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05 June 2020


Mary Wanna

Trump has no clue,



LOL!!! from the one who went by Capt. Clueless.👍🤦‍♂️🤣

Rightwing anarchists? Someone is smoking some good 💩..

Emery must be out waiving his walker at cars from the overpass.


Now ain't that special? You demanded "no bail"(catch and release) and you got it, You patted yourself on the back for getting it done.
Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing for looters to be charged with bail-eligible crimes — after his sweeping bail reforms made that all but impossible.

New York’s bail reforms, which took effect January 1 of this year, removed the option of cash bail for a number of misdemeanors and non-violent felonies — which included stealing from stores or looting, which is classified as “burglary in the third degree.” "

Yes,,, now you bitch.


Posted by: Walt | 05 June 2020 at 11:12 AM

Nahh......Slappy only shows up when there is a new poll out that reinforces his argument. Any poll out now is too close to Americas latest country wide "Urban Shopping" spree to be of any real value.

I think it's helping him learn though.....


James Howard Kunstler speaks:

Of course, George Floyd didn’t deserve to die with a cop’s knee on his neck and his face mashed into the pavement, but after yesterday’s first of what will be several funerals for the now revered former armed robber and convict, you’d think he was the second coming (and going) of George Washington. Uh, check that… Washington was a slave-owner and, by definition, a racist. Make that Julius Caesar — based on the way that the Rev. Al Sharpton was bellowing at funeral No.1 Thursday in Minneapolis. Say, what? Julius Caesar owned slaves too? How about Abe Lincoln then? Naw, just another white man? And a secret racist (so they say).

Racist, racist racist! America is racist! Racism is systemic! Racism flows in the hallowed blood of the American system, going back all the way to 1619! All white people are racist. Get down on your bellies and crawl like a snake and beg forgiveness for your natural-born, inalienable racism! Anyway, that’s reality according to The New York Times, America’s premier journal of racism studies.

To prove that America is hopelessly racist, the nation has been treated to, what — ? — seven, or is it now eight nights of looting and burning by young black people acting out every racist stereotype from the Ku Klux Klan official manual of racism. The rest of the news media bent over backwards to avoid deploring the mayhem in the streets, rather, to invert the very looting, burning, and rioting as proof positive that America is racist to the bone. Look what you made us do! Steal sneakers and Rolex watches! Shoot cops, including an old retired black cop (uh, my bad) and run over several more cops with cars! Destroy businesses large and small that have been shut down for three months by corona virus to make sure they won’t ever dare to resume their racist trade in things that white people like!

Has anyone detected a hustle in the past week’s dire proceedings? Well, how would you define a hustle? How about: an attempt to gain advantage by deceitful means. What! Are you saying there was something dishonest about the reaction from sea to shining sea to George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis? I am. For example, the massive protest marches. Who exactly was disputing that the death of George Floyd was a miscarriage of justice? Nobody. Did the cops get away with it? No, they’re all getting indicted for murder or being accessories to a murder by standing around watching it and doing nothing to stop it.

No, this is a hustle, all right, perhaps the most obvious hustle in US history. It’s the Democratic Party’s last stratagem to get the monster of its own creation, Donald Trump, out of the White House. RussiaGate didn’t do it (in fact, it’s backfiring rather horribly now), ImpeachmentGate was a dud. Welcome to GeorgeFloydGate! I know it’s hard to imagine at this moment of maximum televised sanctimony, but this gambit is going to flop, too. A lot of voters have probably noticed that the wholesale looting and burning of US cities is not in the national interest. And that the people who do it don’t deserve special favors.




It would take a heart of stone not to laugh.......

George Floyd Rioters Deface Civil War Monument… Celebrating Black Union Patriots.



Right wing anarchists. Welcome to 2020...



Ahhh.. A "NEW" TROLL.... WOW!!! Three dudes... BFD.
Nothing like the 30,000 or more LIB anarchists running wild.

Good luck with that.

Bill Tozer

Oh Walt, there are extremists on both sides. The only problem is, turn on the news and you with see the ratio is 1,000 to to, advantage Democrats. Did not notice any MAGA hat’s on the boob tube across the nation with countless hours of video...in Democrat strongholds.. I didn’t see one shot of a MEGA hat, did you? Me neither.

Did you know Charlie Mason was a Democrat?

George Rebane

Wade 247pm - "Two men charged with conspiring to incite violence and civil unrest at protests over the killing of George Floyd previously sought to do the same thing at protests against coronavirus lockdowns, in both instances seeking to promote their extremist agenda, federal prosecutors say."

