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01 June 2020


Don Bessee

You are on your own so thank the 2nd -




Posted by: Don Bessee | 01 June 2020 at 01:27 PM

Roof mounted Korean shopkeeper time!

George Rebane

DonB 127pm - Well, that goes a long way to answering my third question in the last 'Riot Reflections'.

Can we all pause to contemplate a fundamentally transformed America in which it is unlawful to defend your person or property bearing arms? Are we there yet?


Chart o' the day (hopefully this come through fine):


Interestingly, the black:white ratio for killings by police is quote a lot lower than the black:white ratio for the killing of police. Make yer own conclusions.

It's just best to view this all as a negotiation. You give the Left what they want, or their street soldiers will burn down the country. The game is played at all levels from corporate propaganda to individual beat downs. You can (temporarily) pay them off or respond in kind. It's unclear to me what the practical answer is.


"Can we all pause to contemplate a fundamentally transformed America in which it is unlawful to defend your person or property bearing arms?"

It's easy to contemplate and a commonly stated goal by quite a few people. Basically, it changes the power relationship between the various underclasses, rootless young people, petty criminals vs. the middle class. The rich, of course, can always look after themselves.

It's interesting that a segment of the middle class can't see that, but they seem to be deprived of reality in a number of ways.


Somewhat on topic.


Don Bessee

Enough is enough -



Don Bessee

Fuck antifa -




Plenty of Lefties that still demant your "duty to flee".


The riots through a LIBS perspective
"Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf Claims Protesters Gathering ‘Peacefully’ as Riots Burn Pennsylvania Cities"

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 3:46 pm

Welcome back. I have refrained from posting figures of police shootings and articles like this in the immediate aftermath of George Floyd’s death out of respect for the grieving and the enraged. Seemed insensitive and pointless. That was for the last few days, this is now.


According to the Washington Post, 19 unarmed African-American males were killed by police in 2017, and 17 in 2016 — an average of 18 per year. It’s unlikely that all 18 were unjustified, but let’s assume they were.

That’s 18 too many. But measured against the number of police interactions during the year with the kind of people who are rioting, and recognizing that there will always be some bad cops and some inexperienced ones, it’s a small number.

If American police forces were populated with an appreciable number of genocidal racists, or even just trigger-happy cops, the number of unarmed black males killed by police in a year would be much larger than 18. Indeed, if American police forces were populated with an appreciable number of out-of-control cops, we would be seeing a more violent response by the police to the rioting that’s plaguing our cities night after night.


Mark Levin just ran some numbers of police interactions with people and police shootings and it comes out that if you are a Black man, chances are 0.012% you will be killed by LE, and most likely from a black or brown cop.

But, that is not really the point of it all, now is it?

Bill Tozer

Make that an unarmed Black Male.


"Scenes @ 3:46 pm

Welcome back."

Heus amice.

I've been studying our current travails, mostly pouring over news, posted videos, social media all local for the cities in the thick of it. Building an opinion is tough when your only context is a keyboard and a screen.

I noticed moderate tagging in the area (ACAB!) and the occasional politically woke children but nothing worth noting really. All the real action is miles away and requires thought.

I admit that Idaho is looking better but I intend to check out Wyoming.

Bill Tozer

@ 5:12 pm

Seeing the big picture when you are in it is difficult. I see the rioting and looting and massive ginned up civil unrest as the continuation of the coup.

Meanwhile, it’s easy to post events caught on camera. Not so easy to post on the end game. The battle lines have been drawn, the Great Divide marches past the tipping point.

WATCH: Florida Sheriff Tells Looters His Message To Residents: ‘I’m Highly Recommending They Blow You Back Out Of The House With Their Guns’

‘KCPD finds stashes of bricks and rocks around Plaza and Westport during protests Sunday afternoon’

Dan Bongino sees it the same way I do. They are highly organized and funded, on payroll, waiting for the call to roll. Just like an Islamic sleeper cell. How else could they get people to arrive within an hour of Trump declaring a travel ban at major airports across the land in early 2017? They have not gone anywhere. They have been prepared and ready for this moment for a long time. It ain’t about George Floyd anymore. It’s all about ‘Burn, baby, burn’, IMHO. And now they have attacked the WH.

3 minutes long.

