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24 June 2020



Answer the question Emery...
So you admit Biden has nothing to offer.


How bout that Emery??"we have 120 million dead" people due to the Kung Flu says Biden.. That's a LIE Emery,, Your backing a LIAR..

Don Bessee

Looks like he took lessons from the Clintons -

The nonprofit raised and spent $4.8 million over its two years in operation, its 2017 and 2018 tax forms show. Slightly more than $3 million of that amount went to salaries, compensation, and benefits. At the same time, the group spent just $1.7 million on all of its other expenses. A bulk of this cash—$740,000—was poured into conferences, conventions, and meetings. It did not cut a single grant to any other group or foundation during its two-year run.

An analysis of nonprofits by Charity Navigator, which rates charities for effectiveness, found that mid-to-large-sized nonprofits paid their chief executives an average salary of $126,000 per year—far less than what the Biden Cancer Initiative paid its president, Greg Simon, who pocketed $224,539 in 2017 and $429,850 in 2018. Charity Navigator's primary criterion for rating charities is whether they "spend at least 75% of their expenses directly on their programs."

The Biden cancer group's financial disclosures may raise new questions about whether the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee allowed associates to profit off their access to him.



Bill Tozer

Made my first trip to Downtown GV today. Got lucky as a parking place opened up nicely three doors from my destination on Mill. Very pleasant local retail shopping trip, store was empty and the owner was so friendly and talked my ear off. Sidewalks nice and wide with few people out in the heat. Good planning. What the hay is a GV sales tax? And they painted a mural on Mill and W Main. Guess I have been away, all hunkered down in the bunker. Lots of bees this year. Some plants are bee humming so loud it’s like the tiny rock garden I literally is alive with the sound of music. Hummingbirds around every day, but not like an adundance ot them in times past. Got a nice King Snake hanging around the place. Wonder how those Rebane tomatoes are doing this year? Good year for jackrabbits, first new litter of grey squirrels showed up...been awhile, I lately have had a couple greys around the humble abode. And, of course, something big or predator like comes out around 11pm-3am most every night, especially on a half moon. I can sleep peacefully while the doggies go nuts.

Don Bessee

The new Iraqi PM ain't takin no shit from those mutha mullahs -

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi security forces raided a headquarters belonging to a powerful Iran-backed militia in southern Baghdad late on Thursday, seized rockets and detained three commanders of the group, two Iraqi government officials said.

It was the most brazen raid in years by Iraqi security forces against a powerful paramilitary group backed by Tehran, whose proxy militias have developed military, political and economic dominance in Iraq.

Iraq's new prime minister, Mustafa al-Kadhimi, has indicated he will be tough on militia groups which target U.S. installations. The raid, which took place after midnight, is the first sign Kadhimi will follow through on his tough talk.

One of the government officials told Reuters one of the three commanders detained in the raid was an Iranian. Iraqi special forces from the Counter Terrorism Service carried out the raid, he said.



Don Bessee

Sowing the seeds of their own destruction. Kind of like shithole city in a box mix -

In interviews with the New York Times, a number of white liberals living in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood of Minneapolis are vowing to avoid calling the police at all costs — even in cases of violent crime.

Since trying to avoid the police at all costs, the neighborhood has become home to a homeless encampment with drug dealers, addicts, and those with mental illness frequenting and living in the neighborhood’s park.

In the most dangerous case described to the Times, a male resident in the neighborhood apologized for recently calling the police when he was held up at gunpoint by two teenage boys in an attempted carjacking.

The two teens ended up stealing another resident’s vehicle. The man said he should have never called the police because he put the teens’ life at risk.

“Been thinking more about it,” the man told the Times in a text message. “I regret calling the police. It was my instinct but I wish it hadn’t been. I put those boys in danger of death by calling the cops.”



Don Bessee

So was it an F35 hit or a nuclear accident? -



Bill Tozer


The editors must have blundered or gone on vacation at the New York Times today, because there’s actually a news story up today that offers a positive perspective of the Trump Administration, and even more astounding, the praise is coming chiefly from feminists, a few of whom have apparently gone rogue from the identity politics party line of the moment:

“Education Secretary Betsy DeVos fired a shot last month in the nation’s culture wars, overhauling how colleges handle investigations of sexual assault and ending what she called Obama-era “kangaroo courts” on campus.

The new Education Department rules give more protections to the accused, primarily young men who face discipline or expulsion as a result of allegations of sexual misconduct.

The move set off a liberal uproar, denounced by unions representing teachers and college professors, by the National Organization for Women and by an array of Democratic senators. The Trump rules, they said, constitute a radical rollback of protections for victims who seek justice after sexual assaults.

But Ms. DeVos’s actions won praise from a surprising audience: an influential group of feminist legal scholars who applauded the administration for repairing what they viewed as unconscionable breaches in the rights of the accused.

