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24 June 2020


Robert Cross

Gee George.. I have noticed that all of my posts automatically go into the dust bin.. is this so you can review the content before posting? Nothing like censorship is there..


Posted by: Paul Emery | 02 July 2020 at 11:01 AM

Did you go? Did you get sick? Then why whine about it Punch?

Don Bessee

Snapping back? -

Payrolls surged 4.8 million, the most since the Labor Department began keeping records in 1939, helped by the reopening of factories and restaurants.


Bill Tozer

Masks, masks. Guess masks are the best we got, with most good masks blocking out down to 100 microns. Unfortunately, the virus has been measured at one micron. As they say, it’s like putting up a chain link fence to keep the mosquitoes out.

The interesting thing about the current spike is the number of positive cases is up, but the death rate is going down.

Here is a guy down in Ventura Country giving the council his opinion.


Mary Wanna

Your basic gun toting evangelical. The shotgun is one of your ideal weapons for home defense...and nude tubbers.

"Neighbors say a long-running dispute between two Las Vegas homeowners began as a complaint over nude hot-tubbing activities, the Las Vegas Sun reported.

Police say the neighborhood feud ended Thursday when Andrew Cote, 36, killed his 71-year-old neighbor and her friend with a shotgun, KVVU reported.

Cote’s young daughter was present when Cote shot neighbor Mildred Olivo and her friend Timothy Hanson over a brick divider between their back yards, KLAS reported. Cote told police he “noticed Hanson was still moving and shot him in the head a second time.”

Cote then called 911 to report he’d killed them with a shotgun, KSNV reported."

Bill Tozer

Sure a lot of fun-toting evangelicals out there. Heck, one killed two people on Greenhorn road recently. And who can forget the illegal alien who murdered 4 elderly people in the Carson City-Reno area. But, some idiot here said the illegal was “mentally ill”, without checking his Evangelical credentials, lol.

“The rising carnage in the inner city is the consequence of this official repudiation of the criminal-justice system. The current tolerance and justification for vandalism and violence; the silencing of police supporters; and police unwillingness to intervene, even when their own precincts are assaulted—all send a clear message to criminals that society has lost the will to prevent lawlessness. In Minneapolis, shootings have more than doubled this year compared to last. Nearly half of all those shootings have occurred since George Floyd’s death, according to a Minneapolis Star Tribune analysis. On Father’s Day, a mass shooting on a crowded street uptown struck 11 people. The next day saw a chain of retaliatory shootings—the first next to a park filled with children, the next, 90 minutes later, on a notorious gang-dominated street intersection. In nearby St. Paul, reported firearms discharges have more than doubled. The same gangbangers are getting shot repeatedly. One 17-year-old boy has been shot in four different events over the last month and a half.
In Chicago, 18 people were killed and 47 wounded in drive- and walk-by shootings last weekend. The fatalities included a one-year-old boy riding in a car with his mother (the gunman drove up alongside and emptied his gun into the vehicle) and a 10-year-old girl struck in the head inside her home; a group of youth on the street outside her house had started shooting at another group of youth nearby. The previous weekend in Chicago, 104 people were shot, 15 fatally. The deceased included a three-year-old boy riding in a car with his father on Father’s Day—his gangbanger father was the intended victim—and a 13-year-old girl shot in her head in her home.
New York City’s homicide rate is at a five-year high; the number of shooting victims was up over 42 percent through June 21 compared with the same period in 2019. The number of shootings in the first three weeks of June was over twice that of the same period in 2019, making this June the city’s bloodiest in nearly a quarter century, according to the New York Times. At 4 A.M. last Sunday, a 30-year-old woman was shot in the head in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, at a house party. On Saturday afternoon, a man and a woman were shot to death outside a Brooklyn home. Early Friday morning, a 19-year-old girl was shot to death in the heart of Manhattan, near Madison Square Park, on East 26th Street.
Milwaukee’s homicides have increased 132 percent. “In 25 years, I’ve never seen it like this,” a Milwaukee police inspector told the Police Executive Research Forum, referring to the violence and the low officer morale. Shootings are spiking in Indianapolis. Other cities will show similar increases once their crime data are published.
By now, these drearily mindless gang shootings echo one another. Another three-year-old boy was shot in Chicago with his gangbanger father on another Father’s Day, this one in 2016; the boy is paralyzed for life. The young children recently shot inside their homes also recall Ferguson 1.0 incidents. In August 2016, a nine-year-old girl was shot to death in Ferguson on her mother’s bed while doing homework. The gunman was a 21-year-old felon on probation from a robbery conviction who deliberately shot at least six bullets into the home, located near a memorial for Michael Brown. But the pedigree of these domestic drive-bys is longer and more ominous. In New York, children used to sleep in bathtubs before Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Police Commissioner William Bratton began restoring lawfulness to the city in 1994; we are fast returning to that pre-Giuliani era.
So far this year, more people have been killed in Baltimore than at this point in 2019, which ended with the highest homicide rate on record for that city. June’s killings, which eclipse those of June 2019, include a 23-year-old woman who was eight months pregnant and her three-year-old daughter. They were gunned down in their car by the father of the woman’s unborn child, according to the police.
The victims in these shootings are overwhelmingly black. So far this year, 78 percent of all homicide victims in Chicago are black, though blacks are less than a third of the population. But the defund-the-police advocates and the Democratic establishment have said nothing about the growing loss of black lives“