*One does not need to be designated a terrorist organization for the FBI to spy on you. One only needs to be deemed a terrorist....or someone participating in domestic terrorist activity to start surveillance., which is also IMHO.

Need to destroy it all and topple the government to fundamentally transform America. Yep, WY looks good.

Bill Tozer

Sexton Says Unrest Will ‘Get Uglier’ Thanks to Media, ‘Feckless’ Celebs


Bill Tozer

Minnesota, New York Officials Say Evidence Shows Weekend Riots Were Planned, Chicago Demands Fed Investigation Into ‘Organized’ Violence


You know, I was wondering how they got so many buildings to catch fire and burn to a shell. Minneapolis had 170 buildings on one stretch alone destroyed by fire. The average guy on the street could start a small fire with a Molotov cocktail, but would not know the exact placement or use the proper accelerant to bring a building to full engulfment. But, what do I know.

Bill Tozer

Beware oh Robespierre, the Jacobins cometh for you. Nothing personal, the guillotine awaits.


“There is nothing good about rioting, looting and burning, but these evils sometimes provide clarifying moments. Such as when progressives realize that the looters are coming for them, too. It shouldn’t be a news flash, but progressives are often surprised to learn that their support for left-wing causes, including criminal activity, doesn’t accord them any special status.“


I find this eerily similar to the Occupy Oakland protests we had here in CA that did much damage to Starbucks and bank windows. The daylight had “peaceful marches.” When darkness fell, the mostly young males appeared and the fireworks and carnage began. Would it be a stretch to call them Children of the Darkness? Certainly not Children of the Light.

Don Bessee

The party parrots working overtime -

PBS reporter faces backlash for telling Trump there's 'no evidence' that anarchists appeared at protests



Don Bessee

The talking heads got it wrong -

“If a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents, then I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them,” Trump said during a Rose Garden address as cities across the country grappled with property destruction, looting and violent police clashes in the week since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Legal experts say the president does indeed have the authority under the Insurrection Act of 1807 to dispatch the military in states that are unable to put down an insurrection or are defying federal law.

In the last half-century, presidents have sent the military to Southern states to ensure desegregation of schools there in the 1950s and 1960s, and to Los Angeles after the California governor sought federal help during the 1992 riots.



Don Bessee

Walnut creek now! I would be interested to know where those arrested live. -

Bay Area protest updates: Tear gas fired in Oakland, Walnut Creek



George Rebane

Tonight FN reported that Soros money was flowing to Antifa cells through one of the organizations that he funds. It did not mention that the money went to some central HQ or controlling unit, but implied that the Soros organization distributed the money to individual Antifa cells to finance their purchase of riot materiel - e.g. brick, tools, flares, ... . Has anyone else any more definite information that supports the administration's assertion that Antifa is a nationally coordinated organization?

Don Bessee

The TDS sets heads exploded over a factual headline -

The New York Times faced an overwhelming backlash from Democratic lawmakers and liberal members of the media over its front-page headline that may have been too favorable towards President Trump.

During a Rose Garden address on Monday, Trump threatened to use military force to quell the riots that have broken out following the death of George Floyd if governors and mayors don't take enough action.

The Times print editor Tom Jolly previewed the front of Tuesday's paper attempting to summarize the day's events.

"As Chaos Spreads, Trump Vows to 'End It Now,'" the top headline read with various images from the protests.



Don Bessee

@916 The occupier alum are putting the band back together, they didn't lose their contact lists.

While doing work for the court reformers at the NC courthouse I watched their terror tactics up close and personal.

Those asshats didn't give a shit about scaring the battered mommies and their terrified little kids waiting in line for the security check who could not flee the area.


Don Bessee

The Salono Mall is being looted right now.


Don Bessee

A tale of two cities -





This'll definitely stir them up a bit.

BREAKING: A trooper and an officer were hit by a car that blew through a line of officers at the protest on Bailey Avenue according to PBA President John Evans. They were taken to ECMC.



"The Solano Mall is being looted right now."

The forklift is a nice touch.


plus, an extra added bonus, some guy is gathering up live facebook videos.



this one appears to be The Looting Channel so far, maybe highlights from the Blue Mob Putsch.


Bill Tozer

Don @ 10:16 pm, second link.

