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20 June 2020


Bill Tozer

Racism is in the eye of the beholder.


Bill Tozer

Surprise! Free Beacon Finds CNN and MSNBC Mostly Ignored 'Juneteenth'...Until 2020


Wayne Hullett

“ Job one now is to stop the chaos in the streets, get back so some semblance of normalcy, and prepare for the November election. There will be time enough after the votes are counted and the dust settles to plot our new post-pandemic course. This is no time to decide anything for which we will surely be sorry tomorrow.”

If a great divide were to happen, would there be less bloodshed if it happened before or after the liberals/socialists/democrats take over the reins of power?


The tipping point isn't two sides arguing, it's when it becomes open warfare, and it looks more like that every day. I've been saying the left lost its marbles for over twenty years.
Even so, this new fangled hybrid populist conservatism you all seem to embrace is hardly what I would call an improvement. I can't think of any president in my lifetime that has done more to discourage his own reelection. The orange man has created as much opposition from the ex-appointees he constantly dumps on as much as the daily flogging by his natural liberal enemies.
The Republicans best hope for victory in November is the continued looting of America's history by the out of control mobs egged on by Democrats. Now that they've turned from the confederacy to the founding fathers, voters may have had enough.
But the election in November will settle nothing, no matter who wins.


GeorgeR update, sometime in Year Zero.

"Sen Tim Kaine claims US “created slavery” and “didn’t inherit it from anybody”."

Of course that's nonsense, you'd be hard pressed to find any society without slavery in 1600, either de jure or de facto. This includes the natives in the Americas.

But...facts ceased to matter some time ago. This is all about emotions and raw power at this point.

At least Mary 'n Paul will get some good, wholesome new tv shows.



Wayne Hullet @ 21 June 0000 at 2:25AM

"If a great divide were to happen, would there be less bloodshed if it happened before or after the liberals/socialists/democrats take over the reins of power?"

I think a better mental model is that the Left is performing a counter-revolution. Since they have control of media, most bureaucracy, schools, and have a highly religious street army on the prowl, they'll be hard to dislodge in any meaningful way. Universal surveillance will help that along.

Just to throw out a theory, I think a lot of this anti-police violence is being egged on by groups who wish to neuter the police for other reasons. The military and police are viewed as a couple of the very few bastions of traditional America and really have to be torn down and rebuilt in order to bring on a utopia on Earth. In addition to wholesale replacement of police, I would expect a more explicit form of political control (and political officer class) to be pushed onto the military if/when the current Left obtains executive branch control.

So, will there even be a pushback by average Americans? So far there has been essentially none, dunno if I expect any so long as physical violence is kept away from their homes. In the meantime, they'll be corralled by denunciations resulting in business loss or firings, internet mobs destroying reputations, fear to speak out since 'things really aren't all that bad'. Never enough to fight back, always enough to lose the field.


rl crabb @ 21 June 0000 at 7:11AM

"The tipping point isn't two sides arguing, it's when it becomes open warfare, and it looks more like that every day. I've been saying the left lost its marbles for over twenty years."

Just watch what happens if you were to put up a truthful and rather cutting cartoon. An interesting experiment, the Riots of Peace certainly provide fodder.

Anti-right, and a few letters-to-the-editors types get mad. Anti-left and it's new religious orthodoxy and you get hundreds of denunciations, confronted at the grocery, social life disappears (to the extent it exists now in the Age of the Plague).

I would suggest just sticking to mild gags and the occasional minor stick at Drumpf. Self-censorship is a thing we've all learned in good ol' progressive Nevada County.

Scott O

crabb - "Even so, this new fangled hybrid populist conservatism you all seem to embrace is hardly what I would call an improvement. I can't think of any president in my lifetime that has done more to discourage his own reelection. The orange man has created as much opposition from the ex-appointees he constantly dumps on as much as the daily flogging by his natural liberal enemies."
I agree with you totally about Trump and his subordinates - how in the world does this hurt our country, you, me?
It's the Dem run states and cities by far that are a mess.
And where and who is and are our 'great middle' that you speak of?
Please give a specific example, Bob. Not some day dream.


That's the real problem, Scott. If there truly was a middle we wouldn't be in this fix.


crabby 845am

So, what is the middle, the compromise, between fantasy and reality?

The postmodern, postrational Progressives have one point of view. I have mine.

Bill Tozer


Then perhaps there is no middle. Being “purple” means being lavender. Silent majority? Maybe its out there, but saying “silence is violence” certainly is not endearing to those who just want to be left alone, raise their families, go to work, coach Little League, take a vacation every couple of years. There is a reason that the “silent majority” made Reality TV shows about fishing in Alaska or driving truck across the frozen tundra soar in ratings. But now it’s bend a knee or you are a berry berry bad person. We are being told by the Leftinistas that we must pick a side.

Like the Bob Dylan song,
“But you're gonna have to serve somebody, yes
Indeed you're gonna have to serve somebody
Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord
But you're gonna have to serve somebody…”

Heck, take me out to the ball game. Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack....er....buy me some peanuts and Caucasian Jack.

Scott O

And it turns out crabb has no example of what he wants.
"...we wouldn't be in this fix."
I'm not in a 'fix', Bob - but many people are.
Most of us are happy, productive folk. Some people aren't for various reasons. Pulling down statues, burning buildings, firing people for 'bad thinking', and banning anything that annoys you does not help anything.
99% of this crap is the left and it's getting worse and worse.
Enjoy Fantasyland, Bob - complete with made-up characters and non-existent govts.