“The new system is vastly better and fairer,” said Prof. Janet Halley, who specializes in gender and sexuality at Harvard Law School. “The fact that we’re getting good things from the Trump administration is confusing, but isn’t it better than an unbroken avalanche of bad things?”


Here is a story that I loved the headline, but haven’t read...yet. Written right before or around the statues first started coming down again. The Brits have some fine awesome birds. Intelligent thinkers and writers who done got canceled.

‘They can’t cancel all of us’


Don Bessee

My 704 and 728 and a few other things could make one think those mutha mullahs were a target for a lot of people in the last day. Couldn't happen to a better bunch.



re: DonB@ 7:22PM June 25, Year Zero.

That's a hilarious article on the cop-free zone, but the most important factoid referenced was this:


I've known this was the case, but you'll probably see more mention of it. I believe that self-esteem levels show similar differences and think that suicide rates by group is one side effect.

You do have to ask how much sense it makes to share a future with people who don't favor their own group over another, however the groups are defined. Increased physical separation from liberals might be in the cards for simple survival reasons.


DonB: I believe the Iranian explosion was some time ago. Probably an ACME factory.

Don Bessee

YOU ARE CORRECT SIR. When I saw the short blerb I searched chose poorly! LOL



Bill Tozer

Yep, that’s a no-brainer. Wonder how Ruth voted.

Supreme Court Rules 7-2 Illegal Immigrants Who Fail Asylum Screenings Can Be Deported Without Review


Double yep. Who would have even thunk that Ruthie would turn into a textualist in her golden years. Now, what does the law actually say? My, my.

Don Bessee

Bad chi coms, bad -

Australian intelligence officers and police raided the home and office of an opposition politician Friday as part of an investigation into alleged Chinese influence operations, officials said.

Security agents searched the properties linked to New South Wales state legislator Shaoquett Moselmane, amid long-standing allegations of links to the ruling Chinese Communist Party.

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation confirmed to AFP that "search warrant activity is occurring in Sydney as part of an ongoing investigation".

Moselmane's pro-Beijing stance has long raised eyebrows even among colleagues in the Labor Party.

Moselmane has publicly praised Xi Jinping's "unswerving" leadership during the coronavirus pandemic, contrasting it favourably with Australia's own response

The operation is another signal of Australian authorities' new willingness to tackle allegations of Chinese subversion of Australian politics and is likely to raise the temperature in an already fractious relationship between Beijing and Canberra.

Last year the former head of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, Duncan Lewis, said China wanted to "take over" Australia's political system with an "insidious" and systematic campaign of espionage and influence peddling".



Paul Emery

Even Trump believes Biden's gonna win

"President Donald Trump seemed resigned to losing reelection in 2020 during a Thursday evening interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News.

Trump predicted Joe Biden would win while attacking the former vice president.

“The man can’t speak and he’s gonna be your president because some people don’t love me, maybe and all I’m doing is doing my job,” Trump said."

From Fox news


Don Bessee

Some education for the crack KVMR po' ol' newsman-



Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery | 25 June 2020 at 10:17 PM

I see you are as dumb as ever about how Trump talks and what he means. Just like you try and make his jokes into something serious the same applies to your tone-deafness to what he said about Biden "winning". It was hypothetical for the country and not an admission of anything. But you have no smarts about these things. Trump was on target last night and the audience was all in for him in Wisconsin.


I think that if you just pull the cord in the back of the Joe dolls neck a sufficient number of times it will eventually say whatever you want him to say!

Biden says he would require Americans to wear masks in public vote for him for president.


Paul Emery

For your reading pleasureL

Trump approval ratings worst in two and a half years. -13.3 How low can he go

Todd Juvinall

No the spread is closer in the Rasmussen daily. Try again.


re: My money being on Susan Rice as Joey Fingers' VP and de facto head of state, JHK makes a point I don't dismiss....

"This Joe Biden thang is being set up as some kind of bait-and-switch, but the scheme is a little too obvious, dontcha think? Mr. Biden has obliged himself to choose a “woman-of-color” as his running mate, of course, and so it is assumed that about twenty minutes after the swearing-in on January 20, 2021, Stacey Abrams (or Val Demings, or Kamala Harris, or Tawana Brawley) will become de facto president, and we’ll be off to the races, so to speak. It’s a cute gambit, but I don’t see it playing out. You may be unaware of this but the Democratic Party is actually owned, lock-stock-and-barrel, by the Clinton Foundation. It has something else in mind. Due to the unfortunate last minute discovery of Joe Biden’s incapacity to serve, She Whose Turn Was Thwarted in 2016 will perforce be the party’s nominee for an epic rematch with the Golden Golem of Greatness. Let’s face it: everybody wants to see that contest. And an election with mail-in ballots will cinch her victory."


Mary Wanna

How to make sure you don't get reelected,

"WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is asking the Supreme Court to wipe out Obamacare, arguing that the individual mandate is unconstitutional and that the rest of the law must be struck down with it.

