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02 June 2020


Mary Wanna

More folks agree with me that Trump is a clueless buffoon,


George Rebane

Mary 1044am - Ahh yes, the caressing comfort of consensus.

Don Bessee

Can they get anything right? -

Viral Photo of White House ‘Going Dark’ That Was Shared by Dems Is from Before Trump Presidency




Yet still smarter than you Mary he/she..
So.. Just what title is given to a halfwit three levels below buffoon?
Lets see.. He's beat the LIBS at their own game, Hasn't run when the heat was on like your ol' bat Hillary.
Has proven "O" as the street punk he is.


OK he/she, since Emery has clammed up tighter than a steer's
butt in fly season, Just who is going to take down Trump?
Trump will eat Joe's lunch in the first debate. There won't be a second. The embarrassment of Biden will be to much to take.
Just what do Proggy and NeoLIB have to offer that Trump policies? A return to massive taxation, unemployment and regulation? Import all the cheap labor we can get?
Oh.. And REAL expensive green energy?
Yup that will get voters to get rid of Trump..

Try impeachment again.. You have a month or two to pull it off.

Steven Frisch

Yes, well since Pelosi was educated at the Institute of Notre Dame, and graduated from Trinity College, at the time an all women's Catholic university, was married in the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen in Baltimore, attends mass regularly, and is comfortable with her faith I think she is uniquely qualified to counsel a man who rarely attends church, regularly acts contrary to Christian philosophy, and if he had his way would spend 20% of his time screwing groupies.


Posted by: Steven Frisch | 02 June 2020 at 03:43 PM

Yes....he is gods "imperfect vessel"!

Hey....congrats.....you finally managed to hire someone of African American descent (I think)!

Well done....and in just a hair under a decade!

(Ten bucks says this post goes directly into the Memory Hole....)


So Steivey,, not referancing your source again?
Another visit to Wiki U of the net?
We know damned well you didn't know that from memory.

BFD about Swamp witch. He President, and she ain't.
He still gets to VETO the the crap she sends up.


Given that Nancy's a prime candidate for excommunication based on her love of abortion, I have to assume the the rarely-heard Frisch makes his comment tongue-in-cheek. I would hardly expect him to embarrass himself by claiming to be serious with his comment.


Put contrary Mary on the spot, and he/she pulls up his/her skirt and runs for the same hiding spot as Emery.


Well how bout that? Saint Dubya's words are in the Bible!!
Also the snake "O" is quoted TOO!

Since Swamp witch hates to be upstaged by Trump, she just had to try and do one better by pretending to read from the Bible.
I'm surprised her talons and eyes didn't catch fire just for touching it and setting eyes upon the Good Book.


Posted by: L | 02 June 2020 at 04:52 PM

Well given the current iteration of the Roman Catholic Church it may be the perfect home for Satans little imp from SF.


27 Murdered in Chicago Over the Weekend


What? Its Black on Black crime? Never mind!

Carry on!


Yes, 2020 is a leap year. And Emery and He/she have leaped right into BS.

Don Bessee

Bad news for the chi coms, the game is over -

Both the College Republican National Committee and the College Democrats of America signed an open letter demanding the closure of Confucius Institutes that are stationed at U.S. college campuses across the country.

The institutes claim to be a vehicle for promoting Chinese culture and language worldwide, with academic style courses and teachers, that share information about contemporary China.

The letter claims Communist China is funding the institutes to enact coercive measures within American colleges and universities and brands them a threat to educational freedom.

"The Chinese government’s flagrant attempts to coerce and control discourse at universities in the United States and around the world pose an existential threat to academic freedom as we know it," the message states. "It is a civic and moral imperative that we protect that freedom."



Don Bessee

More bad news for empeor xi on a massive scale. Chi coms gonna be chi coms! -

For example, some of the emails uncovered by the AP show W.H.O. officials worrying that if they openly accused China of wrongdoing, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would stop cooperating entirely, and might even commit violence against Chinese scientists who were trying to help. That’s hardly a refutation of the U.S. narrative, since American critics have long suspected W.H.O. played softball with China – putting hundreds of thousands of lives around the world at risk – because it knew Beijing was ready to play hardball with them.