Midtown? What a coincidence. That’s where young Buck is holed up in his overpriced tiny apartment doing his shelter in place, aka, broadcasting from the Freedom Hut. Let’s see what is happening out his window, shall we?


Bill Tozer

New York



GR: "They realize more than any of us that those on the streets are their imperturbable constituents, loyal voters, and their very political lifeblood – they can do no wrong."

Well, that there's the thing, isn't it. In the case of CNN, it's gone well beyond Stockholm Syndrome.

Political mobs are a powerful tool if you can aim them to some extent. Like Goebbels mentioned once (Godwin alert!) concerning a different glass-breaking fandango:

"“the Führer has decided that … demonstrations should not be prepared or organized by the Party, but insofar as they erupt spontaneously, they are not to be hampered.”

My guess is that the police in the beleaguered cities will tend to go on a soft strike as their management gets to kneelin'. It's all rather ironic as the Left's dreams of self-defense restrictions and diversity enhancement, this last with it's attendant decline in community trust, really does imply more state force to keep the peace. Oh well.


And to think people like this run govenmnent.
"Seattle Councilmember Says She Can’t Figure Out Why ‘Looting Bothers People’ When People Are ‘Dying Every Day’"



You gotta hand it to Blue Mob politicians, they can go with the flow.



I'm sure Mommy and Daddy just LOVED the damage the cops did when they came looking for their little angel.
They got a taste of wht Jr. was out doing to others.


GR: "Starting with local police departments, all fielded LE units/agencies are now conducting defensive operations to preserve themselves."

Given current rules of engagement, it's really the only answer. Obviously the police, at least as currently constructed, are unable to contain a full-blown Blue Mob outbreak. This isn't any sort of full blown insurrection, but is constructed more like the Tet Offensive as an attempt to destroy the morale of the political opposition.

Dunno how it's gonna play in the suburbs though.



Here Emery, look who from "O"'s band of criminals is trying to fan the flames.
"For example, former Democratic Party presidential candidate Julián Castro, who served in President Barack Obama’s cabinet, called the Times‘ headline a “fail” because it failed to describe Trump as a “budding dictator”: "

Now... can you point to how Trump has acted "dictator" like?


It appears that the 420th Volunteers aren't appreciated by all POC.



Some news from Idaho.


Bill Tozer

The peaceful protestors in various locations are all beginning to look and feel the same. Like days running together after weeks of COVID-19 lock down. Is today Wednesday or Thursday? It’s that Nashville or Richmond?
Oh no, not the Pulse Bus! Mass transit is good, you idiots. Stop eating your own. Bad peaceful protestors, berry berry bad.

“2:10 a.m. update: A GRTC Pulse bus was set on fire at West Broad and Belvidere streets early Saturday. GRTC bus service is likely to be delayed Saturday morning.

"No GRTC injuries. Pulse bus 2004 is a total loss, but all other buses that were in service are home safely," GRTC Transit System spokeswoman Carrie Rose Pace wrote in an email.

Pace added: "As of right now, GRTC plans to delay the start of Saturday morning service. If rioting continues Saturday, it may be necessary to cancel Saturday service entirely."


Oh no! Not City Hall and the courthouse. Government is here to help, you idiots.

‘Nashville's historic courthouse and city hall set on fire’


Yep, seen one, you have seen them all.

George Rebane

Scenes 758am - ‘Rules of Engagement’, agreed and that’s my point. It’s the timid politicians who impose the ‘Implied’ rules of engagement through their mealy-mouthed public statements. I maintain that the rules of engagement are wrong, and do nothing but invite escalation by the declared destroyers of our civilization. They are equivalent to advance echelons of thugs employed by both the communists and fascists on their road to revolutionary power. Any of them could have been stopped in the streets at this stage of the game.


Random sighting. Store owner vs. The Blue Mob


Bill Tozer



Ok, I couldn’t resist the headline. Liked the Medic Van





'Medic Van'.

ooh, I like the маскировка there.


Go to church, go to jail. Riot in the streets,, "it's all good".


Emery and Mary will be SO upset.
"A Florida sheriff warned would-be looters and home intruders Monday by encouraging residents to fire upon anyone attempting to pillage their homes, following heated protests in the Lakeland area.

“The people in Polk County like guns, they have guns, I encourage them to own guns,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said in a press briefing Monday, according to Fox 13."