George Rebane

re rlcrabb - Bob, it looks like we agree on the lack of a middle and, perhaps, even the lack of a middle ground. But we have totally different meanings for 'tipping point'. From your 711am "The tipping point isn't two sides arguing, it's when it becomes open warfare, and it looks more like that every day. I've been saying the left lost its marbles for over twenty years." I'm not sure what your meaning is. Most certainly no one has claimed that it's "two sides arguing" with which you also disagree (why attack an undefended hill?). I always use 'tipping point' in the technical sense that has now come into common parlance. It is the boundary point of no return, when once crossed the 'pull' ('attractant' or 'sink' in systems speak) for the issue in question is in an altogether different domain. So when I say we've crossed the tipping point for the Great Divide in our national dialogue, I assert that we are today at least two separate peoples within a single jurisdictional boundary who embrace ideologies so distinct and different that there is no longer any reasonable hope for voluntary togetherness.

If you could cobble up your definition for tipping point, I'm sure that both your and RR readers would better understand your current worldview.


Posted by: scenes | 21 June 2020 at 07:40 AM

Just to throw out a theory, I think a lot of this anti-police violence is being egged on by groups who wish to neuter the police for other reasons. The military and police are viewed as a couple of the very few bastions of traditional America and really have to be torn down and rebuilt in order to bring on a utopia on Earth. In addition to wholesale replacement of police, I would expect a more explicit form of political control (and political officer class) to be pushed onto the military if/when the current Left obtains executive branch control.

All on the agenda I imagine. Again....take solace in the fact (and the sentiment is already manifesting itself both in graffiti and online) that "Liberals get the bullet too"!

Scott O

fish 9:24 - "Again....take solace in the fact (and the sentiment is already manifesting itself both in graffiti and online) that "Liberals get the bullet too"!"
Sorry - there's no solace for me in that (very true) statement. It will end up with far too many good people on both sides getting hit.
The 'liberals' (please, the LEFT) will get hit, but not the ones that need it.
Do you think Soros, Obama, Pelosi, Oprah, et al, will be actually even touched by any of this?
When the dust settles, they will be in their mansions behind a wall with their armed guards and private jets.


Posted by: Scott O | 21 June 2020 at 09:40 AM

Sorry - there's no solace for me in that (very true) statement. It will end up with far too many good people on both sides getting hit.

Sorry, I don't see nearly as many "good people" on the other side! And I didn't say that I endorse or approve of it...it is merely now what is likely to happen. I see no reason that the other side should escape unscathed.

Again....it won't be the "right" causing these events it will be the ascendant left. It's the notion that noted political theoretician Steven Frisch espouses, "politics is downstream from culture". Liberals/Leftists don't want this to happen maybe they should discuss it with their political/cultural offspring.


For every sad business owner who has seen their livelihood wrecked by being burned out by opportunist looters or locked out by conflicting quarantine policies, there are others who endure daily doses of indignant screaming assholes who are too self centered to put a piece of cloth over their virus holes to at least lessen the chance of infecting others.

Stupid behavior isn't limited to any party or ideology.


crabby 1053am

"...there are others who endure daily doses of indignant screaming assholes who are too self centered to put a piece of cloth over their virus holes ..."

Funny... I've not seen this happening. Not once. I am aware of individuals going out of business.

Where do you see this, Earl?

George Rebane

WayneH 225am - “If a great divide were to happen, would there be less bloodshed if it happened before or after the liberals/socialists/democrats take over the reins of power?”  I have answered this in the above addendum to my commentary.


rlcrabb June 21, Year Zero "Stupid behavior isn't limited to any party or ideology."

Yup. Thousands of screaming people burning buildings at random, knocking down public monuments, destroying careers through social media mobs = some assholes who don't want to wear a mask when asked.

Striding a nonexistent balance between civilization and Cultural Revolution 2.0 doesn't sound like much of a gig for an editorial cartoonist, but I can see the sense in not wanting to get the kids mad. Better to keep a house unburnt than to express a reasonable opinion.

Thing is, we're way past having an argument about the value of public health insurance or plastic straws. The Blue Mob has gone on to bigger and better things.


Well, Mr. Scenery, it remains to be seen whether the maskless, and I'm counting protestors as well as Trumpublickins, have an impact on the number of new cases. I hope it goes down and I can ditch the godamn uncomfortable thing, but until I see the evidence I'll endure the infringement on my natural freedom.


crabby 1136am

"...there are others who endure daily doses of indignant screaming assholes who are too self centered to put a piece of cloth over their virus holes ..."

Where and when can someone witness these daily indignant screaming assholes?

Scott O

Gregory 11:40 - "Where and when can someone witness these daily indignant screaming assholes?"
The same place you stand in order to see that Trump is an 'existential threat' to humanity.

Bill Tozer

I really don’t expect any reader here to watch a full episode of a Pod Cast. However, I found the first part (Eastern Kentucky) to be on topic.

“The White Privilege Myth“ ((Moi believes it’s really more like Liberal Privilege.



C'mon, Earl, fess up. The "indignant screaming assholes" were a one-time invention of some priggish biddy you're Fakebook friends with.