It also does not speak well of W.H.O. that its officials refused to discuss the report with Associated Press interviewers unless they could be supplied with “audio or written transcripts of the recorded meetings, which could not be supplied while protecting sources.” In other words, they would not say anything unless they knew they had been caught red-handed spreading false information about a historically devastating pandemic to the world.

The leaked documents also confirmed that W.H.O. knew the CCP was preventing Chinese scientists from discussing the coronavirus and ordering the destruction of samples, which is a direct contravention of W.H.O. protocols. W.H.O. Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was fully aware of these issues, but deliberately chose not to mention them when he finally declared a global health emergency at the end of January, instead gushing over the “incredible things” China had supposedly done to “limit the transmission of the virus to other countries.”



George Rebane

DonB 857pm - More importantly, none of these things will be made known to the country's lamestream audiences nor responded to by our leftwing lackeys. All this is a non-event for their ongoing narrative.

Don Bessee

Dr. R, All we can do is put it on the table. What is nice on Al Gores internet is that nothing goes away!

That the national Dem and Republicans came together is a heartening data point as this is a strategic and not a tactical issue that hurts us all.

Especially in all the current contexts.

Anything we can agree on especially on the chi com issues shows that folks understand the threats to all our rights.


Bill Tozer

So, now we have a Special Prosecutor team that lied to the American Public and lied to the courts. Flynn never lied and they knew it. Flynn and the Russian Ambassador did not discuss sanctions, just explosions which were separate from the sanctions.

New Flynn Transcripts Confirm Mueller Team Lied To The Court And The Country


Mary Wanna

Ivanka is a total hypocrite. She gave Big Daddy a Bible from her purse for the church photo op
She should have given him the Hebrew Bible.


Why don't you go 🖕 yourself He/she?
You just show up to TROLL.
You ran like the little girl you are after getting a simple question.


Rosenstein is getting grilled. No friends to be found in that hearing.
The Repubs want hard answers. And the LIBS will be saying "You had ONE job!.. And you FAILED us"...

Mary Wanna

DALLAS (AP) — Trump administration to block Chinese passenger airlines from traveling to US starting in mid-June.

Yep, blame it on Jiyna

Mary Wanna

Wally, your so-called "questions" are merely distractions so you don't have to deal with reality.

Biden can kick back in his basement for all I care, and he will still beat Trump.

Mary Wanna

You cannot even parse the play on words that is my name/handle/sackhead identity.

MaryWanna-Marijuana. Hell, I bet even Don Bessie figured that one out.

But you live for any excuse to try to paint someone as a gender bender, which goes to show your sexual identity insecurity.

Bill Tozer

Plame out

Ex-CIA spy Valerie Plame loses House bid in New Mexico Dem primary



Simple questions shit for brains. And you can't answer them.
That's ok.. I found the answer for what's lesser of a halfwit.
Yup, Nitwit is your category.

Run along he/she. Trump is here to stay.

Paul Emery

For your reading pleasure:

Dump Trump polls continue to decline-worst support for job performance since Jan 2019. That's before his now legendary Bible stunt. Pretty grim.

RCP consensus polls;


Bill Tozer

Enjoy the sackhead’s wit. Half-wit, dim-wit, and nitwit. The glum lot is known for their wit.


Morn'n Emery,, Have answers to yesterday's questions?
Your sister Mary can't answer them either.
Need a reminder? We know how bad your memory is.


Posted by: Walt | 03 June 2020 at 08:18 AM

"But you live for any excuse to try to paint someone as a gender bender, which goes to show your sexual identity insecurity.

Says that special someone who chose "Lavender" as a posting handle and rocked the blowjob avatar for over a year.


"But you live for any excuse to try to paint someone as a gender bender, which goes to show your sexual identity insecurity."

And your a DUDE posting under a CHICK'S name! 🤣🤦‍♂️
Put the two together and what do you get?=HE/SHE...