Bill Tozer

@ 9:04
Aha. Proof positive that Scenes is a Russian bot. So am I! Let’s do lunch sometime.
Morning Walt. I don’t think Slap Happy and Mt. Menopause will get upset.
First, The Polk County sheriff was just relating Shotgun Joe’s advice to his wife. If someone comes to the door and you don’t know who they are, just take the shotgun and blast it through the door and send the stranger to Kingdom Come, man.

Second, Slap Happy rarely ventures out of Sandbox to places where issues of importance are discussed. Call it our “Punchy Free Zone”. Our safe place. :)

Hmmm. If the police and civic leaders would just post up signs reading “Protest Free Zone” around various small businesses and government buildings, then the problem would be solved.


Scenes @ 7:58- Interesting comparison to Tet; LE should be the same towards Antifa. Leave 30,000 of them dead in the streets like the GIs did. That put a effective end to the Viet Cong, this would put an end to Soros nasty children.

For those who don't remember (or were rooting for the wrong side then as today) the final fall of the South was at the hands of the NVA, the VC had ceased to exist.

Come to think of it, why don't we deport Soros back to Hungary to stand trial as a Nazi collaborator/war crimminal (which he certainly was)? And who let that filthy spawn of Satan into the US in the first place?

Bill Tozer

Solutions starting to emerge.

America hater Ilhan Omar says we should defund the police (and ICE) and now another sheet stain says we should arrest the police. All the police.

Far-Left Activist Tamika Mallory On How To Handle Looters: ‘Arrest The Cops’


Hey, wasn’t it Mallory who along with that racist Linda Sarsour who got the boot from the Women March organization for excluding all Jewish women (and all white women) from leadership positions at the organization....along with her (Mallory) praise for Louis Farrakhan and numerous anti-Semitic remarks? Yep, we should listen to her and Dumb Lemon.


More solutions.


As if there was any doubt where these people are headed. Good thing that the primary object of her study, ancient Egypt, never had any slaves. Maybe we could pick her up an honorary ISIL membership.

Bill Tozer

‘Quelling an Insurrection’
President Trump dusts off the Insurrection Act of 1807 to stop violence rocking American cities.


And a meme


Don Bessee

The people demand law and order -

71 percent of polled American voters said they support the use of the National Guard to supplement city police forces in addressing “protests and demonstrations” (the poll did not use the word “riots”) in American cities.

Of these, 42 percent of voters said they “strongly support” use of the National Guard and 29 percent said they “somewhat support” it.

Only 11 percent “strongly oppose” the measure and 9 percent “somewhat oppose” it.
Republicans are more likely than Democrats to support the use of the National Guard, but a large majority of Democrats (63 percent) either “strongly” or “somewhat” support it as well.

African-American voters are evenly split on the use of the National Guard.
43 percent of polled African-American voters either “strongly oppose” or “somewhat oppose” use of the National Guard, while 42 percent either “strongly support” or “somewhat support” the measure.
Hispanic voters support the use of the National Guard.

54 percent of polled Hispanic voters either “strongly” or “somewhat” support the use of the National Guard, compared to 25 percent who “strongly” or “somewhat” oppose.

A smaller majority of American voters (58 percent) support the use of the U.S. Military to supplement city police forces. 33 percent said they strongly support the measure and 25 percent somewhat support it, compared to 19 percent who strongly oppose and 11 percent who somewhat oppose.





lol. How in the hell do these people get tenure?


They've already destroyed anthropology so now it's off to archaeology we go. There won't be any history, sociology, philosophy, or social sciences left by the end of the century as the SJWs crush everything in their path.

I would pay good money to watch her chat with one of those ancient Egyptians = black people fundamentalists. That would be good fun and worth the popcorn.

Sometimes I think our only hope is to develop machine intelligence as quickly as possible. Otherwise there's a new Dark Age acomin'.

Bill Tozer

On a less dramtic note, looter arrested without incident.


George Rebane

scenes 1104am - The much anticipated joys of the Singularity.


Where is Emery? Yup,, Biden is sure to get elected spewing BS like this.

Yup, blame the cops.. Most sane people know otherwise.

Bill Tozer

The Spin Zone

NYT '1619' Journalist Justifies Looting, Property Damage: 'Not Violence' but 'Symbolic Taking'


Ahhhh. I love Riot Reflections and Meditation time.