All right, that's more like it! Now we've found the two rightwing anarchists that started all the rioting, lootings, and killings across the country. We knew they were there somewhere planning and controlling the whole show. Glad to see that it's all taken care of now.

Bill Tozer

moi @ 3:08 pm

Butcher that one. Gives me an opportunity to correct the record. I mean to say:

“Oh Walt, there are extremists on both sides. The only problem is, turn on the news and you with see the ratio is 1,000 to ONE, advantage Democrats.”

I should have said, Oh Walt, there are extremists on both sides. The only problem is, turn on the news and you with see the ratio is 10,000 to one, advantage criminal Democrats.

Mea Culpa.

Bill Tozer

@ 3,02 pm
Three dudes? More like the Three Stooges.


The goalposts are moving quickly. First they aren't real, then there aren't enough of them in custody to count. Granted the Boogaloo Boi thing is not a huge movement but they are most certainly right wing and anarchist. And they are all over the Discord servers and chan boards talking about violently disrupting protests.

Umbrella Guy was almost certainly a provocateur of some sort, no?

And no, posting a link to a news story isn't "trolling." Just popped by to get George's take on things and you guys seemed genuinely confused / incredulous about it.


Pretty sure police aren't allowed to wear their maga hats on the job.

(that's actually a bit of a troll, there, so I'll see myself out. As you were, gentlemen)

George Rebane

Wade 323pm - At the numbers involved for both cohorts, the citations for 'rightwing anarchists' stretches the notion of fringe beyond comprehension. If such small relative frequencies are considered relevant to any discussion, then some number of ANY characterization from any complex and large sample like the US population can be dredged to support any narrative. Compared to the tens of thousands leftwingers in the streets actually doing something, apparently it doesn't take too many of these rightwing anarchists planning in the bushes to give you comfort in this argument.

And who claimed that rightwing anarchists weren't real? The question missed by the progressive here is 'were they involved?'


Blue Flu begins: https://www.investigativepost.org/2020/06/05/police-unit-resigns-in-protest/

"And they are all over the Discord servers and chan boards talking about violently disrupting protests."

Barely visible on /pol, mostly they are made fun of to the extent it exists. There are probably more reporters on that story than guys in Hawaiian shirts.


"The only problem is, turn on the news and you with see the ratio is 1,000 to ONE, advantage Democrats.”"

No doubt. It's natural. If you look for folks to change the world into a utopia, who feel put upon, and don't have anything to lose, you'll recruit from the young/poor (not so much from POC I think, they are mostly too practical to think in terms of revolution and will tend to act towards self-advantage instead). Hard core traditionalists will draw from older people with memories (sometimes false) of how things used to be. Natural Republicans but angrier.

If you have a house and kids you don't tend to bludgeon people with bicycle locks.

I think it's why child soldiers are such a natural fit with the more exotic revolutions. A 12 year old with an AK is good fodder for Leftist thought at this point in history.

Bill Tozer

Any comment from Bill Ayers who actually tried to blow up a police station?


Bill Tozer

What a difference a week makes. Never knell before a mob.

'How Do We Go From Cheering Cops to Hating Them in One Week'



"Never kneel before a mob."

Boy howdy, ain't that the truth.

No matter how much handwaving you do about 'what it really means', it really is a pose of submission.

Not having a store to burn down, I think that the occasional kneeling by cops/military or locally (see newspaper) irritates me more than just about any of this. It hits at a deeper than intellectual level. Never kneel.

Add the golden coffin...
...and a man who died for this country's sins, and you have the makings of a new religion.


" far-right militias, radical gun rights activists, white supremacists and neo-Nazis. " Yaa,, So "far right" they are actually Left.
Sorry Proggys. " white supremacists and neo-Nazis" belong to you.

Your desperation is showing. Those FBI and DOJ guys referenced in the story,, well could they be part of the Anti Trump deep state?

Don Bessee

First paint the street in front of the WH with black lives matters and then this -




I won't blame the cops one bit if they gave city hall the finger and said "You can control the street vermin yourself."

Another fine Obummer moment.
"The Los Angeles police union is calling Mayor Eric Garcetti “unstable” after he called police “killers” on Thursday, as members accused the City Council of “bow[ing] to Black Lives Matter.” "

Don Bessee

Its amazing we are in a place that it was even a question -



Mary Wanna

Of course a clueless buffoon like Trump would spout off all kinds of conspiracies about antifa, he obviously promotes the Rooskies Bots,


Don Bessee

Good for him standing up to the empress of Michigan -




He/she found her/his crack/meth stash.
Finding those never heard of sites on the dark web?