LOL!! Sen. Whitehouse is pissed! HA.HA!!!!
No real quesions but plenty of grandstanding!!!

Bill Tozer

Constitution vs The Resistance

‘Judge Sullivan Finally Responds To Mandamus Petition In Flynn Case, Proving Why It Was Necessary’

Sullivan Proved the Need for Mandamus

“While Sullivan’s entire response is weak and screams of bias, his final point actually proves Powell’s case for mandamus. In closing, Sullivan argues the D.C. Circuit should deny Flynn’s petition for mandamus because he has yet to rule on the government’s motion to dismiss. Here, Sullivan stresses that mandamus is rare and is only appropriately granted when no other remedy is available. He then posits that, since Flynn could appeal any future denial of his motion to dismiss, there is no reason for mandamus now.

This point cannot withstand scrutiny, however, because as the brief filed yesterday by a group of U.S. senators argued, there is no longer a live “case or controversy” in the Flynn case. The senators’ amici curiae brief makes this brilliant point, overlooked by many: Sullivan is not merely violating Article II of the Constitution, which grants prosecutorial discretion solely to the executive branch. He is also violating Article III of the Constitution by attempting to rule in a case where there is no “case or controversy.”

Because both parties agreed to dismissal of the case — the federal government on one hand and Flynn on the other — there no longer remains a live dispute subject to a federal court’s jurisdiction. Article III provides that the judicial power of the United States extends only to cases and controversies.

Without a live dispute, any decision Sullivan renders (or purports to render) would consist of an improper advisory opinion. Thus, by arguing that mandamus should be denied because he has yet to rule on the motion to dismiss, Sullivan has proved the need for mandamus: to prevent him from issuing an advisory opinion.

Whether the D.C. Circuit will grant mandamus and direct Sullivan (or, more properly, another judge to whom the case is reassigned) to dismiss the criminal charge against Flynn is unknown. But Flynn has the Constitution on his side; Sullivan has only the Resistance.


Bill Tozer

My, my, my. It took race to end the C-19 lockdowns. Identity Politics reigns supreme.


WOW.. Not a peep on how Proggys plan on taking down Trump.
No opinion on what Proggy plan is better for America that what Trump has been doing. You know, a roaring economy and near zero unemployment.. Proggy plan.."near zero employment" " A gov. check in the in box that won't even cover food, let alone green power bills. Just gotta make due while LIB elietes eat the good stuff, and have taxpayers pay their power bill.

But HEY you can always post a poll for Proggys BY Proggys.
The nation be damned.

He/she can complain about the First Lady having better close in her closet... Have at it.

Bill Tozer

Joe Biden announces he will attend the funeral of George Floyd. Let’s hear the cries of “photo op”, lol


Did Biden just lie in Church?



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 03 June 2020 at 10:31 AM

Did Biden just lie in Church?

Remember Bill.....Biden follows the “George Costanza Principle” .......it’s not a lie if you believe it.

Speaking of lying......where’s RR’s Menopausal Avenger.....aka Roberta Cross ......been recently?

Beauty Shops are open again.....probably under a dryer clucking with the other hens.

Bill Tozer

Yo Walt, check this baby out as Trump walks to St John’s.



Bill. That guys sure has a pair of cannons just from packing around that gun.
It needs wheels, and a tow hitch.

Mary Wanna

The nitwit-in-chief spews more Twitter buffoonery,

Trump says he’ll cut off funding to states that make it easier to vote


Mary Wanna

Dimwit Wally, I didn't say my name is Mary, I said "Mary Wanna".
Man, you boys are dense.


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 03 June 2020 at 12:51 PM

Man, you boys are dense.

Man....look at those lil T-Rex arms go!

Bill Tozer

Fish @ 12:57 pm

Oh, the riots, looting, violence, and carnage is just the half time break in the C-19 lockdown. Like a seventh inning stretch. Time to run out and get a beer before the game resumes.