The late-night brief, filed Thursday in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, carries major implications for the presidential election. If the justices agree, it would cost an estimated 20 million Americans their insurance coverage and nullify protections for pre-existing conditions.

The Trump administration's brief comes as the U.S. has recorded more than 120,000 deaths from COVID-19, with nearly 2.5 million confirmed cases. On Wednesday, the nation hit a new record for the highest daily total of new infections reported with more than 45,500."


Mary Wanna@9:53AM June 26, Year Zero.

" The Trump administration is asking the Supreme Court to wipe out Obamacare, arguing that the individual mandate is unconstitutional and that the rest of the law must be struck down with it."

Is this something new? or is it just more arguing about getting rid of the individual mandate?


ah, here we go, for those of you who read things besides sites filled with 'news craft'.


It's a decent question. My uneducated guess is that, as usual, forcing people to buy something isn't constitutional, giving a bunch of them something for free is constitutional. This has been going on for some time, so I wouldn't get my knickers in a twist about it, although it all makes good click-bait.

A lot of people benefit from more-free-stuff, and a lot of people got screwed by increasing rates. Poor, rich, and employed (ie. most) people with insurance saw little or no change.


mwanna: "The Trump administration's brief comes as the U.S. has recorded more than 120,000 deaths from COVID-19, with nearly 2.5 million confirmed cases."

Perhaps you should keep your street soldiers from busily passing viruses while getting Nikes at a deep discount.


toddy 828am

No, Rasmussen is down 3% today, to 44%.


For consistency of message GaffeMaster Flash needs to select Nancy Pelosi as his running mate.....

In Promising His Name Will Always Be Remembered, Nancy Pelosi Calls George Floyd ‘George Kirby’

The campaign slogans write themselves......



lmao "Nancy Pelosi Calls George Floyd ‘George Kirby’"


Obviously, one was a comedian, one was a movie star. Easy peasy.


At least this should be good for local property values..

"Instead, the rub was that the urban store owner and his customer grasped that all that mayhem could easily happen again and on a moment’s notice — and the ensuing losses would once again be written off as the regrettable collateral damage that is sometimes necessary to “effect social change.” When the mayor and police look the other way as the mob carries off Louis Vuitton bags, and CNN reporters assure us of peaceful protests while flames engulf our television screens, why rebuild or restore what the authorities and the influential deem expendable? Why live in Detroit in 1970 when a constant 1967 repeat was supposed to be a tolerable cost of doing business there?"


Don Bessee

Ya what about that comrade deblasio? -

Cuomo, de Blasio wrong to limit worship services, condone mass protests: federal judge



Don Bessee

The new red guard at work on the web -




re: DonB 1:20PM June 26, Year Zero

"De Blasio had "simultaneous pro-protest/anti-religious gathering messages" when he "actively encouraged participation in protests and openly discouraged religious gatherings and threatened religious worshipers," Sharpe said in his federal order."

The problem with that statement is that the protests themselves are actually a form of religion. De Blasio's sin was to choose his own religion over another, but that's a thing that has been done a million times in the past so who can blame him?



Hah. It's good to see somebody in media finally got the memo.


"Among the reasons why this still-amorphous ‘movement’ became so widely popular with such break-neck speed is perhaps because in the eyes of many, it transcended mere politics. Many so-called protests took on features highly reminiscent of religion: collective worship, public confession and requests for salvation, devotional poses and gestures, group prayer, the creation of a new pantheon of martyr figures to revere, and the adoption of liturgical rites and rituals.

Children and teenagers have been encouraged to publicly repent for their sins, with the ‘original sin’ being ‘white privilege’. In the small town of Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, I witnessed a white teenager named Frankie, wearing a sleekly designed ‘Black Lives Matter’ t-shirt, nervously stand before the assembled crowd (also overwhelmingly white) and proclaim, ‘Every single white person here today benefits from white privilege’ — to rousing applause. His solution for this alleged problem was heavily individualized: each white person in attendance must take the personal initiative ‘to learn’ about their privilege, and ‘ask themselves on a day by day basis how they can help’."

Hang on, let's talk about Trump polls some more. That's such an insightful topic.

Mary Wanna

Trump and the Buffoons want to dis Biden, but Trump is worse,

"But, I mean, [Biden] can't speak, and he's gonna be your president because some people don't love me, maybe. And, all I'm doing it doing my job."

Trump was also asked: "What has been your biggest accomplishment in office so far?"
Trump went on to claim responsibility for Veteran’s Choice and Veteran’s Accountability, but those were actually signed into law by former President Obama in 2014."

George Rebane

Mary 217pm - It sounds as if you've not heard of the Dems concern for Biden's ability to handle contemporaneous comments in front of a live mic. Or do you believe all of those fears to be fake news?

Can you cite Trump's "biggest accomplishment" claim? That would indeed be a major gaffe, kinda of what we all accuse Bumblebrain.


Oh well, maybe Biden is just the man.