This riot is ALLL LIB on LIB dude in a skirt. Lib cop in a LIB city. And your LIBs don't want to do shit about it.
That's how you win the election....... Uh,,, right?

Barry Pruett

Cops should go on strike for a few weeks.

George Rebane

Not a bad idea to try out Barry.

Bill Tozer


Entire Buffalo Emergency Response Team resigns in solidarity with cops who pushed old man


Enforce your own curfew.


Bill beat me to it.. But here is another version.
"The entire 57-member squad of the Buffalo Police Emergency Response Team resigned Friday in protest, after two of their officers were suspended without pay for pushing a 75-year-old man, according to the Investigative Post. "
Just because your old gives you no right to ignore lawful orders.

Just like when "O" was here.. Badmouth the cops.

Scott O

Mary Waaaah! 5:17 - Wow! 5 (count 'em) 5 'rural' counties didn't have any buses with antifa rioters.
So - antifa doesn't exist?
antifa doesn't riot?
What's your point, pointless?
5 small towns in France in the 1940's didn't have NAZIs show up so no NAZIs showed in France.
So that's how that works?
Mary needs a new brain.
Let's all pitch in a few pennies.
Anything would be better than the one she has.

Scott O

Hey, hey - I saw the 'right wing anarchists'.
They were at Burger King eating Whoppers with the 'Meat Eating Vegetarians'.
Right next door were the 'Round The World' Flat Earthers.
You lefties are always good for a laugh.
Next you'll promote a perpetual motion machine called "The Shite Eater".

Bill Tozer

Scott @ 8:08 pm


‘Rioters Don’t Want Criminal Justice Reform — They Want A Revolution’

The white privilege on display here is on the left, where radical whites play at revolution, often to the detriment of poor minorities


Scott O

Again, Mary 5:17 - "...he obviously promotes the Rooskies Bots,"
Except he doesn't.
If it was 'obvious' - wouldn't it be super simple for Mary to provide some sort of back up or proof or evidence?


Uh oh......!

UPDATE: Uh oh. Even Talcum X has figured out that “systemic racism” is a Democratic Party problem.

Looks like somebody is doing some “unapproved” thinking......


Bill Tozer

Talcum X!

Best laugh of the day goes to Mr. Fish. Thank you. Talcum X should hook up with Rachel Dolezal.

Bill Tozer

Recommended...if you have the time. One of his better ones. 8 minutes on the Talcom Xs of the world, aka, the bigotry of the Far Left.


Bill Tozer

Take me to your leader.

‘Journalist Sues Rose City Antifa for Assaulting Him Last Year’


Bill Tozer

re: update. Polls Bad of Orange Man Bad....berry berry bad.

Poll: 40% Of Likely Black Voters Approve Of President Trump

FYI Dr. Rebane.
I saw the polls referred to in the Update early this morn and thought to myself that the Poll Watcher will be revved up and ready to go before I even cracked open RR. I was disappointed. No “For your reading pleasure”. Sad face. Like, how could you miss that. Big early story. I thunk wrong.

Took him a lot of hours, pert’ near all day. Take about missing a step, he’s slowing down and losing his MoJo. Always a silver lining. Or, he could have been busy covering the local (90% female) peaceful Knell for Justice gatherings. Funny how we can have real peaceful assemblies and protests and marches up here without incident. It works that way when you follow the law doIng whatever floats your boat. We up here follow ‘The Plan’. The Plan is also known as the Constitution.



Sure go ahead and riot all you want........

Mayor Lori Lightfoot denounces vigilantism in Chicago after white men patrol neighborhood streets with bats

Cognitive dissonance should hurt way more than it appears to......


Mary Wanna

Sorry chicken hawk Tom Cotton, the army is going back to base.


Mary Wanna

I didn't do it...No, I don't take responsibility,


George Rebane

MaryW 846am - "chicken hawk Tom Cotton" Sen Cotton is a veteran infantry officer having served two combat tours with the 101st Airborne in Afghanistan.

Et tu?


He/she is pro mob rule... Got it. Thanks.
As for honorable service? Not a chance in hell.

Bill Tozer

Day nine of “mostly peacefu” protests

CBS Decries NYPD Enforcing Curfew, Ignores Officers Being Shot and Stabbed








Bill Tozer

Riot Reflections

Bill de Blasio’s singing ‘Imagine’ while his city’s in flames



(note to our Blue Mob members...Fox News Alert...don't bother...just go kneel for forgiveness for a while and you'll feel better).