Bill Tozer

Meadows: "Hard Evidence" FBI Leaked Info To Press, Used Same Stories To Obtain FISA Warrants



Ahhhh.. Well bless lil' He/she's heart. Trying to play with the big boys. Has no smarts to come up with anything on it's own.
Yes, whatever you are, your a nitwit. Thanks for proving that.

Still can't answer my questions TROLL? Sucks to be you.
You can't say team zero is going to oust Trump without any idea of how you can do that. And you have the nuts GOD gave lizards to call us "dence"? Poor little man/girl ..
Your so fun to slap around.


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 03 June 2020 at 12:51 PM

I didn't say my name is Mary, I said "Mary Wanna".

Is this why you are so upset with Trump?



Love it!! The finger pointing and accusations of "he's LY'N!!"
Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe accused former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein of giving “false” testimony Wednesday about James Comey’s memos documenting his interactions with President Trump."

The supinas start getting approved tomorrow. And the LIBS are working damage contol.

Mary Wanna

Birtherism, PizzaGate, Biden Burisma, now add hydroxychloroquine to the latest of the failed Trump conspiracies,

Hydroxychloroquine, a drug promoted by Trump, failed to prevent healthy people from getting covid-19 in trial

Mary Wanna

Pentagon chief Espers tells Trump to go take a dump- Will not call out the military for Trump's publicity stunt.


Flail he/she,, FLAIL!! Waive those little arms!!
TROLL it out of your system.. Daily Caller purge your accounts again?
And Trump is still having his way with you.. Just look at his face.... It says it all.


See? our TROLL is pro riots. He/she don't want them to stop.

Paul Emery

Yeah Mary

Trump waving a backward upside down Bible like a hunting trophy kill is the most pathetic thing i have ever seen a public official do. Not to worry, he is indeed a dead duck for the fall election. Biden is playing it just right by keeping his mouth shup. Obama is set to speak today and they are attempting to muzzle Trump

He's got to take a break anyway to recover from his daily dose of hydroxychloroquine.

George Rebane

The confirmations of liberal mentality just keep rolling in like a dependable tide. MaryW, for example, wouldn't recognize a drug promotion if it were shoved where the sun don't shine. And PaulE's news sources never told him that Trump quit taking HCQ a week ago. Additionally, I note that my invitation to Paul to provide some walk with his talk was totally ignored - so the all talk goes on and on.

And then there's Trump holding up the Bible not to the liberals' liking, which for Paul is "the most pathetic thing i have ever seen a public official do."

My own candidate for that is our President Obama standing next to the Queen at an internationally televised state ceremony continuing to yak and yak as thousands stood in silent respect with hands on hearts while the British national anthem was being played. The guy didn't have a clue as he looked at the throngs of attendees - it was all about him. The Queen was so obviously embarrassed, the entire world thought that in the next instant she was going to tell him to STFU. I'm sure our 100M+ US liberals never saw anything wrong; after all, it was their St Barack the Unifier speaking.


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 03 June 2020 at 01:54 PM

Wave em…….faster, faster…..


Paul Emery


He held the bible up like a dead pheasant ad it was upside down and backwards and my goodness that stupid look on his face like he just killed something. George, you should be part of a dump that chump movement to restore what will be left of the once viable Republican Party. Look what happened in California for example where there is no effective representation of Conservative values and ideals because we are a one party State.

Paul Emery

RCP consensus now has Biden up by 7.8, the most since polling began in early January. Pretty grim



Poor He/she. When you can't defend your bullshit,TROLL on...

Sorry Emery, the Bible is just as good upside down as right side up. The words don't fall out.

At least Trump has some measure of faith. You believe in just what? Something that has no belief in anything?
Care to remind us of just what that is? OR has that changed again in the last few days?

Yaa.. Your one to speak down to Trump about that.

Bill Tozer

The Pentagon does what the Commander in Chief tells him to do. An ex-Defense Secretary is feel to do what he/she wants.
What is it with Baltimore? Are the trying to break IL’s record of sending governors to the Big House? What is it now, 5 out of the last six? Or is that four out of the last five?