Asking someone you don't know to do something they'd rather not do takes finesse.

George Rebane

Gentlemen, stick to the topic. This is not the comment stream for the advisability of wearing masks, unless you somehow connect it to the Left's assertions of racism, and using that to riot and fundamentally transform our nation.


"Gentlemen, stick to the topic. "

Honestly, I think that 'racism' is simply a tactic. I rather like this paragraph...

"The riots are not about George Floyd, police reform and accountability, or justice. The riots are the systematic attempt to exterminate Western civilization and culture from the very lands in which its roots are planted. This, of course, is something that Conservative Inc doesn’t want to acknowledge or is woefully blind to. Predictably, Conservative Inc writers implicitly accept the multiculturalist narrative but try to turn it on its head—claiming how they are the true defenders of multiculturalism and feminism. What all patriotic Americans need to understand is that the riots and ongoing turmoil is being used as a wrecking ball to our history, heritage, and civilization."


George Rebane

scenes 127pm - Of course it's a tactic, did you not read my commentary? So make the connection from that to what the country is heading for, and it's got very little to nothing to do with the clinical factors connected with masks. I don't think that BobC has grasped the thrust of the conversation yet.


Ya know, every few months I come over here to remind myself why I don't bother the rest of the time. Great divide, indeed.
And here's just one example for you numbskulls... https://calmatters.org/health/coronavirus/2020/06/public-health-officers-quitting-california-threats-coronavirus-pandemic/?fbclid=IwAR00c2KMCLMUtNG0Rw98UiLoSeSMnQiWlCKLM9TySwwMLfXugvxxBB-MqJY


Public health commissars quitting? What a shame... because fellow citizens don't want to take orders and they push back?

There are limits.


"Of course it's a tactic, did you not read my commentary? "

Stating that doesn't mean that I am attempting to disagree with you, simply a restatement.

My take on Trump is (a) that he's a New Yorker and thus knows all about race. New Yorkers generally are all about race, all 150 flavors and (b) he's pretty indifferent to the concept.

Indifference is sufficient sin to the Mob of course. What makes the Mob interesting is their sheer numbers. It's obvious that there are KKK members voting Republican and hardcore Maoists eager to build reeducation camps voting Democrat, but crazy fringe groups make piss poor movements (so to speak).

Radical mass movement really need their own studies, they are a different beast entirely and I think there's too much emphasis on the kooky corners of the political continuum.

The upcoming conundrum is what happens to radical mass movements. Do they...
. Die off from internal conflict and lack of inertia (most likely)
. Become the dominant power in a country
. Produce an equal but opposite mass movement to halt forward progress


"Public health commissars quitting? What a shame... because fellow citizens don't want to take orders and they push back?"

Just a quick opinion on that (hey, why not?).

So far as I can tell, the public health apparatchiks are no better at their job than an averagely bright person after an afternoon reading a few papers on epidemiology.

It's rather like an economist expecting his/her words to be taken as some sort of scientific writ. It's become rather obvious how bad their predictive ability and policy advice really is.

My guess is that universal masks aren't a bad idea, having suggested it some months ago I'm still stickin' with it, but I can see where no one trusts these folks at this point.

The politicization is a nice touch (mass protest good! Trump rally bad!), but if the more dire problems hit, dollar collapse, market collapse, bond market hijinks, mortgage collapse, employment collapse, masks will be the last thing on the radar.

George Rebane

re rlcrabb 227pm - Huh??! Can someone with a bit more patience translate the apparent burr under Bob's blanket. What in hell is he talking about? I do admit that we may not be up to the high standards of our progressive brethren and blogs, but usually I'm able to follow at least some of their more lofty thoughts. Here I'm totally in the woods about his wearing masks and tying it to the Great Divide. Mea culpa.

But all things said and done, I for one appreciate everyone of his visits to RR, and more so knowing how much the sacrifice pains him. A real trooper doing his part to shed light here in the shadows.

Don Bessee

Trump was right unfortunately -



Don Bessee

Who didn't see this one coming? Wanna guess who the majority of victims are? -



Bill Tozer

Burr in Bob’s saddle? Yeah, like having the homeless wash in the creek right behind your house’s back windows, or having the One Party State club you upside the head with AB-38 or whatever the jig law is called. Man has a reason to be upset. Not wearing a mask comes from a self entitlement privileged mentality with not an ounce of empathy for anyone beyond the end of their noses AND ignorant blue blood hillbilly toothless types that are not fit for polite company. Snorts. A-Hole pigs. It’s a simple request.
Gavin fixed it for ya. Keep up with the times. What, can’t I bellyache about how it inconveniences moi? Free speech. Stay indoors. It’s not safe to go out.. Rebels are running amok out there and peeping in your windows. It’s not safe yet.

Wonder if Bob’s got triggered by some of the comments found under the new mask news or letters to the editor. Things change when it’s your ox being gored.

Don Bessee

Antifa hackers are putting bigger targets on cops with personal data -

What is most concerning is the release of personally identified information (PII) of law enforcement officers in several posts. The data includes personal and work email, addresses, and phone numbers of individual law enforcement officers.

The release of this data has serious law enforcement safety concerns, and threats online are already beginning to be made against individual officers identified. Other threats are levied against private citizens found in the database. The tweet calls for violence against those named in the post. Others responded vowing to take action.