Don Bessee

Just another confirmation of what we already knew about the propaganda arm of the dnc and now blm.




Posted by: Mary Wanna | 26 June 2020 at 02:17 PM

Trump was also asked: "What has been your biggest accomplishment in office so far?"
Trump went on to claim responsibility for Veteran’s Choice and Veteran’s Accountability, but those were actually signed into law by former President Obama in 2014."

Hah......what was he thinking......that's a good one? He really should have said......"the appointment of 200 new federal judges"!


Somebody needs to investigate and find out if these are from the same family as the democrat donors who drank the fish tank cleaner earlier this year!

3 die in New Mexico from drinking hand sanitizer

We might be on to something big if these trends continue!


Mary Wanna

Fish: 200 new judges - that uphold the law - Trump should be worried about that.

Mary Wanna

Hannity looks around nervously,


Mary Wanna

"Asked what his top priorities for a second term are, Trump can't name a single thing."


Mary Wanna

Pence: Follow local guidelines.

Media: Why aren’t you following local guidelines?

Pence: Freedom of speech...

Media: But you just said listen to them?

Pence: Freedom of speech...

Media: But...

Pence: Lets pray

Media: ...

Pence: God Heavenly Father we pray to you today...


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 26 June 2020 at 03:39 PM

Fish: 200 new judges - that uphold the law - Trump should be worried about that.

He'll be fine.


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 26 June 2020 at 03:50 PM

"Asked what his top priorities for a second term are, Trump can't name a single thing."

He should have said...

To crush your progressive enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women (and trans women).......but he didn't!

Sometimes I swear he's trying to loose.


...and things media related....

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is apparently in talks to take over the 7 p.m. weekday spot previously held by former anchor Chris Matthews, who resigned abruptly in March following allegations that he made inappropriate comments to a network guest.

If true, it means that MSNBC will have traded a three martini-style sexist who has copped to the inappropriate remarks for a homophobic conspiracy-theory wing nut. I cannot decide if this would be an upgrade, a downgrade, or a lateral move for the cable network".

Forget it Jake....it's Proggytown!




Sometimes I swear he's trying to loose.

I might hate the lose/loose screw up more than anything!

It's grizzly I tell ya......!

Bill Tozer

Why kneel before the anthem when you can replace it?

Quotes and a meme

Insight: “It is morally as bad not to care whether a thing is true or not, so long as it makes you feel good, as it is not to care how you got your money as long as you have it.” —Edwin Way Teale (1889-1980)

Upright: “Admittedly, the legacy of slavery did shape, to some extent, the struggles and progress of Blacks in this country. But so does the legacy of freedom passed down from the founders — arguably, to a far greater extent.” —Armstrong Williams

Friendly Fire, Part I: “Look, the people who are basically tearing down statues … are basically borderline anarchists, the way I look at it. They really have no agenda other than the idea we’re going to topple a statue.” —BET cofounder Robert Johnson

Friendly Fire, Part II: “Black people laugh at white people who do this the same way we laugh at white people who say we got to take off the TV shows. White Americans seem to think … that black people are going to say, ‘Oh my God. White people love us because they took down a statue of Stonewall Jackson.’ Frankly, black people don’t give a damn. It falls into that — an attempt by white Americans to assuage guilt by doing things that make them feel good.” —Robert Johnson

Class warfare: “Here in the United States, it’s going to be black people who really should get [the COVID vaccine] first and many indigenous people, as well as people with underlying symptoms, and then elderly people.” —Melinda Gates

Leftmedia psychosis: “I’m wowed by what you did and, more importantly, I’m wowed by how you did it.” —CNN’s Chris Cuomo to his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (“It remains astonishing that CNN thinks it’s appropriate for the governor of New York — who has presided over more than ten times as many deaths as Florida, a more populous state — to be interviewed as a matter of course by his own brother. And now this.” —Charles C.W. Cooke)

Braying jenny: “President Trump and the Republicans’ campaign to rip away the protections and benefits of the Affordable Care Act in the middle of the coronavirus crisis is an act of unfathomable cruelty.” —House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Mary Wanna.

Braying jackass: “It’s like a child who can’t believe this has happened to him. All [Trump’s] whining and self-pity. This pandemic didn’t happen to him. It happened to all of us. His job isn’t to whine about it. His job is to do something about it. To lead.” —Joe Biden

Non compos mentis: “A lot of people, you have unnecessarily, now we have over 120 million dead from COVID.” —Joe Biden and Mary Wanna

And last… “Destroying history will not make you feel good about the present. Studying and learning from it might.” —Victor Davis Hanson



No argument here......

WELL, THE PRESS WON’T SAY IT, SO YOU KIND OF HAVE TO: Seen on Facebook: “So there’s a COVID spike 3-4 weeks after the mass protests. Just saying.”

