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23 June 2020


Bill Tozer

Les Miserables

“More important than iconoclasm, however, is antinomianism which is the rejection of all laws, customs, and informal rules in all fields of human behaviour including, significantly, science, law, and morality. Their removal gives the anarchist a thrill of liberation when first antinomianism breaks forth. But since it’s in the nature of man that, as Burke said, he must have rules to govern him, and if they don’t come from within in the form of customs and practices, they will come from without in the form of politically-imposed new “truths” on the arts and sciences.

It’s a two-stage process: first, we liberate ourselves from the old laws that confine our imaginations to what science and experience tell us is true and practicable; second, we replace them with rules that reflect the wishes and interests of the powerful—who are not always politicians and ministers but sometimes in periods of decaying political authority, the mob or its allies. The political mob made its first appearance in Paris during the French revolution, but it has come and gone many times since then, and it’s presently most powerful in Seattle and Portland.”

“ Taken together these two stages produce the replacement of professional rules and ethics by political values and authority in all fields. It can be a slow process, especially in science, and it begins modestly, but the final stages often have seasoned professionals accepting new rules they would once have denounced or regarded as simply too absurd to bother denouncing. The old professional rules of American journalism that you followed the truth where it led by examining fairly the claims of all sides in a dispute have collapsed entirely—and that collapse began long before Donald Trump was elected President. It has reached its apogee in the recent....”



re: BillT 3:48PM June 23 Year Zero

That's quite good for a small article.

Here's a piece referenced to by it.


Our doom is becoming more obvious.



Posted by: scenes | 23 June 2020 at 04:10 PM

Our doom is becoming more obvious.

Well at least the beach wasn't crowded.

Bill Tozer

Eyewitnesses to the Revolution:

'Young Venezuelan Woman Warns America Where Destroying Statues Leads'


Bill Tozer

"It’s abundantly clear the GOP establishment is more afraid of being called “racist” for opposing this insanity in the streets than they are worried about the destruction, violence, and lawlessness of the Democrat mob

GOP: Very brave on tax cuts

Very weak on defending America"--Buck in his Freedom Hut.

Bill Tozer

Prediction letter from the Revolution, behind the enemy lines:

Buck Sexton
Get ready for this: Bubba Wallace is now a more famous and marketable brand. He won’t receive any real blame or shame for this hoax debacle, and if anything, will be held up as a hero by the Left for “raising awareness about structural racism”

Just wait.
Tweets from the Revolution. Let’s see what us underdogs are thinking.

And more.

Scott O

scenes 4:10 - That piece in Quillette was far more frightening than a mob burning down buildings. You can shoot the rioters, but when 'woke science' starts running the STEM fields...
Are we to be dependent on power plants designed, built and operated by GRRRRL-power and Shamans?
Medical science will re-introduce witch doctors.
What can go wrong?
I can hardly wait for the woke-sters to build a breeder reactor! The plasma field spirit dance will be a lulu!

Bill Tozer

One for the road. Another prediction, June 20, 0000

Have a gut feeling that there is going to be a major act of heinous violence from one of these street mobs soon-

And when the Democrats and media try to minimize or even justify it in some way, that’s when the counter-revolution to this madness will finally

Quote, unquote.


Well, this was a pretty slick operation.




"The bronze statue, designed by sculptor Thomas Ball, was built almost entirely with funds donated by former slaves and dedicated in 1876. The statue was unveiled on the 11th anniversary of Lincoln's death, with Frederick Douglass delivering the keynote address to President Ulysses S. Grant and more than 25,000 people in attendance. In 1974 the statue was rotated east to face a memorial built to honor Mary McLeod Bethune, also located in Lincoln Park."



image o' the day.


Robert Cross

Here is your chance to do something about those "anti-American thugs" George refers to:


Bill Tozer

@ 7: 47 pm.

