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27 June 2020



Is this the new Civil War 2.0 thread?

Here's a little story about the information superhighway and thought policing.


Useful site o' the day.

Scott O

Sadly, our country does have systemic racism. But we're not to talk about it. The average non-white, non-Asian child in our nation will have been lavished with thousands of dollars per year - year after year - with the most abysmal educational system our country's leftists can bestow upon them. It is a cruelty I would not inflict on an animal. Further - the left will expect no standards of performance from these children as the American left clearly believes they are incapable of achieving what white (and Asian) children achieve on a regular basis.
The left is too busy re-naming an airport in California to be bothered with actually doing something constructive.
The left knew where to start their march towards 1984 in this country. The school house. Good luck with all that great stuff that Ms Ali has to offer. It falls mostly to the ears of the howling mob.


re: education.

I hate posting too many Bret Weinstein videos, but this one was particularly good. Well worth watching. Remember, these people are *very* progressive in the classical sense.

The notion of a 'horizontal' revolution is an important one. As is the death of the old Democratic party.

Scott O

George writes: "The real question is ‘what does it take to piss off a Democrat voter?’ No one knows."
I'm the kid in the back with my right arm supporting my waving left arm - "I know!, I know!"
The answer is: Anything Trump does or is alleged to have done.
Oh, wait - did you mean 'piss off a Dem voter' with something a Dem pol does?
Ah, yes - well...
Maybe the free cell phone didn't come in the color of choice?

Scott O

scenes 6:53 - Keep posting them. The whole vid is great but around 28:30 he nails it. The Dems think re-naming an airport will bring the mob over to their side. No. It brings the "well-meaning" white base to their feet applauding this kind of 'bold' move to erase structural racism. The mob will this time (I believe) not be appeased by this kind of BS. They want blood of some kind.
The entrenched elite are certainly not going to give up any of theirs, so who does this leave?
My money still says the Dems can stifle the mobs after Nov with cash wadded into the correct entry points and small fiefdoms awarded combined with a suddenly swift and stiff law enforcement action meted out to the stragglers that don't get the message.
If the Dems control congress and POTUS, reparations will happen notwithstanding the nightmare of exactly who would deserve such payments. It's a no-brainer for the Dems as it would include setting up another permanent bureaucracy of unionized govt workers and payments made from the printing press.
It's for the children.

Bill Tozer

re: A.H.A.: solving social problems is threat to the Left. It’s a threat to their money making enterprises. Hey, that sounds like Frederick Douglas would say.

It’s just downright shameful how the Left treated Sen. Tim Scott. Despicable. They don’t want the problem solved and most certainly by a Black Republican. Case closed.

“He’s right. If Democrats cared about getting something done, they would have allowed the Senate to move forward and sought to amend Scott’s bill on the floor. There was plenty of basis for compromise. Scott’s legislation had already incorporated a number of Democratic proposals, including: making lynching a federal hate crime, creating a national policing commission to conduct a review of the U.S. criminal justice system; collecting data on use of force by police; barring the use of chokeholds by federal officers and withholding federal funds to state and local law enforcement agencies that do not similarly bar them; and withholding federal money to police departments that fail to report to the Justice Department when no-knock warrants are used.

Indeed, Republicans offered to allow votes on as many amendments as Democrats wanted — something Pelosi has refused to allow House Republicans to do to the House police reform bill. Scott promised Democrats he would filibuster his own bill if they did not get votes they sought. As Scott explained in an impassioned floor speech, he even told Democrats he would vote to support some of their amendments, such as expanding the definition of chokeholds and collecting data not just on serious bodily injury and death but on all uses of force by police. “We’ll stay on this floor for as long as it takes and as many amendments as it takes,” he said. With Scott’s backing, some of those amendments would have gotten enough Republican support to pass — giving Democrats the real prospect of making significant changes to the bill.

Even if Democrats didn’t fully embrace the compromise bill the Senate eventually passed, they would have another chance to improve it in negotiations with the House. As anyone who grew up watching Schoolhouse Rock knows, the way a bill becomes a law is for the House and Senate to both pass their own versions of a bill and then negotiate a compromise they can put on the president’s desk. If, after all that effort, they still did not like the results of the House-Senate conference, then Democrats (who control the House) could still have refused to bring a final bill to the floor. But at least they could have claimed they made a real effort to reach bipartisan consensus.”

Opps. Should of put this under the Robert Cross Update about how divisive we are.