Keep tryin Emery, Joementia has nothing to offer, and the affirmative action VP has yet to be found.

DAMN Emery, can you see the first debate now? Biden will demand getting checked into Highgate before Sunrise.

Don Bessee

Talk about being burdened with the most ignorant trolls -

Will not call out the military for Trump's publicity stunt.
Posted by: Mary Wanna | 03 June 2020 at 01:57 PM

The secdef has no say in the matter, if the insurrection act is invoked the troops will be deployed. But it has not yet been.



Here you go PRO cheat by mail backers,,

There PLENTY of perfectly good excuses as to why.
So lets do it on a national scale! Then Emery's poll shit may have a chance.

Paul Emery

Trump is a Christian that believes it's OK to bonk a porn star and a Playboy Bunny while your wife stays home with a babe in arms.

Trump is a Christian that believes it's OK to round up children and dump them off in a country they've never lived in with no one to meet them.

check out this out:

"Washington, DC – The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) has released the following statement on Trump’s campaign rally at the Ministerio Internacional El Rey Jesús Church, in West Kendall, Florida, today:

“Latinos are a majority Christian community, Latinos everywhere are concerned by President Trump’s fake Christian campaign rally at a Latino Evangelical Church that serves a large undocumented population in South Florida this Friday,” says Domingo Garcia, LULAC National President. “As Trump pretends to stand for Christian values today-- during this season in which Christians worldwide commemorate the Holy Family’s refugee journey-- we hope that this congregation and its leadership ask President Trump why his Administration has locked Christian Latino refugee children in cages, separated Christian parents fleeing persecution and violence from their children, and continues to hold our Christian children in deplorable conditions by refusing them even basic healthcare and compassion.”

You can read the entire letter here:



Posted by: Paul Emery | 03 June 2020 at 03:19 PM

What are you driving at Punch?

Mary Wanna

George: yes that's outrageous.

Obama - The US President had just begun proposing a toast to the Queen when the orchestra of the Scots Guard ACCIDENTALLY began playing the national anthem.

So who should be embarrassed?

Trump - Donald and Melania Trump broke a major royal protocol rule during a visit to Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

Upon their arrival to the NATO reception, the US President and the First Lady were greeted by Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, and Camilla, marking their second State visit this year after their trip to the palace in June.

A video of the meeting shows both the President and Melania opting for handshakes instead of a traditional bow or curtsy.

Trump - The speech was almost overshadowed, however, by a violation of royal protocol committed by Trump when he apparently gave the queen a pat on the back.

Simply outrageous!


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 03 June 2020 at 03:25 PM

Oooohhh......tiny arms has a mancrush......


Emery forgets the first rule.
"we are all sinners"
Let us know when you can walk on water Emery.
Knowing you, you will find fault with Jesus.

You not scoring any points.

Go smoke the eternal bong.


Our hermaphrodite is still at it? Still got that man/girl crush on "O"? Well,, he did wear the skirt when Moochie was around.

Bill Tozer

Simply outrageous! A handshake is not protocol!

Yep, that be Trump. You won’t find Trump following protocol and bowing down with his ass in the air to kiss the king of Arab or Islamic leaders, China or the Queen of England, or Russia or the Pope. And fuck Trudeau. That be Trump. America First and all that.

The Royals? That last time they tried to take our guns was 1775 and we did not bow to the King. Somebody fired a shot heard around the world.
Walt @ 3:02

Did you know Gavin snuck into CA’s COVID-19 spending bill a little bit of language to lengthen the early voting period in CA?


Bill,,, Nope missed that news. But not surprised.

Bill Tozer

Darn it. I wish I found this on OAC so I could get a two-ferof exploding heads and making Mt. Menopause erupt again. A trifecta would be Kayleigh McEnany quoting Devin Nunnes the patriot at the WH presser...shown on OAN.

