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03 June 2020


The Estonian Fox

And yet, you have the world's best technical university right there in Pasadena - CalTech, which seems to be overwhelmingly merit based, and has a large percentage of Asians enrolled. You would, or at least I would, expect that the politicians are able to recognize quality when it's right there in shouting distance. I've always figured that those low down on the IQ scale (and who better fits that quality than politicians) can eventually learn to be enlightened. Though the time period to do that may be measured in stellar lifetimes.

George Rebane

Efox 627pm - As we both know, such an expectation would be in error. Even in those elite technical schools there are active programs to reconstitute the core STEM curricula into a new politically correct progressive structure that de-emphasizes European provenances, re-attributes non-European/white genesis, and injects dollops of ideology re inclusivity, diversity, social justice, and the re-purposing of science to socialist ends. An interesting read on this is found in my subscription of 'The Algorithm from MIT Technology Review'.

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