I thought I'd check on MSM instead of personal youtube feeds for once and ran into this Tucker C. clip.

Mostly nothing you don't already know, but the interesting thing is that he walks through the 10 unarmed black people killed by police last year with a quick summary (at about 10 minutes?). Just a bit more grist for the mill for opinion formation.


Bill Tozer

Best quote I saw last night is: “I did not come to this country to have my children kneel.”


re: BillT@10:23

No riot hijinks, but some idea of what a part of NYC looks like.


You gotta hand it to the revolutionaries out on Paul and Mary's Excellent Adventure. They're thorough.

Mary Wanna

George: Thank you. I stand corrected. That would make Tom a beliver in Trump's wannabe military junta..


So much for the riots being for "injustice"

"Looters who hit L.A. stores explain what they did: 'Git my portion!"

And Marty in drag is all for it.

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 10:30 am
Wilhelm diBlasio




Bill Tozer


“Y’all better leave some buildings for November, you're going to need something to burn when Trump gets reelected.”

Barry Pruett

The clerk at Raleys told us that she saw people getting off buses in downtown GV today. 🤷🏻‍♂️


"Git my portion!"

Catchy. Everyone wants to help eat the Little Red Hen's bread I guess.

Really, a riot is a mere continuation of policy by other means. It's painfully obvious in an era where elected officials throw law enforcement under the bus and pay off their army with designer handbags and jaunty athletic shoes. There's nothing new to weaponizing the urban plebs, although the Roman sort actually did useful things for a living.

In the meantime, most of yer default American flyover folks just think it's a thing on TV, a sort of reality show that won't alter their lives. Aside from thought tyranny on campus, the Blue Mob hasn't entered their reality....yet.


" people getting off buses in downtown GV today."

That's a nice thing to hear.

I wonder if it's simply more homeless shipments from elsewhere (the gift that keeps on giving) or some nice people that want to give us our own little Kristallnacht.

The Blue Mob works in not so mysterious ways, it's wonders to behold.


This is the kind of stuff the will get Repubs elected.

Being anti cop is not going to help LIBs beat Trump.
So keep going with your bad self Lefties..


Shotgun Joe is now “Shoot em in the leg Joe”......

Biden: Just Wing Him


Bill Tozer

Defund the Police. If you disagree, go home.

“A vote for Trump is a vote for jobs. A vote or Biden is a vote for mobs.” — Mark Levin

Don Bessee

So when you neuter the cops attack the prez and let the town burn you want the feds to pay for your wokeness?!?!



George Rebane

Anybody notice how silent our leftwingers are on all this crap coming down. The really get excited when the next poll comes out or Trump stick his foot in his mouth again. Those are their big victories, but about what counts on Main Street, they don't have a clue.


There has ro be many a Lefty that ain't buying into this lawlessness and will cast their vote accordingly.
They have to think that Trump is far better than the alternitive.


"Anybody notice how silent our leftwingers are on all this crap coming down."

It doesn't seem too surprising.

A. They're in favor of burning down the cities because....TRUMP!!
B. It's an impossible thing to justify.

So what can you say? At least we've been spared hearing about imaginary right wing Trump Nazi groups that are torching stores and stealing designer handbags, although RL Crabb was skirting it. PRETTY NICE LITTLE COUNTRY YA GOT HERE, SURE HATE TO SEE IT BURN DOWN.



So Grass Valley got invaded by outsiders.
Now go the hell home.

Todd Juvinall

George Rebane | 06 June 2020 at 06:23 PM

Yes they are all excited about Trump holding a bible or taking that hyrodrug. But not about the rioting or the looting. In fact, I bet Paul Emery and his ilk cream their jeans when they watch that stuff. The looters were driven back by store owners armed with guns in Van Nuys today. It was a live broadcast on TV! Anyway, they looters scurried away when they saw the two double barrels. Cops finally showed up and cuffed the store owners who were black. Thank goodness the TV gal told the cops they were the good guys.


and the beat goes on.


Bill Tozer

Live: F**K your curfew.


Gee, imagine all the people saying F#^k your lock down.

Don Bessee

The fakenews is working overtime lying their asses off but does anyone think the red guard is going to know the truth from fiction? NAW! -

Prominent Reporters Falsely Accuse Trump of Suggesting George Floyd Would Be Happy about Jobs Numbers



Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ 6:23 pm

Mystery solved. Thomas Sowell lays out the problem why they haven’t a clue. They are missing an ingredient to figuring it out; ‘considerable knowledge’. Heck, average knowledge would work.