- Instapundit


Due Process Matters


The benefits of a Blue Mob™ education

Protesters destroy statues of an ex-slave, abolitionist… leave Lenin untouched

A statue in San Francisco of Miguel Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, was defaced with the word “bastard” spray painted onto it by protesters.

What protesters may not know is that the Spanish author actually spent five years as a slave after being captured off the coast of Africa.

You know the kind....where the "instructors" favor the Greek Fishermans cap......

Don Bessee

Still pulling them in -

'Hannity' town hall with Trump dominates in viewership across all primetime, beats Maddow and Cuomo combined




Special delivery for "no voter fraud" Emery.
"New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal filed voter fraud charges Thursday against two Paterson city officials who allegedly engaged in a mail-in ballot scheme in connection to a special election in May.

Grewal levelled the charges against Paterson City Councilman Michael Jackson, Councilman-Elect Alex Mendez, and two other men after the Postal Inspection Service warned Grewal’s office that hundreds of mail-in ballots were found in a Paterson mailbox, InsiderNJ reported Thursday."

George Rebane

scenes 249am - Sadly, that Biden died years ago.

Don Bessee

Thanks 0 for nothing -

Love him or hate him, Mr. Trump ran for president on a set of concrete promises.
Strangle illegal immigration. Curtail endless wars overseas. Stop screwing America with unfair trade deals. Trim the voracious tentacles of the federal government.

These are promises aimed at all Americans — regardless of race or gender or religion or whatever evil division politicians might stoke for their own benefit. Making good on these promises is for the benefit of everyone. Make. America. Great. Again. For everybody.

President Barack Obama won on amorphous, intangible promises. “Hope.” And “change.” And calming the rising seas.

But he was a rock star. He made people feel good. He bestowed virtue upon them, simply by giving them the opportunity to support him. Or, in the case of the media, brush his garment and slobber all over his sandals.

Even as he secretly plotted during his final days in the White House to undermine the peaceful transfer of power — that most important American ideal.

“These are unusual times,” Mr. Obama said in a secret Oval Office meeting after the free and fair election designed to peacefully transfer power to the next man.

“Make sure you look at things — have the right people on it,” he told his top henchmen, including his vice president.

“Is there anything I shouldn’t be telling the transition team?” Mr. Obama asked, conspiratorially, according to notes from that illicit meeting.

Welcome to post-Obama America.

Emotion is now fact. Even worse, emotion has become a guaranteed right. Whatever one feels is correct and justified, no matter how ignorant or detached from reality or history it may be. Furthermore, any misguided grievance one may have based on that troubled emotion empowers that person with the right to do anything he wants.

Tear down a statue of Christopher Columbus or Andrew Jackson? Sure.



Bill Tozer

Our historic statues of historic people are our citizens as well.

Not a great article, (another Mob toppling stuff and defacing) so I will just post the headline and opening....

‘Lincoln’s New Assassins’

-The fact that we have produced senseless mobs willing to tear down our monuments testifies to the fact that we, the living, need to do more to honor our nation’s living spirit, not merely take selfies before dead bronze

“Now the mob takes the role of John Wilkes Booth in removing perhaps the greatest of all Lincoln sculptures, the Emancipation Memorial in Lincoln Park, located in northeast Washington, D.C. The preeminent Lincoln scholar of our or any other time, Harry V. Jaffa, said many times that this sculpture, originally referred to as the Freedman’s Memorial, rivaled Daniel French’s Lincoln Memorial creation. The statue was dedicated to honor Lincoln on the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.“

And this

by Wilfred M. McClay


Bill Tozer

Opps. That was meant for Scattershots or someplace not here. Great Divide stuff. Year Zero topical stuff.

To err is human, to forgive is divine

Barry Pruett


Mister I give zero shits. Lol

Don Bessee

You go boy! -



Don Bessee

No ballot fraud in TX says SCOTUS -

(Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday sided with Republican state officials in Texas and refused to allow broader mail-in voting in the state, leaving in place a lower court ruling blocking the expansion sought by Democrats amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The justices let stand the ruling by the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that halted a federal judge's earlier decision to permit any voter concerned about the threat of coronavirus infection to cast a ballot by mail. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican, fought the expansion of mail-in voting.

There were no noted dissents on the high court



Don Bessee

The chi coms are looking to make these interesting times -

Beijing’s announcement is one of a series of recent provocative moves around flashpoints in the Asia-Pacific region that have raised fears of a sudden military escalation.

Taro Kono, the Japanese defence minister, said on Thursday that China was: “Obviously … trying to change the status quo unilaterally in the East China Sea, the South China Sea, at the Indian border and in Hong Kong. It is easy to make connections between these issues.

“Our fighter jets scramble against Chinese airplanes almost every day, sometimes more than once,” he said. “Their armed ships are trying to violate our territorial waters."