There is something special about Kayleigh, for sure


“It’s a pretty grave thing to spy on an American citizen, to violate his Fourth Amendment rights, to not have a basis to do so, and to rely on a Russian dossier full of lies as the justification. So, it’s really astonishing to hear from [Rosenstein] that he’s not sure he read every page of that warrant. But, I suppose it’s encouraging to hear – with his 20/20 hindsight – that he wouldn’t have signed on it, though I’m sure that’s of no comfort to Carter Page.
The President is dismayed. This happened to the President’s campaign. A Republican campaign was spied on by a Democratic presidency – a Democratic administration – based on a dossier paid for by his opponent, Hillary Clinton, and the DNC. This is absolutely extraordinary. It is the biggest political scandal that we’ve seen and the lack of journalistic curiosity on this front is appalling.”


quote of the day from Quote of the Day

“It [fakenews dossier] wasn’t a matter of believing it, it was a matter of finding it useful. They found it useful, and I doubt that there is a single journalist who now regrets misleading the American people for three years.“.

I could be wrong, but I don’t believe our local ‘news’ director has one regret for misleading everybody for three years. Probably either do those Union commentators like Ms Cook or Ms Wilson or....Bunbun or Rock hunter, or the Aqua Velma Man.

Bill Tozer

Oh yeah, we will not them divide us.


Got one better Bill,, Rosenstein- "I relied on others to verify the FICA warrant I signed, but didn't (fully) read."
In other words,, "It's someoneelses fault".

Paul Emery

Look out Trumpers, they are starting to beat up on your guy. This is from Trumps military guy Mad Dog Mattis.

"On Wednesday, The Atlantic reported that President Donald Trump’s former Defense Secretary James Mattis has written a furious condemnation of the president, saying he is incapable of “mature leadership” and accusing him of deliberately trying to turn Americans against one another.

“I have watched this week’s unfolding events, angry and appalled,” wrote Mattis, according to the article. “The words ‘Equal Justice Under Law’ are carved in the pediment of the United States Supreme Court. This is precisely what protesters are rightly demanding. It is a wholesome and unifying demand — one that all of us should be able to get behind. We must not be distracted by a small number of lawbreakers. The protests are defined by tens of thousands of people of conscience who are insisting that we live up to our values — our values as people and our values as a nation … We must reject and hold accountable those in office who would make a mockery of our Constitution.”

You can read the rest here:



Don't buy anything "rawProggy" has to say Emery.
About as useful as your pal he/she's gender.
And you wonder why your a joke?


Come on Emery,, tell us what a LIB can do better than Trump,, other than run the nation into the ground worse than "O"?
Things were just fine till you friends the bat soup eaters
gave the world the clap.


Thank goodness there's a small number of lawbreakers.

Evidently, early returns are in from the Democratic voters. One building = one vote.



8:50 a.m. — A man from Spenceville and Indian Springs roads reported two suspicious people in an old limo. He pulled over to see if they needed help and a man got out with a hard hat on and said he was just “having a bite with my lady.” The caller said it was very weird. A man was arrested on suspicion of violating post-release community supervision.

Nope,, wasn't me. My limo is newer and I'm not a criminal.


I see Emery wants no part of the tossed votes.
How bout that Emery? That's a LIB election for ya.

Bill Tozer

Walt, did he not sign a document that he has verified everything in the FICA? I mean, this is a FICA for the nominee for President of the US campaign, not some run of the mill low level operation on some small group of bigamists in the desert communicating with a known terrorist. This is a FISA designed get inside the campaign and monitor Trump. Two hop rule.

It’s one The Big One, the one out of a million. A very big deal. Not routine where your staff checks it out and signs off on it. This kind of warrant is of the such import that it needs the top dog of the DOJ-National Security Division to personally sign it...not his deputy or whatever title the #2 has. John P. Carlin (head of the division and former Mueller chief of staff) signed the Oct FICA and immediately left government. Ran for the hills before the election. The DOJ-NSD is the one office that is exempt to IG inquiry. Odd. It’s in the fine print.