Bill Tozer

The rise of coercive progressivism
Identity politics functions as ‘Christianity without redemption’

“The Victorians’ zeal for moral improvement did not die with them; it was succeeded by new evangelisms that put their faith in race, class, technology, psychoanalysis and identity. What they lacked, indeed what made the Victorian ethic so successful, was respect for the individual. According to Himmelfarb, ‘the heart of Victorian morality’ was ‘self-control, self-help, self-reliance, self-discipline’. For the Victorians, ‘a liberal society… depended upon a moral citizenry. The stronger the voluntary exercise of morality on the part of each individual — the more internalized that morality — the weaker need be the external, coercive instruments of the state’. Successor projects to that of the Victorians either neglected the individual or rationalized away his moral worth or free will. They displayed the reforming ardor but not the liberal ideals of Victorian England.

Coercive progressivism is the latest incarnation of this tendency. Those currently seizing power are trying to morally improve us by regulating speech, ideas and behavior so that we can stop replicating the sins of liberalism: racism, privilege and exploitation. They too recognize that manners can be a substitute for morality but for them lip service is not enough. They demand total compliance with their moral code. They are in the business of forced conversion.“

Don Bessee

Sorry your situation does not fit the approved socialist narratives -

Father of teen murdered by illegal immigrant says BLM ignored his case: 'I'm black, where's our help?'

Where was the Black Lives Matter movement when his son was killed by an illegal immigrant?



Democratic campaign workers drop by to visit a home in St. Louis.


moi@8:37PM June 28, Year Zero.

and just to show how this is all going down, here is one of the comments.


another poster gave more context.


lotta stuff on twitter.

American Gothic


...and, good morning Fellow Kids.

You thought the statues were enough. Guess again, suckah.

Bill Tozer

re [update] Appealing to the reasonable middle in America

‘Trump Will Win If He Responds to Righteous Voter Rage’

The hour of reckoning is here. Either Trump will crush the lawlessness and win swing voters to his side, or he will listen to the trimmers and lose the country.


JHK speaks:

"Apart from the 150 people shot (25 killed) in Chicago, the week after Father’s Day had the quality of a time-out from widespread anarchic violence that the Democratic Party has unleashed upon the nation to distract the public from the party’s lack of a viable election candidate or any credible platform of ideas for managing epic economic contraction. The contraction was already underway before Covid-19 greatly accelerated the damage.

Whipping up a moral frenzy over alleged “systemic racism” adds a nice overlay of psychological damage to a population reeling from economic loss, keeping them enthralled to phantoms, figments, and apparitions while all their familiar arrangements unravel around them. Last week’s pause in the action only portends a resumption of hostilities culminating in July Fourth, when the nation traditionally throws a birthday party for itself. No celebration will be allowed this year. But there may be plenty of marching, moiling, and mayhem.

Wokester Central has already established the story-line that the USA was a criminal enterprise from the start and that it must be smashed to set free the genius energies of Wakanda — currently misdirected in the suicidal gunplay seen in Chicago and other places of concentrated urban poverty. It’s pretty obvious that the uproars of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and its Antifa allies are to some degree centrally organized. They have access to plenty of cash, thanks to funding from George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and an array of showbiz-oriented corporate supporters. You can be sure that there will never be any accounting for it, since that would be labeled “racist.” The news media has shown zero curiosity about how exactly the money is being used — or merely distributed among those in the upper echelons of the hustle...."


BillT@7:22AM June 29, Year Zero.

From the article, "We are in uncharted waters when blue-state officials don’t mind the violent chaos in their midst, or at least feel that in a cost-benefit analysis it serves their November purposes more than a restoration of law and order. "

The laughable thing is that the (D) hierarchy thinks that they are somehow in control and that this will all be switched off when their own needs are met.

I think that the important story is the thing mentioned by Bret Weinstein in my podcast link. Shit got serious enough that the sleeper cells, produced by a couple of decades of propaganda introduced in the school system (particularly non-STEM elite school programs) finally took off the gloves. The marching, looting, and physical threats may ebb a bit, and they're certainly easy to reintroduce, but the bureaucracy/corporate/academic Cultural Revolution against ordinary Americans is where the action is.

The fact that what Weinstein calls 'choke points', VISA, Paypal, Google, Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, web registrars, Reddit, etc. are already in the hands of the Blue Mob, in addition to universal surveillance of the internet generally, make for interesting times. The trick is in knowing the special symbol for your front door when the Democratic 'poll workers' come to visit.