BillT @ June 21, Year Zero.

"Wonder if Bob’s got triggered by some of the comments found under the new mask news or letters to the editor. "

I expect he mostly sticks to his own blog or Facebook page, always a more pleasant experience. Fight Club takes a thicker skin.

In terms of masks, I could go both ways (doubles your chance of a date if nothing else). From a WHO paper:

"Results from cluster randomized controlled trials on the use
of masks among young adults living in university residences
in the United States of America indicate that face masks may
reduce the rate of influenza-like illness, but showed no impact
on risk of laboratory-confirmed influenza.(62, 63) At
present, there is no direct evidence (from studies on COVID19 and in healthy people in the community) on the
effectiveness of universal masking of healthy people in the
community to prevent infection with respiratory viruses,
including COVID-19."


"Many countries have recommended the use of fabric
masks/face coverings for the general public. At the present
time, the widespread use of masks by healthy people in the
community setting is not yet supported by high quality or
direct scientific evidence and there are potential benefits and
harms to consider (see below). "


The basic approach given appears to be "why not, it can't hurt." In layman internet terms that means "WEAR THEM OR YOU WILL DIE AND I KNOW ALL ABOUT IT".


George, did I have a post just disappear? That's odd.

I was just going to add to it (sorry it's about masks not racism, but had to share).

From the same WHO report (which basically said there's no proof that masks make any difference when worn by the public), here are 3 of the 5 reasons to wear a mask....

reduced potential stigmatization of individuals wearing
masks to prevent infecting others (source control) or of
people caring for COVID-19 patients in non-clinical

making people feel they can play a role in contributing to
stopping spread of the virus;

potential social and economic benefits. Amidst the
global shortage of surgical masks and PPE, encouraging
the public to create their own fabric masks may promote
individual enterprise and community integration.
Moreover, the production of non-medical masks may
offer a source of income for those able to manufacture
masks within their communities. Fabric masks can also
be a form of cultural expression, encouraging public
acceptance of protection measures in general. The safe
re-use of fabric masks will also reduce costs and waste
and contribute to sustainability.

...so there you have it.

George Rebane

scenes 531pm - Yep, just got back and found it in the spam folder - it's posted.

Don Bessee

They didn't think about that -

Anna Short Harrington is believed to be the model after Green.

Larnell Evans Sr., Harrington's great-grandson, told Patch that he was hurt and offended by the brand’s decision.

“This is an injustice for me and my family. This is part of my history,” Evans told Patch. “The racism they talk about, using images from slavery, that comes from the other side – white people. This company profits off images of our slavery. And their answer is to erase my great-grandmother’s history.”

The family of Lillian Richard, a native of Hawkins, Texas, also spoke out against the rebranding decision.

Richard was the face of Aunt Jemima from 1925 to 1940, a Texas CBS station reported, noting signs into the town say “Home of Lillian Richard ‘Aunt Jemima.'" In 1995, the Texas Legislature passed a resolution declaring Hawkins as the "Pancake Capital of Texas."



Don Bessee

The new red guard at work and tenure only matters if you hold the line on the pushed group think -

A leading scholar at the University of Oxford believes conservatives are afraid to stand up to the “zealous left-wing minority” who want to “erase and rewrite history” in case doing so prompts the mob to destroy their careers.

Nigel Biggar, regius professor of moral and pastoral theology, has criticised renewed demands, prompted by the Black Lives Matter movement, for statues and memorials to individuals who do not meet the standards of the 21st-century social justice left to be torn down, and for children to be taught a negatively slanted history of Britain’s imperial past.

“The problem is that most academics know nothing about imperial history,” Professor Biggar told The Telegraph.

“What they do know is that it’s not fashionable to stand up for the British Empire and they also get the impression that if you dare to that, like me, you get mobbed,” he said, referring to a 2017 attempt to cancel him for suggesting Britain’s “morally mixed” history could be a source of “pride” as well as “shame”, “just like that of any nation-state”.



Bill Tozer

re: Addendum

Sure, you’re an American who can speak and live freely- just say exactly what the mob tells you to while government locks you at home for months

Yes, Constitution protects you- as long as you bake the cake. Say men get periods. And say cops are racist.

Bend that knee

Or else


The Estonian Fox

Now for some Good News - the statue of Franklin Pierce is still standing in Concord NH.

Bill Tozer

The cesspool that is the United Nations Human Rights Council has decided that its top official, a Chilean socialist called Michelle Bachelet, shall “prepare a report on systemic racism, violations of international human rights law against Africans and people of African descent by law enforcement agencies, especially those incidents that resulted in the death of George Floyd and other Africans and of people of African descent.” The “systemic racism” and human rights violations are assumed. Apparently, Bachelet’s task is to write these conclusions up.

But Bachelet won’t be without a subject to investigate. Assisted by UN appointed independent rights experts and committees, she is “to examine government responses to anti-racism peaceful. . .protests, including the alleged use of excessive force against protesters, bystanders and journalists.”


Bill Tozer

Looks like the only way to rid ourselves of systemic racism is to vote for Community Organizers...er...Marxists.

“Moreover, in recently resurfaced video from 2015, Cullors made clear the organization’s ideological foundation, expressly stating that she and others in the movement (BLM) are “trained Marxists.”