Ok, ok. That one got to me. What is there left to say? Got to me bad. Hard. Ambushed by a mob in masks. Planned it out, set the trap, and bushwhacked them. Did see it coming in New York, maybe not Tampa. In NYC, recall all those stories that people where dropping water bombs and trash on the cops from their balconies (or a group of 6-20 would gather around the cops and throw something at them while they were trying to get someone on the ground and cuffed. All THOSE stories happened just before COVID-19 hit and well before George Floyd’s dead...murder...

Teens is school telling the teacher that she/he can’t make them turn off their devices or stop brushing their hair in class. ‘Go screw yourself, teach, you can’t make me do anything. You can’t touch me.’

If you ever wondered what happened to those kids who all got participation trophies (whether they participated on not), well Surprise, surprise, surprise. Lookie at them darlings now. But, yeah, that’s is just one facet on the diamond.
It reminds me of the old quote from Louis XVI upon being informed in 1789 that the French people had stormed the Bastille. The King asked, “Is it a revolt?”

“No, sire,” the duke replied, “It is a revolution.”


"Ok, ok. That one got to me. What is there left to say? "

Arlington will probably be next.


Negotiation was never in the cards.

You don't have to dig much to see what the what is.


video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgEUbSzOTZ8

I'm truly sorry George that these people have to bookend your life. Machtgelüst is so strong in socialists that there hasn't been an effective immunization invented yet.

BLM and it's subordinated/subsidiary/allied groups obviously represent a huge and loose network though. From street soldiers at one end, internet mobs doing the dirty work of deplatforming and the destruction of peoples' careers and businesses, the insanity of the modern university, to propaganda at the local level, it's all hard to define. The collapse at the end of the day is still the goal , stated or implied, so perhaps the motivation is unimportant.


Random statue pic.


The Estonian Fox

Michael Flynn case ordered dismissed-

Finally. Unfortunately, it was only 2-1, when anyone would expect a 3-0 decision.

"A federal appeals court has ordered the dismissal of the case against Michael Flynn, a decision that likely ends the long and fraught prosecution of President Donald Trump's former national security adviser. In a 2-1 ruling Wednesday, the appeals court ordered U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan, who has been presiding over the prosecution of Flynn, to dismiss the case. "

Now on to Jussie Smollett, finally. Weren't they trying to pull his statue down this past weekend in Chicago? That would be the one with him in whiteface.


A bit more on Karlos Dillard.


the video:


Karlos' new profit opportunities:


Welcome to Year Zero.

Scott O

The revolution continues to eat it's own -
“I don’t know what happened … all I did was stop and take a picture … and the next thing I’m getting five-six punches, getting kicked in the head,” said Carpenter, 60."
“This has got to stop before someone gets killed,” he wrote. “Sad thing I’m on their side for peaceful demonstrations — am a Gay Progressive Dem Senator served 36 years in the legislature.”
All that don't matter, honky...

Yeah - "this has got to stop..."
Kinda too late for that, fool.


Posted by: Scott O | 24 June 2020 at 09:10 AM

“This has got to stop before someone gets killed,” he wrote. “Sad thing I’m on their side for peaceful demonstrations — am a Gay Progressive Dem Senator served 36 years in the legislature.”

Sounds like the Senator doesn't know his place in the new order!


re: Scotto 9:10AM June 24, Year Zero.

That led me to this article.


Interestingly, the good Senator didn't think to mention his beating on his own twitter feed. Must have slipped his mind due to the concussion. You'd sure hate to get the peaceful people mad at you.

Scott O

scenes - Here's the Ytube vid:
The megaphone to the face is assault, pure and simple.

So they tore down a statue of a man who sacrificed his life for the cause of emancipation - so what?
Gee, they got the statue back and the fire that was set was 'small' - so no biggee.
Oh, keep it up, keep it up...
Just itching for some real death count.
No - not like a Detroit or Chicago death count, cause those don't count.
Nah - they want news at 11 to show obvious white nationalists shooting some poor peaceful protesters and then here we go...