Thomas Sowell
It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance.

Bill Tozer

I like the comment stream, so here is a link to the above post.


Don Bessee

While LE is already having trouble filling classes in academies who is going to want to man the thin blue line going forward -

The 292 figure provided by police gave some initial context to the fallout of how the protests, lasting over a week, have impacted law enforcement -- which has faced threats of violence, defunding and harassment in the streets. Messages like "F--k the police," acab (all cops are b---ards) and descriptions of cops as "pigs" have been painted across buildings and monuments in U.S. cities, and held up on protesters' signs.

The extent of the 292 injuries is unclear. While the bulk of protests have reportedly been peaceful, U.S. cities have utilized law enforcement to tamp down on the more violent and destructive aspects. The unrest has become so dangerous that President Trump threatened to deploy the armed forces to help police officers and the National Guard.

Highlighting the potential for violence, the NYPD tweeted a video of a brutal assault on one of their police officers, who was on anti-looting patrol in Brooklyn Wednesday. "This was not a chance encounter -- it was a planned assassination attempt on an NYPD police officer. It's only by sheer luck that this didn't have a drastically different outcome," the department said in a tweet.

In Oregon, the Portland Police Bureau and Multnomah County Sheriff's Office also tweeted images of objects thrown at them during protests. The seemingly random objects included glass beer bottles, bricks, batteries, ball bearings, garbanzo bean cans and White Claws.

Perhaps most notably, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., put her stamp of approval on the far-left police defunding demand as a policy solution to combat brutality and racial injustice during a congressional primary debate that aired Friday night on NY1.

Also in New York, a congressional candidate, Laura Ashcraft, sent a fundraising email that read: "F&$# THE POLICE."



Don Bessee

At least they are showing their true selves. -



Don Bessee

Talk about turning history on its head trying to conflated D-Day with Antifa. -




Word on the street.



This might have been posted before, but just because I like it....



You know, maybe we could get the crew at KVMR to all kneel. Make a day of it.


Posted by: scenes | 06 June 2020 at 09:10 PM

Word on the street.

You do find the most entertaining videos.

All most ten full minutes......consisting almost exclusively of “Muthafuckah”, Ayrab, AK foatysen, “cheap ass Chinese shit”, and “bitch”! And people say oratory is dead!

Well If nothing else one has to applaud her for her stamina.

Bill Tozer

Boy, those thug scum and Democrats sure get all upset when there is a little push back. Even a tiny bit. The bully runs to the school principle and mommie when he finally gets punched in the nose after of years of harassing others.

Word of the street: Call the cops! Call my cousin the homicide detective.

The 75 year old man who got pushed back away from the Rapid Response Team enforcing curfew on the Buffalo Streets has quite the interesting history. The kind of guy who shouts down others, bullies people to get his way, rides roughshod over city council meetings. After watching the video a few times, I realized nobody has ever pushed him pack all this years of his radical life.

As we used to say, “He talks that way because he never has been stabbed.” All those looters and rioters and criminals destroying property and livihood....each with a cell phone, are the first to call the cops at the hint of pushback. Cowards. Scum. Losers.

Oh, the water bottles the peaceful protestors throw at police....no biggy, except the are frozen waters bottles. Lying sacks of shit the media is.

Bill Tozer

Where is Rudy when the city needs him?


I grew up in an unsafe NYC with over 2000 murders a year. Last year it was around 300. Policing rescued this city.

NYPD has saved, statistically, thousands of lives over the last two decades

And based on the numbers, those were mostly minority lives.



Scenes @ 9:10- Couldn't listen to the whole thing, but she sounds like one of Keachie's pupils that moved down to Oakland for some higher education. Nice work, Doug.


On trump's bad poll numbers...
Rasmussen has him (Friday's result) at 48%...

Not great but not that bad, either.


Toronto man is arrested for turning up to an anti-racism protest in BLACKFACE and yells 'I got a tan' as he is escorted away by cops after demonstrators attacked him

When contacted by the media for additional information Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's press secretary had no further comment.



No,, squatting don't count as "rent free".


Come to think of it,, that's another admission of guilt.
He/she is Dougy... In a MOO MOO..(Fashion by Omar)


Still no Emery? He must be beside himself with glee.
The radical hippie days re-lived. Drag out the protest clothes of yesteryear? They still have the faint smell of CS gas?