“We actually do have an ideological frame,” responded Cullors, “myself and Alicia, in particular, are trained organizers.”

“We are trained Marxists,” she added. “We are super versed on, sort of, ideological theories.”


Paul Emery

Estonian Fox

Thanks for the update on the Franklin Pierce statue. I went to Franklin Pierce HighSchool in Tacoma Washington. Probably the only High School in the Country named afterol Franklin. When the word gotout about what a lousy President he was so we referred to our school as FP High School.



Bill Tozer

Reflexions on racism via the race baiting Lamestream Fakenews media.

‘NPR Falsely Calls Victim Of Attack By Rioters A White Supremacist’
The woman had her car blocked by a group of protesters, and had her hair ripped out and a gun pulled on her before she managed to escape’

“NPR eventually admitted the mistake, but not before the image had been up for four hours for NPR’s 8 million followers. While the outright falsehood was retracted, it is not the only dubious information in the piece. The article claimed, with scarce evidence, that murdering protesters with cars is increasingly supported by “mainstream Republican and conservative spaces.”

It also included a deceptive count of the number of actual far-right attacks. NPR tweeted that “Right-wing extremists are increasingly turning cars to weapons, with reports of 50 vehicle ramming incidents since protests began nationwide in late May.” Yet the article could only cite one incident where the driver was connected to a extremist group. Furthermore, the majority (32) of the 50 cases cited have had no charges, with the collisions being confirmed or considered likely accidental.

NPR also included a Minneapolis semi incident in its “50 vehicle ramming incidents.” There, a truck driver was named a murderous white supremacist by the media and politicians for days after nearly striking demonstrators blocking a highway.

A later investigation revealed the incident had been entirely an accident. The man was no white supremacist, and was trying to get fuel to one of the last gas stations open in the city. As of writing, the article, and the count, remain up on NPR.

NPR was created by Congress in the 1960s, and receives public funding for its news articles and reporting.”


Armed rioters? In days of yore, the Texas Ranger motto was “One Riot, One Ranger.” Those days are long gone. I was heartened to hear the the Texas Ranger major league baseball team told the Woke Scolds to go pound sand when their recent demands were made to change the team’s name because of the racist Texas Rangers past.

In other news, the Washington Redskins have changed their name to the DC Redskins.

George Rebane

re BillT 1005am - Now these are the Big Lies that matter (as opposed to the tens of thousands 'Trump lies' that progressives propagandize). These are evil lies that divide the country.

Here's the latest on protests in Idaho -

Don Bessee

Looks like the blue mob has its crosshairs on a new target, any odds on how long before he is history? -



Todd Juvinall

my son-in-law who is a reformed liberal, well somewhat, and a truly good and nice man, was called a racist by a black gal who had been his friend for many years. He is so far away from being a racist. He said she started in on the "white privilege" crap even though she is highly educated and wealthy. He took the claim deep and was really hurt. I told him it is not him and to be strong as he will be called worse.And to push back and not take the crap these fools dish out.

Scott O

George 11:40 - CDA is not really that conservative any more. Most Idaho natives consider it to be a sort of Truckee/Tahoe now with a lot of affluent white escapees from CA. Also, it's summer and the place attracts a lot of younger folk just bumming around. Spokane is a ten minute drive. I'm wondering how many in the march were actually locals.
The article was paywalled so I can't comment on the whole thing, but I am wondering if that was really a good example of a 'rural, conservative, area'.
How about Salina, KS or Billings, MT?

Scott O

Todd 3:54 - Is your son-in-law a white boy?
If he is, then he's a racist. I listen to a lot of lefty wacko FM and it turns out that all white males all think alike. And we're all racist.
Also I found out that Rayshard Brooks was shot by the police for sleeping in his car. I could have sworn the video showed Rayshard firing a weapon directly at the officer right before the officer shot Rayshard, but what do I know - I'm a racist.
And claiming that all white males think alike is not racist.
This is getting fun.

Bill Tozer

Disguisting. Check out what this white racist Biblical scholar was to say.

'Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King says statues of Jesus Christ should be torn down — but just the white ones'


Bill Tozer

Forgive me Dr Rebane and Crabbman, but this is important.



re: BillT @ 7:02PM June 22, Year Zero.

I ran into Talcum X screeching about white Jesuses (Jesi?) a few hours ago. He's like Tim Wise so far as consistency of message goes.

VDARE appears to be on the chopping block in terms of it's web registrar. Of course, the news reports them as 'white nationalists', 'far-right', etc. when they are basically just an anti-immigration site (the biggest sin of all) using Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Patrick Buchanan, John Derbyshire as writers. Unacceptable of course. As usual, a non-profit group of lawyers is behind the defenestration.

I'd ask Paul, he of all the questions, just which non-Blue Mob editorial sites actually should be allowed on the internet, but don't expect an answer anytime soon.

The Dark Web is going to get more crowded pretty soon. A lot of people are going to learn about Tails and Tor (and Qubes) in the near future I expect. The Red Guard has the wind in it's sails and I would strongly suggest that everyone tighten up their social media accounts. A small example is making your 'friends' list private in Facebook (George).


A nice theory, but it might be too late.



You might not be interested in The Apocalypse, but The Apocalypse is interested in you.