Posted by: Scott O | 24 June 2020 at 09:45 AM

Repressive Tolerance Scott.....Repressive Tolerance.

The Estonian Fox

So when are they going to change their own names?
Denzel Washington - Big D, how could you?
Kerry Washington? Name bad. Will she be forced to use her husband's last name now?

This may be a good way for counties to raise funds. Figure it costs $300 for a name change, times maybe 100,000+ black folks last-named Washington? It might provide help to balance some budgets.

Next up - the Jeffersons.

George Rebane

Efox 1020am - Very good. When indeed? You can't very well go to the revolution sporting a forbidden name. The Soviets air-brushed, today we can PhotoShop, but the internet is forever. So, will media servers like FaceTime and Twitter offer services to go back and expunge/replace their subscriber names from the record?

Should Swahili be the preferred African language, the gentleman could translate his new name into - Denzel Kuoshamahali - that would maintain some semantic continuity.


In Newspeak, the word 'plantation' has been abolished.



estifox 809am

"Finally. Unfortunately, it was only 2-1, when anyone would expect a 3-0 decision."

I was listening to National Propaganda Radio in the wee hours when their reporter in the field broke the story... the poor thing's voice was weakly trembling at how it wasn't a 0-3 decision. Unprecedented! Only the Obama appointee voting as expected!

Sullivan can still ask for the entire court to review, or he can look at his cards and know it's time to fold.


It was a bright warm day in June, and the clocks were striking thirteen.



Just for fun.



Gregory: "Sullivan can still ask for the entire court to review, or he can look at his cards and know it's time to fold."

I expect you'd have to ask his handlers how it's supposed to go down.

Mary Wanna

Racist Crackers hiding behind cops skirts taunt protestors, throw punches from behind the cops. Your basic Boogaloo Bois.


Bill Tozer

Bryon York: “Good luck in trying to stop mob violence targeting monuments”


The link above reminds me of chickens. Sometimes, when you add a different breed into the chicken cope (or pigeon) mix, another chicken will start peckIng at the newcomer. Peck, peck, peck until blood is drawn. That is when all the other chickens will go into a frenzy, join in, and peck and tear into the new chicken until death. The Mob. Once they get that taste of blood, ain’t no stopping them. Pack mentally.
EFOX @ 10:20 am:

Next up the Jeffersons? Maybe NY, the Empire State. The Duke of York was involved in the slave trade. Very involved. Duke of York. Interesting. I hope Bryon York doesn’t feel the need to change his racist name to something I won’t remember.



Posted by: Mary Wanna | 24 June 2020 at 12:37 PM

Awww....dry your eyes.....they're just learning to fight like progressives.


Panties all in a twist Marty? It sucks when they fight back...

Don Bessee

The Italian American Heritage Foundation was not going to let the protesters take their Christopher Columbus statue. Kinda funny to watch. -




Don.. Kiss those street creds goodbye. Got run off by grumpy old men. And hiding behind cops no less..
How bout THAT Marty?


Oregon appears to have it's own version of mask law.



I finally found the clip with the reporter with trembling voice...

The horrors!

Seriously, the correspondenT slanted her words carefully.

Bill Tozer

Helter skelter?

Worth watching a minute or three.


Bill Tozer



“Her first reaction was to ask where the police were”.


Nothing sez 'revolution' more than peeing in front of the cops.


Bill Tozer

Letter to home from the Revolution.

‘Everywhere Statues Are Torn Down By The Mob, History Promises People Are Next‘
The promise of bloodshed coming alongside or following shortly after is an historic certainty. The symbols of a people never satisfy: People themselves must always come next.

The same evening across the country, the second shooting in just days led the mayor of Seattle to announce the mob’s armed and walled “autonomous zone” would be dismantled. For the previous two weeks, the mayor had withdrawn police from the precinct station and surrounding area, ceding downtown to King Mob to victimize and terrorize small business owners and each other at will.