Don Bessee

Commissar DeBlasio does not get to pick who has what rights, you know the ones actually in the constitution. -

U.S. District Judge Gary L. Sharpe issued a preliminary injuction prohibiting state officials from enforcing limits on the number of people attending outdoor religious gatherings, provided social distancing guidelines are being followed. The injunction also states that officials cannot enforce limits on indoor gatherings that are greater than restrictions placed on companies in Phase 2 of New York's reopening plan, also provided social distancing guidelines are being followed.

"The fact that you can go to the marijuana store and the alcohol store and many other kinds of stores from day one, because those stores have good lobbyists and connections with the governor, and you could not go to church and you could not do so many other activities, [like] get married, go to a funeral -- these are life and death activities for many Americans," Dhillon said."

"And governors just trash those civil rights with no consideration other than [politics] and I think it has turned out to be politically expedient for many of these governors to hype up this drama over COVID, which is a serious illness but frankly, they're not taking seriously when it comes to protests that they like."

"It is politically expedient for governors to shut down everything and make people dependent on the government. That's blue state governors," Dhillon said. "But where they got tripped up is that they treated COVID like a switch they can turn on and off. They turned it off for Black Lives Matter protests.




You can't say the the Democrats don't hold to their principles. They unanimously blocked this resolution.


Bill Tozer

He drives me crazy sometimes. It’s like the idiot to go out of his way to loose the election. Thank goodness we will get a little help from our friends. “Hey Putin, if you are listening...”

‘The Democrats Indulge in a Death Wish’

“ Joe Biden’s present lead in the polls is a levitation. These are the dangling entrails of the panic that the national political media, which are unofficially conducting the Democratic campaign in the unheroic absence of the putative nominee, have sown about the coronavirus and the impression, desperately promoted, identifying Trump with the recent chaos.

A public opinion climate worn down by lengthy social confinement, arrested economic activity, and high unemployment is especially vulnerable to disgruntlement about its leaders. Given the pandemic, the recession, and the worst rioting in America in over fifty years, Trump has done well to maintain his approval rating in the mid-forties.”..........

“The Democrats have descended to depths of mudslinging, demagogy, and indulgence of racial violence and national self-hate never before plumbed in a U.S. presidential election. They are afflicted by a death wish, and in the national interest and for their own sake, that wish must be granted by the voters.”


Bill Tozer

‘Fired NY prosecutor was given Biden-Ukraine allegations in 2018 but didn’t follow up, emails show‘
-Ukraine prosecutors didn't want the political spectacle that became impeachment and simply sought to turn over evidence about Joe Biden and election interference to U.S. prosecutors, memos show.

“But Cummins’ emails make clear Ukrainian authorities weren’t interested in investigating the Bidens on Ukrainian law violations. Rather, they wanted to confidentially provide evidence of possible violations of U.S. law so American authorities could investigate. And they had no interest initially in involving the Trump White House. Rather, they simply wanted to share evidence with U.S. authorities at the prosecutor-to-prosecutor level.

Cummins’ emails to Berman make clear that Lutsenko did not trust the U.S. embassy in Kiev or the FBI to review the materials, fearing they were too political.

“Lutsenko faces political hurdles in getting a visa to come here. It is believed that the embassy in Kiev has blocked his obtaining a visa in the past. He believes it is because the US ambassador knows the nature of his investigation and wants to obstruct him from coming and sharing it,” Cummins wrote Berman on Oct. 4, 2018.

Five days later, Cummins wrote that Lutsenko was prepared to deliver serious evidence, including copies of two ledgers in the Manafort case that Ukrainian prosecutors believed were faked.”


Don Bessee

Jerry the nads can not pretend it was not so -

Ex-Antifa member slams Nadler for calling far-left group 'imaginary': 'That's just false'




Oh goodie. Well, that’s one way to take back the Senate.

‘House Democrats Vote To Make Washington, D.C., The 51st State‘

“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has refused to bring the legislation to a vote in the upper chamber, according to the Post. President Donald Trump told the New York Post last month that Washington, D.C., will never become a state: “Why? So we can have two more Democratic – Democrat senators and five more congressmen? No thank you. That’ll never happen.”

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has indicated that he is fully on-board with making a new state out of the land in the nation’s capital: “D.C. should be a state. Pass it on.””


I see the Grim Reaper got the package we sent him. By any means necessary, right?

Sometimes I wish the GOP would keep up with the times and fold like a cheap suit...just like the old Grand Old Party. Oh well.

Bill Tozer

Terrorist? You calling me a terrorist? I’m not a terrorist, you are! You go girl.

‘Trump Calls Violent Protesters ‘Terrorists.’ Stelter Mocks Trump. Then Dana Loesch Hammers Stelter’

“CNN’s Brian Stelter snapped on Twitter, “There we go again with the president using the word ‘terrorists.”

“Author and political commentator Dana Loesch, who has been subjected to a torrent of abuse over the years from leftists who targeted her for her staunch support of Second Amendment rights, fired back at Stelter, “I’m curious, have you ever objected as vociferously whenever I and other law-abiding gun owners were referred to as ‘terrorists’ on your network? We never vandalized monuments or burned down buildings.”