Paul Emery


Are you saying that unless the virus strikes close to your personal surroundings you shouldn't care about it?


Paul Emery:


Are you saying that ...etc"

With all the putting words into other peoples' mouths, you must be a helluva interviewer.



Are you saying that here at Rebanes Rumination’s world headquarters, research has been proceeding to develop a line of automation products that establishes new standards for quality, technological leadership, and operating excellence. With customer success as our primary focus, work has been proceeding on the crudely conceived idea of an instrument that would not only provide inverse reactive current, for use in unilateral phase detractors, but would also be capable of automatically synchronizing cardinal grammeters. Such an instrument comprised of Dodge gears and bearings, Reliance Electric motors, Allen-Bradley controls, and all monitored by Rockwell Software is Rebanes Rumination’s "Retro Encabulator".

Now, basically the only new principle involved is that instead of power being generated by the relative motion of conductors and fluxes, it’s produced by the modial interaction of magneto-reluctance and capacitive diractance. The original machine had a base plate of prefabulated amulite, surmounted by a malleable logarithmic casing in such a way that the two spurving bearings were in a direct line with the panametric fan.

The lineup consisted simply of six hydrocoptic marzelvanes, so fitted to the ambifacient lunar waneshaft that sidefumbling was effectively prevented. The main winding was of the normal lotus o-deltoid type placed in panendermic semiboloid slots of the stator, every seventh conductor being connected by a non-reversible tremi pipe to the differential girdlespring on the ‘up’ end of the grammeters. Moreover, whenever fluorescence score motion is required, it may also be employed in conjunction with a drawn reciprocation dingle arm to reduce sinusoidal depleneration.

The Retro Encabulator has now reached a high level of development, and it’s being successfully used in the operation of milford trunions. It’s available soon; wherever Rebanes Rumination’s products are sold.

Is that what you're saying?


BillT: "Masks, masks. Guess masks are the best we got, with most good masks blocking out down to 100 microns. "

With my stack o' N95s (the N100s make you stand out at the local Piggly Wiggly), I thought I'd google that for a sec.


That magical Brownian stuff caught my interest here. Small things are amazing.


Your basic gun toting evangelical. The shotgun is one of your ideal weapons for home defense... nude tubbers....

....and democrat 2020 Presidential candidates!




marrywanna pipes up: "Your basic gun toting evangelical. The shotgun is one of your ideal weapons for home defense"

Generally, that doesn't appear to be a shared opinion. The general consensus tends to favor AR15s in terms of wall penetration and being generally handy in a case where people are stressed.


The more you know....

Paul Emery


Just asking for a clarification of fish's vague response to my post. If he won't or can't respond so be it so be it. Just makes his argument pointless.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 02 July 2020 at 01:01 PM


Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 12:37 am

Small things are amazing indeed. That’s why micro-biology interests me. I have my N-95 mask (and a dirty backup) in the dog car for those times I may venture out to the supermarket of anywhere within a few miles of Nevada City. The unfortunate thing is I know that the “painters masks” must be fitted just right around the bridge and sides of the beak and chin. Usually that takes quite awhile or the help of a co-worker to fit it on perfectly. Air tight. Then those who work in the virus field and health care must put on the head and neck covering, face shield, and bubble suit to screen all the little darlings out. Can be time consuming considering the multiple changing of gloves and disinfecting hands through every step of the process. Saw a guy walking around with an old gas mask he must of bought at some Army-Navy Surplus store. He looked ready to rob a bank, lol.