““Does anybody here know what happened to the people who did not get on board with the French Revolution?” a member of the mob shouted into a megaphone a week prior.

“Chopped!” the mob chanted its violent response.

A society that believes in itself builds monuments, a sick society does not, and a dying society watches as they are torn down. While Roman kings, French monks, American Tories, and Russian tsarists were unable to defeat the revolutions that first tore down their symbols, today in the United States we are simply unwilling.

Blood is already spilling, with civilian defenders, bystanders, workers, and rioters killed and seriously injured in cities all across the country. Without a committed and targeted crackdown on this disorder and its leaders, the committed and targeted killings of their opponents and critics will come next.

The increasingly violent mobs in our streets are chanting for it, and the revolts of human history have come to it every time. You can be sure the ghost of King Mob will see it done. He always does.”


Killing of opponents and critics comes next ? You mean like threatening to shut down and erase forever the name of the Federalist.com (never to be found again) and a critic of Marxism, socialism, and the organIzation hierarchy of BLM with trained Marxists rolling in 30 million cash commie friggin bastards? Critics like moi?

Scott O

Bill T 9:50 - It must twist poor little Paul's head right off that that Trump has turned out to be more accurate as to what is actually happening than the bull shit that filled Paul's sad little sack of shit for brains.

Scott O

BT - 9:50 - I would heartily advise everyone to read about the French revolution. It seems that France has even tried to cover up what happened. There was massive wide spread terror, looting, raping and murder of citizens who would not kneel to the new powers in Paris. They were not wealthy nor powerful - often they were the very people the revolution claimed to represent. Does this sound familiar?
BLM is bullshit, lies & manipulation.



Scotto: "It must twist poor little Paul's head right off that that Trump..."

Unlikely. When the tiny handful of times you deal with folks who don't agree with you consists exclusively of Trumphate and ginned up micro-arguments, self-knowledge is not part of the package.

It's hard to be a convincing propagandist without believing your own material.

In any case, back to something pertinent, I was considering an interesting side effect of some current Blue Mob tactics. Short version:

. Accuse police of brutality in all matters.
. Push the police to the limit, if they respond, you win, if they don't respond, you win.
. Remove their ability to use non-lethal force. Taser = evil, truncheon = evil, rubber bullet = evil, tear gas = evil, etc.

What happens to the women on police departments? Given the women-are-as-good-as-men-at-all-things push of recent years, a lot of concepts have evolved to allow physically unimpressive people to do police work without simply plugging the perp with a 40 cal. Part of the Blue Mob strategy is to remove those tools. The 110 lb lady cop has some problems coming up, shoot someone, you go to jail forever, use non-lethal weapons, you get fired. At this point, they need to starting hiring LEOs like you might defensive linemen, at least until the Mob gets friskier in it's (likely) next incarnation.


The 'chopped' video mentioned elsewhere in these hallowed pages. It follows the main post.


I'd sincerely like to hear a response to this that isn't simply Tyrannosaur arm waving about Trump's taxes or poll numbers from one of our Mobsters.

Sadly, the key word in 'useful idiot' is 'idiot'.


One man vs. The CHAZ



infographic of the day.


Bill Tozer


“There’s much more in the pile on my desktop, but I need a drink.”



re: BillT@10:51PM June 26, Year Zero.

from link: " Well this is embarrassing: the majority of people attending protest rallies are white, according to a brand new Pew Research survey. Pew does backflips to try to obscure this fact, calling the demographic makeup of protesters “diverse.” "

I can't say that I'm surprised. In my need to understand via precedent, I've come around to Bret Weinstein's view that what we are seeing is a metastasized Evergreen College. A cult who, sensing the power that it really has, is pushing down an internally weak power structure. The Democrats think they can harness it to win the Presidency and Senate, the corporations think they can throw in a few scraps and that it dissipates, the Deplorables think they are watching a horror movie on the telescreen and that it isn't quite real.