Loesch added, “I mean, there is a sitting congresswoman who called me and others ‘domestic security threats’ but by all means, everyone clutch your pearls if the Antifa people burning down buildings, beating people in the streets, are referred to as ‘terrorists.’”.

“Holy cow. Note to all: Don’t dare condemn the violent riots resulting in businesses burning to the ground, don’t dare criticize the rioters beating women in the streets with 2x4s, don’t criticize the rioters who murdered David Dorn, don’t dare discuss self defense hypotheticals.

She continued: “No. You are not going to try to incite with this white progressive male Karen bullshit, shaming people who dare to discuss self defense when people have been KILLED in these violent riots. The nerve of this guy — people of all ethnicities are losing everything in these riots, right after they barely stayed afloat during a lockdown, and after seeing death and destruction on TV for a week straight, you’re going to shame thing for wondering about self defense? GTFO.”

Loesch concluded, “This idea of spreading injustice to further the righteous cause of justice is insane. The defense of murder and mayhem as the price of justice is insane. Full effing stop.”



In the Things That Actually Matter Department (that I wasn't aware of)...


So Alphabet is acquiring the primary company that scooops up body telemetry in real time. I mean, what could go wrong?

Question. Is this more likely to be challenged under a Trump or Biden administration?

OTOH, maybe there's no point in fighting 'progress'.



Email is as bad as the postal service...
I got Emry's mail by mistake.
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Mary Wanna

“I never did this before. I never slept over in Washington” is how a five-year old would describe his experience of being president."



Walt@8:15AM June 27, Year Zero.

"Email is as bad as the postal service...
I got Emry's mail by mistake.
Introducing Misa!
Next Generation Social Robot."

Why would a robot buy a robot?

In the meantime, using the same rules of engagement as Paul 'n Mary use, Biden speaks:



Scenes, "Why would a robot buy a robot?",,,
Well,,, you know,,,,,.....

Paul Emery


Here's a website from 270toWin. I'd like you to check it out for your opinion. It's analysis of the Presidential election from the viewpoint of looking at electoral votes. It makes an estimate as to where we stand today by assigning support to the Repubs and Dems from four categories. 1. safe Support 2 likely support 3 leaning support 4 tossup. By adding the first three categories of both party's they give the Dems 248 delegates and the Repubs 204 delegates. They then look at winning combinations and that's where it gets interesting. The begin by stating that it is still early to make a firm prediction but this is a template that is updated daily so change is east to track. it's a step beyond just looking at approval or likely voters and bringing in electoral votes and what is needed by either side to win. check it out. I'm interested what you think and whether fo;;owing this site would add valuable information to the discussion. It seems this is the information that pollsters from both parties would take to design strategies and resources. Let me know what you think.



Emery,, you haven't responded to the massive voter fraud
that was posted... You know,, the stuff you say just never happens... Why is that Emery? How come you fail to deal with it?
Here is the "bigfoot" you say just doesn't exist.

He's strolling down Pine St.


For your reading pleasure.



Oh.. Yes.. Your hero Biden says "we" have 156 million deaths due to the Kung Flu... Can you explain how the entire population of the U.S. is dead,,, according your demented Biden? Give us the story on that "news man".....


I just had to share this one.

Unfortunate crime and situation.

"UC Berkeley student Seth Smith died from a gunshot wound June 15 in Berkeley.

Smith was going into his junior year, which would have also been his last, as he had enough credits to graduate early. He was a double major in history and economics and hoped to go to graduate school at the London School of Economics.

“He made us proud in everything he ever did,” said his mother, Michelle Rode-Smith. “He was phenomenal.”"


The school's official response:

"We realize this is a difficult time for those of you who knew Seth. It is important to know that individuals may express their grief differently and we need to respect the different ways people react and support each other in the days and weeks ahead. Many of you may have had a close relationship with Seth and are feeling a sense of loss and disbelief. Others, like many of us, are experiencing stress, grief and anxiety related to the coronavirus pandemic and the recent murders of George Floyd, Riah Milton, and other Black Americans."


Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery | 27 June 2020 at 04:39 PM

HAHAHA! Looks like you and AOC and the other Anti-American babes in the house are simpatico eh?

Paul Emery

Walt 5:05

Could be Walt. Kinda small time stuff. Show me convictions Walt like you required for the Russia investigation and I'll check it out. Besides this report is from CNN that you always refer to as fake news. So you no longer consider them fake news right?

Paul Emery


Now that you are a believer in CNN what do you think of this story published by CNN?

"Trump campaign had social distancing stickers removed before Tulsa rally"



CNN was just the LAST to report it,, Emery.
Nothing "small time" about it.
So,, if you say it doesn't happen and it's well documented that it does,, it's fair to say that if you say " This is fact",, it sure as hell isn't.


You Liberal bastards have no shame.
Now you attack John Wayne? 🖕 you!