Bill Tozer

Video: Still No Arrests Made in Macy's Assault Case

In conjunction with the 7:22 am, June 29, 0000 post above

“Still others of the disaffected traffic in video downloads of mass looting and gratuitous cruelty. The scenes that flash across the internet are sickening: stores ransacked, cars trashed, dozens of thieves nonchalantly stealing then gratuitously destroying anything they cannot find profit in. The independent silently wonders whether he is watching a scene from Fallujah, Helmand Province, Mogadishu—or Santa Monica. There seems little difference these days.

For still others, it is again the passive-aggressive cowardice of the Antifa and the Antifa-spin-off crowd. One moment middle-class white kids get in the face of police—often black—scream obscenities, taunt them, and yet the next, in nasal-tones, shriek like stuck pigs when the police began to march forward and push them back.

Just when you thought these anarchists were real revolutionaries who would retire to the Rockies and Sierras as maquis to continue their war on the corporate state, they seem terrified of being arrested, and charged with résumé-staining racketeering or felonious assault. In extremis, they prove petite bourgeois careerists, not Bolsheviks on the barricades. Hollywood central casting could not have dreamed up more audio-visually off-putting characters. The distance between them and the unjustified death of George Floyd is now a vast abyss.“

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 7:45 am, your 7:45 am

Now we know why Soros spent all that money and put a top priority on funding campaigns for City DA races the past 2 or so years. AOC backed some of those picks herself, win or lose they were very tight races.


This sounds like a job for Punch Emery.......

"Did you ever dream you’d see a pro-Trump golf-cart parade full of angry old people battling other angry old people over a political candidate? The simulation is working overtime to provide us with all the evidence we need to wake up to the reality that we are living in some kind of dream state where jokes come true, everything is ridiculous, and battling grannies are the final stage before we all wake up in alien pods.

This cannot be real. WARNING: Grannies using very foul language ahead.

For some reason, the president thought this was fun and retweeted it and seemed not to realize one of the guys in the golf carts was shouting “white power,” either in an effort to annoy the protesters or because he believes it. Who knows? Still, neither side looks particularly good here. The grantifa granny in black is particularly foul, calling everyone a “f*cking Nazi,” which is ironic, since many of these people are old enough to have actually fought against actual Nazis.

I find it hard to believe this actually happened. It’s like Twitter in real life. Is this performance art? A flashmob of idiocy? I can’t think of anything more ridiculous than senior citizens, who are supposed to be the wisest among us—the most seasoned, the most reasonable people of all—losing their minds like this. Apparently, we can’t count on anything anymore including the wisdom of our elders.

I'm sure with a set of recent poll numbers Punch could have defused this situation swiftly!


Uh oh.....Bezos should have studied a little history....sometimes your pets work themselves off the chain......

Activists Set Up Guillotine In Front Of Bezos Home, Call For AMAZON To Be Abolished...

Maybe for Amazon Prime for a year will send Blue Mob™ away happy?

For a while......

Bill Tozer

Like Sherman’s March to the sea....or Lord of the flies


.......” The upsurge in violence is likely the result of plummeting police morale, which the city’s mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, admitted “is down ten-fold.” And why shouldn’t morale have plummeted? It’s clear that, as the head of the police union in Atlanta says, the city doesn’t have the officers’ backs.

Scores of cops have called in sick, and “proactive” policing is now largely nonexistent. According to the union chief, “officers will respond to high-level calls and protecting each other,” but that’s about it.

Criminals know this, so it’s not surprising that they are taking advantage of the situation to shoot one another and anyone else who gets in the way.

I believe Mayor Bottoms gets this. However, she may have lost the good will (and then some) she obtained by pushing through a pay raise for the police when she fired officer Rolfe without a thorough investigation after the killing of Brooks.

As for the city council, it seems clueless. Only by a vote of 8-7 did it decide not to withhold funding from the police as a way to force “reforms.”

Now, the council has its reform. The police force has backed off. Black lives are being lost as a result.”

The "thin blue line" is a term for the police that is used to assert that they are the line which keeps society from descending into violent chaos.

Bill Tozer

Not all quiet on the Russian front, Year Zero.

‘Why Is The Mob Winning?’

“I don’t want to get political,” Hanson, also a Hoover Institution senior fellow, told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson last week, “but this election no longer is about Donald Trump’s tweeting. It’s not about Joe Biden’s cognitive impairment. It has nothing to do anymore with a lockdown, the virus, the economy, foreign policy.