Bill Tozer

Thoughts on no time to decide. I suppose the demonstrators and riots and all thing George Floyd related go here eventually.
For those of us who can remember way back to the Obama Administration, Janet Napolitano's declared and listed who domestic terrorists are: White Fundamentalist Christians (Southern Baptists?), Gun owners, Veterans, Evangelicals, the “right wing extremists”, and a few more categories encompassing flag wavers, Tea Party types, and other fanatics. These are our domestic terrorists.

Turn the page to today. Fighting in the streets. No longer pitchforks, but still sticks and fists. Street Fighting Men and in your face SJWs.

We are living in some Orwellian mind think. Thousands of times already in June we have been flooded with images of chaos and mayhem, with the voice over saying “Peaceful protestors, mostly peaceful protestors, peaceful protestors” while seeing imagines of carnage. The voice says ‘silence is violence, violence is silence’ no matter what our eyes are telling us watching destruction and lawlessness.

So, we are back to Janet Napolitano's list of domestic terrorists: White racists, White Supremacists still there in 2020. Point your finger at the cause of all ‘systemic racism’ and living in Mom’s basement or flopping on a friends couch as the reason you have been held back. Look at the list. Your daily two minutes of hate is justified.
Odd, no one has thrown red paint on that bust of Margaret Sanger in DC. Definitely a White Supremacist.

“The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.” — Woman and the New Race (1920).

“Those least fit to carry on the race are increasing most rapidly.” — The Pivot of Civilization (1922).

“Possibly drastic and Spartan methods may be forced upon American society if it continues complacently to encourage the chance and chaotic breeding that has resulted from our stupid, cruel sentimentalism.” — The Pivot of Civilization.

“I wonder if it will also become necessary to establish a system of birth permits …. A marriage license shall in itself give husband and wife only the right to a common household and not the right to parenthood …. No woman shall have the legal right to bear a child, and no man shall have the right to become a father, without a permit for parenthood …. No permit for parenthood shall be valid for more than one birth.” – America Needs a Code for Babies (1934).

“Necessarily and inevitably, we are led further and further back, to the point of procreation; beyond that, into the regulation of sexual selection.” — The Pivot of Civilization.

“A stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation,” in work camps, is necessary for “that grade of population,” including illiterates, “whose progeny is already tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.” — “A Plan for Peace,” in The Birth Control Review (April, 1932).

“The reproductive impulse” is “in continual conflict with our economic, political settlements, race adjustments and the like.” — The Pivot of Civilization.

“Under such circumstances we can hope that the “melting pot” will refine. We shall see that it will save the precious metals of racial culture, fused into an amalgam of physical perfection, mental strength and spiritual progress.” — Women and the New Race.

Hmm. What do you suppose the lady meant by “race adjustments,” and by “refining” the melting pot to purify “the precious metals of racial culture”?


Guess that was not considered racist in 1920 and 1930. So, I guess it’s alright to not deface the statue of Senator Fulbright or the man who single handily brought the KKK to West Virginia, Senator Robert Byrd. The Klan was not organized, active, or found in the State of WVA before Byrd’s actions, the leader of the pack.

Back to the Janet’s Nap’s list and the voice over, “You are watching peaceful protestors, the source of all your problems today is those people.”

Makes perfect sense to start tearing up images of White Jesus. I kinda like stained glass. Of well.


I was just musing today about the incredible ugliness of modern surveillance culture.


The Left's ability to gin up an unthinking mob on command is largely based on the universal presence of cell phones. Most cancel culture, non-chemically addictive behavior,crazy politics seems to be generated by that technology. Workstations (and the internet) were around for decades before we were blessed with smartphones.

It seems to me that the Blue Mob and mobile phones have a highly intertwined relationship. A sane person finds a way to minimize exposure.


Posted by: scenes | 23 June 2020 at 08:32 AM

Every Blue Mob™ member is their very own Channel 7 Action News Crew out there vigilantly uncovering misdeeds and wrongthink! The righteousness must be intoxicating!


Just the random video clip (looking at the following entry: "More video of protesters taunting police outside of Lafayette Park in D.C.")


I was admiring the brilliance (or as Col. Kurtz sez: "My God, the genius of that. The genius! The will to do that: perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure.") of the Blue Mob's approach to civil insurrection.

It only works when you control most media of course (like a lot of things).

You make the argument all about the brutality of law enforcement, and then dare law enforcement to do something about it. It's right up to the limit. If you don't outright strike or shoot a policeman, you can do anything. Burn, loot, threaten. As long as that rather arbitrary line isn't crossed, the sky's the limit. Force a million horrid interactions every day, and something will happen that can push forward the narrative. A cop barely pushes a psychically ugly guy-who-is-the-bane-of-city-council-meetings, and more revolution is called for. It's an ever-tightening ratchet on LEOs.

I suppose it's not dissimilar to the Palestinian concept of sending out kids with rocks in a country where everyone has guns. If you shoot an Israeli, all hell breaks loose and you lose. If you stone them and they fire back in any way, you get the camera shot that allows the situation to escalate.

Bill Tozer

‘First Black MN Police Union Director Battles Gayle King Over Media’s ‘Racial’ Cop Narrative: ‘Absolutely’ False, ‘It Needs To Stop’

“Let’s address the elephant in the room, how black people feel in your city, that black men are under siege by white police officers, and that they’re targeted in a disproportionate rate,” King said.”

