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16 May 2020



We have the NEW expert on the Kung Flu.
"Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg will headline CNN’s weekly town hall event on the coronavirus, which will also feature two Obama administration appointees."

Bill Tozer

If the experts can’t agree on masks, what’s a poor boy to do? Help Mr. Wizard.



The Estonian Fox

Article from Forbes, May 13:
How Low-Dose Radiation Could Be The Trick For Treating COVID-19, by James Conca

Suggests using very low-dose radiation to alleviate Wuhan virus symptoms. Note- it just SUGGESTS how it COULD work on Wuhan virus. Haven't seen this mentioned before for treating cases.


E. Fox@1:34PM

Thanks, one of the few rare articles that has information in it. A rarity in the modern magazine.

I've been spending time poking through early 20th C. medical papers, mostly just trying to get a handle on the development of statistical methods in epidemiology, but ran into this sort of thing.

many &c. I'd never heard of it and to be fair they were probably looking for things to do with radiation at the time.


Well look who is trying to to cover his ass.

Never mind his blanket DNR policy issued from his own hand,
The nursing home deaths as a result of hs orders.


GR: "We are an overwhelmingly innumerate nation..."

Your cries in the wilderness are starting to be answered. With the War On Standardized Testing taking full form and increasingly invigorated with our temporary difficulties, we can expect an increasingly fuzzy set of entrance requirements for college. Over time, we can simply remove the need for numbers in the various fields of study. Problem solved.

It might just appear that the incoming freshman class will be increasingly chosen by SJWs picking their special friends, but the additional diversity will be of value. After all, barring the stupid kids from Harvard is so 20th century.

Seriously, if a person had an urge to seriously study humanities or social scienes, where in the heck do you go and still avoid all the crazy people? So far as I can tell, every anthropology department in the US has been converted into an asylum and the classics departments are disappearing. It could be that the only answer is to learn an Eastern European language (or Russian) and go overseas.

George Rebane

scenes 1018am - Yes, but it's not exactly the answer I have been looking for - e.g. Napolitano and the UC system (my alma mater) :(


GeorgeR: Just think of it as a profit opportunity.

Perhaps a new series of childrens texts, with titles like:

One..Two...Many. My First Counting Book.

George Rebane

scenes 1248pm - Actually that would be delightful, and warm the cockles of many a progressive heart - a return to a more 'natural' world. Anthropologists have told us for years about the counting systems of primitive tribes (including our pre-European Indians), many still among. Their counting systems were exactly that - 'one, two, three, many'. Today we have provided the same numeracy skills to millions of Americans. The only concern our woke educators have about such a state of affairs is that we are not seen to do unwarranted appropriations from other cultures. That aside, see what we can accomplish when we all work together?

Bill Tozer

The question not posed is when is it too late to reopen the economy?


"when is it too late to reopen the economy?"

I'd say that economies have the tendency to open themselves. Money and 'stuff' have the sort of romantic relationship where it's hard to keep them apart. If not money, you get to swap what the Soviets called 'blat' (a peculiar term, but it's like the Russians have a different word for everything).

My guess is that the forced closure of the marketplace, particularly the one for labor, is more scary for it's ability to topple over things that were always sketchy. In some ways maybe the economy was like the Wile E. Coyote hanging in mid-air right before he looks down. An awful lot of the 'economy' is either unuseful or subject to automation or artificially inflated in importance and value. Not everybody is going to get back on the bicycle once the CCP-19 stick is removed from the spokes

Bill Tozer

Why Sweden’s COVID-19 Strategy Is Quietly Becoming the World’s Strategy

“We don’t need to have a national debate about whether the economic costs of lockdowns outweigh their public health benefits, because lockdowns do not provide public health benefits,” wrote economist Lyman Stone, an adjunct fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, in a widely read Public Discourse article.

Although Stone is not the only scholar to make such a claim, it’s fair to see this position as an outlier. But the degree to which the lockdowns were or were not beneficial is a subject for another day. What matters is that presently nations and states are acting, not waiting around in the hope that someone develops a vaccine or “cure” (which typically take years to develop).

To glean true preferences one doesn’t listen to what someone says. One watches what they do. Behavior is what reveals true human preferences, economists point out, not their words.

“Action is a real thing. What counts is a man’s total behavior, and not his talk about planned but not realized acts,” the famed economist Ludwig von Mises observed in Human Action. “Neither is value in words and doctrines. It is reflected in human conduct. It is not what a man or groups of men say about value that counts, but how they act.”

And what are people doing?

Right now, the world is quietly moving toward Sweden’s laissez-faire approach. For those weary of state-enforced economic lockdowns that have caused vast economic harm and resulted in unprecedented violations of civil liberties, that’s an encouraging sign.“


George Rebane

Re “… to late to reopen the economy” – We know economies work in a number of different ways, and therefore can ‘reopen’ to various ways of working. The natural state (or universal attractant in systems speak) of an economy is a free market environment in which anything can be traded by willing parties for anything else at all times. In social orders the state always puts its heavy hand on markets, defining and regulating their operation – but like gravity, the natural attractant is always there. Today we have a greatly proscribed market that defines our economy. If ‘reopen’ means returning to its former rate of growth and regulatory environment, then ‘too late’ implies the existence of a tipping point beyond which the former state can no longer be achieved, no matter what public policies we implement. From that point of view, it is never too late, and the only variable is the length of time required to recover an original state. I gave some detailed particulars on that here – https://rebaneruminations.typepad.com/rebanes_ruminations/2014/06/the-recovery-rigmarole.html

However, if the tipping point involves the fundamental transformation of the type of governance executed by the state that dictates an economy in which the government is the major player (e.g. like in communist and heavily socialist countries), then the natural attractant will immediately give rise to a black market that is always tolerated by the state to a certain degree, since it knows its de jure market does not work and will ultimately lead to revolution. (The USSR and Red China continued to propagandize collectivized economies for decades while tolerating their brisk black markets; Cuba and other totalitarian countries still do. Even the US has its own black markets, some of which our government tolerates, others it prosecutes under our tax code.) So the bottom line, it’s never too late to reopen; it all depends how deep an economic hole you want to first dig from which you’re willing to suffer the long pain of climbing out.

America’s problem is that our Left views the present economic destruction as the required preamble to creating their new post-capitalist state-dominated society. Their proximal public policies, proposals, and pronouncements are all predicated on and successfully predicted by maximizing the utility functions I have described in these pages.

Bill Tozer

Hump Day, COVID-19 Edition.

I liked this one for Dr. Rebane’s attention.


And the rest for Mr. Fish’s consideration.



George Rebane

BillT 1243pm - Very good Mr Tozer.

Arthur Krugler

There are lots of examples of "settled science" - Gravity, which we use with confidence but don't know why it exists, arithmetic, algebra, mechanics - like levers, & chemistry.
Climate change is not one; yesterday I received TIME MAGAZINE and a round hundred pages of "settled doomsday forecasts". Of note I only found the words "polar bears" once.
Maybe a growing population of healthy bears, now over 25,000, had something to do with the alarmists abandoning their predictions of gloom and doom.
As far as I can tell, the entire world, both alarmists and deniers are playing with less than a full deck. All are missing the humungous energy from ore bodies of uranium that were visioning after 1980 and have stopped - sunspots are at a very low level - and NOAA's global weather map shows all the hot spots are gone, except the spot in Siberia.
My Chemical/Mechanical education and registration in 6 states help understand climate, energy and hydrocarbon fields.

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