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16 June 2020



…..and Jo Ann announced that we are done hunkering down.

Atta girl Jo Ann!


Nice job, RL. Only forgot the bright red "F--K" spray painted everywhere...symbolizing the mental capacity of the 'protesters'.


I didn't think he had one in him.

A+ for concept
C- for the 'tooning quality

Bill Tozer

Kudos to RL,


"A+ for concept
C- for the 'tooning quality"

Exactly my take. Best gag I've seen from those hands.

Gotta have reaction for a civil war though. Maybe the whole she-bang will just roll over with a whimper as the Protests of Peace replace the landscape, law, and ownership of assets.

We'll need to start working on generalissimo outfits though. Maybe some combination of Soviet officer hats, David Petraeus' medals, and a leopard skin over the shoulder.

Scott O

One of Bob's better ones.
I'm trying to think of what sort of 'replacement' statuary there might be?
Maybe a statue of a mob tearing down a statue?


"Maybe a statue of a mob tearing down a statue?"


It's mobs all the way down.


Just imagine the money changing hands right now though. I mean, seriously, this BLM thing is going to result in the first billionaire Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.


Alan R. has a column in today's Union, and I made the following comment:
""I couldn’t get rid of its stink."

Just wondering... what did adding that last sentence do for the column?

"Would the story I’d written only propagate the Klan’s hate, or help reduce its spread? Was the opposition I saw that day one of many seeds germinating across the country that we’re now seeing grow? Does a white-hooded racist 20 years ago become the toppled statue of a C's onfederate general today?"

I'd say what we have now is the furthest corner from live and let live Americana that can be found.. it's signaling the end of being able to talk with people who disagree.

You might ponder today's RL Crabb 'toon"

And, true to form... it caught the AWAITING MODERATION red bar of death.


Posted by: Gregory | 16 June 2020 at 02:41 PM

"I couldn’t get rid of its stink."

Ostentatious displays of virtue....the only thing progressive whites can manage these days. Alan is signaling his goodthinkfullness to the other tribe members in your quaint little burgh.


fish, virtue signaling is my usual go-to, but he may be literally talking about a stomach turning reaction to something he sees as diseased, unclean. I watched a lecture by a psychologist who talked about what turned the 3rd Reich to murder, and said Hitler actually used such similes and metaphors for the people he didn't like... they actually repulsed him. Like an infection.

Toto, I don't think were in Kansas anymore.


Posted by: Gregory | 16 June 2020 at 03:18 PM

The woman who offered that she prayed "...for those people" was probably fine! I imagine the smell of photo developer is something he was and is well acquainted. One would think that a newsman would be made of sterner stuff.

I stand with my earlier statement. With cancel culture in full flower I imagine Alan....and many out and proud progressives are scouring their collective memory for possible slights innocently uttered as recently as .....well as recently as before George Floyd met his untimely demise.

News is full of media types taking a bullet for badthink. Lee Fang, James Bennett, Adam Rapoport et al.

Alan knows never be the first to stop clapping.





re: Gregory@3:18PM

I've noticed that for some time. On places like reddit, or the myriad other wondrous stars in the social media galaxy, you see the word 'repulsive' (or it's high-end relatives, 'absolutely repulsive,, 'beyond repulsive', etc.) a lot. 'Abhorent'. 'Revolting'. 'Nauseating'. and everyone's favorite, 'vile'.

I really need to find a psychology paper showing how describing people in words that are normally applied to a strong physical response allow you to program yourself towards the friskier versions of mass human behavior. I'm not sure that it's on purpose, but it's a sign that folks are winding up to something fairly heinous.

It's funny that you mention that.

Bill Tozer


“In response to Wabuke’s assertion that his email displayed racism and anti-blackness, [Romano] wrote, “It did nothing of the sort. I’m not racist and I’m not anti-black. Quite the contrary. I just don’t check my mind at the door when people used to operating in echo chambers make false claims.”