“I think, absolutely, the media’s push is to drum-up as much racial issues and stress as there is,” answered Walker, adding that he is not “denying the fact that the city needs to grow.”

An irritated King responded, “Is it a media problem, Rich, is this a media problem? The media created this?”

“What I’m saying is, the narrative that is being pushed in the media is that white police officers are out on these streets just to kill black men,” Walker told King, “and that is absolutely farthest from the truth.”....

“What we’re saying is,” Walker continued, “the narrative needs to stop. It needs to stop. Police officers are not out here just randomly hunting black people to kill ’em.””

Rinette (sp?), the current mayor of Nevada City, took great heat in 2016 for spouting the theory that the police are just driving around looking for colored folk to shoot. Kids with Skittles hanging out on at some corner. Cops were out shooting cans...Afro-Amer-i-Cans. But the councilwoman did ask a provocative question at the end that everybody skipped over.
She cried out (from memory):

‘What is going on? Who is behind these killings, THAT’S what I want to know.’ Yes, that’s what I wanted to know in 2016 as well. My probes went to one name and one name popped out consistently. Gorge Soros funded groups. The privileged black college kid BLM founder with co-founding black females students at his side) whistled off after graduation to live in a humongous multi-million estate compound, free rent, and address to call home, for example.

What’s going on? I want to know who is behind this.

The answer to that question is more easily answered in 2020. Seek and you shall find. The tentacles are there to see.

No time to think about COVID-19. It’s game on. The turning of the screws on social media and the MSM and unmasking even nobody co-workers to censor, clampdown, and crush conservative sites, words, and ideas. Even MLK’s words. We are being banned and our voices, over time, will be silenced. Your kids are not safe from being to feel rotten and responsible for things they have no accountability over....since they didn’t even exist a few years ago. The indoctrination of kids, children actually, makes the leftinista union-run government education system salivate and rub their hands together in eager anticipation. Blank canvases. Let’s try this out on them. Experiments. Future Party Leaders. The right thinkers.

Game on, now. The here and now. Too bad. Someday we will have a real dialogue about race, race relations, and clear the air and actually have a constructive dialogue. I don’t know how to fix fatherless homes, broken public education systems, selling out your identity as the individual you were born as to your group’s identity, or the Democrat Party.

Who is behind this, that’s what I want to know. Kudos to the Mayor of Nevada City.. Hope she finds that which she seeks.


“What we’re saying is,” Walker continued, “the narrative needs to stop. It needs to stop. Police officers are not out here just randomly hunting black people to kill ’em.”

Yeah Bill, I posted something to this effect by Fred Reed years ago! It was this and something regarding the DC Schools that put "Poopy Pants" into high dudgeon......breathlessly running off to tell everybody how racist we all were.

In truth....there is no benefit for a cop to bust, baton, or shoot a potential black suspect. Too much can go wrong for the cop! He can get hurt or killed, his career can be ruined, or he can face charges that put him in the hole forever! There must have been something personal between Floyd and Chauvin for him to apply the knee for nearly 10 minutes while a hundred phones were recording him!

The Baizuo (thanks Scenes) are too dense to understand (by design I think) this.




The reaction of the left is perfectly understandable, after all, Satan is their hero and idol.

"The highest honor in Britain, personally bestowed on recipients by the Queen of England, has come under fire over accusations of racism and resemblance to the killing of George Floyd.

The Queen of England traditionally bestows the Order of St. Michael and St. George on ambassadors, diplomats, or senior foreign officials, The Guardian reports. The award’s badge has a traditional Christian image of the angel St. Michael victoriously standing on Satan with the motto: Auspicium melioris ævi, which is Latin for “Omen of a better age.” "

Bill Tozer

From Walt’s 10:01 am

“Moving on to actual iconoclasm,” tweeted the National Review’s Michael Brendan Doughtery. “More than a millenium of St. Michael imagery suddenly offensive.”

Been there a millennium and today it’s suddenly offensive? That’s what Dr. Rebane hs pointed out, among others. The speed of which current Mob events have exponentially increased and condensed hundreds of years of time to weeks.

No time to think about racism. We are in a bigger fight....the survival of our Republic. June 22, 0000. All bow to them, or else. They are some cruel taskmasters, for sure.


re: Soros

I've never had his motivations explained in any satisfying way, that's always the weakness in something like this:

"Soros 2020 Colour Revolution EXPLAINED"

In the meantime, all of his activities keep on keepin' on. Other non-state actors like Assange get run to ground.

The fact that Soros is still breathing proves that he has not become dangerous to anyone that matters. The Russians simply gave his people the boot out of the country.


re: Soros 2

an interesting line from an article in 2016:

"In many ways, Donald Trump’s campaign is a direct response not to Clinton, but to Soros himself."


It would sure be a life simplifier if that's the heart of the matter.

another one. https://www.city-journal.org/html/connoisseur-chaos-14954.html

'Chaos' seems to be the operative word.


Posted by: scenes | 23 June 2020 at 10:50 AM

The fact that Soros is still breathing proves that he has not become dangerous to anyone that matters.

...or that he has their tacit approval.


Hopefully this hasn't been posted...

lol. How freakin' typical.


Scott O

scenes - re noose hoax.
But you're upsetting the narrative!!!!
Trying to undo the 'larger truth' with some facts and shee-it show what a racist you are.
For shame!