Paul Emery


what does my 4:39 post about calculating delegate votes have to do with your 5:18 that talks about AOC? Please explain.

Scott O

Paul Emery 5:32 - "Trump campaign had social distancing stickers removed before Tulsa rally"
Why - the outrage!!
This, at a venue that Paul wouldn't attend if it was next door.
Conservatives are well aware of what we believe we need to do in order to take care of our own health. Paul needs a sticker on the toilet to tell him to shove his willie back in his pants and another to instruct him as to how he is to wipe his ass after defecation.
We aren't as ignorant as you, Paul - you need to be reminded of this on a regular basis.
Not that it does much good.

Don Bessee

Now we see the extent of the damage from another mysterious blast that rattled those mutha mullahs -

The gas storage area sits near what analysts describe as Iran's Khojir missile facility. The explosion appears to have struck a facility for the Shahid Bakeri Industrial Group, which makes solid-propellant rockets, said Fabian Hinz, a researcher at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California.

The Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies identified Khojir as the “site of numerous tunnels, some suspected of use for arms assembly.” Large industrial buildings at the site visible from satellite photographs also suggest missile assembly being conducted there.




MEDIA FAIL: Trump says the most violent cities are all run by Democrats; Washington Post retorts, “Only 19 of 20, and the 20th is run by an independent, so there!

- Glenn Reynolds

Don Bessee

Here is a little something to keep the pony tail of ignorance up at night -

“Early polling was not indicative of what happened in 1976 or of 1968. It was not indicative of 1980 or 1992 or 2016,” said Frank Luntz, a longtime pollster who has worked for Newt Gingrich and Pat Buchanan, among other clients. “There have been so many cases where the numbers changed in the last days. What early polling does is tell us where we’re headed — but not where we’ll end up.”

Consider the Gallup general election poll that gave Michael Dukakis a 17-point lead over George H.W. Bush in late July 1988. That lead evaporated over the months that followed and he was defeated in November.


George Rebane

PaulE 439pm - Paul, take a look at my update to 'Letters ...' and the link I provide to the Rand Corporation study.

Bill Tozer

@ 6:13 pm

I think Paul is vying for a regular comment place here, such as the Sandbox or like the Democrat Derby with occasional updates to I believe “fo;;owing this site would add valuable information to the discussion.”

Yeah GEORGE, do you want to have a running poll topic forum here? Yes, it’s likely that Biden could win. A reasonable possibility. Now, look at the states...electoral college...good. Very good. What’s there to discuss? What each side needs to do to win? Campaign strategies arewell planned and discussed by the campaign people and many advisors and all the moving parts (add DNC and RNC and PACs) and they know what the target states are and how they are doing. CA is not in play.

I figure that everybody here is just waiting to jump on the chance to join a form based on polls from different states on the Road to the Whitehouse 2020.

I have noticed people here have shared Punchy’s great interest and passion of living by the polls, glued to the chair. Not!

Be thinks Punchy wants his own blog here on Gilligan's Island....or lease a space for his topics he wants to discuss. I see his point, but I just don’t feel it like he does.

George Rebane

BillT 656pm - The Sandbox is an ideal place to present the latest results by polling devotees. And if PaulE wants to write a definitive piece on how early polls can divine election outcomes in the distant future, then I will be more than happy to post it and let the comment stream take its course.

Don Bessee

@702 He might want to check out my 632. Oh crap didn't post the link.


Bill Tozer

Well, conventional wisdom says the race starts after Labor Day weekend. Just walk down the street and ask young Democrats who was Obama’s VP or ask soccer moms about some names like Bannon or Brennan of Ben Carson or who the Dem likely nominee is and you will believe in conventional wisdom. People aren’t all ignorant or dumb, they just don’t have a passion for the game. Not til Labor Day do they tune in to see what’s going on.
For example, I may watch the last one or two games of NBA Finals and that’s if for the year. Couldn’t tell you who the stars are if they played for another team not in the Finals or all the team names, or even who was in the playoffs. I tune in for the Grand Finale. Like watching the Super Bowl only during the season. After the 7th inning stretch, folks start to focus.

But, I could be wrong and Jimmy Cracker Corn and I don’t care.

From a censored film that is currently being re-edited and comes with trigger warning...9 seconds


Rebuttal, 7 seconds


Don Bessee

The chi coms get busted again -



Don Bessee

No cop for the peons in the hood but I got mine on your dime bitches! -

Minneapolis council members calling to defund police spend $63G on private security details after receiving death threats

The security details reportedly cost the city $4,500 a day in taxpayer dollars.




The Blue Mob doing what it does best.


Don Bessee

He does know his tribe but they don't really listen to him -

Bill Maher Rips Protest Era’s White “Guardians Of Gotcha” For Pushing U.S. Toward A “Re-Segregation Of Sorts”




Best get rid of them Confederate flags and replace them with the Flag of Peace.



Somebody has pair that clang when she walks........


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