Yesterday I saw a package of Haines face masks, 5 for 10 bucks. Looked exactly like their underwear packages. 2 bucks each? So, now it’s change your underwear and your face mask. Always keep one around for wash day, I reckon.

The shipment of those longer Bandana face masks sold out at the convience store in hours. Told myself to buy 4-6 or various styles, colors, patterns. But now I can buy Haines underwear (or tee shirt masks. Cheaper.


re: Paul Emery@1:01PM July 2, Year Zero

Are you saying that we live on top of a hollow Earth filled with hidden civilizations run by intelligent dinosaurs?


BillT@1:11 July 2, Year Zero.

Fit is a tricky thing, and I'm not convinced that people (or moi) always get it right. Taping the edges is a possibility, but the other primates will likely make sport of you. At least the Bandana People might do some good by coughing into their cloth, although the nostril-showing subspecies is a sketchy situation. I did see a coughing maskless homeless guy today at the food-o-rama, so things are always looking up. I tend to view the China Flu as similar to spraying modern car paints and so never feel quite safe.

I did see 'KN-95s' for sale, at five smackers per. I've read, and have no reason to disbelieve, that practically all are fake. Knowing the Chinese, they probably produce them from recycled asbestos.

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 1:26 pm

Murphy's law. Now that masks are required in CA to enter a business, I have noticed a new fade going on. More people are wearing masks, but they pull them down under their chins to talk to each other face to face. Heck, I must have seen eight women in stores yesterday pull their masks down to talk to their old friends they ran into. Guess the new rule is to stand in line with everybody wearing a mask hanging from their chins or throats.

Reminds me when the motorcycle helmet laws came out. The renegades riding around wearing helmets on their knee, lol. Law did not specify "properly worn." It said helmet must be worn. The laws were quickly rewritten. Mandate or no mandate, the stores in this neck of the woods don't turn away customers, mask or no masks. This ain't Nevada City.

Don Bessee

Schiff for brains knew in Feb and DID NOTHING ABOUT IT!? Too busy with the train wreck impeachment -




twitter post o' the day (re: China Flu)


Barry Pruett

Food for thought...

“ The most comprehensive analysis of shipping records over the course of the slave trade is the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, edited by professors David Eltis and David Richardson. (While the editors are careful to say that all of their figures are estimates, I believe that they are the best estimates that we have, the proverbial “gold standard” in the field of the study of the slave trade.) Between 1525 and 1866, in the entire history of the slave trade to the New World, according to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, 12.5 million Africans were shipped to the New World. 10.7 million survived the dreaded Middle Passage, disembarking in North America, the Caribbean and South America.

And how many of these 10.7 million Africans were shipped directly to North America? Only about 388,000. That’s right: a tiny percentage.”

Barry Pruett

Great research tool


Don Bessee

Madcow slavishly parrots the talking points for lefties and is again embarrassed by the reality. -

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow predicted that June's jobs report would be 'absolutely terrible'
'Brace yourself,' the liberal host warned viewers Wednesday night


Washington (AFP) - President Donald Trump touted June's US jobs report Thursday as "spectacular news," saying the return to work of 4.8 million Americans marks a huge comeback for an economy hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

"I'd like to just announce the spectacular news for American workers and for American families and our country as whole," Trump said of the Labor Department figures which also showed the unemployment rate falling more than two points, to 11.1 percent.

The job creation amid the coronavirus pandemic was far higher than economists were expecting, and showed the rapid pace of gains as people who were laid off



Bill Tozer

@ 4:38 pm

-ABC's Good Morning America Censors INCREDIBLE BLS Jobs Report

-Rooting for Failure: MSNBC Brings On Pelosi to Trash Great Jobs Report

-Big Three CENSOR Upward Revision in May Jobs Numbers: 5.825M Higher Than Estimate


-MSNBC Doesn't Want an Election: Hayes Demands Trump's Resignation

re: Hayes: And he’s not leaving until “you meet our demands.” We demand.....

Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes and a meme or two

Observations: “The product of the woke crusade will not be a less racist America but a more polarized one. That’s because the woke crusade is not truly about reducing racism; it is about attacking fundamental institutions, American history and our very culture of rights. All the things we share must be eviscerated. So we will share nothing. And then the true ugliness begins.” —Ben Shapiro

Upright: “Public employee unions shield public servants from the public they are supposed to serve. Police unions enable and protect the very behavior we want to stop. Maybe disproportionate union contributions to Democrats conveniently produce a blind eye. Sure, it’s time for answers and actions. But there can be neither without honesty. And, unfortunately, Democrats’ lust for power far exceeds their interest in pursuing honest solutions to our problems.” —Star Parker

Braying jackass: “I’ll read my daily briefings.” —Joe Biden (“Ah, but will he remember what he has read?” —Jim Geraghty)

Friendly fire: “I don’t know what [less NYPD funding] means. What does that mean? Does this mean I am less safe? Where did you take the billion dollars from? Does it mean I am more safe? Does it have any effect on police abuse? I don’t know what it means.” —New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Village idiot: “Just when you thought the news couldn’t more depressing…8.3 million guns have been sold in the United States since March, meaning 2020 is on course to be the biggest year for gun sales in American history.” —Piers Morgan (“It’s the exact opposite of depressing. It’s one of the few bright spots in this whole mess that is the current state of America.” —Allie Beth Stuckey)

And last… “The Right is losing the culture war because it is not fighting a culture war. The Right fights in the culture by electing Republicans. But culture is the ship upon which we sit; the politicians we elect are the deck chairs.” —Ben Shapiro



*****AND For Doctor Rebane*****

Thomas Sowell turned 90 this week. I cannot believe how many people he turned from liberals (like moi once) to thinking people. Some intellectuals claim he America’s is the greatest thinker alive today. Mea Culpa for not posting testimonials and clips on his 90th.


Bill Tozer

Opps. Thomas Sowell turned 90 last week.

“Sowell was born in Gastonia, North Carolina, in 1930. As part of the great black migration northward during the 1930s and ‘40s, he and his family moved to Harlem, New York. Sowell attended the prestigious Stuyvesant High School but dropped out. In 1951, he was drafted into the military and assigned to the U.S. Marine Corps where he became a photographer. Photography remains his hobby today.

After his military tour of duty, Sowell took night classes at Howard University where he was encouraged to apply to Harvard University. He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and graduated magna cum laude in 1958. The next year, he earned a master’s degree from Columbia University. Ten years later, Sowell earned a Ph.D. in economics, from the prestigious economics department at the University of Chicago. As Sowell explains in his autobiography, “A Personal Odyssey,” for most of his time in college, he considered himself a Marxist. After studying the effects of a variety of government regulations such as the minimum wage law, Sowell concluded that free markets are the best alternative, particularly for disadvantaged people.“


Scott O

Mary is at it again - "Your basic gun toting evangelical."
I wondered why there was no link. Because there was no evidence of Cote being a 'gun toting evangelical'.
Mary got so excited about a 71 year old nude woman in a hot tub and sorta got a little ahead of herself.
Be a good little cub reporter, Mary - stick to the facts.
Oh, also - KVVU?
Oh, Mary! Snap! That's a FOX outlet. Could have sworn you lefties all thought FOX was always lying.
Pretty soon you'll be linking stories from Hannity and Carlson.
OK, now back to reality.
How many dozens of blacks have died from the assaults of other blacks just since Hour And Year Zero?

Don Bessee

Sorry chuckie and Schiff for brains -

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is denying Congress access to secret grand jury testimony from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation through the November election.

The justices agreed on Thursday to hear the Trump administration’s appeal of a lower court order for the material to be turned over to the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives. The high court’s action will keep the documents out of congressional hands at least until the case is resolved, which is not likely to happen before 2021.




8:59 a.m. — A caller from Starduster Lane reported a man shooting at odd hours, doing his “Constitutional NRA thing” and shooting “high-powered weapons.”

Another flatlander must have showed up. Bitching about target practice way out in the boonies.

At least he ain't out rioting and looting,,, no that's not Constitutionally protected, despite what some LIBs may think.

Bill Tozer

Somethings I just have no desire to visualize

‘Would that be desecrating the flag?’”

Oh my, what will our crack news director think?


And I 💕 this one. Think it has already been posted; Schiff for Brains

‘Schiff Learned Of Russian ‘Bounty’ Intelligence In February, Withheld Information From Congress, And Took No Action’

Schiff demands the Trump administration brief all of Congress about the unverified allegations, yet he himself did not ask for a briefing following the February briefing of his own staff.


Bill Tozer

‘Fla. Sheriff To Deputize Lawful Gun Owners Amid Ongoing Protests’

“If you threaten to come to Clay County and think for one second that we’ll bend our backs for you, you’re sadly mistaken,” added Daniels.