The psychologist with the lecture that turned me on to "disgust sensitivity" as a propellant of Nazi motivation was... Jordan Petersen... probably not a big surprise. Here's two pieces that illustrate the issue:

First, from a classroom lecture he put online:

Second, a Joe Rogan Experience edited down to 25 mins


me 241pm

The big red bar of AWAITING MODERATION has been removed.

BTW Todd, I posted that 5 mins before your comment. I am not amused.

Scott O

Now we'll have the Purity In Thought League going through the supermarket pulling 'racist' products off the shelves.
"... has called on Kellogg’s to justify why Rice Krispies is represented with “three white boys” while the Coco Pops mascot is a monkey."
And how about Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima?
The produce section?
I heard the bananas are prominently displayed.
Oh dear, oh dear!




re: ScottO@5:37PM

Eskimo Pie
The Land o' Lakes chick.

Maybe the thing to do is to hit up these companies and demand some money for our nonprofit.


.....aaaand...here we go.


Bill Tozer

What about Fat Albert? Hope they leave Buckwheat alone. He was my favorite. Cowabunga, Buckwheat!

Always figured Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s Rice would be the first on the chopping block.

Scott O

"The Land o' Lakes chick"
Already gone months ago.

Bill Tozer

re: ‘Yesterday was HD100 for the Rebanes, and Jo Ann announced that we are done hunkering down.’ Sure, blame the better half. Lord, that woman you gave me.... :)

‘Distrust Is Infectious, Too‘

“Americans are still willing to put a temporary hold on their exercise of certain rights for the common good. But many wonder whether political decision-makers can still be expected to hold up their side of the bargain and treat everyone fairly and equally. Many now regard public health as a justification for restrictions with skepticism. Indeed, it appears that the protests have not led to the spike in cases that one would have expected based on the conventional wisdom driving the lockdowns—making it rather unreasonable to prevent families from burying their dead, neighborhoods from celebrating Memorial Day, or children from attending school, when mass gatherings of thousands are not merely tolerated but often supported and endorsed by politicians, without any attempts made to provide guidance or tools for harm reduction.“



...and just like that, Aunt Jemima was gone.


Scott O

scenes 7:24 - "...and just like that, Aunt Jemima was gone."

So - we're good, then?
No need for reparations and all the POC are happy and ready to get back to work?


Posted by: scenes | 17 June 2020 at 07:24 AM

Who will be next......Mavis Beacon? She teaches typing doncha know.....


"So - we're good, then?"

Not quite. There's a few thousand statues to be toppled, books to be burned, and billions of dollars to be liberated. Rock music must be banned since it's obvious that every lick of it was stolen from field hollers or something.

It's funny how this war, which only one side is waging thus far (what is half a war called? a capitulation? an islam? (in the etymology sense) ), is fought on so many fronts. I see that Zero Hedge has been demonetized and The Federalist is on it's way there.

The locals will all get in trouble when Paul is appointed the Komиccap of Broad St. You'll surely be sorry then.


Posted by: scenes | 17 June 2020 at 07:47 AM

The locals will all get in trouble when Paul is appointed the Komиccap of Broad St. You'll surely be sorry then.

Nahh....useful idiots are up against the wall first. No revolution worth its salt would have Punchy! Of course they’re are a lot or useful idiots in your neighborhood so I could be wrong.


Hah. The ZeroHedge story is more complicated.



The crux of the whole morass (is that possible?) is NBC and one of their many dezinformatsiya specialists.

No doubt this is all just 'news craft'. Move on, nothing to see.

Todd Juvinall

My opinion on todays whining article on race in the newsrooms in today's Union.