...or that he's too evil even for Hell.

Don Bessee

People are sick of the virtue signaling and lecturing by coddled millionaires -



Scott O

Oh please, please, please do it!!!
Winning slogan - "If you don't for our party - you ain't black!"

Scott O

A thousand pardons to our left-ward friends - here's your link.
Trigger warning - it's the exact same story as the one in BB.

George Rebane

An independent BLM political party for the perennially aggrieved?! I say, let us all encourage such a move - gimme an AMEN on that! They do need their own voice, maybe then they can negotiate with both the Ds and Rs to get the kind of attention and legislation they want (and get off the plantation or at least get title to it). And it will be clear to all as to who wants what. Of course, it'll only work if the other side starts its own spin-off party, or maybe kicks the Libertarians into gear, or hikes up the Tea Party into an actual political party, or ...?

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ late morn

'Chaos' seems to be the operative word."

Yep, and operitive word for the mayor of Seattle and the media, of couse, is "distration". Those few people creating the wrong image as is just a distraction from the message of millions and millions of peacefull protestors marching in unity in hundreds upon hundreds of cities across America.

It ain't a PR promblem, its a distraction. Fly swatter stuff.

Scott O

Ah - the ACLU must really need the money.
It's just like the TV scam preachers - "Be absolved of your sins - send money now!"
Quote - "Black people are being murdered and brutalized by police with near impunity."
That's not a quote from the 50's, folks - that's current.
The lies and hyperventilation are going off the charts. When the dope loses it's effect and you're mainlining it pure, where do you go from there?

Bill Tozer

What the Hay? The show must go on...after a break in the action.

The Washington Post reports that South Carolina BLM protest organizers will postpone future demonstrations, or move them online, now that at least 13 people who took part in previous protests have tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus. Those known to be infected include four organizers, six protesters, and three photographers. The organizers urged everyone who participated in their protests, held between May 30 and June 17, to get tested for the virus.

The demonstrations in question are called the “I can’t breathe” protests. For some of the protesters who are infected, “I can’t breathe” may soon become a reality, not just a slogan.

The coronavirus has hit South Carolina’s African-American population particularly hard. Blacks make up 27 percent of the state’s population, but 46 percent who have died from this virus.

Because black lives matter, they should not be placed in jeopardy by further protests. Neither should any other lives.”

Bill Tozer

Reflection on racism.

Two quotes to consider…

“There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

“I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.” -Booker T. Washington

Another quote to consider:

Meanwhile, Burgess Owens — another black former NFL player, just released a book titled: “Liberalism or How to Turn Good Men into Whiners, Weenies and Wimps.” Owens quotes Frederick Douglass’s response to a question asked of him: “What shall we do with the Negro?” Douglass answered:

“I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us. Do nothing with us! If the apples will not remain on the tree of their own strength, of they are rotten to the core, if they are early ripe and disposed to fall, let them fall! I am not for tying or fastening them the tree in any way, except by nature’s plan, and if they will not stay there, let them fall. And if the Negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall also. All I ask is, give him the chance to stand on his own legs! Let him alone!”


“....Newsweek tried to answer it in 2015, putting out cost estimates for reparations ranging from $36 billion to $10 trillion and citing obvious problems like who would get it and in what form? As Jackson and Sharpton fade away, Coates and McKesson keep stoking guilt in liberal white America — a major Democrat constituency. Both men are at the core of Democrat efforts to portray the problems of black America as “the lingering effects of slavery” and not the legacy of disastrous Democrat policies.

Some older black Americans have a different view. Economist Thomas Sowell believed the Democrat view as a young man, but rejected it later in life. In his 2014 article, “A Legacy of Liberalism,” Sowell contends: “The current problems facing blacks in America owe more to the Great Society than to slavery. Nearly a hundred years of the supposed ‘legacy of slavery’ found most black children being raised in two-parent families in 1960. But thirty years after the liberal welfare state found the great majority of black children being raised by a single parent … The murder rate among blacks in 1960 was one-half of what it became 20 years later, after a legacy of liberals’ law-enforcement policies.”

San Francisco 49er’s quarterback Colin Kaepernick recently refused to stand for the National Anthem. “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” he said after becoming engaged to Black Lives Matter activist Nessa Diab and converting to Islam.“


And after all these years, we suddenly have no time to decide....which is true. We can decide after the smoke clears and our country is pulled back from the brink.


Scotto 2:03PM June 23, Year Zero serving up an ACLU manifesto fragment: "Black people are being murdered and brutalized by police with near impunity."

Amazing. It has the cadence of a George Lincoln Rockwell quote. Radicals have always rhymed I guess.


Just in terms of uproar, I think I'm in favor of this:


Of course, people of Asian background won't be thrilled, although I guess it's possible the law is designed so that only people of European background are turned down (perhaps using 23andMe? Just trying to help).

We probably need our own local version of this. Examining


it's funny how everyone looks pretty much alike, but I can't put my finger on just why. Bet they're all for a vibrant community though.

Bill Tozer

Larry Elder
"It is self-destructive for any society to create a situation where a baby who is born into the world today automatically has pre-existing grievances against another baby born at the same time, because of what their ancestors did centuries ago."

Bill Tozer

Different views. Young Terrance put together a video.


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