Bill Tozer

“If the battle for civilization comes down to the wimps versus the barbarians, the barbarians are going to win.”—Thomas Sowell

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”—John F. Kennedy
Yesterday’s Quotes today...and a meme

Insight: “We are the showcase of the future. And it is within our power to mold that future — this year and for decades to come. It can be as grand and as great as we make it. No crisis is beyond the capacity of our people to solve; no challenge too great.” —Ronald Reagan

For the record: “Logically, it seems impossible to deny that the lockdowns are a major cause of these once-in-a-generation nationwide protests.” —Timothy Carney

Upright: “Riots aren’t a tool for fighting oppression, they are an oppression.” —Michael Brendan Dougherty

Friendly fire: “This is not a protest. This is not in the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. This is chaos. A protest has purpose. When Dr. King was assassinated we didn’t do this to our city.” —Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms

Village idiot: “After stoking the fires of white supremacy and racism your entire presidency, you have the nerve to feign moral superiority before threatening violence? ‘When the looting starts the shooting starts’??? We will vote you out in November.” —Taylor Swift

Non sequitur: “I can tell you this, and this is the blunt truth: The president of the United States helped to create this atmosphere, and that’s the tragedy here. It doesn’t matter what your party affiliation is, doesn’t matter what you think of President Trump; there’s been an uptick in tension since he came along. It’s just a fact. And it’s not the reason for any specific act, but it has helped to poison the atmosphere.” —New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose daughter was arrested over the weekend

Braying jenny: “There really was also many people who chose to demonstrate and not abide by the curfew, who felt like they also were terrorized by the presence of tanks, by the presence of the National Guard and a militarized police.” —Representative Ilhan Omar

Demo-gogues: “[Past presidents] have seen their responsibility to be the president of the United States, to unify our country and not to fuel the flame.” —House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Non compos mentis: “One of the largest forms of theft in the US today is wage theft.” —Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose socialist policies would involve all sorts of tax theft

And last… “The protestors deserve justice — more than ‘we feel bad’ with no substantive measures taken. The rioters and other people just trying to make things worse deserve justice against them. More importantly, the people hurt by this need help. We can manage all of this if we want to.” —Frank J. Fleming



Welll, you gotta love poor Trump getting dragged into all of this.

Democratic cities in Democratic states. Black police chiefs and largely integrated forces. lol.

In the meantime, Biden to the rescue!!


Don Bessee

Another ignorant celeb gets caught up in the previously posted phony pic of the WH with the lights out that happened before Trump was elected -

In response, Hamilton posted a viral image of the White House with the lights turned off, taken during protests on Sunday night, along with the message: “This is the visual that will define Trump. 100,000 dead, 40 million unemployed, cities under attack by violent police.

“When his country needed a leader, Donald Trump turned off the lights and hid in his bunker.”



Don Bessee

You don't hear about this from the lamestream -



Don Bessee

Another socialist narrative fail. Not peaceful and no tear gas at Lafayette park yesterday -

In a statement released on Tuesday by the USPP, the law enforcement agency said “no tear gas was used” when clearing a large of protestors from the area. The USPP said they took the steps “to curtail the violence that was underway,” pushing back against claims that the protest was entirely peaceful.

“At approximately 6:33 pm, violent protestors on H Street NW began throwing projectiles including bricks, frozen water bottles and caustic liquids,” the USPP said in a statement. “The protestors also climbed onto a historic building at the north end of Lafayette Park that was destroyed by arson days prior. Intelligence had revealed calls for violence against the police, and officers found caches of glass bottles, baseball bats and metal poles hidden along the street.”

Still, the Park Police acknowledged using smoke canisters and pepper balls on the protesters.
“As many of the protestors became more combative, continued to throw projectiles, and attempted to grab officers’ weapons, officers then employed the use of smoke canisters and pepper balls when protestors did scatter from the area," the statement said.



Bill Tozer

Buck tweets from the Freedom Hut

Keep hearing the media talk about “growing anger” in reference to the “protestors” feelings-

For God’s sake, you jackasses, how about giving some coverage to the anger people who live in ransacked neighborhoods with curfews and threats of mob violence feel

Just a thought
Go to CNN’s homepage right now. Seriously, go check it out. It’s hilarious and appalling beyond belief.