"It appears to me that people that want to be offended can find ways to be offended. Heck, I am a tall white male and I can say over my lifetime I have been stared at, challenged to fight and called many names. But that in my opinion is just people being jerks and has nothing to do with the fact I am a white male. Reading this article makes me very sad for free press and speech in America. Apparently the facts and the truth to be reported are not as important as having many shades of skin color in the newsroom. I can't seem to find out why a fact and the truth have a skin color preference. If news people cannot do the job they are trained to do then perhaps they are in the wrong profession. I built homes for a living and I never tried to be a brain surgeon. Maybe the newsrooms need to rethink why they are there rather than worry about their skin color. I am not a racist but now the press is so intimidated by the folks pushing this agenda of white privilege they can't print anything that is truthful about the issue from a white persons perspective. That is called intimidation and extortion. Look at those people fired for telling their truth. Is that what you want in the press? Apparently the editors are intimidated into acquiescence and are afraid to allow views other than the current mantras. Americans know this is wrong. All people of all colors know this is wrong and it will be rectified at some point. So I suggest rather than stressing the whining of some people it would be better to tell the truth without worrying you will be fired for it. Last, the folks that moved here and have good things to say are the one's we need to listen to. They are the ones that represent the true status of the people of Nevada County. Not some that rarely raise their heads in prejudice against others.

They won't allow this to be published in their comments stream.

Todd Juvinall

Anyone else see the release by some local officials crying out about doing better here in this (in their opinions)racist county? Amazing. Even the Sheriff and the Chief in Nevada Cit. County Counsel and others. Pathetic.

Scott O

scenes 7:47 - "not quite"

The Dems see this current brew-ha as the killer-app to finally rid the nation of the Tangerine Monster.
And anyone with enough accumulated grievance points will never be happy until all of their problems - no matter the source - are magically whisked away forever.
It has obviously become a culture war in which skin tone is important only when needed for one of the sides. Black Lives Matter is just an idiot joke that clearly doesn't care a whit about black lives.
Just don't be caught laughing.

Bill Tozer


“Twelve-score and four years ago a small elite of white, male, hetero-normative, cis-gendered property owners among the 1% brought forth on this continent, stolen from the Indigenous Peoples who lived here for millennia, a new Nation, conceived in African slavery and dedicated to the proposition of white, male, hetero-normative, cisgender supremacy. We are now engaged in a great civil war struggle testing whether that Nation, or any Nation so conceived, should continue to endure.“......

“These events may seem, individually, simply extreme manifestations of left-wing lunacy with no real or permanent significance. To believe that is a mistake. Because the objective, completely undisguised and forthrightly embraced, is the erasure of the United States into New Transformed America™ directed by the radicals in the MSM, the academic-industrial complex and activist Democrats–“whether you like it not.” “2, 4, 6, 8, America was never great,” they proclaim and Andrew Cuomo, among others has publicly stated his agreement.

The now thoroughly unreadable New York Times proclaims the New Transformed America™ ideology at every turn starting with the reprehensible 1619 Project soon to be mandatory everywhere. But the real goal, and the disgrace in Boston, is a harbinger of the Cultural Revolution to come: their strategic end state, is not just 1619. They’re really going after 1776.“


Bill Tozer

Scott @ 10:02 am sez....

“It has obviously become a culture war in which skin tone is important only when needed for one of the sides”

Get this. A black person raised in a two parent household is now considered ‘privileged’. It ain’t about skin color, it ain’t about the individual no more. But we knew that.

Bill Tozer

So, Aunt Jemima was a racist, eh? Only took 130 years for her to get unmasked. Mrs. Butterworth was unavailable for comment about the syrup bottle’s stereotypical large “black butt” image.


“Mrs. Butterworth’s debuted in 1961. The syrup’s glass bottle was reportedly modeled after Thelma “Butterfly” McQueen, the actress who played Scarlett O’Hara’s maid in “Gone with the Wind.” But it isn’t clear if the matronly character is supposed to be black or white. The talking bottle in TV commercials was played by a white Hmmm actress. However, because of the dark color and granny shape of the bottle, Mrs. Butterworth was commonly perceived as a black stereotype.”
No, no, no. Keep Yogi, but get rid of Mr. Ranger



Yer travel documentary of the day.

It's.....Welcome to Chaz!


George Rebane

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