The late 60's and early 70's of civil unrest have returned!
Marching in Downtown Grass Valley pissing off locals must hace made your year.


Here you go LIBS,,
"NYC Activist: ‘If I Want to Burn this Motherf**ker to the Ground, I Will … This Is a Peaceful Protest’"

Yup the street rat definition of "peaceful".
So when the animals set their sites on you, you go right ahead with your candy ass "I'm on your side" sales pitch,as they burn and/or beat youe ass into the ground. See how far 911 will get you.

Bill Tozer

For a different take.....


“Apparently two of the four Minneapolis police officers on the scene of the death of George Floyd not only attended the University of Minnesota, but were students in . . . the Sociology department! This has caused something of a crisis for the department, as you might imagine. The leadership of the department has reportedly asked grad students not to make any comments to the media about the two officers, or how the department clearly failed in their primary mission of indoctrinating these two pre-officers into proper socialism.”....

“Pass the popcorn. Wish I could be in the sociology department faculty meetings over the next few weeks.” :)


Bill Tozer

Oh my. One brave man speaks out. I am certain he will be thrown into the wood chipper next.

‘I Must Object’


Marty VDB

hey Toes don't you have some family history with corrupt racist cops?

Bill Tozer

Lol. My family history with corrupt racist cops includes taking down the Police chief of a city of over 100,000 and two city council members involved in a police purchasing contract rigged for the benefit of the Chief’s buddy...an inferior product to boot. Keep connecting those dots. I am flattered. Oh, how about those mob stories? I love those even more.

Bill Tozer

Left-wing Chicago mayor says law-abiding gun owners shouldn't use guns for self-defense amid rioting: 'If there's a problem, call 911'


Hmmm. Wasn’t the mayor the one, who after declaring extreme lock down of non-essential businesses and social distancing orders and one needed proof (essential justification) to be outside....wasn’t she the one who snuck out to go to the beauty parlor to have her hair done? Well, what ever the beauty parlor did to her appearance, the mayor should demand a refund.

Bill Tozer

More riot reflections: “But if it saves just one life....”

‘Officials who pushed strict lockdowns now argue protesters are an exception’


My riot reflections (partial) are this:
1) The millions of dollars in property damage certainly blew the C-19 panic right into the dustbin of history. Maybe the C-19 shelter in place orders were never about saving lives, but more about power and control.
2) The riots and looting also exposed how 100% captive the modern Democrat Party is to Political Correctness.
Buildings Matter? Gee, a dummy like me thought buildings matter too....in light of all the myriad articles on sheltering the homeless and billions earmarked for that goal coast to coast. The mayor of LA ran on the unequivocal bold promise that he would SOLVE the homeless humongous problem in LA in ten years, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Guaranteed. Housing is a right! But, then they say that destroying buildings and people’s stuff is not violence, not really violence, so it’s ok.

I am confused.

Philly Inquirer Staff Revolts Over Factual Headline: 'Buildings Matter, Too'

“...But she also wrote that neighborhoods in Philadelphia have yet to recover 50 years after rioting, but facts matter less than feelings.”


Oh, these riot reflections are not confusing IF you put it all under the stranglehold PC has on the left. COVID-19 safety guidelines and orders was just collateral damage to the Higher Good. Black businesses torched and destroyed? Just more collateral damage. Black homes destroyed? Oh, that is the casualty of war waged by the Blue Mob. Black men killed by rioters? Same. Collateral damage in the War For The Higher Good.

Yep, a dummy like me thunk (and continues to think) that peaceful protests and riots cannot co-exist.


The 420th Volunteers just got back from their UK Tour 2020.



No comment.


Mary Wanna

Looks like they busted an Antifa,

Air Force sergeant arrested in ambush of Santa Cruz deputy; link to Oakland shooting eyed https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/Air-Force-sergeant-arrested-in-ambush-of-Santa-15323113.php?t=77aa6493b7

Mary Wanna

Brainwashed Trumpers with guns "capture" Antifa,



an absolutely perfect BBC headline.



So what MOOMOO man/chick? There are bad actors everywhere.
People in the military are not much different than anyone else.
Most are better than some.

Hummm Outsiders show up in a ratty school bus. You can thank LIB asswipes for people being quick on the trigger.

Your white. Show up near a riot back home in Berkeley..Dare ya'. Let's see what kind of home coming reception you get by saying "I'm one of YOU!!"
Have the balls GOD gave lizards? Come on He/she,, put your money where you mouth is. (or your ass for that matter)




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