No photos of devastation in midtown nyc last night. No headlines on it. Just a photo of Biden looking presidential and AG Barr looking ominous next to an armored car

Good to see that as my fellow NYC residents were locked in their homes last night as they could hear looters hollering and glass shattering all across the city, this brave journo at CNN called out the real problem: Donald Trump

Cowardly and insane


Bill Tozer

Was read a list of 26 places where rioting is occurring. 24 of the place are run by Democrat mayors, with one independent and one Republican (Las Vegas and Fontana).

That is just a lead in to my cloudy crystal ball:



Don Bessee

So what do you think this dynamic is going to result in -

The New York Times noted that more than 400 people in New York City have been arrested for looting commercial businesses. Almost all of them will likely be released from jail immediately after their arraignments in court.

Cuomo’s bail reform law, implemented at the beginning of the year, eliminated bail for a number of nonviolent and violent crimes — including for suspects accused of second-degree manslaughter, aggravated vehicular assault, third-degree assault, promoting an obscene sexual performance by a child, criminally negligent homicide, aggravated vehicular homicide, and about 100 other crimes.

Those arrested for looting are likely to be charged with 3rd-degree burglary of a commercial building, a class D felony that no longer requires the suspect to pay any bail to be released from police custody.



Don Bessee

OOOPSI! Lefty dem admitted he does not care but is up for reelection -

Rep. Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., was caught on a hot mic Tuesday saying he “wouldn’t care” about not being allowed to speak at a news conference about the unrest in his Bronx district following the death of George Floyd – if he wasn't in a competitive Democratic primary.

“If I didn’t have a primary, I wouldn’t care,” Engel can be heard telling Bronx President Ruben Diaz twice, as he asks for a chance to speak at a news conference with city and state officials.

“Don’t do that to me,” Diaz responded.



Don Bessee

He would know -

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik called on Gov. Andrew Cuomo Tuesday to step up and take control of the rioting and looting in New York City instead of shifting the blame to New York City's "incompetent" Mayor Bill de Blasio.

"He [Cuomo] specifically criticized the NYPD," Kerik told "Tucker Carlson Tonight." "Well, if the NYPD was not doing their job, and the mayor is not doing his job, New York City is burning. Where are you? Where is the New York state police?

"Why weren’t you involved from the beginning? What are you doing other than talking?" Kerik went on. "This isn’t a competition for criticism. We already know that de Blasio is incompetent, in my opinion. We know he is a super left-wing radical. We know he sympathizes with a number of these protesters..."




Interesting video/tweets/etc. from Infowars courtesy Drudge (in case you hadn't seen them).


Blue Mob Army temporarily routed, 420th Volunteers declare "WE'LL BE BACK".

I was just musing about how strong gun legislation will come in if Biden were to be elected (perfectly plausible, to a large degree Presidents are judged on how well things are going regardless of their involvement in the situation).

Year Zero would sweep in with a bang. Not just MSM and universities given carte blanche to do and say any old thing, but a built up resentment against the ancien regime for daring to stand in the way of progress. The People will demand that those old white males should disarm and move out of the way of history.

You just watch. A single Holy Looter gets shot on camera and the uproar begins.


Scenes. I love the part about the cops "wanting educate business owners" about guns. Yup, that's Ca. alright.
They want LIBshits to come forward to pres charges?
Thug protection almost at it's best.


And CNN throws gas on the fire.
"CNN’s Chris Cuomo went out of his way to encourage more riots in Democrat-run cities by arguing nowhere is it written “protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful.”

Bill Tozer

Scenes @7:40 am
Thank you. That was news to me, but not surprising. Yes, in many suburbs across the nation, its “Come on in the water is warm, you scum.”
Walt @ 8:11

“CNN’s Chris Cuomo went out of his way to encourage more riots in Democrat-run cities by arguing nowhere is it written “protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful.”

I dunno. Somewhere I read something about the right to peaceful assembly. If you want to hide something from The Enemy of the People and the average Lib, put it in the Constitution.
We have heard about stack of bricks being strategically placed near buildings in looting/rioting zones with no planned construction in the area. Now, it’s water bottles filled with petro.