“We’ll protect your constitutional rights as long as you remain under the umbrella of peaceful protests,” said Daniels. “The second you step out from under the protection of the Constitution, we’ll be waiting on you.”


By the book.

Don Bessee

Did corn pop slide you a test on the down low?? -

His campaign has not replied to a number of follow-up requests from Breitbart News as to whether he means he took the same test that President Donald Trump aced, or if he took a different test

Biden did not specify during the press conference exactly what he meant by his claims he has been and is “constantly tested.” His campaign has not replied to a number of follow-up requests from Breitbart News as to whether he means he took the same test that President Donald Trump aced, or if he took a different test, or if he was just speaking colloquially, claiming that his daily rigor is what tests his cognitive capabilities. Also, Biden was possibly confused by the question, in which he was asked if he has been formally tested on this front.

If Biden did actually take a formal cognitive function test, it is unclear if he will release the results of that test–as President Trump has with his own such test–to the public, as Biden’s campaign has not answered when asked if he would.




Anyone surprised.......

LIFE IN THE FEUDAL STATE OF CALIFORNIA: CA Gov Newsom Shuts Down Majority of State’s Wineries for 4th of July – But Not His Own.



Ya' see Fish? Warden Newsom blames the uptick of the Kung Flu on businesses and normal living... NOT the rioters.. That's a flu free zone. Look at the bright side.. The gas tax went up again. Gotta bend over those who actually work.


Paging Emery,, Paging Dr. Emery!!

Have anything to add? Your real good at saying you know Trump's state of mind, and demanding Trump's disclosure of personal med records.

Joementia needs to put up or shut up.
It sure won't look good if his handers don't fork them over.

Paul Emery

The facts and Trumps response:

"Only 14 States Are Seeing Coronavirus Declines
The map shows that 36 out of 50 states have experienced no “days of decrease in confirmed cases.” Only 14 states show such decreases according The map, which was circulated to federal agencies involved in the coronavirus response on July 1, shows that 36 out of 50 states have experienced no “days of decrease in confirmed cases.”


Trumps unbelievable illeterate response:

Some areas that were very hard-hit are now doing very well. Some were doing very well, and we thought they may be gone and they flare up, and we’re putting out the fires. But other places were long before us, and they’re now — it’s like life; it’s got a life. And we’re putting out that life, because that’s a bad life that we’re talking about."



Posted by: Walt | 02 July 2020 at 08:39 PM

C’mon Walt......it’s Shotgun Joe......he probably misplaced it! You know....”the thing”.


Local “news person” comes to us in a state of pre-satire!

Trumps unbelievable illeterate response:



Alas.....the “I’ma stab you girl” isn’t having nearly as good a day today as yesterday!


Bill Tozer

Only Dr. Ben Carson can help Shotgun Joe now.

Barry Pruett


Trump 47%


"Alas.....the “I’ma stab you girl” isn’t having nearly as good a day today as yesterday!"

Honestly, she looks mentally ill in the clips she puts up. Large companies need better screening in order to avoid hiring this kind of person. They're somehow going to drag your firm into their insanity.

In other news, the memory hole is hard at work at Wikipedia. Some sort of senior person there should lock down the page to an earlier version, but given Wikipedia's political bias and the need to defeat Trump at all costs, throwing away the truth is a small price to pay.

Welcome to Year Zero. Enjoy your ride.




moi@ 7:31 July 3, Year Zero.

To be fair, all sides (there's more than 'both') do this kind of thing.

Yet another side effect of the use of internet and digital storage. Rewriting or disappearance of material goes right up there with internet mobbing, workplace spying, government and corporate surveillance as some of the special magic of the modern era.

With essentially no interest in giving power to individuals (privacy, firearms, self-employment, self defense as a whole, the removal of taxes/zoning/codes/regulations generally) you can see where this is all going. Control is getting increasingly locked down and the potential for a surveillance state based on 'woke' ideology is one of the truly frightening things about a potential Biden administration. Trump ain't perfect, but he is the most obvious stumbling block for what may be coming up.

Bill Tozer

“The disgusting, lying media fought the president tooth and nail for months telling us this drug was deadly. Every damn newsroom repeated this crap. Now they tell us it helped. How about apologizing to the American people and the president, you frauds.”

Study finds hydroxychloroquine helped coronavirus patients survive better


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