership and architecture is not known. Contagious diseases can be thought to spread in the same manner, and the more connected a social network is the more facile is the flooding, which we can all understand intuitively. So yes, one part of a connected network can implement all the preventive measures they can conceive of, but unless there they totally isolate that part from the rest, the message/disease will inevitably leak in.

Bill Tozer

Never happen. Not with that bunch.

‘It's time for media to say 'We're sorry' to Ron DeSantis’



‘It's time for media to say 'We're sorry' to Ron DeSantis’

I'm still curious what the MSM is about here. Do they subscribe to a notion that everyone stays at home until a cure is found (while hoping the gas stays on and that they don't have to eat the family dog)? or is it just politics as usual?

It's worth considering that other countries have the same situation. An entrenched left wing bureaucracy joined at the hip (or simply married) to major media vs. some folks who dare to push back. Case in point (talking head alert). See if it looks familiar in the way the press acts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgo2zeb-3ns

Bill Tozer

Buck Sexton
May 22
Guess “the science” led him to finally read the unemployment numbers”


Bill Tozer

Ah, you don’t need a mask if you put on blackface.



Bill Tozer

The COVID-19 shutdown will cost Americans millions of years of life

“In addition to lives lost because of lost income, lives also are lost due to delayed or foregone health care imposed by the shutdown and the fear it creates among patients. From personal communications with neurosurgery colleagues, about half of their patients have not appeared for treatment of disease which, left untreated, risks brain hemorrhage, paralysis or death.

Here are the examples of missed health care on which we base our calculations: Emergency stroke evaluations are down 40 percent. Of the 650,000 cancer patients receiving chemotherapy in the United States, an estimated half are missing their treatments. Of the 150,000 new cancer cases typically discovered each month in the U.S., most – as elsewhere in the world – are not being diagnosed, and two-thirds to three-fourths of routine cancer screenings are not happening because of shutdown policies and fear among the population. Nearly 85 percent fewer living-donor transplants are occurring now, compared to the same period last year. In addition, more than half of childhood vaccinations are not being performed, setting up the potential of a massive future health disaster.

The implications of treatment delays for situations other than COVID-19 result in 8,000 U.S. deaths per month of the shutdown, or about 120,000 years of remaining life. Missed strokes contribute an additional loss of 100,000 years of life for each month; late cancer diagnoses lose 250,000 years of remaining life for each month; missing living-donor transplants, another 5,000 years of life per month — and, if even 10 percent of vaccinations are not done, the result is an additional 24,000 years of life lost each month.

These unintended consequences of missed health care amount to more than 500,000 lost years of life per month, not including all the other known skipped care.

If we only consider unemployment-related fatalities from the economic shutdown, that would total at least an additional 7,200 lives per month. Assuming these deaths occur proportionally across the ages of current U.S. mortality data, and equally among men and women, this amounts to more than 200,000 lost years of life for each month of the economic shutdown.”


George Rebane

Government is always 'a day late and a dollar short', or much much worse. The outcome is usually horrible when you never have to compete in how well you perform.

Bill Tozer

[WALTER] WILLIAMS: Insane News Tidbits


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