From USA Today:
“John Miller, the NYPD deputy commissioner for intelligence and counterterrorism, stated Sunday that there's evidence some of these groups have organized scouts, medics and supply routes of rocks, bottles and accelerants, and authorities have already made a large number of arrests from out of state. And the Minneapolis police report that they have found water bottles filled with gasoline hidden in bushes throughout neighborhoods where fires were set.”


*Note. I like the writer of the column. Written from the Freedom Hut. Moving on up.

Bill Tozer

Old news, but this line made me laugh.


“Rahman allegedly tossed the bottle, which was filled with gasoline. She then jumped into a van Mattis was driving and they sped off. The bottle did not ignite. Ah, lawyers”

Let’s see how the Minneapolis press is covering rioting and looting and arson and violence:

The headlines on the home page of Minneapolis’s Star Tribune provide a glimpse of recent developments as the city has descended into madness and chaos:

“Minnesota Human Rights Department launches probe into Minneapolis police.” Subhead: “The investigation will look at Minneapolis police policies and procedures over the past 10 years to determine if police engaged in discriminatory practices.”

“Mother of George Floyd’s daughter speaks as thousands fill Capitol grounds to demand change.” Subhead: “With their daughter by her side, Roxie Washington struggled through emotion to share that Floyd’s life was more than his final moments.”

“Minneapolis police cite ‘fluid’ situation for troubling misinformation released after George Floyd death.” Subhead: “The most credible accounts of what happened that night came from bystander video and private surveillance footage.”

“Charges: Minnesotans drove plateless car, carried guns and hammer during George Floyd protest.” Subhead: “The case conflicts with authorities’ initial warnings that “outside agitators” were largely responsible for the havoc that trailed protests.”

“Condition of burned Lake Street liquor store cuts short search for possible body.” Subhead: “Witnesses said someone didn’t make it out, but it’s unclear who, if anyone.”

“In Minneapolis, a quiet army of generosity gains strength.” Subhead:
“The sheer scope of support, pouring in from Minnesota and the nation, has surprised and relieved exhausted Minneapolis communities.”

“Protesters return to the streets as Trump decries ‘lowlifes'” (a wire service story).

“Trucker who drove into protesters on 35W Bridge released without charges.” Subhead: “‘Investigators are in the process of gathering additional information and answers to aid in the charging decision,’ a statement says.”

And from the Star Tribune board of editors: “Ellison can help build trust that justice will be served in Floyd case.” Subhead: “Attorney general’s experience in civil rights is needed as case tests legal system’s credibility.” It’s time to stop the madness!


Bill Tozer

President Trump Hails Retired St. Louis Police Captain Killed by Rioters


George Rebane

The mid-road reader should note that all of the relevant news in the above comment stream is water of the ducks back to our liberal readers, they simply don't see any of it (unless, of course, it appears on CNN or MSNBC or ...) - anti-Americanism in war and peace.

Bill Tozer

Several law-abiding African Americans have been murdered by rioters, including David Dorn and David Patrick Underwood. I looked at LeBron James’s twitter site. He says nothing about them. In fact, the death of these and other African Americans, as well as those beaten by rioters, and black owned shops looted and burned, are all but ignored by the Black Lives Matter movement and their celebrity advocates. The same with top national Democrats, such as Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer. And the same with many media figures and commentators. Why is that? Not only do all lives matter, but all black lives matter.--Mark Levin

If Facism ever comes to America, it will come in the form of liberalism--Ronald Reagen

Its here, Mr. President


Meanwhile, Tucson, with a population larger than Minneapolis/St. Paul, chugs along without protests or riots, got thru the WuWhoFlu with little residual damage and remains perfectly delightful. Any of our liberals care to explain why there's been no violence here?

Bill Tozer

‪"Black votes matter to many politicians — more so than black lives. That is why such politicians must try to keep black voters fearful, angry and resentful. Racial harmony would be a political disaster for such politicians."‬
‪--@ThomasSowell ‬



...and the beat goes on.



re: BillT "Thank you. That was news to me, but not surprising."

You can see the problem if you look at news stories about San Bernardino.

Generally, the whole situation can be a win-win for the Left. If your main philosophy in life is to encode and enforce a giant book of rules for everyone, the last few months have gone swimmingly. Social cohesion has been breaking down for years due to Diversity!, offshoring, and wealth disparity (largely due to the financialization of the economy I think), and what could be better than the mistrust you build up from an epidemic and random packs of kids beating people and burning down buildings.