Ah, Rod is a company man, if you catch my drift. I will just have to wait and see. Comey has covered his ass by relinquishing his Classified status. This, any question he is asked he can answer, “I can’t talk about classified stuff because I don’t have the proper classification status and you can’t ask me about classified stuff cause I can not qualified to hear it. :)

The real fireworks when Brennan and Clapper try to throw Comey the Dirty Cop under the bus. “Hey, we gave you intel. It’s your job to verify it, not ours.”, lol

Lisa Page and Rod are tied together.


So Emery wants to bring up Mad dog Mattis?
The words of a buttsore Gen. that was shown the door.
Everyone gets pissed when they lose their gravy train job.

So if and when the house gets burned Emery is in,,, will he still want Trump to do jack shit?

Bill Tozer

Gee, I don’t know who was submitting all those Unmask Flynn requests.

Yes, that IS my signature on all those numerous Unmasking Requests, but I never signed them.—-and I don’t have the foggiest who did. ——-Samatha Powers.

All Obama, Hillary, and Powers did was emboldened Putin in the Middle East and gave him a big foothold and prestige Russian never had before.

Bill Tozer

Today’s Quotes

Upright: “This [racist] ‘DNA’ problem is called sin by preachers and cannot be altered by government programs. If it could have, it would have by now. … A changed heart is key, something government lacks the power to achieve.” —Cal Thomas

Perspective: “No one thinks that what happened to George Floyd was anything but horrifying and enraging. In a society where almost everything is bitterly disputed, the revulsion over Floyd’s death, and the desire to see his killers brought to justice, is practically universal. This is not a country that thinks it’s OK for police to kill black men.” —Jeff Jacoby

For the record: “Between 2012 and 2015, blacks committed 85.5 percent of all black-white interracial violent victimizations (excluding interracial homicide, which is also disproportionately black-on-white). That works out to 540,360 felonious assaults on whites. Whites committed 14.4 percent of all interracial violent victimization, or 91,470 felonious assaults on blacks.” —Heather Mac Donald

Observations: “Media, five minutes ago: Why isn’t Trump declaring a nationwide lockdown for covid-19? Media, now: Trump is a tyrant for stating that if governors and mayors fail to protect their citizens from rioting and looting, federal forces will.” —Ben Shapiro

Yes but… “I want to acknowledge that much of the violence and destruction, both here in Seattle and across the country, has been instigated and perpetuated by white men. These individuals experience the height of privilege and are co-opting peaceful demonstrations that were organized by and meant to center people of color, particularly Black Americans.” —Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (Yes, the violence is often antifa, but black looters bear a lot of blame and this is not a bunch of white supremacists.)

Demo-gogue: “Four hundred years of American racism, I’m sorry, that is not the same question as the understandably aggrieved store owner or the devout religious person who wants to go back to services.” —Mayor Bill de Blasio

Priorities: “Yes protest, yes express your outrage, but be responsible because the last thing we want to do is see a spike in the number of COVID cases.” —Governor Andrew Cuomo

Braying jenny: “We would hope that the president of the United States would follow the lead of so many other presidents before him to be a healer-in-chief, and not a fanner of the flame.” —Nancy Pelosi, while holding a Bible

And last… “Authoritarian Democratic leaders were eager to send law enforcement to arrest law abiding citizens at church, or in the parks. But, when it comes to violent protestors & looters, suddenly these same leaders are deciding it’s bad politics to enforce the law.” —Senator Ted Cruz

Paul Emery


As I have documented over and over Libs do better running the economy as evidenced by the fact that every economic recession or depression was proceeded by a Republican administration A disastrous administration occurred on 4 of the 7 Republican Presidencies since 1930. The fourth was the crook Nixon. Not much else to say. History shows it is not worth the risk to elect a Republican


No Emery,, no you haven't. Your BS has been shot down like slow skeet.


You still have yet to give ANY example of what LIBS can do better than Trump.. Except plunge the nation into civil war.
You have not denied my claims, of just what damage the will do.

Tell us how massive unemploment is good for America.
Nope,, you won't do that.


When facts are posted Emery goes into 🙈🙉🙊 mode.