My current working theory is to view the US as a giant Evergreen State College with an argumentative college president who hasn't been successfully deposed yet. I'll search for more materials to get an understanding of the events and personalities involved at the school.

As a Left-Libertarian, Weinstein is a guy that our fellow Blue posters could stand to listen to, but I'm afraid the Trumphate blinds them. It's too tempting to view our current pickle as some sort of WWF showdown between a heel and a face while in truth it's almost besides the point.


Just to dabble in a conspiracy theory for a sec, I've been keeping an eye on the situation surrounding the Internet Archive. They are currently being sued for copyright infringement (they altered the TOS for borrowed books and allowed multiple copies to be checked out during the early pandemic).

I expect it will be successful and serve to bankrupt the place.

On the face of it, it's just more locking down of media for the inevitable permanent copyright that rights holders are seeking ala Disney. My guess is that the Wayback Machine, which is a helluva lot bigger, will be collateral damage. Basically, a big source of the history of the internet is gone, poof. News stories of the past can be rewritten or memory-holed in any way you like.

"“Within twenty years at most, he reflected, the huge and simple question ‘Was life better before the Revolution than it is now?’ would have ceased once and for all to be answerable.”" Orwell

As the lights get put out one by one, it sure would be nice for someone with resources to foot the bill to copy the petabytes and place them somewhere safe. It's not clear to me if that somewhere is Russia or a strongly independent Western country like Iceland.


Research project for the day...Evergreen College


George Rebane

scenes 753am - ... or dropped in the Marianas Trench - a worthy enterprise indeed.


I was considering how woke/BLM/cancel culture is similar to religion, but that that mostly represents differing explanations of similar root causes.

What I'd like to see is the rigor (or lack thereof, sadly) of epidemiology applied to social movements. In the case of a virus you have underlying and measurable physical causes rippling through a complex system. The Woke Movement, or any other cult, is going to have analogs throughout. Superspreaders, the naturally immune, the importance of social contact, reproductive ratios. Lately what we've really done is improve on diseases that can spread through telecommunications.

Evergreen College strikes me as really interesting in that it is one of the Wuhan Meat Market (/Biowar Labs) Ground Zeros, where the spread got a bit of inertia after entrenchment. As a Petri dish of dysfunction, there's something to be learned.



To be fair, this kind of thing was always in the cards. Academia was simply waiting for the flare to go off.

To be converted you have to destroy your past, destroy your history. You have to stamp on it, you have to say 'my ancestral culture does not exist, it doesn't matter.' V.S. Naipaul (who I'm not familiar with, I'll have to check him out)


more on this. Gotta love California.




Posted by: scenes | 27 June 2020 at 11:40 AM

To be fair, this kind of thing was always in the cards. Academia was simply waiting for the flare to go off.

Well....Wilson was a legitimate racist.....so Blue Mob™ got one right.

Wilson was also the prototypical early 20th century progressive! I'm sure that somewhere Steve Frisch is quietly weeping over this development.



From the Minneapolis "Star and Sickle"....Important news about Mayor Frey's future senatorial prospects!

Minneapolis City Council votes unanimously for proposal that could replace Police Department



Prediction o' the day.

This will take a while, but as the Blue Mob increasingly weaponizes VISA, Paypal, etc. to cut out anyone committing thoughtcrimes, you'll see a move to Bitcoin as an alternative payment system.

My guess. It will become more difficult to use Bitcoin over time (transfers to/from national currencies, nations applying legal pressure to make it illegal to use, etc.) in order to chase the 'Nazis' to ground. This will be done under the fig leaf of tax law, arm waving about child pornography or drug transactions, etc.


re: fish@12:04PM June 27, Year Zero.

Oh yeah? I'll raise you with this.



A smart person would buy stock in the private security companies. Does Academi or Dyncorp have a US presence?

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