It's all too complicated to be the result of a plan I think, but the situation can certainly be taken advantage of. The replacement of a culture with some new Leviathan is not a small task.

George Rebane

L 1019am - Simple answer Larry; Tucson is a racist city and scares hell out any demonstrator who claims that there has been no progress on race in this country since 1964.

BillT 1021am - Good find Mr Tozer. I'm posting it as the tagline for this commentary. Thank you.

Bill Tozer

@ 11:22 pm
"Its all too complicated to be the result of a plan I think, but the situation can certainly be taken advantage of."

Agreed. There is always spontaneous combustion once the fire starts. Inciting riots was planned. Once a riots starts, the details don't matter, nor are the opportists under anyone's control.
Police Officers Hit By Cars, Shot, Beaten In Numerous Cities On Monday Night Amid ViolentRiots


The officer in Vegas was shot in the back of the head.


It's like the plot of the story writes itself.


(son of some well-known Democrat, you guessed it...)

Bill Tozer

The 10 point action plan


Don Bessee

Sounds like they need the military and a new non-communist mayor -




We see who the rioters like.


A little reminder.
Some LIBS are running on the idea of "ending police "
Yup,, no more cops. Remember that? Think they are still yapping that?
Good luck ending a riot without them.

Don Bessee

I think this may be up thread but its worth watching people defend themselves again -



Don Bessee

If you think there is no socialist deep state then check out these birds of feather and read the reality of who they are -

Obama-era ex-intel official secures bail for NYC lawyer suspected of hurling Molotov cocktail in George Floyd unrest



Bill Tozer

Why Looters like Rolexes



Gun control......dead for the next hundred years!



Catch and release was such a "progressive" idea..
Protesters get hauled off to jail, just to do a little paperwork and then walk out the door. No bail needed.
The ones that did get locked up get bailed out by "O" and Biden minions.

Bill Tozer

Well, now we know what the peaceful protestors really think of affordable housing. Of all the buildings burned, the six story affordable housing project has caught my attention the most and has received little lamestream media attention. Talking about shitting where you eat. Best to guard the proposed affordable housing site at Ridge Road and Zion Street from those Nevada City liberals when construction starts. Fire season approaches and the fire bugs are out in force.



Burn baby burn.

Bill Tozer

Another Thomas Sowell quote to compliment the header.



...and with this simple act shares of Firearms manufacturers became the new early internet stocks!

Movement to defund police gains 'unprecedented' support...



Hey....Gil Garcetti is going to spend Los Angelenos (and Californians) tax money to buy himself the governorship in 2024 when Pretty, Pretty Gavin runs for the presidency.

Los Angeles is cutting $100M–$150M from LAPD budget to be ‘reinvested in black communities and communities of color.’

Burn down your neighborhood for fabulous, fabulous prizes!



Someone find Emery..
Just a peaceful looting.


Posted by: Walt | 04 June 2020 at 10:37 AM

Just a peaceful looting.

Local "newsperson" (wouldn't you just love to psychoanalyze the motive behind this self admission) Slappy Emery has probably shifted to the new and approved terminology......not "looters"...not "rioters"....prejudicial!

"Peaceful Protestors"....nothing but peace....peace, peace, peace!

"It was just a horror movie," Lana Negrete, 40, who now co-owns the center with her father Chico and runs the business with her husband. "They took everything from us, and no one stopped them. It was so violating."

Nestled on 19th Street and Santa Monica Boulevard, the center – started in 1972 by Cuban-Spanish brothers Paul "Chico" and Victor Fernandez – rented out musical instruments at low costs to local schools and anyone looking to learn who couldn't afford to buy their own. Its upstairs music school brought together a vast spectrum of the southern California community from the low income and the struggling, to the young and the old, and to those who wanted to learn anything from Beethoven to Beyonce to the Beetles (sic.....useless fucking journalists) and beyond.

You want to make an omelette you gotta break a couple eggs! Punch understands that destroying the lifes work of Hispanic business owners is a fair trade in the quest to make a new society!



Fish.. Some of that "transformation of America "O" was talking about.. His private army is on the march.

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