Bill Tozer

Those jobs were coming back just fine., to record levels. Sizzling. Black unemployment way down, even for high school dropouts. Donald J. Trump, the outsider, used the Magic Wand that Obama said Does Not exist. Learn to Code and all that. Then came along The Donald.

But, unfortunately, the Dems pulled their usual and are making harder to get ‘er done. It’s like they are clock watchers or something. Renters, not owners.

New hot buzzphrase: international racism. No comparisons to Helter Skelter yet.


It's raining in N.Y. The first bath for many a LIB in weeks.

Paul Emery


What is not true about what I claim? Did economic crashes happen during and after Republican administrations-yes or no Walt. Was Nixon a crook? yes or no Walt.


Nixon a crook? Your boy "O" was WORCE!
You might want to watch the newest hearings.
You want answers O Buzzard Start answering some yourself.
Your dodging is getting real old. I know. It's tough to admit your wrong on SO many levels I must be right since you run from every question.
No, LIBS are not saviours,, but destroyers. History bares that to be true. Not history according to Emery.

Come on Emery,, just what do you and your LIBS have that's better than Trump? (for the umteenth time)
What's their economic plan other than ecomomic rape of people and business alike?
Here.. Let me help.. That IS the plan. There saved you from admitting it.


Get ready for FOX ratings to WAY up. The Proggy Press ain't going to cover the hearings,, LIBS are about to be grilled like
a Texas BBQ.

Rosenstine (Emery's forgotten hero) gave a taste of whats to come. And it won't be good for LIBS. Now its OUR TURN.
Ready Emery? Or are you going to hide at the corner bar stool nursing a cheap double triple malt Scotch knowing the Trump hunters have become the hunted?

How does it feel to be on the other side Emery? Your "crew" is about to go down. All the traitors that went after Trump
are lawyering up. Giving to their defence fund?
You can always sit in the intersection in downtown Nevada City in solidarity protest.

Don Bessee

Here is one for the trollish set who don't know anything about chain of command or constitutional authority -

Joyce Karam

· 2h

BREAKING: > 10 Buses carrying US Military Forces descended on #WashingtonDC near White House

Joyce Karam


Troops headed to La Fayette Park area which has been blocked today.

Defense Secretary Esper was going to pull back active military from DC this morning but decision reversed after White House meeting




Emery.. See the cowboys in Nevada City today?
They give you the heebeegeebees?
We know how you feel about cowboys. You can tell them by their signiture hats. Sometimes with feedstore caps too.

Mary Wanna

Mattis took a dump on Trump, Espers took a dump on Trump, Scaramuchi took a dump on Trump. Notice a pattern? Clueless Buffoons probably do not. But Fishy will flap his tiny flippers at the keyboard anyway.

Paul Emery


Care to compare resignations, indictments and convictions of Obama and Nixon staff and cabinet Walt? Give it a go and tell me what you find.

Here's a start. If you search Nixon indictments:

Here you go

"He is the only U.S. president to have resigned from office. On September 8, 1974, Nixon's successor, Gerald Ford, pardoned him. There were 69 people indicted and 48 people—many of them top Nixon administration officials—were convicted."


Now I'll google Obama indictments

Here's what I found

President Obama oversaw a remarkably scandal-free administration at least in terms of indictments. According to PolitiFact, of the last six Presidents, President Obama had the lowest number of indictments of government officials during his tenure. There were zero indictments of government officials during President Obama's two terms from 2009 through 2017.

Hmmm Walt and George

Looks like you're position has no factual basis


Don Bessee

Looks like fish scored a 10 ring with the tiny little tyrannosaurs arms observations -

Also looks like he missed the truth about the sec def @723! How trollish! LOL


Don Bessee

The locals were responsible for the sac riots -

Sacramento leaders blamed recent havoc on outsiders. Nearly all arrests were locals

Read more here: https://www.sacbee.com/#storylink=cpy



Posted by: Mary Wanna | 03 June 2020 at 08:26 PM

.......wave em........faster, faster......!

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