“It’s an existential question. A Manichean choice between whether you want civilization and you believe that America doesn’t have to be perfect to be good.”

Basement-bound Biden is the titular leader of America and the West’s regression from civilization. As the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, it’s a position he has no choice but to hold. His party is now controlled by elements bent on tearing down hundreds of years of progress. He could make a difference. But he won’t. It’s too easy to tread along with the wave.

So where are we in America in June 2020? Standing by while threats to “burn it down” are put into action:”



We'll send in Snake Plissken for a sitrep.


One more click of the ratchet.

As expected over the last week or so, Reddit just banned a whole slew of groups. Essentially anything they deemed 'hate', which as you know is a pretty expansive definition anymore.

Gotta get social media cleaned up for the 2020 campaign doncha know.

Bill Tozer

‘We can’t do anything’ 911 says to caller trapped in Virginia protests with baby in car‘

“That was the response a woman got after calling 911 as her car was trapped in a crowd of protesters who were allegedly jumping on her car with herself and her baby inside.

“You know this is going to get dangerous,” the caller said. “I got a kid here.”

“We would suggest you call up city hall to let them know about your frustrations,” the dispatcher said.“
SCENES @ 11:52 AM.

It’s like quarantining ourselves from the Leftist. Turning the screws on speech has been sped up, right on schedule for 2020. When the President of the United States can get a tweet removed, you know what is coming next: the forgotten people, those left behind.

‘Liberal Media Sure Are Obsessed With Villifying #Parler As Alternative To Twitter’

Posted by Fuzzy Slippers Saturday, June 27, 2020 at 7:30pm

“A whopping 500,000 users [including Legal Insurrection] signed up for social-media platform Parler after Twitter shut down two conservative accounts this week”...

“The headlines are hilarious:
Newsweek: “Who Owns Parler? Social Media Platform Offers Safe Space for the Far Right”
The Bulwark: “The Far Right Establishes Autonomous Zone Safe Space App Parler: ‘Free Speech!’ cry the snowflakes seeking a place to vent about their triggered feelings.”
Hollywood Reporter: “‘I’m Done’: Right-Wing Personalities Ditching Twitter for Parler Over Claims of Censorship”
Fast Company: “I joined Parler, the right-wing echo chamber’s new favorite alt-Twitter”
Forbes: “As Twitter Labels Trump Tweets, Some Republicans Flock To New Social Media Site”
Yahoo News: “Parler, a right-wing social media site, lures conservatives, but Trump sticks with Twitter — so far”

“Over the course of only a few days, Parler gained a whopping 500k new users, so the pearl-clutching on the left is, for once, warranted.
A whopping 500,000 users signed up for social-media platform Parler after Twitter shut down two conservative accounts this week, according to user metrics obtained by Mediaite.”


re: BillT @12:10PM June 29, Year Zero.

I wish they'd just save the word 'far' and just say 'right'. Heck, the average 'far right' person is right up there with the Jimmy Carter presidency in terms of most policy issues (although he was for registering handguns, so that's one difference).

A quick theory. You can't say 'right' for linguistic reasons, 'right' also means 'correct'.

Parler has the essential problem of requiring a telephone number to even read, much less sign up. They'll need to get rid of that in an era where you neighbor can burn your house or get you fired for wrongthink.

At least the Blue Mob has left John Wayne alone.



Hah, I see that youtube also just banned Stefan Molyneux and a bunch of others. Even some bonafide white nationalists like that Spencer dude.

Let me get this straight. Within the same couple of hours you have a mass banning at youtube, twitch, reddit. Does the word 'cartel' mean anything to anyone?

Bill Tozer

Heather McDonald always backs up the words she writes.

The unwinding of law and order in our cities has happened with stunning speed.

“These are no longer the warning signs of a possible breakdown of civilized life. That breakdown is upon us. If local and national leaders are unable to summon the will to defend our most basic institutions from false and inflammatory charges of racism, they have forfeited their right to govern. Unless new leaders come forth who understand their duty to maintain the rule of law, the country will not pull back from disaster.“


By golly, the dude is evil as all get-out, but he's smart enough to know that shakedowns never ever end.

re: Heather MacDonald. One of the few current affairs writers I can stand, good article. Dunno why the local Team Blue persists in Trump polls when this stuff is the real story. Maybe just because it's impossible to justify.

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